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Lata Mangeshkar - A Living Legend turns 81 Years Old

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A Living Legend - Great Lataji
           If someone is a true Indian by heart( to be a true Indian it is not necessary to fight with Pakistanis and Chinese on the border ) and patriotic then I am sure that you may be knowing about which festival is celebrated today on 28th September. You Don't Know ? So sad of you. Go and cry for yourself as you are just passing time on this Earth and you are unaware of such beautiful events going around you in your country. Why am I thrashing everyone? Baap thode hi hu main kisi ka. Upar se doosre hi baap samazne me lagey hue hain khud ko. So being a Kind Blogger, I reveal that its Lata Mangeshkar's Birthday today. A renowned Singer of India. A woman who broke all the confinements and showed that if you have strength to pursue your interest then no one can defeat and beat you. She has been so dedicated and plunged in her interest that it made her the Biggest Singer of this world. It is insurmountable for many today to overcome the records and excellence of Lataji. I truly respect her. Whenever I hear some new song sung by her, I download it as soon as I can and play it at a high volume so that people can hear how a lady is performing even when she is more than 80 years old. Today, on 28th September, 2010, she has completed her 81 years of life. But I don't think that she is so old. She is not 81 but she is reverse of this - 18 years old if we talk about the quality in her voice and the interest to be the leader in her field of singing. Lataji, we Indians are proud of you. 

              It is said that if Indian talent is a stool, it has 3 legs - Sachin tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan and Lata Mangeshkar. Every Indian is proud of this three awesome people who took birth on our Mother Country - India. Now many people can be listed in this . Some examples - A.R.Rehman, Vishwanathan Anand, Sania Nehwal etc. But still nobody can be insuperable to these three renowned artists. 

               Let me share some words about Lata Mangeshkar - She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in India. Mangeshkar's career started in 1942 and has spanned over six and a half decades. She has recorded songs for over a thousand Bollywood movies and has sung songs in over thirty-six regional Indian languages and foreign languages, but primarily in Hindi. Mangeshkar was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records from 1974 to 1991 for having made the most recordings in the world. The claim was that she had recorded no less than 25,000 solo, duet, and chorus-backed songs in 20 Indian languages between 1948 to 1974 (30,000 songs between 1948 and 1987, according to the 1987 edition). Over the years, while several sources have supported this claim, others have raised concerns over its veracity, claiming that this number was highly exaggerated and that Mangeshkar's sister, Asha Bhosle, had more song recordings than she had.

               Mangeshkar took her first music lessons from her father. At the age of five, she started to work as an actress in her father's musical plays (sangeet naatak in Marathi). On the first day in the school, she started teaching songs to other children. When the teacher stopped her, she was so angry that she stopped going to the school. Other sources cite that she left school because they would not allow her to bring Asha with her, as she would often bring her younger sister with her.

             Lata Mangeshkar has won several awards and honors, including Padma Bhushan (1969), Padma Vibhushan (1999), Dada Saheb Phalke Award (1989), Maharashtra Bhushan Award (1997), NTR National Award (1999), Bharat Ratna (2001), three National Film Awards, and 12 Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awards. She has also won four Filmfare Best Female Playback Awards. In 1969, she made the unusual gesture of giving up the Filmfare Best Female Playback Award, in order to promote fresh talent. She was later awarded [Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award] in 1993.
In 1984, the State Government of Madhya Pradesh instituted the Lata Mangeshkar Award in honor of Lata Mangeshkar. The State Government of Maharashtra also instituted a Lata Mangeshkar Award in 1992.

              Wow !!! If I would have won so many awards, I would have considered myself as the Hugest person of this world but Lataji is always on the Earth and she appreciate the talent of other new youngster. I am proud of her. So, Lataji on your birthday, I would like to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and would pray that you live more 81 years and keep singing. Your voice really touches the soul. Love you mam.

P.S. : All the informations are copied from Wikipedia. 


26 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Article About Bloggers In Hindustan Times !!!

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             Today, once again Hindustan Times presented a brilliant article on Bloggers and what are their values among people and readers. I just loved the article and I wanted my readers to know about this what Hindustan Times tried to make public. So I am posting the whole text here. I haven't granted any permission by Hindustan Times to post their content on my blog but I dared to do this. Hope I'll not be dragged into any controversy.

Daughter's Day - Girls Are Still A Victim !!!

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            I read the whole newspaper of Sunday but I didn't found anywhere about a festival which some good people are celebrating today. I can't understand how come these news-hungry people miss such important events. No problem. This is why Bloggers are present in this world. It's Daughter Day today. So, on this sweet day, I would like to wish all the girls of this world a very Happy Daughter's Day !!! I would also congratulate the people who have given the birth to the girls in this boy-demanding world. You all are great and you all are the biggest example of humanity on this Earth.

             I remember every incident I have read in newspaper about the crimes where these lovely girls and women are the victims of this evil act. Everyday, there is some or the other news where we read about the torture on these women. We just read and we forget. Nobody of us try to do something for them. But there are many NGOs in this world which are helping this gender to give them a recognition. Let's forget about the world, our own country - India has taken so many steps to give the women the right they really deserve. I am proud of this NGOs and whenever on Twitter or via Email, I get a request to promote such NGOs, I do it immediately without thinking twice on this. I would request all of you to forward such emails to everyone so that many girls will be saved. If you know any of such institute, help the girls who have no one in this world to reach there. They keep a good care of these girls. I am proud of such NGOs. Keep up your good work.

             Right from our ancestral period, girls are treated as animals. Why don't some men allow their wife or daughters to show their talent to the world and earn money themselves? Many say that I am not a chakka to let my wife and daughter work between males, I have plenty of money to fill their stomachs. Here, the question is not about you are chakka or you have the biggest size of reproductive organ, here the question is about the will of a girl. If she wants to work in Call center, let her go and experience that, who are you to compel her to stay in her bedroom and learn how to cook so that she can serve her husband and in-laws perfectly after marriage? If a girl wants to learn Dancing and she is interested in learning salsa, why do you stop her to dance with a boy? They are just doing a couple dance. They aren't having a pre-marital sex. They aren't doing any intercourse. Right? Neither they are kissing each other? What is your problem then? Your problem is that the boy is touching your daughter's skin. Right? But if your daughter trust the partner let her go and explore herself. I know we are Indians and this is hard to tolerate watching our family's girls in somebody else's arms. But the time has passed and the culture has changed. Girls of today are brought up in such a society where touching a boy or dancing with him isn't a big issue with them. 

               Problem with some narrow minded people and not-so-modish people is that they think that wild feelings are developed in the mind of boys and girls when they touch each other and this in future leads to ugly deeds which cost the girl's respect, virginity, marriage and the family's peace. These people are right according to their ideology. They are not wrong. But we should allow our girls and we should try to arrange all the safety for her and her body. In this criminal's era, I agree that it is hard to believe a boy to be left alone with your girl. But I read an article in DNA's Mumbai Edition that a family in Gujarat where their 2 daughters work for 16 hours a day outside the home. One of their daughter teaches Dandiya to many young boys and girls. Their parents had a fear that she can be the victim of a crime as she spends several hours with many boys in a hall. So, they arranged a group of female spies around her daughter. These ladies kept an eye upon the girl and kept informing their parents about what does she do when she isn't at house. They pay some 5,000 to these ladies but they don't kill the interest and hobbies of their daughters. Their daughter have won several awards for choreographing, dancing and dandiya competitions. She earns 22,000 to 28,000 a month. So, rather than killing the girl's happiness, they are letting her enjoy her life + they are spending only 5,000 rupees for her safety so that some dogs don't eat her and her innocence and they are leading a happy life. I am proud of this family.

