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AMITABH BACHCHAN Read & Commented On My Blog - UnBeLieVaBLe !!!

            332nd BLOG -->>

        Wonders can happen anytime in my life. I have already posted a blog day before yesterday about the reply of Chetan Bhagat on my blog - He thanked me for writing about him and said Very Nice to me. I was in the air that day. Yesterday, Author Tanveer Singh mailed me and complimented me for my blogs. His mail said as follow - 

 " Hey Abhilash,
         Gone through your blogs....I must say it's an excellent work........ I liked your audacious modus operendi.............the way you wrote about Shiv Sena is quite commendable....Book reviews in your blog are quite impressive............u r blessed with good writing skills.........your blog is deserving enough to be counted in one of the Top Blogs..........Hope you would continue writing about social issues with zeal and zest..........eagerly waiting to read your debut novel..........Wish you success in your life...........
Tanveer "

              I was so happy that two authors complimented on my blog continuously for 2 days. What more did I needed? All the demands were fulfilled and I thanked God for showering his blessings on me and making me find my way to connect with these authors and thus letting me showcase my talent and effort to the people like these great authors. But, today, God has crossed all the barriers and confinements and blessed me with that achievement which I never ever dreamed of. 
               Today, Amitabh Bachchan complimented me for my blogs. Yes my dear friends, The Greatest Superstar, Star of the Millennium, The Angry Young Man, The Shahenshah of Bollywood - Great Amitabh Bachchan himself commented on my blog. I was unable to believe and I literally blinked my eyes for several times to believe that the Tweet sent to me was really from the Real Amitabh Bachchan. The same Amitabh Bachchan who is loved by all and all Indians. Everyone wants to meet Amitabh Bachchan in their life and want to be blessed by him. Many people send him letters from the time he started acting so that they can get a reply in return. But very few are lucky to have this. Many people registers their name for KBC just to meet Amitabh Bachchan and not to win 1 crore. Every Sunday, Amitabh Bachchan meet his fans at the entrance of Prateeksha. People can just wave their hands to Amitabh Bachchan but no one get the chance to talk to him personally. This is the craze among people to get into a conversation with Amitabh Bachchan. We have seen the phone calls on KBC when people get chance to talk to Amitabh Bachchan because of a lifeline, they go mad just by hearing Big B's voice and they start dithering. Just see the craze to see Amitabh Bachchan below - 
             Today, I saw Amitabh Bachchan is online on twitter and he is busy tweeting. I thought lets try my luck once again and lets see whether Amitabh Bachchan will reply me today or a day will pass like all the days before. I always write some lines on KBC Blog so that Big B will read my lines of KBC and hence I'll get a chance to deliver my message to him indirectly. But luckily I got a reply from Amitabh Bachchan asking for my Blog ID so that he can read my blog - 
                I replied him with my Blog Address but I had a feeling that will a busy superstar like Amitabh Bachchan will go on my blog and really read it, so I asked him to Wish me luck for my future. And he replied - 
                 And after this, He opened my Blog page. Yes, The great Big B opened my small blog page called ARB. He read the 331st blog where I have mentioned about the comment of Chetan Bhagat and Tanveer Singh. After this, he messaged me again with a COMPLIMENT. This is the biggest compliment ever to me by anybody. It is not the best but still it is the best as great Amitabh Bachchan said it to me specially. The compliment is here - 
                 And can you believe this what Big B is saying to me? He is saying that My blog page is better than his. And he said that I have done well with my writing. He also said that I have a great design for my blog. Can you ever believe Mr. Bachchan talking to a small blogger like me in such a humble manner? He is proclaiming that my Blog Page is better than his. Who can say like this? No one. Even I can't say this to anyone but Mr. Bachchan has. He is really a Bigg Boss - Bigg B. 

