26 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

If I Will Be An Indian Minister, I Will Do More CORRUPTION :-)

        575th BLOG POST -->>

      I and my father always discuss about Indian politics, economy, inflation, corruption, terrorism and all those trending topics we get to read in newspaper almost every day. Last week, when he came home to meet me, he started discussing about Anna Hazare-Baba Ramdev Milan. :-) I tried to avoid the topic but my father who admires Anna Hazare wants me to speak good about this blackmailer. So, after trying a lot, when he didn't got any wonderful words from my side for his favorite revolutionist of today's era, he asked if I'm with the Corruption that is going on in our country. He kept blaming all those ministers who are into this job of eating our money and depositing it in their personal banks or hiding it at the place where none of us have an access. He started blaming all the potholed roads, trembling bridges, bribes in every governmental work etc etc etc. I didn't stated a single debating point until he blasted all he had in his heart for our country which is being blamed by its own citizens for being over-corrupted. :-) 

          When he finished, he asked if I had some points regarding to what he said and what he feels his nation to be like. I asked my father if he had ever been at the place where he got a chance to lead more than 1000 people in his life. He said "No". Then, I asked him, if he ever enjoyed sitting at a position which made him Powerful and he had lots of power. He replied "No". I threw certain questions at him and the only answer I got from his side was NO. Actually, I knew that the answers of all those questions are NO hence I asked them to win that so-called debate which was at a very small scale. :-) And then I stated some of my points which I would like to discuss with all of you on my blog (which made him think of it).

          When we start going to school, our parents keep feeding our mind with a single thought or aim: To earn lots of money in life so that we don't have to look at our wallet if there's some money in it or is it empty once again. Throughout our life, we keep meeting similar people who talk about how money is important in life and how it can change our future if we study well today. And after a point of time, even we start thinking about money every time we are alone. And we even talk about it with our friends about what's their idea to earn money once they are eligible to be independent from parents' clutches. And as soon as a typical Indian start earning, he finds his salary too less to enjoy anything. For a moment, he even try to start a business or do something which can help him earn extra money than what he earns in his organization. 

           So, when we, Indians are so obsessed with money, does these ministers come in some other section of people? They are human and they have grown up in the same environment. When a person gets POWER suddenly, he starts enjoying it. So, he troubles people to show his superiority over the commoners. And tell me, if you get an access to 1000 Crore rupees for benefiting the people of your society, will you spend all to uplift their position in society? You will certainly think of developing your personal life before their. Because, right from your childhood age, you have been dreaming of having luxuries and all the pleasures of life. So as soon as you get this unbelievable amount of money, you will obviously think of buying 2-3 flats in India, build a farm house in any of the famous hill-station and save some other crores in your secret bank account so that the future generation of your family gets secured. And whatever would be left, you will try to spend it on the society and citizens. So, that's what these ministers do. 

        Who cares about the pot holes in the roads, open gutters, no electricity, no parking and several other facilities when you have unlimited access of money? Any thing that one will think is to raise his standard of living. And, even when you set all that you needed throughout your life, you want more so that even if something arises in future, you can be confident enough to pay any amount of money. Even if I'll get an access to even 1 Crore rupee, I will try to purchase a flat in Mumbai so that I and my children (that is my future) will get secure. Or I would like to fix it in the bank so that I get the interest of 50,000 per month i.e. very enough to survive in India without doing any job. So, these ministers are doing the same. We aren't liking it because we are not getting a single penny of it. If a minister would give you an offer of accepting 1 crore from him and keep quiet rather than raising the voice against corruption, you will not even give the second thought to it. You will accept it with a very broad smile. Because you know that 1 crore can make you buy anything that was in your mind till the moment you had 1 crore in your hand. We are also hating Corruption because it is being done by the money of our effort. We are also in angst because we aren't getting a single commendable facility from government. But, just imagine- unlimited access of money for you, and no one to ask what you have done with it, would you have thought of nation over your personal benefits? So, these ministers are not any alien to think of you with those Crores in their pocket without thinking of themselves, their family, relatives and friends. 

        My smile is very broader after writing this. Do think upon this. And then you will start seeing yourself in every Corrupted Minister. :-) Hahaha. 


   ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU telling how Ministers are correct as we would have done the same if we had that opportunity. :-)

Go to Escorts rather than Writing Sex :-)

               574th BLOG POST -->>

           Huffff!!! So, finally I can breathe in relief. Sometimes you do things by keeping someone's development and improvement in mind but, in retaliation, you get accusations and black ink on your face itself. When I started Blogging in 2009, I didn't wanted to be a writer, neither did I dreamed of getting anything over 10 readers. But, as time passed, I started getting unexpected. After a while, when I observed my self and my writing, I realized that I have good creative mind which can help me to develop a very interesting story, I aimed to get my story published one day. Either in 5 years, 10 years or may be after my retirement. Then, I started reading Indian authors to know what exactly is the Indian market for books. And as I wanted to be one of them, I thought of promoting them by reviewing their books on my blog. And since then, I started getting lots of authors' request on my Facebook a/c. I added them and accepted thanks from them. Even the one whom I didn't reviewed positively, added me and thanked me for telling the flaws of their book. Then, authors started ordering their books for me so that I can review them on my blog because they found my reviews very genuine. And this is how I developed friendship with lots of authors. They told me how their book sales got up after getting it reviewed on my blog. And I felt too happy about myself that I entered in this area without any knowledge and ended up being helpful to the authors.

