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I too had a love story.. by Ravinder Singh !!!

           453rd BLOG -->>

       This time I picked a national bestseller- "I too had a love story.." by Ravinder Singh. Once, while searching about this book, I started reading the 70 to 80 comments on its review and almost everyone said that they cried after reading this one. I decided that day itself that I'll read this book. Finally I got the opportunity and I completed this one. Let's talk about it.

          I too had a love story.. is about Ravin and Khushi who met each other on a matrimonial site- Shaadi.com. They started their conversation through calls and sms. After few days, they started talking about their marriage. Talking to each other they fall in love. Finally, they are sure that they are going to marry each other. Ravin visits her home and everyone likes him in her house. The engagement is fixed when suddenly Khushi becomes the victim of very big accident 3 days before the wedding. The world falls down on the head of Ravin after listening to this news. And now the story begins where you will turn the pages as fast as you can to know what happened to Khushi and whether they were engaged to each other or not. Or Ravin left her after seeing her body in its worst condition today.

           Coming to the review, Ravinder Singh has attempted a very beautiful, heart-touching story. Being 26 years old, writing such a cute book is somewhat impossible after seeing the raunchy writers of his age. He hasn't used any kind of sexual part in the whole book proving once again that a book can turn a bestseller if it has content and no sexual elements. Ravinder Singh makes you cry in the last 30-40 pages. You just can't stop your tears once the chapter- The Unexpected begins. My heart is still depressed even when 2 hours have passed since I completed reading this book. This is the first novel which made me cry like this. I give a respectful salute to Ravinder Singh for attempting this. I rate this novel 4 out of 5 and I recommend to read this book anyhow. You will fall in love with it.



BISMILLAH!!! With this, my first Ramzan Roza ended !!!

           454th BLOG -->>

        On 29th August, 2011:

           "Why don't you people keep roza for a day?" Sohail said to me and Tushar while we were returning from college. I always had a will to keep roza as I never kept it according to the terms and conditions of Islam but I fast regularly for Sai Baba every Thursday from last 2 years.

            "Ok. I can keep it. But can I drink Water?" Tushar asked.
            "No" Saquib and Sohail said in chorus. 
            I said," Itni baarish to ho hi rahi hai. Ek do boond tere honthon pe girr jaayenge unhi ko choos lena." And everyone laughed like anything but after few minutes of laughing, they said aisa nahi karte hain.
           Still I and Tushar were ready to keep fast. In the evening, I came home and sat on Internet to check the comments on my Blog. I logged in to Facebook after that and Sohail was online. He confirmed whether I'm keeping the fast or not and I decided in few seconds and replied confidently,"Yes". He said that he will call me in morning to wake me up so that I can have food before the roza time starts. I wake up every night till 3 to 4.30 so I knew that its impossible for me to wake up when he will call me so its better to eat or chew whatever I want to before sleeping. But sitting online made the time pass like fire and it was 3.15 AM and I was feeling very sleepy then. It was like bombing Pakistan to prepare Maggi in 2 mins and have it. I went to the kitchen and brought 2 bottles full of water. I knew that water is to be prohibited for the whole day so I started drinking water. I drank 1.5 liter of water and went to sleep.

            Next day, I woke up and mummy asked me for tiffin and breakfast, I refused saying that I am on Roza and I will not eat anything. Being a very good lady, my mother didn't say a word about it and with a proud expression said,"Go ahead". Then I went to college and my friends- Sohail and Yusuf helped me to read a Neeyat which is being read when you are on Roza. I read it. I tried to control abuses and I gave it for very few times in the whole day. :-) It was a bright sunny day today after five days of heavy rains which blocked even local trains and it urged me to go ahead and break my fast but I kept hold on my oath and promise and ceased myself from drinking water. It was just 1 PM when I went mad in quench of thirst. It was 6 hours more to go. Yusuf asked me to break the fast at 2 PM when he saw my dull face and dry lips demanding water but I said him that I'll break it at 3. I said it just to push my heart for one more hour. With this, I was successful in keeping my Roza till 7 PM- the time when roza is called off. While leaving my friends at Belapur station, Sohail Shaikh gave me a chocolate saying that he is very happy to see me on Roza and thus he is giving me this chocolate to eat at 7 PM when I'll break it. It was so touching. Even Saquib patted me when he came to know that I'm on Roza. A Hindu on Roza is a big thing in today's selfish world. 

            At 7 PM, Sohail called me and asked me to recite whatever he was speaking in Arabic. I repeated it like a 2nd std child and after we completed, he asked me to go and have dates and water and then eat whatever I want. I said Eid Mubarak to him and cut the call. I had 2 dates and then drank 1 liter of water. After that, ate special type of paranthas my mother made for me. I also asked for some duaas for me, my family and friends to Allah and I hope it will be accomplished too. Keeping Roza made me realize the importance of Water and Food. Whenever I saw in the news that people aren't getting water, I always felt that what's the big deal in that, anyone can survive without water for few days but I realized how hard it is. It also made me realize the importance of food. I already give importance to any kind of food served to me because I have lived in Hostel for 7 months and I know that anything you get can't be worst than the food provided there. So I never curse a food served to me and I eat it without rejecting it and making faces. People have habits of blaming the person who prepares food for them. Roza helps them understand that after staying away from food for few hours, you realize that any kind of food can fill up the stomach and you shouldn't go for choices. 

              This was the last day of Ramzan's Roza and with this the pure month of Ramzan comes to an end. I am happy that I am a little part of this pure month of Islam and I hope Allah will bless me with shabab too. If every Hindu will think that why should I participate in their Ramzan and Eid when they don't participate in our festivals like Ganeshotsav and Navratri and if every Muslim will think that why should I participate in their Navratri when they don't participate in our festival Eid, there can be no unity between religions. We should come forward and celebrate each other's festival so that the barrier between the religion will disappear and there will be love amongst both the religions who have always fought against each other. I have told all of you the kind of support I received from my friends on Roza. Even Hindu friends patted me and shook hands with me for this beautiful deed. People respect you when they see that you respect all religions. I believe all religions and I follow the good parts of all the religions and then coming to Islam, I have been close to this religion always. 

              Bismillah !!!! With this word, my first Roza ended today and after few hours, I saw the news that moon is visible in the sky and with this, one of the exciting festivals and the biggest one of Islam is here- EID. From my behalf, Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brethren. And thanks a lot to Sohail Mulani, Yusuf Dawawala, Sohail Shaikh and Saquib Shaikh for helping me to join them in the last Roza. Thanks a lot.

        ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU wishing you all EID MUBARAK !!!   
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He may not be the BEST, but for me - He Is PERFECT !!!

            452nd BLOG -->>

My dear dad
        Expectations are always there with the person you love the most. You never expect anything from your enemy or from a stranger. Hopes are made on the people whom you admire the most. My father has always expected and hoped a lot from me. He always wants me to excel in everything I attempt. His life has been struggling and he don't want his only child to face those circumstances of depression and sorrow in his future. He always try to suggest me the path with less risk and more chances to win. When I tell him that I want to be a Writer and Columnist, he turns pale white because he knows that its a very big dream which is hard to achieve as its 1 in 1,00,000 who become successful in achieving such a dream which is quite fancy and huge. Today, my father is celebrating his 51st Birthday. I am the first one who wished him on this lucky day and prayed God that he remains as he is. 