               People die to see Amitabh Bachchan. There may be many writers who would have published their book in the quest to make Amitabh Bachchan read it. Amitabh Bachchan wouldn't have read those books but he has read my blog. What more can I expect from this medium of blogging. Out of 4 people whom I admire in my life, 2 has read my blogs and has complimented me for my efforts. Chetan Bhagat and Amitabh Bachchan has done it. Just see, Amitabh Bachchan himself says after reading my blog and commenting -

             Now 2 more people are left whom I dream that they will read my Blog. They are - Sachin Tendulkar and Hrithik Roshan. Today, Amitabh Bachchan has commented on my blog and thus a big achievement has fallen in my bag. I just cannot believe this. Still, I am thinking that does a person like Amitabh Bachchan really exists on this Earth and if Yes, how come he replied me? My mother told me that all her childhood, she sent many letters to Amitabh Bachchan on his address - Prateeksha but she didn't received any reply. Its obvious that Amitabh Bachchan wouldn't reply to all the fans sending their greetings to him but I can always consider myself special in my life as I am few of them who got a chance to have a conversation with Amitabh Bachchan. 

              I would like to thank my readers to make it possible to let my blog be presented to Amitabh Bachchan. I have already said so much in excitement. I will not say anything now. I am still in air. Thursday- Chetan Bhagat's comment, Friday- Tanveer Singh's comment and today on Saturday- Amitabh Bachchan's comment. Lets hope for Obama's comment tomorrow. Hahaha. 

             Its all for today. I know everyone of you is smiling to see me achieve. Thanks.

30 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

After Chetan Bhagat, Its Tanveer Singh !!!

            331st BLOG -->>

        So a great achievement to get a reply from Chetan Bhagat and now moving ahead in the life. Today, I came in contact with one more published author - Tanveer Singh who has written ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE. I am just so happy today to meet a new author again. It is always wonderful and incredulous to talk to the people whom you want to be like. I want to be a writer and thus I feel myself so lucky that I have got all the possible opportunities and luck to get into the personal relations with these authors. Did I ever dreamed about this 1 year ago when I started publishing blogs? No. But today, without really aiming at this, I am in contact with 7 to 8 Authors, what should I demand now? S.R. Saha, another published author is in relations with me. I am grateful to God to have such great peoples in my life who are there to help me whenever I need them. Today, Tanveer Singh helped me a lot with some doubtful question I had about how to publish a book and I got all the answers. He is great. Hope I'll utilize them and publish an excellent novel. Days are still away from this fate to take place. ;-)

            Today was my last official day in college. It was so delighting as I went with a friend to enjoy at the same hangout place I always go to. We still have some unofficial classes and I hope to attend them (as I don't want to). I have numbers of assignments still to accomplish and gift to our madam to see some blithe smile on their faces. That blithe smiles aren't for the completion of assignments but it reflects their pleasure in troubling us for some hours with the given assignment. Great Teachers !!! 

            Now the Preparation Leave starts. We also have the Prelims in the month of November. We have the whole month of November to study and give our best in the exams which are starting from December 06. I don't expect any immaturity from my side but I think that I'll repeat it as I have always done in my life. Haha. What should I say on this? Now-a-days I don't feel like concentrating in my books and the fundamentals described in them. It is strange but true. A student shouldn't talk and behave in such a manner. Oh Sorry. Sorry for terming myself as Student !!! ;-)

            The month of October is coming to an end and November is smiling at us. It is welcoming us with the big hopes and opportunities which we have never experienced before. Life is a game of reading new pages which we have never ever seen before. This is the modus operandi of Life. Diwali will be celebrated in the very first week of November and hence it will be a fun to start November with the biggest festival of India. Now, I'll also have to start cleaning house with my mother from tomorrow. 

           Lets Hope for the best. I had no topics today and so I am up with my faaltoo talks today. I will give some matured talks to my readers tomorrow. 


28 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Chetan Bhagat Read/Commented On My Blog & I Did It Again !!!

            330th BLOG -->>

        (7th Series - 3rd Fasting) - OM SAI RAM !!!

            Wow !!! Today's day was so smooth and so lovely. Right now its 2.30 AM. Its night and everyone is sleeping. I was standing in my balcony for 30 minutes and I was thinking about what all I have achieved in my life and what all are still to come up with a blast. Will they blast or will they be packed for the whole lifetime? Every question are meant to be solved. The answers you get makes your life little more easier and the questions which are left unanswered are the ones which your younger ones teach you to unriddle it. I am happy that God has shown me the path of being a writer which helps me to think so much. Right now I was sitting in my balcony and thinking about the positive and negative aspects of my life. After a while I thought that how much have I changed. Now I am thinking like a philosopher while once I used to think like a mentally-retarded guy. Today, all my friends respect me because I have the quality to collaborate words and do magic. The only participation from me is the Praying. I keep praying God that please don't let the spark diminish from my personality and my performances. Hope Sai Baba will listen to this. 

