30 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Fear of College-Then and Now !!!

            184TH BLOG -->>

         Every time I go to a new college..There's a fear of being odd and weird..There is a fear of being different from others...Different in the manner to be inferior where everyone is sharing the response to be superior..It is always very hard for me to interact with the stylish people ...whom we now-a-days term as Dudes and Babes...I'm always afraid that I'll be judged even by a single word spoken by me to anyone of a student who is standing with his group..But then there is a confidence and a will to be social..and then there is a motivation which strives hard to get its place...A new organization..A new learning class..A new college..and a new faces around..Its very hard for the first week to go..Because you can't freely open your mouth to utter whatever your mind says because you aren't compatible with anyone and nor you are so close and amicable with them that you can speak anything..and they will respond you as per demands..No..There can be a war , a debate on what you said..You may be termed as a loser or you may be said as a person without any eradicates and intellect..You may be termed as Dumbo for the next three years of the college..A very hard situation..A very hard association is college for me with respect to my life....

              When my college begun..this was the biggest scope of stress and strain in my mind that Will I be able to place myself in the hearts and minds of the people..Not only of my class..but everyone in the college..When I was in school, everyone knew me...for my mischief..for my styles...for my activities..I never did anything appreciable in my school time..I came to college...and I didn't had even a single friend..and today when a senior girl helped me with the notes...It was so pleasurous for me to be recognized by a senior..The notes she provided me was personally made by her..And its really a big thing that the effort she has put on the notes for the studies and her future..She is giving it to me..A big responsibility on me to perform well in the future..Not for me but for her..She said to me that I choosed you for the notes because I didn't wanted my efforts to go in air..I wanted it to be re-used..And the girl has been the 1st ranker in all her 5 semesters..Now when such a personality trusts you...You are the victim of a good will...You are the trust-worthy..And you will have to maintain the position and image..A characteristic of a metal of an element doesn't changes..It remains the same..BUT The way I change my characteristic is eligible for the worst criticism..I think I should study for the next semesters..I will not try to be ranker like her but I'll try to be knowledge-able like her...

               The first week of the college..when no one knew me..and this last week of the 1st academic year..where a senior herself approached me for giving her notes..Life has changed..personality has changed..Importance has changed..People recognize me..People know me..People know about my passions, my dreams, my targets , my personal life... Isn't this much exposure enough for a shy-personified boy who entered college with dithering legs and shaking hands and head down in lack of confidence and faith on himself..And today the same boy is sharing space with everyone..with his classmates..his seniors..his teachers...and everyone...Again there is a sorrow for some broken relationships here in the college..Some people even hate me..Im sad for this..I never wanted anyone to be isolated from me..I was never engaged in forming groups..Nor I was a leader of any group..I just wanted everyone to be with me ...But then there are some goodies who left me ...I think my attitude was a problem or again any of my characteristics would have been changed because of which He or she wasn't getting their comfort zone with me..I'm stuck to my words and accordingly Im not going to beg the friendship with them..Dont want them to be mine if they hate me so much..I say people to break up with me..But with a valid reason..With an argument..Not like this that if someone asks me Why am I not with a guy or a girl now..I have no valid answer..Give me a reason and leave me..By the way..I should move now..and thanks to that senior-girl for helping me with the notes...


29 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Choose The Options Which Will Satisfy Your Life !!!

             183RD BLOG -->>

          Never expect best from your life..And don't even predict best for your life...Live your life as its going on...Try doing something that will aggrevate your life to the next level..Its not easy to moot your life to the next level..It needs and it demands audacity..But you need not be sentimental while selecting what will be the best in your life which will explore the right demands of your life...Take the decision from your heart and mind..Think properly and sincerely about what you really can do in your life which will promote you in your satisfaction measuring scale..I wasn't satisfied with my life once upon a time...But when I decided that now Ronaa-gaana bahut ho gaya..I should do something which will keep me happy and will keep me busy with it..I got 100 options to do...I cut off many of them and came to 5 of them..I'm doing some of them like Im writing daily...Im sleeping less...Im performing in almost every activity of my college...Not calling people from my mobile which helps me being away from the gossips and tensions..Ceased argumentation with the people who are passionate for arguing...So the day I added all this tasks in my routine I got the most lively life in my daily routines and tasks..

             Now when people call me blogger and google sends me updates that my blog was visited these number of times in a day..or when facebook shows on my wall that there are 42 fans of my blog's community..It makes me happy..I also added one more thing in my routine that I'll never do anything to compete and be ahead of someone..No I dont want to..There are many bloggers who have millions of followers..If I'll see them..I'll be never satisfied with my blogs and my rankings..But now when today, I see only myself..And see where have I progressed and where have I faced a downfall..I see that Im happy where-ever I am..People aren't commenting on my blog..This isn't depressing me..But it is motivating me that I should write such a blog that after reading person will be forced by his internal factors of approach to post a comment on my blog..It is not everytime that the national bestseller book is sold with the same number of sales..It has to suffer even out of Top 10 sellers book for a week or 2 in between..So that means should the writer or author of that book be tensed and he should blame himself for his failure this week..No..He should keep faith and troth in himself and should keep writing so that his next book which is getting ready gets a new outlook which will catch more number of peoples than his previous creation....

             I'm happy with the number of options I have chosen in my life to be happy..I have also choosen the one to be far away from my relatives and never propose a girl again..This is the biggest factor which has satisfied me in my life..Because these two parts of my life tilts me down on my graph's axis....Today Im happy with whatever I am...Today when my blogs are talked about..I do take the feedbacks and appreciation happily and thank god for giving me a satisfactory life..Choosing the options is the best thing and writing them in a diary and reading them daily is the best of the best...I have planned to watch Indian Idol because it satisfies me..It refreshes me..So Im satisfied after watching it..I dont want anymore TV after that show..Why? Because I have pointed the best show on the TV and Im stuck to my favourite..Im not blown off here and there watching my friends following different channels and reality shows.At last, my conclusion for writing this 183rd is that take your time, list all the options in your life which you have till now only dreamt of doing..Then select Top 5 of them and start doing them from today..Make them a part of your routine..and then be satisfied in your life...And keep adding such points in your life..You will grow up..and your life will moot up to the next level..Its not easy but its not difficult..Believe me..



28 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm Sad Today !!!

            182ND BLOG -->>

        Everytime heart cannot be cheerful and happy..Heart is not pragmatical always...My heart wasn't in a mood today..It made me sad..I don't know why I remembered all those pasts which I have already forgotten...Today, I felt the existence of Javed Akhtar's words in my life- Kehne ko saath apne ek duniya chalti hai, par chupke is dil mein tanhaai palti hai..I normally don't feel loneliness now after coming to Mumbai..I'm enjoying the city and my life..There is so much to do here in this city..I'm enjoying a lot..I utilize my each day here and try to learn something and know something more..I try to add something in my mind..I remember when this winter, I went to my native place in North India , I was feeling terrible..I was feeling lonely and that made me remember the worst person of my life with whom once I shared the most beautiful moments..Its not my ex-gf ..Dont worry..It is somebody else whose name I have decided not to use on my blog..So I told my mummy there that Im remembering that person and she said me to concentrate on different things..That was the time I picked the novels and completed three novels in three days..just to be in myself and don't disturb myself with the thoughts which are going to put me again in depression..

