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When a Mother is referred by "TU" :-(

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      The best thing I have seen in years that turns on people is Humility and humbleness. The fact why Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Sanjeev Kapoor etc. are loved till date is the respect that they give even to the commoners after being a Top-class celebrity. It looks cool when someone abuses or uses rough language for the first time but after a while, it starts irritating. On the first day of college, a child might sit with someone whose abusive thinking that at least he'll talk something but he finds his group as soon as he starts interacting with others. There was a time on Twitter when I used to abuse a lot. Every tweet of mine used to have foul language. But after some times, when I thought about what I am creating for myself, what example am I setting for my own self, I felt like hitting myself. Though, I rescued myself from my trap but I made a promise that I'll only give respect to whomsoever I would be talking.

           Since childhood, whenever my friends come to my home to play or to stay or to interact and see me using words like "dijiye", "kijiye","dekhiye" etc while talking to my mother and father, they say,"Abbe tu itni ijjat se baat karta hai?" When I was small, I never observed how my friends talked with their parents but after 9th std or something when I started realizing what's going around me, I got astonished to hear words like "karo","do","dekho" etc from my friends' mouth for the elders and even their parents. It will take me 100 births before I can say karo, maro, dekho, do, lo etc to any of my elders. Even when I talk to an elder shopkeeper, I make it sure that I talk with same respect that I give my parents while talking. Certain respectability has to be maintained in our posture, gesture, ascent, talks, conversations, writings etc. Not for anyone else but for our own good.

           I was chatting with my grand father when I was in 7th std. I asked him,"Dadaji, jab Swati didi mujhse sirf 4.5 months badi hain toh bhi main unko Didi kyon bulata hoon?" And he said politely,"Beta, my 2 cousins are just a day elder than me still I call then bhaiya and didi. Remember the only fact in life. Anyone who's age is more than you even by a second, he/she will have to be referred as Bhaiya, didi and you'll use "aap" for them." I asked him that for whom is "tum" made then? He said,"It's for friend who are your classmates since childhood or from last 2-3 years. When friendship gets close, you start using "Tum" but still your first sentence with them should begin with "Aap" while introduction". I got confused and asked,"Then for whom is "Tu" used for?" Dadaji smiled and said,"Beta, I don't know. There's no one in my life for whom I use "Tu". Even for all of you, my grandchildren, I use "tum" and not "tu". It's like you are referring some animal and abusing him". I said,"But all my friends and I call each other referring "Tu" only". He said,"Start improving yourself, beta. Let people call you "tu" but you keep referring them as "Aap" or atmost "Tum".

          Since then, I have been improving myself and I have no elder whom I refer as TUM or TU. I also refer many of my friends as TUM. There are some close people whom I do call TU but I make sure that I occasionally call them using the respected words so that I can shift to it gradually. But I am seriously unhappy with many youngsters uing language that is so rough and disrespectful. Leave anything else but I have people in my knowledge who even refer to their Mom and Dad as "TU". I don't know what kind of sanskar has been given to them but this is something that is not digestible to me. I make sure that I don't talk to such people much because you don't realize when you adopt their style of speech. I went with a friend to help him buy a DVD player and I heard him speak to his mother like "Tujhe pasand hai na?" "Tu haan bolegi toh main le lunga" etc. For the whole time and even after the purchase, I was in such an angry mood that I asked him for a break. I went to his home the next day for installing the player. 

           Even when the gap between siblings is of almost 7-10 years, the younger one does not shy in calling his elder brother/sister directly by their name. Well, I won't blame sanskar wholly as not everything that our parents guide us is what we do. We should ourselves know what is right and what wrong. Some things are actually meant to be learnt ourselves. Mom and Dad are there only up to teenage. After 18, its we, who are responsible for what we do and behave like. I know you have a solid reason that it has become your habit since childhood hence its hard to change the tone now. Well, you never had boyfriend/girlfriend since childhood but after a time, you started shifting from one to another, right? Then why not shift your speech and attitude? Does it look good when Deepika, Anushka, Priyanka etc calls Shahrukh Khan using his name without adding any prefix or suffix? They are half of his age but still continue speaking as if he's their childhood buddy. Come on. It's time we should at least respect our parents and refer them only with AAP and *-iye ending words. To our elder brothers and sisters and cousins, let's make sure that we add bhaiyya or didi in the end. 

P.S.: A strange thing is that the same people who call their parents using TU use AAP for other elders. The same people who take name of their elder siblings call their cousins or elder boys/girls of the society as bhaiyya and didi. Huh! These people need reality check. Where's the respect in the language, people? Bring it on or else don't feel bad if a good person rejects talking to you one day just because of your speech. That's all.


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Chakra by Ritu Lalit (Book Review- 3.75/5)!!!

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   I am done reading another book. There can be nothing better than spending your Sunday in reading a book that has a very beautiful cover page and indeed, a similar story that can refresh your mind and revitalize your mood. The book that I have finished reading is "Chakra" which also has the tagline "Chronicles of the Witch Way". It's written by Ritu Lalit. Well, like every time, this is not the review of a debutante author but this is Ritu Lalit's 3rd book. She is already an established author and does not need much promotion for getting her book sold. I even read it somewhere during the pre-ordering stage of the book that its 1400 copies got booked in pre-order itself. That's quite commendable. This 319-pages book is published by a fresh publisher in the horizon- Author's Empire. Well, we will talk about it later in the review.

The Japas are a race so secretive that their existence is dismissed as a myth. Tales of them abound in our mythology, telling of these men and women, possessing physical abilities beyond belief, playing with elements, with the power to curse and cure. They exist among us, mingle with us, ride our metros, visit our malls, and even go to the same schools and colleges as us.

Parineeta Mohan is a powerful Japni who has turned her back on The Witch Way.She has even brought up her niece and nephew as ordinary people, unaware of their heritage.

Their life changes when the kids disappear along with their cousin Roma.

A shocked and desperate Parineeta has to find them before enemies of her family do and has no one to turn to but Jorawar, a man she is attracted to but cant trust since he belongs to the sinister organization Pax.

The only way she can fight, win and survive is to embrace her heritage.