              Today, I got what I was struggling from last 1 year. I always admire Chetan Bhagat and he is my only Idol in the field of writing. I see up to him and I want to be at the place he is. I always wanted to meet Chetan Bhagat but still I haven't got the opportunity to have a F2F conversation with him. But I keep replying to all his tweets and blogs and the articles on Internet so that I'll get a reply from him and hence I will have a virtual conversation with him. As you all know that 2 days ago I wrote a blog post on him and his whole journey which made him an author. I sent the link to the Great Mr. Chetan Bhagat. The link for the blog is - Zindagi of Chetan Bhagat - Live !!! I had a belief that he may read it but I was almost unsure about it as its my dream and I didn't expected that a Great Novelist like Chetan Bhagat would reply to me so easily. He read my Blog post which I wrote for him. Unbelievable. After reading it, he replied to me," Thanks. Very nice." Awesome. This reply has motivated me like anything and I am so happy from the time he had replied to me. I have nothing to opine my expression and make it public and divulged. I am inserting a snapshot through which you can read what Mr. Chetan Bhagat commented to me for my Blog - 

               Wow !!! Now coming to my academic line after my achievement in my Writing world. Today, our CA & OS teacher, Mrs. Gokhila announced that I and a girl of my class gave the best presentation of this Sem for her subject. It was quite unbelievable and surprising to me as I knew that I gave a fair presentation but I didn't knew that it was the best. One of my friend told me through the SMS that it was rock solid but I didn't focused on his words. I am so happy to be announced as the Best Presentation Performer. Thank you mam and Thank you God for making this possible.

               In the next lecture - Database Design, our teacher - Mrs. Sheetal Pawar named some 5 students who submitted the best Submission. I am one of them. I am so happy to achieve excellence in both my performances I gave recently. I am already a Winner in the group Presentation given by me and my group for the subject HRM. We had 2 presentations and 1 Submission in this Sem and I am in the vindication in each one of them. I am so pleased and gratified with the love my friends give me and the blessings which my God keeps on blessing me with. I hope that this keeps going on till the time I am able to perform and I have a will to create and invent something new.

              But the Biggest Good News came as the Comment of Mr. Chetan Bhagat on my Blog. I am still dreaming. Let me move now.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU in a super-excited mood and over-happy.

27 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Bigg Boss's Cat Fight Between Shweta and Dolly Bindra !!!

            329th BLOG -->>

        I am back after watching one of the most talked reality show - Bigg Boss 4. Many think and say that the show is scripted. I don't think so but even if it is scripted I relate to each and every character and the happenings in the house very easily. For me, everything seems to be real. What happens inside the house is no less than what happens with you in the real world. There are people who are very quiet. There are people who talk so much that you can't bear them. There are people who are so aggressive that its hard to sit with them. There are many people who are so abusive and cheap that you don't even like to see their faces. The same faces are available in the Bigg Boss house. Even if the show is scripted, director is doing a good job as he is showing us the small model of this earth and the politics played all over it. According to me, the contestants are just poked before the show that you have to create drama and nothing else happens after this. All the miffs are created by the housemates themselves. But, director of the show is doing a good job. I am loving it. I can see the real world in the house.

            Right now, I am back after watching the big cat fight between Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra. It was so indigestible to see how that Dolly Bindra was mortifying Shweta Tiwari. I am a boy and I know that what kind of words should I use for an another boy even in my amidst anger so that no harm is caused to his character. This Dolly Bindra should think that Shweta Tiwari is a girl too and she can be depressed and can break after listening to her past life's erratic in front of the housemates. I just hated the whole scene. Even if director planned it, I would say that it was over than enough. It was worst than that case where Kamaal Khan hurled the bottle on Rohit Verma. Salman Khan is such a big superstar and with it, he is also a great human being. He has always supported right people in his life. He should have asked Directors to expel the Dolly from the house as she has dropped the level of Bigg Boss House and humanity. The room has never been so dirty in any of the seasons before. Salman can do this.