             But today , again I felt the same absurd environment around me..I wasnt thinking of that person today but something else was taking off something from me..I was feeling like something is going away from me..I don't know what..I was feeling like this is the last day of my good times and from today my bad time has started..Im very much worried..What made me so sad and ruffled..I dont want this type of thoughts to be transient in my life because they slow down my speed of living happily..27th April has been the first bad day of this year 2010 for me..I hope no other day come this way again..I was remembering what all I thought for the whole day which made my heart sunk and slow down but didn't found the victim of this..No tension..I'm going to sleep just after this blog and have decided not to wake even a single second after posting up this blog..Will wake up tomorrow with a fresh mind and will work accordingly as planned..Now-a-days I have started maintaining the daily timetable according to the hours on my mobile and I pass the day according to it..This is the first time in 1.5 years that Im not feeling to study while the exams are going on..I don't know why Im taking this exam so innocuously even when I know that this is an important exam..God give me brain...

              Today I had chat with many old friends with whom I didn't had chat from a long time..I think that was the moment when something has clicked my brain which has hanged it..No worry..I'll rathe tomorrow morning..I don't know why nobody is commenting now-a-days on my blog..What people are waiting for..This is one of the reason which sadden me..Everyone said me to reduce the number of blogs I write..I just did it unknowingly and I can see how the people have left me..This is why I dont listen to useless ideas of some people but can't even ignore them because once in the life they have even given me a good one..So had to and I can see the conclusion of their Idea..People loved me when I blogged daily and Now I have decided I'll not leave my readers even for a second after my exams will be over..I'll always hold their hand and will not leave them...My Facebook's community of blog now has 42 fans...I need 8 more to touch my target of 50 ....Thank u everyone to join it and give my blog a place on facebook..Im very happy..and keep giving feedbacks..Im waiting for it...Thanks a lot for reading my frazzled position today..Hope I'll recover tomorrow...Thanks

27 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Lalit Modi Trapped In Controversy / Indian Idol 5 !!!

            181TH BLOG -->>

              At last, IPL-3 is over.. Chennai won proudly and Mumbai losed badly.. It wasn't the way Mumbai play..It was the way Mumbai rest...I dont know why Mumbai took so time to execute their runs when It was so high to score and chase..Many mistakes from the side of Tendulkar..Dhoni implemented a good strategy and shocked everyone with that catch of Pollard by Hayden who was sent to the place where the ball came by Dhoni just before that ball was bowled..This shows what type of Captain Dhoni is..People who think that Cricket is just a game of closing the eyes and hitting shot..And then giving the stress to your hands and shoulders and bowl fast..So for them I would like to tell that Intellect and Mind is needed while playing cricket..This is what Dhoni showed on the final..and Sachin also showed by losing the finals..He made many mistakes while the match was on...He took a lot of time to call Pollard on the field to blow the confidence of the rivalry team..At last I will not talk more about IPL... Congrats Chennai..Dhoni the way you have played here ... Do the same with your team in the coming T-20 WORLD CUP.. And Sachin your team losed but you won...You did your best till date in the IPL... and Congrats for your success...Keep listing your records...And Lalit Modi thanx for giving us such a wonderful platform to enjoy..

           The controversies related to IPL are shocking everyone in the world...This popular sport programme- IPL is tangled in all this aspects of political affairs and administration is really shameful for everyone who is associated with this..The way Lalit Modi is hurled out of the post of Commissioner is very bad..You should wait for the man to give his evidence on all the issue..Without listening the fact how can any government sue the man from the position where the victim has put all his efforts and determination..Lalit Modi is the man of creativity who created this IPL and the way he is treated is very sad for all the IPL followers and lovers..Actually all this started with a Tweet written by Lalit Modi targetting on Shashi Tharoor because of which Shashi resigned from his post of External Affairs Minister..Then Shashi asked for investigation..When it begun..The news came that there are many relatives of Modi who are stakeholders in IPL and are earning illegally..Then the Income Tax opened their eyes and they came to know that IPL has never payed Entertainment tax..And then they warranted all the offices of all the team...and now everyone is trapped here in this..The two teams on whom Sword is penduluming are Rajasthan Royals and Kings 11 Punjab.. Everyone wants Modi back because the way his mind cerebrated in the cricket and the way he planned and executed the whole show is really amazing...We want the man back...and lets see what happens..Even if he is out permanently as its comtemporary now..I want him to give all his proofs and documents and prove himself innocent..

           Indian Idol 5 started from today..The best comedy show in India..Hahaha..The auditions are so funny...Anu Malik is the person who creates the humor..Sometimes he is very harsh and ruthless but he entertains the audience a lot through his judging..and people don't be worried when you see no blogs..I have already indicated you all that I'll be on blogs little less this month as its exam and I have to show my parent s that Im studying and boycotting my blogs otherwise If I'll score less which is going to happen this time..They will blame and accuse my Blogging activities at the first..So plz bear a little patience as my dear ARB will not entertain you daily..You have to wait only till 5th May..and then I'll be writing blogs daily..In the month of February and March, I have written 24 blogs in each month..Wow...But in this month..I have written only 15 blogs including this one..Im very sad with this..I dont know How I turned so irresponsible..Dont worry guys from next month you will not get less than 30 blogs per month..I'll always come here to talk with all of you...Thanks a lot..

24 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Sachin's Birthday and Shakti-The Dancing Star !!!

            180TH BLOG -->>

             Atlast, My favourite Shakti Mohan won the Dance India Dance 2... I am so happy.. This girl always kept quiet and just kept concentrating and performing and learning.. Never ever shouted .. never ever proclaimed that I want to win the title of The Dancing Star.. Even when she used to be complimented for her moves..She just used to smile and with a very little sound- A voice used to come out - THANKS.. Never talked too much.. That is why I loved her a lot..The term - Dancing Star means not only dance..It means personality, looks and an over-all personality which also can dance up to mark..And this was the quality this girl had..Nobody can doubt today that Why is she winner..She had a record for winning the Best Performance of the Day for the highest number of times..She won this for 6 times all over in this season..Now when a girl had made happy to so many people ...We should make even her blithe for the entertainment and happiness she gave us through her dancing..Even I voted her through SMSes and Internet..And I'm happy that My choice is not wierd and odd..I'm one from the many in the crowd..She got some 7 lakh + votes ..and she lead the 1st runner-up Dharmesh by 4000 votes.. and here is she is..The Dancing Star..When the show started I loved Dharmesh..But as the day passed...As the performance passed..I used to see a sense of Pride in him and over-confident that Main main hu..baaki sub mere neechey hain..He never said anything like this..\he used to act very nicely as he is down-to-earth but His face said everything..And thus I started hating him...and even his mentor-Geeta Kapoor used to fly in clouds because of the talent and publicity he had..And Im happy that Terence won rather than that Proudy Geeta Kapoor...SHAKTI--I love you and waiting for the Promotional Video of Tees Maar Khaan in which you will be seen with Akshay and Katrina..

             And Now talking about the Birthday Boy whom I consider as my god and idol- Sachin Tendulkar..  Today on 24th he has turned 37.. And I hope to see him playing for the next 37 years..The man has just augmented his performance day by day..You cannot set a limit for him..He is the only player who lands on the ground and the spectators give him a standing ovation before batting..No player gets appreciation before doing some incredible..But this player has done so much that people aren't hoping any much..We expect but we know that even if he retires today..He has given us what we Indians wanted from Cricket..A very minute quantity of people in India would be hating Tendulkar ..and they are sick..What I have analyzed is that he is the most Successful - talented person of India..No one is more successful than him in India at the international level if counted for the talent..I admire him a lot..The way he has made a heap and pile of records are like the flop films of Abhishek Bachchan.. And the best performance is 200* .. This is something which every player and lover of cricket just dreamed off..But this man did it..and showed us that if you have guts and craze in you for what you love..You can achieve any hurdle..let it be however difficult it is..