                But, it is said, not everyone has the maturity to take everything positively. Today, a writer read one of my book reviews of some other writers, he liked the way I thrashed the book straight-forwardly rather than writing only positives to get into the good books of those writers. Then, he posted the link of that review on his Facebook profile. It started getting Hits and Likes once again. Actually, the book is written by two authors- a male and a female. They are known for writing Sex repeatedly throughout their book and also in every book they write. I just mentioned this in the review so that they can know that an avid reader like me wants to read something new from them. The female author read the review in the first week itself and posted the comment- "We will try to write better next time". I thought every thing went finer as I wanted it to go. But, now, when this author posted the link and it got spread to maximum people, in dono ki almost fatt gayi. 

            First, the male author posted on his Facebook-"Well, I think people who buy my books and expect there would be no sex (or less sex) in it should stop wasting their money. :) Don't blame me later. :D" After few minutes, the female author posted it on her Facebook-"If you read my books just so you can bash them on your "famous" blog later, I suggest you try and work sincerely on the one you have been trying to write/publish since a zillion freaking years. Use your time and energy wisely. And oh, for all of the MANY (read: 0 to 4) people who comment on your blog—Don't you have anything better to read? ;)". 

            I never expected this to come from the authors who claim to have a fan base of 2,50,000 readers. After the status, I had a little conversation with the male author and he talked to me with politeness and justified his points. But, this girl has already argued with me on Social Networking sites for innumerable times. She feels that she is famous everywhere but she has no acquaintance with reality. Few months ago, she was targeting my grammar. Have I ever claimed that I have good grammar? But, the real optimistic person checks my earlier blogs and see what I used to write then, and applaud me later for improving. Some of them who are more closer to me says that there is a big room of improvement. And I accept it because I know that I was 0 in grammar till 2009. I have started improving after I realized that I am getting readers for my blog. So my dear female author, rather than targeting someone who is trying to tell you what drawbacks your book consists of, try to improve yourself. You know yourself that you aren't good in grammar. So, first improve yours and then target me. If you had guts, you should have written your 3rd book without any support but you chose to co-author it with your boyfriend's friend who is already famous in the market. Hahaha. 

          And you pointed out at the number of comments my blog gains, your status got 8 comments while the one which I posted against you got 15. And let me tell you, I have 90% of my readers subscribed through mail, so whatever I get comes into my mail rather than on blog page. And taking out such points shows how immature you are still, even after getting the tag of "so-called" writer. And, more than that, this shows the insecurity both of you have in yourself. If you consider me a blogger having 0-4 readers, why did you come out to prove that you will keep writing Sex and the Blogger who is speaking against you is the one for just 0-4 readers? Who knows the exact number of readers of your books? No one. And you said that I should try sincerely on what I am trying to write/publish from zillion years, right? I hope you will celebrate your zillions birthday as may be the people who are more inclined towards Sex have such a long life. And, from 2.5 years, I am trying to write this Blog and I am doing quite well. At least, I am versatile and I don't point out at my readers when they tell me my flaws. And I am being read by legends like Amitabh Bachchan, Chetan Bhagat, Robin Sharma and Rashmi Bansal, what about you? You are even half-blind as you just noticed the number of comments I receive on my blog page but you were unable to notice the number of official followers in the left column and the number of hits in the right column with the number of fans on my Blog page on FB. I am so sad for you. Hope you will grow with age. Because you are just 20. And above that, you are trying to take revenge from people who are trying to correct your mistakes. Do you retaliate in the same way to the common youngsters too or you gave this special treatment to me because my review can be accessed by everyone? :-) 

            So, as your status update has shown your insecurity you have because of the review I gave of that porn book of yours, I hope you will get some brain which will think of writing something else than SEX in your book. What you think is what you write. And, your book shows your thinking. I hope your brain will think of anything else except sex one day. And when you will get critical acclamation for that work of yours, you will find readers like me more sensible than those who keep demanding sex from you. And, as I am ending this post, I would also like to post my Facebook status which I made in reply of yours,"So, finally, the great writers of our nation are revolting against my book reviews because I'm not perfect in grammar. Fine. I don't have it and I know it. But even you should know that your books have nothing else than Sex. Right? And, you should have guts to accept your mistake and drawbacks rather than pointing out at the person who is having complains with you. Enough said." and "Once upon a time, two authors had a great fantasy of having sex with their respective partners. Like every time, they were having sex with their respective sex partners when a Blogger whom they considered as "No standard" came into the room. They got so offended that they released their Sex Clips all over the world to prove that no one can do Sex as wildly as them, and in the end, they lost whatever they had and the Blogger of "no standard" achieved the crown of wisdom by making them do what no one could have ever done of their so-called standard."

            And please answer just one question,"Is everyone allowed to read your books or only those with perfect grammar are allowed?" It will also help your readers to know what you think of people with bad grammar because 90% of them would be imperfect, and they will get to know your perspective about them. And I challenge you that I will get my book published one day- either from the same publisher from whom you got your book published or from a better one. Just wait for the day to come. 


  ABHILASH RUHELA- VEERU (I'm happy I'm a blogger because of whom the true self of these authors came out in their FB status otherwise it would have been impossible to do that).
25 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

You are an Institution, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar !!!

               573rd BLOG POST -->>

           Whenever an idol is made in our life, the reason of it is his qualities that you want to possess in you but you are still farther from it. You respect your idol because he has achieved it with lots of hard work and dedication. The perseverance and patience that he went through a long long time is what interests you. Once upon a time, when you used to tell someone the person from whom you take inspiration from or the person whom you see as your idol, what you used to get from your friends was a big tap on your back or lots of praises for selecting the best idol in your life. But, now-a-days, if you'll tell someone that the particular person is your idol in life, he will start making negative comments on him, abuse his previous works , starts telling you every possible reasons to prove that the person is not deserving to be at the place where he is and for the most, he will keep making fun and dig at you for selecting that respective person as your idol. But, for me, I don't care for anyone's view once I am determined that "Yes, this is the person whom I see as my idol". And one such person whom I see as the second best idol and inspiration  in my life after Mr. Bachchan, its SACHIN TENDULKAR. 