Ritu Lalit dons many hats; she is a keen observer of life, a voracious reader, a parent, a blogger, an author and also an office worker. The last is most important since it pays her bills! She has written two books, A Bowlful of Butterflies published by Rupa & Co and Hilawi published by Popular Prakashan. Chakra is her third book.

      Coming to the author, I would say, I never got a chance to hear story from my grandmothers or mother as none of them had any idea about what stories to tell a kid. :-) Hence, I used to read a lot of books in my childhood that were titled as "Grandma's stories" or "Bed-time stories". While reading this book, I got the same feel that I used to get while reading them. Even those books had some super-natural stories and even this book has a story that kept me indulged in the book continuously. Just like the grand release of this book, even the story is mega. Authoress has a very good power of narrating the story that you want to keep reading to know what's up in the next page and which twist is about to come. A perfect story needs many flavors in it and some extra-ordinary events and also some unusual graphs. This story almost touches the requirements. 318-pages are quite much in comparison to the books that are releasing these days but the book does justice to its thickness.

          Story has many radiations. Some times, you will feel that you are in mythological world, then in an era of 2050, then you will find yourself in today's world, sometimes you will find yourself surrounded with magic while sometimes you will imagine unimaginable things happening in a page that for the world will just be page, but for you its a world of an unusual tale. I liked the way authoress related a story based on witch and chakra powers in today's world. After seeing the cover page and the thickness of the book, I was sure that I would get bored by the book but the power of writing and imagination took me to some other world which gave me a time that I want the sequel of this book to come as soon as possible. It is one sequel that I would be waiting for. Chakra power is something that even I would like to have after reading this book. But then, some stories are meant for the books only. :-) I will give this book- 3.75 stars out of 5. But you can surely go for it if you miss your Grandma's stories or childhood's fairy tales kind of stories.

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If Business is your Passion....

946th BLOG POST -->>

    I have many acquaintances who keep asking me if they should start a business or something. I am always out with a Thumbs up sign. I love seeing people doing something new, incredible and continuing with it for a long time. It's interesting and fascinating to call something your passion among people but you become a joke once that passion ends within few days or week. I have seen many people joining gym or yoga classes and calling it their passion within a week of exercise. Yes, its certain that exercise is such a beautiful thing that it becomes your passion as soon as you start doing it. But then why do you build situation that makes you a laughing puppet after some week? Keep continuing with it. Passion is a very strong word just like Love. Don't just use it whenever you feel like. Only when it comes from the core of the heart, implement it in life. :-) Wow! Haha!

          There are many people who make a passion over night and then start it right from the next day. Wrong! I am talking specifically when it comes to business. Yes, its the most popular passion in the world. Otherwise, we would have had no malls, shops, agents, stock exchanges etc. And its also a well known fact that people doing business falls prey to losses in high probable chances. Why does this happen? Why when business is a passion, it fails tremendously? Why is not the result as great as the results we get when we do something else in life? Because we don't have the maturity and ideas to handle it. It is always said that it's just a beautiful idea that makes a person overnight success or just, successful. And this idea comes with patience, wait and stability. Anything that's quick ends quickly. Anything that's done with planning stays for a longer time. It's durable. It's reliable. It's efficient. And as said in every book, a product that you are delivering should be durable, reliable and efficient from the point of view of customer.

           I meet so many young boys and girls like me who complain that their blog is better than mine but still they don't get readers and they have to close it down after seeing the responses. There are many who say that their book reviews are not being followed the way they want it to and they need a tip or two from me. This happens only because they open the page of some or the other blogger incidentally. Sees the whole success idea and thinks to copy the same. They begin with the same tendency with which the original Blogger started working but because they didn't plan how they will continue the thing after few weeks, they keep on repeating themselves and in the end, lose even the 5 readers that they had. Every month, I plan and write at least 10 topics on which I would be writing and trying my hands on. Then I keep on observing my life to gain more points on those topics so that my article becomes readable and referable. Otherwise there are 10000s sitting like me where my readers can switch to.

          When a business is opened, one should take it slowly. Taking as many orders as possible in the initial days itself will only make you anxious and worrisome because it's not easy to satisfy a customer who pays his hard-earned money to you for a product that he has not even tested. Understand their emotion. Empathize with them. Make sure that you take or handle only one order at once. Money is like water. The quicker they come, the quicker they get gulped down. And as soon as its gulped, the next process excretes them. Money is preservable like pickle. If you will let it flow without caring for it, remember, business is not for you. A businessman values money the way a mother values her child. Customer is God for businessman. This is the simple mantra that should be the sole target of every businessman no matter what business is. Right from selling tea on stalls to selling car in showrooms, the idea is same. My only request is that before starting something, take time to research. Even if your dream begins after 10 years and gets accomplished after 10 years of its launch, it's cool. It's evident that there's an excitement to sell and earn and gain profits and impress customers but remember, time invested is time earned. Time executed without plan is time wastage. :-) 



Science flies you to the moon but Religion into Skyscrapers!!!

945th BLOG POST -->>

     Recently, an Indian origin girl won a Beauty Contest in America for which the Americans abused and criticized her a lot. They called her "brown" "black" and even "terrorist". They are not even clear about which nation is terrorist and which a victim to it but when its time of judgment, everyone stands out differently to speak their heart out. Well, I, as an Indian, has no right to speak in defense because I, as a countryman, is already frustrated with the judgments and discrimination here. As a North Indian, living in Maharashtra is itself a task of no less than a Roadie's. Every now and then, I see a hardcore Maharashtrian and I know that he hates North Indian as much as the hatred is visible in Raj T's videos and speeches. I, as a North Indian, have started finding it hard to trust a person here until and unless I don't talk to him for a long period of time. This is what caste ism has done to our nation. How can we even protest against another nation doing it with us?

         Unity is something that is always appreciated as the most powerful element in the world. If one has unity, one finds his family strong, friends strong, neighbours strong, society strong and everyone they have an association with. But the moment a diversity in thoughts and attitudes begin to arise, the hell on the Earth begins to form. Every Muslim, when meets another Muslim friend, after a while, do talk ill against Hindus. And same happens even this side too. Why? Because that's what we, as Indians, have started believing in. A Hindu will love to apologize a Hindu even if he has committed no mistake but will not apologize Muslim even if he has committed a mistake for which he should not be forgiven. This is the state of egoistic nature creeping into everyone's personality. No one wants to keep his religion or breed down. 

