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First Half 0f 2012 Ends- Do you remember the RESOLUTIONS that you boasted about??

622nd BLOG POST -->>

                I still remember the day when the world was celebrating the arrival of 2012 and I was busy writing a Blog Post so that I can publish it exactly at 12 AM and make it the first Blog Post of the year. :-) Today, its 30th June and after few minutes, we will be in the Second Half of this year. And I'm still writing this Blog to publish it before 1st July arrives. :-) Today, it's the correct time to analyze how has the last 6 months of our Present year has been. Everyone of us do make some Resolutions. And 90% of us forget them. Therefore, I always suggest all my friends to keep a Personal Diary even if they don't update it as passionately as I update my Blog, Tweets and other scribbling areas. :-) I do have a personal Diary which I update once every week. It's so entertaining to keep a track on myself. It helps me to be better than what I was yesterday. And through a personal diary, I always get to know the change in me in comparison to the week that has passed, the month that has passed and to be more detailed, how the present year is in the comparison to all that has gone away in the years that are never going to return back. 

             I did write the Resolutions of 2012 in my Personal Diary and to my surprise, in the First Blog Post of 2012 too. If you have missed it, you can read it here- 2012 Starts and Yes, I have RESOLUTIONS !!!. And as the First Six Months of 2012 has gone, it is an accurate moment to check the Resolutions and see what has been achieved and what is yet to be accomplished. There were 5 Major Resolutions that I had in my mind, on the 1st January 2012 that I have also listed in the blog mentioned above, they were- 

  1. To get a good college for MCA
  2. To pass BCA successfully as I would not be getting admission in MCA without    passing :-)
  3. To write 200 Blog Posts in the calendar year
  4. To start writing the most ambitious thing of my life- My First Book
  5. To read 50 Books.

              Now, going through the Resolutions, I am quite relaxed. Because it seems to be as almost everything that I had as a Target in this year has been either accomplished or is above 80% in the Progress Bar that is executing on the Booting screen of my mind. :-) I have passed BCA successfully and I am going to begin with MCA's admission procedure from next week. I have already secured a Rank that is enough to evaporate all the tension I should be having regarding the Admission. So, the First and Second Resolution is complete. Coming to the 3rd, this is my 110th Blog Post of 2012, I just have to write 90 Blog Posts in next 182 days. As I have maintained the average of writing 1 Blog Post in 1.6 Days in first 6 months, I can easily accomplish the target of next 6 months as I can even afford to write a Blog Post on every alternate days. :-) So, almost I am on my way to accomplish the 3rd one too. Coming to the 4th one, I am still lacking. I haven't begun writing my book. I'll have to at least start writing it to meet the Resolution's demand. I'll have to think upon this. :-) And coming to the 5th and the last resolution, I am currently reading 35th Book of the year. So, 15 books more(in the next 6 months) and the 5th Resolution would be accomplished too (And 15 books will be read in the month of July itself :-)). So almost 4 out of 5 Resolutions have been met successfully. :-)

            Our life comprises of uncountable seconds and minutes that form Limited Hours. These hours then make our Days and the Days turn into 52 Weeks, which  forms just 12 months. And Finally, one end up living a year of our life. If we will keep on wasting each second or each minute or each day, we can never meet any requirements that are essential for our Life to be something where we want it to be. I still have a big regret of wasting the following years in my life- 2006, 2007 and 2008. Hence I try to do as much work as possible so that even these Black Dots in my life can be covered such that no one can point at them and say "See you bloody failure, you were a loser in these years of your so called successful life". Everyone blame me for sleeping less, but have I not spent those hours of sleeping in working and developing, I would have not been so blithe today as all my Resolutions would have committed suicide by now. :-)

            My only request to all of you is- Before you regret wasting 2012 in useless activities like watching Sports, Movies, Sleeping and Texting, start if from this minute itself. Start reading Good Books. Start following the Tips that they give. Start working on the ambitions you have in life. Start performing every damn activity that will fulfill the dreams that your parents have for you. Start doing every bit such that on 31st December, 2012, when everyone would be praying God for making 2013 the Best year of their Life as they would have already wasted 2012 like every damn year that came in their life, you would be smiling at them and counting all the good works that you would have listed in your Personal Diary. :-) If you don't have a Personal Diary, Go Tomorrow, its 1st July, buy one and enter all the major successes of your life in it with all the downfalls too. And decide how the next 6 months of 2012 will be. And don't give that bloody idiotic reply to me that- 21st December is the last, why to think so much. I am telling you, if this will be the attitude, surely the world will turn upside down, leaving only you to survive alone. :-) You will end up dying by swimming continuously in the Water as it's said- Earth will be covered by Water on the day when it will eat all the Human Kinds, their inventions and creations and other living beings. :-) 

                I know I am talking like a Boring Lecturer but as I have seen Changes and Development in my life since I started noting down the targets of my life in my Personal Diary and keeping tracks of them, I want everyone to grow and improve with me. :-)

    Enough. Let's welcome the Second Half of 2012. And we will surely meet on 22nd December too. :-) 

P.S.: Last Time I wrote 30 Posts or more in a month was in July 2010. Finally after two whole years, I have managed to do it again. :-)



Wearing Being Human T-shirts doesn't make you a Human !!!

