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Does Age Matter To Him? He Is SACHIN TENDULKAR!!!

834th BLOG POST -->>

       Very few people can inspire you by not being around you. They can give you energy and a reason to live by just doing their work correctly with perfection and positive attitude. We see these people and get inspired. We want to be like them. We dream of living a life of theirs. We start learning from them. For some, just praying such people is enough. This itself makes them feel good about their life. Some are just fans who wants to see their idol working and achieving things rather than following them and being one of their kinds in their field of work. There's no problem in being in this group either as loving someone unconditionally even when you know that they belong to a totally different world which is almost in-achievable for us to be in. One such person is SACHIN TENDULKAR. People love him unconditionally. Though we blamed him a lot for not scoring much Centuries in these last days of his Cricket but yet the love and respect remained for him for what he has given us in almost 2.5 decades since he is in this game of Cricket. I don't think that there's anyone who can blame Sachin Tendulkar for being arrogant and egoistic. He has always served us with passion. He has taken our nation to a very different level and made us recognizable in World through his contribution in the game that he selected as his career. Today, the man turns 40 and through this medium that we have, I wish him and from the behalf of all my readers A Very Happy Birthday. 

              I still remember the month of December and the day 23rd. I was studying with my friends when suddenly I got a message from my childhood friend telling me on Whatsapp about the tragic news of Sachin's retirement from ODIs. Never did I expect that the great man will leave this famous format of Cricket without even giving a proper speech. He just announced his retirement from his home and seemed to be very frustrated with every thing around him. It seemed as if he wanted to play more but he was not been allowed as team always wants the best 11 to serve it and Sachin Tendulkar was not performing anymore. With age, with time, there comes an age or phase when you still have the skills and technicalities but luck does not favour you. Every time the ball comes towards you, you become conscious of all the media, news, people's opinion and pressure and end up getting lost. Ball gets into wicket and you are back to pavilion. And this streak continues. Sachin got victim to this unusual and displeasing phenomena. And he left the ODIs without even letting us, his fans, give him a final farewell with all the emotions choking us throughout the match that would have been his last. :-(

               This career of Sachin Tendulkar itself shows that nothing stays for longer. Every thing that you have has to go some day away from you. You can't chase it as the time period for which it was allocated to you has been over. Now you can only wish to lead your life in future with smile on your face and passion for something else. Life does not end at any stage. Rahul Dravid retired from all forms of Cricket. Seeing his performances in IPL, it is sure that he still has the charm in him. But still he sits at home rather than playing anymore. But is his life depressing after this? No. He is enjoying the new phase of commentary and writing columns. Life never stops. The same is seen in Sachin's attitude. Every time that people have raised fingers at him, he has made it sure that he is making them all realize soon that he is the same Tendlya for whom they took half-days at their offices to witness his innings. 

                I don't know whether Sachin Tendulkar is going to play Tests for any longer or IPL but I know that his Cricketing era will always motivate and help us a lot for all our lives. Every time we would be falling down, some or the other person will give us an example having him in it and we will get our strength back. For me, his name itself works. I don't even need to see his videos or pictures to realize what he has done in last 2.5 decades. He has been a very great teacher to me. I have learnt so much from him. Controlling anger to having patience to bearing criticisms to carry accusations to almost being victimized for something that we have not been even a part of still appreciating the unwanted happening. He tells how the work itself does not define a person but also his character and its outlook does. He has maintained a good character throughout and hence, we love him more. Otherwise, there has been many better innings by others too. But why Sachin Tendulkar stands out to be different for us does not have just one reason i.e. Cricket but many other human aspects that we have to learn from him. 

                On his 40th Birthday, I wish to see him doing something greater in life if he leaves Cricket by joining some other interest. :-) A Very Happy Birthday to this institution-in-himself Super Human Being- Mr. Sachin Tendulkar. You will always remain in our hearts. :-)


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Books should be the Biggest Part of Our Lives!!! Happy World Book Day!!!

833rd BLOG POST -->>

            Determine a life for me and I would say that remove all the aspirations and entertainments that you have added to it for the sake of inclusion of books. For me, my life is interesting, motivating, captivating and improving only when I am involved with books. Lots of books. I just can't imagine a single week when I would not be reading a book but doing every thing else to keep myself entertained. My parents are not very much used to going for family trips as middle class-ness has always taken its toll over our budget. But every time that a planning or a rough sketch of how the whole trip would begin and end up being like begins, the only thought that conquers my mind is that how I have to make most of the trip my indulging myself in the world of books. In 2009, I and my mummy visited her hometown which takes 30 hours for us to reach there by train. I took 6 books with me because I knew that let any number of relatives be present there, I won't get satisfaction and pleasure until I would be lost in the stories scripted in these thick and thin books. Unfortunately, I completed 3 of those books in this period of journey itself. I was left with only 3 books when I actually reached the place. But still the will to read and read a lot didn't flee away. I kept repeating these 6 books for the whole month and the moment I was on the railway station again after a month, I purchased 3 books from the Wheeler's store and spent my return journey with both my eyes glued in the pages of these books. :-)

            Today is World Book Day. More than any other day, I find myself attached with this as closely as I am attached with my mother in real life. :-) I just can't imagine what my personality would have been if I have not been a reader of this kind. I always pick a book to learn something from it. If I learn, the book is 5 on 5 for me. But if I find a tale that has no specific connection with my life or its progress, I discard it. I talk as bad as I can about it because I want to make the author understand that writing a book is not only about getting published and enjoying the tag of "An Author", but its about changing lives of people. I have found a very vast change in me since I have made books my very best friend. Though I give importance to the humans whom I call my best/close friends but still, I know one day all would go if I'll start behaving weird. And the knowledge and stability that the books provide me makes me understand these relationships better. I perform well here and people become more possessive about me. Yes, some of them keeps saying that I am less of a normal human being and more of a character right out of one of the epic novels. :-) 

