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Interview with Kabir Sadanand, director of Fugly!!!

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Kabir Sadanand has been one of the youngest directors in Bollywood who is acclaimed for his movies based on youths. His latest venture, Fugly, got released few weeks ago. We caught him after the release of the movie to know his views and future plans. Let's see what he speaks about Fugly and his upcoming ventures. 

1. Fugly has been your 4th movie as a director. How do you feel when you find people comparing it with Rang De Basanti?
If its being compared to Rang de basanti then it’s a very big compliment but FUGLY is not a RANG DE BASANTI. We wanted to make a statement about the state of affairs in the country but the difference being that in our story the protagonist turns yet again to the government to take decisions. They do not take the law into their own hands. There are issues in our country that need attention and we should not sit back and wait for the change, we should be the CHANGE.

2. Why did you make your fans wait for almost 5 years to bring out your next directorial venture? 
We had started another film but the release of Fugly came up before for release , we shall be soon following up with Gollu and Pappu. The film stars Kunal Roy Kapoor , Vir Das and Dimple Kapadia. 

3. You have been known to cast newcomers in your movie. How was it working with Vijender Singh, who’s internationally acclaimed for his boxing feat? 
It depends on the script and FUGLY needed newcomers……Vijju is a great sport and a learner, there have been some stunning reactions to his film debut and people have liked him, he is fresh and raw and soon we shall see him mature into a fine actor as star he already is. I have found a friend in him and shall cherish his friendship. As actor he is extremely hard working. 

4. Kiara Advani has been appreciated a lot. Will we see both of you together again in a movie?
Its always good to work with people your comfortable with and yes it would be fun to team up with her again. She is a fine actor and a very good human being.

5. How was it having Salman Khan on the board for a song? It is said what he touches turns to gold. Has his support for Fugly changed things for you?
Salman sir is a great supporter of new talent, he and Akshay sir went out of their way and busy schedules to make an appearance in the promotional song for the film for which we are indebted to them. Fugly has got a huge response from the audiences who have flocked to the theatres to watch the film and a major reason for the awareness on the film was their presence in the promotional video. 

6. When are we going to see you acting again? Is there any project on the floor right now? 
Yes I have agreed to act in a film and shall be shooting for it by the end of the year. I have only been picking roles that challenge me and waiting for one such role which has finally come knocking.
7. In the end, I would like to know how do you feel about your whole career in this industry- From being an actor in television to being a director now? 
It’s a fun ride with its ups and downs and I enjoy the process if I was given an option I would do this again. 

Interview with Milap Zaveri, the dialogue writer of Ek Villain!!!

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Milap Zaveri is a writer and director in Bollywood industry since more than a decade and half. Recently, he enjoyed back-to-back hits with the movies "Shootout at Wadala", "Grand masti" and "Main Tera Hero". He also found success in "24- The Indian TV show". Now, his Ek Villain is about to release this Friday. Let's see what he has to say about it.

1. How does it feel to give 3 hat-tricks and being known as one of the prominent writers in Bollywood?
Ans: It feels great to have given a hat-trick of hits with #ShootoutatWadala #GrandMasti and #MainTeraHero Also my show #24India was highly appreciated! As a writer I love seeing the reaction of the audience to my work. I get a tremendous high when they whistle, clap or laugh at my punchlines! As for being a prominent writer, I have seen enough ups and downs and I know that you are as good as your last release. While it feels good to be known as someone who understands the pulse of the audience, the responsibility is greater as I have to work harder to ensure that this success continues! It’s a constant process of learning and pushing one’s talent to the maximum while still being grounded. Now that im directing #Mastizaade with Sunny Leone, the challenge is to deliver a super-hit as captain of my own ship! Really excited to be working with her and PNC! 

2. Considering last 3 movies of yours, how hard it is to write versatile stories for movies lying in different genres?
Ans: I enjoy all genres, be it comedy, gangster sagas, or powerful love stories. They give me a chance to show my range. I have been fortunate that I have gotten this opportunity in the last year itself with #ShootoutatWadala #GrandMasti #MainTeraHero #EkVillain #Ungli and many more films! I hope I can continue to entertain audiences in different genres successfully!

3. The promos of Ek Villain are already in talks. How special is this movie for you? 
Ans: Touchwood the promos of #EkVillain have been loved and the buzz pre-release is tremendous! This film is very special to me as I have gotten a chance to show a new side of my dialogue writing! The depth and emotion along with power that this film has is amazing! All credit to Mohit Suri and the screenplay writer/Creative Director Tushar Hiranandani for believing that I could rock this genre too! 