621st BLOG POST -->>

            I have read  "Human is a Social Animal" umpteenth number of times. But because of lack of ideas and maturity, I always thought that being a Social animal means interacting with each other. Actually, it isn't that the age of 22 makes one mature, may be some from 50 years old age group might also not know the meaning of "Social Animal". It is just that I got to observe few instances and examples around me that I learnt the real meaning of being a Socialite. I know that I am still away from getting the real meaning of this but whatever I have understood is too much to improve myself and get into the zone where at least I can claim with blithe that "I have been a good human being". :-) I would like to share few examples with you which will also let you clear your vision about being a Social Animal is actually what. :-) 

             My father got his medical report of whole body check-up. But he wasn't sure about the medicines that were being prescribed to him from the Doctor of one of the most renowned hospitals of Mumbai. And after seeing Satyameva Jayate, it is better to be unsure about doctors. Haha. :-) So, he asked my Mausaji about his query and he suggested my father to come at his place so that they can meet a doctor of their society who is almost like their Family Doctor. My father found this quite genuine and trustworthy. He ended up being there with my Mausaji. He saw the prescribed medicines and suggested my father something(I don't want to go into that stupid details). After that, my Mausaji asked that Doctor to check his blood pressure. Then, while exiting, Mausaji gave 50 rupees to the Doctor, talked to him like a friend and came out. Surprisingly, my father asked him that usually we don't give anything to Doctor for checking blood pressure and nor does he ask for any fees then why did he give him 50 rs. My Mausaji said to my father,"Why is the Doctor sitting there? Obviously, to earn. How many people of my society actually get sick in a day? At most, 10. What will he earn from that? And if he'll not get any money for these blood pressure checking kind of things, how will he survive? Hence, we should give them whatever justifiable to them whenever we ask for such small check-ups or anything". Deep Thought!

             I have a Friend from my Graduation college- Vivek. He has indefinite love for every animal. Whenever we used to sit in our College canteen, dogs would come only to him with their waging tail. Dogs knew that this is the only one who'll buy Pavs and biscuits to feed us. Others will either kick us or name us what they themselves are. :-) Even at his home, he has many animals that he nourishes as pets. He even helped me in getting a pet that I always wanted to have. After seeing the love Vivek has for every animal- even if he pets them or not, I started keeping a bowl of water and grains that sparrows eat in my balconies. It helps them to survive in Summers as they don't find water because of its scarcity. 

           I have a junior from my Graduation college- Asit. He is a part of a NGO that his friends own. Whenever he gets Holiday on weekends and on National Holidays or on any special occasion, he makes it sure that he call his friends and get to know about their schedule related to their NGO. And then he goes with them to teach street kids, make them eat the hygienic food that we eat, play with them, make them acquainted with gadgetry that we use etc. They make it sure that child gets to enjoy every thing that we enjoy in our life because these street kids are only abused and kicked by the Middle-class and High-class people. Asit and his friends make it sure that they bring little happiness in their life. On the occasion of Independence/Republic Day, they dress all the children in white color uniform and hoist flag with them. This is just one instance, there are many such unique activities that they perform with these kids. Quite Amazing and Inspiring!

          I have seen many-a-times while traveling a long route by train that people buy two vada-pavs, keep one for themselves and keep the another one in their bag. Whenever they see a small kid sweeping our coach, they take out that second vada-pav and give it to him so that the child gets something to eat and survive. When asked why do they do this. They have a brilliant answer "He is not poor because of his faults but his parents'. He is sweeping because of them. Imagining myself in his shoes, I just wish to get something to eat. So, I make it sure that whatever I can, I'll surely do for these victims of poverty". Speechless!

          And this is the real definition of being a "Social Animal". And not what we assume. Meeting each other during Festivals is what we consider Socialism. Helping a neighbour by giving him a bowl of curd/spoon of sugar does not make us a Socialite. Calling your friends on their Birthday at 12 AM isn't Socialism. Being Human or Being a "Social Animal" is a huge responsibility that is being given to us by God. And what we do is calculation of our Profits in every quotient of life. We aren't Social Animal, we are just Wild Animal. :-) I am learning a lot from these kind of human beings whom I have mentioned above as one of those rare "Social Animals" and thus, I want all of you to learn these Common senses with me. :-) At least, while breathing our last on a Hospital bed, we will be able to say that "I have been a Good Human Being and God and Humanity will always love me for that" :-) 

       Think!!! I am in my deep reverie too. :-)


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Restart by Aabhas K Maldahiyar!!!

 620th BLOG POST -->>

Book Summary of Restart: An Architect's Journey to the Parliament House:

           Pain of losing, hurts and messing up things, big time started becoming a regular chapter of Aditya's life, which started as a successful process in his architectural career and slowly started fading until he faces the toughest moments of life, and starts thinking differently. Will this change in his realizations and attitude bring him luck? Will he be able to restart? Will he get back what he had one day? Will his lost fortune again shine back on him? Hence, we present you the fast paced life of Aditya and his urge to breathe back, which has been beautifully carved into a novel by the author. The novel gives one a glimpse into architecture, modern day college life, the true face of complete system, along with the highly inspirational note to live life this moment.

             It is often said "Never judge a book by its cover". I just got an example of it. Recently completed reading Aabhas K Maldahiyar "Restart". The book also has the tagline of "An Architect's Journey to the Parliament House". When I read the synopsis of the book, I was pretty sure that I willl get to read a very motivating story indeed. But, what I experienced was a weak plot. Even characters aren't given the kind of depth that is required. It is not the kind of book that will compel you to see what's on the next page. You know that the story is too slow to excite you. You will just read for the sake of reading it. Power Publishers charge authors to publish them, but they should also edit the book properly. If they would have looked once in the story with the attitude of eliminating the loopholes, this could have been one of the most interesting books of recent times. And I am not talking much about this book as I didn't find anything intriguing, but this is my personal opinion, I am not saying that you should ignore the book because of my review, go for it. I am not the one to judge a book and ask others to withdraw their interest from it. But again, Power Publishers, 225 rupees for a 152 pages book? Are you crazy? Huh!!!