             He is little far away from completing his 100 Centuries and 100 half-centuries in his career..I don't know tha accurate number but they are in 90s..So very soon we will be hearing about the new magic from this man..He is the God of cricket..He is the man who teaches how to play cricket just by standing on the ground in the decent and quiet manner and scoring high and building records..He is a coach for the other 10 Indian Player who doesn't guides..He just stand with them and they know that support of God is with them in the form of Sachin..Recently , He was playing..He cored his 150 runs when Sehwag said ..Overs are left , you keep playing softly and dont hurry and 200 runs is possible for you today..But as Sachin started playing after that..He felt some stretch in his muscles of abdomen..and he left the match in between at 164* because he felt that if he will be unhealthy today, he will have to sit for the other many matches which are very important for Indian team to win..Then in the dressing room , Sehwag showed his dissappointment for Sachin leaving the ground at that time when 200 was so near and easy..But see the man...Finally he did it..and that too with a powerful performance...Personality is short but the character and will to achieve is high..I have seen no person on this earth more successful than him if talking about talent..One more was like him - and he was Michael Jackson..As he has left us...Right now, only Sachin survives on the Earth who is GOD of Talent...
Happy Birthday to you, My God..My Idol....Sachin Sir..And Hope you and your team will bring the IPL title with you this time...Thanks a lot...

21 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

1st Exam / Prema's Bday / 1st Semi-Final of IPL Today !!!

            179TH BLOG -->>

          Again there was a birthday of a friend- Prema...20TH APRIL..Happy Birthday To You..Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day !!! May God Bless You With All The Success and Happiness You Dream !!! Best Wishes From Me and My Parents !!! Prema- I'll not talk much about this girl because already many-a-times I have used this name on my blog and you all would have understood and predicted about How her personality is...Let me define the personality- Short Height..Fair Complexion..I must say White Complexion..Cute Smile..Sweet face...I never considered her as a girl of my age or classmate something..I have always taken her as a small girl child... She is very interesting to talk..The sweetness in her voice and talking accent takes all your tension and stress out..She looks like Shakti of Dance India Dance..I'm telling this because I haven't uploaded her pic in my blog as she is a girl and I don't want anybody to face trouble because of me..So not talking much about her I'll wish her best wishes for her birthday again.. Happy Birthday to You- Miss Prema Rajput !!!

              I gave my first exam of Semester-2.. I don't like talking about my routines but some activities enforces you to talk about them..and thus that part of the whole routine penetrates into the blog..I had my paper of Digital Computer Organization..What you deciphered from the name of the subject? About what does it teach us? Didnt understood na..Even I dont understand this subject..This subject is all about Logic gates and Circuits...And as I'm very poor in Science this subject is like Salman Khan to me..Even you can't make out How kind of person Salman Khan is..This is the worst paper I have written in my Graduation Career..Tomorrow when my records will be displayed as the Player's record is Displayed under the title of IPL Career..This paper will be in the section of the Worst performance ever by this Engineer-Abhilash...Uff!!! I never expected such a marvelous performance from myself..The main problem was that ki I feared from this subject and thus this subject ate me all over in 3 months..I'm not so sad after under-performing in this paper because everyone in my class gave their worst performance today..But I would like to thank Arun and Birthday Girl for helping me today with the answers...Siddhesh gave Dhoka and thus there is chance of a DROP in this subject for me..Exams are very scary as the lectures of the Father...

              Tomorrow, its First Semi-final of the IPL 2010...IPL has journeyed a long way to reach till this important match..Tomorrow Its Mumbai vs Bangalore..As I'm supporting Mumbai, Im more nervous for the tomorrow's match than my exams..Bangalore is also the best team..Its not easy to play and score good runs against them and its also not easy to confine them for a very less competitive score..It will be a wonderful experience to watch this match tomorrow..I'm super-excited to watch this incredibility...Tomorrow, I think its last chance for Sachin and Kallis to fight for the Orange Cap..Because if Sachin scores more than Kallis and if Mumbai wins..Then the Cap goes to Sachin..And is Kallis scores more than Sachin and if Bangalore wins..Cap goes to Kallis..So this will be a good competition to witness..Now this is the final match for Mumbai..If they lose tomorrow..Whatever greatness they have showed all over in IPL will be forgotten..This is the Rule in Games and Movies...So its necessary for them to win tomorrow's match as they have efforted a lot this time to reach till here...Mumbai, I'm praying for your win and hope you will do today something which the Cricket lovers will remember forever...Atlast Duniya Hilaa Hi Daalo Aaj..I'm expecting a lot from Sachin, Saurabh, Duminy, Pollard, Harbhajan, Zaheer and Malinga... I want all this in-form-players to score the best they can..and fielding should be your X-Factor tomorrow..I'm surprised to see all the South teams in Semis- Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad..Kochin coming next year in IPL ..One more Team from South..I'm thinking of buying Gorakhpur from North-India..I'll be the captain of the team...Uff..Sorry guys to bore you all with this last sentence..I should move before you all kick me..


19 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Yusuf's Birthday !!! (Funny)

            178TH BLOG -->>

         Its birthday of one friend again this month - Its Yusuf....He was born on the same date 19th April but in 1991..I wished him right now before 2 hours...Uff..I thought that its only 15 minutes passed after the call and its 2 hour...What a predictor I am..It was nice talking to him...You can see the guy at the left in the pic..Giving a rough look because we were tired in the scorching heat..And now right now as I'm on my blog I'll wish him here too..because I have seen that my friends are very happy when I wish them on my blog..So Yusuf this blogs goes to you - Many Many Happy Returns of The Day !!! Happy Birthday To You !!! May Allah Give and Bless You With All The Success and Happiness You Have Desired For !!! Hamaari Duaa Hamesa Aapke Saath Hai !!! So you are of 19 Years Now...Hope you will be alive till 91 years and see the new technological world then and think that Kaash Abhilash bhi zinda hota toh ispe bhi ek blog likhta..Uff..Pata nahi us budhaape mein yaad bhi rahega ki Abhilash kaun tha..Main bhi yar kuch bhi bolta hu..

