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Review: Sanju: A Complete Entertainer with Ranbir's effortless performance! ****

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Who does not wait for years to watch a Rajkumar Hirani film? I am one of his devoted followers and see each of his movies multiple times whenever I find them being telecast on the television. The only movie I was least excited to watch has been his latest release “Sanju” because I was sure of its biased take on Sanjay Dutt’s life considering that they have been on good terms in their personal and professional lives. In its first two weeks of release itself, the movie has earned 300 crores in Indian market itself. Why the hell will anyone need a review now but still I will do to add my blog count. Haha!

The movie talks descriptively about the life of Sanjay Dutt getting into details on two of the important aspects of his life- his drug addiction and his case of keeping arms at his residence during Mumbai bomb blasts. Rather than making the whole movie as a very dark stuff which any other director would have done, Hirani keeps it mostly on a lighter note irrespective of story having numerous events which had darker side of truths. Only Hirani could have moulded the story in this manner. The dialogues are entertaining right from the start and like every Hirani movie, there are some words or sentences you will take with yourself after watching the movie. E.g. ghapaghapp. Haha!

The movie manages to make you laugh out loud and also succeeds in making you drop tears in the scenes when Sanju speaks whatever he had written for his father or when he does not get chance to give awards to his father or when his friend comes to know about the innocence of Sanju etc. Still, I would say that irrespective of being one of the well-made movies in Hindi film industry, this is Hirani’s worst made movie till date.

Talking about the performances, Ranbir Kapoor has proven once again why he could be termed as a Superstar finally. He not only looks like Dutt but has also personified himself and his body language completely like him. In all the age of Sanju right from his teenage to the old age, he looks like him and even talks like him. An Incredible effort from his end. Vicky Kaushal is another actor who has stood out as Sanju’s best friend in the movie. Dia Mirza is fine as Manyata Dutt. Jim Sarbh has also played his part of a villain nicely. Sonam Kapoor looks and acts adorably. Overall, all the performers have played their parts perfect because of which the movie turns out to be hilarious and worth watching.

Sanju definitely has repeat value and that’s the reason why it is ending up beating all the records in the market. I also believe like many that the facts about Sanjay Dutt’s life has been distorted but I have focused my review basically on how the movie is rather than debating on Fact vs Fiction. I give this movie 4* out of 5.


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Review: Blackmail: An entertaining roller-coaster ride!!! ***½

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When you go out to watch movies of few actors, you know that you will at least get to watch an average movie if not a very good attempt. Irrfan Khan is one such actor. I remember seeing the trailer of Blackmail and was fully aware that this movie is going to be one roller-coaster ride in its own skin. Now that I have watched the movie, I can say that the movie is amazing and is certainly something that keeps you glued to the screen to know the next move of the protagonist and others supporting his character. In spite of knowing the certain wrong things that he has been doing to take revenge from his wife, you still pray when you find police around him and want police to leave the screen frame as soon as possible. That’s the amazement Backmail brings with itself.

Blackmail is story of a man who finds his wife cheating with him by sleeping with another man in his absence. He does not have guts to confront her so he takes the decision of blackmailing her boyfriend. And this is how the chain reaction of Blackmail begins. But the screenplay takes the first half to begin this game until which the pace is very slow and the movie looks average. It is only in the second half that Blackmail starts proving its mettle and uniqueness. The poker face that Irrfan keeps throughout the movie and keeps on playing his tactics is what makes this movie funny. The dark comedy implemented by Abhinav Deo is another X-factor for which Blackmail will always be listed in the Top 10 movies in the genre. The climax is also very well handled and gives a good ending to the story of a broken husband.

Talking about the performances, I have already spoken a lot about Irrfan above so no need to talk about his excellence anymore. Arunodaya Singh has given the best performance of his life and he also makes you laugh like a mad in many of the scenes. His scenes with Divya Dutta are amazing. Kirti Kulhari is also fine in her performance. Rest of the supporting roles are also good in their respective parts. The background music and scores also plays a big part in making the whole blackmailing process look more cool and classy. Overall, a very good movie and I give it 3.5* out of 5.



Review: 102 Not Out: A feel-good movie!! ***½

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I still remember when I had seen the trailer of Oh My God years back, I was unsure that the movie will impress me or anyone for that matter. The film was made purely to spread the message the makers believed in rather than proving that they are providing us the another level of cinematic experience. The director, Umesh Shukla, has repeated the similar performance in his latest creation, “102 Not Out” starring none other than the superstars of the yesteryears, Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. The film is made with pure heart and it reflects in each and every scene and each and every dialogue.