27 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Life Unplugged by Bhavya Sharma!!!

619th BLOG POST -->>

             Sorry for the excessive overflow of Book Reviews today. Already 11 has been posted and this is the 12th one. But I promise no more are coming at least within 24 hours from now. You can stop abusing me. :-) Finally completed reading Expression Publication's published Bhavya Sharma's "Life Unplugged". The book has an extremely attractive cover page having the tags of every thing that the book contains in its story line. Bhavya Sharma's picture is enough for the girls to pick up the books while browsing the books in bookstore. :-) Today itself, Bhavya Sharma is celebrating his 22nd birthday. A Very Happy birthday to you, sir from ARB and its readers. We hope that you will keep writing entertaining stories and entertain until your fingers stop you to do that. :-) For my readers let me tell you that Bhavya Sharma is pursuing his Post Graduation from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. And he gets angry whenever someone gives more emphasis to the "a" in the end of his name. :-) He is also the co-founder of Guiding Light that is involved in Career assessment, Personality assessment, Career Guidance, Self-realization, creative workshops in schools & for NGOs. Amazing profile at the age of 22! 

            "Life Unplugged" is the story about how the teenagers get to know new things when they enter in Junior college after giving their 10th std board with innocence and pressure. How they develop friendship with some raunchy guys and how they get involved in those extra-ordinary activities that they only saw in movies but never dreamed of applying those in their own life. How they struggle for exam, how they cheat, how they argue with parents, how they understand what friendship is and what betrayal is, how they get excited when they see girls and many other elements of being a Junior collegiate. BUT, this book is written in a perspective of a boy studying in a BRANDED school like DPS. And as the IITIANs have helped us know what goes in IIT hostels and campuses through their books, Bhavya Sharma has let us know how DPS school's students are also involved in the crazy stuffs. To know the more about the book, purchase it. :-)

           Bhavya Sharma has written the whole book as an autobiography of his. At least it seems so as it doesn't have any over did element. Even when some extra ordinary activities are indeed a part of the story line, it seems as it is possible and it would have been the real experience of the author. But as it is promised on the cover page that its a Fiction/Humour, I didn't find any such humour while reading it. It is a light read that one will enjoy reading but nothing that will make you laugh like a crazy Laughing Buddha. But one thing is indeed sure. If I would have read this book when I was in 10th std, I would have enjoyed lot more in my 11th and 12th std. :-) The synopsis of the book is perfectly written as it does not claim any thing that is not in the book. So read the synopsis of the book and if it amazes you, surely go for this one.

            At least, the children in school and those who are yet to enter in a Graduation college, should surely try this one. They'll explore their college life more. :-) All the characters in the book is being given equal treatment. As the book is set in Junior college's scenario, there is nothing about Sex and Lust and those elements that could have been inserted and made this book a monotonous attempt too. But thankfully, it is more about how the intelligent students too end up screwing their life by getting distracted for exciting things around them. This book is actually for all those who belong under the age group of 14 to 20. And for those who think that the schools like DPS, Ryan are only meant for studies and not for fun. :-) I'll rate this book an Average attempt. 



Zero Percentile 2.0- Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon by Neeraj Chhibba !!!

618th BLOG POST -->>

              Zero Percentile- Missed IIT Kissed Russia (Read its review by me HERE) was finished by me exactly 24 hours ago. And it made me wake up for the whole night of 26th June. And I started its sequel "Zero Percentile 2.0- Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon" last night and it made me wake for this whole night again. :-) Very lovingly, after thinking a lot after completing the first part, I settled with 4.4 which seems to be so much analyzed and studied. :-) And when you rate a book so high, its sequel already gets a challenge to impress the reader as the first one remains to be a kind of an epic for him. But after completing the Second part, I am very proud of saying that Neeraj Chhibba is one of the favorite authors I'll look out for in future. Zero Percentile 2.0 has already sold 50,000 copies as I read it in an interview. And this author deserves to get such recognition. 

             Zero Percentile ended when Pankaj returns to India after completing his Red Degree successfully(kind of) from Russia. He gets married to Priya, his childhood love. While Nitin was still shown to be alive even after being diagnosed with HIV positive. Motu gets his own ventured organization open in India. Zero Percentile 2.0 takes story forward from here. It brings some new characters as the lead in the book such as Sans, Arjun, Tanya, Jaanvee with the oldies Pankaj, Motu, Priya and Nitin. It's enough for you to understand that if a sequel has new characters as lead in first of the three parts, then bringing back the old characters in second part and finally merging all of them together in the last part of the book, how entertaining it would have been to read. :-) GO GET THE BOOK.

           As I have already spoken about the author's skill of writing, I don't find any need of repeating it again in this review. But, I did miss the sense of humour in this book which was in abundant in the first book. :-( But I did like how the role of AIDS patient-Nitin and a physically-mentally challenged little girl-Divya is being shown beautifully. I fell in love with the character of Divya. Actually, now I just want to become father as soon as possible to get a beautiful little daughter like Divya and take her care as Arjun, her father does. :-) The part where Divya recites the poem without any stammering and gets nervous and emotional in the last four lines which is related to a complete family because her mother, Muskaan had left her and her father because Divya was born as a special child. Nitin's AIDS case is shown too encouragingly from the point of view of AIDS patient. Else, the software scenarios bored me initially. 