            When college started, I had no idea about who will be my good friend, who will be best friend and who will be the enemy..Then as the time passed...I started getting a feel of friendship with some boys and girls and a feel of hatred for some...But after sometime, I realized that Yusuf is gonna be my permanent friend for this three years(the duration is what I decided in respect of college)...Aise to maine ye bhi socha tha k jo GF bani hai wo bhi kamm se kamm 3 saal to rahegi hi..Lets Leave her.. I still remember the first time I met him..It was 3rd August,2009..First day of the college..Zaheer Sir came and asked everyone to give their Introduction..When the chance came of this Smug boy to vociferate his name and address and last marks...He spoke - Mohd Yusuf Dawawala..I live in Panvel..I have scored 74% in Commerce stream in 12th..I wasn't attracted for any of these informations except 1..That was the name PANVEL..because even I live here..I thought ki Chalo ek toh milaa...Now many of you will say that Tere class me do aur batchey bhi to hain jo Panvel ke hain..So for your kind information..One was Absent that day..And the other one didn't took admission till then..So I thought that the city which is just included in New Mumbai has 1 more BCA Student other than me..But I was so nervous on the first day of the college that I was least interested in shaking hands with anyone and making him friend...This is also the day when I saw my ex-gf for the first time..Uff..Lets leave the topic otherwise Mera to kuch nahi Mere dost k birthday ki waat lag jaayegi..
              So, I didn't conversed with him at that time..College was over..and then I left for my home..Reached Panvel station and then I stood in a queue for asking what was the procedure to issue Railway Pass..I was still in the queue when a huge hand came from behind and tapped my shoulder..I thought nature is signalizing a bicker and quarrel right now but when I turned around, I saw a familiar face..As I told you all I wasn't attracted in any other info he gave, So I didn't knew his name..He then told me that I'm also in your class..and we have to fill up a form first in college and then come here..and with that we shared our mobile number to each other as it is purchased by us..But I knew the fact that It was our father who gave us the mobile to show-off in public..Uff..I think even Yusuf knew it that time..Then he left the place on his scooty which was parked at the railway's parking stand..Then from the next day we started sitting together..eating together..talking together..In short we started behaving as Couples after the first meet..Hahaha..Dont take this sentence seriously guys..And then there were many incidents when I didn't liked his behaviour..there were also moments when I liked his way of showing friendship and affection..And all this happens in friendship...

             And now today if I'll have to point out Good and Bad of this person..I will say->

First , lets go to Bad Points so that in last he will read Good one and remember them rather than these..The biggest is that He meddles in between when someone is speaking..Not a good habit.. When sometimes he is over-excited, he starts being ostentatious that it starts piercing everyone's eyes..Sometimes, he tries to be so straight-forward and audacious that He says something where the person who is victim suffers a lot..And One thing more, Never requests before taking something from someone's hand..which results in insult and insolentation of the one whose hand has been vacantized..Only this much and all this problem lies in One Category- Communication Skill..So he just need to improve this one and all the bad points will diminish...and now the Good Points - He is a good friend..If he starts loving someone as a friend..then he helps him/her a lot .He is very much concerned and heuristic for Islam..Goes to Masjid for all the 5 namaaz and never miss even a single one..Now again I dont know ki Kameeney ne mere liye kabhi duaa maangi bhi hai ya nahi...He keeps himself away from fights and maara-maaari which is very good...Otherwise, I'll have to meddle in his fight and jiski wajah se mujhe bhi ek-do ghoosey pad sakte hain..And the 2nd thing is that if he would be a boy who would have fought again and again..It would have reflected his religion in that bcoz pehle hi Islam is targeted so much for jehaad...So its good that he is representing his caste in a good way..And then next, Meri taraah Kanjoos nahi hai..nahi to saala kabtak ek hi cutting chaai se dono peetey..Next, He is not avarice and covetous for anything..Is very smugged..and thats what I like of him..Bas be saale..bahut taareef ho gayi..Pata chalaa..After reading all this..Mujhpar hi cadhne lagaa...

              And Now..Its all for today for Yusuf...This Blog ,I have written without any tension that Yusuf can feel any thing bad because the guy is intellectual and understands that I use all this skills to make my writings effective and interesting..So I know that he will not feel bad for the abuses and bad points..And Happy Birthday to you once again hero..and Best wishes from me and my parents..Ab dont think that Jabardasti inke naam le rha hu..They have literally wished you for your Janamdin...Enjoy..And celebrate...


17 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Kunwar Amar / Dance / Salman Khan on Twitter !!!

            177TH BLOG -->>

        Right now I saw the biggest dance reality show of India- Dance India Dance- 2.. It was the last elimination round today as the next week is the live telecast of the Grand Finale of this season..Out of 5 Contestants- 1 was to leave today..And the sword fell on Kunwar Amar..Now, this contestant wasn't my favourite..My favourite is Shakti..But I used to see myself in this boy..The same triangle beard as I keep below my lower lips..the same way of talking..the same way of being confident..and the same way of being shy..Everything I felt like it matched me..He used to smile in the same precariousness as I do...He too was an untrained dancer as I am..When I saw his performance on the song- Kahiin to Hogi Woh..I decided that I'll also try to perform sometime in my life on the same song..and finally I did it at my college's fest on 1st April..So you can say that Kunwar Amar made me the dancer once again and made me perform on the stage in that way..because before watching his performance, I used to do a dance which had no name rather than trying to be a Hip-Hop star or trying to be Hrithik..But after watching him, I tried to understand what Freestyle Comtemporary dance is ..and I performed..He made me learn what expressions are..because Im very bad at expressions..So I respected the boy a lot..I knew that he won't win the show..as everyone in India knows that either Dharmesh Sir or Shakti going to win the title..So he had no chance..I also knew that he will be eliminated in today's episode as he used to be in dangerous zone every week..And finally when today he was out..I felt like ceasing to follow the show but I believe that- Dont take an useless step just because of your non-revolutionary Emotions..

                Dancing is a good way to exude your stress out..Dancing is heuristic with happiness..Whenever you are happy , you dance even when you aren't a dancer..I love the people who dance..But I hate the people who dance with a high volume of music at their homes..Uff..Hope my neighbours are listening for whom I'm saying this sentence intentionally..So, I was saying that When we are happy we dance even when we don't know how to do it..SO likely, we should even dance when we are sad..when we are sentimental and emotional..Now many of you will say that Im mad and stupid to say this but Dont you listen to sad music and your favourite emotional songs when you are sad..Most often you do this..So you try once to dance when you are sad...Dance furiously...Show all your amidst of anger and aggression in your dance..Jump a lot in your dancing that time..and when after 5 mins when the song will be over..You will find your self , relaxed..Revealing my secret - Yaa, I dance when I'm angry..I dance madly in my bedroom when I'm angry ..And when after dancing I drink cold water to remove my frustration and tiredness too.. I feel myself comfortable and out of tension...Try my buddies and revert back that did you felt a change or everything was just a whim from me...and the effect was null..and a garbage value in BCA language..

                And all the fans of Salman Khan, a good news for all of you..he is on twitter now..You can follow him on twitter at Salman Khan . And one more good news is that he has broke the record of SRK of attracting the most followers in first 12 hours of joining..SRK had 10,000 followers in first 12 hours and Salman had 18,000+ ....So atlast, Sallu Bhai showed his power...There are many actors who just say and give promises..but this is the man who does first and speak out later..His fan following is the most among all the bollywood stars..People have their favourites but even though having their favourites , they love Salman Khan...No other actor is having such popularity..Chalo..Now..I should move before the Hate Clubs of Salman Khan come to beat me..



16 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Gaurav Helped Me For Maths !!!

