15 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Love Games: A game to kill audience!!! ½

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        "Love Games" is directed by Vikram Bhatt and expecting anything worthy from his direction is making fun of oneself these days. This is another useless crap that he has made in last few years. A plot which could have been as interesting, thrilling and hot as Murder ends up becoming a joke. It's okay to make movies on the theme of Sex, Sex and Sex but there should be a good script to support this urge of rubbing yourself with someone's body. Just showing madness of a character for someone just for sex doesn't interest even the most creepy audience who is interested only in masturbating or imagining himself at the actor's place. It's 2016 and there's already lots of stuff on Internet so no one needs such movies anymore. Vishesh Films should wake up now and understand that a good script can make sex look like a totally different topic than an adult movie made for rickshaw-wallahs. 

           "Love Games" is about a woman who killed her old husband because she wasn't getting sexual pleasure from him. She then starts calling her fuck buddy at her farmhouse every day for great sessions of sex. Then they decide to play "love Games" wherein they would be attending Page 3 parties and try to hook up with the most happiest couple there. Whoever wins will have to sponsor the other person. It all goes fine until one day, the boy hooks up with a wife who is incessantly abused by her husband. He falls in love with her. Now he wants to stop playing Love Games as he feels the only incompleteness in his life has been filled with her presence. But his fuck buddy asks him to keep satisfying her with sex otherwise she will inform his love about the "love games". From here starts what Vikram Bhatt feels is thriller, suspense, twists and turns. For audience, it's complete death.

           The dialogues are so poor in this movie that somehow you would resist pulling your hairs. The background music and songs in the movie are fine. The screenplay is extremely foolish, especially, in the second half. To prove the whole setting, director have just cut scene here and there and then linked them all together in the climax to surprise the audience which actually shocks them more as the movie turns from bad to worse with the revelation of what director believes is suspense. The performances are so poor that you want to get into the big screen and slap all the artists. Patralekha is so irritating with her accent and body language that I couldn't believe she is the same lead actor from Citylights whom I liked so much. Gaurav Arora seems to be confused throughout the movie if he should play good boy or a bad one. The only good thing about the movie is Tara Alisha Berry who is not only beautiful but acts well. She is someone who should be given more chances in industry. I give this movie 1/2 star. That's all!



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