            Just when you start hating the absence of Pankaj and Motu's friendship in this book, author brings them at the right time in the Part II to bring our interest back in the book. :-) The story teaches us so much about not being arrogant and punishing someone else for someone else's mistakes and faults. Sveta and Kapil's chapter is closed nicely in the story. Asterisks that is often used in book to make a reader know that the author is relating the scenario from the first book, it will urge the ones who haven't read the first one to read and while the one who have already read the first part, smile after remembering the funny and sweet moments of the first book. The totally different approach of this book is what I liked. The First book made me confident of migrating to a country where one can't even understand my language while this one motivated me to study my Software Engineering nicely so that I don't get screwed as Motu gets. :-) The only problem that I had with the story was injustice done with Priya's character in the end. But even that is ended with a sweet note but still. :-( 

           I would have rated this 3.5 but combining this story with Zero Percentile, I will settle at 4/5. :-) 



Zero Percentile-Missed IIT Kissed Russia by Neeraj Chhibba!!!

617th BLOG POST -->>

             Whenever you see any paperback format of any 200-230 pages book by an Indian author, you term it as "chick-lit" without giving a thought of trying some of them to give an analyzed judgment to your statement. But still there are readers who are interested in reading the ordinary Love Stories by Indian authors as they find it familiar to theirs. Recently, I picked a National Bestseller book named "Zero Percentile" with a tagline of "Missed IIT Kissed Russia". For once I thought that it's a Love story but I still took courage of reading it. And I am so shocked to witness that the book has nothing about Love (as primary or even secondary topic) in it but still had a tagline which can misguide many that this boy missed a chance on an IITian girl and finally landed up in succeeding with a Russian. But it has nothing of such story line in it. This book is 2000 times better than my imaginary plot. :-) The author of "Zero Percentile- Missed IIT Kissed Russia" is Neeraj Chhibba who was born and raised in India but studied his engineering at Russia, where he spent almost 7.5 years of his life. He is currently employed with a software company in India. And I would say, one of my favorite authors from the moment I finished reading half of the book. :-)

            The book is about Pankaj who has a perfect childhood with his friend Motu aka Gaurav and Priya. He passed all his childhood with both of them and loved more than anyone else. Finally, he realizes that he has a strong feeling for Priya but he feels awkward about it as he belongs from a lower middle-class family while she almost lived a life of a Princess. Hence, he promises himself that he'll try to be of the level Priya is. He tried for IIT but misses because of some uncertainties. Then, he lands up in Russia to study the Engineering equivalent course. But, with studies, he faces lots of different worldly elements in Russia which matures him as a Human being. He realizes and observes many different aspects of a Human life and nature. And to go deep into the inspiring life of Pankaj, go get the National Bestseller book.

            Neeraj Chhibba is a wonderful writer having the power of language to express even the tiny things so intriguingly that you remember each of them even after completing the book. Even when the story is lengthy, it didn't bore me for a single minute. I completed it in one go. And I thank Neeraj Chhibba for taking me away from India for few hours and let me enjoy the country of Russia. :-) 

              One of the most powerful story line I came across in last 3 years. The childhood story of the protagonist in 1970's is so wonderfully described. The way India was then lets you know the kind of life your parents had. The description of every character and even describing the whole family background of each one of them right from their great-grandfather's history makes you feel as if you are watching a Blockbuster movie in a multiplex. The funny scenarios where the protagonist and his friend-Motu has to deal with sophisticated and rich Priya made me laugh out loud. Minute things of childhood and school is also recorded with emotions that makes the book unique in itself. The fight that the protagonist had with Khalid and Hassan over food which was equivalent to World War 3 at the hostel in Russia was so fun to read. I didn't want it to end. :-) The way the struggle and fight against it of the protagonist is narrated, gives you a confidence that even you can survive in a country where people don't even understand English. At least, I have got the confidence of moving to Russia in next 24 hours. :-) When Pankaj bribes the Russian teachers for marks is something that has also given me the confidence of bribing teachers for my internal assessment. :-) When Pankaj's story is moved from India to Russia, you forget all the characters of India and get in love with the new ones that are introduced. 

              This book will give you confidence of dreaming big even if you have failed miserably in your school/college/professional life. The book has been successful in making you know how the Big and Small things of Russia is. It lets you know how can one leave family, friends, attachment if one have to do something extra-ordinary in life. In short, this book is too good to be missed. I just can't stop writing good points about the book. The only two drawbacks that I couldn't ignore are- Initially it becomes difficult to get the flow of story. And the climax doesn't mention about the Sirs who taught him for IIT. It would have been little more exciting to have them in the end. Else, I am rating this book 4.4/5. Go for it, undoubtedly. And Yes, this book also has a Sequel to it "Zero Percentile 2.0". I am about to begin it in 5 minutes. :-)



Did She Love Me? by Jyotirmoy Majumdar!!!

616th BLOG POST -->>

               I have decided one thing for the next 10-15 books that I am going to review. If the book is written by a 19 year old author, I'll read it according to the state of mind I had when I was 19 and this is how I'll read every book that is written by authors who are younger to me. Because, when we read a book we expect a lot from the story and we do not get it from the guys who are young. It is obvious that a 40 years old man will write according to all the experiences he had in last 4 decades while an author of 19 years old will write a story according to the horizon that has been visible to him till the age which according to me is quite less to write an intellectual book. So, I only expect a Love story from them which does not have any Epic reality in it but just the same Crush->Love->Date->Break-up->Patch up and then it depends upon the mentality of an author if he wants to end up with the Patch up as the climax or Break up to make it a sad story. :-) 