4. How was it working with Mohit Suri on the thriller? What kind of co-operation did you get from him? 
Ans: Mohit was amazing to work with. He has pushed me to deliver beyond what I thought were my limits! I always say that I have given my blood, sweat and tears to this film! Mohit is a genius who never settles for anything mediocre! This journey started almost 2 and a half years back and its been a huge learning experience! I was going through some rough times during this phase and was very temperamental . But Mohit stuck by me and refused to give up on me. Through the darkness he kept pushing me towards the light. Hats off to him. Anyone else would have gotten exasperated and shown me the door. But he believed in me and my talent. I will always love and respect Mohit for standing by me. Tushar Hiranandani also was a great pillar of strength. All I can say is that in Mohit I found a friend along with a director. He is genuinely one of the most talented and emotional directors of this Generation! He is the true Hero of #EkVillain

5. Do you think critics play a role in ruining a movie well-written and well-executed? Or they are just a chatter-box for you?
Ans: While criticism is most welcome, I feel most of our critics like running down commercial and successful films. In the end I care more about the audience. They are the ultimate judge and critics. I would like to make films that make money at the box-office for my producers! 

6. What would you like to say about your other upcoming movies like Ungli and Mumbai Saga? 
Ans: #Ungli is one of the best films I have worked on. Its today’s #RangdeBasanti and Rensil has made a phenomenal film. The day it releases I will walk with my head held high! Extremely proud of it! #MumbaiSaga is my 7th film with Sanjay Gupta whom I consider my Guru and Mentor. He gave birth to me in the industry with #Kaante and then gave me a re-birth with #ShootoutAtWadala so iam damn excited about this film! It’s a powerful gangster saga about the men who made Bombay into Mumbai! Again its one of my most powerful work! Somehow Sanjay always brings out the best in me!

7. We wish you a good luck for Ek Villain. Any last words that you would like to say for your fans. 
Ans: Thank you for your wishes! I would like to thank my fans for loving my work and making my films successful! I hope I can continue to entertain them with my future films in the same way!

30 Days with God! Ramzaan Mubarak!

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       The golden moon in the sky. Millions of people smiling. Ladies hugging each other. Men wishing each other. Small children running here and there. Excitement. Amusement. Happiness. Sacredness. It's the craziness of Ramzaan everywhere. A month of sacredness, purity, prayers and sacrifice that makes Muslims feel special as they see their sins getting washed away with each good deed they do in these 30 days. Nothing can be better than doing anything in the way of meeting God. And the best way to feel yourself closer to God is by following whatever he states in the Holy Book as much as possible. That's how Ramzaan begins and Ramzaan ends. It brings discipline in life as there's a time frame when you have to wake, eat, pray and indulge in godly things. 

         I have seen this month very closely way back in 2006. I was surprised to find my area being lightened up like Diwali. Every evening, once the fast used to break, it seemed as if some Mela has begun. Many food stalls used to wait for people with khajurs, sweets, fruit salads, tandooris, kababs, rolls, biryani etc as Iftaar time used to prevail. Their target used to be to make people eat as much as possible and hence, delicacies were available in very decent pricing. I had lots of fun with my friends there. They used to have beefs while I enjoyed chickens and tandoori. After that, we used to return back home. 

        All used to assemble in their respective rooms and read few passages from Quran in the evening. It was something very new for me as I never followed even the holy books of my religion. I used to ask many questions as I was curious about many things. Those sessions were very motivating which made me purchase Bhagawad Geeta myself and indulge in its philosophy. Since I have started reading my own religion, I have started respecting every tradition, culture, religion and lifestyle. I know there are many philosophies that entails a man to allow himself for something and refrain himself from something. 

           I, therefore, ask all the Non-Islamic and even anti-Islamic fellows to help our Muslims brethren as they are sacrificing even a drop of water for 12-15 hours continuously. Help them with their chores and physical work. They are learning quite a thing about life by sacrificing their food, their routine, their entertainment and power. Let us learn how to help the one who is following a path of God and with it, experiencing poverty, scarcity, simplicity and spirituality. Also try to fast with your Muslim friends for a day or two and bring two religions together. It is individuals like us who can make it possible and enrich secularism. Government and Modi are just a mockery on the name of bringing people close. It is us who have the real power in our hands. Let us come together this Ramzaan and make our planet rich with positive vibes and lots of love. :-) 

          Happy Ramzaan to all of you.

 Thanks a lot.


Hair Yoga by Jawed Habib (Book Review-3.5*/5)!!!

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         In India, revolution in many sectors have taken place in last two decades. Sanjeev Kapoor did it with cooking, Shiamak Dawar did it with dancing, Raju Shrivastava did it with comedy, Chetan Bhagat did it with writing and similarly, there is one man who needs no introduction- "Jawed Habib" who changed hair-styling in India with his revolutionary Xpreso- the 99-rupee haircut. He runs the most popular salon chains in India and institutes that develop great hairstylists. His company has 333 outlets and 47 academies in India. Can you believe what a single man has done on his level to introduce new ways of protecting hairs and maintaining them for lifetime? He has recently come out with his book- Hair Yoga. It's tag says,"caring for your hair the right way". The foreword and cartoons are done by Sudhir Tailang. 

