31 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

2nd Anniversary of My Blog !!!

            431st BLOG-->>

        I wrote my first blog post on 31st July, 2009. I didn't knew what I was writing and where will this publish? I was writing just because I wanted to explore something new and try something new on Internet. The same chatting, stalking profiles, uploading pics, changing profile pic made Internet a boring time pass for me. Then this Blog gave a life to my Internet world and today I am so happy to inform you all that it's the 2nd anniversary of my blog. I'm feeling like clamoring and telling everyone that I have written 431 Blog posts in 2 years i.e. 730 Days but for me this is quite a bad figure because I always wanted to write a post everyday. But people complained that the quality of blog is being affected because of your stubbornness to write a post daily, try to write few of them which are really readable and have some sense. Thanks to God that the words affected me and I started trying to write something which is seriously important (This is what I feel, your views can differ ;-) ). 

              Today, when I see that 1,10,000+ readers have read my Blog in these 2 years, I thank to that moment which made me think to start a blog. It wasn't a passion initially but as I kept writing regularly, it became a habit and from a Habit it transformed into an Addiction and from an Addiction, it transformed into a Passion. And now this Passion has given me a reason to live. My life has become more interesting from the day Writing became a reason to live for me. Today, when my friends compliment me for my posts, I feel that I am not wasting my life and I am making it an inspirational one by dedicating it to something. People have the habit of watching movies, cricket match, football match, chatting and they think that its very very important or not-to-be-missed material but they should think whether the habit is Productive or not. Writing has created too many inspirational thoughts in my mind. Now, I see even my failures as the lessons from life. Life itself teach us how to live it. I have found my life helping me to come out of big problems and taking the right decisions. So, everyone should take life as a game and start playing it just thinking about Winning the game. 

              I feel it quite amazing when I see some people coming on my blog and posting some abuses or demotivating words. Some are so sweet that they do it and when they find that I haven't published their mind-blowing suggestion for me, they post the same comment again. I am surprised to see that they keep that comment pasted somewhere in their hard drive and they keep posting it in their attempt to stop me from doing something sensible and valuable in my life. Actually, I want to tell these trolls that if you really have problem with me, my blog, my writing, my grammar, my thoughts, my views, my growth - Just close my blog page and say a Fuck Off to my blog and never visit it again because I am never going to stop writing even if I write too bad and too silly. These 2 years are very soon going to convert into 20 years so please don't trouble your brain in thinking what to post to demotivate me and your fingers to type those words for me. 

             With this, I would like to Congratulate all my Blog readers who have always read my Blog and waited for it. I know I have been very much irregular but I have to maintain my academic career, family and friends with the blog too. So, I am trying to give time to everyone. I will brush up my Time Management quality little more to give more time to Blogging. ;-)

          Love you all.


29 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Jab se you have loved me by S. R. Saha !!!

           430th BLOG -->>

        So, I am here to review an another book- Jab se you have loved me ...the story of an Airhostess & an IITian by S.R. Saha. I have been in contact with the author from past many months and I have always liked his words of motivation for me. He has always supported my blog and has been a guide in my journey of blogging. S.R. Saha was born in Calcutta. He is a gradutate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Madras. 

             Coming to the book, according to what the author stated, this book is a love story of an IITian with an airhostess working in Indian Airlines. I loved the Acknowledgement written by the author in the start of the book. It is quite different and innovative. I liked his style of leaving the First Impression in the mind of readers. The first chapter is wonderful where the author starts the book with a humour quotient in it. You feel excited to know more about him. You turn out to be desperate to know what happened next. Fortunately, he meets a girl named Ujani whom he liked in the first meeting itself but forgets to take her phone number. It is from here that the story begins and Atin0 the main character starts searching this girl. He keeps struggling with his job career too as he doesn't get a perfect job in a type of organization he wanted to work in. Being an IITian, he never got an IIT type of respect from others. At last, he meets Ujani again and he keeps meeting her accidentally for few more times and finally they are engaged but Ujani had to leave for Hyderabad for her Airhostess training. Then, author have presented the whole struggle of this boy with his loser's life. At last, the book ends with a happy ending.