              Recently, I completed reading "Did She Love Me?" by a 20-years old young author- Jyotirmoy Mazumdar. And as he is just 20, what I expected him is the same that I have mentioned in the first paragraph of this post. And, to our surprise, Jyotirmoy Majumdar has turned 20 today itself. So a very happy birthday to the young boy who has a will to write as good as possible and pass on the message to the youth of the country but struggling with the lack of experiences. The author is from Assam where a life of glamour and fame is out of reach of people's mind but still coming out with a novel at the age of 19 is a success in itself. So, a shout-out for this. Coming to the story of Did She Love Me, it is about Jayrish who shifts away from his home to prepare for IIT entrance exam. Leaving back the girl Sakshi who loves him too much, he meets a new girl in his class- Shweta. He challenges his friends- Anisha and Ritwik that he'll prove himself by winning the heart of Shweta anyhow. At last he gets her. But, Shweta is still not over the thought of her ex-boyfriend- Ritesh. This keeps troubling their relationship for a long time. And, what happens in this turmoil in the relationship, read the book yourself. :-)

              Jyotirmoy Mazumdar can't be judged in his debut book itself. I know how I used to write my initial blogs when I was of 18 years old. My English was too basic and that is what I found in this book too. I had bad experience in love then, and that is what I found in this book too. Even I gave entrance exams to get into good college, and I liked the mentions of the entrance examinations regularly in the book. In all, the author has scribbled this book for those who are in the age group of 15-20. That's the target readership for this book. Any children in this age group will like this book as they'll feel its their own story. The initial poem on the very first page is wonderful. And to be more precise, all the poems written in this book is commendable. One more part, anywhere where the author has used Hindi sentences, he has made it sure that he translates them into English too. As that's the language in which the book is written which some authors forget now-a-days. Some moments in this love story are surely unique. Like, I won't forget the Chocolate Kiss and I will definitely try it with my girlfriend if I get one soon. :-) Friendship with Anisha and Ritwik is beautifully described in the beginning of the book. The story clearly wants to send a message across that never play with your academic and professional life for a silly girlfriend. One day a Relationship will break and you will die regretting that why did you leave your relationships, dreams and goals aside. 

             The major drawback of this book is English that is too basic. Author is surely someone whom I am targeting for this but to Diamond Publications, I would like to say that- Editing is a major task of a Publishing house. If you're unsuccessful in doing it, the readers will never want to pick up a book from your publication again. The friendship with Anisha and Ritwik that is depicted so nicely initially, is totally neglected once Shweta is introduced as a girlfriend. Once, when Jayrish has a fight with Anisha, it is just stated in a sentence without describing the fight. That shows the lack of commitment writer has with every character in the book. Even Ritwik is sidelined as if he is not even in story. So there are some points that I would like the author to work upon and work little slowly for his 2nd book rather than running fast to get it published soon. Read at least 50 books that are written with great skills and quality. 

                In the end, people below 21 will enjoy this book, go for it. 



Love, Life and Lust by Pritesh Bhosale!!!

615th BLOG POST -->>

             Almost a record this time. Ok, two records. First, I read the 4th book of Srishti Publication in a row. :-) Second, I completed this one is just 2 hours. Yes, my reading speed can give tough to Milkha Singh sometimes. Ok sorry. :-) This time, it was Pritesh Bhosale's "Love, Life and Lust". Pritesh Bhosale is 27 years old, works in a pharmaceutical company in Aurangabad. He had a very successful launch of his first book recently. But I would like to blame Srishti Publication for one thing. Before deciding and approving a final title of the book, they should check once if there is another novel present around with the similar title. In 2009, Expression Publication published Azhan Ahsan's "Love, Lust and Life". It can be easily seen that how similar the name of both the books are. So, next time, do make it sure that you don't end up messing things around. 

           Love, Life and Lust is a story of Friendship. The tag line of book itself says "Friendship hurt's sometimes, Friendship cures sometimes.." which is enough to predict that the book has lot of scenarios where the author tried to make us realize how friendship plays a major role in our lives. We don't realize it initially when we are walking on a smoother track but we do realize it once we get an assurance from a Friend that "I am with you in any condition" when we really want someone to support us. So rather than discussing about the story line, its better to say that "This book is purely and wholly dedicated to one of the most beautiful relationship in this world- FRIENDSHIP". 

             Pritesh Bhosale is a writer by chance as he himself claims this. Hence, you may not find majority of scenes to make you fall in love with them. But still, the way he has tried to unfold a story with several twists and tales is amazing. Pritesh Bhosale has completed writing this book in just 3 days. This is a great feat but he should have given little more time in improving the language, grammar and feel of the book. He has lot to learn before writing his 2nd novel. So, this is just a mere suggestion to him.

            Else, book is interesting. As I have said it above, I finished reading it in just 2 hours. So, it will definitely not frustrate you by its slow pace. The story moves quite predictably in the first half but the way the whole second half turns out to be a matured turnover, I was impressed. The book has several messages to give to the youth of today who do things in curiosity and energy without thinking about its dangerous outcome later. It has several things to say, particularly to both the genders separately. Both has different responsibility to handle their decisions appropriately such that it does not affect the life of opposite sex and one should keep them in mind at any cost. Else, Pritesh should work on the editing part of his book seriously and sincerely as its high time that people are blaming Publishers for this. And, the number of times the author has used the word "yaar" in the book really frustrated me. He should have thought about this while proof-reading. Else, this book is fine with few messages to give to today's youth. I would rate it an average. 



A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story by Abhimanyu Jha!!!

614th BLOG POST -->>

             The last two experiences with Srishti Publication's books has been mixed. To one, I gave 4 stars while to other, I gave 1 star. But still, the next book that I chose to read after these two was again from the same publisher helping the Publication house to score a Hat-trick. :-) This time I read the debut novel of IIT/IIM alumnus, now the entrepreneur who runs Talent Bridge- Mr. Abhimanyu Jha. The name of the book is " A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story" which also has a tag line that says "When love won over terror". The book was published in 2011 after 3 years of the terrorized event that took place at Mumbai which is popularly known as "26/11" on which this book is based on. Firstly, kudos to Abhimanyu Jha for writing on this topic so brilliantly. It is not easy to create fiction on something like this until and unless you don't have a proper research's data with you. And one can't take these issues lightly while writing because there are many people who are emotionally connected with the event. Hence, Abhimanyu Jha should be respected for doing things appropriately while scripting this story.

