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My Article in Hindustan Times- "Festivals need not affect residents"

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        My Article/Opinion in Hindustan Time's Mumbai Edition of 25th September, 2011:

"Festivals need not affect residents"

Festivals need not affect residents

           " I am living in Panvel for two years. I am happy to see the town developing and improving every day. Panvel is even said to be the next big surprise for the people of Mumbai. People from South Mumbai have already started moving towards Panvel because of the peace and less population. But I am unhappy to see that the way festivals are celebrated in such a childish and foolish way. Recently, Janmashtami was celebrated and people set up the Dahi Handis on the busiest roads. It caused so much hassle and disputes that I felt we were celebrating a festival of fights and arguments rather than a festival of innocence and fun. Ganesh Chaturthi ended recently and I visited a river near my place to see many small idols of Lord Ganesh on the beach of the river. I hope some initiatives would be taken next year before celebration of the festivals in such a manner where the town will not have to suffer from pollution and traffic.
Abhilash Ruhela, Panvel

          Do read it and share your views with me. And if you find it sensible and deserved-to-be-share, please share it with your friends. 

          Thanks for supporting me always and always.

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When Child Cheats Parent !!!

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        I'm taking a break from writing anything related to creativity because that results in Writer's Block for me. Every time I attempt two fiction blog in a row, I end up being away from Blog for 3-4 days. But today, I would like to talk about something which is very serious. This post is for teenagers and boys/girls from colleges. Yes, for all of you who are of my age group. Every time I hear a motivational speech or self-improvement speech from someone who is of my age, I feel like abusing him and cease him than listening for some more minutes. I always feel that who is he to teach me when he has lived exactly the same number of years I have. You may feel the same for me after this post but I don't know why I want to speak about this and I'll do it tonight. Let you abuse me. 

             Some of my friends often ask me- 
     How is it possible that you never smoked? 
     How is it possible that you never tasted beer or alcohol?
     How is it possible that you are still a virgin? 
     How is it possible that you don't have a girlfriend even after having a successful blog which is loved by everyone? 
     How is it possible that you never went for a trip with friends to somewhere far away from home? 
             These are just 5 questions picked up randomly from the bunch of many such questions where people try to show me that I have done nothing in life if I haven't done all this. Is it important to smoke just because I am 20+ and its the time to get intimate with all such fake pleasures of life? Is it so indispensable to taste alcohol and prove that Yes, I'm an adult and I am responsible enough to tour all over my country without anyone's support or care? Is it necessary to hang-out with a girl and sleep with her to prove that I'm enough masculine and macho? Is it necessary to be committed just because girls get easily attracted towards me because of my writing skills? And is it really worthy to go for a trip with friends somewhere very far like Goa or Ooty or Dehradun just to show the people in my society how cool I am? I seriously don't feel that I need to prove anything by doing all this.

             All the questions asked by these friends starts with "How is it possible?" It is possible my friend if you see the face of your parents once before doing any of these activities. My father is not a Ambani or Tata who has uncountable money coming at home and there's no misery in the house. I have a middle-class father who spends a lot to educate me and make me a gentleman who can afford his necessity and lifestyle after I start living on my income. Who am I to waste my father's money to experience the fun of smoking cigarettes and sipping alcohols in Air-conditioned bars? Who am I to spend my father's money on my girlfriend when he is already taking loans for providing me with other luxuries? Who am I to run in shorts on Goa beach when my parent would be sitting at home and managing the budget for next month as I asked for Goa surprisingly and they couldn't say No to my excitement? I am nobody to use my parents just because I am their child and hence, their weakness.

              I have observed a classmate and friend of mine who smoke at least 10 cigarette a day i.e. spend 50 rs on it. After every cigarette, he needs a chocolate or a toffee as Mouth Freshener i.e. 10 rs. He doesn't bring lunch from home so count that as 30 rs a day. So, counting this money as their basic extra expenses of everyday, it reaches to 100 rs approx i.e 3000 rs(minimum)/month. I don't understand why don't they think about their home. Just imagine if they take this amount from their parent and save it, return it to them after the month ends, how happy will they feel that their child didn't spent their money and gave it back to them. And even after spending these bucks, they aren't sincere towards studies or life. All such kind of friends are in defaulters. None of them are going to be allowed for sitting exam. They have already missed their last semester's exam. They have already paid extra fees for clearing those exam papers. Again, waste of father's money. 

               Every day, my mom gets up at 8 o clock to make my lunch for college. She gives me breakfast and send me to college. After I return back, she asks,"Beta, Rasna ya Milk?" After that she comes with breakfast. Why? Because my child has studied for 7 hours today at college so lets treat him nice at home so that he doesn't feel pressurized or frustrated. The day I bunk the college and return home and my mother asks,"Beta, Rasna ya Milk?" I feel so ashamed of uttering my choice. This has made me to attend more than 75% attendance and be out of defaulters. This has pushed me to spend sleepless night during exams to pass all the papers and bring no KTs. This has made me bring a satisfied result so that my parent can smile that their effort is seen in my result. College has allotted us 25% lectures to enjoy. They have given us a liberty to bunk the lecture and enjoy our college life. But who are you to decide the fate of other 75% which is meant to attend the lectures for qualifying the next level where you will be handed Hall-tickets to sit in exam? 