           I, as a human being, don't understand as to why this matters so much? Until and unless, a person is good to me or in himself, I am in awe with him/her. The moment I find the person not coordinating with me or being totally wrong to someone, he has no place in my life. Now what makes someone judge anyone according to the caste they belong, surprises me. I have seen people negotiating for a product and making it sure that they purchase it only from the shop who's owner is from their native place/religion/caste. I don't have any of these mentality or mindset. Being open minded is such a fun. Close-mindedness only develops hatred in one's heart and hatred only costs devastation and nothing else. As an individual, try not to get influenced by the people of your kind or types create hatred in your soul for a group of people or set of friends. Keep an equal approach towards everyone else the day is not far when human will start eating human, we have already started killing each other. :-(


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The LunchBox: Only go to eat it if you have guts to handle the climax!

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    Being on Twitter, if there's something that is hyped, it seems that the thing is over-hyped. That creates impatience in you to witness the same. Our latest release, The Lunchbox kept getting excellent reviews from almost everyone who watched it. All the critics at least rated it to be 4.5. I was most surprised when I saw Rajeev Masand giving it 5 out of 5 who does not shy in giving even 0 to the movies like Zanjeer Remake. The Lunchbox even trended on Twitter for 2 days. Finally, I went to watch it with my friends- the movie of 1.57 minutes. Even Anurag Kashyap, the producer of the movie showed his anger and frustration on Twitter against the jury who didn't send it to Oscar instead sent some other regional movie. Even Karan Johar showed his disappointment as its made under Dharma Productions. In all, the movie was hyped up to a level where everyone would feel like watching it. The result was evident in the theater where on a Wednesday Afternoon, the theater was houseful. 

           Film starts showing Namrit Kaur cooking food for his husband's lunch but it reaching to Irfann Khan rather than her husband. He eats it and loves the taste while her husband gets to eat the Aloo-Gobhi that the mess prepares for Irfann. Later, it is shown that her marriage life with her husband isn't going good and he has an alleged relationship out of his marriage. Irrfan has no family as everyone dies. He stays alone. Later on, the letters starts getting passed on between Irrfan and Namrit on daily basis. Later on, they decide to meet each other. And what happens next is all about your brain. If you understand the writer's mind, you will give the movie 5 stars and if not, like me, you will come out frustrated. 

           Namrit Kaur and Irrfan Khan have acted very well. Specially, Namrit Kaur. Her role is very shady and it is necessary to keep certain expressions always on the face and she manages to do it with all her brilliance and power of acting. Irrfan as always says everything through his face without speaking much. Even after playing an old man of more than 57 years, he manages to fit himself into the role. Great! Nawazuddin Siddique is another brilliant star who kicks off the movie with his humour and great body language. The scene between him and Irrfan out of their office one day when he asks Irrfan about one of the facts that he has heard about him is an excellent scene. :-) Another scene when he cuts his vegetables in the local train is funny. The Boss with both of them- Irrfan and Nawazuddin is another wonderful scene. 

           The great thing about the movie is its realness and imagination- both embedded in one. Everything that they have showed about Mumbai and the standard of living, the way of enactments, the sacrifices of people etc is at par. But the problem arises that the movie has Oscar written all over it- right from its first scene to its last. Only if this movie could have been made for the audiences, it would have been favorite of the masses. Everything was going well in the movie for me but the end, it killed the essence. I know its just like another movie that Anurag Kashyap supported- Udaan where the end is left for the audiences to think upon themselves as to what they want from the story. But still, when everything goes so beautiful and real in the movie, you are prepared to watch a mind-blowing end. But when you don't get it, the greatness of the movie dies at the moment itself. I hope they are not coming with The DinnerBox in near future showing as to what happens after this incomplete tale of two people. :-)


23 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Guru Devo Parmeshwara! Really? Huh!

943rd BLOG POST -->>   

Learning! All of you may be knowing by now the love I have with this particular word. It can change life divinely. The word "life" and any sentence having this word means someone is talking or flooding philosophy. But tell me, is there any thing better that we, as human beings, have got as a grant from the almighty? No. Every second is bliss to me. Even when life is tough, I celebrate it somewhere within my soul because I know that in future, some day, this shall go and I would again be running in a crystal clear environment. Hence, when I talk about life, I make it sure that I talk about learning new things. Even when you will learn a new thing daily, you will find umpteenth number of things far away from your knowledge and its scope. And this scope has to be widen. Learning needs teacher. And therefore, teachers are respected in life almost like the way parents are respected. But is learning really a pure activity in today's society?

            Well, I believe that learning is only truthful and pure when teacher is selfless. If there is a greed of anything other than having their students as educated most learned in the horizon, then I believe that this process of learning is more of a business. And hence, I wanted to speak upon this from last few days but finally, I am in position to say something. It's only good to write on something when you are sure from your heart that what you are writing is totally acceptable to your heart. And now I am agreeing on what I am going to discuss with all of you, my virtual family. :-) When I talk about learning, I am not considering just academics but anything that we learn in our day-to-day life or even occasionally. Singing classes, dancing classes, swimming classes, driving classes, gymnastics, yoga classes etc- all comes into the process of learning. And it's a myth that a person can excel only in one phenomena. If a person believes in committing himself to life considering that life is all about being closer to God, he may achieve excellence in almost every time he tries his hand upon. Hence, one can go on joining every class that he finds in his vicinity. 

            And all these classes are less of a pure relationship between a teacher and the student but just business. Even the students know these days that teachers are into the profession due to recession or some other tragedies, either big or small. There are very less people who are in teaching profession of any kind by their will. Hence, every time you enter an office to register yourself for a course, make sure to deal appropriately, bargain accurately and don't fall prey to these businessmen in the disguise of teachers. You may end up being looted or unlearned. Because what happens is- in the quest to learn something new, we forget that we are in an open market where everyone is competing with peers to have their Profit and Loss statement in a pragmatic situation. And in the formalities and to sound humble and a good future student, a favorite one too, we pretend ourselves to be very sweet. And this sweetness ends up bringing sour experiences in our smooth life.