               In last few months, we have seen how he was being demoted in the charts of some narrow-minded people or the one who can't see the positive sides of any thing and keep on digging the hole where they expect some negativity to erupt. I wasn't a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar since my childhood. Yes, its true that I knew he was the best cricketer in the world but I didn't had much knowledge about the game to understand the kind of achievements he was gaining with every match he played. But, I knew one Cricket record which I specially asked my childhood friends then, that What's the highest score ever made by a Cricketer in an ODI match. I got my answer "194* by Saeed Anwar". Since then, I was waiting for someone to break that record and do something incredible by scoring any thing above it. Because 194 is itself a big score. But what I generally observed in all the Cricket matches was that batsmen reached at most 125 runs on an average in 50 overs. I thought that this record will remain unbreakable for a long time. Then, one day, turning on the news channels after returning to home from college, I saw the Breaking News- "Sachin Tendulkar ne nabaad 200* banaye" "Duniya ka pehla khiladi jisne ODI mein Dohra satak lagaya". I screamed in excitement. I started browsing channels to see the highlights of the match, and once I got to see the whole innings of the Master Blaster, I was glued to the screen like some tharkis are stuck to their TV screens when Katrina Kaif is displayed in the Slice's advertisement. 

              I won't talk about his records in this post as every blogger, writer, editor, reporter, journalist, columnist does it. I would like to talk about the factors why I considered him to be my idol. After that 200*, I started observing every inning that he played because I learnt that this man is really the best in his field. Later, I downloaded videos and saw his interviews on Youtube. The calmness and the kindness that he possessed even after being called GOD by the world was THAT ATTITUDE which we want to see in every successful person. The amount of passion and interest he has in the game which he started playing even before understanding what Sex actually is. :-) I find everyone around me beginning a new job/habit but they leave it after some days as they don't have that GET GOING attitude in them. I saw it in this guy as even after playing for more than two decades and earning crores of money through it, he is still in the game and fortunately, performing like he did in his young days. :-) 

             I find fitness and stamina the biggest drawback I have in me. But when I count the number of runs that he has scored by running on the pitch i.e. 35,000, I feel ashamed of myself. Even at the age of 38, he runs like a new athlete and tries to reach the crease before that diplomatic ball reaches, and I at 22, starts panting because of exertion. If I find that I am good at some thing, I become over-confident about it for some time, but seeing Sachin's consistency, I have got to learn that even if the world bows in front of you, you should work harder just as you are performing the task for the first time to prove some judges that you deserve the place. :-) I have learnt from him how to ignore haters rather than giving them a special place in our life. Recently, when he was being criticized and abused for not scoring that not-so-important century to prove himself, it was very hard for him to deal with all the critics that were speaking against him. But still he never used any kind of foul language for any of them. He just talked about himself and his career rather than talking about the negativity that some people were trying to penetrate into his life. This teaches me to believe myself even if I am not able to perform something at the speed at which I used to execute it earlier. I will have to avoid talking about the people who don't think any good about me. 

             So, there are innumerable reasons because of which I consider SACHIN TENDULKAR as my idol. Even at the age of 39 and bank balance of Crores, this man is ready to sweat on field. He celebrated his 39th Birthday yesterday. What could I wish for you, sir? You have every thing that a normal human can't have. Just keep inspiring me and crores like me. Keep playing and inspiring each one of us. 


   ABHILASH RUHELA- VEERU wishing Sachin a very very happy birthday. 
21 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Ye Kaisi Bheed Hai Bas Yahaan "Tanhaiyaan" Miley !!!

            572nd BLOG POST -->>

       Once I was having a quality conversation with my mother. I was asking her various questions related to how she has been so charming till the age of "whatever she is". :-) I was also asking certain questions to make it obvious for me to succeed in those problems when I shall face them again in life. It is not always that I and my mother have lengthy conversations as I enter home at 7 PM in the evening- the time when her daily soaps begin and my Internet's so-called pending works begin. And, she ends up seeing all the craps and I end up tweeting and blogging all the craps. :-) The only difference is that she intakes all those indigestible stuffs while I produce them for others. :-) So, I win a point more than her in the task that we perform between 7 PM to 12 AM. :-) So, I asked her,"Mummy, aapko kya lagta hai ki mere andar subse bada Drawback kya hai?" And without even taking a second, she understood my delivery as sooner as Gayle understands the notion of the bowler. And there goes a SIX- "Veeru, tu apne doston ki, apne rishtedaaron ki, ya kisi k saath bhi kisi bhi tarah ke rishtey ki kadarr nahi karta jaisi ek insaan ko karni chahiye". 

            As soon as she ended, and after few minutes, the quality conversation ended, I started recalling all what she said and the amount of truth and reality it had. I ended up giving a virtual salute to my mom for judging me appropriately. Actually, I don't intentionally devalue relationships but the problem is- I don't know how to handle relationships. I have a certain kind of Time management disorder when it comes to valuing people in life. I can;t control them even when I give my life to possess relationships and even when the amount of security they bring into my life. Every relation is wonderful and gives you an eternal feeling of having someone with you of this kind in the specific problems that may arise in your life anytime. There are some friends those you want to be with when you have personal problems with parents, then you want some when you are trapped under professional problems, while some are needed when you are going through a boring period and you need some laugh and some are needed just because when they are with you, you feel that you have the best one with you. In these categories of friends, some may be of your age group, some may be males, some females, some can even be of your father's age, some even juniors of yours and some just a neighbour whom you never considered so important before until they came into your life and made it refreshing. 