              And coming back to those questions- 
     "How is it possible that you never smoked? 
     How is it possible that you never tasted beer or alcohol?
     How is it possible that you are still a virgin? 
     How is it possible that you don't have a girlfriend even after having a successful blog which is loved by everyone? 
     How is it possible that you never went for a trip with friends to somewhere far away from home?"

          Everything is possible, man. But it is when I'll earn. I'll smoke once and will see what pleasure you got in doing this by wasting your father's money when you were meant to utilize that money for building your future. I'll drink once to see what kind of heaven is seen after getting obsessed in drugs. I'll get a girl for myself and I'll see what's the fun of recharging my card for 50 rs daily and talking to her. I would love to know how soothing a girl's voice is on phone. I'll even go for the trip with my money so that my parents will smile at home thinking that their child is so successful today that he managed to visit all places which they never did in their life. That will be an achievement for my parents. But today, I have no interest in doing any of these things because I don't want to invest my parent's money in all those things which aren't going to add any knowledge in my mind, any investment in my future, any pleasure in my life and any fruitfulness in my home.  

            The only thing I want from my parent's money is good education. I'll spend their money in MCA after my BCA will end. I am going to spend their money in MCA Entrance test preparation coaching class from next month. I am going to spend their money in Writing course which is the most ambitious thing I want to do in my life. I will spend my parent's money in doing some valuable course after MCA. I will spend my parent's money on subscription of all my favourite magazines,books and novels. This will bring prosperity and growth in my home after few years. 10 years from now, my parents will smile and that will make my life successful. But think what cigarettes, alcohol, girls, mobile phones and bunking going to give your parents after 10 years from now. Just think it tonight and tell me tomorrow so that if I am wrong, I can post another blog apologizing for stating a wrong point of view on this topic. 

            This is all for now. Sorry for the lecture (if it was).


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Tera Tha Hi Kya Jo Kho Gaya !!!

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       It was my parent's anniversary. I was too excited about it. I was happy that my parent lived for 25 years together without any obstacle. They were happy with each other and my father loved my mother a lot. She just opined her choice and demand and we found it in the house. My mother was very lucky to get a husband like him. I saw my friends parents and I noticed that none of them were in love as my parent were. My parent were almost in love like those teenagers who get committed to each other in Junior college after loving since school times. I often asked them what made them so intrigued into each other and they would say that life had showed them what are the consequences of hatred so they love to love each other rather than pointing out each others mistakes and error. This made me quite positive in life and I stopped being pessimist and I loved everything in life. 

            I was always little sad with my life because I wasn't lucky like my parent to have an appropriate partner with me. Sanjana left me when I needed her most. This broke me off and since then I never looked life as an exciting adventure. For me it remained to be a journey where I'll have to hide my sorrow to maintain that smile on my parent's face. After she left me, parent were the most important entity for me in my life. I just wanted to make them happy but still I had glitches with life in heart. I didn't had special friends but yes I did have those who were interested in letting their work done with my help and same was the condition with me. I always believe that Friends are those beings who comes in your life to judge something new in their life and if they remain to be with you for a long time then its because they have seen some advantage in being with you. It can be either of money or it can be your parent's power in society or it can be your beautiful girlfriend or you have a great sense of humour and being with you passes their time wonderfully or something your brain can't even think till there. So, in short, my life was fake. I was tryin to be happy even when I had many doubts about my life and the people around me in my heart. 

             On this anniversary of my parent, I decorated their room as it was their first night after marriage. I wanted them to experience a honeymoon kind of moment as I came to know that they never went for honeymoon because their marriage was held in very tensional condition. They never told me about this. In last 21 years, they spent their life in making themselves happy by seeing me. My father was nice to me too. I had everything I needed and wanted in my life. There's a big difference between what you "need" and what you "want" in life. But my father decreased the expansion in the meanings of both the words and made everything available to me very easily. Lilly was my younger sister and my parent loved her a lot. Even I loved her very much. She was almost the cynosure in our house. Wherever she went, we followed her. We had a perfect life, perfect family space and perfect love. But this anniversary had something else planned for me.

             After the whole celebration took place and Lilly went to sleep as she had test tomorrow, I started cleaning the house as we had many family-friends for the dinner. The whole house was unrecognizable. I was arranging the sofa-covers when my father called me up.I went into their decorated room after knocking the door to make them feel shy. But to my surprise, both of them had serious expression on their face. I went and sat on the bed. My mother began,"Beta, it has been 25 years of our marriage and we have decided to tell you a truth. Are you ready to hear it?" I was surprised and shocked at the same moment. What kind of truth is it which they want to reveal at this moment. I said,"I am not getting anything mummy." She said,"There's something related to all of us and it may break you. But you please promise that you are not going to take it too seriously. We just want to tell you because we don't want you to hear it from a third person." Shiveringly, I replied,"Ok Mom. I'll not promise but I'm giving you an assurance that I'll take it positively." She turned towards my father and he said,"I AM NOT YOUR REAL FATHER." 
        I exclaimed,"What?"
        Mom said,"Yes beta, Anand is not your dad."