Director has not tried to do something pathbreaking with the movie but kept everything very old-school and made a simple movie of not even 2 hours and managed to provide a light entertainment to the audience. Though I believe that much could have been done with the subject selected for the movie but still director has managed to make you leave theater with smile and feeling of pleasantness. The story is based in Mumbai but most of the times, the characters are walled inside their bungalow itself which leaves the movie to shine only on the basis of the actors’ performances. The best part is that actors have not disappointed the movie.

Talking about the performances, Amitabh Bachchan playing role of a 102 years old father who is full of life and believes age to be just a number, is pitch perfect and outshines in each and every scene. The Gujarati accent though is not fully justified by him and few dialogues are not understandable because of the same reason but still Bachchan’s performance is flawless. Rishi Kapoor playing 75 years old son also gets full marks. The attitude of grumpiness that he needs to keep throughout the movie is very well performed by him and he is also able to make audiences laugh when he challenges his father’s philosophies in few scenes. The performance given by both the actors in the emotional scenes are wonderful and something you will take with you while leaving cinema hall. Jimit Trivedi has also marked his presence in the movie with his comic timing and supporting performance.

Overall, 102 Not Out impresses. The climax makes you feel good and sad, both at the same time, and this tells about the kind of story the movie talks of. I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5.



Fearless In Opposition by P. Chidambaram (Book Review: 2*/5) !!!

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As far as I memory works, I have never read a book written by any active politician. And I believe this has been my best decision ever after reading P. Chidambaram’s “Fearless In Opposition”. The book also has the tagline which says “Power and Accountability”. I had a belief that a politician decides to write a book only when he takes a conscious decision of speaking truth irrespective of either it’s in his favor or not. But after reading Chidambaram’s version of how the current NDA government is working and operating the nation, it seems as if our country is only doing worst each and every hour and there’s nothing good or encouraging happening. This is such a one-sided and disappointing book that you will never want to vote such a discouraging party again in power which has nothing good to say about the current government.

Chidambaram has discussed different sectors and topics such as Nation and Nationalism where he talks about caste discrimination, dalit rights, how current government tags people as anti-nationalist as per their criterions; how this government is disconnected from people where he talks again about Dalit righ, fake encounters in the Ishrat Jahan case etc.; he also talks on the topic of Jammu and Kashmir widely in 6 articles; misgovernance, failures of policies, the state of the economy, union budget of 2016-17, foreign policy and finally in the last section about demonetisation.

This book is a collection of all the columns and articles written by Chidambaram in the date range around 2016. Chidambaram has given statistics and graphs wherever he managed to show that his party did well against the current party but wherever there was a scope of the current government doing well than them, he just passed generic statements again showing the current government in the bad light. And this is continuously being done throughout the book and in each column. Whenever there is growth in percentage in any performance against his own government, he has not shied away from terming the growth as “only” or “just”. Trust me, after completing this book, you will feel as if you are living in the worst country possible. He has not even appreciated the government for terrorist attack control if not for anything but mentioned loopholes even there. If you are anti-BJP government and familiar with economic terminologies, go for it. I give this book only 2 stars out of 5.



Winning Like Saina by Jatin Gupta (Book Review: 4.25*/5)

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Cricket has always charmed the Indian sports' fans which has irked the ardent sports lover who believed that with the support of Indian fans, the Indian players playing other sports than Cricket can also perform equally or better than our Cricket team. But Cricket never allowed the Indians to concentrate on any other sports. Such has been the unawareness that multiple biopics are being made on previous and even current generation's players to help people know about the contribution made by Indian athletes. One such player who performed very well in a sport other than Cricket is Saina Nehwal. Badminton has got famous in India only after the feats she started achieving on International level. It is because of her that many Indian supporters switch on their television sets and post on Social media whenever there is a match of P V Sindhu or Srikanth Kidambi. 

I am just done reading the book written by Jatin Gupta on Saina Nehwal's routine and work culture named "Winning Like Saina" which also has the tagline, "Think & Succeed like Nehwal". The author has very well structured this book in as less as 121 pages and ensured that you get enough motivated with the way Saina Nehwal reached from nowhere to World No. 1 in International rankings. Author has divided the chapters as per each of her traits which can be followed by the professionals, management students and generally, by everyone. It is not easy to write a book on a sportsperson without following the timeline yet managing to cover all the major aspects of his/her career. Jatin has been able to do the same with this book.

The good part about the book is that rather than talking and discussing only about Saina Nehwal, author has not shied away from giving examples of other prominent and successful personalities. In this series of Rupa publication where a sportsman is picked up and using his/her reference, readers are told about how they can also win like them, Saina Nehwal is treated as a very great example in her book as there are encouraging quotes from her family members, coaches, her relationship is explained very vastly with her coaches who have been a great part in her success etc. Overall, this is a power-packed book for inspiration. I give this one 4.25* out of 5. 