              Coming to the review, English used in this book is quite fluent and has a flow in it. You keep swimming with the story and end up being friends with some characters of this book. The Prologue and Epilogue is written very nicely. You will feel the story aimless till the first 75% part and the remaining 25% of the last will excite you a lot. Actually, S.R. Saha should have concentrated more on the story than English. Actually, being a worknig class employee, it would have been hard for him to write it in a form of a college boy and thus he wrote it in his own style. The humor quotient is fine too. The story in the last 30 pages is awesome and fast going. S.R. Saha should have used that part of the story for the whole book. That was too interesting and I was shocked that even after having such a content in his mind, he was ted the whole book in telling how loser Atin was. I am little furious on the author as he claims the book to be a love story but its all and all a story of a guy passed out from IIT but still lives a life of loser. In the end, he has confessed even this to but he should not have done this. The language of the book is tough for first time readers so this can be a factor for keeping readers away from the book. But I loved the language very much. From Srishti Publishers, this was the first author who wrote the whole book in a perfect language and perfect tuning. Saha sir should try to become a regular columnist of leading newspapers in India as his command on English is excellent. I'll rate this book 6 out of 10.  I hope S.R. Saha will improve his work in the 2nd book. This one seriously didn't touched my heart.


27 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

SINGHAM - Movie Review !!!

            429th BLOG -->>

             When you enter into a Screen in a multiplex after paying 150 bucks for a movie, you expect the movie to do justice with you - either by the story of it or by the performance or by an X-Factor in it. Recently, I saw Singham with fourteen of my classmates. The experience of the movie was wonderful because this was the first time when I saw any movie with such a big group otherwise I never saw a fim with more than 3 people. I went to Singham just because it had Ajay Devgn in it and the Box Office result of the movie was wonderful in the first three days of its release. None of the songs from the movie became talk-of-the-town so the selling of the movie with high demands was only possible if it had good content in it and yes, the content of the movie did justice to the money paid by the viewer. 

             Movie starts with a cop committing suicide by shooting himself. Ajay Devgan is appointed as the new DGP of the area after the suicide of that cop. Ajay Devgan tries to keep his village away from any kind of crime and hurdles as a cop of the area. The action sequences shown in the film are awesome. You will love them as they are not over-exaggerated like it is done in the movies like Main Hoon Na. Suddenly, Ajay Devgn meet a corrupt and powerful Jaikant Shikre (Prakash Raj) and the story runs after that. Jaikant Shikre is the same culprit because of whom the cop commits suicide who was appointed at the post of Ajay Devgn before he took the oath for the same post. The clashes of Bajirao Singham and Jaikant Shikre in the movie are awesome and you will laugh every time Prakash Raj delivers a dialogue. The whole police force and the whole political network is under the control of Jaikant Shikre. Whenever Bajirao Singham tries to cease him with all the power he has, Jaikant Shikre traps him through his seniors or politicians. Bajirao Singham take a step backward in the fight and take a decision that he will not combat against Jaikant Shikre anymore. Then, his girlfriend Kavya (Kajal Agarwal) clamors and ask Ajay Devgn to fight if he really have guts and if he is the same person she choose to marry. And then, Singham starts his war again with a full force and he stops only when the film gets over. 

             Coming to review, Singham is an all and all drama. You will love the action sequences. The songs aren't touching and thus you will come out of theatre without murmuring any song of the movie. The love chemistry between Ajay and Kajal is incomplete. You will find the movie of the same genre as of 1970's movie where a cop fought for his village and its purity. You will love the dialogue delivery of Prakash Raj. He is an ultimate villain and you can get no one as better than him. You don't need a comedian in the movie if you have Prakash Raj as a villain. It was my first experience when I saw people clapping on the dialogues in a multiplex so you can understand the weight of dialogues in this movie. Obviously, Singham isn't a movie of lifetime. You can watch it with your friends or family just for fun. It will guarantee entertain you for 2.5 hours and you will get money back in the form of Ajay Devgn's perfect acting, Prakash Raj's comedy, Kajal's beauty, elegance and Rohit Shetty's direction. I will rate this movie 3 out of 5. Go it for once in theater if you want to enjoy the real SINGHAM.



I am BROKE...! LOVE Me when Love and recession struck by Animesh Verma !!!