              I was shocked. How is it possible that my father is not my father? If he is not then who is? But if he is really not my father than how can he be the best father of the world? If he is not my father then how come he never showed any kind of partiality towards me and Lilly? And if he is not my father than what is he doing with my mother from last 25 years? I kept all these questions in front of my parents. 

               My mother began,"When I was in college, I got committed to Rajeev. He was a minister's son. We were in relation for 3 years and one day we crossed all the limits of love. After few months when I started feeling suspicious of myself, I went to clinic and got my check-up done. To my shock, I was pregnant. I felt bad for a moment but then I felt happy about being mother of Rajeev's child. I ran to Rajeev's house and told him about the good news. He asked me to abort the baby. I refused. He started thrashing me. I asked him to marry me and let the child take birth in this world but he was in no mood of marrying me and having any baby with me. He was passing time with me and I never realized it in 3 years. Anand was his assistant and he witnessed the whole episode as he always remained with him. After I left, Anand came to my house and asked for my hand. My parent agreed and we married. Then you came into our world and our world became better. Today, we are happy to see our family being perfect and happy." 

              I was numb. I had nothing to speak. I didn't say anything to my parents, came out of their room, banged their door again and went on terrace. Whenever I felt isolated from the world, I used to sit on terrace and see the world from the 20th floor of our building. That day I realized what life is. Rajeev- my real father is the chief of the local party of my area which is known for violence and destruction. He is being talked of having sex with many ladies for fun and then paid them money so that they will come back to him. This devil was my real father. Today, I felt sad for myself. I am the son of a lady who had sex before marriage. That is I am a Bastard. Then, I am the son of a man who wanted to kill me before birth. I am being nourished by a man who is not my father and hence I have a big loan to repay him back. How can he grow me up when he has his own daughter to love and develop. I have a sister who is the diamond of my eyes but now I know that she is my stepsister who will come to know about it when she will grow up. I had no one in my life whom I can call my own. 

              God betrayed me. God played with my innocence. Even Sanjana left me. I had no friends. Just then I realized that I was to be aborted before I was born. So that means whatever life I have lived till now is a favor to me by God. Suddenly, I started feeling nice. I started feeling free. A child who was destined for not living a single second of his life had already lived 25 years of his life. I have many more years to live. Why should I pass them in depression, isolation and melancholy? Why shouldn't I live my favored life with joy and fun? This is when I found myself for the first time. I came back to my room and slept peacefully that night. Next day I left my house with a letter to my parent and asked them that I'll return after doing all I wanted to in this birth. 

             Ten years have passed and I have accepted an award from President of being the biggest adventurer of our country. I did whatever I wanted to. I climbed Mount Everest. I researched on Himalaya. I visited all the holy places of our country. I visited all the states and all the monuments. I even went deep into Indian ocean and learned about aquatic life. These are just 5% of what I did in these 10 years. Now, I have no regret of being planned to be killed before birth. I am the happiest person on the earth and I feel bad about why my parent didn't told me about this few years later. I would have done all this before. Today I am returning home with no pain and angst towards my parent. :-)

P.S.: This Fiction is for all the children who get to know about their real father(or mother) after a long time. It is rare but it is big for those who are going through this story. So be strong after listening to this cruel fact and change your life pragmatically after this rather than going into depression and blaming everything around you. Best of luck for your life ahead.


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Life Is What You Make It By Preeti Shenoy !!!

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             I ended up reading Preeti Shenoy's Life Is What You Make It. This is the second time when I attempted a female Indian writer. Last time, it was Varsha Dixit who disappointed me. Preeti Shenoy's LIWYMI has been at Bestseller from a long time which compelled me to read it. I started it with a believe that this book will disappoint me as very less female writers have managed to impress audience. But to my surprise, I'm a fan of Preeti Shenoy now. She knows how to carry a book with love stories, sex and physicality being an Indian women. Mostly, Indian audience doesn't like a girl speaking about all these things but when it is done with style, no one catches you.

             Life Is What You Make It is about Ankita who is a very super-cool and talented girl. She is full of ambitions and she is quite romantic. Her story is based in the year 1989. So as there were no telephones then, she send letter to her boyfriend Vaibhav and she treats her life as she has already married him. Her friends hate this about her. She changes her mindset and gets engaged with Abhi-the boy who loved her a lot. Then she gets admission in a college of Mumbai for MBA which was her dream but Abhi doesn't get it. She is in no mood to compromise with her life and leaves Abhi behind. She meets new friends in college and now she starts hanging around with Joseph. Suddenly, the thoughts of Abhi starts haunting her mind again and she starts sinking into depression. She ends up in mental hospital. Now, how Ankita returned back. What she learned about life. What did she do with those 3 boys after coming out. What happened to Abhi. Did she became normal again. There are many twists and tales in this book. Go get it and read it as soon as possible as you will clap as soon as you will finish the book.