            Hair Yoga is as important as having Sanjeev Kapoor's recipes book at your home. These days, every second person is found weeping over his falling hairs, baldness or dandruff. With this book, Jawed Habib have made sure that you do not need to ask any random person to help you with your hair. He starts with helping you find what type of hair you have. Once that is clarified, he helps you with what kind of oil should be preferred by you. Then he tells which shampoo suits you well. With all this, he also tells what kind of comb has to be used by you and what's the role of conditioner and dye in your life when you are done shampooing. 

           There are many myths that he has busted in each chapter which is a big eye-opener for naive people like us who end up treating our hair any way we are told by the previous generation or friends. In the end, Jawed has shared how to treat our hair according to different climates, problems and situations. That's when I felt that the book has finally got complete. In last few pages, he tells how to take care of an infant or school kid's hair as they get affected with lice very easily. Jawed Habib has left no stone unturned with his first book "Hair Yoga". I would love to see him writing more and more about this to assure that people do not get influenced by wrong people anymore. I give this book 3.5/5.


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Review: Ek Villain: Very Little of Many Things makes it go NOWHERE! **½/5

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        In the first 10 minutes of the movie itself, you find the actress, Shraddha Kapoor killed by someone. Unfortunately, with the help of trailer, you already know that the murderer would be Riteish Deshmukh. The only thing that you want to find out is- Why did he kill someone as innocent as her? Again, UNFORTUNATELY, you come to know about the reason within 45-50 minutes of the movie. Now what is left for the viewers to watch? A revenge saga which is as creepy as every revenge saga these days. The biggest villain of the movie is it's screenplay. The story keeps moving back and forth to tell you something you have already guessed while watching the future part of the same thing. 

         Mohit Suri tries too hard to make this movie different but the lack in goodness of the script fails him. His last venture- Aashiqui 2 is still remembered and every romantic scene in Ek Villain makes you remember the former because of the similarities in the innocence of both. That's the only place Mohit has been able to capture audience' mood. But Ek Villain is not an Aashiqui 2 for sure. It needed much more effort.

          Siddharth Malhotra, a 3 film old actor does it well in showing his killer attitude but you'll find him too soft to play this role. He tries hard but fails to justify his character completely. But still he is watchable. Shraddha Kapoor is as sweet as she was in her last movie. She is the soul of this movie as every time she is on screen, you want to keep her going with her beautiful smile and sweet voice. Riteish Deshmukh is a complete winner when compared to Siddharth and Shraddha. He is different, scary, weird, expressionless still speaking violence through his stony eyes. In Humshakals last week, he was the only savior in a disastrous movie and even here, he is the one for whom you'll recommend this movie to others. Kamaal Khan is wasted. Aamna Sharif does fine but does not leave impact through her performance. 

          The dialogues by Milap Zaveri is the best part about this movie. They are something you can proudly boast about, if, in case, you are fully satisfied with the movie. The best comes when Siddharth interacts with Riteish when he finds him for the first time on a skywalk. The music by Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari is soulful. All the songs are worth listening. Climax, which takes a long time to come even when you know what it's going to be like, leaves you with little smile as it tries to reflect "happy ending" sort of thing. 

         As a thriller, this movie fails as there is nothing in name of it. Even if you consider revenge saga, it is very boring. Soulful songs and Shraddha Kapoor in between of it is what makes audience stick to their seats. It's an exact copy of Korean film-"I saw the devil" with an additional value benefits like songs and romantic angle. There was no use of taking the movie back and forth as it keeps killing the performance of the previous scene. Director tries to implement very little of many things that makes this movie go nowhere. At the end of the day, you can neither call it a thriller nor a love story. Neither a revenge saga nor a movie full of memorable character-building scenes. A lousy script kills Ek Villain. I give this movie 2.5/5. 


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Introduction to Business Communication by Uma Bhushan (Book Review-3.5*/5)!!!

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         Uma Bhushan's "Introduction to Business Communication" is just more than it's name. I referred it for my exam of Soft Skills and I was surprised to see the amount of topic it delivered. This book can be easily referred by anyone pursuing a Master's course and has to go through Business Communication topics. This book has all of it. Uma Bhushan has not disappointed with her first non-fiction and academic attempt. She is a faculty at K. J. Somaiyya Institute of Management Studies & Research. She has been teaching course since 2004. 

            The great thing about this book is that it provides insights into aspects of communication from Indian point of view. This book contains all the essential topics in Oral and Written communication. It also gives several examples and exercises so that you can adopt what is been tried to teach. The chapters also covers up-to-date topics like media and crisis communication, cross cultural communication etc. These topics are explained with analyses and case studies which makes it possible to implement it practically. 

          A wide discussion is been done on Communication in organizations by explaining methods, goals, barriers, patterns, Seven C's, Ethics and Persuasion. Another great chapter is Group Communication where conflict management, negotiation, meeting and problem solving is discussed. Oral Communication could have been portrayed differently but it's kept too short to be understood nicely. The way Written Communication is mentioned in this book, I haven't found it in any book. Too practical and vivid. The information documents and analytical documents are explained in two different units which makes it easy to differentiate between the two. But again, letter-writing is explained very quickly which is one important part of Written Communication. I give this book 3.5 out of 5.