          Make sure that next time you are about to get registered somewhere, don't fill the whole amount pre-training. Block the money. Pay the rest half after half of the training is over. And pay the rest half only after you get the certificate that you are trained under their organization. If you'll end up paying everything before, you are trapped. And in future, when you will find that whatever was promised to you is not anywhere around you, you will start getting frustrated. And this frustration will result into exasperation because you will find it very difficult and anti-culture to argue against someone who is your teacher now about money and service. It seems to be cheap to us to argue about money to someone who has been teaching us from a while. Even if the trainer is of your age, you end up shying and remain quiet even when you know that you are not getting the training the way you wanted and the way you were promised. 

          Hence, with this, I will also like to add that if you are getting collaborated with any of your relatives to launch a business or are going to work under them, make it sure that without any shame, you tell everything that you need initially itself. Because once the business or the session of your work would begin, it will become very hard to fight with the same relative or family friends regarding money. And you will end up getting frustrated and taking a decision that might spoil your peace for a long period of time. So either don't indulge in such activities but as it seems to be quite impossible these days, indulge but only when you clarify your terms before that person turns into your teacher and your period of getting dominated begins. It's something that you might feel is useless right now, but when you will face this experience, I am sure you will remember this out-of-the-box post of mine, read it again and make it sure that you follow the guidelines next time you are about to start learning something new in life with the help of a trainer/teacher. :-)


22 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

And Anant Chaturthi reminded me the lesson!!!

942nd BLOG POST -->>

      Recently, one of the most celebrate festival of Maharashtra ended. Ganesh Chaturthi. If you want to see heaven, just turn to the cities like Pune and Mumbai for these 10 days. It has always been very astonishing for me to understand the faith and trust and devotion of people in God that makes them stand in line for hours to get just a glance of an idol. I believe in trusting just one idol and that too, the one which is permanent. Rooted in some temple or the one at my home. But the concept of Visarjan is to make people realize that all good things has to go one day. Every thing that comes for our good is also destined to leave us. It teaches us a lesson that generally, we, human beings, fail to understand. We have the tendency of accepting only positive nods but any thing thats against our wish, we fail to understand and accept it as a part of life. A human being only needs win against loss, good against bad and acception against rejection. But festivals as this helps us to understand the real meaning of life.

                   I remember the time when I was leaving home for hostel, I was crying every now and then. Pune was a new city for me and I just didnt want to go there. And on the terms of leaving my parents and going there, oh come on, that was nothing beyong hell to me. Later on, my father resigned the company and I realized that I have also left my childhood friends behind. And then the series of changing cities began. Finally it has come to a halt here at Mumbai. As it is said, jisko ek baar yahaan ki hawa lag gayi toh wo is seher ko kabhi chchod nahi sakta. Its now that I realize that leaving all those friends and people behind was necessary. If I would have got emotional and had taken a decision of being with them I would not have seen the great life that I am living today. Even while leaving my graduation friends behind, I was feeling tremendously bad. But now I realize that life would have got stagnant and boring with them if I would have passed just a month more with them. Now I dont even feel like meeting any one of them. They are a part of past, that's true but in future, the company of them could have been regressive.

                Its hard to accept the truth that the thing we loved once will never be with us anymore but with time, every wound gets healed. So we should remain adamant when we know that leaving something will take us higher, in any case, our decisions shouldn't change. We should leave the environment, people, comfort and go for the hiking, that's tough and difficult but its something that provides comfort and ease for life. When I meet great celebrities whom I am in awe for, I start feeling bad when the time comes to leave. Even the celebrities know that the person standing with me is in tears from within but they know the factuals of life. For them this is the standard of life that has to be followed. Otherwise, they meet new fans every day and if they start getting attached to each one of them, their progress will stop. 

                   Let me give a very simple example to you. When you watch your favorite reality show or a daily soap, you start feeling bad as soon as the last break gets over that the show for today will end. But you know, this has to be left today in order to watch something new tomorrow. If you'll stick to the show and won't let it end, you will never get to see the next episode. Whenever I come to Mall with my friends and as soon as I see that the time has crossed 7 PM and its time to leave, my face starts showing my heart's sadness but I know, in order to let this meeting continue in future too, this has to end today and at the moment. Such is life and one has to accept it. There is almost 3.5 semesters left for my Post-Graduation to end but I have started feeling bad from now only. I am loving my college life and I dont want it to end. Probably, I am the only person of this age who will say that I want to study and I'm not interested in doing a job. The day when I would be knowing is the last official day of lectures in MCA, will be one of the days when I am going to cry. I generally dont cry soon. Only when pain has gotten into the soul and heart suddenly. But then, I know that a wonderful life is awaiting Post-PG for me. So to avail the liberty of that life, I will have to get away from the clutches of present. 

                 Yesterday itself, the co-ordinators of my society came to take the contribution for 9 days of Navratri. Once again, tears will roll down to see our favorite idol of the Goddess Durga leaving us. But, that's life and it has to be accepted. :)



Dance like no one is watching!!!

941st BLOG POST -->>

         4 years back, on the same day, I won the title of Mr. Fresher in the first year of my Graduation. I still remember that day with the date because it brought a lot of confidence in me. Some events in life stays in your head because they are the main cause of the person you are today. And with me, I always make it sure that I remove all the bad moments or incomplete events from my memory and live with all the fruitful and successful periods. It gives me pleasure and comfort. It makes me believe that I am in a discovery- discovery of a diamond in me which is shining somewhere, sparkles can be seen occasionally but I am in need of the brightness that can outshine my current capabilities and achievements. Hence the remembrance of winning this title always remain very special to me. Isolated from everyone, moreover rejected too, finds a confidence as soon as the boy stands on the stage and does what he thought was no more present in him and in the process, finds him. That's what makes this award special than the momento itself. 