            My father has the same smile he had when I was in school.
            My father has the same strength to work and earn he had when I was in school.
            My father has the same love for me and my mother he had when I was in school.
            My father is still fit and charming as he was when I was in school.
            My father still takes care of me as he used to when I was in school.
            My father tells me about new thing as he did when I was in school.
            My father is still passionate about teaching me what I don't know as he was when I was in school.
            My father still cries after scolding me badly like he used to after beating me when I was in school.
            Today, I am in college, I have changed but my father is still the same as he was when I was in school. :-) 

               My father lost confidence on me for number of times because I failed in many things and proved that I am one of those boys who has nothing to do with life. But he kept insisting me to attempt new things in life. I remember the time when I lost interest in reading novels. I was a die-hard fan of reading books when I was in school. I was in 11th standard when I said to him that I want a book of Robin Sharma. He asked me where will you get it from. I said,"Nashik Railway station." He said,"Lets go". At last, he purchased that book for me even when he didn't wanted to waste any more money on me because I wasn't giving any outcome. I am happy that he bought that book for me that day because that book urged me to read other books of Robin Sharma and I completed reading all the 9 books from him in next 3 months. It motivated me so much that I came out of depression and changed my life and attitude after that. I stopped blaming and excusing by pointing everything at destiny. I started viewing everything as I can change it myself even if God has already scripted my life. And I still believe that I have changed the script what God wrote for me. I have given a totally new ending to my story. I hope God is happy and smug with my performance. It is all because of that positive attitude my father kept while purchasing those books of Robin Sharma for me. 

              Every boy wants his mother to be safe, secure, happy and satisfied. I respect my father because he always provided my mother with all the comforts even after he was broken up with lots of failures in his life. He never let my mother face the worst scenarios even when he could have easily left her to struggle life with him. Its an another thing that my mother chose to struggle. My father has always taught me to respect money and life rather than spending them as you have plenty of them with you. He says that Once money goes, everything goes and once life is over, you can't rewind it and overwrite it with goodness and success. The lessons I learn from my father works a lot in life. He has always suggested something or the another for my Blogs too and it has helped me to grow myself as a Writer and it is because of him that I have tried different genres here. Otherwise I limited myself to write only about my daily routines and experiences of life. Today, I attempt many versatile writings and people appreciate it and I always remember those words of my father which made me realize that how stupid I was when I used to tell people how was my day in college and what are my plans in life. Ufff. Now I know that no one is interested about knowing about me or anyone. 

             On his 51st Birthday, I would pray for my father that he is blessed with a long and healthy life. I want my father to smile every time. I don't like to see him in tension of professional life or anything. Whenever I go to Sai Baba temple near my home, I always pray for my father's success because usme mera hi faayda hai. Hahaha. Wishing my father a very happy birthday once again. He may not be the best father of this world but for me, he is perfect. I never thought of anyone else as a better father for me than him. I love you papa because you are still the same with whom I played in my childhood. And thanks for being playful even now. :-)


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Ohh Yes, I Am Single..! And So Is My Girlfriend! by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi

            451st BLOG -->>

        So I finished reading a very very long story by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi. The name of the book is "Ohh Yes I am Single .. And so is my Girlfriend!". I don't know how Durjoy Datta is so lucky to get a beautiful girl every time he is about to write a book. With this, I have read 3 books by Durjoy Datta and I would be completing one more book from him in this week itself. His 5th book is coming next month and I am all set to read it soon. I have turned into a big fan of this guy after Chetan Bhagat. I am happy that people did justice to him and his book. He writes same kinds of love story every time but he changes the approach of narration which makes it different each time he writes. 

            OYIAS is about a boy who isn't good looking in his school days but as soon as he steps out of school, there's a slight make-over in the looks and it is when the series of girlfriends begins. The story is about how he falls in love with many girls. And he tries to find out which is the real love which he should continue for long and which to dump. At last, he ends with Manika. He has a friend Siddharth whose love stories are no less than his. A break up with Natasha breaks Durjoy's hope for a good life ahead and he goes into depression. This is when Manika comes back in his life whom he dumped before starting the relationship with Natasha. Now, how Manika came back into his life, how she managed to come to live with Durjoy in spite of having a boyfriend she really loved, how she manages to bring Durjoy out of depression - Read this novel.

            Durjoy Datta has amazed me once again. His narration skills are awesome. Very different from all others. He fixes the plot so perfectly that you can never doubt that its a fictional story and you'll believe that its his true story. About this book, I am still doubtful whether its fiction or its a true story. And if its fiction, then I think I should learn from Durjoy how to connect a fictional story with the real life. I would suggest everyone of you to read all the books from Durjoy. But I have a problem with him. The title of his books has nothing to do with the matter in it. He keeps fancy title to attract youths but the story inside the cover page is totally different from the words inscribed on the Cover page. And this story is seriously very long. He could have made it short. It turns boring at places but still it wins in keeping you stick to it. I rate this book- 3.5/5. I am waiting to read his 3rd book and then the 5th book which is about to release.


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Kya Aap Do Minute Ke Liye Hamare Product Ka Demo Dekhenge?

            450th BLOG -->>

         It was after 2 years that my friend Ravi bhai was coming to my home. I was excited that I'll meet him after a very long time. But the last conversation I had with him was still haunting my mind. We were having a talk when he said,"Veeru, tu dekhna main tujhe Crorepati banane aa raha hun." I was surprised to hear him say that. Ravi was a boy from village. His father was a farmer. He was studying in Nashik with 2 sets of cloths and just 1 underwear. For the whole day, he used to wear it and the whole night he used to be without it. He used to wash it in evening and put it in the balcony for drying it. The next morning, the same underwear rocked for the whole day. I am still in sympathy with that underwear which dared to bear that 100 gram of instrument Ravi had. Seriously speaking, this farmer people have bigger groan. Not that I have checked everyone's but I have a mindset k aisa hi hota hai. Ok. Off-track ho gaya. So, I was waiting for him eagerly that aisa kya hai jo mujhe Crorepati bana dega. He stepped in my home on 4th June,2009.