            176TH BLOG -->>

             So, you are wondering who is this at the left side of my blog..He is my friend, I can say Best friend- Gaurav..But why have I uploaded his pic here..Right?? He came to my house on Tuesday evening..He was with me yesterday all day at my home..and He have left my house today morning..I just called him once and said that - Gaurav..Im facing problem in Mathematics and my exams starting from 20th April..So if you can plz come to my house or call me at your room and teach me this subject..I just said and he planned to come to my house..He didn't had that isolating feel that why should I teach him..and Why should I go to his home..He should come to me..Rather than being selfish..He selflessly came to my house for me...When I showed him the syllabus and told him that I don't know even the base - Derivatives and Integration..He was shocked to hear this..He said to my mummy that Auntiji..I only knew that his Maths is weak.but I didn't knew that it is so poor...Actually he said this in very low volume but I understood what he wanted to say...He had a sense of responsibility..He wanted me to teach Mathematics but he was helpless when he saw that I don't know any Mathematical basic from whatever I have learned after 9th standard..Then the whole evening of Tuesday went into Derivatives..He cleared my base first..Then on Thursday...We woke up and started with the theorems and methods in my Graduation syllabus..and unbelievably..He taught me three methods..THe weightage of this three method is 30 marks in the paper of 80 marks..I was so happy...He made Maths so easy and comfortable for me that I was feeling like transforming him into a girl and love her as much as I can..Uff...And then he also took chchota-cchota tests to make me savvy with that methods..Then when we woke up today morning..He was to leave at 9 o clock...but for me , he left his 1st lecture and took a chance to prepare a method more so that my 40 marks gets freezed in the paper and thus, my 50% is sure in Mathematics..

               And then, Finally he made me familiar with 4 methods which I thought to be the most difficult methods in the world of studies...Gaurav-You are great..He also left a book of Mathematics for me to refer..This affection can be seen only from a friend who wants you to be annihilated..Who wants to see you progressing..And Gaurav has always been the one who have helped me everytime whenever I needed him..Just a call away and He is with me to share and listen and suggest..He also follow what I suggest him without arguing with me..He is so generous and a good human-being..A perfect friend anyone can have...Thanks a lot, Gaurav..Before he came this time to my house to teach me, I was just thinking that Will it be possible for me to learn and understand Maths taking Gaurav as my teacher..Will I be able to learn from a friend who is so close and there's no formalities between us..How will he make me learn maths when we both don't even let a minute pass without a punch of comedy and laughter..But when he started teaching me..He wasn't a friend but an amicable teacher..He was so resistable that I was coping very easily with Mathematics..He never laughed on me when I asked him silly questions on that doubts which I should have cleared in my 9th and 10th std..Gaurav never gave an expression which stated that Veeru tu gadha hai..tujhe kuch nahi aata...

             I don't know how to thank him for this deed..He has made me aware that if I'll take the subject as its very easy..I'll be able to learn it and If I'll fear from the name of the subject, I'll end up being ignorant..I called Gaurav for teaching me Maths because I know that its better to be fool for 2 minutes rather than being for the whole life..Now, at my silly questions, only Gaurav will laugh for two minutes..But If I'll not clear them at this time of my life..I'll be fool for the whole life and when I'll ask these types of queries in my life ahead, people will laugh at me and I'll be the fool for the life time..So I called him and made myself little knowledgeable and with a positive approach I have finally learned something...I'm very happy and because of this little stress of mine is reduced...
             I have received everything related to my bank a/c..Passbook, cheque book and Debit card..My debit card also has My photograph and my signature on it and I have seen this on an ATM card for the first time..Right now..Im chatting with an author, So as a useful activity is on..I should move from here...And thanks for reading and Thanks Gaurav once more..I'll always remember what you have done for me..

15 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Completed 1 Year in MUMBAI- The City Of Dreams !!!

            175TH BLOG -->>

          On 14th April,2009..I was very excited. REASON: My house was packed up by the Singhania Packers and Movers and the next day , I was to shift in Mumbai permanently...Now the only framework which was building up in my mind was that I'll be shifting in the CITY OF DREAMS..People from different places are influenced by Mumbai and migrate here for jobs or even if they have no jobs and they have no hopes regarding this..Then too they dare to shift themselves in Mumbai because they have a little hope that there will be a little ray of hope glittering on them which can turn their life and make it shine like a diamond..But then there are many experiences of the migrated people in Mumbai that they were successful and fortuneful before they landed in Mumbai but as soon as they have started drinking the water of Mumbai and eating the salt of Mumbai , their life has turned miserable...So I was just very much disturbed and excited for landing in Mumbai the very next day...I was just trying to predict my future..That what will Mumbai bring for me? Success or a normal life as Im living....I just wanted to change myself..Because Mumbai is the Los-Angeles of India and here the life is very modish and bizarre..Comparing and walking with the congruence of our shoulder with the Mumbaikar's shoulder is very hard...Its very hard to be in the competition in Mumbai..Many wins the race and many lacks behind...I was just waiting for my luck and fortune..

                 Finally , the day came , I landed at Mumbai on 15th April-2009..I reached Mumbai at 9AM in the morning..I came to Mumbai from Nashik..So everything was a whim for me..The tall buildings..The wide roads..Smart people..The local trains..The fast moving people..The quest for winning the competition..Everything was an exciting outcome for me from this city..And today its again the same day- 15th April,2010.. And I have completed One year here in this city today...And this one year has given me a lot..It has changed my life..From an underdog , It has made me somewhat a cynosure..It has given me my previous life back...which I thought was a dream now..But it gave me many things..many achievements..many ways...and now I know ...Why people run and land here in Mumbai and feel proud to be in this city..Even I'm crazy for this city now..Even I'm excited every morning to travel by local train to my college..To have the vision of tall buildings..smart people..and a fast-moving life of this city...This city has given me the passing result of 12th which I knew that it will be definitely a failing certificate and I'll have to repeat 12th again...It also gave me a moment to celebrate with the 1st rank in Mumbai in the entrance exam of BCA of my college..It also gave me the title of Mr.Fresher for which I just had a hope but no believe that I'll surely achieve it..This city then gave me the first girlfriend of my life...and even the first break-up of my life..This city also gave me the 3rd rank in the class which I never expected from myself..This city also gave me the first Newspaper article which I never thought before coming to Mumbai that I'll write something for a newspaper..This year also gave me the pleasure and delightedness of winning the Traditional day of my college..This year also gave me the first stage solo performance of my life at the college fest..and the biggest of all..This year gave me the passion of BLOG and made me the BLOGGER and gave me the biggest dream of publishing a novel written by me..So finally, Mumbai has changed my life..It has made me something above an Ordinary person..It has made me something above the line of simplicity....

               I love this city a lot..And I have already decided that I'm not going to leave this city in any circumstances ...but if the last option is to leave my jaan-Mumbai..I'll have to do this forcibly but right now at this level of my life...I have no idea of leaving Mumbai...I love this city a lot..and hope a lot from the coming year..And I love every person who is a Mumbaikar and Im proud to be a Mumbaikar and Raj Thackeray remember..Im not going to leave Mumbai..You kill me ..Its OK....But I'm not going to leave this city just because I wasn't born here...And readers, Please Congratulate me for completing a Year here in Mumbai....



12 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Great Sachin and My 1st Exam of Sem-2 Tomorrow !!!

            174TH BLOG -->>

               Sachin Tendulkar- I don't think any writer or any journalist or any one in this world or Sachin himself can define this two words..If a blogger thinks of writing blogs only when Sachin will do his best..I think he will die writing and writing..Because Sachin has no limits..He has no confined boundary that is familiar to everyone that Sachin can't do better than this line or this stage..The day you think this..He does something and show you his magnificent drives of bat and cricket..Today , Mumbai Indians had their match with Rajasthan Royals at Jaipur..It was a record for Rajasthan that they haven't lost any match in their home ground in the IPL...But Sachin when played his best in the IPL and made his highest score at broke his last highest run of 72 everyone predicted the right future that today Sachin is going to cross every barricades..He scored 89* from 59 balls..Undoubtedly, he was the Man of the Match..But again his records-making quest was visible..He surpassed the runs of Kallis and won the Orange Cap for scoring the most highest run in this IPL till today..He also became the man who have hitted the most 4s in this IPL season..Sachin you are great..and with this winning flick, he has made his team the only team till today to be qualified in the Semi-Finals..T\wo matches more and then Mumbai is the winner of this season..Everytime Sachin has made 50 in this IPL, Mumbai have surely won..Hoping that he scores 50 in every match ahead..Now I'm also proud of myself that I'm following such a wonderful team in this IPL..Sachin Tendulkar- We are proud of you...