   Coming to the review, Preeti Shenoy has a great sense of carrying a story as she knows that Indian audience expect some raunchy talks and behaviors between the couple and she did justice to it. She kept her love story simple. This book is not a love story but it is about how one should live their life like. Preeti has beautifully scripted the whole story to let the world know that the people going to mental hospital or coming back from it aren't crazy. That's a kind of sickness which can happen with anyone at any point of time. The time I realized that the book is about the main character itself and it has no love story involved, I took deep interest in reading it. At last, when the book ended, I clapped and wanted the book to be little more big. I didn't wanted it to finish. I finished it at one sitting. Preeti Mam, I am definitely looking at your next fiction novel. I rate this book 4/5. Go for it. Very different. Deserves to be in Bestsellers. 


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The Same Road I Walked In Frustration!!!

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          Mitali always saw that her mother enforced her to be in limits. She was frustrated because her mother poked and nudged her every time she turned to do something she never did before. Once, she wanted to go into fashion industry and she created a portfolio but her mother threw it away when she slept in night. This made Mitali burn mad in anger. She took the whole house on her head and screamed on every one. Mitali was always allowed to hang out with girls but as soon as her mother got the knowledge of a boy in the group; she cancelled her approval and made her sit in her bedroom. Her mother wanted her to indulge in God, spirituality and praying but Mitali hated to do it. She believed in God but she never did it because her friends laughed on the people who used to go in temple and prayed God. They believed that the person who goes to Temple is the one who can’t solve their problems themselves and need the support of an idol made up of plaster of Paris. To be precise, Mitali never found her mother co-operative or the mother who motivated her to do the things which were unusual and larger-than-life.

             The problem of Mitali began when she reached 12. As soon as she climbed her teen age, she was shifted to the school where the girls quota was fixed and the number of girls in the class always remained little higher than the number of boys. This made her mother feel secure about her daughter. Mitali never understood what was so unique in her that her mother always protected her as if she carried 10 kg gold’s with her. Once Mitali asked her father that why don't he say something to her mother and teach her how to let her kid fly and reach the sky and break all the barriers and explore the life. Her father smiled and said,” Your mother is with you for less than a decade, after that you have at least 5 decades to surpass the sky and be at the top of the world & universe. This made Mitali bang her head to wall and sit quietly. As soon as she passed her 12th STD with normal grades without any commendable performance, she announced in front of a family friend to her parents that she wanted to marry. Everyone was surprised and the search for a suitable boy began. She got married after two years.

              After one year of marriage, Mitali delivered a sweet daughter contradicting to her wish of a baby boy. She and her husband- Abhilash named her Chaitali as Mitali wanted her daughter to be like her. She gave almost all the pleasure to Chaitali and Chaitali started growing up like a princess. She was given every toy she kept her hands on. Days passed in nourishment, months passed in development and years passed in fulfillment when one day Chaitali turned 12. Chaitali asked her mother to allow her for a movie where there would be 6 boys and 5 girls with her. Mitali disallowed her. Chaitali asked why and there was no answer with Mitali. She asked Chaitali to shut her mouth and go and sit on Play station which they bought for her just 2 months ago. Next day, Chaitali asked for a mini skirt when they went out for the same movie she was demanding a day before. Mitali grinned and looked towards Abhilash. Abhilash said,” It’s you and your daughter. You handle the matter. I have Credit Card with me and that's the job of a man in family. Now you decide what's good for a girl at this age and what's not." Mitali got Abhilash's answer in his reply and she refused her. Chaitali got frustrated and she left the place and stood near the parking lot which indicated that she didn't had any more interest in the movie and she wants to go back. Mitali came in anger and slapped Chaitali for misbehaving in the local mall where they visit every time. Chaitali started crying and they came home.

               That night, Mitali realized the problem her mother had with her demands. That night, Mitali understood why her mother never allowed her to hang out with her friends. That night, Mitali understood that her mother wasn't jealous of her ability and smartness but she wanted her to be safe till she grows into women. Mitali understood that her mother kept her safe all those years when she cursed her back for being such a Hitler. But Now, Mitali's mother was no more and Mitali felt ashamed of herself for not talking to her mother amicably for all those years when her mother was spending her life in her care, safety and nourishment. Now Mitali knew that this is how the cycle keeps moving. Every mother disapproves her daughter's demand and desires for her safety and future and every daughter keeps abusing and accusing her mother for the miserable life she is living. Then that daughter turns into mother in few years and she does the same with her daughter for her safety and becomes the victim of daughter's attitude, enmity and allegations. 

P.S.: This is a simple Fiction I wrote after realizing that sometimes our parents refuse us for movies, outings, trips, night-outs or small things like buying a dress, mobile or any other gadget. We think that they are doing this purposely because they don't want us to grow and be different from others but the truth is that behind every NO our parent utter, it has care, love, affection and many more reasons which can't be defined through words. 


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Being CHETAN BHAGAT whom I met today !!!