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In a Cult of Their Own: Bollywood Beyond Box Office by Amborish Roychoudhury (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

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There are few movies that are always talked of even if they have been one of the biggest duds of their time and then there are movies which are actually good in terms of cinema and scripts but could not become successful because of either being ahead of times or releasing with no promotion or inappropriate timing. Such movies are known as “cult” and being discussed among movie buffs. Similarly, there are few books which are of the same kind but definitely this book named “In a cult of their own: Bollywood beyond box office” written by Amborish Roychoudhury is not in the same category but is actually one of the most unique books I have ever read. There are many books based on Bollywood which speaks about certain movies, songs or factors in Bollywood chapterwise but they bore the readers like hell making them leave it in between. But this book is definitely one of the best written books on Bollywood.

Amborish has picked up few movies of his choice from all the time range and discussed why there are being considered cult and what prominence or uselessness each of these movies possessed. Haha! Amborish’s style of describing the worst and illogical scenes of the movies is what makes this book interesting, humorous, laughable, funny and your favorite. The research work gone in knowing the whole background under which the movie was planned to how the casting was done and what challenges did the directors and makers face is completely visible in all the chapters. Author has ensured that the readers should know the mindset of the makers while they were filming these movies so that it becomes easier to understand how and why these movies got made the way they are.

The interviews taken by the author with few prominent personalities being involved in the movies discussed in the book are nicely presented in quotes between the chapters which gives you great insight about movie-making and the challenges that these creative people face in terms of schedule, star cast, making, deadlines, dates etc. My personal favorite chapters are on the following movies: - Mera Naam Joker, Silsila, Andaz Apna Apna, Gunda, RGV ki Aag and Deshdrohi. If you want to enjoy light humor and know the secrets behind these cults, read this book immediately. I give this one 4.25* out of 5.



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Touch The Sky by Rashmi Bansal (Book Review: 3.75*/5) !!!

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Rashmi Bansal is one author whom I have followed devotedly in the last decade. She knows exactly what it needs to motivate people through words and she has been doing this continuously. The best part about the authoress is that she does not repeat herself with the same kind of stories in each book but tries to share different dimensions of human spirit every time she comes with a new book. This time I have read one of her latest books named “Touch The Sky” which is about different women in India who did not get demotivated and depressed with what people said to and about them but did something which became an example for all the other ladies around them to follow and become a leader.

In a country like India where women have been dominated since thousand of years, it’s very necessary to uplift them with such motivating stories where common and next-door women and girls have done something which is termed as impossible for the girls in our country. Rashmi Bansal ensures that she shares such unique stories and present them in her own way with a wonderful way of narration which makes even the non-fictional attempt sound like fiction. The stories has been divided into the three segments: Ziddi, Besharam and Bindaas. The Ziddi section discusses how the women/girls are adamant about getting things done what they have perceived in their mind. The Besharam section discusses about the girls doing things which are considered as taboo in the society and did not shy away with what society thought of them. And the last section, Bindaas discusses about simple real stories where the women did things freely without thinking about what is right or wrong, they just did what they thought of doing.

Rashmi Bansal has given quite Indian touch to all the stories to make it sound like something happening just around you. Talking about the drawbacks of the book I felt that Rashmi did not elaborate the whole process of transformation of these stories in her trademark style but kept it very short and simple. The stories seem like newspaper articles as they are finished as soon as they start. There is too much usage of local languages too with no translation in English. Except that this book is very inspiring and motivational which should be read by girls who are low in confidence and belief. I give this book 3.75* out of 5. This is a light read which can be finished in a single sitting or while traveling.



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Shunya: A Novel by Sri M (Book Review: 2.5*/5) !!!

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I am just done reading another book based on spirituality but this time in form of a fictional attempt by renowned guru, Sri M named “Shunya”. This is the first novel written by the author even when he claims to have written many before this one but never got guts to send it to publishers. Shunya is a very intense book which talks about the power of being in a zone which is full of nothingness and is almost like the origin of your creation. Shunya is the name of a character in the book who is also the protagonist of the story. It sounds very weird initially how Shunya practices different theories of his but later on by the 2nd half of the book, you understand his character and style of treating and spreading positivism around.

The writing style of the author is intriguing and keeps the readers hooked with the story. The premises are very unnatural and thus it takes time to get comfortable with the main character as some of his behaviour is actually objectional but yet it brings silence and peace in the life of the stressed human being. The characters are very well handled by the author either Sadasivan, Thambi, Diana or Bhavani. Each one of them have their distinct background and present.