               The days have passed away when the girls were asked to stay in the house itself behind curtains with 100 kg weighing clothes to cover her body and face. Even today, in some countries like Saudi Arabia, girls aren't given freedom. These countries are male-dominating. They will have to change themselves or they will be changed by the girls living there. I read in the newspaper some 8 months ago that Saudi Arabia has allowed their women to vote in the elections. They are now changing themselves and allowing their women to raise the voice and bring the revolution in their country. So, on this Daughter's Day, let's hope for the betterment in the position and status of girls. Let's give the opportunities to the girls so that they can show the quality God has blessed them with. We have to save our Girls and I have already given an example how a family in Gujarat has put their girl in a safety zone by applying an innovative idea. Let's respect the girls, daughters and all the women of this world and their feelings.


25 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

CommonWealth Games 2010 will be Successful !!!

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             I read newspaper regularly. Sometimes with a lot of interest while sometimes just because I want to be in touch with current affairs as I am a writer and a blogger. I am reading a monotonous news from last 2 to 3 months daily. If you are a newspaper reader too, I am sure that you have understood what I am talking about. ?? Not Still ?? Ok !! Let me give you some clues : Delhi , Shera, Corruption, wastage of money, an international game. Got It? Need a clue more?? Here it is - Suresh Kalmadi. Yaa. You are right. I am talking about the Commonwealth Games which are going to start from 3rd October. Every news channel, every reporter, every writer, every editor, every human being, every citizen, every dog, every kid, every fool, every mad, every newspaper - Everyone is talking about this issue. Right naa??

              If I'll pick up anyone of this reporter or an Indian citizen and ask him to plan a small game tournament in our country and I'll put 1 crore in his hands, I am sure that he will utilize all the rupees and I'll get nothing in return as extra funds provided which is left unused. Every Indian will think that how can they save as much as possible from this 1 crore fund provided to build up the plan of the game. Nobody will think about the emotions of players, performers, coaches, their dreams etc etc. Then why are we blaming Kalmadi for this? Even he is one from us. Atchaa !! So you say that he is a Leader and he is representing our country so he is not allowed for such a crime. Fine !!! But when his mother gave him birth, do you think that he was the leader? You made him leader. He was and he is one from us. His mind works in the same manner as our mind does. He don't have any special brain to plan the game. I don't think that Kalmadi did anything intentionally, this is how we Indians are grown up. Our society is corrupt so everyone turns out to be corrupt and unfaithful. Few months ago, Lalit Modi was caught. Why? IPL went smoothly. There was no problem in the tournament. Grounds were nice, players were given all types of comfort, there were late night parties, there were cheer-girls and girls in the restaurants to entertain them. Then why was he dragged into the controversy? Just because he wiped out some money which was to be used for IPL. Right?? Just keep your hand on your heart , keep your parent's photos in front of your eyes, see into them and say that you would not have done what Modi or Kalmadi have. Shocked !!! ;-)

               We just know how to blame and accuse others. We were capable and so we won the auction because of which we are hosting the Commonwealth Games 2010. Which country is perfect? Obama is abused by the Americans more than by the citizens of any other country. So when Americans who are said to be the most developed doesn't leave their government, we , Indians come after them. There are some mistakes committed by our country too but why is there so much gaga about it? Because we , ourselves are publicizing our mistakes and drawbacks. Pakistan does right that they block Internet. If I would have been the Prime Minister, I would have blocked Twitter and Facebook so that our country's personal matter doesn't get publicized. Do you speak about your Head of the Family - Your father on the twitter? What mistakes and what foolish steps he takes ? Do you speak about your mother in the public about how she tries to save the money given by your father for the expenditure of the house? Ashamed !!! You should be. Kalmadi is our Indian leader and we should keep this in mind that by vociferating negativism about him will lead in the annihilation of our country only. Because of us, in future, we will not be given any chance to host any of the international games. Are you happy to hear this? If Yes !!! You are not a True Indian !!!

              Now 9 to 10 days are left for CWG to begin. Delhi is not prepared. I agree to this. But we can't meet the deadlines. I don't agree to this. We, Indians have always achieved. We will do this again. Just read these lines - "Commonwealth Games (CWG2010) is Delhi’s baby and everyone is working day and night for making this event a grand success. The light at the end of the tunnel is approaching nearer and Delhi is almost ready to feel the glowing sun. The melodious anthem composed by Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman would be reverberating all around the galaxy. The changing wind is exuding hope. Some faces are getting back their lost smiles. Some money is really spent. At least, I could see some more street lights, well-connected metro service, roads with and without potholes and some more security force. Something is really happening for good and we should appreciate the change. It’s time to cheer our participants, it’s time to join hands, and it’s time to have some glasses of French wine rather than criticizing the already overburdened organizers. By Devaju's Blog"

                  Try to be positive for your country and its organization or make an organization of yours and change and develop our country in your way. So be little positive and patriotic rather than killing the image of your country in the public. Our Mother Earth will feel so proud to have such citizens. A little change in our inner soul is required. No bigger change is expected. Only a commitment towards our Country and our Leaders. Let's start thinking positive about the Games and their Arrangements right from now and try to be an optimistic rather than being a critic. 



Best Presentation Given By Me & My Group Members!!!

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          Sorry friends !!! I didn't posted anything yesterday. Sometimes your body and your mind doesn't allow you to perform and complete an intended job. Somewhat same happened with me yesterday. I was all fine before I planned to write the Blog but after that I noticed the proliferation in my heartbeat and I saw that I have started sweating profusely. I was dithering and trembling so I decided to leave the Blog. I slept next to my dear mom and for the whole night I kept changing my sides but it was for no use as I was feeling some bechaini which wasn't letting me close my eyes and sleep soundly. 

            In the morning my friend Yusuf said that its nothing new with you. Whenever you have to perform your body reacts in the same way and when you perform, everything goes away and after that you are fine and the best. I got what he said. I remembered that I have a presentation today and this may be the reason of my body reacting in such an unexpected way.

            So, we had a presentation today. We are divided by our HRM manager in different groups and after the topic is complete, the respective group assigned for the specific topic have to give a presentation on it. We were assigned for the topic of "EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT". This topic exactly means that organization and employee, both should put an on-going effort to upgrade the employee's skills, abilities and knowledge. The Successful Employee Development needs a balance between an Employee's career needs and the targets of the organization. It is a wonderful topic.

            I had Yusuf Dawawala - My best friend from this college, Gaurav Save - The Highest KT Holder and The Lowest Percentage in Defaulter ever, Prema Rajput - The 1st Ranker of the 1st year BCA and Vandana Singh - The 2nd Ranker of the 1st year BCA as my group members. When we formed this group, I already knew that we are going to give a good presentation but I wanted to give a special one which will be better than the other presentation already given in our class. 