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Chetan Bhagat in the event where I met him
         I was sitting on the stage with a big table ahead of me. It had a sheet of paper on it on which I can pour my words and collect the ideas and then speak when my turn comes. These youths sitting here as the audience wants to hear me. They have always supported me whenever someone has tried to pull me back so they want to hear me because I am known as the India's biggest novelist. I can see many people's eye on me. yes, many of them are here just to meet me and talk to me. (After 15 minutes) Ohh, So I hope I gave the right instruction to the youth of my nation sitting in front of me and I think I have given an appropriate and genuine speech because I got clapping for 3 to 4 times during the speech. (After the whole panel discussion ended) Oh so they have told the audience that they can personally come to us and ask questions. I hope they will not push me or pull me. May be I'll go back home and stand in front of Anusha with tore shirts and few lipstick marks. Yes, even these girls are crazy about me. 

Kirron Kher was also present there
              See, everyone is around me. The other three panelists have 4-5 children around them while I have so many with me here. These people are talking about conducting my 5th book's launch at an auditorium of a renowned college and they are assuring an audience of 1000 students. This girl is asking for an autograph and I refused because you know that I am too lazy to sign on blank papers for more than 50 times at the same time. No, I don't want to fall prey of this trapping by them so I have already refused them. Yes, they may feel that I am showing attitude but this is how I am. I am the biggest novelist of this country and I should have some attitude. Without attitude, they take humility as my weakness. I am not weak at all. Ok? I can charge upon you back but it is just that I don't want to react. I can see some of them pushing me from behind in quest of meeting me. I want to talk to them but its already 7 PM and you know the traffic of Mumbai. It will take a long long time to reach home. So I want to go away from here but I am stuck between these people. I have told that group to contact Mischelle who works with me and arrange the event if they feel they are confident about it.

Chetan Bhagat at the 2nd position from left
               This boy of some 21-22 years old approached his hand and I shook my hands with him. I saw him and I don't know why I felt that I know him closely and he is someone who loves me and admires me a lot. Where others were trying to push me and frustrate me, he was standing quietly  and listening to what I was saying. It felt like he wanted to capture all what I was speaking and take back with him. He didn't even asked for a photograph even when his friend was standing with a mobile camera with him. He seemed to be a die-hard fan who came just to feel the positive vibes around me. He said,"Hello sir!!!" I looked in his eyes and I saw that his eyes were asking me to motivate him. He wants to be someone like me. The best from the field one is into. I smiled at him and nodded. Even after that he didn't leave my hand. He wanted to take the feeling of meeting me with him back to his place from where he will sit down to write and become the next BEST after ME. My good wishes is with him. Of all the people, I met today, I will remember him. Remember him for being so kind and silent fan. He is the only one whom I found pure and true admirer of mine in the crowd of those South Mumbai students who try to overact but their intentions are clear right from when they open their mouth.

I am the one whose head is down n I'm searching something
               After that I came home and saw many students of Jai Hind college replying to me(on Twitter) about event and telling me how happy all of them were after meeting me. They said that they enjoyed the event and they liked whatever I said on APOLITICAL discussion. In the list of all the replies, I saw one message very pure and from heart. I remembered that child from event. I understood he is the one who didn't tried to cause me any kind of harm and stood 3 feet away at the safe distance from me and kept glaring me to take all my images back with him. I didn't replied to any of the message I got but I replied to this boy (Yes I was sure that he is the one who stood there as a silent admirer)," was nice :-) Thanks". And after this he started thanking me more. I would just pray God that this boy becomes the next CHETAN BHAGAT after me. He has potential. I have read a biography of mine on his blog and it was awesome. He is the best blogger I have ever read and I think it is his blog that makes me remember him always- Even in the crowd, even between 100s of replies on Twitter. 

Chetan Bhagat's reply to me

Chetan Bhagat, 3 feet away from me:

P.S.: Today, I met Chetan Bhagat- my idol and the person who inspired me to write fictional blogs and start a book. He read my blog once and commented on it. But this was not enough for me. I wanted to meet him. Finally, today, on 13th September 2011, I met him after tracing his events for last 3 years. I didn't spoke anything as I have written above in Chetan Bhagat's narration. And I am happy that I got the motivation from him which I was demanding through my eyes and with that smile, he gave it to me. And seeing on Twitter that he didn't replied to any other student of Jai Hind college but just replied to me and went off from Twitter, it feels that he has already blessed me to be next Chetan Bhagat. :-) Cool. Today will remain as the most special day of my life till my death. Thank you Chetan Bhagat sir for making me whatever I am today. 


13 September 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

She Broke Up, I Didn't! ... I Just Kissed Someone Else ! By Durjoy Datta !!

               460th BLOG -->>

               I finished reading Durjoy Datta's third book "She Broke Up, I Didn't! ... I just Kissed Someone Else!" I have read all the three books of Durjoy Dutta's and this was the last one which was remaining. I wanted to read this book as soon as possible because the 5th book from him is about to release anytime in September. I completed reading the last book before reading this one some 1 week ago and hence I had huge expectation with this one as I liked Oh Yes I am Single very much. But I am so sad to say that She Broke Up, I didn't is all and all a shit. I didn't liked it at all.