             I coin my self as a LOSER because I did let the relationships go away leaving me even when I knew that every thing was in my control. But rather than controlling everything, I kept thinking about my self and my image in front of every one that I can't do anything wrong. But, in this wrong perspective, I kept turning right things in to wrong and ended up being a LOSER who lost all the good relationships in life. Initially, with some of my childhood friends, then school friends, then my telephonic girlfriend, then my cousin, then my girlfriend and then ufff.. so many of them have went away. That's another thing that none of the elimination of relationships has ever stopped me or my progress. I have always recovered within 3-4 weeks and performed every thing with the same quest and confidence as I did it before. But the only thing that haunts me every time I step up a ladder is, that if they would have been with me, it would have been more fun by celebrating it with them. 

            I am still bad in maintaining relationships. I, first consider myself while it is said that in relationship, you have to consider the person first and then yourself if it becomes mandatory. I don't know when will I learn the art of maintaining relationships and stop losing important people from my life. I need no person to be in my list of enemies, or with whom I had misunderstanding, or no communication because of some awkwardness between the two or any reason that makes the person go away from me; but life has not been quite kind to me when it comes to this direction of success. I am not a successful person here, I am a Big Bigger Biggest Loser. Whatever friends I have today around me is because of the sense of humour I possess. I don't think any one of them are near me because I am the person who cares for relationship more than my priorities. That is the biggest drawback in me as a person, and I don't find my self enough matured to eliminate this bug from within me, but I will try to do something with it after turning little more mature and stable. At least, I know that this is the biggest drawback I have in me, so this itself gives a confirmation that I will debug it soon. :-)

            To all the people/friends reading this, I would like to request you all to be gutsy when it comes to controlling and accepting relationships rather than letting it leave you and go. Celebrating with EACH and Every ONE is a different fun than eliminating some of them out of the celebration party just because you don't find that relationship more closer or effective in your life. Try to value each and every relationship and give it its stipulated time. Once the arguments begin, sarcasms come in between, misunderstandings creep in and relationships goes away, you are left with your self and your sucking attitude which keeps absorbing you slowly and you don't even come to know about the pain that multiplies within you without your knowledge. Value people, value their emotions, value their perspective about you and life, value every thing of their, because its you who can maintain the relationship, not them. YES!!! Always consider yourself as the mediator between both of you rather than expecting someone else to come in between and manage all things. I have tried with every failed relationship to turn it successful again, but I ended up being a Loser for second time too. Because, my unintentional evilness towards them is still in their conscious mind. So, don't let this happen with you. I hope for betterment in my and your life. :-)


18 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Honthon Se Choo Lo Tum, Mera Geet Amar Kar Do !!!

            571st BLOG POST -->>

       Certain moments of life define your past, present and future. They make you remember all that happened in the course of that past which you never wanted to happen or the one which you want to see again and again in your life. Then, there are certain moments in your present which you want to remain as it is and you wish that the time stops and give a chance to you to enjoy every bit of it. Then, certain future that you dream or you want yourself to witness them, you have them in your mind running continuously and hence provoking you to reach there. So, this is how life goes and this is how we fall in love with certain moments of life. But, is it always that we think of all the beautiful moments or is it(thinking) the only source of remembering them? Sincerely, No. 

            Sometimes, you meet certain group of people in train, working place or in your neighborhood, you see them from a decent distance and then start remembering your time when you had the same fun and moments with your friends. Sometimes when you see the same things happening with a small child that happened with you, you remember all those childhood moments by once and fall in the past. When you see someone professional wearing well-ironed cloths and talking with someone in a fluent English on his smartphone, you fall in the valley that has all your desire to be the same one day. Similarly, songs play an essential part in making you remember certain parts of your life in a go and you fall prey to it in such a way that you think of the same for the whole day. And thus, some songs remain very close to your heart which played its part in those moments of your life when they were the closest to you than anything else. 

           It was a beautiful monsoon environment. I was made to wake up at 5 AM in the morning because I and my father had to catch a bus for Pune. Later, when he called at the company's reception, they told him that a Sumo of company is going to Pune so its better that you load whatever things you have to transfer to Pune to the hostel of your child in it. My father ordered me to take all the baggage that I had packed for taking them to hostel, and keep them in the Sumo and go to Pune to lock all of them in the locker first. From Roha to Pune, several ghats of Lonawala come in the way. And that makes this route the best route you can travel on. And hence, every Maharastrian tries to visit Lonavala once in monsoon so that he gets to see several waterfalls and beautiful climate and scenarios. The uncle who was sitting with me asked the driver to turn on the radio. And one song that kept on repeating itself on a loop was "Ya Ali" from Gangster. That was a new song then for which people were turning crazier. I heard the song for at most 25 times in my journey. And, today, if I hear Ya Ali or even see its video, I start remembering that journey to Pune and all my days that I have passed there.

             Similarly, we had a radio set in our Hostel-room. One of our favorite radio-channel, always played "Aankhein teri" from Anwar. And, that song, whenever is played, makes me remember all those moments I had with my room-mates, those chatting till late night, those funny arguments etc. And, when the first break-up of my life took place, I was preparing to go for a show of Salaam-e-Ishq as I already had advance booking of it. In the movie, when I heard "Ya Rabba" by Kailash Kher, it made me cry; because it made me remember all those loving moments I had with that sweet bitch. And till today, whenever I hear this song, it takes me to those days when I used to recharge my friends' mobile to talk to her as I didn't possessed one then. Even when I am sad sometimes remembering all those failed relationships in my life, this songs plays somewhere in the background of my conscious mind making me feel more nostalgic and emotional.