             Through the voting session, I was selected as the GROUP LEADER. I was fine with the responsibility of this position. I gathered everyone at my home and we made the slides of PPT. We arranged the topics and we distributed it among us. But as a group leader my task and my orders were not finished till here. We had our presentation today and fortunately yesterday we had holiday for Ganesh Visarjan. I asked my group members to be present in the college for mutual discussion, helping each other and rehearsing for 2 to 3 times so that we don't get puzzled into each other at the final moment of presenting. Everyone did their work seriously with some gossips around. I loved the day as we got a confidence after practicing that we are 90% prepared. We left for home after wishing everyone Luck for the next day.

            Today, being responsible, I and Yusuf reached college half an hour ago to arrange CPU and Projector so that we don't end with dissatisfaction after our mam will enter the classroom. At last, our presentation begun. I, as a group leader came in the starting, introduced my topic and my group members. After this Vandana came and gave a brief description on what Employee Training is. She presented this in both the languages - English and Hindi. Madam appreciated her knowledge about her topic. Then came Gaurav. He was also unique in his way. He gave the presentation on what the On-the-job training is. He gave his whole presentation in Hindi language and according to me he was the best presenter of the day. After him came Yusuf who gave the knowledge about what Off-the-job training is. His uniqueness is his Arabic ascent which no one has in our class. He ended up too nicely. Then I came and I presented about Steps and Tips needed while designing a training program and about the Essentials stipulated for a training session to be held. After me, Prema entered and she gave a sweet presentation on Evaluation of Training. After her presentation she called me to give the Vote of Thanks. 

            I came and I gave a wonderful Vote of Thanks. Many people liked our presentation. There are always exceptions in every beautiful thing done or created on this Earth. I saw our jealous classmates making faces while I was giving Vote Of Thanks. We don't care about them because we know that how much they have in their pocket to perform. I noticed them because I was noticing everyone. We asked madam for appraising our performance and she said that - IT WAS THE BEST PRESENTATION SO FAR. ALL OF YOU HAD KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR TOPICS. Thank you mam for giving such a sweet compliment to us and our effort. We also told that your effort was easily visible in your performances. We are the 2nd last presenters. Now only One group remains and I have full confidence that even if they will put all their knowledge in the presentation there is no scope of going higher and above them my group. So, according to our mam, we gave the best presentation. I am so happy. So So Happy. I think this has made my position of Group Leader fixed and permanent. Hahaha. What is bad in hoping? Right?

  P.S : Friends, I wrote this blog yesterday but forgot to make it public. So read it as it is the blog of 23rd September. 


22 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Ganesha Visarjan - We want it to be Eco-Friendly !!!

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Wow !!!
            So, finally the day is arrived when Lord Ganesha will be prayed for the last time during the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi. One of the biggest festival of the Indian culture ends up today. The idol of Ganesha which were bought and were decorated and maintained from last 12 days will be sent away from our home. It is always sad to say Good-Bye to the one whom you have been very close to and when it comes to God, you can never think of leaving your almighty. The idols aren't treated as a statue made up of clay or plaster of paris or whatever, they are treated as the God himself. Thus, they are prayed, they are worshiped, they are loved, they are respected. I remember that whenever I used to find the idols of God at anybody's house, I used to talk to God slowly and ask him why does all the wrong thing happens only with me. This is how the festivals turns up to be the colossal part of your life. The idols and the God stays with you at your home and you keep glaring them for the whole day because you know that after some days, the Almighty is going to leave you back with your common life again. 

              Its Anant Chaturthi today and according to the custom, The Idols bought on Ganesh Chaturthi's first day are immersed in the water today itself. The people are seen in numbers of thousands and lakhs at the river coast and riverside. People from all the places come with their respective idols of Ganesha for their Visarjan. They dance, they sing, they celebrate, they invite, they shout. The excitement doesn't get lurked so fast. The last day is seemed to be the most festive day of Ganesh Chaturthi. People also turn emotional seeing their Idols leaving them with a smile and a bless. People percepts that their God is talking to them and blessing them with powers. Whenever I see the idols of Ganesha on their way to Visarjan, even I feel like crying even when I have no attachment with the respective idol. What makes me feel emotional and palpable is the love of the people who dance and sing around the Idol.

             Ganesha Visarjan consists of all the dedication and love towards the God but it also has some ill-effects. We all are familiar with the effects but still we don't try to reduce them and stop the wrong verbs done by us. Have you ever seen what happens to our Idol after we submerge them into the river water? I got a mail and I also searched on Google and I got some shocking images. I would like to share with all of you on ARB. 




                 Can you believe this? I can't. I can't even imagine this. I always saw these statues in a decorative manner kept at the immaculate, neat and clean place but here, we can see that how the statues are suffering. Was this statue a God or it was just a statue and it is still the same? This is a very big question on Hinduism. After the Ganesh Visarjan is complete, many bull-dozers come at the river side and pick all the statues and keep them as a pile of garbage. These are the same statues which were prayed from last 10 days and we shared our problems with. This is a very big Eye-Opener for all of us. 

                Ganesha Visarjan also causes many other pollutions which aren't good for the Water and the lives of human beings. The most serious impact of the immersion of idols are the Plaster of Paris by which they are made up. Traditionally, the Ganesh icon was sculpted out of earth taken from nearby one’s home. After worshiping the divinity in this earth icon, it was returned back to the Earth by immersing it in a nearby water body. This cycle represented the cycle of creation and dissolution in Nature.

               However, as the production of Ganesh icons on a commercial basis grew, the earthen or natural clay (shaadu maati in Marathi) was replaced by Plaster of Paris. Plaster is a man made material, easier to mould, lighter and less expensive than clay. However, plaster takes much longer to dissolve and in the process of dissolution releases toxic elements into the water body. The chemical paints used to adorn these plaster icons themselves contain heavy metals like mercury and cadmium.

              On the final day of the Ganesh festival thousands of plaster icons are immersed into water bodies by devotees. These increase the level of acidity in the water and the content of heavy metals.The day after the immersion, shoals of dead fish can be seen floating on the surface of the water body as a result of this sudden increase.

              Several non governmental and governmental bodies have been addressing this issue. Amongst the solutions proposed by various groups some are as follows:
Return to the traditional use of natural clay icons and immerse the icon in a bucket of water at home.  

Use of a permanent icon made of stone and brass, used every year and a symbolic immersion only.
Recycling of plaster icons to repaint them and use them again the following year.
Ban on the immersion of plaster icons into lakes, rivers and the sea.
Creative use of other biodegradable materials such as paper mache to create Ganesh icons.
Encouraging people to immerse the icons in tanks of water rather than in natural water bodies.
To handle religious sentiments sensitively, some temples and spiritual groups have also taken up the cause.

                 Hope, in the coming years, we will celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganesh Visarjan eco-friendly. Let's hope that Hinduism doesn't cause any harm to the Earth and Environment !!!


21 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Last year when I was crowned Mr. Fresher !!!!

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        (14 days left) 

On Fresher Party Last year
            I still remember the day of 19th September, 2009. 1 year ago, on the same day I won the title of Mr.Fresher in my college. Today, its 20th September and 1 year has passed. I never realized that time has past so quickly leaving me behind. No - Not really behind. I have improved myself with the time and conditions. Each day I learn something new and I mark them in my personal diary and read it whenever I get time in a week or month so that I don't commit the mistakes again. I literally know that this habit has kept me intelligent and progressive. Today, when my childhood friends meet me, the first question they ask is about how did I changed my personality and how did I started studying. It is little shameful to hear that everyone knows about your failure and your bad times but you also feel blessed when you see that others are appreciating your success and change.