             Story- She Broke Up, I Didn’t! is story of Deb and Avantika, two management students, who after three years in to what is possibly the most picture perfect relationship run into trouble after Deb, drunk as a pig goes ahead and kisses a classmate. To err is human, to forgive divine, eh??
This is a story of a group of friends who battle the questions of infidelity, loyalty and love as they step out of their colleges….

             Durjoy Datta should understand it now that readers are expecting more than love-breakup-love-breakup and finally love stories from him. And after periodic intervals, there's an intimacy part in the book which never fails you to experience an erection but too much sex also takes out all the fun from the story. Sex and Love making plays it part only when they are kept at few spots where the readers can feel that Sex is a valuable thing which can at the best time in the book. But Durjoy makes Sex a very common thing and thus the reader starts centering male character as Playboy while his girlfriend as Slut as the only thing they love doing in relationship is Sex and nothing else. Durjoy Datta should change his style now. He is all and all inspired from Chetan Bhagat but he should see that Chetan has tried 4 different stories in all his 4 books while you have managed to keep hold on the same story plot every time you started penning down a story.

     Having great creativity skills and writing ability, penning the same story again and again just frustrates the reader. Durjoy Datta has always written a book with a female partner and this is the only book from his where he has performed a solo work and he has failed. I think Durjoy needs a company of a girl to bring out best out of him. So Durjoy please don't try writing a book by yourself again. We want you to write with a chick or an another every time you think of writing a Love story. Durjoy Datta, for me has become the Salman Khan of Indian fiction where everytime the same kind of weird story will come at the box office or market and people will make it Blockbuster or bestseller blindly. Even after hating Durjoy Datta so much I am going to be one of the few readers who will read his 5th book in its first week of release. I would rate She Broke Up I Didn't 2.5/5. 


12 September 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Sau Gram Zindagi !!!

             459th BLOG -->>

         Yesterday, I was alone at home and I was trying to read Bhagawad Geeta. Suddenly, electricity went off and I lost my patience when it didn't came after 30 minutes. It returned after 1 hour and I realized how important electricity is. When its there none of us thank it for being there and letting us move forward with our routine but as soon as it goes, we start abusing it. Suddenly, a realized that there are many moments in our life which aren't something important but still it plays a very big role. Electricity- none of us realize its role in our life but when it goes, it is when we understand that if electricity will not come we will be unable to complete our work and once it comes, we breathe a huge sigh of relief. Life is full of small excitements. If you cherish those moments of small excitements, you will live your life with more happiness and pleasure than you live now. Everyone of us are running behind big success and pleasure of life. But in the quest of this, we are forgetting to enjoy and cherish these moments which makes our life more interesting and exciting.

             When we watch a Cricket match and there's a big appeal by the opposition team for LBW against our batsman, we hold our breathe for umpire's decision. Once he end the suspense by saying that our batsman is safe, we allow our heart to beat with the normal speed again. 

            When you ride your motorcycle on the most busy road of the city, you pray for the roads to be vacant so that your work is done on time and you can move faster. But the day you find the road empty, you start cursing something else and forget thanking your luck that you found the road empty.

            When you call the most special person of your life on his/her birthday, you expect him/her to pick up the phone on the first call itself so that you become the first person to wish them their birthday. When you see that the phone is not picked up, you curse the other person who is talking to them but when the phone is picked up, you take it as granted and don't praise that moment to be favorable to you.

              When you hear songs on your Ipod for the whole night and when you get up in the morning and find that some bits are still remaining which will help you to continue listening to those songs while traveling, you don't thank that moment that it made your traveling easier and interesting. In the plethora of works and targets, you miss thanking these small moments which plays a big part in making your life wonderful and smooth.

             Everyday I return from my college at about 6 PM. At this time, train is almost over-crowded. Its hard to get inside the train but it has been just for once or twice that I didn't got the place to put my foot in train and step in in 2.5 years. But for all the 98% times when I have got a chance to get into the train and reach my place on time, I have thanked God for making my small wish come true. This is how I make myself happy with that small achievement of stepping into the train every day.

              It happens some times that when I come back home from college, I find that my mother is not at home and gone somewhere. I feel worst at that moment because I know that I'll have to take my lunch from kitchen, warm it and eat myself and there will be no free motherly service from my dear mom. But every time I find mummy at home, I smile which is the sign of my happiness to see my mother's face at the soonest. 