           428th BLOG -->>

       When Ashutosh Gowariker completed his last day of shooting for the movie Lagaan, he said in an interview that if you will ask me to make this movie again, I'll put my hands up. Something similar was said by Rakesh Roshan after Koi Mil Gaya. Some legendary artists don't have guts to re-attempt their best work or some of them feel that even if they will try for next 10 years, they can't match up with the best work they have done before. Animesh Verma's condition seems to be the same. His first book - Love, Life and Dream On was a book of lifetime. You just can't get over the story of the book for months and you keep thinking about the main characters. Animesh Verma is a confident person in real life and the first book showed the power of confidence. His second book - I Am Broke.. Love Me is a book about a young boy who faced a kick from his organization due to recession. The story revolves around the main character- Armaan and his struggling life throughout the book.

            This book is actually a story which deals with both the main factors of life - Girlfriend and Friends. Armaan get stuck in between where he has to chose one from the two and he chooses girlfriend over friends which apart him from his friends. After many years, when he meet his old friends again, he finds that no one needs him one in this fast forward life. Still, as it is said, with the God grace all the friends come together again to accomplish their dream project- Jobs Made Easy and they start working on it again. This time, Armaan didn't had his girlfriend- Vidisha with him but as soon as the project was at its last verge, she comes back in his life. Armaan manages to co-ordinate both the relations at the same time. Even he knew that this project is the only survivor in this season of recession. At last, after all sorts of dramas as you find in any story, the story of this guy ends with a happy note.

            Coming on the review of this book, I must say that the first book by Animesh Verma was far better than his second attempt. The theme of both the books are almost the same. The first book had a fresh story so you love it and give it a place in your heart while this one seems to be repetitive because of the first one and you'll mess up with both the stories after some days. But Animesh has been successful in touching the heart through his book. You can feel each and every emotion and feeling of the main character Armaan. His close friend- Varun also becomes the favourite of the readers in the second half. You will love Armaan's girlfriend- Vidisha. Vidisha is shown not less than a fairy in the book which excites you to read more to know about the fairy. ;-) The character of Abhi is no less than a dream character. I am in love with that character after reading the book. Animesh Verma turns out to successful in bringing out tears in some parts of the story. In this book, you will find the mistakes from publisher more than the mistakes by the writer. Many spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes are attempted by the publisher. The same problem was with Animesh's first book too and it continued in the second one. I hope Animesh will concentrate on his 3rd book that the same mistake is not repeated again. Animesh has kept his style of writing and parlance intact. For a new reader, this book will act as an accelerator as the language is kept simple. 

           I will rate this book 7 out of 10 and I will recommend everyone to read it once because it has a different content in it. Atleast not like the book of some authors which starts from a girl and doesn't leave the topic till the end. This has a variety. Go for it.


19 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara !!!

            427th BLOG -->>

        I am back after watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I wanted to watch this movie on Sunday as I was feeling too bad for the death of my Chachaji and I wanted to get out of those thoughts but none of my friend agreed to my invitation for the movie. At last, I had to postpone the plan. Today, a childhood friend came to my house and asked me to go for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and I approved his request without thinking anything else. Usually, I don't review the movies on my blog space but I'll do it tonight.

             Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a movie which has nothing to do with the stars acting in it, the location shown in the movie, the money spent on the movie to make it; it is all about creating new vibes in your life and bringing a change in your thoughts and attitudes. There are some movies like Bbuddaah Hoga Tera Baap and Dhoom 2 which are made just to show the magnificence and super-style of the actors and the versatility they have in them. Then, there are some movies like 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Udaan, Swades and Guzaarish which are made to focus on the small elements of your life which you leave unnoticed but they are one of the important factors in your life which can lift you up by one level and put you on a different level in your life. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is one of the films of such type. It has nothing to do with the stardom of Hrithik and Katrina, it has nothing to do with the hidden talents of Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol, it is all about the story and the content of the film. Zoya Akhtar tried to share a strong message to the audience and she succeeded in doing this.

              Coming to the performances, Hrithik Roshan is as usual- awesome and stylish. Farhan Akhtar is the person who has stolen the show from the others. Abhay Deol is brilliant in his own style. The surprising element of the movie is Katrina Kaif as she acted too perfectly as compared to her recent movies. Her dialogue delivery has improved and the confidence of the girl has surely mooted up as she has worked very hard for grabbing compliments for her acting with looks too. Hats off to her. Kalki Koechlin is Ok Ok. She has nothing to do with the film's success. The actor's trio looks awesome in the journey sequences. The kiss of Hrithik-Katrina is OK and not something which you can call vulgar and purposely inserted in the movie. The best part of the movie is Farhan Akhtar's comic timing and the lines he has recited in the movie which are originally written by his father. 