             I lost the track. Sorry. Kabhi kabhi dil ki awaaz bhi daayrein tod ke bahaar nikal aati hain. Nafrat ko peechey chchod aapki zindagi mein bas pyaar hi pyaar bhar jaati hain. Last year, on 18th Sept, I prepared myself to attend the Fresher party for the next day. I had a big hope from myself that I'll bring the title with me as I wanted to prove myself to my parents and my relatives (Relatives are nobody to me but still I wanted to prove them that I am better than your sons and daughters). I had no friends then. Having no friends is not a big issue but everyone was jealous of me or had some problem with me as I had an affair with a girl and after the break up everyone joined her and isolated me. It was a bad period. Richa- my classmate supported me then and asked me to attend the party next day and also advised me to not to feel lonely. I agreed and next day I came in the dress code - Blue Shirt with Black jeans and a scarf covering my neck. I saw myself in the mirror for 100 times to make it sure that I will look better than all the mates who are going to take part in the competition.

             Competition began. I cleared the first round of Introduction very easily. I haven't understood still that what jury liked in me while I was introducing myself. ;-) 2nd round was the most entertaining round as the participants had to Dance, Sing or Act. Any of the three. I went at the last and Danced. I was the only one among all the contestants who vibrated his body. After my performance, there was a huge cheer for ONCE MORE. I felt pride and happy to feel the love audience was giving me. I really gave my best dancing performance then. I got selected for the 3rd round. Here we had to act for a product which was randomly selected through chits. I got Frooti. I went with my pack of Frooti and said with little act and expression - "Aaj kal hum log suntey hain k - Thak Gaya-Thak Gayi- Mar gaya- Mar gai. Ab khatam ho jaegi ye saari Aah Aaah...Ee.. Eeeee.. Kyuki ab aa gai hai hamare beech Frooti." After completing my words, I raised the pack of Frooti upwards, tilted down to let the audience feel that I am drinking it. And I said again - " Sarr Utha Ke peeyo " Everyone laughed and clapped. I was better than others. I feel so.

             I got selected for the final round after this. 2 boys and 2 girls were selected for the Finals. I, from BCA and Naresh from BBA. Umera from BCA and Nikita from BBA. Naresh is also smart so I was praying God that I do better than him. I had confidence that Umera will surely win as I didn't found anything special in Nikita (Sorry !!!). In this round, Jury had to ask a question to each of us and we were to be judged according to the answers given by us. I was asked in the last - Abhilash, If you meet God, what 5 wishes will you ask for? 

            I began - " Mam, I always dream about meeting the God and you have asked this question, I am really happy. My 1st wish - Hey God - Never let my Parents die till I am alive on the earth. (Everyone gave the biggest round of applause of the evening). My 2nd wish - Hey God , never show me the wrong path in my life as I am the only child of my parents and my dithering will dishearten them. My 3rd Wish - God, give me all the powers of Krrish (Everyone laughed) so that I can fly anywhere free of cost as I am from a middle-class family and I can't afford air travels. I have recently seen in our media channels how our Indian brethren are getting beaten up there. I would have definitely used my power and blown all the Whites. My 4th wish - Everyday we see some images in front of our eyes. We dream to accomplish them. I would ask God to give me all the possible powers to fulfill them and transform the images into realities. My 5th Wish - Hey God !!! Give me 5 more wishes. Thank You !!! " 

             After my last wish, everyone clapped loudly and laughed and appreciated my wit and immediate reaction to the question. After this, I was announced as the MR. FRESHER of BHARATI VIDYAPEETH for the YEAR - 2009-10. Everyone clapped for me. I loved the respect I got. I still remember the day with all the good memories. Because of the title and my talent, I got all my friends and classmates back. This day changed my status and position in the class. After this, I am always counted in the Top students of the class. 

             This year, I was excited to see the New Mr. Fresher and Miss. Fresher from the Juniors. When I won the award, I was the first one to win from BCA's side. Before me, no one won from BCA. All the Fresher's awards went to BBA's pocket. I was proud to win it and give a start to BCA. I was expecting BCA students to win this time in Fresher's Party. But according to the current news, Fresher Party is canceled. Somewhere I am sad but somewhere I am happy. Sad because a party is canceled. Happy because I am and I will be the only Mr. Fresher in the college for next 1 year. Feeling happy and proud for myself. Hahaha. Not exactly Proud but Garv. Haha. Thank you Vaishali mam for canceling it. 


20 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks For The Love And Support !!!

            301st BLOG -->>

        After a break of 8 days I am back on my blog again. The last 1 week was the golden period of my life. I can never forget the time and love you all have given me profusely without any selfish attitude. I came to know this now that how much my friends love me, how much they like reading my blogs, how much they want me to augment. I got to know many facts which I never knew before writing my 300th BLOG POST. I don't know how but I have created a big space in my friends hearts. I remember a time when I used to be very emotional and I used to think that there is no one in this world who cares about me or need me. I used to cry for the whole day and night in the trauma. But at this moment of my life when I see so many people getting involved with me, my activities, my life, my achievements, my failure, my nonsense - I only have one thing to say that I am dreaming. Sometimes when I go and sit in Sai Baba Mandir, I just get lost and at a moment I feel that I am out of the world when I see my life as a flashback. It is very hard for me to believe that so many things are happening with me and my life which are making others getting involved in it. I love everyone of you who are always ready to help me and support me. You all have made me whatever I am today.

              Talking about the success of 300th BLOG POST - I wrote it in deep exhaustion as I celebrated two festivals - Eid and Ganeshotsav on 11th September (the day when I wrote the Blog Post). While writing I knew that I'll get atleast 50 comments but I didn't knew that I'll get more than double of this. I didn't even knew that so many people will visit it and make this BLOG what I wanted my 500th BLOG POST to be. You all have created an immense record. You made records and it got counted as the success of ARB. Strange !!! Injustice with all of you. ;). I know many of you feel this platform - ARB as your home and your property. It is a good achievement for me that people are so close to my blogs that they feel pleasure when they see that ARB is growing.  I think the success of 300th Blog Post goes to Allah and Lord Ganesha too. They have blessed me and given me what I demanded. Thanks. I bow.

            The 300th BLOG POST received 115 COMMENTS. Before this the highest number of comments were received on my 200th Blog Post. It was 81 comments. 300th Blog Post broke its record with such a high lead. Its still unbelievable to me. Mind boggling !!! I am still in doubt that will my 400th BLOG POST be able to break this great record of 115 comments. I have never seen so much comments on a post of a Non-technical Blogger ever. I am happy that you have helped me to make my 300th BLOG POST the biggest blog post ever. Thanks. 

            I got 1015 Visits on my 300th Blog Post (Till 12 AM - 20th September,2010). I got some 1100 Visits last month and I have already received 1015 Visits for my 300th Blog Post in just 8.5 Days. I don't know how to thank people but thanks for coming and visiting my blog. The per day graph of visits are as follows - 

11th September - 48 (The day I wrote before midnight)
12th September - 138
13th September - 242 (Highest Visits i have ever got in a day)
14th September - 86
15th September - 72
16th September - 108
17th September - 81
18th September - 190
19th September - 53 and still counting.....