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Effective Communication and Public Speaking by S. K. Mandal (Book Review-3.5*/5)!!!

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      I had my exams last month and I was picking many books that were related to Communication and Soft Skills. As my trust with Jaico Publication is enough, I ended up picking "Effective Communication and Public Speaking" written by an Indian author, S. K. Mandal, even when this book wasn't listed in reference. And now when I am done reading and referring it completely, I am also done giving exam, I can tell you, it has been a surprisingly good book on communications. With the help of this book, I was able to write examples in my answer paper. Written in an Indian style, this book is an example that Indian writers can also write good academics book. But well, this one implies only for Indian audience as it's written in a damn easy language.

          Book is divided into three parts. Part A comprising of Effective Communication. It teaches us about the importance and significance of Communication. Author has given nice tips and examples to make our communication effective. In the end, he has also added "Do It Yourself Exercise" that can be a great practical way to enhance our skills. 

           Part B consists of Public speaking. The art of public speaking is discussed widely along with discussing the importance of language and proficiency needed for it. Topics and techniques for Group Discussion and Seminars is also covered widely with lots of tips and suggestions from the author. 

            Part C discusses tole of communication and public speaking in personal effectiveness. Here author tries to tell you what you gain by sharpening your communication skills and how you can benefit from it.

           This book is written keeping graduation students in mind and hence it does not cover many other points that the subject consists. But whatever topics are discussed, they are widely covered and makes you feel better once you are done reading them. Author has used very easy English so that people with elementary knowledge of the language can also understand the book. This book is a wonderful publication by Jaico and it needs to be read. Specially recommended for students in Management studies.



Write with Confidence by Angela Burt (Book Review-3*/5)!!!

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       Angela Burt, an English teacher and examiner and now runs a proofreading company, has come out with her book in 2004 itself with the title "Write with confidence". The 190-pages non-fiction book is published by Jaico, a house that believes in publishing more valuable stuffs than pop fiction. Angela Burt, with this book, has helped reader in understanding how to cope with everyday letters, application forms, sick notes, invitations and replies, classified ads, minutes and more. The best thing about the book is it's professional approach in teaching you write letters that completely lacked in Margaret McCarthy's book on letter writing. 

            Letters discussed in this book are about day-to-day problems that we face and wish to write it to someone and get out the solution. This book helps with letter writing on such topics that seems to be petty but are as important as writing CV. The book is written in clear and concise language. Author communicates well with her readers every now and then while explaining them something that's important while writing a letter. The explanations given by her are straight-forward. You might get offended sometimes for your poor English. :-) But she makes sure that you do not repeat the same mistake again.

          She explains, in this book, how to prepare postcards, write personal letter in proper layouts, write Business letters, job applications, formal invitations and replies and prepare a CV. She also discusses how to write advertisements and announcements which I found something unique in this book. The greatest satisfaction has been minutes, agendas, and meetings discussed in the Part 5th. That's something much needed for the management students like me. 

          The best part about the book is its Part 6 which helps you knowing what common punctuation mistakes we do and what should be avoided when we write letters next time. Part 7 teaches how spelling mistakes are been done time and again. Part 8 covers 10 words that are often confused by writers but changes the whole meaning of the sentence. In the end, author has also suggested useful spellings and some useful words that can be used whenever we write a letter to someone. This book is wonderful if you have to write lots of letter in your business and professional world. 


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Letter Writing Made Simple by Margaret McCarthy (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

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    If you thought writing letter is very hard, here comes Margaret McCarthy's book that shares with you almost 200 sample letter for business and personal use. The book is titled "Letter Writing Made Simple" and it's published by the prominent, Jaico Publishers. More than the business letters, I loved the way Margaret has written personal letters on various issues. I, being someone who sends only business-related letters, found how different it is to write personal letters. It is totally a different thing. Every letter showcased by Margaret shows how it can be made more effective by using easy yet eye-catching sentences. 
            Margaret assures that with the reference of this book, you can write letters even for the rare topics such as apologizing a friend, complaining about a rude salesperson, expressing your feelings about a loved one's illness and even if you have to thank a co-worker for assisting you. The great part about her letters is that you can modify it according to your convenience. 

            She also teaches you about formatting, styling, toning and various forms of addressing while writing the letters. She has given many ready-to-use kinds of letters that can be really helpful for you in urgency. She has categorized her book in different parts which comprises of kind of purpose for which you wish to write a letter for- Apologies, Condolences and sad occasions, Encouragement, Congratulations, Special occasions, Thank-you notes, Relationships and Neighbours. These are personal letters. In the Business section, she has topics like Education, career, housing, banking, community and law, press and media, products, services and travelling-related. If you will see the topics that she has covered in each of these types, you will be surprised. 

