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Success is in journey, not destination!

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The whole purpose for which we work through out the day and night and slog as much as possible is to only ensure that we get success in whatever we do. The problem now is that the meaning of Success has been stated as something very big and highly grand that we do not even consider the small successes we get in each moment of our life. We only call ourselves a Successful person when we achieve one of our biggest goals of life. In spite of that, if we achieve anything that we determined to, we never even think that we have got success in it. And that’s the reason why level of frustration is growing in each one of us day by day. Earlier we used to hear that only a person in his old age gets grumpy and behaves negatively at every point of time. We have become that same grumpy old person at the age of 25 itself.

Why are we so inconsiderate towards things that makes our whole day possible? In a span of 24 hours, even if you sleep for the most of the times that’s possible, you still have active 16 hours in a day. In these 16 hours, you have to go through a cycle to be able to reach up to a state that you can go in public and perform work and make sure that you end your day in a particular planned way. Now you would say what plans about how to end the day. I just come and sleep. What planning does this need? Why am I making it sound so important? Even if you do not do anything after office hours and directly sleep after coming home, are you not making sure that you are taking transport from your office to your home? Are you not having dinner and spending that little time with your family before you go and fall up on your bed? Isn’t this a success that you were able to reach home safely and manage to have a good meal and family time before going for a sleep which remains with you for next 8 hours and makes sure that you are again charged up for another day of adventure?

There are so many people who are not able to reach home daily. They either meet with an accident or some other tragedies strike them off. How special are you to be able to meet your family by the end of the day! Similarly, in the morning, when you have to catch your local train of a specific timing, aren’t you successful in that moment when you are able to plan your morning schedule in such a way that you get the train on time? But do you ever consider that as a success? Never! In fact, if you miss the train, you inform your manager about FAILING to catch the train due to some reason. You are very sure that you have failed when you are not able to execute these small events in your daily life but you are never terming yourself successful when your whole day goes without a glitch.

SUCCESS is considered to be a very big word and hence people do not want to associate it with small events. They are scared that they will be a matter of joke for everyone. Remember one thing, guys, these small successful events are those which makes it possible for you to achieve your big dream or goal of yours that people finally consider you as a Successful personality. If you do not give importance to the small successes of your daily life, these big successes will never come to you. Have you ever considered what makes you live? It’s breathe. Right? Every moment, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you are breathing. 

Just suppose in any of the moment, this process of inhalation and exhalation stops forever. Are you not a dead being then? Have you not been failed forever never to be successful again? Everything closes down for you when this breathing process stops. Currently, you are breathing every second and are able to execute this whole cycle of inhalation and exhalation, aren’t you a super successful person in each moment literally? But do you ever think of this that you are a Successful person every damn moment that you are alive on this planet? THINK! It’s time to acknowledge the small successful moments which are leading you towards the ultimate so-called Success that you consider as the ultimate.



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What is Fear of DEATH?

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When we talk about life, there are certain impossibilities or unknown that we want to touch in our lives. The easiest ones are at once, done by us but the ones which we find very difficult are left us an impossible task forever. In spite of wanting to do it, having thing things in our hand, we just leave it like that never to consider a thought upon it again. Why? Because of this emotion called “Fear” which traps us in a limitation of perception that closeness with certain things might destroy us as it involves risk. What is the biggest Fear that a human being feels in his life? Or say, most human beings feel in their life? The Fear of Death! The Fear of Death is such a big block in human’s mind that it stops them from achieving so many things in their life that they waste most part of their life in just feeling insecure about whatsoever they are. They think something and then immediately strikes off the thought knowing that it might lead to accident which will have its consequential result as death.

Why is Death so threatening for us? What is it that we fear about Death? Isn’t Death something for which we live throughout our life? Isn’t it the ultimate result of whatever you do in your life? Can you avoid it? You can definitely postpone it but you cannot avoid it. Right? Then what is it that makes you stop from doing something because it involves the question or answer of Death? Okay. Let’s take it this way. If you don’t chance upon doing anything that might lead you to Death as per your understanding, are you fully safe from Death? Is it so? If you believe so, then it shows how much unaware and dull you are that you are unable to focus on the vulnerability of something which you fear so much.

Right now, I am sitting under a fan and writing this blog. Am I not vulnerable to death? Can’t this fan fall upon my head and kill me? 100 times in a day you switch on and off the lights. Are you not touching electricity each time and can’t you get shock at any point of time if a little thing goes wrong? Every day you travel either by bus, train or personal vehicle on road, are you not close to death? A single accident takes away lives of 100s. Can’t you be easily one of them? Most of the times you eat outside on the name of celebration or hanging out, can’t a certain type of poison be there in your food as you are being served by a stranger person? You live in multi-storey buildings these days. Can’t a little push or drowsiness make you fall all the way to the earth and take away your life? Each moment, each millisecond, that you are living, you are close to death. It is only that your chance is not coming otherwise you can always die in any possible moment.

Rather than stopping yourself from doing things that are really important, you should just go ahead and start accomplishing them. If there is something to fear from, it’s life, not death certainly. You can always have an imperfect life but you will never have an imperfect death. Death, in any form, is always seen as something that came as a powerful stuff and took a piece of life away. If Death is caused to you in a second or if it makes you suffer for months and then finally take your breathe away, in both the cases, still Death is seen as something which is unbeatable and bigger than every piece of life. So, stop worrying about Death. I am not saying that start doing things which will make you die asap but I am just asking not to stop yourself from doing things that are important. There are many people not driving car even at important times because they fear it may cause death. There are people who do not want to take flights even in emergency because they think its risky and they might die even if there’s a small issue in the plane.