              So it is easily visible that the craze of 300th BLOG POST among my friends and readers didn't got low. It just kept increasing. I hope that all of you will keep visiting my blogs in such a way in future too.

             The other special achievement of this blog was the comments from 3 Published Authors - Mrs. Varsha Dixit (Right Fit Wrong Shoe), Mr. Azhan Ahsan (Love, Lust and Life) and Mr. S. R. Saha (Jab Se You Have Loved Me). I can never believe that I got comments from such great authors. And the added flavor to this achievement is the positive comments from them. None of them have pointed out my mistakes. All of them loved my blogs which has motivated me a lot. Thanks to all the 3 kind authors.

             I had 23 Official Followers on my blog. Now it has turned 29 after 300th. I had 150 Followers on Twitter which has turned into 161 Followers. You all have augmented the level of ARB. I never knew that people follow my blogs so innocently and passionately. Thanks for showing your love. Now, I would like to name all of you who have posted your comments on my 300th BLOG POST by devoting your precious time to read the blog and post a comment. The Supportive Friends are -

Mahesh (1st one to comment. Thanks), Prashant, Vinayak, Shashank, Megha, Rohit, Mihir Jha, Nitin Goyal, Crazy Diamond, Shoaeb, Shruti, Guddu, Sourav, Wilshire, Mag M, Pooja, Rahul Chaubey, Vijay Rajput, Akshay, Parth, Priya, Salman, Vijay Mausaji, Harman, Pratibha, Arya, Sulokshna, Anonymous, R2B2, Rashmi mam, Rahul Sir, Ganesh Bhai, Varsha Dixit mam, Nitin, Yusuf, Zainab Urooj, S.R. Saha sir, Kasturi, Azhan sir. 

              I apologize to the people whom I have forgot to mention here. I have tried my best to name everyone. Mistakes are the part of life so if I have committed one here plz notify me so that I can add you as well. Thanks a lot to everyone of you to make my days wonderful and blog successful. I never knew how to market and publicize a blog but I have learned lots of technique while promoting my 300th BLOG POST. I am happy that like Aamir Khan. my marketing strategy worked too. ;-) Let me inform you that I used some 63 hard words in my 300th BLOG POST to make it something special. Many misapprehended me as the one who writes tough words regularly but the regular followers of blog may be knowing that I do this only when I complete my centuries. I got 96% of positive response on the blog so it makes me the happiest person of this world right now. 

              Thanks once again for making me the proudest lover of my friends. The new phase of the blogging starts from here. 3..0..1..th ...BLOG... Let's hope that 400th Blog will do better than this one. I love you all.

 Your Slave,

11 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

300* BLOGS in 394 Days with 831 Comments !!!

            300TH BLOG -->>

        After celebrating the biggest festivals of our country, I am writing my 300th Blog Post. Like always, I would like to congratulate myself at the provenance of 300th post. This has been my a la mode to plaudit myself before anyone does. ;-) I am feeling so satisfied today that it is pellucid from my face and my precarious smile. My 300th Blog post has been awaiting from last many days. I promised and gave a troth to all my friends that I will post my 300th Blog on 11th September by launching an event on Facebook. I was surprised and cricked when I saw that 90 people have approved to attend my 300th Blog post and leave a comment. Like Advance Booking, 90 seats are booked for my 300th Blog Post. I hope that people don't cancel their tickets. ;-). 

             It feels so dulcet to experience the love from your friends just because you love writing and you have a ratiocinate for living and racing. It is erudite that people exuberantly plaudit for your modus operandi if its fruitful and productive. It is also savvy that people disparage and upbraid when they see that you are into a propensity of being ostentatious and swindling. I have always loved the response and overture of my friends and readers. My blogs are been treated on Internet as daily soaps and people are skeptical when I show apparition in the times of destitute. People always want me to avoid tosh and unfledged writings as they have experienced zenith in the  writings like surrealism on ARB. I am happy that people are responding so pragmatically and matriculating that they snigger when they see me plunged into my blogs.

            There's a story of damper about my blogs if you would like to know my own enfilades on my blogs. I started blogging when I was unfledged and I had no avarice and covetousness for writing.  I didn't knew how to mold the thoughts into words and sentences. I needed a lot of aegis. Many people bombarded me for my grammar and incorporation of sentences. I had no other choice rather than suffering squall. I wanted to lurk at one time because it was getting hard to survive with so much oppositions and hostile repercussions. But still there are many who elucidate on your cerebration rather than your mistakes of catachresis. There were many who criticized so much that I petrified and annihilated myself and went into darkness. But I tried to be away from the attitude of mope and vacuous. I thought of wiping everything out which consisted of obnoxious approach towards me. So without flinching back, I recuperated and ceased to be tremulous. I started with germane brisk and alacrity for writing and tried my best to be impregnable and inexpugnable. I know its hard to be so perfect but still I tried and I am still on my journey to be the congener of the type I spoke above.

            Today, I have completed my 300 Blogs in 394 days with 831 comments. I completed my last 100 Blogs in 111 days in comparison to 105 days for the first 100 Blogs and 178 Days for the second 100 Blogs. I am feeling extremely blithe and joyous to see the augmentation in the consistency of writing blogs regularly. I hope you are as happy as I am. I can see you smiling. ;-) I have also completed my 5600 Tweets with 150 Followers on Twitter today itself. I remember the days when my blogs used to create polemic issues but now my blogs are known for bright issues and my tweets are famous as mines for extracting controversies. Haha. Many people complained to me on my 200th Blog that I just keep writing about my experiences and why don't I share some knowledge and my views on trending topics. I accepted this innocuous suggestions and being ardent I started writing blogs on various issues. I am happy that I have received a lot of appreciations for some of my articulated and robust blogs. Thanks a lot to everyone.

            Now, I would like to thank all my dear friends and readers who keep informing me about how my blogs are going and what are they expecting from me in future.I am gratified with your concerns and I am your karzdaar as you have been pious for my blogs. It feels so good that I planned to write my blog on 11th September some 2 months ago without knowing that Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi are going to be celebrated on the same day. There are many other excitements too near to my 300th Blog which blocked me to write about them briefly.I have scrutinized each and every event but due to lack of space on my blog, I have just epitomized the stories and event rather than giving a brief description on them. Dabangg broke the record of 3 Idiots today itself and I am unable to point out the details of the stats. 9/11's terrorist attacks were brought into existence on the same day 9 years ago. I was unable to talk about this damper issue. Sachin Tendulkar gave a delightful beginning to the Mumbai Indians by scoring 69 Runs in the first match itself. Hmm. But I gave my detailed view on this. Haha. I wrote this just because I wanted to vindicate Sachin's name in my 300th Blog Post. Haha.

            So Friends, Now I am leaving all of you with immense and gratifying joy. I am happy that I have completed 300 blogs with thousands of words which could complete 5 novels. Wow !!! I just need all of you to be an interlocutor in the comment sections of my blog to let me know and let me decipher my good points and my worst points. It is the effect of your praying that I have turned into a professional writer too. I am mercenary if writing is heuristic. I have earned a lot of money by writing. So, I need your support not only for next 100 Blogs but for the whole lifetime till I don's sit as a recluse in my bedroom. Haha. Hope this moment never comes in my life. Expecting a lot from everyone of you. I love you all and I will keep loving you all till my last breathe. May be even after that. ;-)
             So here I end with a Big Hug -|- . 


Hope you loved the Blog. 