          Let it be rainy season, I complement it because it creates a very breezy, augmenting and wonderful ambiance around me. That makes me enjoy the book more than I enjoy it at any other point of time. Then, let the winter come. I still cherish the season because reading a book by keeping my whole body warm under a blanket is yet another beautiful moment in life. Talking about summer, I don't actually imagine the season as a very good option for reading a book but again, I see it as a good opportunity. Rather than hanging out around in this scorching heat of Mumbai, reading a book in your bedroom seems to be the only good option in this season. What say? Hence, this world of books have seriously changed my whole mindset. Every hour, I think about the next 5 or 10 books that I have to read. My exams have not yet begun but I have already planned the sequence in which I have to read books in the vacations to keep myself in a journey where I travel from the circumstances of one character to the another. :-)

             Stories make us travel paths that we can never afford to chose or are still not experienced of it. I remember one book that describes how an average Indian student gets internship in Russia and how he deals with the Russians out there. The way he handles the new environment even when its his first time when he has landed up somewhere outside India, it gave me the confidence of managing myself well in a place where I won't have people of my kind, my ascent, my culture, my language etc. This is how book influences life. Book broadens the mind and tells us about those hidden faces of society and world that we have never ever experienced. Hence, we always know how to face certain circumstances when it comes later in our life. We refer to our favorite protagonist as to what he did when he met the same situation in the pre-climax scenario of the book. :-)

               Every time I find someone reading a novel at a platform or in local train or in mall, it turns me on. I like seeing them traveling places. I want to befriend such people. I want to talk about books with them. It energizes me. I always ask my friends to invest their money in books because nothing else in life will ever give them as much as each word written in a good book does. One thing that has to be remembered is- Only a good book serves best. Reading any damn book is of no good. Hence, I am myself in this review industry where I help people chose good books. Once when I wanted to commit suicide and end the struggles of life, 10 books written by Robin Sharma motivated me and made me develop up to this level where I find myself content with almost every thing in life. I don't compete with anyone anymore. I keep competing with myself. I got to learn that life is to lead and not to sit behind and watch the game. Hence, any one who asks me to help them in choosing good books, I suggest them these 10 books that changed my life which no one was able to do, not even parents. :-)

               What can be a better job in life to read books in an open balcony or a great flat? We travel so many paths and corners of the world through books which we can never ever practically visit. We live so many characters that we start understanding the society and friends better. Today I understand everyone right from my parents to a stranger in a local train. Why? Because everyone of them are been explained in all the books that I have read till now. The only reason that I review so many books without really stopping is because I want my blog readers to get interested in reading. I want everyone to read books because that's the only place where you will always get love and knowledge. The world might ditch you but the knowledge that the books give never gets trashed as wastage. You get a chance to apply them once in a time in life. My contribution to the society should always remain the most when the word "books" come as the content. That's my wish and that's what I do. I am part of this intellectual society which creates books and I am extremely proud of this. I thank God almost 10 times daily to give me an easy entry in this world of writers, authors, poets, bloggers, publishers, reviewers etc. On this World Book Day, I just want all of you to get indulged in reading books as there is nothing better than this in life. :-)


22 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't Judge People's Past!!! Instead, Build Their Future!!!

832nd BLOG POST -->>

   Every thing seems to be nice. Sometimes nicer. And sometimes perfect. You and me can never know what the next minute has for us. We run in our lives. Sometimes we even drag ourselves when we find that we are not up to the mark with the targets and deadlines. We are always happier. We deal with people. We deal with our parents. We deal with so many people and situation concurrently that sometimes one or the another does not end up being in the same way as we want them to be. And it affects us badly. Because of it, we end up ruining all our activities. We end up killing many relations, many contacts, many opportunities, many chances etc. Some times we don't even realize that we have ended up being alone or villain because of things that have happened with us. I hope all of you have related with some or the other situation of your life when you have gone through the same. Now, don't sympathize with yourself. Empathize with others. Think about others now.

             There are so many times when we judge others. We leave them for their past. We leave them because of some or many of their traits which are sin, disloyal and invalid according to our moral and values. We discard them because we feel that they have been up to an extent at which a human can only go when he can have no respect for others or even for himself. But there are many such situations that we have ourselves faced in our lives. Its just that we coped up with it or we didn't let anyone know about it. This does not mean that we are better than any of them. We are one of them. Just imagine if people start devaluing you just because of some of the illegalities that you have committed in your past which you want to desperately change but unfortunately, a past remains the way it is. The only option that a human being has is to move forward and leave all that is left behind. To start a new day from this minute itself, give a wide smile and move forward to hit the another jackpot in the way. 

             But can one really start a new life if the people around him/her does not accept him/her with the past? This is as wrong as spitting on someone's face just because you find that they have a darker complexion in comparison to your's. If you have traveled 40 kilometer on a 100-kilometer long path that is immoral and unacceptable does not mean that you are better than someone who has traveled 75 kilometer over it. Yes you are better than him/her but your 40 kilometers are bad than someone who has traveled for just 5 or 10 kilometers. Right? So when you want to be accepted by someone who is better than you, you should also learn to accept someone who has not been better than you in past. In this life of 25 years of ours(consider your age), we didn't have these persons before. We have got them just now. Let's forgive them for their immoral past. Lets try to make them get over those days. I was being given chance once hence I am this good today that some of you say that you want to acquire some of my habits and etiquette. Otherwise there has been those parents too who asked their kids to not chit-chat or stay with me because my past has not been the way a parent want their kids' to be. So, now as you have got these people now, guide them from here rather than judging their life which wasn't perfect before your arrival.