          The day is distinct to me specifically because the 2nd round in which we had to perform something, while everyone sung a song for 1 or 2 lines, I danced. And after my dance, there was a sudden roar in the audience and that made me feel good about myself. I felt that I am returning back to life. Dance is a booster for life. Without dancing, I don't understand as to how can one express joy and happiness. What makes contestant on KBC dance as soon as they find themselves as the one moving towards Hot Seat? What makes a small child dance when he sees a ceiling fan rotating in front of his laid eyes. What makes an actress dance in movies when an actor touches her or makes her realize how much he loves her? Because some things are away from Science and they look beautiful without any justification. Like I love trusting the fact that God exists even though scientists keep confirming that formation of universe is no connection with the existence of God. 

          Whenever a new music album of any movie gets released, the first question that the whole group asks their friend who has already downloaded and heard them is "Koi party ya dance song hai kya?" In any gym or working out areas, you will find dancing tracks on. These days, the marketing guys have started selling shoes specifically known as Dancing Shoes, a product which was nowhere few months ago. The biggest reality shows on television are the ones that shows either new faces dancing or celebrities twisting and bending themselves to win the prize amount of 1 crore. Dancing is soul to the human body. It takes us to a totally different world where we start imagining and considering ourselves as a flyer who can catch the whole sky with his one hand. Dancing is an element in life that one wants to do in public- some do while some fails.

            A person might have stage fear but if he is given a music to dance and let 100 people be surrounding him, even then he makes it sure that he performs 2-3 steps. Dance is actually exploring oneself. Its hard to stop your enthusiasm when your inner is happy. One should always try to open oneself. Confining is bad. Dancing is an indication that you have forgot everything, every stress of your life and you are ready to enjoy this particular moment. A student keeps struggling with his classes and assignments, hence when he comes to know that there's a function being organized he makes it sure that DJ is part of it else he does not attend it. I have realized with time that dancing takes away all the anxiety of life.

         That day on fresher's, when i danced for 5 minutes, it took away all the under confidence that I had. Since then,I realized that there's an ignition in me to live. Now, whenever I feel low in life, I make it sure that as soon as I find my bedroom vacant, I play my favorite dance number and stretch my body to make gesture poses and dance like anything. It releases all the tension and I come into circulation once again. Its strange that dancing has such an impact on our life that we can psychologically connect it with this but then, isn't this the most easiest way of smoothing our life even at a very rough path of time? So let's dance and live happily. For me, dancing is soul. I hope all of you would agree to me. It's 4 years since then and I'm still dancing and I hope even one the last day of my life, my body would be fit enough to let me have a step or 2.


19 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Pitfalls and Parachutes by Durgesh Shastri (Book Review)!!!

940th BLOG POST -->>

      I am not a great fan of reading anthologies because there's something that does not allow me to get attracted towards short stories. Though I myself write short stories on this space. :-) In the commercial books that are getting published these days, I remember that I have read only one anthology- Uff Ye Emotions which I felt was very repetitive. Though it did fine but other anthologies- One by Ravinder Singh and another by Grapevine India did excellent. Hence it can be easily said that anthologies is a craze among people in the same way as full-fledged novels are. I am done reading "Pitfalls and Parachutes" just now which has 15 short stories. This 168-pages novel is written by a debutante- Durgesh Shastri. Its published by Partridge, which is a unit under Penguin that publishes self-published books.



Durgesh Shastri is currently working as an assistant professor in GND Engineering College, Bidar. He completed his engineering from PESIT, Bangalore. Later, he joined RVCE, Bangalore, and completed his masters in computer networks engineering. He runs a NGO that is aimed at providing computer awareness in rural areas. 

        Coming to the author, I would say that he has maintained the respectability of the book by writing stories that has substance and is meant for every age group. There is no raunchy or nasty stuff that can shame someone. You can gift it to an 8-years-old boy and to a 65-years-old retired uncle too. Every story is written with a meaning- either direct or hidden. But author has definitely tried to keep all the stories as half-ending or didn't declare as to how the story ended or character solaced. His sole purpose is to make his readers guess and interpret rest of the part. He has tried to make us laugh but here, I would say that its only the children below 18 who might find many situations funny. I found some areas silly but in all, I would say that author has attempted a very nice anthology which will find its place in every short story lover's shelf. 

         The first story is quite funny. I loved reading it. After that, 2-3 stories had nothing according to me but as soon as the 5th chapter comes, since then every story is written with such a beautiful concept and goal that it entertains you throughout. Neither any story is highly pragmatic nor highly depressing. All are balanced which makes the story look genuine and real; as author claims that all are inspired from his real life experiences or observations. Author has also decided it right as to which story would come where. And hence, as the climax keeps getting closer, the story keeps getting interesting and when you close the book, you close it with a smile. In short, rather than telling which are my favorite stories and which are not, I would ask you to purchase and read it yourself otherwise you, readers, will start reading with a mindset. But I can definitely say that at least 11 stories out of 15 will be liked. For the rest 4, let's warn the writer to rectify the errors in his next book. :-) 


17 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The changing face of new television- MAHABHARATA!!!

939th BLOG POST -->>

    Television is the most favorite instrument of everyone. Even the people who don't like watching it or watch it less gets fascinated when they come to know that something of their type is going to get featured on it. The day our favorite movie gets premiered, it's the most amazing feeling of the world. And then, we make it sure that there's no guest at the home or no phone calls during that hour. We update our status almost everywhere that please don't disturb as we are busy in watching something that gives us pleasure. That's what television does to us. Last some months or say, years, television and its quality has kept on deteriorating. Many new ideas have been implemented but all failed as after a while, all ended up showing the same stuff that other serials were already into. And that made some of the audiences run away from their addiction of watching TV. The irony is that even Music Channels stopped playing music and started featuring offensive reality shows which took away whatever essence television had for us.

           Though the shows like Jhalak Dikhlajaa, Comedy Circus(not any more), India's Dancing Superstar, Mahadev, Maharana Pratap, India's Dancing Superstar, Indian Idol and India's Got Talent have kept the TV alive but there's something new and varied that audience wants to watch. Kaun Banega Crorepati comes as the only survival and the favorite for audience. Audience refuses to get bored with it. Let it come for 2 hours daily and I am sure the TRPs are going to be as enthusiastic as it has always been for this show. Bigg Boss is another terrible show which has a great fan following. 90% of them are Bhai's fan while rest 10% comes into the zone who loves to watch shit on television no matter what. But recently some of the trailers and arrival of new shows are bringing hope that television is not going to be the same for us anymore. At least for half an hour or an hour, we will get to watch substance. 