Allah and Ganesh Comes Together - Why Can't We ?

            299th BLOG -->>

        WOW !!! It feels so great while typing 2..9..9.. This reflected that one more phase of the blog gets over. The series of 200th century of my blogs get over here with this blog. It takes so much effort and brain to write blogs daily and I love writing them. I am so much excited for my next blog - 300th BLOG. I will take a break of one week after posting my 300th blog post so that it will make easier for everyone to go through my 300th blog post and it will be easier for me too as I'll get many comments which will help me to know how my journey have been from 1st blog to 300th blog. I am in great tense and pressure about how to make my 300th blog post something special and different from others. My 199th Blog was about Sai Baba, Muslims and Hindu. I am happy that I am writing again about Muslims and Hindu (No Sai Baba this time) in my 299th blog post. Thank God for making this possible and intersecting both the periods of festivals and my 299th blog at the same day. ;-) 

Eid Mubarak to everyone
            Today, we are celebrating 4 festivals. Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dabangg and ARB's 300th Blog Post (Please don't abuse me for the last festival. Hahaha). Let's talk about Eid first. Eid is a Muslim Holiday that marks the end of Ramzaan - The Islamic holy month of fasting (Roza). Muslims are encouraged to forgive and forget all the discrepancies and animosity they had with anyone in the last one year. Hope my ex-gf will forgive me. ;-) Typically, Muslims wake up relatively early in the morning, generally before sunrise, offer Salatu Fajr, and keeping the Sunnah, clean one's teeth, take a shower, put on new clothes and apply perfume. It is haraam or forbidden to fast on the day of Eid. So it is recommended to have a small breakfast as a sign of not being on a fast by eating sweet dish before attending the special Eid prayer called Salah.

           After the prayers, Khutbah takes place. Listening to the Khutbah of Eid is an indispensable wajib - requirement. It is haraam to talk, walk about or offer prayer while the sermon is being delivered. After the prayers, Muslims visit their relatives, friends and acquaintances or hold large communal celebrations in homes, community centers or rented halls. Eedis (Eid gifts) are frequently given to children and immediate relatives; it is also common in some cultures for children to be given small sums of money (Eidis) by adult relatives or friends. Wow. What a festival and what a kindness. I can't believe that some people call these peoples as terrorists and criminals. Shame on them. I want to wish all the Muslims brethren of India a very Happy Eid. A hug to all of you and Eid Mubarak. May Allah keep you and your family happy forever. May Allah bless all of you with Jannat. I love you all. All the Muslims, please invite me for sevai. I love it. Thanks.

Ganapati Bappa Mourya
           Now, its time to talk about Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh Chaturthi is the Hindu festival of Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati. Lord Ganesha is worshiped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. The festival appears in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada. The date usually falls between 20 Aug and 15 Sept. The festival lasts for 10 days, ending on Anant Chaturdashi. Before 1893, Ganesh Chaturthi used to be an important family festival during the Peshwa rule in Maharashtra, but that year, Indian freedom fighter and social reformer Lokmanya Tilak transformed the annual festival into a large, well-organized public event. Tilak recognized the wide appeal of the deity Ganesh as "the god for everybody", and popularized Ganesh Chaturthi as a national festival in order "to bridge the gap between Brahmins and 'non-Brahmins' and find a context in which to build a new grassroots unity between them", and generate nationalistic fervor among people in Maharashtra against the British colonial rule.

            The main dish during the festival is the Modak. Another popular dish is the karanji which is similar to the modak in composition and taste but has a semicircular shape. Public celebrations of the festival are hugely popular, with local communities (mandalas) vying with each other to put up the biggest statue & the best pandal. The festival is also the time for cultural activities like singing and theater performances, orchestra and community activities like free medical checkup, blood donation camps, charity for the poor, etc. I have always loved this festival. This 10 days are the real celebrations and I love attending all the pandals in my area. I pray to all the Ganpati statues located in my way to college. I and my mummy always roam in our area to find all the Ganapatis idol and we worship them. Superb festival. I would like to wish all my Hindu friends a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

             It is so wonderful to experience two festivals of two different religions on the same day. Today itself, in 2001, 9/11 - The biggest terrorist attack took place in USA. I would also like to pay my condolences to all the people who lost their life and their relatives who are suffering the pain even today. Hope both the Gods of Hindus and Muslims will bring everything in order. Keep faith and be happy. Once again - Eid Mubarak to everyone and Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Tomorrow, my 300th Blog post will be published on ARB so don't forget to leave a comment to make it the biggest blog of ARB.




Start of Champions League Twenty20 !!!

            298th BLOG -->>

        I am back after watching our Indian team - Mumbai Indians lose the first match of Champion's League. A new tournament. A new craze. The new records. The new earnings. The new betting. The new fixings. The new excitement. All begins with this tournament. The cricket is the game which always gains the most TRPs amongst all the games shown LIVE on television. I am happy that I am fan of such a game. Cricket is the game of consistency, surprises, performances, runs, balls, wickets, shouts of OUT, appeal for the bad luck of the oppositions etc etc etc. No person in the world can say that he or she has never seen a cricket match ever in their life. If someone says , I think Octopus Paul will surely predict for him or her that they are going to turn mad very soon. Hahaha !!! One can say for football, for hockey but not for cricket. If there are many in this world who have never seen a cricket match then I think I am ignorant still. Sorry for my ignorance.

             After the IPL ended, no tournament has been surprising as no records have been created by any team in any series they played after IPL. So, as the craze and love for T20 is at its high now-a-days here comes the Champion League to entertain us and make us crazy for our teams. I, like in IPL, is again supporting Mumbai Indians as I live in this city and I love this city as it has given me a lot. This is the first reason of supporting Mumbai Indians. The second one is - The biggest cricketer ever on the planet- Sachin Tendulkar plays from the side of Mumbai and he is a Mumbaikar himself. So it is very exciting and entertaining to see him play the matches from the side of Mumbai Indians. 

            Today, we had our first match of Champions League. Highveld Lions vs Mumbai Indians. MI won the toss and selected fielding. I liked their decision as it is easy to judge how to play after getting a target. TARGET IS VERY NECESSARY IN LIFE. Hahaha. A message also ;-). But the way MI's bowlers have bowled is shameful. Lions played like Real Lions and scored 186 for 5. The Lions nevertheless posted a most competitive score. Jonathan Vandiar showed his rare talent as he plundered a career-best 71 off 48 balls, and Neil McKenzie, who once again proved the priceless value of experience as he finished the innings with a sublime 56 not out off just 30 deliveries. Both these players diminished and failed all the powers MI had in their pockets. 

           When MI started batting, they gave a good start. All the appreciations goes to Sachin Tendulkar and Shikhar Diwan. Shikhar Dawan left the crease very first after scoring 32 runs of 30 balls. A good play. Sachin Tendulkar shocked everyone again with his ineffable hits. He scored 69 runs of 42 balls with the help of 9 fours. A great play from his side. After a while, I was confident that he will complete his first ever century today in T20 game but the stale Burger came in his form and bold the Sachin. It was a shameful way in which Sachin got bold. But he was lucky enough as umpire gave a wrong decision in the start of the game when Sachin was LBW Out but umpire granted him life by judging it as Not Out. Hahaha. Good Luck Sachin. But it was unfair. After that Dumini also created excitement by scoring 30 runs of 23 balls. Pollard came in his form for which he is known. He hit two sixes back to back and also hit a four too. He got out at 19 runs of 9 balls. I was solaced that why do Pollard gets OUT so fast. Why can't he manage to stay on the ground for little longer and play? If he gets the trick of fooling the bowlers, no one can ever beat MI. That's a Challenge !!! 