               This world is full of sufferings and one has to overcome from the sufferings one has been in. There was one of my friends who told me that he slapped him father and left his house. When I asked him why did he do that he told me something that shocks me even today. I didn't judge him for thrashing his father just because I consider mine as God. This was his past. Just because he shared this too sensitive thing with me does not mean that I will punish him for that. He remained a good friend until I left Pune one day. If a girl has slept with 10 ex-boyfriends in the past. It might be because she had a very depressing life at her home and she wanted some sort of activities that could have made her forget the nuisance that she underwent daily. If we would judge that girl only because we got to know about her past through some common friend of some other college, just tell me how injustice it would be with this girl who is now a very proud single and happy with life. She can't bring her virginity back. She can't say proudly that I am afresh and single since birth. But if we support her now, she can at least say after 20 years that since this point of time, my life has been as clean as any transparent thing. Isn't it?

              Let's not reject someone for their past. I have always been very frank with my friends and all of you, my readers. I have assured everyone that their past won't make me feel any bad for them or it won't make me judge. I have always opened myself quite frankly on this space. Considering this, I have always made others comfortable to discuss any thing with me. I know that past is always a reflection of what we were but not what we are. It only adds experience in our life. Yes, confessing some of our activities in public seems to be shameful but you should do it yourself before someone else does it for you who knows this particular secret of yours. Be always proud of what your past has been even if it has been something that you have almost forgot because it was too bad to even remember once in 5 years. So friends, the only request is to not reject or bash people for their past. Accept them. Let them feel good about their lives. Let them feel that they have not committed a crime but just a silly mistake. But also make them realize that the mistakes repeated yet again in future will cost them badly as life is in a mature phase now. But change the lives of these people. Yours will automatically change in a very huge manner. But devote yourself in bringing these people back to life. 

 That's all. 


21 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Getting Married or Impressing Society?

831st BLOG POST -->>

    Tonight, I attended a wedding ceremony of someone whom I didn't know at personal level. It's just that they have a Row House in the same society as mine hence inviting seems to be a compulsion. There I found numerous guests- of all standards- from poor to rich to extremely rich people. Everyone came to the reception hall, without waiting for any other thing, rather than socializing, rather than sitting on the chairs present there, directly went and stood in the queue for giving their respective gifts to the newly wed couple. Just after getting their images snapped by the hired photographer, they headed towards the eating space, had their dinners and later on left the banquet hall for their home. With their family friends, they started discussing about how the couple were, how unsuitable they were, how bad the food was, how unorganized the whole system was. While listening to all this thing, I remembered the faces of the parents of both- bride and groom. 

            How happy they looked. How busy they were. For the whole time, they kept running here and there, attending people, taking all the details and asking for everyone's where-about etc. In any marriage function that I go, I always feel pity for the parents of the boys and girls. I feel that even after they give their 100%, they are being judged negatively by each and everyone. Hence I feel that marriage should be done without any breaking news and exclusive footage. I always feel that marriage is a part of one's life which is quite a personal issue. He/she is going to get involved with a new person, have to start a very new life, adjust with each other and create the whole world from here on wards by keeping each other in mind and their children. And yes, raising children in life is the biggest responsibility that one decides to take. It is not a bit easy.

            So I feel that when the whole life has to be traveled with each other, and the pleasure in living together comes when the amount of money that inflows is always greater than the amount of money that outflows. Life of a person or two persons living together can only be grateful and satisfied if they are financially strong and they have the basic amount of money required to meet their necessities. Every penny comes with lots of struggle. Calling people at marriages in hundreds of number and then listening comment about what kind of a bride or a groom was and how bad the system managed by us in the wedding was, I think its better to marry in peace with no one around us. Just parents and very few important people whom we know aren't judgmental. Anyone except these people are just wastage of money. If both the parties in the marriage decides to save money for the marriage and utilize it for the future endeavor of the couple, I don't think any thing can be a better decision than this. 

              In a normal marriage, a girl's father at least spends 10-15 lakhs and a boy's father spends 5-10 lakhs. Why? Just because they don't want society to blame them. They don't want any accusations about their miser attitude in the marriage of their son/daughter. But the society will always give only negative points whenever the marriage of ours will be in the discussion. No one will ever talk good about it. Sad! But True! I believe that these 20-25 lakhs should be saved and be given to the couple as blessings by the parents or keep with them for their bad health that they would be facing in their old age. These concepts of spending and throwing money like anything for the marriage of the son/daughter is totally a void concept for me. I don't know whether my own parents will agree with me over these points and will refrain themselves from spending too large to handle but I will try my best to convey my ideologies to both the parties- my parents and my in-laws to save the money by giving me the girl's hand in a temple and getting the marriage registered at court. When Abhishek Bachchan, MS Dhoni, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt can marry in a very low-profile manner, why can't you and I? :-) Think!!! Actually, it's about our parents to think. They need to think over this. Make them think on this.


15 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

4th Anniversary of Relationship with Mumbai :-)

830th BLOG POST -->>

This pic is clicked by me on 29th March, 2013. MARINE DRIVE!!!
         On the same day, on 15th April but in 2009, I landed up on this land of Mumbai. A hope already sparked my heart that life would change. Mumbai was equivalent to New York and Paris for me as just like them, I only heard about it, its local train, its crowd, its Marine Drive, Mumbai CST, Bandra, Andheri, celebrities etc. but never lived here. I always knew that going to any place outside India will only be possible if I study very well or luck is with me. :-) But Mumbai is possible. And I would never ever thank my father more than anything else for choosing Mumbai for us to live life long. My life wasn't very ideal in Nashik, the city where I was before landing up at Mumbai. Hence, I wanted some bigger and worthy reformation that could have given me a sense of sparkle about my life. The migration to Mumbai gave me confirmation that the best is now to come. And since, I have landed here, I have experienced all those things which an average person can't experience. I am also living a life among one class of a celebrity, I am working with them. This makes me even better than a large percentage of people residing in Mumbai itself. :-) 

          I have lived in so many cities but I haven't found the kind of positivism that Mumbai makes me feel. It keeps reminding you that you are standing up on the part of the Earth that is noticed a lot and has opportunity for everyone. It gives a satisfaction and validation that I would never die hungry here. It shows me its population and tells that a small amount of population out of this will always be interested in whatever I'll sell or market. This is a basic confirmation which Mumbai gives to everyone who comes here in its arms. Thankfully, it accepted me too with lots of love and belongings. I just can't imagine myself in any other city since I have started my life here. I got my 12th std's result here, gave my CET for Graduation here, got my Graduation degree by a college standing with its head high here, I again gave a CET for admission in Post Graduation and finally I am going to complete one year of my P.G. here. All the effective-life-changing experiences has been witnessed here hence Mumbai has become like a parent to me.