               When I joined Graduation college, then the song which was the heartbeat of youngsters was "Aahoon Aahoon" from Love Aajkal. Whenever in class, a girl used to play it loudly on her handset, that used to make my friend go dhin-chak-dhin. And, that was the moment I got my first official kind of a girlfriend. And, even today when he sees the name of the song in my playlist while browsing other songs, he starts provoking me to talk about all those days when I used to be with her by ignoring him away. :-) I remember, once I had fight with my parents and I went out of house for some minutes (Yaa, that's the length to which I can show attitude to my parents :-)), I had my earphones with me, I turned on the random play, and "Koi Fariyaad" of Jagjit Singh started playing. I concentrated on its lyrics and I found it quite touching and suiting to the situation I was in. Since then, whenever I hear this song, I remember of my parents and feel like hugging both of them. 

                 Last year, after returning from Water Kingdom, I and 2 of my friends passed the night at my home as dinner was planned in my town, so when we were on bed to finally sleep as we were quite tired after running and swimming all day at Water kingdom, I played on the then new song "Teri Meri" From Bodyguard on loop for the whole night. And till today, that song reminds me of the innumerable masti we had that day in Water Kingdom and after that in my home. And last but not the least, once I asked that special *one* to sing a song for me on my birthday, and she sang a song which was unknown to me then- "Geet gaata hu main, gungunata hun main, maine hasne ka vaada kiya tha kabhi, isliye ab sadaa muskurata hu main", she purposely sang this because I used to live a very depressing life. And since then, whenever I watch this song on TV (I haven't kept it in my playlist as I don't want to remember that selfish creature again in life), I remember her and I switch to another channel. :-)

              So, this is how certain songs become an essential part of our life. They make us remember our past, present and future from the incredible strength they have in them of pulling us towards those moments of life- either happy or sad. Similarly, everyone of you may be having some songs which would be taking you to that era of your life which was either very beautiful or very ugly moment for you, do remember those songs, and try to block these songs from making an effect on your emotional state, if you win, do tell me. :-) I am sure none of you are going to win. I am hearing to one such song right now which takes me to the moment which was the most special one in life. "Pehli pehli baar mohabbat ki hai, kuch na samajh mein aaye main kya karoon" :-)

            Turn on your NOSTALGIC PLAYLIST.


16 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Feeling of being a 3 year old MUMBAIKAR !!!

            570th BLOG POST -->>

       For the whole night, I was awake and brisk. The excitement to see the new sun bringing a change in life was creeping on very deep inside me. Everything seemed as if I am leaving a bad past to bring on a transmogrification in my loser life. For the whole night, I kept browsing my Mobile's contact list to find a name to whom I can send a text and tell the amount of excitement and zeal I had in me. It was not the first time that I was to travel by train. Neither was it the first time that the shifting was taking place in my life. My father being a very risky person keeps changing his job every now and then, resulting in change of city and then the adaptation takes place. So, it was one another phenomena that this was happening. But, it was a rare moment this time. At 5.35 AM, I and my parents caught the train at Nashik station. After half an hour, my parents slept, but who had the daring to make Mr. Excited close his eyes and rest his body. I started messaging selected friends and tried to show the exact feelings my heart was going through- "Hey buddy, its one hour and I would be in your city for the whole life" and what I got back was more exciting than this- "Wow. I am coming tomorrow to meet you" "Hey, are you really shifting? Was waiting for you from a long time" and many different messages trying to depict the same feeling and meaning. And finally, on 15th April, 2009, at 9:10 AM, I stepped on the land of Mumbai. :-)

            Being in a colony campus at a backward region in Maharashtra for first 16 years of my life, then being in Aurangabad for several months, and then is Nashik for 2 years, I always had a dream to reside in Mumbai. But it wasn't getting possible because of several dramatic situations that were going on with my super-duper amazing life. But, finally, when my father said to me that "You and your mother will have to shift to Mumbai as I am trying to take several jumps in job. So, it's better that both of you shift to Mumbai and you take your professional education there so that you get a good one" . He may not have imagined but rather than education, I imagined almost everything of Mumbai that I saw in movies and news channels. The names like Andheri, Bandra, Colaba, Matunga, Malad, Parel, Churchgate, Mumbai VT, Gateway of India and several others started revolving around. The film city, the origin of Bollywood, the residence of Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Chetan Bhagat and several other idols started capturing me like a passion captures an artist's mind. And out of all this, the most that excited me was the Monsoon of Mumbai and Traveling by Local Train. Other additions were innumerable malls and multiplexes in Mumbai. As I lived for first 16 years in a backward region of Maharashtra, the radio channels which we got to hear there were the one of Mumbai's. So, right from my childhood, I had a virtual and long-distance relationship with Mumbai which turned into reality at 9:10 AM on 15th of April, 2009.

            Today, its 3rd anniversary of the most cool and exciting tag that I achieved of being a "MUMBAIKAR". Here, when I see people speeding towards their work in the early morning, I get a push to be as speedy as them. In the evening, when I see people having some snacks and soft-drinks before catching their final train of the day, I do the same to kick all the exhaustion of the day away from me before showing my face to my family members. In the season of shower, when I get dipped into water, I feel so proud of being a part of this rain which is famous all over India. When I step up into a mobbed coach of local train, I feel special to be one of those commuters who are being talked in newspaper almost every 2nd day. Sometimes when I travel by road, and I get trapped in traffic, rather than getting frustrated on losing the precious time of my life doing nothing on road, I feel myself as a real Mumbaikar getting stuck in traffic and being late to wherever I am up to. :-) This is the level of craziness I have in me. :-)

             Here, when I find several passionate flocks of people, I find myself to be one of them. Sometimes, I find a group of rockers in train having guitars on their back. Sometimes, I find some management guys in their formal uniform talking about how to fool their boss for their next promotion and increment. Sometimes, I find some freshers having their resume and lots of certificate declaring their success in the past. :-) Sometimes, I get to see businessmen doing some financial transactions through their laptops or palmtops sitting in the local train or a crowded platform. I see troops of strong girls returning from their dance classes or a competition. I see small children of not more than 10 visiting malls without any guardian and talking smartly with the counter-boy. And, then I look in the mirror, and assess myself to be one of the achiever of being in the vindication of this non-stoppable merits. I have certain dreams that I want to achieve. I don't need them in life but this city asks me to go beyond my capabilities and thoughts, and achieve something which may give me a name in the "FAME LIST" of this city. And, as I can see the amount of fledged-ness and development in me in the last 3 years, I think I will improve lot more. 