           All in all, It was a good game and I enjoyed watching it. Whatever, my favorite team lost but I am not in pain and disgust. I have grown enough mature after IPL that I don't miss my food after my team gets beaten up by someone. Hahaha. Sachin got his payment and tonight he will be eating luxurious food in spite of losing the match, why should I keep myself hungry and play with my emotions? Right? Haha. So, I am not much disappointed. I am actually happy to witness this match and watch it LIVE. This Champions League is going to be a blast. I am excited. Hoping for an Indian team to win. Lets see. 


10 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Quran Burnt - Humanity Burnt !!!

            297th BLOG -->>

Quran will be burnt - :-(
        A malfeasance is created again. A will to malaise the smooth running life has evoked again. I am shocked to hear the news that Qurans will be burnt in America on 11th September. How ill the people are. What do they think? That they will be blessed with encomiums after their announcement about such destructive news and dhamkis? Why do people want to create violence every time in this world? We, the human beings, have put a lots of effort to build this world and we are proud of it. Why do some people want to fight and blow the whole world in a single moment? When the Mayan Calendar and different sources said that our Earth - Our World will burst in 2012, I remember how the whole world showed their fear and depression. No one wants to break the house made by their own hand. I don't know why people are interested in provoking someone to that extent that the person commit a crime for self-defense or for making the opposition party flinch.

            Terry Jones, a pentecostal preacher from Gainseville announced that he and his mates will burn the Quran on 11th September,2010 in protest of Islamic people as the terror of 9/11 was initialized and executed by them. This person, after his malfeasance, was criticized by all the leaders of America and all the leaders from different countries too. Everyone is sad to hear about this absurd event going to take place tomorrow. Not only Islamic mob but also the people from different castes and religions are shocked to hear that the humanity has lost its existence to this extent that the holy books will be burnt now just because a follower or a small part of the followers of a religion has created terror and crime. If a Christian from America rapes a girl, should their holy book be burnt because their caste's follower has raped a girl? Should the whole caste be made punitive for the crime committed by a guy or a follower of Christianity? Everyone has the same answer. Still fools exists !!!

            On 11th September itself, Eid - the biggest festival of Muslims and Islam's followers is to be celebrated. We should respect them on the day. They have been keeping Rozas from last 30 days with profuse dedication and love for their God. They have taught world to pray to the almighty by attending all the 5 Namaz of the day without failing. These people should be respected for their good deeds of last 30 days but this person of nonentity has such a propensity that it will annihilate the whole environment of the world. How much the Muslims will suffer to see their Holy book - Quran getting burnt by some people who have not even read it ? Quran is always known to be very useful book for this world but I don't know why this man is creating such modus operandi which is not acceptable by anyone. The whole humanity will be burnt on the day when Muslims will be celebrating their Eid in pride to be a Islamic follower while these people will snub and hurt them by burning their holy book. Hey God !!! Hey Allah !!! It is the time to retaliate. Please show some sympathy on us - the innocent !!!


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU with a sad heart.   
8 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

"Tu Kutta" - "Tu Kutti" - Be Humans !!!

           296th BLOG -->>

       Today two of my classmates had a brawl in the classroom. I was shocked to see the reaction from both the sides. It is very intolerable for other students to manage their own peace and smoothness after two of your classmates have a fight. I was sick today and so I wasn't well. I came to college albeit because I wanted to get out of this sickness and weird feeling I felt for my body and mind from so many days sitting in my house and lying on the bed praying to God to improve my body's condition. But this fight ruined the whole atmosphere. I can never expect people fighting so weirdly in front of everyone without caring about the languages they are using while mortifying each other. You will say me that Tu bahut sudhra hua hai kabhi gaaliyaan nahi deta jaise. Its OK. I abuse and I vociferate bad words too but in the comfort level where I know that it will not cause pain to anyone and it will not be shameful for others to hear and digest.

            One was boy and one was girl. This was the more terrible situation. Both of them already had sour relation from last 1 year but they didn't interacted with each other so it was quite quietus and there was no hullabaloo between them. But I don't know what is happening this season that both of them are facing each other fearlessly and shamelessly. I also have bad relation with some of my classmates but I never fight with them even when I know that they are passing some comments on me indirectly or saying something which is undoubtedly wrong and false. What will I get if I'll give my germane views on the topic I know better than them about which they are talking generally in the class? Its better to keep quiet and listen to what they are saying as I always know that one word of mine will return back 10 abuses from them. It is a common sense.

              Today, this girl said to him KUTTA and he said to her KUTTI in return. Now this words doesn't make changes into both human beings. The boy aren't going to turn into dog as the girl vociferated this word for him and neither this girl will turn into a bitch as the boy said in return. So why to hurl such words in public? When you know that there will be no changes in the enemy standing in front of you, why to hurl such words? This is the only thing I want to ask both of them. Actually I don't want to ask them literally otherwise after reading this blog even I'll come in the matter. Already my blog is not less controversial. I have maintained my status from last 100 blogs so that it doesn't get pushed into any polemic issues. The girl is my friend but still I hated her for doing this. You are a girl. A boy has an advantage if talking about showcasing ourselves in public but a girl doesn't have. If a boy touches a girl little unusually, the girl will be insulted in the public while if the girl touches the boy in the same posture, no harm will be done on the boy's stigma and character. A girl should think this before getting into any type of argument with a boy. I sincerely want to suggest this to all the girls in my class and in my contact.

            After this fight, I really lost some respect for the girl who is my friend too. A quarrel and a fight can easily be ignored by turning our face from the faces which irritates and amuse you. I have problem with 3 to 4 people in my class. I avoid them as much as I can and I have been successful in this as I didn't had any fight of this kind with anyone in my class or college. One friend of this boy commented on one of my status of facebook with a abuse last week. I abused him back but my friend Yusuf told me to delete both the comments and stop the argument before he reads my comment and abuse me back on my wall. I got the brain from my friend and I used it and hence put a Full Stop to the argument. This is the right judgment rather than abusing someone, then girl calling her boy-friend and asking him to thrash the boy who challenged her to bring her boy friend and do whatever she can. It is a clear-cut foolish act. 

            If the girl and the boy would have been brainless and vacuous, I wouldn't have expected them of running away from the fight but both of them are intelligent and witty so I didn't expected this from both of them. I really owe some respect for both but today they have lost almost all the respect I had for them. The girl is my friend but still I am sad about what she did. I have ceased writing about my personal incidents which happens in my life but today seeing that weird incident I thought to write about it in my blog and let everybody know my thought at this. I really want to request all of you to end all the fights you do with your enemies daily. Just ignore the people you hate and live your life alone and be happy with yourself and your good friends. Even if you see that those people are trying to exploit your mood and manner, try to have control on yourself rather than loosing it and showing the ugly part within you. I do the same. I never fight with anyone till the person crosses the level. Now what are my levels on controlling myself, I am not going to unbosom here. Blog is not for speaking out every thing. Right?

           So with the expectation from all of you reading this that you will ignore the fights, I am leaving you here. Till then, Shabha Khair !!!