            Every time, I visit a posh location in Mumbai and see skyscrapers with beautiful carvings and designs, a will to dream infinitely surpasses my mind again. I feel like working more harder so that I can be able to purchase a good decent flat in one of such buildings. Every time I see a beautiful dessert or eating space in Mumbai which are meant only for riches, I take an owe that I won't leave the passion of doing something great in life so that I can bring my children at such places in branded cloths. Every time I see numerous fancy and un-affordable cars stuck in traffic here, I feel to own one so that I can also go for long rides. Though the crowd, traffic and some irregularities here frustrates me sometimes but its fine when there are other finer things than them to think about. I can not rate a bad Mumbai over good Mumbai in any case. I will always see the pragmatic points of it. Because when you really see that something is making your best to come out, you just can't leave it for some unworthy quality that it possesses, right? :-)

              I don't know what future beholds for me but I definitely know that this city is going to give me the amount of fame I have dreamed in my mind to carry with me. I want people to recognize me for the good work that I do and will be doing later on in my life. I want myself to get best credit for my work and that is not possible anywhere in India except in Mumbai. I will always get that I deserve only in this part of city. And whenever I'll feel that I have been stopped from getting what I think I deserve, I'll understand that there's some lack in my efforts and will push myself more harder. Because Mumbai also says one thing- It only gives to those who don't stop. The one who rests has to leave this city because it has no place for losers, cowards and lazies. Last 4 years have been fabulous and unforgettable. I hope next 4 years will change my life more. Let's see. :-)


 ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU!!! A Proud Mumbaikar!!!

The Test Of My Life by Yuvraj Singh!!!

829th BLOG POST -->>

    Reading fiction and non-fiction are two different things. While reading fiction, you end up being in a world of imaginations but while reading a non-fiction attempt, you know that these things can specifically happen with you. Hence you read it with more determination and pleasure. You know that you can end up being a protagonist or experience the same events as mentioned in the book. I am just sitting after completing 4 hours read of Yuvraj Singh, the cricketer's autobiographical attempt where he tells us about his journey from Cricket to Cancer and how he fought the disease and ended up being a normal Cricketer again. The book is titled perfectly "The Test Of My Life" and has a tagline "from cricket to cancer and back". The cover page carries a very good image clicked of Yuvraj Singh with his shining eyes, black hairs, glowing face and an expressive positive attitude. It also has Sachin Tendulkar's reaction on the book "Pure Inspiration" imbibed on it. On the back cover, the reactions of Kevin Pietersen, Virat Kohli, Rahul Dravid, Harbhajan Singh and Saina Nehwal is mentioned. There's nothing over the shell of the book that can stop you from purchasing it except the MRP of the book which is 400+. But... Yuvraj's attempt and will power to let everyone know his story and life regarding cancer is something for which he needs to be applauded. 

              One thing that I am very much happy about is the way Yuvraj Singh has cut short events and kept the book of just 190 pages and didn't just kept writing and writing and writing as generally the autobiography of a sportsman is. He has used a very fluid language with no words, terms or abbreviations making us feel uncomfortable or inferior. He has talked as if he is one of us and that makes this book special. He hasn't shown any kind of arrogance or pride over himself while scripting his story. His simplicity and humbleness can be easily seen right from the very first chapter till the end. He has covered almost every thing- his initial childhood days, his initial training in Cricket, his selection, his winning moments, World Cup moments and finally the Cancer moments and then the recent comeback in Cricket after recovering from Cancer. :-)

             His father's behavior with him while training him for Cricket is something for which I feel pity for Yuvraj Singh. I have also been beaten by my father for studies but in that comparison, Yuvraj Singh is been thrashed more severely. The way he has opined about his parents' fights and arguments and then their separation is something one needs a lot of guts to do in a country like India. The way our very own Navjot Singh Sidhu said to his father that Yuvraj Singh does not have Cricket in him and the way his father reacted "Ab dekhta hoon tu cricketer kaise nahi banta hai" is interesting to know. The way he got selected and won the big tournaments in a very small age is another lovely part to read. The way he has described Sachin Tendulkar every now and then shows his respect for him. He has also taken the names of his favorite teammates with immense respect. He has not taken name of many of them including Dhoni which shows that they have not been much a part of his personal life. But maintained his integrity by not speaking anything against them. He wanted to speak about 2007 World Cup and the wrong decisions of captain Rahul Dravid but he choose not to talk about it. :-)

              The whole description of 2003 World Cup and then our epic 2011 World Cup including the Finale gave me goosebumps. His description about how he was struggling with his body but still working for the World Cup made me emotional too. Why a World Cup tournament is so important for a Cricketer is also explained by Yuvraj. He has shown his emotions for Indians who support Cricketers and make them feel good about themselves. He has also said about how media has manipulated the news and sometimes analyzed things by themselves and wrote and talked about him. This tells us how cruel media is sometimes. But he has also thanked media for the love that they gave him when his news of Cancer initially broke out. Later on his description about how his mother and he dealt with Cancer is something that will always remain with me. He has wonderfully shown how much a cancer patient has to suffer and what emotions he/she goes through. Even I am scared of this disease now. But as Yuvraj Singh has himself come out of it after losing all the confidence and will power also gives me an inspiration that even I can beat Cancer if I ever fall in this condition. 