Stop being so serious about your life. It has already been gifted to you. Now start living it fully rather than wasting it in thinking how not to end it and saving yourself each moment from Death. You just can’t. Death never lets you know when its coming. It comes at the time when it is least expected. So stop worrying now and start living joyfully.



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Wedding Pickle by Neha Sharma (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

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I have read books based on confusion regarding the topic of marriage that keeps moving in the mind of the protagonist even before but never ever could I relate with the topic because I was a student then. Now that I am already running in my late-20s and this is the only thing that is running as a question around me wherever I go and the kind of dilemma it is, I have been able to relate quite much with the latest book I have completed reading today named “Wedding Pickle” written by the debutante, Neha Sharma. The book is published by Grapevine publications and I am quite delighted to get back with the publisher’s book again as it is being managed by youth and their stories are quite relating.

The writing style of Neha Sharma is wonderful where she knows how to engage the readers as the story that she has chosen to write does not have multiple dimension and is specific only to a phase of the protagonist so there are many chances that the book could get boring or monotonous. But the way she has kept shuffling the conditions and the dilemma in the mind of the protagonist is nicely handled. The characterizations are also nicely handled where you can identify how each of the characters are like. As the story does not have much twists and turns or suspense kind of thrilling plot, the book needed to have simplicity that expressed whatsoever is going in the mind of the characters which author has been able to manage quite candidly and effortlessly.

The story starts directly on the point where this specific character enters in the protagonist’s life as a prospect for marriage and all the confusion starts for her. Her argument with her parents are realistic. Her discussion with friends are also funny where they get irritated with her mood swings regarding the person she is talking with for marriage. The way climax is handled in last 40-50 pages keeping the whole marriage scenes describable and explanatory is also a nice end to the book. Talking about the drawbacks, it would have been great if the book had certain twists and turns and few moments where the readers must have got frustrated reading the decision of the protagonist. Also, there are few typos in the book which could have been corrected with some care. I believe the book is little stretched. It could have been easily 30-40 pages less than what it is. Overall, if you are going through the same phase, you are going to enjoy this story. I am giving this one 3.5* out of 5.



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The difference between "Pain" and "Suffering"

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There are certain words that define you or the matter that is being discussed which tells the state of it. Suppose a certain employee is being discussed and people are using words like “enthusiastic”, “inspiring”, “energetic”, “genius”, “sincere” etc., you understand that who is being discussed is a POSITIVE person. You did not meet him. You did not see him. You did not talk to him. But you know that the person is very positive and you would want to have the person in your team. Similarly, if someone is referred with the words like “dull”, “excuser”, “non-performer”, “liar”, “dumb”, “idiot” etc, you automatically know that the person is truly hopeless and you will not even take out 5 seconds out of your life to meet this person. Leave meeting, you will not even want to see this person.

Similarly, the words that we use in our day to day life has lot of effect on how we are moulding ourselves in terms of our mindset. The words get generated only after you think something. Your mind thinks and define the whole thought process with a word which defines the state of condition. These days there is such a level of competition everywhere that you always find yourself hurrying and trying to adjust in this fast-paced life. You keep falling but you do not get time to even wipe off the dust. You just keep running to achieve next milestone. Whatever you have achieved turns out to have no relevance for you because that becomes a past thing and you know that if you do not achieve something new in career, educational life or personal life, you will be thrown back to the last row which has no prominence of survival then.

This whole scenario makes you feel a sufferer. You keep telling the world how much you are suffering on daily basis. If you are not feeling a little well on some day and you have come to work, you tell the whole world that you are not feeling well. If you did not sleep well last night, you tell the whole world that you did not get whole sleep throughout the day. If you are not in a good mood, everyone around you knows that you are not in a great state of mind. And surprisingly, let me tell you that this is been considered cool by people today. Telling people how big a sufferer you are is something that makes people believe that they will be shown immense sympathy and respect for the same. If you are not feeling well, that is because you have not been conscious about your health. If you did not get good sleep, that means you are not having proper meal. If you are in bad mood, that means you did not learn the art of balancing your state of mind. What to feel proud about this condition irrespective of considering yourself a genuine “Sufferer”?

And then thinking the same continuously makes a person feel down and then we phrase a very wonderful word to define ourselves i.e. “DEPRESSED”. What is the difference between “Pain” and “Suffering”? Something that hurts you in a specific moment is “Pain” and which should be there. Without pain, there would be no fear and human beings will end up ruining themselves further. Because there is no pain in hairs and nails, human beings do not think twice before giving them different shapes and forms. If the whole body would have been such, imagine how different each human body would have looked. Isn’t it? So “Pain” is good and it must be felt to understand the gratitude of moments when you are living without any pain. But when you keep repeating this moment of Pain regularly and convert all your moments into a chant of pain, this becomes “Suffering”.