6 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I Hate Celebrities on Reality Shows For Promotions !!!

            295th BLOG -->>

A news on a channel about promotion fundas !!!
        I remember the days when Kaun Banega Crorepati hit the screen. Everyone was surprised to see the biggest superstar ever- Amitabh Bachchan on the screen in a different avatar. This was the first ever game show of this type in India which prized the contestants with lakhs of rupees just by answering some 15 questions. Everyone loved the show and accepted it as the routine of the day to watch it regularly. After this many game shows came on TV featuring many stars as the host. Then a different reality show debuted on the screen - Indian Idol which featured the chance and opportunity for the common people to participate and win 1 crore of prize money if won the contest with the help of public voting. Indian Idol was also accepted heartily by the Indian audiences and Abhijeet Sawant became a new superstar in India. 

            This types of reality shows got their highest TRPs when any superstar or celebrity used to come and sit with judges as a guest. We, the fools of India who are respectfully called as Audience used to sit with big eyes trying not to miss a single comment and expression of the star. How much we loved this shows because of this stars. Even in KBC, there used to be celebrities episode when the celebrity used to answer the questions and win a huge and hectic amount. Everyone used to predict these superstars win big amounts because they are already given the list of answers which make them more admiring among audiences that our stars are not only beautiful but also intelligent and knowledgeable. 

           As the time passed and the world of movies and glamour grew more commercial and earning money and beating the cost of previous hit movies became the main target of the directors and actors rather than entertaining the audiences, these stars started using these reality shows as their weapons to meet the success. Now, we can see these stars coming here and there in different reality shows and promoting their films by repeating their dialogues in front of the audiences again and dancing on the songs of these movies with the contestants and making the people aware that their new film is coming in few weeks. It took time for the audience to understand the business game of this film fraternity and thus this reality shows met with high TRPs for a shortwhile in start.

           Currently, we can see Salman Khan promoting his Dabangg madly everywhere. He and his team can be seen on every news channel giving press conferences. They can be seen in each and every reality shows (sometimes in the same dress). Now, whenever these stars come on such shows, we understand that no star loves the talent and all the comments and all the mind-blowing expressions they give while the performance is on are just fake. These stars have thus lost the respect and popularity they had among their fans. 

             In this world of promotions and profits, I really respect some stars who really act like superstars and keep themselves away from moving to every set of reality shows to promote their upcoming movie. I would like to name my favorite Hrithik Roshan firstly. He had shown his face only twice on television. Once, he came to promote Krrish in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and lastly I saw him in Yeh Hai Jalwa on 9X promoting his father's production Krazzy 4. Else, I have never seen him losing his stardom by being present everywhere on television just to make the public aware of his next film. I would also like to name Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan whom I have noticed being away from losing their stardom by stepping on to television every now and then for promoting their movies. 

            I hope all of you liked and agreed with what I said. I hope my thoughts matches with yours. Hmm?


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU - one of the stupid audiences.    
5 September 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Crush on Two Teachers in School !!!

            294th BLOG -->>

        Its not a strange thing or something unusual if I'll say that I had crush on two of my female teachers in my school. Everyone of us liked or had crush on some or the other teachers while we were in school. I have noticed myself that when teachers used to teach in class, there were some boys who used to sit with all their eyes on the face of the teacher (At that age, mind aren't corrupt of little kids to see anything below the face ;-) ). I never noticed girls at that time because I thought then that girls are the creatures made by god who can never be impressed by boys but if I would have had the knowledge about the girls like I have today, I would have surely tried observing any so that I could have known that which girl is interested in boys. Now when I notice the girls of my class in college, I see many of them going mad about our professors which is strange. Why? Because we all are so handsome ourselves. Why are they interested in the mans who are 10 years elder to them. Girls are little fool. Not only girls, according to a new survey it is found that today's boys and men are not attracted towards Sweet 16 or Killing 17 but they are interested in Rough 30's and late 20's. Strange but True !!! 

            I had my first crush on my computer teacher in 4th std. Her name is Miss Rashmi Bane. She used to take our practicals. I loved the practicals mostly because we got to sit in the lab with Air conditioners. Air conditioners were a big thing then as it used to be very costly and only high-profile people could afford it. But when I saw my teacher, I was flat on her. She was the only teacher then who didn't used to wear sarees(She wore suits) and had girly skin - soft and attractive. Now, I didn't touched her then to confirm whether the skin is soft or not. Actually, when we see a beautiful girl or a beautiful lady, we project them as Komal and Naajukk. So this is why I stigmatized her skin as soft. She used to beat us a lot too. Students felt pain for a while but then used to be happy that the most beautiful teacher of our school touched our cheeks with her hand and used to smile. I don't know what madam used to feel to see students smiling on her beats and slaps but we enjoyed. When we used to do some mistakes while dragging mouse, she used to keep her hand on our hand and used to operate mouse and teach us. I am sure that every boy of my class like me didn't got what she taught while keeping her hand on our hand. Everyone used to cheer in their hearts that their dream got true to hold the hand of the madam. In that period, touching the hand of a girl used to be the biggest achievement. Not only I, but every boy of my class liked her. Rashmi mam, we really loved you a lot. Hope you loved us too. ;-)

           The second crush I had on my Maths teacher in 5th std. Her name is Miss Hirana Buch. She was so damn stylish. Stylish doesn't mean that she used to come in jeans, sleeveless tops and high heels (I dreamed her to come in that way but in vain). She was stylish in the way of her attitude and style of conduct. She used to keep tip topping her pen's cap which I used to see very keenly and innocently. In that period, only actresses were to be seen with long nails but our madam was no less than any actress. She had long nails and I used to only see them while she used to hold chalk with her long and beautiful fingers or red pen while checking my book. I really loved Hirana mam. I was her favorite student too. This is the only thing which kept a hope within me that she was all mine. ;-) She was also fair in complexion. I liked her nose which wasn't pointed but it was pichka huaa (didn't got english word for this). Her lips were also little flat and I liked her lips which seemed to be inward. I liked her hairs too as they were cut till her shoulders while other teachers had chotis and all. I really kept thinking about Hirana mam everytime whenever she used to be near somewhere. Always when the bell would ring and the school would end, I used to pray to God that please give a glance of her once so that I can move home with her face stuck in my mind. Uff !!! How much I loved you mam but you never understood (haha) or may be you did but you didn't wanted to give this lover a break for the love affair (Haha).

            These were the only two teachers I had crush on. I had crush on one teacher here in my college too but I had a girlfriend at that time so I would not describe anything about her otherwise any girl who would be looking me today will say that I look other women while having an affair with a girl already. ;-) I have already asked permission to both my teachers about writing a blog of crush on them so whoever thought of driving a new controversy on my blog can take your seats back. I am so lucky that both my teachers are still unmarried and still I hope for something. Haha. Just kidding. But one of them is booked for marriage now so The End of Unsaid Love with her. ;-) I am also lucky that both these teachers are in contact with me personally which is something next to impossible. I still remember the day when I got an orkut invitation from Hirana mam. I was so surprised and happy. I would like to thank both my teachers for giving me some delightful moments in my childhood with their beauty. ;-) I hope madams that you liked my blog and my love I had with you and truly speaking, little of it survives today too. Haha.

             Thanks a lot for giving me permission to write this blog.