            Mumbai has changed me. Now, I more believe in the company we be with rather than the destiny God has written for us. The environment of the previous cities/towns in which I passed my life isn't too achieving and motivating. And hence, I used to be happy with whatever small I achieved. The exploring life that I get to live in Mumbai definitely is missing there. And therefore, when someone asks me if I would ever like to leave Mumbai and live in some other city or hill-station with silence and peace later on, my answer is a straight NO. I love the running people here. I love the population here. I love the danger of terrorism here. I love almost everything I get to deal in with this city which seems to be Irritation to other outsiders/insiders in the city. I feel so blithe and joyous to tell all of you that I am a 3-year old child of this city now. And, years are just going to proliferate from here. I wish to get buried in the land of this city. Sorry, in our custom, we are burnt. So, I wish to turn ashes on the land of Mumbai. :-) 

    Enough spoken. 


14 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

You hate SRK? But He's Trending. FOOL- You or SRK?

           569th BLOG POST -->>

       Right now, its approximately the 10th hour that #SRK, Shah Rukh Khan is trending on Twitter. The reason for which Shah Rukh Khan is trending is weird and something that's not acceptable. Shah Rukh Khan was detained at USA airport once again. This is being happening in loop that SRK gets detained at USA airport and later on they ask for an apology for whatever happened with the Superstar of India. The same activity happened with our best and most respected President- APJ Kalam Azad last year. But, the reason for which major tweeple has trended SRK is not for showing some concern or some anger against USA customs but to make fun and dig at Shah Rukh Khan. Yes. If you spend most of your time on Internet and other useless things which has no productivity in terms of making you successful in your life, means that you don't have a life. According to this, even I don't have one and I accept this. But, I make it sure that I make dig or fun at someone who falls under my category of being a loser. Not on someone who is at the place where 99% Indians are below him in terms of Success, fame and money. (Sometimes its fine, but every time?)

          The reason for SRK's detainment is a bug in the US immigration department's database of suspicious people which a country uses to maintain the list of several thousand names. And this is why, every time SRK's name is focused, it marks it as a "Red Flag" and hence, SRK gets caught every time by the US custom officials. Indian government has asked many a times to remove his name from the database but it has not been done yet. But, none is talking about this in our country. They are happy to see someone getting humiliated and snubbed every time he wants to land in a country which possesses the best power in the world. Can't we call it a jealousy of our people that they can't see a normal and common boy of Delhi turning into a Superstar of this era? Rather than taking an inspiration from him, they are happy to malign his name as best as they can through the power of followers they have on the social networking site. Shah Rukh Khan went to USA because he was being given the best honour of Yale University there. But no one is talking about this. And neither has anyone shared the link of that video that consist of SRK's inspirational speech that he delivered there. (By saying that neither of them means the majority who is talking against him. There are some sensible people on Twitter too.)


           Has anyone of us got anything honorable even in our own town? No. None of this flock earns even the 1% of what Shahrukh has in his bank at the age of 45. But rather than learning some good qualities from him, they will keep making fun of this superstar. What SRK earns in a month, is what the men of your family can't earn in next 200 years to come. Challenge these words of mine. Yes, you lost. :-) I am not a great fan of Shahrukh. Ok, I am not even a fan. But, neither am I so senseless and fundamentalist that I will always speak against him. You may remember a blog I scripted after Filmfare Award about why I don't like SRK humiliating other stars of our Hindi Film fraternity for their failures. So, I am not one of those dumb-heads those who fight to prove their passion for their idol. Shahrukh Khan is not my idol. But, I see him as one of the most influential persons of this country. 

           Our parents are behind us every minute, but still we waste almost 90% of our time on these Social Networkings and hanging around at useless places like malls and parks. But, take an example from Shahrukh Khan. Both his parents expired when he was just 16, and what he thought then was "I want to make movies so damn bloody big...that my parents somewhere sit down on a star and from there also can look at their son and say 'I can see his movies from here better than I can see the Wall of China or anything. We see his movies covering the face of this earth". Can you even dream something so bigger? You and me make fun of his last disaster- Ra.One, but can we even design a video game with best 3D graphics? I have used these sentences once in my blog, I will paste it again: 

           "Shahrukh and Salman Khan have been rival from last 2 years. Salman Khan, regularly, mocks Shahrukh whenever he gets a chance. Whenever he is on television to promote his new movie, he says something indirectly to Shahrukh with the support of his friends who are judges on those shows. If Shahrukh would have taken these jokes seriously, he would not have attempted a movie of 150+ crores- Ra.One. The movie became a disaster and everyone made fun of Shahrukh. Shahrukh would have gone into depression. First, because of the personal allegations Salman makes on him. Second, Salman is banging the Box Office since two years and all his movies are breaking records. Shahrukh can take this as a severe insult and sit quietly. Third, all his good friends are leaving him because they find Salman more genuine than him. But, see Shahrukh and his will to give his best. He is unstoppable and interminable. He is coming with the same confidence in every movie even when he knows that his movie will be unable to break his biggest foe's record and people will create jokes on him again."