              I am a writer and hence its indispensable for me to be neuter and talk. Everyone entering the house knows that there will be any 13 other roommates in the house who will share the room and time with them for the next 3 months. They should think thoroughly before entering the house that if their biggest enemy will enter the show, how will they handle him or her. These contestants are paid for all these - hurling abuses and hearing the abuses. If life has been so easy and the abuses would have been so sweet, why would have Bigg Boss paid them money to live in that house? Just because living in that house and adjusting and suffering all those people is quite hard, Bigg Boss is one of the most popular and the most talked reality show in India. Shweta should have thought about all the circumstances in which she was going inside the house. She should have thought if any of her enemy comes, what will she do. Now when she is inside the house, she will have to suffer all this. She will have to live in a way where audiences will keep loving her and her respect remains as it is.

             The more surprising is the people who support the people like Dolly Bindra. I am quite confident that I have never supported a wrong person in my life even when he or she would have been my best friend at that moment. After the fight, Rahul Bhatt was supporting her. It was strange to see this that the person's father is so respected person in the society, still this idiot is supporting a woman like Dolly Bindra. One of my friend came online and started supporting Dolly Bindra. I directly retaliated to it and said that you will say in this manner because you are in a bad company where everyone is like Dolly Bindra. It is really tough to manage the life and the people who are worst than Dolly Bindra. 

            Thanks. I had to post this last night but due to the slumber, I ran away to sleep. So its 5 hours late. ;-)

          Bye for now.

           ABHILASH RUHELA- VEERU !!! 
26 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Karwa Chauth Is Craze Even In Unmarried Couples !!!

            328th BLOG -->>

Happy Karwa Chauth !!!
        Thanks for all the warm appreciations you gave me for 327th Blog post. Today, Karwa Chauth will be celebrated all over in India. This is the festival where wife fasts for the long life of the husband. This is the day when the bonding between husband and wife strengthens and husband start respecting his wife as he sees that she is fasting just for his long life. I have heard from many newly married couple that after the Karwa Chauth their relation grew more firm and stable. They started respecting each other. Now-a-days, the society has grown more responsible for their partners. The girls keep fasts for their boyfriends or you can also term Boyfriends as "ATM". Some young girls who are unfortunately and surprisingly still single keeps this fast of Karwa Chauth in the wish that they get their partner as soon as possible (For all this girl, I want to inform you that I am single. So don't be hungry, come to me and get mingled). I have also heard from many of my Muslim friends that they didn't knew what this Karwa Chauth was till the media didn't showed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her terrace waiting for the moon to be seen so that she can break her fasting. Waah Media !!! Aishwarya Rai ke bhooka rehne ka khyaal hai jisne poorey din juice choosey honge, baaki bhartiya naariyo ka footage nahi dikhaaya jinhone ek boond paani tak nahi cakhi hoti hai. Grow Up Media !!!

               On the day of Karwa Chauth, women wakes up early in the morning to have their breakfast before the sunrise. After the sunrise they keep the fasting for the whole day. Each fasting woman lights an earthen lamp in her thali while listening to the Karva story. Sindoor, incense sticks and rice are also kept in the thali. After this all the women head towards their terrace or at any place where the moon can be visible. Once the moon is visible, it is customary for a fasting woman, with her husband nearby, to view its reflection in a vessel filled with water, through a sieve, or through the cloth of a dupatta. Water is offered to the moon (som or chandra, the lunar deity) to secure its blessings. She then turns to her husband and views his face indirectly in the same manner. In some regions, the woman says a brief prayer asking for her husband's life. It is believed that at this stage, spiritually strengthened by her fast, the fasting woman can successfully confront and defeat death (personified by Yama). In Rajasthan the women say "Like the gold necklace and the pearl bracelet, just like the moon may my suhaag always shine brightly".

             The husband now takes the water from the thali and gives his wife her first sip and feeds her with the first morsel of the day (usually something sweet). The fast is now broken, and the woman has a complete meal. It is customary for the husband to make a gift to his wife, such as jewelry or a new dress.