            The drawback of the book is:- Author has given this book a very casual approach. She could have made it look professional that could have given it little more credibility. Also, the format of letters isn't appropriate at most of the times. She has just concentrated on what has to be written as content in the letter rather than giving shape to the letter to make it look attractive. Every letter looks as if an email has been written to someone and not a real letter. Rest, it's a good book that has to be with you. 



An Interview with Deepak Kripal, author of The Devil's Gate!!!

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I had a wonderful moment interviewing Deepak Kripal, a Blogger-turned-writer with his recent book- The Devil's Gate which is been acclaimed for being unique and different. Let's see what he has to say about his wonderful entry into the field of Indian Literature. 

1. How does it feel to be an author now, Mr. Deepak, considering that very few get an opportunity to get published these days?
What do I say! It feels special! It’s like a dream come true. I don’t think I can put this ‘surreal’ feeling into words. There are some things words find hard to define, and even harder to express. Let us say it is one of those things!

2. What is your new novel- The Devil’s Gate about?
This story is born of a very unique idea. The idea is what happens if some day, animals decide that since humans are not going to listen to us, and why don’t we try and negotiate a deal with the demons to let us co-habit with them. The idea was not only unique and thrilling but also had an air of desperation and sarcasm to it. And this is the very basis of this story, and the starting point of this story. Many things build over that, and there is a lot of mystery involved. Let me be very precise that it is not a horror story. It’s a fantasy/mystery/adventure/thriller. And idea is not only to entertain, engage and thrill but also to inculcate some wisdom without getting into the preaching mode. You have to read the book to know the rest.

3. How hard was it to base your characters on animals? How did you get confidence that such idea would work with Indian readers?
It wasn’t hard at all, since I humanized the characters so that every reader could relate and identify with them. I didn’t think about things like whether the idea would work or not. I wasn’t even sure if anyone would publish such an unusual story. I just knew within me that I have a really unique and interesting story to tell, and I saw no reason why I shouldn’t pen it down. It was totally an emotional decision based on my love for good stories.

4. We have heard that you have been a Blogger before being an author. What experiences of blogging did you put in this book? 
I largely learnt the trade of writing (I am still learning) through my experience of blogging. Simultaneously, I also gained the much needed confidence in my own writing. I’ll be forever indebted to my blog readers and fellow bloggers for encouraging me to step up and go to the next level.

5. Are you writing a fresh story as your next or sequel of The Devil’s Gate is on the cards? 
I have 3 or 4 ideas in my mind at the moment. I have still not finalized what I am going to take up next. So you’ll have to wait a bit to know about that. Regarding the sequel also, there is nothing finalized. If significant number of readers craves for the sequel, they might just have their say!

6. Readers have found The Devil’s Gate a textual version of 3D animation movie. Are you trying to contact film-makers to adapt it into a movie? We are sure kids are going to enjoy it more than anyone else.
I would love that. I am sure kids will love it. But I don’t really know how to contact the film-makers. If you have any idea how to do that, or you have their contact numbers, I am all ears!

7. In future, are we going to see you write a Love story, campus story or a story based on humans(Haha!) or we are going to see you trying such different genres only? 
I have no problem with humans, being one myself! I won’t write a love story or campus story just for the heck of it. Only criteria for me, is that the idea should be exciting, and should have the potential to carve out an engaging story around it. Once that happens, I don’t care what the genre is, or whether the story is based in a campus or in hell!

8. In the end, tell us in 5-7 lines, what speech will you give if you win a Major Award for the Best Indian Author for your books?
I will say just three words before bursting into tears – I AM SPEECHLESS!

It Had To Be You by Anuj Tiwari (Book Review-2.75*/5)!!!

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            So it takes me 4 hours to read "It had to be you" written by Anuj Tiwari. The 198-pages novel is a sequel to the first book- "Journey of Two Hearts". Anuj Tiwari has released his second book with Rupa while his first was a National bestseller with Srishti Publication. Anuj has taken his own time to come up with this short sequel and hence my expectations with this book were quite high. Considering that, I have found improvement in his narration which I pinpointed in my review for his first book. It seems as if author has been writing this tale to entertain audience rather than making them feel a part of this book. He made it sure that the book can be taken with you on a train journey as it does not pressurize you to concentrate on intense parts; because they are not intensely written.

         The extremely beautiful and perfect cover page for a love story could have become epic if it would have been treated with little more twists. Author has tried to keep it too simple to even excite you at few points where you wished you celebrated or emoted yourself well. Short chapters make this book a smooth ride for the readers. All the characters that are mentioned are been treated well till the end. The equation of the protagonist with Rahim Chacha is the best part about this book. I wish if author writes a completely new book mentioning Rahim Chacha's life and philosophy. 