The base of the protagonist being described in a Toddy shop and the way he drinks and does crazy things is a great read. Also, t he way 2nd half of the story is handled makes you think a lot of things about the conditions of different characters. The pre-climax and climax are also okay. Talking about the drawbacks:- The spiritual stuff is kept very simple and does not take you deep into the philosophy. Also, a book of this nature should leave a very big message and impact behind but there is nothing that you will take away with this book except the weirdness of the protagonist character. I will give this book just 2.5* out of 5 for being an average story with no impact at all on the readers.



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My Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems-Part 1 by Sunil Bhatia (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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 I remember reading a book written by the author, Ratnadip Acharya, which had deer as its protagonist. I was very sceptical about the book as it had no mention of human being throughout the movie and was based only on deer. But the kind of message and energy that the book shared through its story is incredible and those messages are still with me which shows me the path whenever I get stuck somewhere in life. On the similar lines, I read another book today written by the author, Sunil Bhatia, named “My Feathered Friends & The Book of Poems – Part 1”. The book has human being as protagonist but his friends are in form of different bird species who help him in different juncture of his life.

In today’s time, there are several self-help and motivation book releasing as almost every second person considers himself as a motivational speaker. Most of these self-help books are just replica of many bestselling books in the same genre and hence reading such books doesn’t interest anymore. But the path taken by Sunil Bhatia is the unique one and which is needed to differentiate the book from all the other books in the shelf. The different species of birds are introduced in each chapter and the way they help the protagonist on the issues that are also relevant to us and everyone in our daily basis gives quite an insight. It is good that author has not spoon-fed everything and left many things for readers to imagine and relate with their lives.

Talking about the 2nd part of the book which consists of several poems, I must say that showing both sides of him- an insightful author and a deep poet, it’s great to know both the versions of the author. The poems are also deep in their context and explore the topic in which they are written nicely. The poems are also divided in different topics such as mystical, love, fantasy, dark, spiritual, inspirational, futuristic etc. The poems are also not tried to be written in a rhythmic flow but says whatever it wants to say in small stanzas kind of format. Overall, this book tries to answer or touch that nerve in your body with which you always converse to get as much answers as possible about your life and situations. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5 for being unique.



The Last Attractor Of Chaos by Abhinav Singh (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

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There are rarely any good thriller genre authors in India who can surprise you with their books. Even if there are few, they keep on writing stories based on the same background which makes their book and topics predictive after some time. But every time I read a good thrilling novel, I want to go, hold the author’s hand and make him write more and more. I have completed reading another great thriller by the debutante, Abhinav Singh, named “The Last Attractor of Chaos”. And let me frankly give you a statement which will sum up the whole review and make you decide whether to read this book or not: This book definitely does not look as If written by a complete debutante. Yes! It is that good and almost perfect.

Abhinav Singh’s writing style is exactly how a thriller author should write. Once you start reading the book, you will keep on wanting to turn the page and read what happens next and will not stop until the whole story is not completed. The only problem here is that in the end you realize another part of this book will actually conclude the story and this is still not the end. This is what I believe is cheating on the part of publishers that they never write on the cover page itself that the book is Part 1 of the series indicating that this is not a complete book itself. Anyway, the way author has blended several different physical and technical elements in this thriller to make it more exciting is commendable as trying anything as such is very risky considering if Indian readers will like it or not but the way he has handled the whole mixture of theories is incredible and outstanding work.

The author’s knowledge and research work are totally evident from the way he has gone into depth in justifying the theories through his story. There are several moments in the book which will give you goosebumps for sure. The characterization is very powerful and the way author keeps on switching between past and present is another great deal to crack for anyone writing such a complex story with different timelines. Still, I have a complaint that author should have tried switching timelines more frequently which could have made the story and narration more powerful rather than moving into a timeline and then staying there for an extremely long time. The pre-climax and climax of the book is also handled quite brilliantly which never lets you leave you seat and keep on reading till the last page. Abhinav Singh is surely here to stay for long and I wish his 2nd book is better than this one as I am sure he will himself have to face lot of challenge in beating his own standard. I give this book 4.25 star out of 5.




The Essence of Bhagwad Gita by Atul Sehgal (Book Review: 4.25*/5) !!!

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I have been an ardent follower of Bhagawad Gita since a long time after knowing that it contains answer of all the questions that a human mind can think of. I had read Gita for the first time when I was just 22 years old and could not understand a single word because I was not enough mature to comprehend the logic of division among body, mind, soul and energy. But after that, I started going through the simplified versions of Gita to understand the basis of human existence and I must tell you, it added a lot of value in my life which led me towards my spiritual journey. The latest book that I have read in the same genre is “The Essence of Bhagwad Gita” written by Atul Sehgal. The best part about this book is that author has picked up only 70 verses from original Gita which are enough for a human being to understand the basis of the Holy book and perform his duties morally.