It is we, ourselves, who is causing “Suffering” rather than the world making us suffer. If we let the moment of pain lie there only and treat each moment with the form in which it comes, there will never be any suffering. And when there will be no “Suffering”, there will never come a state where you will be wanting to call yourself “Depressed”. What can be more better than this? My only request to you is to start enjoying your pain because it is temporary. Make this pain a positive experience by reminding yourself the moments you were enjoying without pain and without noticing it. Notice it now. Stop being a “Sufferer”. At last, do remember that you are the reason behind your “Suffering” and not your boss, organization, family, friends, partner, system, rules etc. Take a deep breathe absorb this thought once and for all in your system.



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Are "RESULTS" really in your CONTROL?

1648th BLOG POST -->>

It has been a long time since we are hearing stories about depressed people and victims who are committing suicide without thinking about anything but getting dissolved in sorrowful circumstances because something they wanted to happen did not happen their way. Desiring something to go as per your wish is always the human nature but how much impact or effect it causes to your life should also matter every moment that you live and breathe on this planet. Being logical is always great. Analyzing the effect and reaching to its cause and listening about some way and asking about its ultimate destination is great. This quest has enabled Science to reach places and today humans are researching on almost every possible topic. There is nothing left which is not under scrutiny. Every thing is being normalized and fragmented to reach to its atomic part and even after getting that atom, human is further getting into the concept of sub-atomic particles. That is the level of being logical and practical.

But why does it become so hard for us to accept the result at the end of all that we do not even wish to live further or try something new anymore? Why is it that we start getting depressed and feel inferior to others every now and then? Why is that we do not look back and see the successes we had achieved in situations which we were sure we will not be able to. Why is that we do not want to think positively and pragmatically in these moments when it needs us to be at our strongest arena? Where does our aura goes which was so dynamic until the previous moment? There are so many questions that arises when we think about certain result that did not come as per our expectations and our approach towards accepting it.

Remember something that there are always certain things that are going to be in your control and another major section of things that will never be in your control. The books like “The Secret” talks about the Law of Attraction only to help us understand how we can try bringing those things under control which are actually nowhere under our remote. But the impact of reading any book stays with the reader for next 48 hours maximum and post that he again starts blaming the whole world. Your focus should always be on the activities that are in your control. You should give your life for making sure that things which are under your control happens perfectly to its core and there is nothing left for tomorrow. And you should then sit back and enjoy whatever the result will be. You anyways do not have any control over the result.

The examiner who is checking your paper is not in your control. The interviewer who is going to give your feedback to the HR is again not in your control. The VISA that you are waiting for will reach you on time or not is again not in your control. So why to let yourself get affected by the results that come across which is not in our favour? I see people getting agitated and frustrated on railway platforms finding that their train is not on time and they will be late. They breathe rapidly and keep moving here and there with a face which says it all. If you will just go and poke such person, he will thrash you to death. That is the level of frustration in that being. And for what? For something which is not in his control.

It is in your control to get ready and reach station on time. If you are not being able to do so, your frustration is understandable. But if you have reached on time and now the train is not coming, you actually d o not have any option. Just leave the expectation away once you have done your part of reaching on time. If you really wish tor each somewhere on time particularly, start thinking calmly about another alternative of bus or cab. That will actually change your result rather than getting frustrated and frowning and abusing the whole railway system standing there. This leads to arguments and fights between individuals once they get into the coach too. A little push of someone charges them so much that they are ready to thrash the person.

Similarly, you have control on few things and that should only be your concern in life. If result is opposite, you can only think of fixing few things the next time you are on for something so that everything that is in your control happens as per your wish. If I am driving a car on road, I can only play my part of driving in discipline under my lane without breaking the rules. How others are driving and how the signal systems are playing isn’t in my control. Why should then I get irritated seeing how others are driving. If I can change something about it as a responsible person I should go ahead and try it. But if I am not going to do anything like that, my part is to only drive my car as perfectly as possible and leave the result of what happens to me in traffic on the nature of this existence. If I will get frustrated with how others are driving, I am going to bang someone’s car in front of me without caring what will happen to my car in doing so out of frustration. Every time, you are frustrated, angry or sad and you charge this energy onto someone else, you are the bigger sufferer than the victim of your act.

So please understand that our job is to try as much as possible and put ever possible effort in whatever we do and leave the rest to the nature. If it comes back that means it is what our life needs at the moment. If it does not come back the way we wanted, accept it calmly and happily and think about what can be done now rather than converting that little plight into a long-term depression and something as sinner as suicide. Remember, your soul never dies, only body does. So there is no relaxation even after suicide. In fact the soul gets more disturbed and your next birth is going to be more painful than this. What you do in this moment determines next 1000 years of this planet and you. So please understand that what Bhagawad Geeta says has some meaning behind it- “Karm Kar aur Fal Ki Ichcha Mat Kar”.



Tuesday, 24 April 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

My Experience of "Inner Engineering" meditation course!!!

1647th BLOG POST -->>

It has been one week since I completed my meditation course last week on this particular day. It was since 2015 that I was looking out for something which can introduce me to the magic of meditation and yoga but before you subscribe to any of such delicate things which can change your life in great dimensions, you must take care that the authority teaching you is enough certified and trustworthy. Listening about the fake godmen these days continuously, it becomes very tough for the common man to select one out of them and go ahead with his teachings without raising his/her fingers on it. I had read around 20-25 books on meditation and only after I got little understand of the concept, I took my decision to go with the “Inner Engineering” course provided by the Isha Yoga Foundation based in Coimbatore and run by Sadhguru who is also known as Jaggi Vasudev.