            We talked about our two years when we didn't met each other and we didn't talked anything else except asking where-about of each other. After a while, he started. 
   "Veeru, you like building up new relations. Right?"
   "Yes bro. I like it very much." I was still wondering at which point this first sentence of Ravi is going to take me.
   "Do you like to talk in people?"
   "Yes bhai." I kept answering because I wanted to know the secret of being a Crorepati.
   "If I'll ask you to promote a company or a product, do you think you can?" 
   "Yes bhai. Its so easy." I said this because I performed in my school where we were asked to prepare an attractive advertisement for a product and I won the show.
   "Then I have a deal for you. You will have to fill this form and pay me 500 rupees. With this, you will be the part of our organization. After this, you'll never pay anything to us but we will pay you for promoting us and building the relations."
   I was confused because it was hard to believe that I'll be paid for building up the relations with others. Meri dosti, meri yaari, mera faayda. ye mujhe uska paisa kyun denge?
    "Bhai, justify what you said. I have understood nothing."
    "See. We have the products related to Cosmetics and Energy drinks and powders. The price of the item starts from 501 rs to 5001 rs. See this booklet and you'll get an overview of all the products and their specifications." He handed a waxy paged booklet to me. I started turning the pages. 
    He continued,"As soon as someone will join our organization by filling this form of 500 rs, we will give him the product of 1000 rs for free. After that, he will be provided 30% discount on all the products he will buy." It sounded cool.
    "As soon as you will be successful in adding two people below you, you will be promoted to the post of Assistant Manager." I, a boy who just passed his 12th after failing 11th twice was about to be an Assistant Manager of an organization. I could smell that there was something wrong about all this. But then the man like Ravi bhai can never push me in the fire.
    I asked,"Bhai, and how will I earn through this?"
    "See. Whenever you'll sell a product to someone without joining him to our organization, you will earn 30% of the MRP as we provide you the products with 30% Discount while you are selling him in MRP."
    I exclaimed,"Wow".
    "But bhai, isn't there a facility or a privilege of receiving a fixed amount every month?"
    "Yes. There is. The day you have 30 people under you who would be working regularly for our organization and at an average, if each of them sell 5000 rs product every month, you'll start getting cheque of 25,000 rupees per month plus commission." I was dumbstruck. 
            I picked up the form and filled it up. Picked up my wallet and handed 501 rs to Ravi bhai. He promised me that he will be there whenever I'll need him. After that, I started contacting all my friends and meeting them. I met their parent and I met their friends. I even insisted many friends to make their girlfriends come with them to my house so that I can show them the products and give them a demo. My friends gave dirty looks to me but it didn't affected me as I was mad to earn and I was dying to see the cheque of 25,000 rs. 
            After 6 months, I found that I wasted 55,000 rupees in buying those products as it was compulsory to buy a certain amount of product to continue with those discounts I got. I managed to add 8 friends below me. None of them were successful. Those 8 friends added 6 people below them. At last, a cheque of 899 rupees was delivered to me. I was disappointed. I called Ravi bhai and told him about my efforts and the amount of cheque I received. He replied that its genuine as he told me that I needed 30 people below me who would sell 5000 rs product every month and that would lead me towards 25,000 rs cheque every month. I started hating Ravi bhai after this. I stopped talking to him. I never attended his call after this. I was heart broken that he fooled me to join a bloody organization which paid 900 rupees after wasting 55,000 and pushing my body to visit 20 cities and give the demo to my friends and managing to add only 8 friends out of all. 

            That day I decided that I'll never join any kind of networking business again in my life. Networking business can isolate you from your friends. People start running away from you after you join a Networking business. Instead of talking about girls, you start talking about products with your friends. Your life turns into an addiction to have money which you don't get for a long time in Networking businesses. Today, whenever I see that there's someone who wants to meet me for giving a demo of a Networking business, I try to give the best excuse so that I don't have to bear those dreamy talks about lots of money after few months and few people working under me. Every person I have met in my life have been a victim of Network business. After being frustrated and being a victim of one more demo last week, I dropped down here to write this post. Sorry if I have touched the most painful nerve of yours by making you remember of your days when you knocked every door to give a demo of your product. And yes, that sentence still echo in my ears "Main tujhe Crorepati banane aa raha hun" Bhaag Bhaag Dk Bose Dk Bose Dk Bose DK Bhaag.

            Anyways, thanks.

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"Come tomorrow, we will have SEX" "OK" !!!

           449th BLOG-->>

       It was the 17th time I was dialing Gaurav. I was abusing him for not picking up the phone. This idiot always had time to pick up the call of his juniors who were sexy enough to make a boy think about 3 letter word- SEX. But for a friend like me who was dumb and whose decisions can change any time, he had no time. Whenever I complained him of ignoring me, he always said that whenever you call, I'm either shitting, either bathing or I forget my mobile at home. Actually, I wasn't even that dumb to believe this. At last, he picked my call after I tried for 17 times more. 

   I shouted,"Are you alive?"
   "Yes. I am."
   "Are you free to listen my problem or is your girlfriend waiting for your call?"
   "Now start speaking buddy. I know you are in problem. Speak up now."
   "I want to dump Akshata."
   "Yes. I am fed up of her"
   "Do you remember that she is still the best babe our college ever had?"
   "So what? Even I had the best sex I ever had with her. Now nothing seems to be exciting with her."
   "Akshay, how selfish you are. I feel ashamed of calling you my friend."
   "When have I said that I'm seriously dumping her? I am just asking you what should I do?"
   "Idiot, you never talked to a girl in your whole school life. God blessed a nerd like you and you have the best babe of the college. You have slept with her for number of times. You have seen the best moments of your life with her. Now when you have faked her with your love to take her till bed, you are trying to run away from her. You are silly, dude. You will never get a girl like Akshata. Remember. Never leave her."
   "Ok buddy. Thanks."
   "Think upon this. Bye and take care."
   "Bye. And agli baar phone pehle hi call me utha lena."
    I hanged the phone.

             No girl talked to me in school because I had a tiny face with thick mustache on it. My parent never allowed me to shave it because they felt its dangerous to the life of father if son shaves his mustaches. Hindus are great. :-) This is why I love my religion. I had thick spectacles. My father did this purposely so that girls will not concentrate on my beautiful eyes. My eyes is the only feature which can be complimented because it is gifted to me from my mother's genes. I had hairs which stood like the dick of those pornstars who keep fucking that erotic model for hours until you switch off the DVD player yourself. Once a girl asked me for a pencil and that is the only moment I remember when I had an interaction with a girl in school. When I came in 10th std, I started watching Star World and MTV to check out what the teenagers are like and makes them look cool and funky in the mob of students. I concentrated on the dressing style and make-up style of the youths shown on the channels. 

              Now, I was entering into BCA course in Bharati Vidyapeeth college of Mumbai. I heard from a friend's friend that the college has hot girls and stylish boys with cool bikes under their asses. I knew that I'll never get a better bike than Splendor Plus that my father gave me in 11th std. It was already 2 years old and it took 17 to 20 kicks to start. You see in advertisements of Life Insurance policies that father plans for child's future. My father planned all the best points so that girls will always remain away from me. But God has decided something else. I found this babe in Pharmacy 1st year. I started following her. One day, all her friends went to the Belapur station while she remained alone in the college. I lived nearby so I used to roam near the college in the quest to find a beautiful girl to talk. When I saw her, I went little near and applied brakes. She came to me herself and said,"You are from this college. Am I right?"