Each verse is explained in a new chapter dedicatedly which makes it easy for the reader to go through chapters as per his interest and read the book in bits on daily basis. The book has helped me to understand many perspective and read in between lines to understand the verses in depth. Each chapter first mentions the verse it is about to discuss and also provides its direct translation in English. The best part about the book is that it not only explains the concept but also helps with example about how it can be applied too. The explanations are provided in very simple language which can be read and grasped even by teenagers and college going students. Rather than discussing the tales of Mahabharata, author has only talked about the conceptual theories and its respective applications in human life rather than going through the whole detailed version of the verse. This also helps in keeping the book short with only 235 pages.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, I believe that some concepts are not very well explained and left with utilization of few Sanskrit words etc. assuming that the reader must be knowing at least this much part of the theory. Except this one drawback, there is nothing that this book does not have to not be there in your favorite rack of the bookshelf. I give this book 4.25* out of 5. Please do read it if you want to begin knowing about the concept Bhagwad Gita introduces.



Dream with your eyes open by Ronnie Screwvala (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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There is nothing special than reading an autobiography by one of the many successful Indian men who did it without any complaints or excuses. We generally get excited knowing about the successes of the individuals in western part of the world but forget to appreciate the people doing well against all odds living and breathing around us. One such man is Ronnie Screwvala who is a wonderful example of how to be an entrepreneur and a success story. He has written his own tale of success and failures In the book named “Dream with your eyes open” having him on the cover page lying on the carpet with a cup of tea placed besides him. The book is tagged as “An Entrepreneurial Journey”. So the author very directly and clearly states here that he is not going to tell what person he is or what his background has been but will only focus on his entrepreneurship life and lessons.

The book is very crisply written without extending the stories with useless detailing. Ronnie exactly knows the value of time hence he assures that he speaks most in as less words as possible. This is what makes the book a special read as you will not have to read much to gain insights on his entrepreneurship role but only 166 pages. The book is divided in 13 different chapters where each one of them focuses on a learning or a stage of Ronnie’s life. The book is written in a very simple language for every student to a new corporate slave or an entrepreneur to understand the same without having to read between lines. The best part about Ronnie’s book is that he rather than talking only about what actions he undertook also discusses in detailing what his team underwent to make something a success. He also talks about his failures with the same enthusiasm which tells how literally he is proud of each second that he has worked upon his life to be a successful entrepreneur.

It is only after reading the book you will realize the number of different things that Ronnie has been involved with. You will be surprised to notice the different scales of business he overtook and started right from Zero and ended up being either the topmost performer or at least in the merit list for sure. Ronnie has ensured that he even discusses the amount and costs involved in the projects without shying away from disclosing the same. Ronnie has taken names of other popular celebrities and talked good or bad experiences he had with them without any fear which makes it an interesting read to know the tie-ups and communication between these personalities.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, Ronnie doesn’t talk much about his personal lifestyle which makes him a performer he is. To learn about a successful man, you need to know both- his professional insights and his personal lifestyle because until and unless, you do not know both, you will never be able to replicate his success by following his footsteps. Also, there are many advises that he has just quoted to be followed rather than giving heavy explanations on the same. The book also does not find any kind of timeline which doesn’t allow the reader to understand the real struggle of the man in multi-tasking or taking one decision after another. Except these drawbacks, this book is surely readable to understand how one needs to take risks in life to lead a successful entrepreneurial life. I give this book 3.5 star out of 5.



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Padmavat by Purushottam Agrawal (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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Almost all of us have seen the movie “Padmavat” starring Deepika Padukone playing the character of Queen Padmavati. The debate has always been about the existence of any such queen in the past and regarding her association with Alauddin Khilji. Many people believe even the existence of queen as a myth as multiple authors/poets have written about this story in their own version and each one of them have their perspective defining the characters of the story. I never knew that I would end up reading a book on the same after watching such a grandeur movie on the subject and knowing everything in detailing. I am just done reading the book named “Padmavat” which calls the story as “An Epic Love Story” on its cover page. It is written by an already renowned author, Purushottam Agrawal. The book is introduced and illustrated by none other than the legendary, Devdutt Pattanaik.

The author talks about the poet, Jayasi’s version of Padmavat written in the 16th century. I have for the first time in my life read such a book where an author is describing a story from another author’s point of view. Rather than just narrating the story, author also keeps discussing about the author’s point of view of the story. This is very incredibly handled by the author, Purushottam, where he never bores you with the history or myth or quotations but keeps you engrossed so wonderfully throughout the book that you want to understand Jayasi’s point of view on every scene of the love story. The introduction of the characters is nicely crafted which gives a good momentum to the story later on where the author gets a mileage to complete the whole love story in few pages itself. 