The 7 days course required me to attend the course from 6 to 9 AM in the morning some 12 kilometers away from my home. This also meant that once the session gets completed at 9 AM, I’ll need to rush to office without wasting even a second. It sounded quite challenging which resisted me from joining the course from last 2 years but I finally took the decision and joined the same. When you take decision about something which is related to your happiness and joy, I believe any challenging situation can be turned into a world of immense possibilities and you get the power of converting these possibilities into realities. I managed to wake up at 4 AM every day to get ready and travel up to the centre. Earlier, I used to wake up comfortably at 7.30 AM and still felt sleepy most of the times in office but during this whole phase, I never felt the same dizziness even once. The course does not allow anyone to enter the hall even if you are a minute late and to my surprise, I always reached the place 10-15 minutes before time.

I would not like to disclose what I am being taught there because it is all about how you take certain things when it is being delivered to you in a certain way where you are meant to be alone and concentrate only about the experience you are having. And when your experience is of such secretive and customized manner, it is better to let everyone enjoy the same as per their understanding and consciousness. A week has passed and I find myself waking up either 4 AM or 4.30 AM every day. There is a silence you experience when you wake up before everyone and over that, if you decide to perform activities that can bring you closer to yourself and let you know about the possibilities lying beneath you, there is a feeling which is indescribable and pleasant up to its zenith.

The effect of the course and doing the asanas and mudras taught by them for last 2 weeks (1 week under training and 1 week at home) is quite visible as I have started observing life more than before. Earlier, I believed watching others’ life is awareness but now I understand that our own life is full of activity which needs to be observed, improved and controlled. I have started to remain calm rather than getting every where in hurry and trying to be first. The best can be observed in the difference of how I drove my car to office earlier and how I drive now. There is certain discipline and stability the way I handle this big moving instrument now. Earlier I used to rash. The meaning of power has changed. Getting the control over my mind feels more powerful now. Earlier it was all about displaying the knowledge of my mind to others.

I would ask each one of you to go through a meditation and yoga course as soon as possible in your life. Understand that anything that India has given to the world which will be remembered for years and for which we, Indians, will always remain superior to others is because of the knowledge of Yoga, Meditation and Life Awareness. If living in India and being an Indian, if we are missing the magic of these tools to improvise life, we are not even living completely. The West is adopting us now where as we have already messed ourselves by implementing their lifestyles. It is the right time to get back to our roots. Remember, if you have control over your mind, there can be no emotion or thought that can touch your mind without your permission. Won’t you like to possess such a power? So please do not live a miserable life anymore and go ahead with life that needs you to perform at best of your capabilities. My best wishes are with you in this journey towards spirituality.



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How reading books change your experience of life...

1646th BLOG POST -->>

People often ask me why I don’t take experiences outside and why do I keep on reading books after books without taking a break. I have tried giving this thought a thought multiple times but every time I ask myself, what I need, my inner voice tells me to start reading another book. The experiences that books are providing me in life can never be experienced in the real life certainly because it is only possible to write in memes to drop everything and go for traveling or making new relationships but the way all of us are trapped in this 9-6 job, we somewhere know that this situation is never going to change. When we have realized that this is what we have to do all our lives without taking a break and die one day, why don’t we think of at least living our ideal life through books?

Every time I am reading a story, I forget where I am sitting, where I am reading, who are around me, what people think about me, what I think about others. I become the story itself and just enjoy the experience which can never be defined in words. If anything, that can bring meditation effect in my life, it’s reading. Right from our childhood, we are taught that reading is the best habit in the world but still people have doubts over it because it needs certain commitment and no one wants to commit with anything in this life. You ask for temporary relationships with anything, people will join you. The moment you tell them that this needs to be done on regular basis, they become sceptical and runs way from there to never meet you again.

The other day, a senior in my office was telling me that reading books is of no good as we have to face the situations as per the situations with our own instincts. I totally agree with this thought. How much you read about how to be good friends or being happy or being positive, it is only when the situation comes that you realize the things read aren’t working fully and you will need to think something yourself. But at least the book readies you to know that a situation like this will come in your life. The non-readers are not even aware of the situations that life is going to throw upon them. You at least know that a certain kind of situation will come in my personal life, professional life, spiritual life etc. You then just keep calm and see how the situation plays with you and you only need one blow to hit it off and win whereas the person who didn’t even know about the situation gets so panicked that he starts behaving crazy and worsen it more than before.

People often ask me which book they should pick to start their reading journey. I would say that pick anything you like by going through the synopsis of the book and at least begin the journey. It is something that will make the whole experience of living this dynamic and unpredictable life joyful and adventurous. It is like being an astrologer and knowing what will come ahead but because things aren’t in your control completely, rather than throwing yourself away and detaching with the moment, you will actually enjoy fighting the tiger ready to pounce upon you. So keeping it very simple, on this World Book Day, I ask you to get a book and just start reading. Life will happen to you in its best form just after you start experiencing each and every word read by you.



Do we even need to discuss about protecting our Planet?