         "Yes. I am from BCA 1st year."
         "I need a lift. My friends have caught the train and I am late. I want to reach station within 5 minutes."
        I helped her. She sat on my backseat and this was the first time when my bike was experiencing a feminine feel. We exchanged phone numbers on the railway station and we started messaging each other from the evening itself. In few weeks, I won her and we were committed. Having the best babe with you accelerates the arrogance in your attitude. Now, I thought myself no less than Salman Khan. I started going to gym. I shaved the mustache. Yes, my father thrashed me with his leather belt which he purchased from the most expensive market of leather-famous- Kanpur. My mother started keeping fast for my father's long life. Once again, Hindus are great. I love my religion for this. I purchased Set Wet from Big Bazaar Raghuleela Mall, Vashi. I started applying it and finally the dick's erection cooled down. I changed my specs after working for 2 months in a call-center. Akshata kept falling for me after each modification I did to my personality. She was my biggest fan now.

            I remember those 7 months when I and Akshata used to go to dates and dines. It was interesting for the first few days but after a while I started feeling that what is the use of an affair where I can't even touch those parts of her which is a dream of every boy in my college. One day, I asked her to wear loose clothes and come to meet me. She did it as ordered. That day I took her to Juhu Chowpatty where the couples sit at an uniform distance from each other allowing privacy to every couple. We measured the distance and sat on the block. The cool breeze said it all. We came closer to each other and finally our lips touched. My hands were playing with her hairs. Slowly, it went down and I pressed the softest part of her body. She started enjoying and we loved each other for 4 hours that day. 

            One Day, she called me and said,"Come tomorrow with condom at Sakshi's house. I was stunned. I asked,"Why?" She said,"We will have Sex." I replied,"Ok." Tried to hide my curiosity. Now, I struggled with my feelings. She asked me to have SEX? SEX- the word which kept evoking everyone of us right from 6th std. SEX is a dream. I always felt that I'll not get a chance to lose my virginity even after my marriage. But she, the best bomb of the college wanted to have SEX with me. Next day, I went to Sakshi's flat. After unclothing each other and proving our trust we had for each other, I put on the condom and the moment of the life began. That day I understood what is the importance of Condom's ads in TV, newspaper and BEST buses. After that day, SEX became an addiction. Every third day, we were on the bed and the Kohinoor Condoms got its permanent customer. I tried different flavors each time I went to *uck her. Suddenly, the attraction which turned into love was turning into physical fun from love. Now, the love for me was augmenting in her heart while I started going away from her. I was bored of the same body, same boobs, same moaning voice, same girl and same feeling. 

            This is why I called Gaurav and asked him whether I should dump her or not. Finally, I have taken the decision. I have dumped her. She has left the city and promised herself that she will never look at my face again. I am happy that I got rid of her. I have heard that she has got a new boyfriend but I don't care now. I have a better girl than her. She has more silky hairs than she had. She is carrying huge dairies on her breast than her. She is the babe of the whole town and not only the college. I don't know what love is. The only thing I know is the physical attachment both the sexes have for each other. But being termed as slut is awkward and depressing, so, to ignore it, an action of love takes place and then finally we play with each others body. 

P.S.: I wrote this fictional piece after listening to many love stories of my friends and friend's friend. None of them ended to be successful but everyone of them had a fantasy. That was Sex. Everyone experienced it with their partners and as soon as they had sex, they lost interest for each other and they threw the relation away. In the college life, people get attracted towards the body, skin and lips. No one gets attracted towards the ideas, values and culture of a person. Everyone drops into a relationship and then feels guilty for the whole life for being into a relationship where the partner licked all their body and went away. I feel pity for my generation which has dropped down the level and innocence of our previous generation. May God bless them all and give pure thoughts that youth stop listing their Sex partners in a 200-pages diary. 




Tera Ek Shabd usko Pighla Sakta Hai !!!

           448th BLOG -->>

       I left Roha(the small town where I lived in my childhood). I left Pune(where I lived in hostel for 7 months). I left Aurangabad(where I lived for next 8 months) and then I left Nashik(where I pursued my Junior college). I did nexus with many loving and over-friendly people who made my life. There were people who gave me the reason to smile and live cheerfully. I postponed all my works for these people. They used to give me importance and my lonely life used to feel proud of itself that it has started getting the respect and love it always needed. But as soon as I turned into friends with great people in all these places, I kept leaving every place after few months. This made me sad and I broke. I started cursing every person I met in my life. I started cursing my parent too because I always felt that its because of them I keep losing all the wonderful people I meet in my life. I started cursing my childhood friends that they are the one who turned me into such a human being who is even rejected by God now. 

             But I felt a change in me and my propensity towards life when I started thanking everyone for the short and small help they did for me. I never assessed any kind of flaws and mistakes in anyone after I decided that I'll try to be pragmatic and I'll respect every person I'll meet in my life. I had an Internet connection which was troubling me a lot. I used to abuse their customer care executives before that day but I started talking sincerely and politely to them after that and tried to solve my problems without building a situation where others may feel that we can thrash each other anytime. I started thanking them whenever they gave me a beautiful speed. I never thanked my mother for whatever she did for me because I always felt that she is my mother and every mother does these things for her child. But then, I compelled myself to approach her and say Thanks to her whenever she showed love to me in any way. I started thanking my father for all the opportunities he gave me in life. Without his approval, I can't take a single step towards a fruitful goal. So, I started thanking him too.

             I always think that friends are some people in our life who make me feel special in life but they are of no great use. I never respected my friends before. This was the first time I was about to call each of my friend and say that I loved them very much and I never had any kind of problem with them. I never knew the power of thanking before these incidents. I called up almost every friend who made me feel important in past and almost everyone of them came to Mumbai and met me after that. My friends started visiting me regularly. I started getting helps from strangers and new people in my surroundings. Whenever I was given a seat to sit in local train, i used to thank the person who gave it to me. Good done to one person is returned to you by another. I learned this. I never commented back to the people who posted a comment on my blog. After changing my thoughts, I started replying to everyone who commented on my blog and I saw the love in the reply of the readers after that. After starting this, my Blog found a space in this Blogging world otherwise I had less than 20 readers till then. We should never feel ashamed of thanking anyone. Even if you haven't thanked your parent till now, try to approach and thank them from tomorrow for every thing they do for you. If you haven't thanked your friends for being the wonderful people in your life, go thank them tomorrow. Don't do this through sending a SMS, do it by saying this on their face. And see the change. 

             I hope you have noticed that after each post, I write Thanks and then end it by writing my name. So, for the 448th time, I am thanking all of you again for being the best motivating and supporting reader of the world. I respect all of you. Without you, this blog would not have continued till now. Its still standing high after 2 years. Its because of your support and love. 



23 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Thoda Sa Hua Hai, Bahut Jyada Hai Baaki !!!

           447th BLOG -->>

       Its the 8th Day of Anna Hazare's movement. The way people have tried to support Anna's movement is historical. More than 1,00,000 people on the same street is something very huge, unbelieving and mind blasting. I have also supported the movement by joining upto 3 rallies in Navi Mumbai. It was a pleasure to experience a historical movement. I am happy that I am the part of this movement. I know what is Jan Lokpal bill but lets suppose that I don't know anything about it. Suppose I only know that there's something going against Corruption. Let the bill introduced by Anna Hazare be stupid but the result of a Lokpal bill will end the corruption. Either the Lokpal bill is drafted by Anna or Sibal but the purpose of the bill is to reduce and annihilate corruption in our nation. My question is to everyone is that why are you sitting at home and watching the whole movement as a Reality show rather than joinnig the movement and let the government understand that we are aware of what's going in the nation and we want to get rid of it. I feel so blithe when I see so many people in support of Anna Hazare on the road. Actually, even Congress is right that the step taken by Anna and his team is undemocratic and they are disrespecting the Constitution but my dear Congress party, are you following all the rules of Democracy and Constitution?  So, even if you don't know who Anna is and what Lokpal bill is, come on the road and support the movement because it is an alarm to the government that we don't want Corruption from now onwards.