               Ok...Now coming to my dear life...Finally the countdown has ended and its my practical exam for this semester tomorrow..100 marks practical where I'll have to execute three C-programming problems out of four..Its a tough game as there's nothing to read and learn..I'll have to apply logic..Again the story doesn't ends here..There's a Viva where an external teacher would be asking us that selected questions which she knows that we will be unable to answer them..Ita a tough day tomorrow..Last time, when I gave my first practical exam for this same subject- I scored 73 / 100 and I was the third-highest..Now this time, lets see what the rise of tomorrow's sun brings for me..A good result or a worst one..Because I'm a different type of performer..I either give the topmost performance or one of the top or directly land somewhere which is never expected from me..I have read all the programs , executed them..Problem isn't that I'll forget them..Problem is that as soon as I see a question paper, My mind turns blank..Whatever I have read and learned and understood rubs off from my little brain and I start glaring others for help with the tears in my eyes..So friends plz wish me luck for my tomorrow's exam..Hope I do something like Sachin in my field of IT...
              Thanks a lot...and keep reading and loving me..

11 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Letter To My Mother On Her Birthday !!!

            173RD BLOG -->>

         As its my mother's birthday today on 10th April, 2010..I have uploaded the most sweetest pic of me and my mother together..The most sweetest and lovely mother I have ever seen...I love you mom a lot..A very very Happy birthday to you..I want to say a lot of things to you and thus as its your birthday today, I have thought of saying little of them here..As you know when I start talking to you I never stop...So as this is blog and there is a certain limitation of length , I'm writing a little...But everything is directly said up by my heart which beats only because of you..for you...and it has only you..

Dear Mum ma,

               10th April- The day I always wait for..because you are born on this date..The most exciting day of the year for me..I'm never excited for my birthday as I am for yours..Have you noticed one thing..My birthday is on 4th Oct i.e. 4-10 and your birthday is on 10-4 ... This happens rarely and it happens only with the most connected mother and son..So my dear mummy ..You have turned 43 today.. A Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day ... Live A Long Long Long and A Happy Life Ahead.. Happy Birthday To You..

               I have never seen a hard-working lady like you..You are short in height..Average in complexion...but a big heart beats within you..I have never seen you sitting in the home doing nothing..You have never given an excuse for not doing your work..I'm not saying this because you are my mother..but I'm saying this because I have seen the mothers of my friends..Not every mother is lazy but many are..I don't know how their mothers are lazy but I'm proud of you that you are a perfect mother and Im the only child of yours..I still remember when I was small in 1st class..You began working with your sewing machine..just because our family was financially weak then...After that..You kept working on this..I'll not call you tailor because you never sat in any shop..I'll call you a housewife who is using her house for money too by working 5 times more than other house-wifes..When I used to be at home at the weekends..I used to get head-ache listening to that awkward and irritating noise of Sewing-machine..But now I think that how you used to manage that noise for the whole day from 8 o clock in the morning to 10 o clock in the evening.How muc irritated you would be listening to it all day..You are great, mom..I also remember when the festivals used to come..and ladies and aunties used to give you uncountable sarees for Piikoo and fall..You used to sit whole night working with that needle and thread..Your fingers used to change their color turning into red first and then in blue but you didn't stopped..Your eyes used to turn red..but still..You used to work till morning 6..and then provide the breakfast to me and my father and then prepare my school-tiffin and then as soon as both of us left house..You used to sit again..I still remember your hard-work you did to raise the family up..

                I also remember your good beings as you didn't used to take money from workers because they didn't had so much money to pay..You used to make the bedsheet and small pillows of the new-born babies in our colony and gift them for free..You were so nice and polite...You also made numerous glasses of pickles and provided to your friends free of cost..You made biscuits and many other eatables...You are the best cook I have ever seen..There is no segment of variety left where you will have to utter that I don't know any of the dishes in this category..From North Indian food to South Indian..From Gujarati food to Kolkata one..From Veg foods to Non-vegs..You excel everywhere..You can dance..I remember the craze of ladies to see you dancing on the festival of ladies-Teez..And the way after your dance Everyone used to whistle..I remember everything..You also knew different types of paintings..That is visible from the frames on the walls of our house..You also had a habit of reading that is also visible with your books kept in your drawers..I'm proud of having such a multi-talented mother..We lived in the colony where there were more than 200 ladies and no one was so active as you..One call from anyone and you were at their home helping them for their parties..functions..for any dish if any aunty is trying..You also used to resolve the conflict between the aunties..Everyone loved you..I remember that...

              You also were working as an agent of Post-office..I remember you walking on a sunny after-noon to the post-office and standing in the queue and when your chance came for submitting your work that silly and bloody government postmaster used to shout at you like anything..I was a child then...I didn't had courage to speak up anything but if the same condition would come again..I'll surely love to be in jail for the whole lifetime for killing that post-master..This job of yours showed everyone that you can even do what men can..You were graduate - B.A. passed and you gave the proof of being educated rather than sitting like other ladies in the house and watching daily shops...

              When you left the colony where we lived for 15 years..I remember everyone came to leave you and see you for the last time..There was no lady left from the colony who didn't came and had tears in their eyes..This was the effect of you..The Great Sunita Bhabhi as known in the colony..Even my father was recognized because of you..And the most saddest day of our relation was the day when I was going to the hostel for the first time..I still remember the way you kept looking at me with the tears in your eyes till the time I was invisible on the road..I don't know how much you cried after that but I do remember whenever I called you from PCO , you never talked to me..because as soon as you heard my voice..You used to start weeping and then cut the phone just because you didn't wanted me to cry on the phone..But do you know how much was I in pain being far away from you..How much I cried when I slept for the first time on my hostel's bed alone? How much I cried when I ate my first food at my room without you..When I ate the food made by someone else..When I washed my cloth for the first time..When I went to bath and I forgot my towel in my room? I remembered you everytime..Every morning when I used to go to college..and I wanted to touch your feet and kiss you..There was no you all around..Whenever I saw a mother and a small child on the road walking together..I cried with the unmanageable pain in my heart..I missed you so much..I cried so much..And when I came back for the first time from the hostel..I loved you so much..Like I have met the one I was searching from last 1000 years..

                 And today on your birthday, I want to apologize for every pain I gave you..Everytime I said something which ruined your mood and your day and which made you cry..A son is lost in his life when the reason of his mother's tear is he himself..And I have lost in my life..not once but many a times...I remember how you woke all night when I was sick..When I was in depression for the whole two years continuously..I remember how you remembered the time of my doses and tablets..and what I gave you in return..A dangerous life of two years..A fear of your only son trying to commit suicide every minute..I am so bad..But forgive me today for every wrong activities of my life..If a list of the greatest mother of this world will be generated..Your name will surely lie there..And I'm also proud of you for bringing me back to a human's life..Taking me out of the world of depression..This was possible only by you..No doctor was successful..no psychiatrist was successful..But when you took the oath you did it..You bought your son again on the track..Whatever I do today..The first and first credit goes to you..If you wouldn't be there..I wouldn't have passed 12th board..Not have won Mr.Fresher, not have scored good marks in BCA, not have won on traditional day, not have performed on fest and the most important activity of my life..Wouldn't have written blogs..This is all because of you..I love you mom...And now I have nothing to say...Sorry for every tears I gave you..And plz be alive on this earth till the time I don't die...As soon as I'll die , you too come with me other wise I'll miss you a lot again in the world of souls...