              While the Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara moves on, you will find it just another friendship movie but as soon as it ends, you will wait for few seconds on your seat and think about the message the movie conveyed. ZNMD teaches us to enjoy the life today rather than waiting for the future. It shows us that we have the power of overcoming our fear and challenging all those things we are scared of. The underwater sequence of diving is awesome. The sky-diving scene is the best part of the movie (according to me). I was lost in that scene and I felt that I am flying with the actors. It was an awesome scene. And the last scene of the movie where the actors had to run faster than the bulls to save their life was the most inspiring sequence of the movie. The smiling faces of the actor in the end shows that the real excitement and fun of the life lies after overcoming all our fear and trying all those things in life we always felt that we can't do. 

            Many people feel that this movie is a One-time watch but I can watch it for 10 times more. At last, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a movie of the Lifetime. You will never forget this movie in your life. I rate it 4 out of 5. 


18 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks For The Love And Support !!!

             426th BLOG -->>

         I don't know whether I have ever done anything nice and kind in my life but I am happy to see some very kind and generous people around me. Do you expect strangers and the people who have never met you to feel your pain as germane as a person very close to you understand? I never knew that I had such people in my life. I had an idea but I never saw it happen with me. But, after my last post on my Chachaji, I saw so many people coming in to show their condolences and there are many who are asking for any help if my Chachiji needs. Wow. Because of such people, I know that I'll never remain alone in my life and I'll always have some or the another person to help me and drag me out of any kind of problem. My dear blogger friend - Harman mam postponed her post after reading my post on Chachaji and wrote this one in sorrow for me and my family - Click HERE to read. 

            Everyone wants me to be happy and see me smiling. Even the support on Twitter is great. It is because of you people that I have started tweeting back and I am laughing little bit. For refreshing my mind, I was about to go for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara today but all my friends refused. But the support messages of Blog, Twitter and Email is so powerful that it wiped off some of the pains from my heart. Lets talk something else rather than this topic so that I can move forward in life rather than thinking this again and again. Tomorrow, the second week of my college is going to start. Our new juniors are going to enter tomorrow. I hope I'll find some good girls to watch out. I love watching beautiful girls than trying to impress and start a relation with them. The last 1 week of college has been Ok-Ok. I don't know how but I have managed to sit all the lectures and give my 100% attendance in the first week. Its something unbelievable and I don't know how I achieved this fate. I should get an award and certificate from college for this. Are you listening, Event Organizers?

             I would like to tell you all about my vacation. This time we got a very big vacation from 17th May to 10th July. My first To-Do list of the vacation was to learn cooking. And Yes, I did it. I have learned how to cook basic vegetables and how to prepare a dough, make round chapatis and serve it to somebody. I am very happy that I can live alone from now as I have learned the most required job one should know to live alone. Secondly, I wanted to read novels and write reviews on my blog which didn't happen. Actually, one thing I thought while my exams were on that I'll help my mother in all the household activities. So, I helped my mother each and every day. So, I didn't got the time to read novels and write reviews about them and I don't even regret it. 

             In vacation, my friend Rohit came to my house for 2 days, my cousins- Priyu and Mahesh came for 3 days, Sonu came for 1 day and many close people came to my house to make my vacation wonderful. I went to Sonu's house for 1 day, an aunty's house in Vikhroli for a day, my cousin's house for 2 days and went to visit Vashi for a day with my mother. The best thing I did in this vacation was that I went to Nashik - the city where I completed my 11th and 12th std. I met my junior college's friends and had lots of laughing session with them. I also went to Shirdi with those friends. I demanded lots of favor from Sai Baba when I was living in Nashik. He fulfilled 6 out of 8 things I demanded after I landed in Mumbai. I was thinking of visiting Shirdi from 2009 but I never got time. This time, I didn't wanted to make any kind of excuse and I planned for Shirdi and went there. Thanked Sai Baba for whatever he gave me and demanded for some more favors. I know he will fulfill them too as he is very kind to me. 

             In the end of the vacation, the news of Chachaji's death came and I went to Punjab for the first time. I went to Haridwar for customs and I saw Ganga river for the first time and even had a bath in it. It washed out all the ego, revenging attitude, arrogance and debating propensity I had in me. It has taught me that the only thing you should try to become in your life is a Good human being. I am trying to be the one from the minute I came out of the River Ganga. In short, this vacation was filled with lots of entertainment and I also turned more mature after what happened to Chachaji. 