           Poetry and songs should be added in the story if it gives speed. Here, it stops the flow and makes you applaud poetry before moving ahead and finding a totally new scene thereafter. Also, author should have tried to avoid using Hindi as much as possible. Remove quotes in Hindi and poems in English, this book could have been completed in just 160 pages. Making it more easier for the readers; if that was the target. 
         The first half of the book is well-treated. Considering it to be a sequel, Anuj has assured that you need not read his first to understand this. You can directly start with this. He has given a totally new outlook to a romantic book in the 1st half by not using depression as his key to get into readers' heart. He has kept an attitude of exploration while discussing the protagonist's life who has just come out of hospital after 6 months of admission for being depressed. But when you find that he meets the fate that he has been praying for, you are disappointed as the words does not create the magic you had expected from it. 

            The biggest drawback of this book has been the author's attempt to keep it as easy as possible. He has basically targeted the audience who have just started reading books. If he could have made this book thicker by 70-80 pages more, he could have done great justice with characters, story and the amount of twists and tales it needs. Also author talks about different topics like Mumbai, parents, Ganapati festival, IT industry, girls, sex which looks more like small pieces of article joined together to fill the book as story does not have much to give to its audience. I wish next time when Anuj Tiwari writes, he focuses on plot which has many sub-plots into it. And stop making it easy for the readers. You are losing your case because of it. I give this book 2.75/5. 


22 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

When Only Love Remains by Durjoy Datta (Book Review- 2*/5)!!!

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        Durjoy Datta's 10th book gets released on 20th June, 2014. I pre-ordered it on Flipkart and they delivered it to me before noon on its release day. Impressive! Durjoy Datta has been one author who is quite famous among girls, specially. Youth looks forward to his books because he has kept giving them hope that they'll find themselves having sex with the hottest girl of their college. But from last 2-3 books, Durjoy have totally refrained himself from writing sex. And since then, I have started finding his writing more creative and wondrous. His latest book "When Only Love Remains" comes after a very long time since his 9th release with a very elegant and peaceful cover page. Expectations has been rising since then. And now when I have kept the book aside after completing it, I am quite disappointed. 

           You must have heard books getting adapted into movies but this time, it's the other way around. "When Only Love Remains" is nothing but the scripted version of "Aashiqui 2". Yes. Believe me. Indian authors start their career from writing cheesy love stories to sexual flavors and then some sensible stories based on characterization of every protagonist. Durjoy Datta seems to be walking the road from the other end. He started with stories based on sex, then moved towards characterization and now, he is writing books that are "Aashiqui 2" of literature. 
   Book starts off well showing us the extreme passion Avanti has towards this singer who is a bit famous on Facebook and Youtube- Devrat. In the alternative chapters, author discusses Devrat's life which is how we portray singers and writers usually- depressive, lonely, drug-addicts and aggressive. Like Aashiqui-2, the singer Devrat also has a friend-cum-secretary, Sumit, who tries to bring him back to life while Devrat is not serious about his singing assignments. First half keeps discussing how Avanti dreams to meet him one day and go mad but finally, when it happens, it is so underwhelming that you are disappointed at the moment itself. Still you continue with the hope that there would be a great love story ahead. But alas! 

         The whole second half is based in hospital and there's not much after this. It's all about hopes, cries, prayers, wishes etc. Author tries hard to add excitement and life even in the second half by introducing characters but he couldn't do much with the plot that has no scope to entertain its readers. Similar stories have been published not once but infinite times. It's okay that author tries to display emotions of both the characters with each sentence that he writes but unfortunately, that does not increase the pace of the story. This plot is good for short story of 4000-5000 words but for a novel of 278 pages... A BIG NO!

         Last few pages are what I was expecting from the whole book but that was the least I could have complained after getting what I needed throughout. That letter by Devrat is something that will make you cry. The scene when Devrat's thumb moves is another scene that will excite you. Because this is the only twist in the whole book. Also the scene when Avanti injects Devrat is an epic paragraph. The last 5-6 pages finally proves why this book is a copy of Aashiqui 2. But the only best thing about this book is that it ends up making its reader smile againt the way it kept trying right from second half to make them weep yet again and again. I will give this book 2/5. Because it is the same old story repeated again, this time by the author who we wait for. 



1100* BLOGS in 1787 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1100th BLOG POST -->>

1100th BLOG POST
   It has been a complete honour in serving all of you through this space from last 1787 days. I have been very diffident since childhood but this space made it possible for me to open up and speak with all of you. On several topics. Today, we complete 1100 posts together. Often, my readers ask me why do I state few sentences while speaking about a milestone as "We". There are several times when I am lost and I don't understand what to talk about. My readers are so understanding that they themselves assume I'm in a problem. I start getting mails and FB messages about the ongoing incidents in the world and write about one which I am comfortable in. I don't dedicate any post to anyone officially but I, personally, mail the person and tell them that the specific post is result of your motivation. Therefore, anything that happens with ARB, I make it sure that my readers are part of the jubilation. 