            I am happy that people have shown their concern for this movement and everyone is taking a step forward to blast against corruption. But I feel that Corruption is not the only issue we are dying in but there are many more issues in our nation which are equally or much important than this issue. I want people to protest with unity for these issues too. From last 3 years, I am continuously listening and reading the news about rapes. The girls from the metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi are most insecure. The cities with most police force are the cities where the most crimes take place. Few months ago, we came to know about the case of Aruna Shanbaug who was molested by a man where the man was released from the jail within 7 months and Aruna is suffering the pain for more than 2 decades. There are many rapists in the jail who are released after few months or years and the girls have to bear the pain for all their life. I want a protest for hanging all the rapists who are in jails. The girls are killed before they are born. I want all those parents to be sent to jail for all their life. I want a protest against such parents. The juniors are the poorest victim of "ragging" in colleges. I want a protest against all those senior students who harass these students who take admission for studying but end their life after being troubled by these senior students.

             We have terrorists who bombed our nation and killed our citizens but they are living in our jails from years without any tension and torture. The crores of money are being invested for the protection of these terrorists. The recent case of Kasab is the most furious case of our nation. He was arrested on the spot of 26/11 but our judiciary system kept on investigating the case and Kasab is still alive. Lets protest against these terrorists and demand the Government to kill all the terrorists they have in their custody. Before anyone misapprehends the purpose of this post, let me remind you that I am saying that its not just corruption for which we should come on roads and protest but there are many more issues we should protest for. We should start reacting to the government's silence now. We should compel them to take actions and improve the condition of our country. 


22 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Chetan Bhagat's 5th Book: REVOLUTION 2020 Love. Corruption. Ambition !!!

        446th BLOG -->>

Chetan Bhagat's 5th book: REVOLUTION 2020 Love.Corruption.Ambition.


           Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys.
           One wanted to use his intelligence to make money.
           One wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution.
           The problem was, they both loved the same girl.
          Welcome to Revolution 2020. A story about childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who struggle to find success and love in Varanasi. However, it isn’t easy to achieve this in an unfair society that rewards the corrupt. As Gopal gives in to the system, and Raghav fights it, who will win?
           From the bestselling author of Five Point Someone, one night @ the call center, The Three Mistakes of My Life and 2 States, comes another gripping tale from the heartland of India.  Are you ready for the revolution?


“And I hope not just you but our whole country will keep that spark alive.  For there is something cool about saying – I come from the land of a billion sparks. Thank you,” I said, ending my motivational speech at Tilak Hall, Varanasi.
The claps and whistles were my cue to leave. Security volunteers formed a human barricade and soon I managed a neat exit from the hall.
“Thank you so much, sir,” someone said right behind me.
I turned around to face my host.
“Mr Mishra,” I said, “I was looking for you.”
“Please call me Gopal,” he said. “The car is over there.”
I walked out with the young director of GangaTech College, Gopal Mishra. His black Mercedes whisked us away from the crowded Vidyapath Road.
“Any more temples you want to see?” Gopal asked. “That’s all Varanasi has, anyway. You saw the ghats, right?”
“Yeah, I went to the Vishwanath temple and Dasaswamedh ghat at five in the morning,” I said. “The aarti was out of the world.”
Gopal frowned.
“What?” I said. “You must be used to the aarti by now. I was seeing it for the first time, all those diyas floating at dawn.”
“It is not that,” he said, but did not elaborate.
“You will drop me at Ramada hotel?” I said.
“Your flight is only tomorrow morning,” Gopal said. “Why don’t you come home for dinner?”
“Don’t be formal…” I began.
“You have to come home. We must have a drink together. I have the finest whiskey in the world,” he said.
I smiled as I shook my head. “Thanks, Gopal, but I don’t drink much.”
“Chetan sir, one drink? I can tell people I had a drink with ‘the’ Chetan Bhagat.”
I laughed. “That’s nothing to brag about. Still, say it if you want. You don’t actually have to drink with me.”
“Not like that, sir. I actually want to have a drink with you.”
I saw his intense eyes. He had sent me twenty invites in the last six months, until I agreed to come. I knew he could persist.
“Okay, one drink!” I said, hoping I wouldn’t regret this later.
“Excellent,” Gopal said.
We drove ten kilometers outside the city on the Lucknow Highway to reach GangaTech. The guards saluted as the campus gates opened up. The car came to a halt at a gray bungalow. It had a stone exterior that matched the main college and hostel buildings.
 We sat in the living room on the ground floor. It opened out to a badminton court-sized lawn.
“Nice house,” I said as I sat on an extra-soft brown velvet sofa. I noticed the extra-high elevated ceiling.
“Thanks. I made it myself. The contractor built it, but I supervised everything,” Gopal said. He proceeded to the bar counter at the other end of the room. “It’s the bungalow of an engineering college director. You and your friends raided one, right?”
“How do you know?” I said.
 “Everyone knows. We’ve read the book. Seen the movie.”
We laughed. He handed me a crystal glass filled with a generous amount of Irish whisky.
“Thank you.” I took my drink.
“Single malt, 12 years old,” he said.
“It’s the director’s bungalow, but you don’t have a daughter,” I said. “You aren’t even married. The youngest director I’ve ever seen.”
He smiled.
“How old are you?” I was curious.
“Twenty-six,” Gopal said, a hint of pride in his voice. “Not just the youngest, but also the most uneducated director you’ve met.”
“I never went to college.”
“What?” I said as I twirled the ice-cubes in my glass and wondered how potent this drink was.
“Well, I did do a joke of a correspondence degree.”
“Wow!” I said. “It isn’t a joke to open such a big college.”
“Sixteen hundred students now, ji, across all batches. Each paying one lakh a year. We already have a sixteen-crore turnover. And you inaugurated the MBA coaching today. That’s another new business.”
I took a sip. The smooth whiskey burnt my throat. “Do you have beer? Or wine?” I coughed.
Gopal’s face fell. Not only had I ignored his impressive business statistics, I had rejected his whiskey.
“Not good?” Gopal asked. “It’s Glenfiddich, four thousand a bottle. I’ll open Blue Label? That’s ten thousand a bottle.”
It is not a price issue, I wanted to tell him but didn’t. “I don’t drink whiskey. Too strong for me,” I said instead.
Gopal laughed. “Live life. Start having fine whiskey. You will develop a taste.”
I attempted another sip and winced. He smiled and poured more water in my drink to dilute it. It ruined the scotch, but saved my sanity.
“Life is to be enjoyed. Look at me, I will make four crores this year. What is the point if I don’t enjoy it?”
In most parts of the world, speaking about your income is taboo. In India, you share the figures like your zodiac sign, especially if you have lots.
He seemed to have put the question more to himself than me. His dark eyes continued to bore into me. His eyes demanded attention. The rest of him – wheatish complexion, modest five-feet-seven-inch height, side-parted hair – was reassuringly nondescript.
“Yeah, of course. One should enjoy,” I said as he cut me.
“Next year I will make five crores.”
I realised he would keep forecasting his salary until I demonstrated suitable awe.
“Five crores!” I said, my voice loud and fake.
Gopal grinned. ‘Baby, eat this, for I have made it,’ is probably the T-shirt slogan he would choose.
“That’s incredible,” I murmured, wondering how I could switch the topic. I noticed stairs winding up. “What’s upstairs?” I said.
“Bedrooms and a terrace. Come, I will show you.”
We climbed up the steps. We walked past a room with a luxurious king-sized bed.
From the terrace I took in the panoramic view.
 “This was a wasteland, all of it. My grandfather’s old agricultural land,” Gopal said.
“Ten acres?” I made a guess.
“Fifteen. We had fifteen acres more,” Gopal said, “but we sold it to fund the construction.”
He pointed to a small array of lights towards the eastern wall of the floodlit campus. “Right there, see. There is a mall coming up.”
“Every Indian city is building malls now,” I said.
“India shining, Chetan-ji,” he said and clinked his glass with mine.
Gopal drank more than four times my pace. I hadn’t finished my first when he poured his fifth. “You big-city types. Drinking for style,” he teased when I refused a refill.
“I don’t drink much. Really,” I said. I checked the time; 10:00 p.m.
“When do you eat dinner?” he asked.
“Up to you,” I said, though I wished he’d decide to eat right away.
“What is the big hurry? Two men, one educated, one uneducated. Having a good time,” Gopal said and raised his glass in the air.
I nodded out of courtesy. My stomach rumbled for food. We came downstairs to sit down in the living room again.
“Did you really go to the professor’s daughter’s house?” Gopal said.
 I smiled. “Love makes us do stupid things.”
Gopal laughed out loud. He chugged his drink bottoms-up, then grabbed the half-empty bottle to make his sixth tipple.
“Love? Forget stupid things. Love fucks you,” Gopal said.
“That’s harsh,” I said. “Is that why there is no Mrs Director yet?”
Gopal’s hand trembled as he continued to pour his drink. I wondered if I should stop him from drinking more.
“Mrs Director!” Gopal smirked. He gripped the whiskey bottle tight.
“Easy, Gopal, you are drinking too fast. It’s dangerous.”
Gopal plonked the bottle on the coffee table. “Why dangerous? Who is going to fucking cry for me? If I live, I want to enjoy. If I die, who cares?”
“Your parents?”
Gopal shook his head.
“Successful people don’t have friends,” Gopal demurred. “It’s true, no?”
His lavish house felt cold and isolated. I took the whiskey bottle and placed it back in the bar.
“Pessimist, eh?” I said. “Surprising, given you are doing so well.”
“What well, Chetan-ji?” Gopal said, now completely drunk and, presumably, completely honest.
He pointed to the huge TV, stereo system and the silk carpet under our feet in quick succession. “What does all this mean? I’ve lived with nothing…”
Our conversation had become serious. I patted his back to cheer him up. “So you read about my girlfriend in the book. How about you? You ever had one?”
Gopal didn’t respond, but looked distraught. He placed his glass on the coffee table.
Touchy topic, I figured too late.
He retched.
“Are you okay?” I said.
He ran to the restroom. I heard him throw up. I browsed the display shelves to pass time. I saw framed news stories about GangaTech, trophies, pictures of Gopal with guests who had visited the college. I wondered if my picture would also be there soon.
When he hadn’t returned in twenty minutes I called for the maid. She took me to the bathroom. I knocked at the door. No answer. I banged my fists on the door. Nothing.
“Looks like we have to break the door,” the maid said.
I wondered how I, who had come as a chief guest for a college orientation programme, became involved with forcing open random toilets in Varanasi.