1645th BLOG POST -->>

Yesterday, the world celebrated The Earth Day which in spite of being considered an opportunity to raise awareness among human beings to protect our planet, I am certainly sure that 99% of the people would have ignore thinking about the planet and how they can be a part in making sure that rare of the rarest harm is done to the same. We have become so miserable and shameless that we do not think about how our future generations will survive or even our own future about how are we going to live just after few years. The negligence is just multiplying in our attitude by certain manifolds daily. Since childhood, the first thing that we are taught in school is how to protect our environment and importance of trees and water in our life. The first activity that we are made part of is Tree plantation. Why are then we getting ignorant about this whole environmental situation which is killing us every day?

We are often asked to spend time with nature. Why nature and why not at home? Have you ever thought? It is because we have some kind of a relationship with the nature which we do not even think about or realize in our day to day life. We are working 9 to 14 hours a day. Why? To make sure that we have food on our plate. Where does this food comes from? The different between life and death is our breath. This moment, we are breathing, hence we are alive. Next moment, you stop breathing, you are dead. What are you breathing? Air. Where does it come from? Nature! Our body has certain shape and nature. This is also because our planet is revolving and rotating in a certain way and molding our shape accordingly.

When we stay near nature, we realize what these trees and plants are exhaling, we are inhaling, what we are exhaling, they are inhaling. This relationship can never be abandoned or ignored. It exists and it is the most truthful reality of our life. If you can’t preserve the oldest relationship you have, how do you expect good things happening to you? We are because of this nature and it is our mandatory responsibility to make sure that even if we are not doing any good for it, at least we shouldn’t cause any harm. If we do only this much, the things will start getting better. I am not going to speak about what needs to be done as everyone of us knows. I am just reminding myself and you about how this negligence is going to kill us in very near future. Well, it is already killing us! If you have ever loved your life, start treating this planet the way we treat our mothers with care and love, only then we are liable to call it lovingly as Mother Earth.



Monday, 9 April 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

Winning Like Sachin: Think & Win Like Tendulkar by Devendra Prabhudesai (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

1644th BLOG POST -->>

IPL has already started and whole of India and World is in cricketing mode currently. There could have been no other book that could have entertained me more than a book written on Cricket. Fortunately, I got my hands of this wonderful short book written by Devendra Prabhudesai based on none other than God of Cricket- Sachin Tendulkar. The name of the book is “Winning Like Sachin” which also has the tagline of “Think & Succeed Like Tendulkar”. The book does not discuss Sachin’s cricket and records but the personality that Sachin Tendulkar is. Author discusses about certain incidents from Sachin’s on and off field decisions and attitude and gives us the point that we should remember to implement and follow in our lives.

The book is written in a very simple language which makes it easy for it to reach audience of any age group. It is most specific and important for the pupil in schools and colleges to read this book to understand the important points that can change their attitude towards seeing and approaching life. I, even at the age of 28, found this book very interesting and matured. I liked the research author has done on the life of Sachin Tendulkar which makes him discuss incidents which not every author or journalist talks about the legend. As I am already reading another book on Sachin written by the same author, I found that many paragraphs are directly picked up from it and there’s not much change per se. So, this book is like a summary of that particular book which is 400+ pages. 

The book is divided into different chapters which makes it easy for the reader to read one segment at a time and grasp the learning. The book can be easily completed within 2.5-3 hours in a single sitting. Overall, the book is a great thing to gift anyone younger than you getting groomed. As everyone admires Sachin Tendulkar, knowing what he followed or displayed in his conduct makes it easy to follow because it automatically inspires you than words spoken by any other person around you. I give this book 3.5* out of 5. 



Wednesday, 4 April 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

Review: Baaghi 2: One-man Show! **½

1643rd BLOG POST -->>

Just after I was done watching Heropanti where my friends said that Tiger Shroff has no future, I was the only one who was confident that he is the only one is current league of actors who can do movies in the genre of Salman Khan where the protagonist is extra-powerful and every action and dialogue of his looks and sounds realistic. The only reason I watched Baaghi 2 is Tiger Shroff and I must say, he impressed me in every scene- either as an Army person or a college boy or a lover. He played every scene with the kind of involvement his role needed. He looks like a charmer when he is playing romantic college boy. He looks like a tough army officer when he plays that specific role. And his face expresses pain and revenge when he is fighting for the girl he loved against the most powerful people of the state.

Talking about the story of the movie, Baaghi-2’s plot isn’t much impressive as you can easily make out the real villain quite early even though it is meant to be kept as secret by the makers. This is the only reason why the story falls flat. Also, the first half is very slow and takes too much time in setting up the whole thing on which the 2nd half relies which is mostly spent in displaying Tiger Shroff’s chiseled body and action scenes. The climax is also too stretched and there are scenes which are too dramatic and unrealistic because director has gone over the board in displaying how his protagonist is immortal and unbeatable. Shortening the climax by 7-10 minutes could have helped a lot.

Talking about the songs, O Saathi and Lo Safar are very soulful and melodious tracks. Please do not make me comment on Ek Do Teen remake otherwise this review will turn into vocabulary of cuss words. Disha Patani is good to look at but her acting is very average. Manoj Bajpai, Randeep Hooda and Dobriyal were good in their respective roles and entertained as much as they could in the limited script that allowed. One thing that disappointed me a lot is about the lack of impactful and whistle-worthy dialogues in the movie considering its genre and theme. It could have made the movie more masaaledaar. But anyways, this movie is definitely one time watch and I give it 2.5* out of 5.