           So, my dear Indian youth, try to take some inspiration from these personalities rather than making fun of them. Sometimes its Shahrukh, sometimes Amitabh Bachchan, sometimes Chetan Bhagat, sometimes Sachin Tendulkar. At least, try to include yourself in this group that you have that amount of haters that can Trend you on Twitter. I have embedded the video's link above, do see it and take some inspiration from what Mr. SRK said.

       Enough said.


12 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

AFREEN- An Encouragement, Luck and Praise is KILLED!!!

           568th BLOG POST -->>

       Few years ago, I was discussing with some of my friends that what would you do if you get a daughter. And suddenly, I started getting various replies:-
"I will get to know what it feels when a girl is being commented as slut and other offensive words"
"I would love to see her cuteness almost every minute. For me, girls are cute and I will really cherish her sweetness."
"I will let her roam everywhere she would want to and I will try to provide her best protection possible from my side"
"I will start hunting for a good boy for her right from the moment she will be born. I will never risk her life."

            And, in the end, when I was asked, what's my opinion if I'll have a daughter, my reply was,"I would love to see her on Television anchoring a News channel. I always want to see my wife or sister or daughter, any of them as a senior reporter anchoring news on television with smartness. Or, if not that, at least A Radio Jockey, because I know how much smile these girls produce through their job". And this conversation made me feel so proud of myself and my friends. And to be little more revealing, it does not matter, but I feel I should speak it, all those friends were Muslims. And today, we got to hear another news where a Muslim father- Umar Farooq killed his 3 months old daughter- Afreen just because she was a girl. Few weeks ago, we heard another news of Baby Falak dying in a hospital. The mystery is still unsolved that why does these men have so much problem with a baby girl?

             As per 99% of my friends, all of them believe that life is boring without girls. I see Girls as the medium which makes a man ambitious about his life and his aims. I see Girls as a total catalyst in any family. I see Girls as the most motivating creation of God. Every time, a boy performs, he sees if there's a girl who is enjoying his performance. Even when I get an appreciating comment from a girl, it works more powerfully than 5 comments of my male friends. So, this is how Girls act in the life of us, the Boys. But still, the data and reports which we get says that the most abortions which took place in recent times are because it was a female child. Come on, what's your problem with this gender? According to me, there's just a reason for which one would be wanting to kill a girl child. And that is:- Dowry. I don't find any other reason for which a girl can be killed. And is Dowry such a big thing? Develop your Girl-child to be self-dependent, and see how families would see her as their ideal daughter-in-law. Even, my choice for a wife is the one who would be ambitious, hard-working and quite self-dependent. So, develop your girl-child like a real man rather than killing and being a Chakka. 

           In the same conversation, those friends asked me "What would be a sudden change in my lifestyle once my daughter will enter into my life". And I replied,"I will stop living with my head high in society. Because, once she will grow up and have relationships, it will be hard to face the society. While in the situation of boys, you can say- Awara hai and move forward". All of them agreed to me. This is the only negative thing I feel that would change in me once I will have a daughter. Else, I would feel proud to have a Daughter. And if she turns out to be a good girl(having no bad boy around her :-)), that would be the proudest moment of my life. I can say to the world that not all urbanized girl are flirtatious, some of them have other good things in life to flirt with. Whenever I see girls performing near me, I find it quite obvious. It's not surprising, now-a-days. But still, if people on gender discrimination, wants the girl child to die, or to be locked in the room, or to wear Burqa and sit at home, there's no solution. 

           I, as a 22 years old boy, want every girl to be exploring, confident, performer, ambitious and at the same time, cultural, traditional and conscious. I find no reason to abort them, kill them, throw them in dustbins, or make them education-free, or make them sit at home under thick dupatta on their head, or to marry them to an alcohol-addict just to free myself from a big responsibility, or to harm them in any other way. Fathers should understand that there is nothing more beautiful than girls in this world. Our mothers are the most caring and selfless, our sisters are the sweetest and the cutest, our female friends are the real motivators, our wives is the only one on whom we can trust in life. What more can I say? I am still in shock that how can a father be so pitiless to hit his own 3-months-old daughter. Even today, when I see a child of 5 years old, I assess only cuteness in him/her, how can he find an evil, foe, bad luck in her. May God bless all the girl child in this world. And my condolences for this unlucky girl- Baby Afreen whose name itself means lucky, praise and encouragement. Hope her father could have understood this. SHAME!!!

P.S: I have specified the caste of my friends above because, as this issue has turned into an international news, I don't want people to judge a religion because of it, hence I wanted to share the conversation which I specifically had with my Muslim friends. Its about Good and Bad people, not a Caste or Non-caste people. 

 Thanks. RIP Baby Afreen. May your soul rest in peace. 

11 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

I haven't seen GOD, I have seen YOU !!!

            567th BLOG POST -->>

       Every time she does something, I do nothing but give her a salute in my mind. Every time, she has stood for family, I had just respect in my mind for her. Every time, she has done something for someone selflessly, I had just tried to learn the art of humanity from her. Every time she has stood in kitchen and cooked a new dish by reading those cookery books, I had just seen how creative and curious one can be. Every time she has done those job where the men of my house failed, I got an example of how women are equally powerful. But then, every time I saw her pampering and caressing me, I felt proud to have her as my mother. Today, she turned of the age that is equivalent to the Pollard's highest score in IPL(Now, go and search what is it if you are not a big fan of Cricket). I wished her the soonest by waking her up at 12 AM last night. She became emotional. Actually, it happens. A lady who never celebrated her birthday since 1994 because her sister committed suicide just 2 days before her birthday, when sees that her son is so curious about celebrating it, feels palpable and emotions starts churning. A very Happy birthday to the dearest person of my life.