            A Dilli-Mumbai Love story is not about a boy from Dilli and a girl from Mumbai meeting co-incidentally and then getting involved into an affair as every writer is writing now-a-days. But both- Aniruddh and Apu are from Delhi. They meet and then lots of thing happens between them and finally they get married. Aniruddh belongs from a family who never want their son to marry a girl from different religion but still he does. While Apu is from a family where her mother is no more while her father is too friendly to deny anything. But, after the marriage the love remains as it was before the marriage but other things create differences among both of them. Now, how after this, the couple lands to Mumbai and becomes victim of 26/11, go get the book.

            Abhimanyu Jha is a very good writer. He knows how to begin with a story, how to keep the interest alive in reader even when the story is not moving forward with a great pace and how to end the drama. He is very good at humour which is obvious from the one-liners that he has used periodically in the book. He knows the basics of writing a sensitive topic. He has researched well before writing this one. The book is one of the best I have read recently. Srishti Publication should be proud of publishing this one. This book should get a honour by getting into the Top 10 Bestseller List once. I just can't see this book getting sidelined in front of other books by stupid writers. In all, the journey from the First page to the last was incredible. I enjoyed each and every page. There is nothing that was dragged or exaggerated. 

            Some sequences that I would like to name out of many that stole my heart- When Aniruddh goes to meet Apu's father for the first time and the conversation that takes place between both the males. Every scene where Aniruddh is shown interacting or dealing with Mr. Gill and his sister-Aaru is amazing. The best romantic scene was when Aniruddh gets sick at his friend's farmhouse. Another one is when he fights with his father over Apu and the sequences that happens after that. The book is too Bollywood-ish and I would rate it as a Sibling to Chetan Bhagat's 2 States. I almost got the same feeling while reading this one even when the story line is completely different. The only drawback that I captured while reading was the drama that went over the top in the climax. That was too filmy and the author could have managed to keep it bit normal. :-) Else, this book is a perfect one to keep it with you. I rate it 4 out of 5. And Mr. Abhimanyu, I am waiting for your 2nd.



It wasn't love at first Shalini and I by Prashant Sharma !!!

613th BLOG POST -->>

              I have said it in my previous reviews that whenever I pick up a book by Srishti Publication, I always expect something natural and relating story. And when I have a Writer from Srishti whom I have read even before, I just expect too much from him. Because, the first timer will always do plenty of mistakes. But when he stands up for the 2nd time on the same platform for the same purpose- "Story-telling", I expect it to be perfectly described and narrated. This time, I completed reading Prashant Sharma's "It wasn't love at first- Shalini and I". I read the debut book of Prashant Sharma-"Love, Life and a Beer Can". It was full of humour and I wanted Prashant Sharma to come up with the same stuff when he publishes his 2nd. But his 2nd-"If I Pretend I am Sorry" was too intense. I am yet to read it. But finally, in this third book by Prashant Sharma, I did find the characteristics of his Writing Style for which I vindicated him in my Favorite authors' list. :-)

             Coming to the story of "It wasn't love at first- Shalini and I", it is about the protagonist boy who is too cheerful and takes life easy. But a mysterious girl who comes in his life time to time makes his life complicated for a while. This mysterious girl- Shalini does not remain to be his whenever she meets him. Every time they meet co-incidentally, after few talks, Shalini bids a good bye and leaves him behind to leave it to fate if they meet for the next time. The story of this book is spread across years of this phenomena. There are other surprising and interesting elements in the book too with this primary set-up. To know all of them, go get the book.

              Prashant Sharma is one of the most prolific author I have read. Even without using a single hard vocabulary word, he manages to write the whole book in a good language. You will not get irritated as some authors do write in childish language. He has a perfect sense of humour that keeps you turned on throughout the experience of reading his book. I would say that reading Prashant Sharma's book is surely an experience. He makes it sure that he picks you from your ragged life and put you somewhere in the Fictional world from where you can see a totally new life with a new story and desire to be a part of it. He has shown the same magnificence through this book too. And to Srishti Publishers, even when the Cover page was so beautifully designed, you didn't do justice with it by printing the Cover Page like a Scrap. 

             The initial pages of the book are very wonderful that gives you a confidence that you are about to spend your next 3 hours in a very good journey. This is indeed a very unique story.  All the characters in the book are interesting. And rather than listing all the moments in the book that made me smile, cry, think and excite, I would just say that the whole book in itself is a Sweet Experience. It's a one time read but you will never regret reading it. I am too happy to see that Prashant Sharma is improving with every work of his. I am surely waiting for his 4th book to come out. Till then, a 4/5 to this one. :-) 



Heartbreaks & Dreams! The Girls @ IIT by Parul A. Mittal !!!

612th BLOG POST -->>

              Majority started reading and writing after Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone. Neither did people know much about books before it nor did so many authors got published. But since Chetan Bhagat became a household's name, the interest towards Books generated among masses in India. Since then, the publication like Srishti gave a kind of Open Letter invitation to all the IITians and IIMians passed management students to script their Love stories and send it to them. They kept on publishing one after another making IITians more famous among readers and students. One such author- Parul A. Mittal also got published by Srishti. Surprisingly, she is Chetan Bhagat's batchmate from IIT. And since her batchmate published the male point of view about IIT, she kept thinking what would it be if a female writes her version. And that gave birth to her first book- "Heartbreaks & Dreams!- The Girls @ IIT". Parul Mittal did her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1995, followed by MCS from Ann Arbor. After 12 years in the corporate world, she is currently freelancing as an IT consultant. 

