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Review: Sarbjit: Randeep acted, Aishwarya overacted!!! ***

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      The story of "Sarbjit" is one of the most tragic events of India and deciding upon to make a movie on him and the whole process of how he was kept in a Pakistan jail for two decades while his sister fought the battle in India to prove his innocence is one of the bravest tasks that Omung Kumar has taken. After Mary Kom, directing another biopic might have made the movie look almost on the similar lines but Omung have managed to moot his performance. The life story of Sarbjit does not have much to show but still the whole screenplay has been amazingly good and rather than making the whole thing very complex, director and writer have kept things simple so that people of any age-group could understand.  

           The 1st half is mostly about the flashback of Sarbjit's happy life with his sister, family and wife. The songs play their part perfectly in creating the momentum. Finally, the scene comes where Sarbjit crosses the IndoPak border and gets nabbed by the Pakistani force. After this, the movie takes a very big turn and goes into the tragic mode. The whole of 2nd half comprises of how he is living in that suffocating jail from years with unshaven face, uncleaned body and dirty teeth. The way policemen hit him infuriates the audience and the tension between both the countries is nicely depicted on the screen. The climax is equally shocking and painful. Overall, you'll leave theater after watching Sarbjit with a heavy heart. 

         Coming to the performances, Randeep Hooda has acted brilliantly and showcased why he is called one of the best actors in the industry today. The pain and helplessness that he carries on his face is unbelievably perfect and you won't agree that he's not Sarbjit or those barbaric incidents aren't happening with this particular man. Full marks to him. Talking about Aishwarya Rai, well, in few scenes she is excellent but in most of the scenes, she is so loud and unreal that you know she is doing what she does best- OVERACTING. She is not promising. Richa Chadda and all the other actors are fine and does a great job. 

           The dialogues in the movie are nice only if Aishwarya Rai could have managed the accent perfectly. The songs aren't great but they aren't even irritating. One scene that I would like to mention before closing the review is the one when Sarbjit's family meet with him in the jail. It made me cry like anything and I started appreciating everything after watching that scene that I am blessed with. I think director achieved whatever he wanted to if he has made even one person feel similar to what I have felt. I give this movie 3 stars out of 5. 



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