           The trailer of 24 featuring stars like Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher and many others is killing the silence that TV lovers were in. People are amazed to see that a show is coming with the concept of a story that's of 24 hours going to be shown in 24 episodes and then end rather than dragging it for 15 years and then celebrating its success of accomplishing 1000 episodes. Another show that people have been waiting is of Anurag Kashyap's which is a non-fictional one featuring no one other than- Amitabh Bachchan in the lead. No one knows what it is exactly about but there are news that it will change the whole scenario of television. In the same way as Aamir Khan's Satyameva Jayate did. It was something for which people waited for every Sunday. It has also been able to change mindset of many.

            Coming to the 150-crore show- Mahabharata which started just yesterday with an hour episode but is going to be of 30 minutes from today on wards. More than the show, I was happy that I'll not have to see the idiotic Diya aur Baati because of my mother. :-) Mahabharata, the first show that came on television almost 2 decades ago had such a magic that people never allowed any other series work. Even Ekta Kapoor's ambitious project shelved after few episodes as people didn't like her take on it. But yesterday, after watching the first episode of this Mahabharata, I am mind blown. I have never seen any mythological show with such realistic visuals and screen presence. It seems as if we are watching a serial format of some blockbuster 3D Bollywood movie comprising of the best actors in the nation.
            Right from the first scene that features Shantanu and Satyavati to the last scene where Devrath moves towards the Ganga, the show had the power of not letting us blink our eye even for a second. The best scene of the episode was the entry of Krishna, his dialogue delivery and the whole aesthetic value that they show in the background. There's a shine on this actor's face which makes us believe that we are with the right show that has a wonderful Krishna dictating it to us. The dialogues and the dialogue delivery of the show is wonderful. I loved hearing new and difficult words with such an ease from its actors. I also loved the speed with which the first episode progressed. It's not letting us feel that the story is blocked at the same event. Rather we are getting to see a wonderful tale in the most imaginative manner. I don't think that there can be a better way to show Mahabharata- the epic story in a better way in these times when technology and its demand has arose. 

            With the first episode, there's a hope that with this unique narration, Mahabharata is going to be looked like a new story in itself. I am looking forward to it. I may miss some episodes but I am sure that whenever I'll tune into it, I will be forced by the directors and actors to sit and watch it fully and come at 8.30 in my TV's master room the next day. :-) For now, kudos to the director, actors and the technicians. 


16 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The jadoo of your love! by S. R. Saha (Book Review)!!!

938th BLOG POST -->>     

 After a long time, I read a book by Srishti Publication. It is not easy to get back to novels when you have left it for something good, like, academics. And its more difficult when you have to read it when your college is punishing you with assignments, internal Vivas, Unit tests and project. During such phases, I look out for a light reading and Srishti is always my first pick. I completed reading S.R. Saha's "The jadoo of your love". This 158 pages novel is his 2nd attempt for almost after 2-3 years since his first book released. Though the first book took a lot of time to get on the nerves of the readers, this one is assured to hit the interest of the young readers who are interested in reading love story with other dimensions included in it. S. R. Saha has definitely hit the jackpot this time. Last time, I rated his first book quite low because I felt cheated. The synopsis and title called it a love story but it wasn't. It was a totally different genre but this time, I am happy that author has given exactly what he spoke in his synopsis and back cover page. 

About Author:
S. R. Saha (Shubha Ranjan Saha) graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from IIT, Madras. He has previously authored the bestselling novel Jab se you have loved me, the story of an IITian and an airhostess.

In the final year of college, Anurag's life was falling apart he vowed never to see Aditya, his best friend of many years again. Of course, what Aditya did was unpardonable! Not just losing his best friend, Anurag's love Urmi too got married to someone else the day unemployed. Anurag got the job of a flight purser in an airline company. But life has its twists and turns and one never knows where it will take him. Anurag too could have never imagined all that happened thereafter. In this page-turner of a spellbinding novel, every reader would ride the crests and troughs of myriad emotions, love, hate, anger, depression, excitement and joy that fill life's every moment and savor the essence of true love that is mystic and magical.

    Coming to the author, I must say that S.R. Saha has improved a lot since his first book. He has overcome all the problems that I, as a reader, had with his writing style and narration. This time he has made it sure that his plot is clear and the book has humour embedded into it every now and then. Though his writing style is very different and vast. When you will read his fiction book, you will find that the language and style in which he writes is as if its a biographical or autobiographical attempt. And this can turn out to be risky as people like to read sentences the way they speak but the author is giving a different view to the story in his style. I appreciate this. In all, I would say that even if you were disappointed with author's first book, do read this. It's phenomenal. And if you liked his first book, then you are definitely going to fall for him with this one. 

          I loved the way the story got started and was taken forward. The way the book got started with the description of a Professor is a wonderful start. The description of the protagonist- Anurag's friend, Mote is also a funny element. Then the scene when Mote falls for a girl and when they reach her home, the shock that we get is goosebump-y. Later on, when Anurag finds some of his acquaintances having a secret of Mote and his girl, the way he reacts is also a good turn in the book. The role of Anurag's girlfriend, Urmi is little disconnecting but still the story has her as a component that can't be ignored. The way protagonist's parents treat him for being a failure shows the mentality of Indian parents when kid does not fulfill the expectations. Later on, the shifts in his career and difficulty takes the book to a very new level. And the climax when the author brings all the character back one by one and tell their current condition is a better way to end the book than keeping it for us to assume things. :-)

        In all, I would say that this is a wonderful book with which you can go. I know the title of the book is little cheesy but when you'll read the book, you'll realize why it is perfect for the story. :-) S.R. Saha sir, waiting for your next novel. Bring it within an year because I would like to tell you that, audiences forget the one who does not come regularly and shifts towards the one who's regularly entertaining them. :-) 



Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet N5100 REVIEW!!!!