                A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ONCE AGAIN...Keep Smiling and spreading your love all around...I'm Proud of you...Muaaah..Mummy

Yours Most Lovingly and the only son,
Chutku-Veeru-Badmash and all the nouns you use to call me...
9 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Name Is NOT Khan, That Means I Could Be A Terrorist? / Thanks Roopika Di !!!

            172ND BLOG -->>

            I m touched by wt u rote...sumtyms choked ..n sumtyms bursting into laughter...brother i must sy "It took me ONE YEAR to read ur blog.." bt nw i understand wt did i miss in this 1 year..... "I SALUTE U 4 UR EMOTIONS, VOCAB N BEAUTY OF THOUGHTS"..... 

          This is the comment I have received for my 151th blog post where I wrote about womans as it was Women's day then..Its so blithy to receive such comment from someone you have never expected of..This is my cousin sister..My mausaji's daughter..I have met her only once on 20th April,2009..That was the first time I met her and after that I have never met her..I had a chat with her on phone when my article was published in DNA..and then when I got this comment from her..It is like a heaven calling me without any big deal from my side to mark my entrance's eligibility for it..Roopika didi, you have just made me so happy with your comment..Actually more than your comment I loved that you commented..Reading is a good task but giving your feedback and thought at it is the biggest approach towards expecting more valuable blogs from the writer in the future..because for a writer, a person who haven't given his feedback on his writing is a person of nonentity..I always send an email to every author whose book I read..even a single word..But I do send to let him know that I have read his writing and what ratings do I give him or her..And I'm very happy that even it took you to reach my blogs a whole one year but you said it very frankly and audaciously..I have no words how to thank you..Saying that you are proud to be associated with me as a sister is a big thing and that too because of this blog..I'm ineffable and unutterable..Thanks a lot..Thanks a ton..You are so sweet..Looking forward to meet you..Share some silver and golden moments with you..Uff!!! Many personal chatting here on my blog lets move towards social approach now..

             Don't use your tiny brain in guessing and predicting for what this image is trying to conduct here..Actually My dad has helped me to open my first ever bank account..I submitted my Pan Card as an ID Proof which I have received 2 weeks ago and the electricity bill as an address proof..Father payed rupees 5000 as a minimum balance to the account..and I added 1000 rupees as the up amount which I can withdraw..The main craze for opening a bank account was nothing except having an ATM CARD of my name..of my account..Now I can save my money in this account..Have an amount saved without any notice of my parents..Now I'll be getting my ATM card within a week and a passbook and unfortunately a cheque book too..Now whenever I'll have to pay a small amount to my friends like 10 rs or 20 rs..I'll cut the cheque out..will act little ostentatiously..and will draw the cheque on the favour of his name and will cross it with the Account Payee..If he will not have an a/c he or she will have to suffer..I'll act a little..But I'm unhappy with one useless facility that I'm unable to withdraw money from any other bank's ATM..If I do this I'll have to pay 20rs extra for each withdrawal..So sad for me..Now after Pancard and after this bank account..My next target is to have a Passport..

             I'm bored noticing gutters and the same complexion's girls in India..I want to go to Italy, America, London to see the new technologies..Learn new innovations...observe new cultures..See new complexions..Beauty of the city and the country..Tall buildings and the biggest craze to watch White girls..I have heard that teenager girls roam there in bikinis..If this is true..I think I'll be the first Indian in overseas to roam in Underwear..and that too of a hole waala...I want to represent my country there in an articulate way..I know their government is very stringent..But I'll do the same way as SRK did..Will say to every security person there that I'm going to meet President of America..Hope that after this they will not interrogate more with me and will think that a real man is inspired by a reel life...What happens if My name is not Khan..even I can be a terrorist and this is what I'll go to president to tell him that even if My name is not Khan ..I can be a terrorist..I didn't understood what was movie trying to teach us..It said-My Name is Khan and I'm Not a Terrorist..Does it mean that- My Name is Not Khan and So I could be a Terrorist???? If this then Karan Johar be sure with your titles and your messages...You could have also named the film as I am a Human Being and not a terrorist..You could have shown in this way that Terrorist are not human beings..But the way you have screen played your movie It shows that a Islamic follower can't be terrorist but another religions can..I'm not saying that only Muslims are terrorist but I am saying that supply your movie in an undoubtedful manner..See how Aamir Khan present his movie..You need to learn a more..

            Sorry If I have said much on the blog but again this is ARB...whatever I'll feel I'll write..You filter according to what you want to get from my blogs and what you want to throw and spit from the messages I give on my blogs....And Roopika Didi..thanks once again..Waiting for my tomorrow's blog as it will be on my mother as its her birthday on 10th..

8 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Advantages and Disadvantages of Updating Status !!!

            171TH BLOG -->>

               Exams are on..And my masti is at its highest level..Nothing can stop me to do masti and nothing can start me to study for exams..As soon as I enter the exam hall for writing the paper , all my classmates and my friends from BBA 1st year starts requesting me to get up in 5 minutes and move out of the class giving a direct challenge to the university..Actually no university keeps this type of childish acitivities for students..We are in college..We want to celebrate fest..show our talents..You all dont allow us to do that..but you all want us to write this useless exams..which is of no use..you never check..you never read what we write..You just throw away that papers in a corner of the college campus..Right now, when we should be studying for the university's final exams..We are writing your preliminary papers..Is this the way you manage things? I don't have words for the ideas you all possess and implement on us..Please leave us..Please save us from your goons..Let us leave our life the way we want..and please stop giving us DHAMKI at our every anti-behaviour that our hall-ticket will be blocked..Try to augment your procedure..and then come upon us...Till then..Live your life at your fullest and let us enjoy ours...

             Now-a-days Social networking sites's popularity is at the highest..The way every age group people are using it is commendable..Networking sites have changed the life of the people..No one can feel lonely now..Whenever you want to talk something..Share something..Come log in...Update your status and with that one sentence..Talk with everyone in your friend-list...Wow..A good way to interact with everyone in your contacts..Everyone wants to be in contact with each other but the busy life and the busy schedules has grown the distance of relationship of people and friends..These sites helps us be in contact..Earlier when people were aparted, the leaders like Lokmanya Tilak introduced festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi so that people will unite together and share their lifes and talks with each other leaving their busy life..Now, this Social networking sites and surfing internet is the Holi,Diwali, Ganpati, ID and Christmas of the youth..There was a time when no one knew what GPRS was..and today everyone has it in their mobile phones at just Rs.5 per day or 98 rs per month...This reflects the personality..The way you use your internet..The way you introduce and publicize yourself on this site..Shows what really your mind has..Good or Bad..Decency or Rivalry..And Yes..I have judged out many personalities of my friends throug hthese websites..