The good thing is that author has not tried to portray any character as good or bad but only talks about the nature of each one of them which defines what kind of choices and decisions they take later on which changes the whole course of their life. Author has also shared the original stanzas from Jayasi’s poem which also gives soul to the book as reading those original lines gives us more perspective in the language itself. The best about the author’s style of writing is that he does not stretches any part of the story and keeps everything short and crisp. Hence a book on historical, mythological and spiritual context- all embedded in one, gets over within 200 pages itself. I give this read 4* out of 5. This book is definitely recommended and has re-reading value. Kudos to the author for handling this form of writing so nuancedly. 



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Is Multi-Tasking possible?

1656th BLOG POST -->>

There has been quite chaos in m organization recently due to the performance incentive that gets distributed among the employees as per his/her monthly/quarterly performance. There are certain parameters on which an individual is tested and evaluated. One of the important parameters is “Multi-tasking”. I do not know why but I have never understood what someone means when he/she utter this word called “Multi-tasking”. Does something like this even exists? I have often heard people describing someone as Multi-tasker. And anyone who is described with this word is believed to be very smart and a hard-worker who keeps on working irrespective of whatever is going on in his surroundings.

To be called and defined with this word, I have seen many people slogging immensely and trying to get into this meritorious club. I have also seen patient and great performers lose their credibility and quality of work because of trying to be something which is not even relevant for them to be. People generally consider their Managers to be a multi-tasker considering that they do several and different kinds of activities and work while they sit at a desk and do only a similar kind of job. People respect such people more because they know that when they are given 2-3 works simultaneously, they get so bewildered that they are unable to manage the same while their manager is accomplishing such targets on daily basis without getting pissed off. But is your manager or anyone really doing multi-tasking? This is something that needs to be observed rather than running behind something which is unachievable.

Any person an only execute one task at a time howsoever genius or super-human he is. This is the basic truth. Suppose I am sitting in an office and writing a User manual for some software. I have just received a call from my client and he ask me to reply a brief mail on something for which he needs clarification. At the same time, I see that my Chat box on desktop is pinging where a colleague is asking me to send him a file we prepared together last week. Now, if someone is witnessing me from behind and finds that I have finished all the three tasks within next 7-8 minutes, he deciphers that I am a great multi-tasker and the word of mouth spreads. But what did I exactly do? I have only done one job at a time considering the amount of time each task will take me. I determined that sending the file to my colleague will take only a minute so I search a file for him even though his request was the latest one that I received. I have finished one task. Now, as I know that writing a User Manual is an endless task, I check the client’s mail and revert back to him in next 5 minutes. And now I am back to writing User Manual which I end up finishing by the end of the day.

I have actually done one task at a time. Isn’t it? Then how am I a multi-tasker? A Multi-tasker must be someone who is able to use his super power skills and execute all these three tasks at one go. And believe me or not, just to be associated with this word, people are seriously trying to do this and ending up as a failure in not only doing this but in their overall career because this is something which you can never do skilfully. Any work you do, either big or small, needs your complete attention. There may be a few geniuses in this world who can execute two difficult jobs at the same time. They are definitely a multi-tasking hero but it has taken them a lot of practise. Also, whatever two or three tasks that they are managing to do at once, these are the only specific tasks that they can multi-task. If you will assign them some other work/job for multi-tasking, they will fail.

You may give me an example that I can write this blog even while talking with a friend for two minutes on mobile. Surely, I can. But if you will observe in the end, I will have to recheck the two sentences that I must have written while talking because it has not been written with complete attention and concentration. You can only perform one task at a time brilliantly otherwise you will end up being an example of mediocrity forever. That’s the reason it is being asked not to talk while driving, chit-chat while writing/learning something, eat popcorn while watching movie, concentrate on the song playing in your headphone while crossing road etc. Because your brain will end up giving priority to one task over another automatically which is not in your control and you will end up in a mess with both the tasks incomplete and delayed.

Always try picking up only one task at a moment and try closing it as soon as possible with your complete attention. The urge to multi-task comes because you execute each task very slowly and thus, all the subsequent tasks get delayed for which you want to pick up thing simultaneously and close all of them together. Not possible, my friend! If you will start concentrating on that one job in hand, you will be able to reach the conclusion at the earliest which will help you move to the next task and close it faster too. This is how what you do within an hour vs what others do will always have a vast difference because of which you will be tagged a great Multi-Tasker automatically whereas in your heart, you would be knowing that you are a man of One Task At A Time only. Isn’t this a powerful tool to keep at handy always? I do and I hope even you will. 😊



Wednesday, 30 May 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

Freedom from the I by Shashank Kasliwal (Book Review- 4.75*/5) !!!