           This is all I want to say. Tomorrow, the second week of college is about to start and I hope everything will be fine. Do forgive me for this post as there's nothing new and creative about it but I had to write this post to come out of the depression I am into. I hope I'll post something interesting from tomorrow. 


17 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

You Will Always Remain In My HEART !!!

           425th BLOG -->>

Chachaji in his Air-Force uniform with daughter
        Last month, I wrote a blog post as an autobiography of a man who lost his wife and daughter. While I was writing it, I was facing some problems while describing the feeling of a man who have lost someone closer. I never had any experience when I lost someone very close to me. It happened some 3.5 years ago when my grandpa expired due to kidney failure and old age. All of us already knew that grandpa can die anytime as he was admitted in hospital from many months and even doctor said that he can breathe his last anytime. After that post, I wrote a post - What if I die tomorrow morning? Everyone praised that post too. My father read both the posts and he was happy to read my thoughts. On 2nd July, everything was fine. I came to know that my result is out and I reached college with my friend Yusuf to see my result. With the grace of God, I cleared in all the subjects and climbed to the 3rd year of graduation successfully. I and Yusuf went to visit Central Park, Kharghar in the evening as we were free and we had a flying heart which was vociferating that we are free to enjoy today. After visiting and celebrating for the whole day, I got a call from my mother while returning when she said,"Come home fast. Dinesh chachaji is no more. We will have to depart for Punjab tonight itself." I went numb after listening to what my mother said. And my recent posts came in my mind where only death and dying was attracting my mind.

With Tannu and Debu
               There were only two people in the whole family who talked with me in English right from my childhood. It was my Grandpa and my Chachaji. They didn't do this with any of my cousin except me. I don't know why they selected me for this extra-ordinary activity where they conversed with me in English even when our mother-tongue is Pure Hindi language. Whenever I used to come to know that Chachaji ka phone aaya hai, I used to run and wait when my father/mother will pass on the cell to me so that I can talk to him. I don't remember any of my birthday when my Chachaji didn't called and wished me. No relative of mine even remember my birthday but my chachaji did. He always had a faith on me that Veeru will do something big and different. I don't know what made him think like that but he did. I loved him so much. I was angry on him after my 12th std result was announced as he didn't called and inquired about my result. I was unhappy that how can he forget that I was in 12th std and I gave my board exams. None of my relatives called me but I was angry only on him because I had such connection with him. He understood me and my attitude and I always understood him. I would not have met him more than 60 days in my 22 years of life but still I loved him so much. At last, he even said Sorry to me for forgetting that I gave my 12th exams.

With Tannu. She is so pretty.
               From the minute I have heard about his expiry, I am in depression and sorrow. I am unable to concentrate on anything. I am disliking everything and I am disagreeing on every topic. I have lost the interest in doing anything. I have only one thing to do and that is to think about how can he die, how can he leave all of us behind, how will my chachiji survive, how will my cousins build their future. I haven't written a blog after that, I haven't read a newspaper after that, I haven't heard any of the lectures in college nicely, I haven't eaten happily, I haven't slept properly. In short, I have lost my interest from all the excitements of life. My chachaji was in Air Force and he was smartest of all the brothers. He was the most active one. I never knew that he was so passionate until I went to Punjab after his expiry. I saw the walls with great thoughts pasted on them. He even pasted 10 Dreams of his life with deadline where he completed almost everyone of them and the ones which he didn't was about to be accomplished in few years. They got delayed because my father compelled him to become an engineer which made him to concentrate on studies rather than those dreams. He was the first amongst his brothers to purchase a car. He already purchased a house in Indore. He was living a well-settled life. Chachaji has two kids - Tannu who is 9 years old now and Debu who is 6 years old now. The smartness of my sister Tannu is the example of the type of father he was. At the age of 9, Tannu talks so smartly and so mature that anyone who talk to her gets surprised.