            Also the training that he went through after the chemotherapy gives a good insight about what a passion of living and doing what one loves the most can make one do. One fails to give up in such situations. In all, I would say that Yuvraj Singh will become a sibling to everyone whoever will read this book. He is the first in the contemporary Indian team to write a book himself. But I would still say that Lance Armstrong's book and Brett Lee's autobiography was more liked by me than this. But as such books should not be judged, I am not rating this one. I would just ask all to read it as it surely gives energy and makes us emotional for numerous times. :-) And Yuvraj, Kudos and Respect!!!


To Be Continued... by Moeedul Hussain!!!

828th BLOG POST -->>

          I am done reading this very short book of 180 pages- "To Be Continued..." by Moeedul Hussain. Moeedul Hussain, son of a well known teacher of Assamese Literature from Dhubri, Assam. Though not so favourite amongst his teachers, yet the students of S.P. English Medium High School knew him as a popular host to almost every cultural program at school. He joined the Electronics and Communication Branch at the 'The Oxford College of Engineering' in Bangalore after school. It was in his third year of Engineering when his interest toward reading and writing flared up becoming so intense that it resulted in 'To Be Continued…'; he came up with his first novel by the end of final year. After this book, he is all set to enter into the world of Engineers; but his love and passion for writing continues with his second book currently work-in-progress.

On the night of Valentine's Day, a call from Jess informs Reehan about Anita's attempted suicide. Reehan rushes to the hospital where circumstances forces and fate favours him to spend a lonely night. A journey down the memory lane begins when Reehan introspect the reasons behind his transformation from a shy-guy to a ruthless co-conspirator.

As a teen his life had all colours of love and friendship. His biggest weakness was his emotions. His heart drove his life and was never in control. With failed relations his broken heart took a wrong turn and headed towards a disaster called Anita. 

Find out, what went wrong? Was Reehan actually to be blamed for Anita? Will he make the correct choice for his wandering heart and set it towards the right course?

It's about games that boys play for love and lust. With many losses, yearnings, delusions and journeys the chapters unfolds a story of love, friendship, family, deception, breakups, patch-ups, conspiracy and struggle. Will Reehan's love, life and inner commotion reach to a conclusion?

What will eventually remain… to be continued…!

    Coming to the author, I would say that Moeedul does have a good quality of English unlike other young authors where you find high amount of grammatical errors and inclusion of simple words. He has crafted each sentence beautifully which keeps the pace alive. Even when the story is a college love story, you won't find it much creepy as these days because of lots of such stories in market, we prefer ignoring the genre. It is also evident through the book that Moeedul wants to give a message through his story to all the youngsters and contemporary age group. But the biggest lack that I find in his writing skill is narration. It isn't as good as I was expecting. It is something that can bore you while reading the book. Else, Moeedul has a little space for improvement. If he does that, he can be one of the recommended authors. Currently, he should work little harder.

              Coming to the review, the good phase of the book starts once the half of the book is done. The second phase of the book stands out for me. Initially, the way a character is being shown in the hospital after attempting to suicide and the way protagonist enters the story, you get an urge to go into flashback and know the story and relation between both of them which led them to this scenario. Then as the flashback begins, the book turns little uninteresting. The concept of showing girlfriends-after-girlfriends has never excited me when I read a college campus love story. I always prefer some adventure, traveling part and some parts that can add to the twists and turns to the story. Here it wasn't anything of this kind. 

              But later in the second half, the way story flows with a speed is when you really start liking it. The scenario where the protagonist gets into the bad light in his college is the most exciting phase of the book. The changes his life underwent because of it and the reaction of his parents and family, all makes a delight read in the end. Even the climax is beautifully closed. In all, I would give the book 2.75/5. This book is favorable for all the people belonging in the age group 13-20. I would suggest people who are bored with Indian love stories not to buy this book as there's nothing new in it. It is the same stuff. 


13 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Mistake! Huh! by Ishita Bhown!!! (Guest Post)


        Miss Ishita Bhown is one of the youngest authoresses today. Her first book- "To Get Her" is already one of the favorite novels of youth. I have been her friend since her book released. I generally don't talk to authors but her humbleness is something that is to be complimented. She has promised to write on our Blog space every month on 13th. 


        It was around 7.30 already. Neelima had returned after a tiring day at office and all she needed was a gush of fresh air. Immediately she changed into her track pants, took her I-pod and set towards the colony garden. The lush green garden of the posche locality was one of her favorite places to hangout. The well maintained trees and the flower beds, the cemented track for walkers and the separate inner ring for the joggers, the fountains, the smooth bed of grass…all was her idea of relaxing .
         It was almost a routine now. Though the daily incidences of eve teasing had made her parents were a little hesitant to allow her for the evening strolls..yet safety was the perk of residing in the rich localities. People often relate richness in wealth with richness in mannerisms. Atleast that is what her parents thought, their daughter was safe in the vigil eyes of the guards evenly distributed within short distances in their locality.
       The park, as usual was lively. The kids played around, while the young couples walked hand in hand. There were many others like her- fitness freaks, who had started to follow Idea’s idea of “walk and talk”..:-)
          Half hour of her favourite music and brisk walk, Neelima was almost done within 45  minutes. Despite everything, she remembered her mothers strict instructions of returning back latest by 8pm. 
         Most of the other people too started leaving for their home. Some of the park lights were already turned off, as an indication to the visitors that the exit gates would be closed at 8.30 pm.
         It was her last round of walk, she loved the song currently played on the ipod, and thus decided to walk for a few more minutes, to complete the song. 
Suddenly, a guy coming from the opposite direction turned towards her, groped her left breast shamelessly, and casually continued walking.
         She froze for a moment- unable to understand what had just happened. Within a second, her shock was replaced by anger. She looked at her watch, and immediately recalled her mothers advise! Mothers know the world! She did not really regret staying out till so late, but felt aghast- not just at the man’s guts..but at her own response. 
She should have done something. She had to do something.
           Within a minute, she turned and started walking in the guy’s direction. She knew that there were a few kids and a group of people hardly a minutes walk away. The guy had merely taken advantage of the dark patch in the walking track. The guy, as expected could sense being followed..and so he increased his pace. Neelima too increased her pace.
            The guy turned to look at her, and his expressions changed. His looks suggested that he was not a guy, but a man of around 50 years. Age had still not been able to teach him the manners and decency to deal with females. Probably a public bash could do the trick. The confidence that boozed out of him a minute ago, was now replaced by fear. He started running. Neelima too ran behind him. She knew that she was in a safe zone now. She could embarrass the guy, like he had embarrassed her. 
                She shouted loudly …” Bhaagta kyu hai?? Aa yaha baat krte hai!”
Her volume gained attention of the people around, who looked towards them curiously.
A few steps before the light, and the activity zone, the man suddenly stopped. Neelima too stopped. 
             “I am sorry . It happened by mistake.” He apologized sheepishly. 
            Maybe he had realized that his public image was now at stake, that the girl he had teased was not a meek one, and that it was better to sort out the matter in person than force the public to involve the security guards.He knew running away from Neelima could not help him run away from the park. That a running teenager , and other people could beat him up within a few minutes.
            “You manage cheap mistakes !” Neelima roared with anger, before placing a tight slap on his cheek. Without even regarding his age, or control over her volume.
“Better try these mistakes with your wife or daughter uncle!” she added furiously.
              By now the people around clearly understood the scene.
              They too cursed him and warned the security guards to be more active.