937th BLOG POST -->>

    So finally I got a call from an IT and promotional department of Samsung. I don't know how but they located that I bought a tablet from their company. They want me to review the whole experience of buying this tablet and also tell my readers what's my view about the instrument I have purchased. Interesting! And yes, please don't assume that with books and movies, I am also getting into Mobile's reviews. I am not that techie. Haha! First of all, I would like to tell that I purchased Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet N5100 which is also known as Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Samsung Galaxy Tablet 510 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5100. I didn't get the purpose of Samsung of naming the same product with 3-4 names. Even the electronic stores were confused as to what I am actually asking for. But at last, Vijay Sales hit the target and I directly went to Borivali's branch from where I got it in very low price as it was an open piece. But they initialized the whole system in front of me hence I am happy with the service. 

            The tablet is of 8 inches and the best feature of it is its Stylus. It helps in writing, drawing, sketching, buffering, air viewing etc. This is the only tablet that provides stylus in low cost otherwise the devices with stylus are priced too high. The Air view feature is wonderful. You don't even need to click the screen with the stylus. You can just point it and you can view all the pictures, videos without clicking on the screen. The camera resolution is 5 MP and the front camera is 1.3 MP. I will have to say that camera is not that good but the front camera is better when they say that its just 1.3 MP. The video recording is powerful in HD mode. The tablet provides 64 GB expandable memory. But let me tell you, use only Class 10 memory card otherwise your tablet will slow down. The tablet only intakes a micro-sim hence make it sure that you get your sim card cut by a mobile shop or directly buy a micro sim. 

             I have recently purchased a bluetooth 2-ears headphone for the device and it works wonderfully. The wifi connectivity is also very easy. I am using Reliance's 123 rs 3G plan and I am getting a wonderful speed. But there's only one problem that I am facing- tablet starts getting updated without intimation. But this problem has been resolved from last 1 week after I switched off all the notifications checkbox. But initially, it consumed 700 MB of my 3G Plan with frustrated me like hell. The device gets connected with the PC/Laptop and gets charged automatically. The sensor of this device is wonderful. The Smart eyes feature keeps the screen on until you are viewing it and as soon as you stop looking at your device, it turns off the screen. :-) 

           The reading mode facility makes it sure that whenever you open a PDF file or an E-book application, it will adjust the brightness and give you the feel as if you are reading a real textbook. The 2 GB RAM and 1.2 processor helps the system to work with the same speed even if you have more than 10 more applications on. This tablet also allows you to work upon 2 applications at the same time. I can simultaneously watch a video and work on Chrome or I can open Chrome and simultaneously jot down the points in my new Word file. I am just amazed to see the multi-window capability of this set. This is the best feature of this set which is helping me a lot. The speakers are placed at a very convenient side. You can even play videos in a small size while you can browse through your applications and work on some files. 

           In all, I would say the experience with this tablet has been quite wonderful by now. I hope I will be helped by it for next 3-4 years at least. :-) If you are thinking for iPad Mini, I would say that this piece will give you better resolution, speed and experience than the Apple product. Now its time for the audience to move towards Tablets and use a basic phone for calling purposes. Typing experience, watching videos and surfing internet and reading files are the blessings that only Tablet can provide, no 6 inch or 4.3 inch's mobile can. So go for this one. And if your budget is low, Samsung Tablet 3 is the best choice. It's available in 7 inches and 8 inches but you won't get stylus with them. :-)

11 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you!!!

936th BLOG POST -->>

      Whenever someone asks me whats most beautiful according to you, I generally have no answer. Because whenever I have called something as beautiful, in just few minutes after it, I have found something more beautiful than it. Lets take an example of girls. Yes. Have you not experienced that when you see a girl walking on road and find her the most beautiful girl on the planet, 10 seconds later, there's another girl who turns out to be more beautiful than the previous one. :-) This is how I have always failed in defining as to what is the most beautiful entity for me on the Earth. Life and the nature have always amazed me with something or the another whenever I felt that this is the limit of beauty and serenity on the planet I am living in. Hence, the easiest answer to this answer is- God. Yes. There can be nothing more beautiful than him.

          Even when we haven't seen him, even when we haven't talked to him personally, we have given all our life to him. Well. What am I saying? He has blessed us with the life that we are enjoying. That's a totally different thing that most of us curse him for whatever bad happens with us rather than acknowledging him every now and then for whatever we have. For me, God plays a very big part. Every time I achieve something, I make it sure that I thank him for all that he has given me in life. Whatever little bit I have achieved at this age where the real life has not yet begun with is something people die for all their life but still end up being disappointed. I have got everything quite easily without any real struggle. Any struggle online or on Internet should not be called struggle, actually. Haha! Hence, there has not been much struggle in my life.

           Yes, that's true that for 2.5-3 years I did see a bit of hell but now I feel that if I would not have gone through all those tortures, I would not have been the person I am today. All the aggression, fury, anger, short-temper, abusive talks etc have gone away. Now I don't find much of the bad traits in me because from the moment I started accepting God in life, he accepted me in his shrine. And I know- the moment I'll cheat him or I'll withdraw him away from my life, he'll treat me the way he treats people in hell. And I tell you, its not easy to experience hell while living. It's better to get it after death but at least not when I am already in life that I'm living pleasurably. Ganesh Chaturthi has just begun and I see all the surroundings near me and the environment sunk into Godly mode. The roads look like heaven, the clouds look like snow, every human being looks like a devotee, every idol of Ganesha looks like a real God talking to us through his eyes and every sound of Bhajan makes you feel that all the impurity has gone away and we are as pure as we were when we took birth with no bad thoughts, jealousy and ego. 

          Lord Ganesha has always been every child's favorite because of his cute drawings and idols that we have seen since birth. His potbelly is the favorite part of every children. As soon as we grow up and find our stomach hung out of our body, we comment that we are turning into Ganapati. In childhood, on every Sunday, I used to watch two mythology-based shows that had Lord Ganesha as its main character. I enjoyed the shows so much that even after 15 years or something, I remember most parts of it. I still wait for the Ganesha series that a director releases in animation every year. I loved watching even them though I don't watch animated movies. This is what happens when you accept God's wishes in your life and let God take decisions for you. The more you will fear life, the more farther God will go. The more you will respect life, the more closer you'll find God to yourself. On this Ganesha Chaturthi, I wish all of us will love the life that we are blessed with rather than getting pissed off by it.