1655th BLOG POST -->>

There are some books which hold you like a traveler who does not have any destination to go and is here only to enjoy the journey and the newness he finds in every new second at a new spot of this world. You feel like experiencing some book rather than finishing them off and picking up the next one. It took me complete one month to finish reading a 218-pages book written by a debutante, Shashank Kasliwal, named “Freedom from the I”. The book also has the tagline “Ultimate Path to a Free Mind and Real Success”. This is yet another gem from Jaico Publication. This is one such book if you read in peace and silence can bring out several transforming changes in you and the way you think and see things. I can feel the change in my whole outlook within this one month itself.

I have been a great fan of Sadhguru’s books and videos where he explains about this factor of diminishing the ego and identification that we have and lead a life which is as it is. I never believed that someone could write or explain this concept in a better manner and so vastly and yet in a simple way. Shashank Kasliwal’s first attempt at writing this self-help book is a winning start. Initially, when I started reading, the first two chapters did not sound me any different than all these self-help books which keeps releasing. But since third chapter, as soon as the author gets into his zone of explaining the effect of ego and how we have lost ourselves in this dominance of ego over us just keeps surprising the readers. I felt the book remained at its best up till 8th chapter. I did not personally feel any kind of motivation reading the last 4 chapters from 9th to 12th but they are a fine closer to the book where author explains about our dull mind, affect of emotions, our relationships etc.

Shashank has very finely divided the book in different chapters and even within that into different sections with each concept not going over two pages. This keeps your interest intact as you do not get strangled in too many concepts thrown at you within a paragraph. The book is not at all research-based but purely out of experience of the author which makes it more relevant while reading as you can feel the honesty and truthfulness. This book is best for professional people out there as author has given many examples on how to handle professional and corporate stress and pressure. I have also implemented many of his ideas which has begun enhancing my experience of meditation that I had started before reading this book. The book is written in a spiritual context rather than motivational context hence it needs little more attention while reading to grasp the concepts rather than mugging the points. Overall, this is one of the best books I have read in last decade for sure. I give this book 4.75 star out of 5. Recommended for every living soul out here.



Tuesday, 29 May 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

The Importance of your Marks in your Life!

1654th BLOG POST -->>

Recently, the first of the many important results for few students have been announced and reading about their worries and anxiety many people have spoken about how important or unimportant the marks that they have secured are. Whenever we speak about something as sensitive as this, we should be very clear and responsible about what are we about to preach to the students who are already very confused about their future. Confusing them more is only going to add problems to their already chaotic mind. I read so many people writing to the students that whatever you have scored is of no prominence as life is all about how much talented or skilful you are. People have ended up giving examples of Sachin Tendulkar etc. trying to justify how even if you are not good at studies is not worrisome. This is a completely irresponsible message that you have received, my dear little friends.

Let me be very clear with you, whatever marks you have scored are going to stay with you forever in life. This cannot be changed now. There was a whole year when your parents wanted you to struggle day and night so that on the day of result, you do not have to worry about the percentage marks printed on your result. You were expected to think above that about your future and further education. But because you didn’t understand the important of this percentage, rather than thinking about further educational prospective you have, you are stuck in blaming yourself for scoring very low percentage. The first step is to ACCEPT THE REALITY. Accept whatever marks you have got and just believe that it is only going to add up in the total marks you score in your life.

If one series goes bad for the Cricketer, it does not mean that he cannot score again in the next one. Now, accept the marks that you have in your hands and try to understand which subject interests you the most. Also tally your interest with the marks you have scored in that particular subject. Sometimes, we have wrong assumption that we are interested in something while the result keeps displaying our mediocrity in the same. So, the result has to be given some weightage while thinking about which subject you need to continue in the future with. Get yourself admitted in whatever- good or bad college, as per the opportunity you are getting, and start learning more and more and try to secure a better percentage this time. What has gone is something which can never be changed. What is about to happen is totally in your hands. GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY.

Whatever opportunity you have now, just get it and keep reminding yourself that you do not want to be disappointed with yourself ever again on the day of the result. Do not think about what others think about your result. Only think about your dreams and what kind of efforts and marks you need to achieve the same. TALK WITH THE PEOPLE who are already doing what you are dreaming to do in life. Take their advice and learn how they used to study. Incorporate those ideas and structure your daily routine accordingly. The process of improvement is the only process that will take you ahead. If you have secured bad marks this time, it is no confirmation that you are not going to score big the next time. Similarly, for the students who have scored very well, do not think that this will continue forever. Little break of concentration and ego can bring you down like anything. At any time remember that someone somewhere else is preparing to overtake you. Any minute that you waste by not studying, someone else is gaining immensely out of this opportunity.