          Of course the man could not be sent to jail for a mistake as small as this..yet Neelima ensured that at least one man in this society could never do that mistake again. That gave her the satisfaction that goes beyond description.

An advice for all the girls out there! “Mistakes” happen frequently..they will never be stopped unless you punish the culprits!

11 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Kehne Ko Saath Apne Ek Duniya Chalti Hai... Par... :-)

827th BLOG POST -->>

    World progresses very fast. It does not wait for anyone. Time does not stop and every thing happens in a hurry. I am surprised to see the amount of changes that has happened in just a small course of time that I have been aware of. You never know when the things might advance. Every time there's a fear within me that I would be left behind. There's always an inferiority complex when I meet people who have advanced with time. When I being the person of this new generation feels insecure and left-out among such GenX people, I can totally understand what condition the old generation faces. Why do they feel awkward when a son/daughter asks their parents to visit mall with them. Why do they feel conscious when they are being taken by us to McDonald's for a burger and two. Why do they don't want to order things at restaurants because they fear that they might not pronounce the right word or the waiter would come to know that they are not used to these activities. 

            I have always kept myself updated. I love collecting knowledge and then spreading it too. That's a different thing that people around me don't need the knowledge through me because I don't leave talking on a topic within couple of minutes. I am that boring lecturer who keeps on giving useless examples to generate the feeling of excitement among his audience and there I fail. :-) Even when I am updated with no more synchronization needed, I still feel that I am so behind than few people who talk of things in a way that I feel I was not in the same world for last 10 years and have landed again after a decade. The basic change that I find in people which I don't understand as to why is it even necessary to call any item with a new upgraded version of its name. Let me give you an example. 

            When for the very first time I heard "Assignments" I was excited to know what this activity is which college people often talk about. When I asked and came to know that its nothing but the same "Homework" that I got in school days, I wanted to kick any college student who would come across me next. :-) Why do girls need to call "Nail Polish" bloody "Nail Paint" is still a research work for me. I am still wondering as to what modernization does it states. The change of Husband into Hubby, Friend into buddy, couple of friends into guys, girls into chicks is still something for which I want to rewind back the time of Earth. I am hating these changes. These lingos sound stylish and good but the person speaking it should make it sure that the one who he is talking to is aware of these changes in this fast-changing world. This progress is really an unwanted one but still it is the first choice of people.

             Recently, one of my friend called her 3/4th pyjama "harem". I never ever heard this word. "Blackheads" is something that comes on our faces. I never heard this word from anyone in last so many years. I only knew that any thing that comes on face is called "pimple". Such changes makes me feel as if I am so old or so rural that I don't even deserve to stand with this generation. I don't understand as to how much more awareness is needed to keep myself shoulder to shoulder with my generation. The same happens with our parents when we use the basic words such as MB GB iPhone McD Wi-Fi Notebook etc. I understand their plight too emphatically as I experience this every another day. Hence, when any elder asks me to describe them something which I am quite familiar with but they aren't, I take out my time and help them understand the concept because I don't want any one to feel depressed and left-out in this fast progressing world. This post is to tell about my personal trauma regarding this upgradation among people of my generation but still I will ask all of you to support left-outs like me. It really feels bad to stay out of conversation or feel awkward when someone uses a term and asks a question regarding it to us and we are unable to say anything. Understand me and victims like me. :-) 

 Thanks in advance.


The Oath of the Vayuputras by Amish Tripathi!!!

826th BLOG POST -->>

   This post will always remind me of my bad times. On the day of Mahashivratri, I picked up the first book of Shiva Trilogy- The Immortals of Meluha and completed it in two days. Then I picked up the second one- The Secret of the Nagas and completed it yet in another two days. Finally, I picked up the recently released on 28th February, the third and the last book of the trilogy- The Oath Of The Vayuputras and got stuck with it. Many things that should not have happened, happened with my life and mood. I picked it up on 19th March and completed it today on 11th April. I have never taken such a long period to read any book. And by experiencing this slow reading, I have decided that let any bad time come in my life, I will always read books with the same enthusiasm. :-) Let's come back on the book. Amish Tripathi has given his 100% to the last part of the trilogy and thus the book ended up in being the thickest of all the three books. :-) But he has given the perfect ending to the trilogy. He has not disappointed me. Though the The Immortals of Meluha still stays to be my favorite of all the three because it also had humor in it but still the whole trilogy is the best cake that you can ever experience in your town. I can easily claim that the name of the author and book are not over-hyped. It is getting what it deserves.


The Oath of the Vayuputras is the final book of the Shiva Trilogy. In the earlier books of the trilogy, Shiva finds out that the Nagas are not his enemies and joins hands with them to reach the root of all evil. This book will have answers to ‘the Neelkanth’s’ questions about his fate, the choices he made previously and karma.