           Coming to the story of the book, it is just another book on IIT and its education system, how one gets into friendship, then lands into doing useless and crap things, how one gets demotivated by poor marks, how a new crush develops for someone and other elements of IIT. 

              Parul Mittal, as her introduction itself says in the book that she wasn't a writer by heart, this first book is result of writing only because she wanted to write after her batchmate, Chetan Bhagat got famous with his piece on IIT. Therefore, you will find many such defects in her writing style. It's just a narration and there's nothing that can excite you or make you laugh out loud. It's a simple story which any of us can write on our college days. Hence, I am not much impressed with the work. I hope Parul Mittal comes out with an over all different personality in her second book. But to this one, I will just give 1/5. 



Lucid Dreams by Atul Mohite !!!

611th BLOG POST -->>

               I completed reading one more book in just 1 hour and 15 minutes. It's always a great feeling when you get to read a Fiction story which is covered in just 80 pages. :-) The book is "Lucid Dream" that is the first book by the debutante Atul Mohite. Atul Mohite is a computer engineering student & also very much passionate about chess, tennis, novel writing, music & especially the piano, romantic places, gaming & making friends. He resides in Pune and has completed his education from S.P. College, Pune and MIT College of Engineering, Pune. He recently got his novel autographed by Sachin Tendulkar which is almost the biggest achievement that he has been able to gain. :-) I don't think this review or any other review by any other reader means to be anything for this guy anymore. :-) He got his first book- "Lucid Dream" published by Cinnamonteal Publications. 

              The story of Lucid Dreams revolves around 4 friends who are into a coaching class for IIT entrance preparation. After some days, as their friendship blossoms and they explore other elements of their life, the interest towards studies starts to decline. Then, Suraj, the protagonist comes up with an idea of writing a novel on their life. As their life is not ordinary, Suraj feels that his novel can help other students to save tehir future than getting stuck in some coaching class which promises to raise your IQ but ends up fooling you. To read the whole story, get the book.

             According to me, this book is a very sweet attempt. Author made it sure that something which can be said in few words should not be elaborated just for making a 250 pages book. He has played a very safe game by ending his novel before a reader starts getting bored of the story. Every character that is described in the book has his/her own charm. For me, everyone was protagonist. Lucid Dream is a very sweet concept and I loved it. But still this book is not a unique piece or something that can be called an Epic. On the other note, a book of 80 pages is priced 250 Rs. I don't know what these Publications think when they keep the rates of such books so high. I didn't even find this book in a lesser amount at Flipkart too. Strange!!! Else, i would rate this book 2.5/5 taking everything into consideration. 



Thirty year Old Virgin by Ankit Uttam !!!

610th BLOG POST -->>


Book: Thirty Year Old Virgin
Author: Ankit Uttam
ISBN: 9380914202
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2012
Publisher: General Press
Number of Pages: 192
Language: English

About the Author: 

When he is not sitting idle, Ankit lives where he hasn't been born. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi may be, right now he is camping in Noida.

Like most idiots of his generation, this generation, he graduated from a shitty engineering college and works in an I.T. firm like any stereotypical a hole.

One night he was struck by lightning and started scribbling lame things. That happened to bring Beyond Love out, Emosional Atyachar followed, making way for the virgin and not just any but Thirty Year Old Virgin (don't get duped, virgin is just in title, rest is all...).

About the Book:

She duped him into kissing her when they were five. Don't judge her, she was curious.
He tried to finger her when they were thirteen. Forgive him, he was delusional.
Her boyfriend took revenge on his first day in college. And his attempt at fingering wasn't even successful.
She knows, his heart is in his pants.
He saves her from goons and she stabs him on his heart as a token of gratitude.
She dumped her last boyfriend when they were making out. And he didn't come after that... for a few weeks.
He dumped his last girlfriend and found a boyfriend for her, the same night. Heart of gold.
He hates dogs. She has a dog by his name.
Childhood friends. Childhood enemies.
Hate, the single common thread between them.
If he would be the last guy on this planet she will prefer to preserve her virginity till eternity.
If she would be the last girl on earth he will prefer to die eunuch.
They meet again.
Still share the same bonhomie.
But now they have another string binding them. Their hate has another companion.
They don't want love but they miss sex. Love is anyways overrated.
Opposite poles, as they are, they know they can never fall in love.
She proposes a no holds barred physical relationship. He agrees but with caution. Which guy in his right frame of mind wouldn't?
But it wasn't long before they realize that each of them wants something more than the other is willing to give.
Meet Maya, the freak. She is a diva, the sparkling wine. She is unpredictable. She is fearless. She is a monster. A psychotic bitch.
Meet Arnav, the geek. He is the dude, the gifted one. He is emotional. He is a jerk. He is a manipulator. A bona-fide pig.

Review: The book is more of conversation and less of narration. It is funny and makes you laugh at several points initially but later on the same style of writing bores you. But, Ankit Uttam has tried writing with a very different and unique style but the story moves too fast without mentioning other things. When you read a book, you always want to read something that can take you to a complete new world, I didn't find any such element in this book. But, even when the whole book is a conversation-kind-of-a-thing, author has managed to make you understand the role and depth of each and every character. That is something which impressed me. But still, I would like to leave it on you if you want to read this Sex-comedy as it didn't satisfy a reader within me.



Poor Indian Graduate Students by Anish Sadanandan!!!