               A beautiful custom and a firm dearness between the couples. When I hear about such festivals and occasions, I feel like marrying as early as possible so that I can also have a wife who would love me so much. No girl has ever kept any fasting for me. I am in search of such a girl who can show this dedication towards me. Atcha, let me share one thing. I had a friend in Nashik. He told me that he got committed to his girlfriend just 1 week before the Karwa Chauth. On the day of Karwa Chauth, she told him to be present in her society at such a place so that she can see him and perform the rituals and break her fasting. He went like an idiot and all the drama took place. After he came from there, he told me the whole incident of the love his girlfriend showed for him and he had tears in his eyes. He told me that no one in his life has ever loved him in this way. After 2 months, I asked him that how is your girlfriend yaar? He replied that saali, sirf karwa chauth k din hi bhooka reh ke naatak kar rahi thi, usse 100 guna jyaada khaana to tab khaati hai jab usko 3 Star Hotel me leke baithta hu. Lagta hi nahi hai k kabhi 1 ghantey k liye bhi bhooki reh sakti hain. Saali ne sirf kuch ghantey bhookey reh ke mujhe yeda banaya aur ab main usko un chund ghanto k parishram k liye aajtak uska pett bhar rha hu. Har roz 2 baar to yaad dilaati hai Karwa chauth ka sympathy gain karne ke liye. Moti ho gayi hai mere se juddney k baad. Hahaha !!!

               So many facets to see in the life and so many different people with exuberant of perceptions available all around. You just need to dig them up to find out the mineral they have with them. I am a writer and I keep doing this. I love exploring the life of peoples. Not for my profession's sake but because I love talking to people, listening to their problem and healing it if its in my hand. On this Karwa Chauth, I would pray God to bless all the ladies and girls who fasts for the whole day in immense dedication for their partners. Hope I'll get a girl who will show lavish love for me. Koi hai Kya?? 

              Rehne do. Koi nahi hai. Main bhi jaa raha hu. Thanks.

25 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Zindagi of CHETAN BHAGAT - LIVE !!!

            327th BLOG -->>

        My auspicious readers keep complaining always. Their complains are so sweet that even I don't understand that my current performance is best or I have to change my writing style. 2 to 3 months back, everyone had the complain that I keep on showing my life without thinking that how pellucid it is getting and there's nothing left about me to be made familiar to the public. I thought that may be I am wrong that I am unbosoming all my life on the blog and I am not keeping anything up to myself. I stopped it and I started writing about my views on current issues and I also started raising social awareness. I thought now people will not complain and thus there will be no accusation in the near future. People loved it for 1 to 1.5 months and now they are again complaining that the main motive behind ARB is lost. We can't find you anywhere. We can only find India or any issue on ARB. We want you. So finally I am bringing a little change in myself. I will keep transforming myself into both the bifurcations regularly and seemingly. So that both will be happy - The Author and the Reader. Fine ?? Smile now and don't blame me now.  ;-)

             Today I saw the episode of Zindagi Live on IBN7. What a show. Very beautiful. The motive to see the show today was nothing except the guest who was invited on the show. Let me tell you something about the guest. He was very naughty in his childhood. He always scored in Top 15 out of 50 students in his school times. In his 10th board, he scored 76%. He always felt that examiner did some miscalculation. After that he did his 12th with normalcy. There was differences between his parents and thus he thought of moving to IIT to stay away from his parents. He didn't had any idea about why was he doing IIT Engineering. He did it because he always felt that there will be only good in doing this even if he dislikes this. He did it quietly. After this, he found that more than machinery, he loves people and he is comfortable with them. He thought of doing something where he will come to know about different people and their nature and attributes. So he took admission in IIM. He gave his best performance here and he also achieved the Title of Best Student from the college.

                After IIT and IIM - 2 of the best courses available in our country, he got a job as a Banker in Hong Kong. He earned lot of pennies there. But he used to be frustrated with his Boss. He felt that why should I suffer the domination by this man even when I have studied so much. He wasn't happy even after all this. He kept thinking about what should he do so that he can be happy and smug. He remembered the days of childhood and school when he used to love writing plays and stories. He started writing his first novel while sitting at his table in his office. He thought of retaliating his Boss in this way itself without letting him know that he isn't working but he is writing. In the process he completed his first novel and he started searching for a publisher to publish and distribute it. He got rejected from everywhere. This continued for 1.5 years. He was hurled for 8 to 10 times. But suddenly he got a publisher who was young himself and new in the profession. The 19 year person agreed to publish the book of this yet-t0-turn-into-an-author who was born on 22nd April, 1974. 