Further, in the concluding book of the trilogy, Shiva reaches Panchavati, the capital of Naga where he will come face to face with his greatest enemy. Will he win the battle over his wicked enemies, who are out to destroy him and his legacy?

The Oath of the Vayuputras will also reveal the reason of Shiva’s close friend Brahaspati’s disappearance and reappearance at the end of the second book, The Secret of the Nagas. Further the relationship between Daksha, the king of Meluha and the mysterious temple priests will also be exposed in this last part of the trilogy. Shiva seeks helps from the Vayuputras in the quest to conquer all evil.

The great warrior will encounter the real intentions of some characters he deemed to be close to him. Some new characters will add that extra vitality to the entire plot, especially Shiva’s greatest enemy whose name sends shivers down the spines of many great warriors.

An interesting journey of a warrior who is turned into a God by his followers because of his deeds and war against the evil, this book is sure to have its readers’ full attention. A good read which will make one reflect on their actions, this book like the two earlier books of the trilogy focuses on philosophy, religion and the never ending battle between the good and the evil.

       Coming to the author, Amish Tripathi has one good thing- he is clear with what he wants to convey. He is assured about his ideologies. He is crystal clear with each sentence that he writes. With all the three books, he has maintained a monotonous quality and that is the devotion towards the protagonist of the book- Lord Shiva. No doubt why this publisher- Westland has paid him an advance of 5 crore rupees for the next trilogy that he would be writing. The only complain that I have with him is the increasing cost of his books with each release. We know that as demand increases, the rate of the product also increases in direct proportion to it. But as youth should be the core target audience as they need to know about religion, myth, philosophy more than anyone else, the price of the book should be affordable to them. Amish Tripathi has earned 22 crore+ as an author. It would have sounded cool even if it would have been 10 crore +. Hence, my dear favorite author, please cut the cost of your book and keep it at the cost at which Meluha was when it released for the first time. 

              Coming to the review, the book starts with Shiva being informed about how Somras which everyone considers as the liquid of God is evil and not appropriate for consumption. Shiva then reacts to it and asks everyone to stop the usage. From here the story of this book begins. There are his own people who wants to use Somras and promote it even when they know that Shiva can destroy them. And as it's evident, the battle between Good and the Evil starts. The way Shiva turns against his own Meluha is shocking. Parvateshwar's execution's sentence scene is an emotional moment. Tara's whole scenario is also interesting. The way Daksha and his companions plan against Shiva are some furious moments for the readers in the book. :-) The involvement of Ganesh and Kartik in the story is as if two mini-Shiva are also added and hence it turns more charming. Later on, THE FINAL CALL chapter made me weep like hell. The chapters post-THE FINAL CALL are the USP of this book for me. The conclusion to the trilogy is made too appropriately to even describe it in words. How a human- Shiva turned into GOD is so perfectly narrated that I want to fall into the tale once again. 

             The only drawback that I would say is the slow progress of the book in the middle. Amish Tripathi has added many unwanted scenes and plots in the book. I felt many inclusions out of proportions. They could have been expelled. Another doubting element for me is the title of the book. Why the name- THE OATH OF THE VAYUPUTRAS? It wasn't the basic plot. Instead, THE EVIL OF THE SOMRAS would have worked better. Else, I don't think that there's anything which I would like to pinpoint. I give it 4/5 stars. And I recommend all of you to read all the three parts in one go when you get vacation or something. Reading this trilogy in breaks can confuse you. So please, whenever you read, be ready to get lost in this world that resides in our very own India, some 4000 years ago. :-) 

10 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

When Goddesses decide to land down on Earth!!!

825th BLOG POST -->>

    In life, people come and go. Every thing seems to be temporary after some times. We are always unsure about few things that are close to us. But the only thing that we are always assured about is no one else but our Mothers. Mother is such an important part of our life that she stays with us in every ups and downs. She makes it sure that we are well even when she knows that nothing in world can please us at the moment. She is always careful about us. She manages the whole world but before that, she always try to feed her children first. She can leave world for her child. She can sacrifice any damn thing but can never do anything that sounds unfavorable for her child. There are innumerable examples where a mother has parted ways with her husband because he was coming in between of her child's progress. For the whole life, a mother takes an adamant oath of living alone and nourishing her child even when she knows the path is all difficult and dangerous from here. Never in life do I think of hurting my mother badly. Occasional fighting and arguments are part of life but I make it sure that anything I do will make my mother proud of me. Anything I do will never make her feel ashamed of her son. Though the things don't remain same always but still I keep trying. Every time I achieve something, my mother is the first person I call. I know the amount of pure love she has for me. Never in life can she think of profiteering from me and my position. She will give me things but will never take anything that is mine. This is how lovely my mother is. Today she turns 46 years old. It happens, according to me, only once in life that the age of mother is exactly double of her son's. This is currently the state with me and my mom. I am 23 and she has turned 46 today. I am exactly half of her. :-)

              My mother is one lady whom I have seen continuously working since I gained my consciousness. I see myself resting sometimes or going out of form but this lady has never said," Beta, aaj main bimaar hoon. Jaa bahaar se khaana le aa". Let any situation come, she is always ready to do what comes under her duty. She makes it sure that she never misses out her responsibilities. I don't remember a single day when she has not given me college tiffin saying that she is in certain problems or calamities. It is me who plays with her, switches her alarm off to make her sleep little more as she works for the whole day which results in making her wake up late and then I miss my tiffin. But that is all because of me. From her side, what I have experienced is just perfection. Any time, I call her and say that I am bringing this and this number of friends and she never over-reacts or fall at her knees. She says with confidence,"Theek hai. Aur kisi ko bahaar khaane mat dena main bana rahi hoon". This is her aura. She does to make it sure that no one faces any problem until and unless she is present on Earth and around them. 