I am giving my example to you where I scored 61% in 10th, 55% in 12th, 58% in Graduation, 68% in Post-graduation and 78% in my last post-graduation that I did. It was something after 12th that I had determined to achieve because it was enough embarrassment twice by scoring below average marks. I had taken an oath of not scoring less percentage than what I had scored in my previous examination. And this is how I started becoming better in studies and today I have confidence that I can study anything and pass with good marks because that becomes my only target when I study. But do those percentages scored in 10th and 12th std not haunt my career today?  It does. But it gets covered by the good marks I have scored in my Graduation and two Post-graduations that I have done.

So yes, the journey is not over. It is just one series that has gone bad but to ensure that you still lead a great lifestyle and life ahead, you will need to set your routine and make study a prime focus for yourself till the time your educational phase does not end. Give importance to education now as you have whole life to follow your passion and interests. Do not ignore studies for any other interests by reading about foolish examples of how people did well in their life by not studying. These people were excellent in their talent/skills since their childhood itself and got right direction to move towards. If you are on the same journey, I take you as an exception but if it is not, then damn, STUDY for your next exam and prove yourself that you can achieve any marks that you write on your wall and make it a target. BEST OF LUCK for your future from another mediocre student. 😊



Friday, 25 May 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

How it CAN happen vs How it CANNOT

1653rd BLOG POST -->>

I often find people claiming themselves to be a positive person every now and then. I have never understood one thing, first of all, that why do people want to define themselves who they are. Isn’t this out of insecurity that they will be perceived as something else and no one wants to dissolve their image just like that. They want the lie or half-truth to become truth by repeating it again and again so that everyone around them also start chanting the same about them. This is such a funny scenario. An employee in your organization who you know doesn’t work and just passes time throughout will keep on saying that they work so much but still do not get credit. A friend of yours who has a bloody short-temper issue will keep on saying to everyone how genuine he/she is and how people provoke him/her to say stuff even he/she doesn’t like to.

The world has become such now that there is so much negativity about every thing around you. There are so many parameters of life with which a human being has to adjust with- Office work, colleagues, friends, relatives, relationship, society issues, material quests, basic needs etc. Not every parameter will ever be perfectly aligned with each other and work for you. And this is what is making people extremely negative these days. If any of the one parameter does not work as specified, the person will keep on poking it day and night and will remain stressed out and ends up ruining even the other parameters of life. These days you tell anyone about anything, they will first concentrate on how that thing will not be possible rather than thinking about how it can be made possible.

When I joined meditation classes last month and they told that we will need to reach before 6 AM in the hall otherwise we will not be taken in, there were many who were only thinking about how it cannot happen and kept questioning the teacher about why such stringent rules in place. I only believed at that time about the possibilities of doing this and this made it possible for me to get up every day at 4.30 AM and reaching the hall by 5.45 AM. I was also on time at my office on almost all the days. This is the power of thinking about how things can happen.

Similarly, when I had read that the dinner needs to be skipped to control weight gain as feeding the body every time with 4-5 chapatis is not a good idea, I was very positive about it against my friends who after 2 years still think that it’s not possible to control ourselves from having a heavy dinner. Since then, it has been 1.5 years and I am not taking any dinner at all. I had never imagined myself waking between 4.30 AM to 5 AM but I am able to do so every day now in spite of how much stressful my work day has been. This is all because every time I am asked to do something I have concentrated more on how it can happen rather than how it cannot.

Why have I told about these two approaches of taking things from the external world? Because as I started this post with every person wanting to be considered as a positive person, this is the basic of being positive. Rather than trying to find out loopholes in the system or what the end result or outcome would be, if you actually think about the gains and profits the activity will bring to your personal or professional or spiritual life, you can outgrow the success of any person whom you idolize. I am going to Bangalore in the month of June 2018 and as we have to travel multiple places placed at different points of the city, we thought of taking a car on rent. As I have never handled any other car than my own, I was very doubtful if I would be able to drive any other car of different model altogether. But rather than keep thinking about how it could not happen, I only thought of the possibility that I would be able to drive and explore a new challenge of driving another car and raise the confidence bar about my driving skills. I am only thinking about how it will happen rather than how it will not happen considering the reviews of people around me that Bangalore has the worst traffic and I would not be able to handle the same.

There is always that one guy in any meeting room who thinks of making the project happen in any kind of challenging situation against everyone who only keeps bulleting the challenges and limitations. And any project that goes live is only because of this one person who has actually been positive throughout the journey rather than everyone else who tried proving themselves as intellectual trying to think about the possibilities how the project will get stuck in an obstacle never to come out of it the way everyone has projected. So rather than trying to convince people that you are a very positive person, become one by concentrating on the factors that will lead to possibility of any challenging task. You automatically get known as a positive person. You will not have to prove it repeatedly to people. Got it? I hope you have because I believe while reading this post, you have only thought about how what I have said can happen rather than how it cannot. 😊