               The book came out and didn't did well in the starting days but as the days passed the curiosity in the youngsters and readers went incredulous and everyone read his first book. He became the loving mascot among youths. But he wasn't confident still about his writing skills whether he will be able to keep people stuck to his writings or not. While doing his job as a banker, he published 2 more books and both of them also got the vindication in the Bestsellers list. This man got famous as the best novelist from India. He won the Society's Young Achiever Award in 2004 and Publisher's Recognition Award in 2005. He also got listed in the Top 100 Influential People by Times Magazine. Now he decided to end the career of banking and get devoted to the very own passion which bought success to him - Writing. He passed sleepless nights and infinity of suggestions but in 2009, he finally ended the banking career after 11 years and got devoted to writing. He also achieved to be the regular columnist in 2 leading newspapers - Dainik Bhaskar and The Times Of India. He published his 4th novel after leaving the job which also got the best recognition and turned out to be the Bestseller again. 

               He is working on his 5th novel currently. He had also written a script for a comedy movie as an experiment and is ready to make a film on that. He is searching for a good producer and director. His 2 novels out of 4 has been given the face of a Bollywood movie. First one ended to be a very big disaster after which people said that your stories are only meant for novel purpose and it can do nothing in the film queue. He didn't got despondent and he sold the rights for his 1st book to a big producer and director of Bollywood. The film turned out to be the Biggest Movie of Bollywood in the terms of collection. His 3rd and 4th novel are under process to be made in a film. 

              I hope you understood about the personality I am talking about. He is our Chetan Bhagat. He needs no introduction. I have showcased his whole life in my blog just now. I hope all of you got the preview of his life. I always admire him and I read all his articles, blogs, speeches, tweets, books and everything just to see myself in him or him in me. Today, he gave this interview at Zindagi Live on IBN7 and I learned so much from him. He said that it looks good in movie when the hero does what he wants to and becomes a wildlife photographer or a big scientist but the fact is that you will have to own all the stipulated degrees by the society and our education system. After that, you earn a germane amount of money and then think of fulfilling your dreams or living your passion. He said people think that passion is first and then other jobs. He asks the audience that just tell me if I am hungry and someone will ask me what you want to do at this moment - Write or eat? I will definitely clamor EAT. So passion is done only when you are fulfilled and there is a big back up and support behind you. 

               He also said that not only the Success is important but the people in life and the friends in lifetime are much more important than success. If you loose friends or close one in the quest to achieve success , you will always feel lonely even after getting everything you dreamed off. He also says that people run behind Success. So the day you will meet failure all of them who showered plaudits on you will forget who you were. He says that Ranbir Kapoor is a superstar now so if people come to know that he used to eat bhutta in his childhood, even that becomes glamor. So, don't run behind success, be with people, understand them and wait for the right time to come. Don't proceed like anything. It is not indispensable that if it happened with me, it can happen with everyone. He also says that don't lose belief on yourself. Its better to be over-confident than under-confident. I just loved this. He shared a lots of pieces of wit and I grabbed it. I am surely going to implement them in my life. I want to a be a writer too and I have always seen myself at the place where Chetan Bhagat sir is sitting right now. I hope I break his records. I know I am dreaming big but still he himself says that being Over-confident is better than being under-confident. I am still waiting to be replied once by Chetan Bhagat. I hope he will reply me as soon as possible. I love him so much. 

              Its all for today. Thanks. A big Salute to Mr. Chetan Bhagat. We are waiting for his 5th novel.

24 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Assignments - A Deadly Weapon !!!

            326th BLOG -->>

        Again the terrible days are back. Numerous assignments in my pockets to do and less time to complete and accomplish them. I just hate these days when I have to slog a lot just to complete assignments. I don't want my routine to be affected by any means of addition in my routine. I just hate when our teachers announces a big and huge assignment to us with a wicked smile and clamor the Deadline as we are going to get the best treat of our life on this day. I just hate this. I have no problem if teacher gives us the topic in the start of the term and give us a last date at that time itself. But some teacher are so intelligent and over-professional that they don't give any trouble to students for the whole term but as they see that only 1 week is remaining and then these students are going to get a long Preparation Leave, let them strive for this 1 week. And this 1 week seems to be like the biggest hell in our life. 