Friday, 30 March 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

Life and Death in One Breath by Sadhguru (Book Review: 3*/5) !!!

1642nd BLOG POST -->>

Reading and knowing about spirituality and spiritual world is an adventure in itself. For people who believe in spiritualism, knowing about it in deep is their only goal. I am definitely one of them and that’s the reason the most books that I have in my book shelf currently belongs to the same genre. And the one author whom I believe blindly when it comes to this topic is none other than Sadhguru aka. Jaggi Vasudeva. The way he talks about spirituality by making the difficult concepts easy, no other author has still been able to do as per my experience.

I just ended up reading one of his many books named “Life and Death in One Breath” which is again published by Jaico who believes in publishing mostly of this genre. The book is very well designed and the way it is written in the form of questions and answers serve the purpose of the seekers. Every possible question on the topic of life and death has been considered and Sadhguru’s answers to many of them are apt. Sadhguru talks on different topics in this book like how one can live life to the fullest, how should one avoid creating a false identity and then living the whole life with it, how can one transform oneself from being ordinary to extraordinary, how effective or ineffective the whole trap of dream is and lastly, Sadhguru discusses death in detail which is the best climax that the book could have.

Frankly speaking, this is the least rated book of Sadhguru as per my judgment. Sadhguru’s books are wonderful because they speak the complex topics in a very simple language making it easy for the ordinary person to understand the same. But talking about this one, Sadhguru has spoken about the topics in a language which will be understandable only to the people who are well-versed in the genre of spirituality and must be following it regularly with certain devotion. It is very hard to understand what Sadhguru is exactly trying to speak because the complex topics are not normalized and presented in a simplistic manner. Anyone who will start studying spirituality with this book is surely going to run away. Hence, I rate this book as 3* out of 5.



Thursday, 29 March 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

The Mastery Manual by Robin Sharma (Book Review: 4.9*/5) !!!

1641st BLOG POST -->>

Robin Sharma is one person whose book I read like I am going through some Bible. Each and every word in his book is a quote. You will want to note each and every sentence of his in your journal. Every page is a magic and you will not be able to stop yourself reading the book until the last page is not turned. Today I completed another book of his named “The Mastery Manual” which released in the year 2015 and with this very book, I am done reading all the books by the author and I can say the amount of changes that he has been able to bring into my life, no other living entity has ever been able to.

The Mastery Manual has Robin Sharma written all over it. 36 small chapters discussing about different areas of your life which needs improvement and refinement. Each chapter written in a manner which needs to read one each day. Every chapter has guidelines about the few tips that you need to follow to bring a magnetic change in your life which changes your approach towards living. Every chapter asks you to answer few questions in your journal and then try understanding what you actually wish from your life.

Once again, Sharma has given tips and advices that we wait for someone to tell us and inspire us in such a manner that we start following rituals right from the next day itself. I believe that Sharma’s writings can bring even a person in his grave stand up and live his life all over again to correct all the time that he wasted in useless activities. The Mastery Manual is a very inspirational, motivational, self-helping and a guiding book. Once you will complete reading it, you will want to read it once again to absorb all the words of the author so that it stays with you all your life. The only drawback of the book is that Robin has repeated many sentences and paragraphs again and again without realizing that all the chapters are being bonded into a single book itself. That is the only thing which stops from this book from being almost a perfect self-help book. I give it 4.9 stars out of 5. MUST-READ.



Wednesday, 28 March 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

Stop Being a Victim and Be a Victor!

1640th BLOG POST -->>

Opportunities are something that is generally meant to be missed out by mediocre people while the genius ones start their day in a hope of finding many within 24 hours and making the most out of it. No one will ever come to you with an offer that will change your life or make you the success that you have always dreamed about. Among my friend circle and office colleagues, I hear it multiple times from different people that what exactly wrong are they doing that they are been treated like just an ordinary piece of life. My only response to them though I do not say is what exploratory have you been doing to be looked differently than others?

I see in my organization that people keep crying about not being treated as per the amount of work they do. Remember, there are 100 guys like you punching in daily in your organization, and everyone is doing something because of which someone is ready to pay them as per their demand. Why only few people get the affection of the upper management while others have to regularly prove themselves each minute and still get snubbed at the end of the day? You have to understand that to look and sound different from the other 100s who are entering office with you, you will have to search for the answers that these 100s are not searching for. Every organization suffers with few challenges for which no one tries to find out the answer. Then there are also some geniuses who know the answer but does not share.

Remember, you need to be different than them! You will need to open up at the moment when 10 people would be discussing why the particular thing cannot happen by answering how can it be done. That’s the moment you would be identified as someone who sees things optimistically and spread the positivity among the whole team or people. Same applies in our personal lives too. Rather than regularly crying about how someone has badly treated you or cheated you or ignored you or is so negative, try to be the person you always wanted to be and spread the message of how a person should be. Not everyone will revert to you the way you talk to them. That is truth and that’s why being a social animal is fun. But you will have to find moments where you can build good relationship with people.