            Last century has taken some 178 days to get completed. These 178 days has also been one of the ruggedest phase academically. For a time being, Blog went into backyard. But as I say, all of you didn't let 1100th post get delayed to second half of this year. Great! My dream with Blogging has been to touch 1000 Posts which has been successfully achieved in December 2013. Since then, I have been vagabonding and thinking about many other sectors where I can contribute with my presence and skills. After lot of thoughts, I started working on LMS- LAST MINUTE STUDY which is my little contribution through which I help MCA students of Mumbai University with online notes that can be read a night before exam. I wanted the fear of failure to go away from students' heart. This is the world of competition and consistence. I want students to have this spirit of contending and standing tall despite of any problem. LMS is just a contribution towards it.
    In my journey of Blogging, when I was 500 posts old, I got an idea of converting casual book-readers into hardcore readers. I also wanted those readers to motivate their friends and neighbours to read books. This didn't come in mind because I review books and it has become quite professional now. But because I know what reading does to a man. I have met many bibliophile several times. I have found their aura very huge and inspiring. Their presence changes the whole direction of conversations and talks. They convey big messages in less words. I wish to see every person around me being at the zenith when it comes to having knowledge and exploring minds. Hence I created DNA of BOOKS. The website got plethora of love and support. I have big smile today as I see many non-readers purchasing book through the link shared on DNA's website and informing me. Kudos, readers. :-)

           Today, on the occasion of 1100th BLOG POST, I announce my new venture with all of you. All of us are quite inclined towards glamour and buzz Bollywood creates. I have been a person who is always possessive towards art. I see movies through an artistic eyes and hence, I have been quite conserved till now when it comes to watching movies because I do not see many movies qualifying to it. Hence, I started reviewing them on this space to make the film-maker realize what we, audience, accept from them. The love given by all of you for my reviews and after having few talks with countable contacts that I have in Bollywood, I thought of opening a portal that will have Movie Reviews, Interviews with Bollywood celebrities, confirmed news and updates. Bollywood shall be discussed with purity and respectfully here. And hereby, I announce "BOLLYWOODISM" (www.BoLLyWooDisM.com) with all of you. Yes, this is the name which I believe will rise with support from each one of you. 

            On the occasion of 1100th BLOG POST, I promise all of you that I will not sit quietly and keep whatever I have in my heart. I will try to make my thoughts convert into dreams. And I will try to bring those dreams in front of you and execute them. Success and Failure have never mattered to me when it comes to doing what my heart says is right. The way I have been contributing little in all the sectors where I can speak a bit about, I will continue doing that and also indulging all of you in it. :-) I am sure the way ARB got support since its initial stage itself, all other ventures shall also have with the blessings from all of you. There has been several complains that I don't reply to comments anymore. I, also, promise today that from 1100th BLOG POST on wards, no comment will be left unanswered. With this, I bow in front of all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying by my side in all ups and downs. More than me, all of you motivate me. YOUR SUPPORT IS MY SUCCESS!!!

21 June 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Music- The only friend in loneliness!!!

1099th BLOG POST -->>

   Considering computer languages like C and C++, this is the last post of this Blogging century- 1000th to 1099th. And it has come on such a wonderful occasion of World Music Day. Earlier, I was to write a book review but as soon as I came to know about this, I dropped all the plans and headed towards this. I hope this has turned out to be one of my better centuries because this took 178 or so days to get completed. Many interruptions out there in the real world. :-)

          Music resonates. Music inspires. Music freshens. Music pleases. Music betters. Music emotes. The only friend that you find in loneliness, always, is music. It does not leave you alone. I am a Mumbai resident and almost daily, I find myself in Mumbai local. While traveling, I find almost everyone with their earphones on. They are in their own worlds. If sometimes when I am successful in peeping in my neighbour's mobile screen, I find someone playing romantic songs while someone pumping himself with hard-core discos and retro songs. Some person has bhajan as his ringtone while another has song from 60s and 70s. That's how music is for everyone. You can almost judge personality of a person by the music he prefers. 

         In recent days, I have been away from music because of work load. Earlier, I listened songs when I used to lie on bed for sleeping. Now I don't even have this privilege because I sleep in the same room with my parents and I end up being on bed only after I start falling because of slumber's desperate need to have her with me all night. :-) But I miss music. Any time, when I start listening to songs, I prefer playing those from the latest releases and they play no part left in disappointing me. Music has become quite corruptible these days and what will you comment on songs like "Hum paagal nahi hai bhaiya, hamala dimaag kharaab hai" and "Ye Fugly Fugly Kya hai?"? These songs saturate you more than giving you any comfort and relaxation. Let's hope that soul of music isn't separated from it or it would become a game play for everyone. 

           Still, some songs make sure that they give me the life back when I am uncomfortable or out of touch from my work. One song has been "Kabira" from YJHD. Too soulful and meaningful for someone like me who is workaholic and achievement-oriented. It makes me realize that dryness still conquers heart sometimes even after, gradually, achieving all short-term goals. Another lovely song is "Banjaara" from Ek Villain recently. It reminds me of all the people who supported me when I needed someone desperately. When I work-out, songs like "Zinda" and "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" plays a big part in making me exert more than my capacity. 