              In short, I'm just requesting you to feel good even for the smallest achievement and happiness. Life is too busy today. For me, 12 hours go in college and traveling, another 3-4 hours goes in sleeping, 1 hour goes with mummy in the evening, 1.5 hours go in planning for the blog, writing it, editing it and then publishing it, 1 hour in newspaper, 1 hour in reading novels and Bhagawad Geeta and what left goes in doing assignment if given or in some other works. So, there is no time left for me when I can plan to meet someone or go somewhere to enjoy with friends. At least 30 to 40 friends of mine live in Mumbai whom I haven't met in last 2 years. I want to go and meet them but the busy schedule and dreams, aims and targets of life aren't allowing me to even think about it. In this kind of life, if I'll not find some moments of happiness every day, I'll go mad in pressure and boredom. So its better to enjoy small achievements and moments of happiness rather than waiting for the bigger ones to come. I hope you will do the same. I know you haven't thought about this before so please think from now. And Yes, as you have finished reading this Blog Post, thank me for giving this small happiness to you. :-) Hahaha


9 September 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Muskurane ke KARZ chukaane honge !!!

              458th BLOG -->>

         Tonight, I was talking with my dad. We were discussing about all what happened with me in last one week. Then mummy joined us. After a while, we started talking about books and its obvious that the topic turned towards my writings. My dad said to mom that I am telling you today itself when this boy has not started writing that his book is going to be a plethora of tragedies and I am just worried about that. I asked Dad that even if it would be full of tragedies, what's the problem? Why are you worried about it? Dad said,"I don't know why I don't like you talking about tragedies and sadness. You have already passed the worst moment anyone can and I don't want you to indulge back in it. I love to see you happy and I hope all your readers love the same. So try to be happy and write cheerful posts and even your book should be a wonderful funny story rather than being something which will make people cry." I was shocked. It is seriously true that your parent know you the best. No one in my friend circle or anywhere can predict that there's lots of tragedies which still haunts me but my father knows this. This was a serious shocker for me.

                I am happy with my life today but somewhere in my heart I am lonely even today. I am very pragmatic but still sometimes my loneliness overcomes the power of my pragmatism and motivation. It is just my positivism, veracity and motivation which pushed me to be a happy and ambitious person in life else my life was the victim of seduction of pain. Every time PAIN came to my LIFE with a LUST to F*CK it and my dear LIFE lied in front of it and got F*CKED. But today, pain never touches my life because it knows that it will break and there would be no effect on my heart and soul. It knows that this boy has turned into a man and can deal with all kinds of problems. In my P.S. of 456th BLOG POST- I wrote that the whole incident happened with me in a party and everyone started asking and requesting me to write that real story as a fiction and let them know about it. All those moments of life was a part when my life was struggling to live and I was motivating my life to live because if it would have died, I would have murdered all my close ones and dear ones. Yes, I would have because when a person is in depression, the one whom he hate the most is the most closest person to him/her.

               Last week, my friends insisted me to visit Lalbagh with them for worshiping Lord Ganesh's grand idol. I directly refused them without giving them a hope that I am coming with them. This is the part of the tragedy I have been into. I have cried a lot in front of Ganesha's temple once in my life for fulfilling something I needed badly but I never got it. From that day, I started hating Lord Ganesha and I stopped worshiping him by heart. If I would have gone to Lalbagh, all those days when I cried for that reason in front of Lord Ganesh's idol would have haunted me again and my heart would have sunk into depression again. Now, I don't want my heart to be sad or depressed. I want it to be cheerful. This Tuesday I am going to a Panel discussion where my idol- Chetan Bhagat would be one of the Panel members. I am going there to make my heart laugh as it will keep thinking about that meet with Chetan Bhagat for a long long time. 

            Log sochte hain ki hassne waalon ko koi gham nahi hota.. 
            Kaash aisa bhi koi Gangajal hota jisse main apne gham dhota..
            Wo samay aaj bhi utna hi taaza hai-nahi to main ab bhi kyun rota..
            Aur agar koi gham na hota to main bhi har roz tumhari tarah chain se sota..
            Sub khwahishon ke path pe chalta to main apna wajood aise na khota..
            Agar dil sambhaalna aata to tumhari tarah main bhi achche beej bota..
            Aaj bhi darrta hun khul ke muskurane se..
            Aaj bhi darrta hun khud ko zamane ko dikhaane se..
            Aaj bhi darr lagta hai un palon ko dil se lagaane mein..
            Aaj bhi bharosa nahi hota is zaaleem zamaane pe..
            Ek din main chamkunga.. is zindagi ke andhere kinaaro me..
            Main bhi dikhunga- Us chamatke chand aur timtimatey sitaaron me..
            Ek din jhoka bann k guzrunga- in aati-jaati bahaaron mein..

             Na jaane kyun aaj papa ke us ek wakya ne mujhe isthir kar diya. Abhi akela apne kamre mein baitha yahi soch raha hun ki kya main sachch mein khush hun? Ek hi jawaab aata hai dil se - Ki main har pal khud ko khush rehne k liye samjhata hun nahi to is dil ki tamanna hai k wo roye aur rota hi jaaye. Kitni adhuri kahaniyaan hain zindagi ki jo kabhi poori nahi ho sakti. Kitne zakhm hai dil ke jo kabhi sookh nahi sakte. Par fir bhi ye zindagi roki bhi to nahi ja sakti. Jab ek anjaan aadmi aake kehta hai ki aap bahut atcha likhte ho, mujhe khushi milti hain kyunki likhne se mere zindagi mein khushi hain aur jab mujhe ye maalum hota hai ki kisi ko mere sazaaye hue aksharon se khushi mil rahi hain to isse badi khushi mere liye kuch nahi hoti hai. Isliye main hamesa apne khwabon ko kabhi kalpnik kahaniyon ke maadhyam se kabhi apni hi jubani mein aap logon tak pahonchata rahunga aur umeed hai ki aap logon ka snehh aur pyaar hamesa mere saath bana rahega. Ek din jaroor aayega jab meri antar-aatma sachch mein khush hogi aur mujhe khud ko jabardasti khushi ke liye dhakelna nahi padega. Is hi ke saath raat teen baje aap logon se alvida chahta hun. Aap sabhi ko mera pyaar aur meri duaayein. Hamesa dil se muskuraiye.