          Whenever in doubt, I go to her. Whenever in distress, I think of her. Whenever I feel to quit, I recall her dreams she has for me. She is almost a motivating factor to me. She, herself, gets demotivated almost 10 times in a month, but she ensures that she motivates me whenever I am about to take any decision in my life. Every step I take in my life is for her. Every time, I achieve some thing academically or any thing which gives me a hope that I may earn a lot in future, I start dreaming of all the pleasures and luxuries I will provide to my mother. Her decision to have just one child so that she can give her full attention to him. Her decision to earn to raise the standard of living of the family. Her decision of living in a city like Nashik/Mumbai without my father just to provide comfort and pleasure to me so that I can study without any stress- makes me so proud that sometimes I feel why don't I have such kind of strength to face life as she has. She does so much for me and my father that even we don't do that much for ourselves. This is the amount of difference she brings in our family. From a hopeless family, she turns 2 of us into brisk performers. :-)

          I remember, in 2007, when my father bought me home from college (with leaving certificate of 11th failed), it was February. After 2 months, when my mother's birthday arrived, and I bought some delicacies at home to celebrate her birthday, the only thing my mother said to me while having dinner was "I don't need all these gifts, beta. What I need is Your Success. I need to see my son at a place where every mother wants to see her son at. I don't like seeing you sitting at home and crying in a corner of a room. I want you to move out of this room, go out in this world, come back at home, hug me and tell me the good news about your performances and records." I was already going through the worst phase of my life. And listening such thing from a mother who was in tears till then on her birthday didn't ceased me from crying. In few minutes, I felt I was the biggest culprit as I made my mother cry even on her birthday because of the failures I was creating for my life.

           Then, in the same year, when in October, I was celebrating my birthday, I was admitted in 11th std again till then. My parents arranged a special dinner at home. And while having dinner, I was thinking about the failures of my life of the last ten months. I remembered how my parents stopped supporting me for 2-3 months because they were in a fit of rage after seeing how I fooled them during my adventurous life in Hostel at Pune. While eating, my mother asked, "Beta, how's everything? Did you liked it?" I was already feeling a guilt within me throughout the dinner that I am not performing but still my parents are doing the same as they would have if I would have been performing with the best ability I possess. I replied with tears rolling off my cheeks,"I don't need all these gifts, mummy. What I need is your's and papa's support. I need love and affection from both of you. I need an understanding from both of you. I need both of you. I don't need success, party and money." And I started weeping aloud. And as per my little memory, what I can remember is, that was the last day when my mother shouted at me for my failure. After that she has just scolded for a while whenever I have committed any big mistake but she keeps on reminding the last fumble so that I don't start flying with over-confidence in the sky. 

            It has been 5 years since then and I see my self in the best place I could have ever been. And it is all because of this Birthday Queen. Mom, thanks for letting your son come back in life. Otherwise, I already lost a will in 2007, then in 2008 and for the last time in 2009. And since last 3 years, the lack of failure in life is because of the profuse efforts you put in my life. Thanks for being unconditionally mine. :-) It is hard for every son to define the amount of love he has for his mother so without trying it, I will just wish that you get long and healthy life so that you can stay with me till my last breathe. 

P.S.: I still remember how I cried thinking of my mother in the same situation while writing Tumhe Sub Kuch Pata Tha Na, Maa ???


3 April 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Knowledge or Social Interaction- You Prefer?

            566th BLOG POST -->>

       There was a time in life when I thought "Knowledge attracts people". I had the assumption that if a person has knowledge of almost every field and every thing of this world, people may love talking to him/her. Actually, in my childhood, I had the fascination of meeting people who had great knowledge about every thing. Whenever some Uncle/aunt used to take name of some books and asked me to read them, I used to become their fan for next few months. :-) I used to think that they are the most knowledgeable uncle/aunt in the society who knows about books and its quality. Whenever any bhaiyya of my colony used to talk about some current affairs or any thing related to encyclopedia, I used to become his fan. In short, knowledgeable people turned me on. 

           Later, as I started growing up, I noticed some facts which made me curious to research more on them. One of them was: The people who had more knowledge were more arrogant and less social. I started observing that any person who was considered to have good knowledge of things had an attitude of being superior and never conversed in respect with any one. I had several personal experiences with the friends I had who had better knowledge than anyone else in our age group. This made me reserved. I was quite open to everybody before that. But after noticing that these people had a habit of arguing till any extent to prove their point above ours, I started cutting myself off from them. Some of them understood that this guy is isolating from me but still I made it sure that I will have to keep myself away from such debate-loving, argumentative and arrogant morons. And in the end, I only had those friends who had less knowledge of things but more knowledge of how to interact with human beings.

          And now, when I feel that I am quite matured to understand things- Good or Bad, I still keep distance from the people who are proud of themselves and their so-called achievements in life. But, I keep a very good quotient with the one who have best social interaction. In life, keeping knowledge and knowing about World's whereabouts is a very good thing to do (even I try doing this), but you should not become aggressive once you find that you are the most knowledgeable chap in your friend circle. You should respect others too for what they are. You are good in keeping yourself updated with knowledge and world's current status, but some of them would be better updated than you in some other field. It's not necessary that everyone talks about something if they have knowledge about it. Some like to stay shut to showcase themselves as normal stuff than an extraordinary explosion. I don't feel that a person should call himself a good and successful personality if he does not have the skill to interact socially with people. The person who knows how to share someone's pain, trouble, obstacle and give an effective solution is more effective for me than the one who knows the name of India's Union Minister, America's largest river and Pacific Ocean's depth. 

           This is what I feel. What do you feel- The person with great knowledge is effective or the one who knows how to interact socially is? 

  Do answer.