               Chetan Bhagat has used all the numbers upto 5 in his recent books except "4". He used "One" in One Night @ The Call Center, "Two" in Two States, "Three" in The Three Mistakes Of My Life" and "Five" in Five Point Someone. This time he has name his 5th book as Revolution 2020 which can be seen as 2+0+2+0="4". Now, let's wait for the Online booking to start. Till then, lets keep waiting in excitement. 


The Biggest Fan,


Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak !!!

           445th BLOG -->>

       From last two days, my eyes are glued to the laptop screen and I have kept typing and searching something or the else. Even Google got tired and echoed "No result found" many-a-times. My fingers started abusing me and blamed God that why am I their master? My fingers want to take rest but I am the person who post more than 150 tweets everyday and write upto 800-1000 words daily. What I write in college is a fixed quota which is understood. Assignments is an addition to it. So I think my fingers are the most used fingers of the world. Ok. Stop using your dirty mind. I know that Finger made you think of something else. Uff. Everything happens for the first time once and this was the first time when I was searching something valuable related to my studies on the internet. I was feeling ashamed of myself because I was trying to fake my mind by asking it to behave like a sincere student even when my conscious wasn't sincere and pure. :-)

             I was been given an opportunity by my group members to prepare the First Synopsis of the Human Resource Management system (the project assigned to us). We have to create it in Visual basic application and use MS Access as Back-end. I know you didn't understood anything but don't worry, even I haven't understood anything about this. I always heard that Graduation is a big thing and after completing it and holding degree in your hand, you come to know what knowledge have you gained. I completed my two years of graduation by visiting malls, bunking lectures, making fun, laughing with friends, sitting in canteen, sleeping in class, talking slowly while teacher is teaching, staring girls etc. So I always thought that Graduation is just another class which ends after 3 years and there's nothing difficult or tough about it. But as soon as I stepped into 3rd year and the Project was announced, I got an adrenaline rush and I was about to faint when I saw other friends struggling to deal with the pain too. I thought, when all of us are on the same ship and no one knows how to save it, then what's the tension, let's sink into the river like all of them are going to. When we were asked to submit our Project name, that was the most toughest moment of my college life. I didn't knew how to create a software and they were asking me what software are you going to make and what features are you going to add. I was shocked and then I understood what Graduation is.

             Yesterday, while preparing the first Synopsis of my project, I was feeling as I am being raped by someone but still I am allowing them because they are going to pay me for that. Yes, they are going to throw marks as a bheek in return of the project. At last, I completed it last night. After completing the synopsis, I felt like I am the next king in the world of IT after Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Today, I donated my whole day to two assignments. I completed it right now @ 1 AM. After completing it and wasting my weekend, I was about to abuse the assignments when I realized that the struggle didn't end here. I was called to the college on Friday(on the day of Pateti when all the colleges and schools had holiday), Saturday(when our college has holidays but still we were called) and now I have to attend tomorrow on the day of Janmashtami too. I know Lord Krishna will never bless the people who aren't giving him importance. :-). I and my group member were creating a project on Cyber-cafe management system. We were rejected at the last moment when we didn't had any idea about any other project. At last, we ended up at HR Management System when someone said that its easy to find and edit. That period of time when we were rejected and we struggled to find out the name of an another project was the moment when I realized how tough and big Graduation is. 