6 September 2011 | By: Writing Buddha


             Member's BLOG POST -->>

         Salman- the member of this Blog who posts whenever he feels he should write something and share with the readers. Once again, he has come with a post. I am happy that he wrote something as it has been a long time since he wrote on this blog. He has given a tribute to his family, friends and teachers through this post. 


|| My Life--- Of Teachers, Friends & Family ||

Hey peeps! Its Salman here, back again!! Been a long time since u heard from me on Veeru’s blog….
This time I would like to share a few but very important moments of my life. My high school days and most importantly my teachers as Teacher’s Day just happened.
For all of us there are certain moments, certain events, certain periods of time that become the highlights of our complete life—for me luckily and fortunately it was my High school Days!!
There was never a time when I felt wrong, sad or depressed about it...
Free of the world’s burdens, free of future planning, free of responsibilities and most importantly free from paying your own bills!! It felt like heaven!
It simply felt like I was INVINCIBLE and nothing that I did could go wrong!
But it was here that I learnt the most important lesson of my life—we do not make ourselves—the people around us-friends, family, teachers-these people lay the foundations on which we, fight with the ultimate traitor to us humans-God, and pave our own path, our own Destiny..
I would like to mention here the role some of my teachers played in my upbringing and success.
First of all I would like to thank Sande Sir for not considering me someone special just because I came from Saudi and being impartial that kept my feet grounded, my 1st lesson- Humility!
Then comes Suryavanshi Madam, she helped me with my 1st Elocution competition where I stood 1st and which instilled me with a hunger and passion to excel in English and most importantly the Winning Habit—for this I am eternally grateful to you.
Can’t forget Kondkar mam—she was the one to propel me ahead in any field, be it sports, academics or any cultural activities! She expected the best of me and motivated me to perform at my very best. She instilled one of the most important qualities necessary for human survival-Self Confidence!
Though there are many teachers I would just like to mention say 4-5 in brief...
Nair Madam, my science teacher and class teacher for about 3 months who believed so strongly in me that she fought for me with other teachers for an incident which was completely my fault :P Thank you madam but I am not as shareef as u thought me to be. But you are right at the top of my Inspirational people’s list.
Shilpa madam just simply for being an freaking awesome house teacher, to have supported me n the Blue house in our rebellion against the entire school and for being every boy’s Crush :D
Londhe sir for helping me with my Marathi-at which I was simply hopeless! Whatever marks I got in my S.S.C is all due to the hard work and effort u put up in training me.
Finally the most important of all Fernandez sir.
Amongst all the above mentioned teachers I hold you in greatest esteem. For if it wasn’t for you to mess up our tug-of-war resulting in us losing the house championship, me threatening you with consequences, you screwing up me by allotting very very poor marks in English and predicting that I couldn’t score above 50 in my Board examinations I would never have worked that hard on my studies, topping the English marks in Raigad district just so that I could prove you wrong. This very incident taught me to believe in myself when the world counted me down and out, it increased my resilience and will power to fight back. You will always be cherished and highly respected.
But it wasn’t only teachers, but my family as well as my friends too who have made me into what I am today.
They have been and I hope shall always remain my Support system, my pride, my life J
I love you all buddies J
Would like to mention a few of my buddies here—Fahd Bodhle (King Fahd as he likes to be called), Nowman Sawal(Nomi),Muskan Malani, Shweta Rao,Ankita Rai,Priti Pachpande,Bhumika Kateliya,Jayesh Deshmukh and Ofcourse Abhilash who have always kept their faith in me, seen me through the ups and very frequent lows of my life… you people are the best thing that ever happened to me and I thank Almighty Allah everyday to have blessed me with such wonderful friends !
A few college buddies of mine- Ronesh Nikalje, Niraj Patil, Baakir Cherawala, and Shaunaq Kulkarni in fact my only true friends I ever found in Pune. Cheers to you guys !!
And lastly my family, my super fantastic freakishly awesome family !!! I love you all more than words can ever express !
It’s all of you from whom I learned the most important lessons of my life—Teachers, Friends & Family all alike 1 you are my teachers and to you I dedicate this blog post, and to you I wish Happy Teacher’s Day !
That’s it for now
Here I am, this is me and there’s nowhere else on Earth I would rather be !
Thanking you all for indulging me, especially Abhilash who somehow manages to let me share some of his spotlight J
I still remain as ever
Yours Truly
Salman “Master of Disaster” Janjirkar
Ciao!! (I Will Be Back!!)