            The kind of imaginations that some real motivating and inspiring songs give you is what makes you turn towards music every time. There are many life moments that you forget after some time which only music can remind and take you back in those moments. That's the reason why songs on Friendship fare so well even if they are sung and composed by someone as middle-class as me. Because everyone has had wonderful moments of Friendship sometimes back and there are few people who flashes in front of their eyes once few wonderful lyrical words and prose are sung in very soulful voice. That is why movies get old but their songs and music always stay on people's tongue and playlists.

           Sometimes when one does not have anything to say, he dedicates a song to someone special. When words fail, music comes as savior. The attachment with singers and lyricists happen only through songs. Every artist has his time. Once there was Sonu Nigamm which was followed by Adnan Sami, Shaan, KK, Neeraj Shridhar, Atif Aslam and these days, it's Arijit Singh. It is because there is certain type of songs that are been given to a specific singer for that period of time. Mass of people in the same state of mind or having the same taste keep listening the song day and night. And once, the period of our favorite artist ends, he disappears, it's only his songs that stays with us. In my case, I still listen Jagjit Singh again and again. He is still with me in spite of his absence. 

          On this Music Day, I only wish that lyricists become more responsible towards song and also, singers work on their singing than popularity techniques. A good singer is always in people's heart despite he is famous or not. It kills your sanity when you find a stupid song creating history. We, specifically Indians, are still producing some great songs. Phir Le Aaya Dil, Muskurane ki wajah, Mujhe teri jarurat hai etc are the result of some beautiful talent still existing in present lot of our country. Let's hope that Indian music keeps making us proud even after years from here. A very Happy World Music Day to all the singers, composers, musicians and listeners. :-) 



Review: HUMSHAKALS: Offensive, Illogical, Worst, UNFUNNY! 0/5

1098th BLOG POST -->>


 It's 3 AM right now when I am about to start writing this piece. And you know why I chose this timing? Because I am just done watching Humshakals, a movie that has triple role of all the three actors. Hahahahahahahahahaha! 

         If you felt that what has happened above has been the worst that you have faced, I am happy that you have still not gone through what I have just survived. SAJID KHAN's HUMSHAKALS. I totally agree with the concept of few directors to keep our brains at home while going to watch their films in multiplexes. But, at least, it assures few laughter moments like Chennai Express, Welcome etc did. Unbelievably and surprisingly, this movie does not have even a single scene that could even make you smile slightly. Leave laughing and rolling on floor like an idiot. Movie starts with showing how Saif Ali Khan tries to be Stand-up comedian and his audiences walks away each time. That's what it has become for Sajid Khan with each movie of his including even this. Only I know the torture these 160 minutes did to me. TRAGIC!

         Sajid Khan finds it totally normal and decent to pass jokes and silly remarks on gays, homosexuals, dwarfs, mentally-challenged, physically-challenged, paralytic patients, disabled and even obese people. You witness such scenes and you are left wondering- Is this for real? 

       You must have laughed when you found illogical quotients in several films recently which did surprisingly good at Box Office but here, you will die of finding how illogical can Sajid Khan get not once but time and again in this movie repetitively. There's a drug that makes human behave like dog for 24 hours. There's a patient in mental asylum who gets enough mad to murder people whenever he finds anyone sneezing and coughing. Great part is that he forgets that he is killing someone as soon as he is handed Lollypop because it's his favorite. In the end, you will even find the duplicate of Prince Charles who speaks Punjabi. And the biggest invention of illogicality has been the triple roles for each of the three characters. Thanks to Sajid Khan that he spared actresses from cloning themselves. I WANT TO DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

           Saif Ali Khan is just trying too hard to fit into the movie and he is making stupid of himself in almost every frame. Is he the same actor who worked in Omkara, Race series and Love Aaj Kal? Definitely, NO! Another good actor, Ram Kapoor, is made to look stupid at gunpoint, it seems. Riteish Deshmukh is the only one who does well in all the three roles played by him. He justifies why he is part of almost 80% of comedy movies made in Bollywood. All the actresses are made to giggle, dance and sing in short skirts. More than Tamannah, her legs talk in the movie. Even the lyricists are so out of order that they are making us believe that junoon and Caller-tune rhymes with each other. Coming to the choreography, well, all of you must have seen the Caller-tune signature-step. I need not explain that to you. 

           If this is how Bollywood is going to make comedy movies in future, I must tell you that it's better to watch some movies which are not even promoted as comedy but makes you laugh more than enough. E.g. 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Dabangg. Sajid Khan has totally lost the plot and while watching Humshakals, you will feel at many times that he has purposely done this to make fool out of the audiences who have paid heftily to get into theaters for 2-3 laughter moments. If this was not enough, his sister, Farah Khan, another disaster-producer is coming within few months with her next movie. BE READY TO VISIT HELL, GUYSSSS!!! I give this movie rating equivalent to the amount of jokes and laughter moments it has- 0.