              I was sitting with Tannu at 9 o clock one night when she asked me,"Bhaiyya, there are no stars in the sky, papa has not even turned into a star so that he can watch us from there." After hearing this from her, I started crying and I tried to tell her that her father is not dead, he is alive and he will come back if she will do something great in life but she refused my fake talks by saying that I know where my father is. She said,"My father is with God and he will never come back. I was in Jhansi and I was counting the days that were left to stay there as I wanted to meet Daddy. But when I came here after 1 month, Daddy met me only once and that was for the last time. He didn't even said anything. He was dead and he was lying. I always walked with my dad on the roads of our Air Force colony campus. He was the one who taught me everything. He was the one who would massage my body when it used to pain after playing. He was the one whom I loved the most. And he was the only one who loved me the most. I'll surely bring 99% in my coming exams as I promised him that I'll score those marks." After she stopped, I kept looking at her face. A girl of 9 years old who lost her father 4 days back had so much love for him that she wants to fulfill all the dreams she had regarding him or promised to him. 

Chachiji with Tannu and Debu
             My chachiji is holding a Master Degree in Mathematics or Chemistry. She acted as a housewife till now but I hope she will start working soon and act as a Father to both of these kids. I want my cousins to grow up as successful personalities. I don't know about anyone else but if I will earn a decent amount, I'll surely help my cousins to get a proper education. They can eat less for once, it will do but I don't want them to have a bad future. They should grow up to be the smartest person ever seen by anyone. I am damn confident about Tannu. For Debu, I can say nothing as he is just 6 years old and you can't judge a small sweet child of 6 years old. My Chachaji used to study Science and Mathematics's book even at the age of 36 and I hope this passion of studying and reading gets developed in my cousins too. I remember the day when I was about to leave Jalandhar, Tannu came and sat besides me and said,"Bhaiyya, ab aap bhi chale jaaoge?" And that gave me such a sad feeling that I didn't replied to her curious question, I kissed her and picked up my bag, met all the relatives and left the house looking at her face. The absence of Chachaji will always be felt because he was the most ambitious person of the family. He was the one who always took initiative of the things which no brother took. He was the youngest of them all but still he used to talk like a grown up with his elder brothers. 

Tannu, I'm always with you
               I went to Haridwar for submerging the Asthiyaan of Chachaji in Ganga River. After I did it and dived in Ganga River, my heart suddenly responded like a heart of a child which has no bad feeling, revenging attitude, ego and any type of harshness in heart. I was feeling as a good human being after that. When my Chachaji talked to me for the second last time, he requested me to stop all kinds of hot and cold war with my elder cousins and I said to him that yes I'll do but I never tried to do what he requested me to. But after bathing in Ganga, first thing with which I came out of the river was that I'll fulfill his request and I'll say Sorry to my cousins even when I don't think that I ever did anything bad to them till I had relation with them. I wanted to do it just for my Chachaji as he wanted me to be nice to everyone. He said to me on phone that beta tu har cheez me aagey hain aur bahut atcha hai, is ek cheez me kyun apna naam kharaab kar raha hai k bhai-beheno k saath pyaar se nahi reh sakta, tu hi aagey badh jaa agar upar waale badappan nahi dikha rahe hain toh. I am sad that I didn't did this till he was alive but I did it last week. Now, I am in talking terms with both the cousins. No harsh feeling left for anyone. 

With both his children, we will miss u
              When he talked to me for the last time, he was very curious to know about my Blogs and my writings after he came to know from somebody that my Blog is read by Amitabh Bachchan and Chetan Bhagat. I told him about how I started, how a blog works and how I have gained a name in this field. He told me to send some of my good works on his E-mail ID. I told him that I'll send him. But I never did because I had a plan to hand him my published novel directly than my blogs. Now, I couldn't forgive myself for not fulfilling both his requests he did in the last two conversations with me. Now, Dinesh chacha is no more. I have no relative left whom I love as my own family member. Now I don't have any relative who'll call me on my birthdays and wish me. Now I don't have any relative on whose birthday I'll call and wish. Yes, even I wished Chacha his birthday from my childhood itself. Everyone said that I looked like him, now I look like no one because he is not with us. I am depressed and I hope I'll recover from this loss as soon as possible. Chachaji, I don't know about anyone else but you will always remain in MY HEART and I just can't pass a single day without remembering you and I promise you that if God will give me the strength and money in future, I am going to build Tannu and Debu in the kind of person you always wanted to make them. I hope you are watching me from the sky and you are sending your love and wishes to me. I hope my tears will stop soon and I'll start working on courageously and pragmatically with great force. 

              I can't speak more and seriously speaking I don't even have words to say. It is easy for me to write autobiographies of a father or a son who has lost their son or a father respectively but when it happened with me, I have no words to state my feelings to everyone. Sorry.