You might find a person who is not being included by anyone and is always isolated. You can sense either depression or loneliness or the pain of being rejected in his body language or face instantly. Be that person out of everyone to accept him and give him the assurance that he is someone who needs to live and there is someone who considers his presence. You will automatically earn a person in life who is ever going to be at your side in whatever circumstances. People will say that you are a junk to befriend him but understand that this is what makes you a better person of them all which everyone will realize later on and you would be the one earning everyone’s respect. So stop being a victim and start approaching your personal and professional life as a victor. Be the person who wants to bring change without shying away or being negative. Remember, there is no other place for you to live except your world and your professional workplace. So rather than getting irritated by them, start considering them as your Praying room and devote as much as you can. I hope you understood.



Monday, 26 March 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

Bringing the Rainbow by R.K. Somany (Book Review: 2.75*/5) !!!

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Knowing about entrepreneurs and creative persons is always my passion which can never be overcome by any other interest. And that is the reason why I have always subscribed myself to reading books based on biographies and autobiographies. The reason I love reading about such personalities is that they share such instances and secrets about themselves and their style of working which helps us in imbibing the same qualities and grow up in our career and personal life. After reading about the life of Mr. Deendayal Upadhyaya, I picked up the book written by Mr. R. K. Somany on his own life titled “Bringing the Rainbow” with the tagline of “The Hindware Story”.

Who is not aware of the brand name “Hindware” in India? And who would not want to know about the man behind its creation and success. Reading about Somany has been an interesting experience where he is quite frank about things and does not try hiding details even when it has been about disputes among the family. The way he has been vocal about things which could have also been eliminated from the book tells about his honesty and truthfulness. He starts the book by describing about his earlier generations and how their struggle helped him and his brothers to set up their businesses. He also tells us about the tragic death of his two wives and also shares the contribution of his third wife and how he has been able to move on even after such tragic occurrences in his life.

He frankly discusses about what his children are up to and what he expects from them. The only drawback of the book is that though he discusses quite interesting details about his company and how it is still ruling even after decades, he gives very less insight into his style of management and the small and effective decisions that he has taken over time which has developed the brand which will stay as an example for decades. Somany has also been clear in appreciating other business leaders whom he admires along with the superstar SRK who has been brand ambassador of his products. Overall, the book is a delighting read except that readers wish to know more about the development of the company and how he dared to take steps which is uncommon for a common man. There is very less to get inspired and motivated. I give this book 2.75* out of 5.



Sunday, 25 March 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa

"Go For It" or "Running Away"?

1638th BLOG POST -->>

Every day, during the course of the day, we think about leaving the current scenario and getting refreshed by visiting some place or meeting few people not met in quite some time or doing activities you have always loved doing. You just want to forget your current scenario and get refreshed. You want to leave the situations the way they are to get refreshed so that you can solve and face them with enough maturity and tact when you resume back. We also believe in juvenility that once we resume, the current problem would have been vanished and we would be re-entering in a perfect world which would have been set up for our comeback. But we often forget that post our return, we are either going to face a more challenging face of the current scenario or a new scenario which is more challenging and messy than the current one.

We have often experienced that once we have left the current scenario for doing something that we have always postponed due to job, studies, relationship etc., the pleasure that we get is wonderful and we believe that this feeling will stay with us for a long time. But the moment we are back and the first challenge is thrown upon us, we get back in the same zone of frustration, irritation, helplessness etc. forgetting everything that we have experienced in the last few days or weeks. It seems that the whole exercise has been non-effective and void. We feel that we were always here and never went anywhere else to that favourite place of our life where we were with ourselves and enjoyed every second of that period.

Why does this happen to us? There is a difference how you approach this leisure time or holidays. People often mistake that they are running away from their job/work by going on the vacation etc. But your subconscious mind is more practical than you which keeps reminding you somewhere in between of those moments that you will be back soon at the same place from where you have run away in quest of permanent relaxation. You can never attain the peace or state of mind even if you spend millions because you are trying to run away from something which is permanent. Even if you think that running away temporarily will relax your mind, forget it. Anything that is done to avoid the hardship brings your mind in more complicated zone where it only thinks about what would happen post this honeymoon period when we will be back to square one.

How to avoid fooling your mind? Now please do not assume that practically you are fooling your mind but you have to portray to your mind that you are not. Whenever you know that something makes you happy and you want to take time to do that activity, remember that your approach should be to “Go For It” rather than “Running Away” from something to achieve something else. Whenever you go for something, you go thinking only about that and it then starts effecting your mind positively by giving it all the positive vibes. You then do not think about what would happen back at your workplace or studies. You just think about those moments and want to live in it with as much involvement as possible.

And that is why when you are back from such vacation for which you always wanted to go irrespective of whatever situation you are in, you bring those great moments with you which stays with you even in the times when you are being challenged and pushed inappropriately. Then this hardship does not effect your mind as it usually does because somewhere subconsciously, you are very happy that you have been able to live and enjoy those moments of bliss you always wanted to go for. You also keep thinking when It would be next when you would be experiencing something like that. It then becomes cycle for your mind where it is happy with something that made it feel good and looking out for next moment when it will make it feel better. This keeps your mind always in a zone where it gives less importance to the bad current scenarios but keeps thinking about the good that happened and the good that will happen in future. And when your mind is always thinking and questing for good, your present automatically starts getting excellent as you then do not want to spoil your current situation and make your life only 2/3rd happy. You want your past, present and future to be equally excellent.

So next time when you think about doing something just to get away from the messy situations, remember, you are going to fall back in the same situation after few hours. Always go for something with the attitude that you are going to do something just because you want to do it with full involvement and dedication and achieve the state of mind you target with that activity. This is going to benefit you in all terms- physically, mentally and spiritually.