             The STATUS UPDATES of the friends actually shows what they really are..What they really think like..Dont consider the Status which they have copied from somewhere else..Concentrate on the Updates they write it personally in their words...That is the real human being which comes out...But this Social networking sites sabotages our valuable time..The whole day is passed on the net reading everybody's updates..commenting on them..reading the tweets..writing yours..uploading pics..watching your friends playing guitar on youtube..This leads to nothing..You grow closer to your friends..Now this is a different thing..but where is your time gone? The time which you would have used in developing yourself..learning something useful...is spent in knowing your friends..While the exams are on..People are busy updating status that Exams are on..Im busy..Tension moving around..Rather than doing this..Can't we write our paper first and then the day exam is over..Log in to our favourite websites..and upload 100 Updates shouting that this is the best exam I have ever given in my life..Think..Think on this and try reducing your online time on this social networkings like-Facebook, Twitter and Orkut...


7 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Follow Successful Personalities Like Sachin !!!

            170TH BLOG -->>

           Watched the match of Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings..I was watching the math with the confidence that Mumbai Indians are again going to win the match and shut up everyone but as the match turned its facet , everything changed..Nothing was on the right path..Chennai Super Kings batted first and scored 165..Then Mumbai came on the strike and Sachin Tendulkar returned back because of his unhealthy circumstances..He left teh team at the stage when Mumbai wasn't bad..They weren't leading but they were on teh right track but as soon as Sachin left the field being retired..All the players were blown off by the great bowlers of Chennai in a seconds..Atlast Sachin arrived back and I had a hope again that he will do something which is always expected by him because he is efficacious but the way he too trembled down at 45 runs was the biggest disaster for the fan like me...Mumbai Indians now have won 7 matches of all the 9 matches they have played..Standing at the first position..Sachin standing at the first position for the highest number of fours beaten by someone...But Sachin has hit only one SIX in this whole tournament of IPL..Sachin is also standing at the second position in the leading run scorers..He is little behind from Jacques Kallis..When the team lost the match, I waited for the presentation ceremony..I wanted to hear Sachin speak after losing this match after a series of win incessantly one after another..

               Sachin came and said that it was necessary for us to lose now to get more charged and warmed up..because we were winning continuously and if this bad luck would have been landed upon us somewhere at semi-finals..we will be hurled out of the tournament..So its better that we lost now..Now we will be alert and motivated for the next matches..He had a smile on his face..No regret of losing the match..because the great god of cricket knows that One lost match can never blow up the sense of cricket in him..He know that 1 failure will grow him more as a cricketer and learner..Its so knowledgeable and interesting to hear the words of this successful and great people of their fields..They have a huge experience and a deep knowledge about the success and failure and so they always give a good and fair advise..because they have no jealousy and fear that other can break their record or move upper than them by the advise they have given to them..After reaching at that stage , they love the person who break their record..They come to know the level of maturity other possess..When Sachin spoke that I'm an Indian first and then a Maharashtrian..He taught all of us that live for your country first and then for your home..Amitabh Bachchan always say that Agar mann ka ho to atcha aur agar mann ka na ho to aur bhi atcha..This sentence has a great meaning..And thus following this particular articulate, Big B has reached at this level where everyone stands up when he enters..Everyone treat him as a God..When A.R.Rehman won the Oscars, he said in an interview, After dedicating so much in the music field, I have won now after so many years..You can yourself analyze how much time it takes to achieve the goal of yours...Now just concentrate on the wordings...This teaches us that keep walking on the road towards your goal and motive rather than losing patience and hope..Atlast you will surely gain the impossibility..

               Everyone is born a child..Don't take the factor of a family he is born in..Rich or Poor..Child comes with no wealth..no aim..But as he grows..He finds what he is good at..and finally achieve the same..But what are you doing? Listening music in your earphone gives nothing..Think that are you going to be Music directors? Watching movies gives you nothing..Think that are you going to be director? Playing cricket and wasting time in it is very easy but think that is your future a Cricketer? If the answer is NO to every question than why are you wasting your time in this activities..Find out your potential, your strength, your momentum..and then start wasting your time on it..Life is very short to do small things...So try doing something big..something which really values something on this world rather than doing something which has no profit outputs except the waste of your energy , mind and time..Think once again..choose your destiny...and keep following these great people...


6 April 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Approach Towards Exam and Studies !!!

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            Today after giving my first prelims exams, I felt like kicking myself..Why do I go to college? Better question than this..What do I do in the college? I have attended a lot of lectures..I'm not from them who bunk the lectures more often..and then too after showing so much dedication towards lectures and teachers and studies..I was unable to handle even a single question in the paper..That is the different issue that many of my classmates were genius like me but Why am I so sick? Why am I not concerned towards the studies? In 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan does well in the exam because engineering was his passion..Even BCA is my passion that is why I joined this course...But my passion isn't showing good results..When I entered the college..I studied a lot because there was a will to perform..A will to conquer BCA...but as the days passed..My dedication and approach towards the studies declined and tilted vertically..Very bad..I must say worst..I'm ashamed of myself..And now I'm happy that in aggression I didn't took admission in Engineering otherwise I would have been beaten up by the studies and the courses..I'm unable to learn the definitions..What would I have done if there were many numerical problems in physics..Chemical equations in Chemistry and Long long theorems in Maths..Thank God for giving me brain and keeping engineering far away from me..

               In the first semester , I scored 65.56%..This was somewhat my target for the session..I wanted to score more than 60%..I also ranked 3rd in the class..Now this wasn't my target..It was like I was studying for myself..and I landed at this good score without any actual targets of scoring this..And this time too...I have the same target of scoring more than 60%..And If I score this and I find that every student of my class had scored more than me..I'll not feel bad even zara sa because my target isn't to compete with any crap of my class..My target is to compete with my set goals and targets..because tomorrow when I'll go for an interview( I'm not talking about Campus Interview), I'll not be asked what ranking did you held in your class..or I'll not be asked why were you behind than Vandana? Why were you unable to defeat Arya? I will be judged according to my potentials and knowledge..I'll be compared with the guys sitting out there for the interview..So I need to study in such a way that I should know how to handle computers and programs..I should know what exactly computers are..And suppose, I don't know all this but my fortune played and I'm top scorer in my class in all the 6 sems...Whre will I land to? Nowhere..Because they want knowledge and work from me and not my success..The organizations have nothing to do with my success and achievements and dreams..They just want to augment and improvize themselves..

             I'm never tensed when I see someone in my class studying and performing well..I never take pressures..I take pressures from my left portions and the days remaining for the exam..I love myself more than anyone else..So I take care of mine rather than taking care and comparing myself with other students of my class..I believe that if a child is scoring 1st rank and is not interactive in the class..He is quiet , shy and speak less..and then there is another child who scored 10th rank in the class but is interactive, helpful , interesting, knowledgeable and lovable by everyone-even by teachers..then the child scoring 10th rank is better than the one scoring 1st...So be like this..Behave like when you are absent everyone miss you..Your classmates and even your teachers..Be the environment changer of your classroom rather than the rank-builder of your classroom..So I'm happy with my low rank in the future...The day I had my presentation..My primary and 1st target was to make students savvy of the topic Im presenting and explaining them and then my secondary target was to score best marks..Ultimately , I received 10 on 10 but if even a single student will say that I didn't understood your topic even after your presentation, I'll feel myself as a loser and good-for-nothing..This is my attitude towards working and studying..Yours may differ ...but then this is ARB..So everything is about me and my views...

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