              From here, I have my Unit test in the next week. Then Defaulter's. Then assignment will continue as they have always sucked all my patience and calmness. Then, many presentations to be given - Individual and Group. Till then, the next Unit test will be announced and as soon as it will end, big assignments and then Final exams. Project and its coding will keep *ucking us side by side. I don't know how to deal with all these tasks of college with the number of festivals coming too(one after another). I can taste the bitterness of Graduating and now I know the pleasure of holding degree in our hand after the hard struggle of 3 years. May God Bless me for the last year of Graduation. Hope, I'll do my best.


17 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

my LOVE never faked... Trust me I still love you... by Nikhil Mahajan !!!

            444th BLOG -->>

        Once again I picked up a book to read. If the first 50 pages of the book disappoints you, there is a very very rare chance of the book to impress you with its upcoming pages. This time I read Nikhil Mahajan's My Love Never Faked Trust me I still love you. The name was quite awesome and I thought that the love story will do justice to the money I spent on this book. After reading it, I found that the book is quite normal. Actually, below normal. You can call it a personal diary of a boy who is struggling with his love life. We need a larger-than-life substance from a book and if its a love story, you have to keep it quite unique to keep a hold over your readers. Everyone is having an affair with someone or another today and everyone is bored with love stories of their friends, so when we pick a love story, we want it to be unique. MLNF is an ordinary love story with no funny equation and it never surprises you throughout the book.

             The story is about a boy Abhay who is in love with Priya. Author hasn't wasted the time in telling how he met Priya. Being committed with Priya, he starts flirting with a girl from America through Internet messenger and keeps chatting with her. Even when he loves Priya, he ignores her and tries to devote himself to this girl from America. At last, she comes to India and he meets her and get physically intimate with her. Priya catches him and there's a break off in the relationship. Now, the struggle of Abhay begins to get his love back. Now, read book to know the struggle and whether he gets Priya finally.

              Coming to the review, I read this somewhere and this is exactly what I want to tell about this book- The major problem with the book is its grammatical mistakes. There are loads of spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and formatting errors. (Note: The author has mentioned that he has rectified these mistakes in his upcoming edition.) But as I was reading the book, I could not ignore these mistakes and so I could not link well, no matter how much unique the plot was. Secondly, I thought the book would have been more gripping, if author would have added more emotions and more detailing to the scenes. This book is the personal story of author as he has committed it in the end of the book. This book has been vindicated in the list of Bestseller and I am still shocked to see it there. The only thing which connects you with this book are the poems written by the author to describe the emotions of the main character for his girlfriend. I would rate this book 3 out of 10. Sorry. 


16 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Corruption-free India? Yes, its Possible !!!

            443rd BLOG -->>

        Today, Anna will be back. The fight against corruption will attract everyone's eyes and heart. Being an Indian, everyone is attracted towards the issues which has the power of revolutionizing the nation. Nation can be changed only if the issues are raised against the ill behaviour and system of government. "Saala yahaan ka system hi kharaab hai" Everyone of us keep saying this but did anyone of us thought of doing something greater than our Do-takke-ki-naukri? We are all concerned for ourselves and our family. We have nothing to do with what's going on in our nation and how  are we suffering because of it. Our life is secure, wonderful, rich and satisfying but there are many who have to suffer unbearable circumstances because there's no one to look after them and think about their class. Until we don't gather the courage to stand up and raise our voice against it, nothing is going to change.

             Few months back, Ramdev Baba tried to change the nation and bring all the Indian wealth accumulated in Swiss bank but he was humiliated in front of the whole world. The police force compelled him and his supporters to leave the Ramleela Maidan and run for their lives. Now, Anna is the next target of the government and they are shameless in claiming and warning Anna in front of the whole nation that he may be thrashed in the same manner as Ramdev Baba was. Anna Hazare is still standing high and he is ready to face all kinds of evil wars of government on him. He is ready to die against them but the only concern for which he is ready to leave all the comfort and pleasure of his life is PURE AND IMMACULATE NATION. I don't know how clean and pure Anna and his ways of fighting against corruption are but I believe that the cause for which he is fighting is one of the major issues of our country and if it is reduced even by 1%, it is going to benefit us. There is no loss in fighting for this cause. Anna asks for a little support and we should be ready for it. We talk of Changing the Society and Anna is giving us a chance to bring some revolution and make India the nation we always wanted it to be. So lets give a chance to our dreams for our nation.

             I have disliked the behaviour of Anna Hazare and his team from last few days since government introduced their version of Lokpal bill but still I am supporting them because I want the corruption to be handled. I have nothing to do with the words spoken by Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan, Kiran Bedi or Arvind Kejriwal. Let them do shit, talk shit and behave like a shit but I am standing with them because their cause will help us to build a nation where all the works will be done accordingly without any hurdles and obstructions. Today, we are charged with some extra bucks everywhere we go for an official work in a government office, but if the Lokpal Bill stated by the Civil society is introduced(which is quite stringent for the government), we can be free from paying those bucks. Every time a person goes for a police inquiry while making his passport, he has to pay some bucks to the officer to get a step ahead in the process of making his passport. This is where our nation is where everything is seen as a Used-to element and we neglect everything by saying "Yahaan aisa hi hota hai aur hamein is hi ke saath jeena chahiye". Kyun jeena chahiye jab wo galat hai? You don't tolerate a word against your perspective by your parent Then how can you tolerate the injustice by government and some corrupt people of our nation.

            Let's stand for the cause of Anna Hazare and try to evaluate corruption from our country and build a nation which we want it to be.  Even if you are doing nothing, at least spread the word.


15 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Indians, Its 64th Year of Being Independent !!!

            442nd BLOG -->>

        How proudly I am writing this post on the independence of my country. This is the 64th year of Independence and I want to Congratulate all the Indians on this occasion. It feels so special to live in a democratic country where we have the right to speak whatever we want. There are many countries where you are not allowed to speak anything against the government or the way they are working. Our Country is developing wonderfully and it would have been somewhere else if our Ministers would have been true to themselves and their countrymen. The reason for India's struggle today is not only the corruption and poverty, but its the population which we have grown ourselves. We keep blaming our ministers for spreading corruption everywhere in India but did anyone of us ever thought that even we did mistake by overcrowding our country. The seats for education and the vacancy for jobs are limited but the population of our country is so huge that even if five countries will collaborate together, they can't provide jobs to us. Its we who have ruined our nation.

             We can see people spitting here and there. We ourselves don't care when we throw the wrappers and useless stuffs on the roads because we know that the system of our country is very cool and dizzy thus there is no one who will come to notch us and take an action. But if we will think ourselves that we are not going to pollute or disturb the cleanliness of our country, our country will not look so ugly. We look at the potholes which is the result of Minister's corruption but why don't we see the pollution and dirtiness which we spread in our country. Blaming the government for everything is incorrect and an excuse. We should try to bring change in ourselves and our friends. If you'll stop dirtying your country, your friends will automatically follow you. India is a very beautiful country and it will always remain the one if we will promise ourselves that we will grow our nation and make it the World's No. 1. 