              My successes give her strength while my failures break her. But as life is not in control of anyone, I can just see her plight but can never change the situation for her. The only thing that is possible for me is to work harder. A little support is all that I ask from her. I get it but as it is said, in bad times, the one who does the most for you seems to be the biggest criminal. And I shout at her some times. How sad! But this one thing is too humane. Hence I sometimes think that its not even in my control. But whatever, at the end of the day, it's all love and dedication plus devotion for her. I want to make her experience almost every thing that she has not from last 4.5 decades of her life and 2.4 decades of her marriage. Only when I'll fulfill all her wishes and also those things which has never come into her imaginations to fulfill will I consider myself a genuine ideal son. 

               My mother has given me what even I was incapable of giving myself. Being a boy, there are certain limitations that I have been unable to cross but she being a lady has achieved almost every thing that she can. I don't know how does she have this amount of energy and accomplishment in life. She will always remain to be an idol for me. She manages her house, kitchen, relations and every damn thing while I am unable to manage whatever things I have considered as my habit. The day I'll feel that I am as successful as her, I'll feel that I have accomplished everything in life. Even my father has surrendered himself against her. :-) On this 46th Birthday, I promise her that I will give her the Veeru she has not even dreamed of. I have best potentials. Yes. Because I am her son. :-) And being her son, I know that I can achieve anything as some genes of hers play a part in me too. :-) May God Always Bless Her. I need all of you to pray for her good health.



Silence is the Best Weapon.. Let it prevail !!!

824th BLOG POST -->>

       Does telling the one who does not feel any good about you about the good that you have done to them has any meaning? 

       Does letting someone understand what their fault has been proliferates the density of Friendship/Relationship?      

    Can an argument or a healthy discussion repair all the loopholes in the relationship? 

         I don't think answer of any of these questions could be positive. It should never be. People around me who know my attitude always say that I should talk to the person I feel I have problems with. They say that I should tolerate them more. They say that I should make them know what I was expecting and what bad they did in return. They say that an argument itself can bring things in control as they will realize that its them in fault and not me. But my heart, soul and mind, the learning of all these years say that I shouldn't discuss any glitches I have with them. I feel that a person will change him/herself if he/she really feels that they are wrong. And if in a relationship I'll have to tell their mistakes, its better not to have the relationship. A bonding never takes place until and unless there's no belonging-ness. Belonging is important. And when you discuss such matters, it shows that its diminishing. 

          For me, being "silent" is the best healer of every thing. It's better to stay quiet and show everyone as if I am as normal as I always was. Or to fake that I am not in the mood of talking and conversing. Whatever but never discuss the pain that they have given to me. Never let them know through my words the amount of hurt they have caused. Stay silent and see what's their take on the issue. Life is so vast. People keep coming and going. If someone wants to go, if someone wants to show that their selfishness is above anything in world, it's better to walk away. Staying in a relationship isn't important if there's no clapping from both the sides. I have tried a lot at personal level. I have thrown the "I" factor long back and always worked as team. I compromised at almost every level. With some with their behavior. With some with their morals and values. With some for their belief. With some because of their backgrounds. With some because of their childishness. But now I want them to compromise with me for my weirdness. And now is the test of friendship. Now I am wanting to see if they stay or not. 

           Some will keep trying. But a trial does not assures if the person is serious about continuing or is doing just for the sake of not getting into bad book of ours. I and everyone understands such friends. This world is full of so-called Friends. The real one shines automatically. Neither one has to say nor prove. When bad time goes, a wise person automatically comes to know which people really worked for him. There is difference between wishing to work for someone and willing to work and then really working. The last part turns me on. Friendship is a dull thing for me until and unless a friend does not understand what my silence, my life says. If everything has to be said by me, done by me, asked by me, its better to make new friends then. On demand, even they will make me feel good. But the one who does this without I asking for it are the ones who makes me sure about them. These people are surely being with me for a long time.

            Clapping in my good times can be done even by a stranger but the one who comes to support me in my worst scenarios are the one who would be considered once the time changes again. And unfortunately, no one comes to support in bad times. They leave you and go for the betterment of their own selves. They find new funny and successful friends. They leave you. You become waste and useless for them until they realize that some works of their life can be accomplished in a smoother way if accompanied by you. This is how the whole process is. And in such times, you should take some hardcore decisions. All life of yours is already spent in sacrificing yourself for their benefits but what they always saw was your 1 or 2 mistakes. From now onward, make it sure that you don't help anyone by sacrificing yourself. Help only when you find that you are free and are willing to. Not when they need you. You are already been used extensively. Now is the time to wake up and understand things.

            Every time when I have done what people have done to me, I am been talked about as if I am the first one to start. They claim the down shift of the friendship from the time I started acting weird. They don't include their numerous tiny and major faults because of which I had to take such decisions. I am always blamed. I am always questioned as to why did I do it. I am always gossiped about. I am fine. I know that there are certain things of mine in which you were sometimes a support but I was never dependent upon you. I am always ready to live my life by myself and on my own terms. Like all of you, I don't impose my terms upon others. I keep my terms and conditions confined only up to myself. What you blamed me for is what you are yourself doing. This is what happens when a Friendship is made or retained or kept only because of selfishness. This should be prohibited.

            In all these circumstances, conditions, instances, I don't complain. I never tell the persons their mistakes even if they make me sit with them and discuss. I keep on iterating that there's nothing that I have in my heart. I make them feel assured that the reason of my absence in their life since a time being is not because of them but because of some other reasons. What is the benefit out of this? I, unlike others, don't do things for friends to make them feel obliged towards me. i do it because that's the way I am. That's what my mother has taught me since childhood- to keep helping others. But one lesson that I learnt while helping others is that never make them know what all you have done for them or compromised because of them. Once said, everything becomes ZERO. Till the time you don't speak it out, it remains there. Understand!!! Never go to clear things by telling the problems. A real friend understands what problem you are in or have from him/her. Silence is all that you should be in. It's the best hathyaar. :-) Try controlling yourself once. You will see magical changes.