10 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Amidst The Tides Lies a Beautiful Island by Mangala Nagarajan (Book Review- 4.25*)!!!

935th BLOG POST -->>    

   I am done reading the 3rd book yesterday itself. This is what happens when I get submerged into the world of books. No one can bring me out of it then. :-) And fortunately, the last book that I read yesterday which got completed around 2 AM was the shortest of all 3 that I read and also the best among them. This is the first book of the authoress and is self-published by the Partridge Publishers that is a sub-part of Penguin Publication. The name of the book is "Amidst The Tides Lies a Beautiful Island" and the debutante authoress of the book is Mangala Nagarajan". As it is said, some things look beautiful and perfect when they are kept short and sweet. This is what I can say about this book. Authoress has made it sure that her story gets conveyed to the readers in the most beautiful manner as possible. Some authors write a long book in a quest that readers will spend more time with them but this is a very long approach if your story does not need a lengthy narration. For this, I would like to bow in front of Mrs. Mangala.

           The writing style of the author is poetic. Every sentence is written with such a wonderful composition of words that you feel you are reading a poem. Even when the story is depressing, author hasn't written as something that can be called a book on Women Empowerment or the book that kept on pleading the reader to respect the women who go through these issues. The story was kept normal in spite of it being a depressing tale of many women. The way authoress has covered different scenarios without making the book look confusing is what makes this book readable. While reading, you can imagine each and every character because of the beauty with which the author has described each of them in the initial pages and even later on, while the story is on. 

           Right from the cover page to the last page of the book, you find a serene feeling to be attached with this book. You want it to keep on going and never end. The problem in which Megha gets stuck in the book makes us empathize with her. Her situation when she has to look after both- mother and younger sister is something which author has written very beautifully. A relationship between a mother and a daughter and even between sisters is portrayed beautifully. Also the relationship between an old servant and the master is described beautifully making you love the characters of Muthu and Nirmala no less. The way Vasundhara is displayed in the book, each one of us will find our mother in her or want our mother to be like her. This book isn't a non-living entity, friends, but its a living being with which I spent my last evening and this book is surely going to stay in my heart for a long time.

            The scenario when Megha tells a truth to her younger sister with all the fear of the world and finds her younger sister giving her strength is the most beautiful part of the story. When Bharathi meets her mother, that's another part which I'll remember for a long time. The last chapter of the book is the most beautiful thing and I just didn't want this book to end so early. Now, I want to read Mangala mam again and again. She is one author who needs promotion and attention otherwise we will lose a great author present between us. I will give this book 4.25/5 stars easily without any doubt. And I will recommend all the book readers to purchase this book and read as soon as possible because there can be nothing as delightful as this. This book was a level up than Preeti Shenoy's work as the genre in which she writes and this book is similar. Now you can estimate the power in the writing and story of this book. Go get it. :-)


9 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A Wild Rose by Uzma Jafri (Book Review- Coming Soon)!!!

934th BLOG POST -->>

     This is the second time when I would be reviewing a book even before its release. :-) Last time I did it with Sudeep Nagarkar's latest book and it ended at No. 7 in the Bestseller's List in its 1st week itself. No I am not taking the credit but I'm telling how happy it feels to see a book doing good which I reviewed before anyone else. :-) This time, I am done reading the unedited version of Uzma Jafri's debut novel that's ready to be released on 15th September, 2013. It's up on Pre-order currently and doing very well. Recently, Mahesh Bhatt sent a review of it to the authoress which she published on her site. The name of Uzma Jafri's first novel is "A WILD ROSE" which also has the tagline "Love Blossoms...Until The Thorns Prick". The cover page of the book is very intense that itself proves that the story is not so fine and it has some rough moments attached to it. 

About the Author

Though she belongs to an affluent Muslim family, Uzma Jafri has been brought  up  in  the  most cosmopolitan way. A commerce graduate from Delhi University with a keen interest and active participation in public speaking helped her to chisel a career in the media world. A television Anchor by profession, she glows as a human being due to the unconditional support and love of her husband and child.  
'A Wild Rose' is her debut humble attempt. Being a feminist at heart and in her actions, Uzma wrote this woman-centred fiction so that she could share her views with her readers. She is also a patron of the Non Profit ‘Serve Humanity Foundation, NGO’ which solely aims at serving humanity irrespective of colour, religion and culture.  


Ritu Anand. Vivacious television anchor envied by many, makes the biggest mistake of her life. A man is at the center of it all. Who is he? And why is he after her?

Ritu Anand is a strikingly beautiful and wealthy divorcee, all of 25 years. None but her parents and best friend in life, Sumbul, know the truth of her divorce. Her career too, had gone to dust thanks to her failed marriage and traumatic ill-health. To the rest of the world, Ritu maintains a fa├žade of still being married. In an effort to piece her life together again, she goes back to being an anchorperson after 3 long years… 

And a very important part of this new life becomes the enigmatic Anshuman Sinha.  Not very tall and with an average physique, deep hazel eyes and sharp intense features, Anshuman is dangerous and irresistible – he is the very picture of 'Ritu's Man'. The devastatingly dashing ‘casanova’ soon has the ‘love starved- Ritu’ eating from the palm of his hand and dreaming of a picture perfect life with him.

The gullible Ritu is soon weaving the tapestry of a picture perfect life, of a happily ever after with her lover. But there is her hidden past to deal with. What was the truth behind her sordid marriage? And coming to the present, what did she know about Anshuman at all?

Will this new life be the chance Ritu was hoping for? Or is this some deep, dark hell?

Has she fallen from the pan straight into the fire?

Is love blooming or have the sinister thorns torn the petals to shreds?

Watch the bookshelves for this fascinating book, a look at a different side to love. After all, are there really any guarantees in love for a happy life ever after?

The lyrical Urdu poetry of greats such as Ghalib and Momin adds an ethereal passion to the heartfelt prose of Uzma Jafri. A truly spellbinding book, a truly impassioned effort.