Super Foods for Awesome Memory by Shipra Khanna (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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People generally pick up books on recipe who are not a cook themselves which are based on weight loss tips. That’s India’s biggest problem of the urban-based people doing desk jobs. But I picked up a book on recipe which is based on how the reader can improve their memory power and eat something that is mind-soothing considering that I am unable to remember anything. Haha! The book is written by a well-known female chef Shipra Khanna named “Super Foods for Awesome Memory”. The cover-page of the book and the printing quality is amazing. It is after a long time I am finding a book which seems to be quite passionate for the purpose with which it is written.

Shipra Khanna has nicely organized this book where she talks about different ingredients one by one. In each chapter, she firsts tells us the health benefits of the ingredient she is focusing upon. She also lets us know the origin of the same and what it is used for. She also manages to tell us the different forms in which it is available. After describing the ingredient, she shares 4-5 recipes using that ingredient as the core and thus defining how the meal is going to be important for the eater. At the end of the chapter, she shares “food for thought” where she discusses one general tip which relates with her own experience about how we can casually involve this ingredient in our regular lifestyle.

The ingredients discussed in this book are as follows: Salmon, poultry, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, beetroot, coconut oil, blueberry, bone broth, broccoli, celery, green leafy vegetables, walnuts, rosemary, almonds, egg yolk and dark chocolate. This book can be followed basically by people belonging in the upper middle class and upper class only considering that the ingredients and recipe discussed will cost heavily and can’t be included in the regular diets of people who can’t afford the same. Another drawback of the book is that not all recipe is supported with an image for reference which makes the whole process of preparing the same a dangerous exploration. Otherwise, this book shares many such facts which we weren’t aware of and next time, we enter the super market, seeing the ingredients discussed in this book, we are going to look them differently. I give this book 4* out of 5.



Saturday, 24 March 2018 | By: AbhiLaSH RuHeLa


1636th BLOG POST -->>

There are times in life when you give away your priorities for what is important as per the norms of the society. I very well remember that moment when after joining college in BCA, I had asked my father if I can try to get into BBA or BMM course but he said that as I had already chosen BCA by thinking something, I should continue with it. I had no say then because I had not proven myself as a better student considering the kind of marks I had scored in 10th and 12th examinations. I had to accept whatever was being told to me at that point of time. I again got a chance to speak my mind when I passed graduation successfully and asked my parents if in spite of MCA can I go ahead with MBA as my career path. I was again refused citing reasons that I should get fully technical as I have already done BCA and I was the one who had committed that I would do BCA+MCA. I again kept my choice and love of doing MBA aside and did MCA successfully for next 3 years and enjoyed one of the best 3 years of my life by putting my hands and learning whatever was possible for me.

After completing MCA with almost 70% marks, I was unable to understand what I am good at to select as my professional starting point. This itself speaks a lot about Indian education system and how child’s interest is not even kept in line with what he is about to select as learning for next 6 years of his life. It is then that I took decision about doing MBA, even if it’s part time once I get a job. Being quite lucky, I got a job within a month after leaving the college and in next 2 months after getting to know that I would be able to handle my job appropriately, I took admission for part-time MBA. The feeling after joining this professional course was far superior than what I felt even after passing BCA and MCA though passing MCA was like running alive after falling in a cage full of hungry tigers.

Being in a job and yet accomplishing one exam after another has been a task for which I will always remember the hardship I had to do every particular day to make sure that I enjoy this process of learning MBA. I always wanted to do MBA because there’s nothing sexier than managing things and something which teaches us the same with a scope of implementing the formulas live in the job next day, there’s nothing better than this. Many people had joined the organization along with me in the gap of few weeks or months but the way my path has been carved is far crispier and worth-following than anyone else’s as it gives a lot of hope to people who believe that with mediocrity they won’t be able to survive in the corporate world.

I was able to manage all kinds of hardship in job just because the power of MBA had withheld me to achieve the unachievable at times when it all appeared dark ahead. The shadow of this course will stay longer with me than the two degrees I have done in longer time than MBA. Being versatile and still being efficient is what MBA has allowed me to be and whatever I manage to do in a job of 8 hours irrespective of different kinds of work coming to me is all because of the skills this course has taught me. We are unable to identify in our life the source of knowledge at lot of times whenever we are able to execute something difficult unbelievably but I know from where I have learnt these things because they were never taught in school, college or home. This has been taught by MBA as it allowed me to perform the experiment the very next day at work and achieve something I had never believed I would.

Now that I have got this degree, somewhere a satisfied core of my heart says that the educational degrees that one craves in life has been accomplished for me. Whatever remains in life is to apply those knowledge regularly and build a better world for myself, my people and my project in whichever organization I work and build legacies that are shared as examples even after I and the people working with me leaves the place. That is what I would believe as my success in the professional world that I have chosen to invest my life in for the next 30 years. I would like to thank Welingkar Institute of Management Studies for building such a course that provides so much confidence in a boy that he takes the path of management irrespective of just being a Fresher in the industry. I would ask each one of you to join the courses that you always wanted to and get that degree which you have always craved for but could not go for it because of parental restrictions or societal useless advice's. Forget everything and learn what you have always wanted to. Go Explore Your Choices.