609th BLOG POST -->>

             As it is obvious and known to everyone that the first book which 90% of youngsters has picked up from a bookstore is a Chetan Bhagat novel. I am no different. But after reading all the four novels of Chetan Bhagat, the one that I went for was Mandar Kokate's Oh Shit Not Again. And once I read and completed it, I saw that the book gave a serious competition to Chetan Bhagat's 4th novel- 2 States in the Bestseller Chart as it was released in the same month. Everyone was astonished that how can a debutante give a competition to Chetan Bhagat. But he did it and Mandar Kokate became one of my favorite author after Chetan Bhagat. But, rather than writing his 2nd book, he started getting other newcomer authors published. Out of 7 books published by his Expression Publication, I have read the 3rd one today. It is debutante- Anish Sadanandan's "Poor Indian Graduate Students" which he abbreviates as PIGS too. :-) The cover page, title of the book, author's name, tag line, synopsis, book binding quality and almost everything is attractive. Hence, I picked it up. 

             The book is about the Indian students who go through a superficial life during their Graduation times, then Master's Degree and also the earning phase of their life. The book also consists different scenarios of how a boy keeps falling into the trap of different girls during this exploring age of his life. 

             Anish Sadanandan has a good writing skill but it didn't satisfy me. He wrote the whole book as if he is writing his own life story for someone whom he is going to get married or for his 20 years old son whom he wants to explore life like him rather than living it too sincerely. He just keep on narrating story in the same flow which does not impress someone who expects some full-of-fun conversations, funny scenarios and something that has sweet suspense into it. This book is almost what anyone can write. Actually, I would not have hated this book that much if it would not have been from Expression Publication. My last two experiences with the Publication's books were terrific and hence, I was expecting a lot from this one. The book promises that it is Fictional Humour but I found it hard to laugh throughout the book. It was only once or twice that I really laughed. Else, it was just like one of the blog post written by a College student. When the boy runs away from Vedika's house when her father comes home is something that really made me laugh too much. The part where author describes that Mumbai and Delhi, both are annoying cities in respect to how people fight to prove one of the city as a better one is something I liked very much. 

             The story is very very ordinary. It does not have a thing called "Plot". It's just a narration of one's life. Too much mention of girls take away the interest that you start taking in the life of the protagonist. His affair has been shown with more than 4-5 girls which is seriously annoying to even imagine and digest. It seems as if one's autobiography is written with little amount of fiction that is being inserted because of some pressure. I am dissatisfied with this book. I hope I will get a better experience in reading the next book that is also a Expression Publication's published book. 



When a Lawyer Falls in Love by Amrita Suresh!!!

608th BLOG POST -->>

               Aaah!!! Finally I can smile as I got a book with lots of humor and laughter moments in it. I just completed reading Amrita Suresh's "When a Lawyer Falls in Love". The book is of 230 pages published by Offshoots Publisher. It was released in 2011. My procrastination that I landed onto it in mid-2012. :-) 

About the Author: 
Amrita Suresh decided she wanted to be a novelist, while she was still a bespectacled twelve-year-old. Writing fiction, Amrita believes, is almost as enjoyable as walking her oversized cross-breed dog. This considering, both activities involve a misplaced sense of adventure.

An English Literature post-graduate, Amrita went on to do her M Phil and then worked as a faculty member at IIIT, Hyderabad. She now lives in Hyderabad with her husband and is chewing on some ideas for her next novel.

Book's synopsis:
Ankur Palekar, a third year law student believes his life is quite sorted. Except that he does not want to become a lawyer, has a family history of lunacy and has actually fallen in love. Vyas, Ankur’s roommate and best friend, has no such problems—only a girlfriend who emerges from the graveyard of all the places and insists on visiting him in the boys’ hostel. Add to it, a Malayali friend whose car never starts and vocal chords never stop, a law festival that is not completely legal and an arranged marriage which is more deranged than Arranged.

My Take:
As declared in the synopsis, this book is not just about these two boys, but it includes their group of friends comprising of Ankur, Vyas, Souvik, Jaishree, Sonali and Pavan. There are also other characters like Caroline, Bhoomika and Rohit. 

Even when Amrita Suresh is a debutante, she has impressed me a lot with her writing. She has used great vocabulary throughout the book. Actually, more in 1st half(I think to create an impression of an intellectual writer) and less in 2nd half(as you get an image of her's as an intellect). :-) The best part about her is- The way she has crafted humour and laughter moments after every 2nd sentence. This is something for which this book stands tall(for me).

The first conversation of the friends on Vyas's birthday gives you a feeling of a very good College life and Friendship story. Love is what the book is themed upon but still, there is less romance and more fun. The book does not have a single moment where you feel bored. The Astrology speech is just excellent that Sonali gives to Caroline. Even when the author chose to make this book a portal of laughter and humour, she hasn't used any Non-veg jokes(as we call it casually :-)). 

The only boring part is when story takes a turn after a character's mother's serious health case. And, as the book's title has the word "Lawyer", you expect something to know about Law student's life which you don't get to read. More than Law, you get to know about Astrology and Palmistry. Even when Author has been successful in making us laugh, I still feel that she should have created a good plot too. As the plot of the book has nothing great in it. The only thing that kept me hooked to it was the laughter moments that it created after every 2nd sentence(as I have also said it above). 

And, I am too impressed with Offshoot Publishers as they have managed to give its customer a great book quality in just 100 rs(or 75 as I got it through Flipkart :-)). Srishti Publisher's should learn how to publish a book with great cover page, tough binding and white pages in just 100 rs. I will rate this book 3 for its humour and just .5 for its story i.e. 3.5/5.