              The day we won World Cup, we were so proud to see our players carrying the Indian flag and running on the ground. The people in the stadium were happy to wave our Indian flag and show the world the power of India in the game of Cricket. What made us the World's best in Cricket? The promise of our Cricketers to themselves that they will do their best to make their country No. 1 in the respective field. This is how a nation grows. We need everyone to step forward and only then it is possible to make our country what we want it to be. And remember, we should never compare our Country to anyone else. Neither Pakistan who are behind us nor America which is quite ahead. We should be happy with whatever we are. Today, all the leading nations are trying to build good relations with India because they know that we are developing with an accelerating speed and we have the power of being the Superpower in future. So lets be proud of ourselves.

             Being an Indian, I want to do a lot for my country. I lack with ideas and the day I'll get that clue which will help me to make my nation and my countrymen proud, I'll march ahead towards it rather than sitting back and watching my country being joked by others. Its 64th year of Independence and we are living in a country which is free and have the courage of growing up. So let's make our country more stronger by changing ourselves. I am saying so much but even I'm not confident whether I can push my country ahead or not but I know that if everyone of us will do it together, we can surely do it. So let's join our hands and try to make our country A SUPER POWER.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU Proud to be an Indian  
13 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Can you protect your Sister? * Silence*

           441st BLOG -->>

        Its Raksha-Bandhan. All the brothers are off to meet their sisters with a gift. Sisters are ready with sweets and Rakhi. They are ready to hug each other and express the love and affection they have for each other. Sisters demand protection from brothers and express it by tying Rakhi on their wrist and brothers approve it by gifting them something. This type of essence in the relationships can be seen only in India. For me, Raksha-Bandhan has not been very interesting or palpable because I never got the kind of sisterly love as someone expect in the life. Its not the mistake of any of my sisters because I don't have any. I am the single child of my parent. I have two cousins - One is 22 years old while another is 9. I have met them not more than 50 days in my life and thus never felt a kind of Brother-Sister's bonding with them. I have one more Sister whom you can say as Mooh-boli sister. I am in good terms with her but I have met her just once in my life and that too for few hours. So again, I never experienced those loving and fighting between brothers and sisters which is remembered by them after they leave each other because of marriage. 

             Its 13th August and it has been one month since those serial blasts in Mumbai which killed more than 25 people and injured many took place. The day which made us think about the position we are in. The city like Mumbai where people are always aware of what the people around them are up-to can't trace the person who install bombs in the most dense areas of the city like Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House and Dadar Kabootarkhana and goes back safely while others die behind. Everyday, I travel by local train and seeing my coach, I keep thinking what if there's a bomb in my coach, what if I die today, what if I skip it and end up being injured on the wheelchairs for all my life, what if the bomb is not in this coach but in an another coach of the same train, will I live my life peacefully with no depression after seeing people crying and breathing their last. This is the level of our insecurity in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. 

             Just imagine the confusion and dozen of questions going out in the mind of brother whether he can protect his sister or not. The number of rape cases is increasing like the speed of population. Every brother is worried about their sister when they are out of home for college, party, marketing or classes. Now-a-days even girls are chasing boys and they are out with their boyfriends most of the time. That's the biggest reason why brothers are worried about. There are numbers of personal MMS clips available on Internet where boyfriends have forcibly captured their girlfriends while intimating with them. The girls are available on Internet with no cloths and just think about the brother if he sees that video. Just imagine the pain. In that case, I would have committed suicide. Anybody would. The girls are molested in private. The girls are not safe in the ladies compartment of Mumbai's local too. Can a brother really take charge of preventing his sister for the whole life? Even when a brother sends his sister after her marriage to the house of in-laws, she may be unsafe. She may be harassed, beaten up, burned for dowry. How can a brother feel blithe about carrying that Rakhi in his wrist? A brother can fight against the Pakistan Army being a Soldier of India but he can't save his sister from this society where the girls are treated like animals. 

              These are the reasons why I feel happy that I don't have a sister. I don't have guts to save her from all these crimes. The bombs are blasted any time, any where - How can I say that I have sent my sister at the right place for marketing or dancing classes? What if she become a victim to a bomb blast while returning from market or classes? I hope every brother has the same problem I am talking about. This Raksha Bandhan is the festival of love, affection, emotion but from the point of view of a brother, its the festival of questions, responsibility, pain and fear. No one can see his sweet sister crying in pain or dying in distress. Everyone want his sister to play like a small child without any tension and fear. I hope the society think about the brothers of those sisters who love them so much and start respecting girls and women rather than targeting them just because they are physically weak. Remember, your mother was also an 18 years old girl once. What if she would have been harassed by the boys sitting on the roads? Can't even imagine that, right? So stop harassing these girls who will be someone's mother after some years. Be human. 

             This is all I wanted to speak on Raksha-Bandhan. Love Sisters. I know its hard to protect them but try your best. I salute all the sisters in this world who face this bloody world every day. I know you don't need anyone's protection but still, we Brothers are so caring that our one eye is always on you. So, love us back. We like it. Actually, we are living because of the Love you give us. Sisters are the most sweetest thing God has ever given to us. We love you, sisters.

            A Brother,

            ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU   

Just Like In The Movies by Rahul Saini !!!

            440th BLOG -->>

        So, this time I read Just Like In The Movies by Rahul Saini. Rahul Saini has already written a National bestseller- Those Small Lil Things. I am still left to read that book but I ended up reading this one. Just Like In The Movies is the book about three friends- Rima, Rishika and Amit who are happy with their perfect life until the recession hits them. Everyone of them has a dream and a kind of passion but because of their job and quest for money, they are unable to focus towards it. At last, when recession hits them, Rima goes to Kolkata for the audition of a reality show and manages to be in the Top 2. She always wanted to be a pop star. Amit leaves his job and protest against an urban development on a land which is ecologically healthy and good for birds. At last, he gets publicity through newspapers and his dream of working as an environmentalist and helping this planet to be safe turns out to be real. Rishika wanted to be a writer always and as soon as she gets a perfect story, she writes the novel and the publisher selects it. This is how the dreams of all the three friends is accomplished even after the recession hit them badly. 

            Coming to the review, Rahul Saini has tried his best to write a novel with his own style. Rahul has narrated the story in every character's voice throughout the book. Initially, you feel it little tough to get through but after reading half of it, you get used to the kind of narration Rahul has used. The most interesting character of this book is Rima. You love her attitude till the end. Rishika is quite innocent. One different thing about this book is that there's no love story which is used as the mainstream. Author has tried his best to walk on the central theme of the book rather than diverting it to small incidents that has nothing to do with the story. The biggest minus point of this book is that it is so predictable. Even after all kinds of Turns and Twists, you predict the last 10 pages so perfectly that the interest of reading gets decreased with every page. This book even lacks on the part of sense of humour. Not even a single sentence made me laugh. But the language used throughout the book is magnificent. I would rate this book as 2.5 out of 5. Even if you miss this, you don't miss a good book.