2 July 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

My 1st Interview as a Blog Writer !!!

           424th BLOG -->>

       Sorry for this post between the story - I Love You But I Loved Her Too. I wanted to give you a very good news. This is the first time I have been interviewed by someone as a Blog Writer. I would like all of you to read it and comment and tell me what is your reaction to all the answers I gave to Vinayak Nagri - The interviewer. 

           The Link to the Interview is here - Interview With Abhilash Ruhela (Owner of Abhilash Ruhela Blog)  .


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU waiting for your responses. 

I Love You But I Loved Her Too !!! (Part 3)

            423rd BLOG -->>

        I and Preeti started sitting on the same bench from the next day. Everyone was happy to see us together. In some days, her brothers came to know about our affair but they didn't did anything because they knew that their sister is damn emotional and she can take any foolish step if they'll try to hurt me. Someone from his brother's gang told me that they aren't doing anything to me because they know I am a good and sincere boy otherwise they would have chopped me till now. I was knowing that I was taking a very big risk by dating a girl whose brothers are no less than Laden, Dawood and Kasab. But, I thought that I'll have to take risk if I love Preeti and I wanted to test my guts. Preeti always knew that I wanted to be an actor. Yes, even I was one of those crazy people who wanted to go to Mumbai and struggle to become an actor. My parent were against it but I wanted to be on the Silver Screen and play the roles of superheroes and beat the villains. 

             One day, she was physically abused by one of her brother. She came running to me and said that please help me and if you really love me, leave everything from here and lets go to Mumbai. We completed our 12th till then. I was surprised by what she said. I was about to be admitted in college and I thought that its nice to migrate Mumbai at this moment. Even she is fed up with her brothers and family and I am fed up of my parent who are ceasing me to achieve my dream of entering into modelling world. That was 2nd July,2009 and we ran from Nashik and came to Mumbai. I had Ganesh bhai already in Mumbai who gave us a room in his 3BHK flat in Andheri. I still remember the scary face and dithering body of my dear Preeti. She was shivering badly. She asked me,"Its Ok for you. You will start giving auditions from tomorrow but what about me? What am I going to do in this city?" She started crying. The question was sensible but I had to give her some confidence. I replied,"I know the time is hard and we will have to deal with it. But what if you start earning in a Call-center?" She looked me with a smile. The tears in her eyes and smile on her face was a confusing collaboration. She said,"Wow. Nice Idea. I got a reason to be in the city of dream. Even I'll depart from here with you tomorrow. I'll go for walk-in interviews and you go for auditions." Now, she took a sigh of relief.

              After 3 months, Preeti was working with Wipro BPO from last 2 months and she was getting 20,000 per month and I was still struggling. I went to every small producers and asked them for a role in their B-Grade movies but none of them gifted me a job. Everyone of them wanted me to pay them some big amount of money and then expect for a role. I didn't wanted Preeti to know the reason otherwise she would have started working both the shifts to collect those amount and give it to me so that I can climb the first step of my dream. 

             One day, Ganesh bhai told me that there's a function in his office and a model named Sabrina is going to be the chief guest. He said that I should attend it and try to be friends with her and try to use her for my dream. I loved the idea and on the day of the function, I wore my suit which my mother gifted me on my birthday and went to the party. Superb arrangement was made and quite a hi-fi and sophisticated people were present. Ganesh Bhai was introducing me to everyone as his brother and I was enjoying the treatment I was getting. Ganesh Bhai was the General Manager of the company and this was working wonderful on my side. Suddenly, the host of the party announced that Sabrina Khan can arrive any time. I was eagerly waiting to meet Sabrina Khan as I saw her pictures on the Page 3 of every newspaper quite often. 

             Suddenly, I saw people running towards the entrance of the hall and when I ran towards it, I saw the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. Yes, she was Sabrina Khan. Sabrina Khan herself. I kept staring her face because I never saw such a flawless skin. I never saw sharp and sexy eyes like Sabrina Khan had. She had a perfect height with perfect curves. Her cleavage was visible and it was like a huge valley of dreams. She had straight brownish hairs and the ear-rings she was wearing was dancing in perfect co-ordination with her hairs. Not even a single millimetre of her body was imperfect. I was feeling as I am seeing the Goddess on the Earth. 

              I fell in love with her beauty in the first sight itself.

            TO BE CONTINUED.....