            My teachers has given us number of assignments. Everyone of them know that this will be very hard for students to do in this limited period of time. I just want to ask teachers that you have seen us for 6 months and you would be knowing our participation in the class activities, why do you need to give us an assignment to judge our potential? Even if you want to judge our potential through assignments, give us a justifiable period of time to show our real power and capabilities. Do you think that a child can show all his capabilities only in 1 night through preparing that assignment? You will never get the best even from the brightest student of the class. If your retaliation is that you want to see our modus operandi and our dedication and honesty towards our work and job and you want to match our honesty with our quest to meet the deadlines then I would say that Yes, we will complete the assignments on the Deadline but will we get something to learn from this? No !!! 

          A student will try once or twice or thrice or ten times to meet the deadline but once if he or she will realize that teachers are crossing the limit of torture, they will directly reply to you on the face-to-face conversation that if you want to cut my Internal marks, you are free for this but I am not going to strive madly for completing your useless assignment. We are 18 to 20 years old. I know that we are at the period when we should be made capable of facing all the disasters in the future while working in the organization but that doesn't means that you will overload us like a donkey. And if you really want to do this then also remember that Donkey kicks too. Be ready for the Kicks. Today, I and some of my classmates gathered together to complete our journal. We are blessed with 22 or 25 programs. We didn't wasted any time and we did it as fast as it was possible but in the whole day we succeeded to complete only 13 programs out of them. And this is just 1 subject. We have other 2 to 3 subject's assignment too. Can you imagine the stress we all are going through?

            I have nothing to say except this. I am in fultoo stress and thus I created this blog post today. Teachers, please think that even we are human beings. We aren't machine that just need greasing and it runs with the same accelerated speed. We are human being and even we need a break. I have nothing much to say now. 


21 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Mindless Shiv Sena Wants Ban of Burqas !!!

            325th BLOG -->>

        The first ODI was canceled because of rains and today the 2nd ODI was played between India and Australia. As the situations and the relations between India and Australia has been sour from many recent months, the conflict and contravene between both the countries are witnessed and taken very passionately and patriotically. It is said that the excitement between Ind-Aus match has overcomed the excitement people had or have for Ind-Pak matches. The relationship between India and Pakistan is normal and steady now-a-days but the collision with Australia is heard almost every week so the real rivals while playing the cricket is Australia currently. Today, India won the match and it was a bizarre thing to experience. India had to chase 290 runs and it lost its first 2 wickets in 38 runs itself but the way Kohli - Century maker, Yuvraj - Half-century (back in form), Raina - Half Century (Always special) and Tiwari - The debutant has played is incredulous. So after the celebration of cricket I am back to talk about one of the weird issue in our country. Lets talk about it.

              Recently there was a news that a new-born child is stolen by someone in a Mumbai's hospital. When the CCTV footage was replayed, they found someone in a Burqa with white sport shoes taking the child. This made it evident and pellucid that there was a man who wore a Burqa and picked up the child and went. Now, the police dept. started investigating about the whole scenario and are still trying to find out who the criminal is. They are still slogging to find out the germane face behind the Burqa. 

               But the Shivsena seems to be smarter than Police department. Shivsena says that the Burqa should be banned. Shiv Sena, I think is the most smartest people in the world (At least in India, they are !!!). The issues and topics which nobody can observe or nobody gives a hype, Shiv Sena scrutinize that issue and bring it in front of the people. The issues they bring upon are so weird and funny that sometimes you can't believe that an Old man in white beard in his 80's give such unexperienced decisions and immature announcements. The Shiv Sena exactly says that THE BURQA is being used to steal children. This is against Islam (have you read the whole holy book?) and Muslims (do any one of them are your friends?) should support the ban (this is request or an order?). They also add that," Is the Rs. 65,000-crore being spent on upliftment of Muslim women only to keep them inside a burqa?" I would have agreed to their 2nd point at once but my dear Shiv Sainiks, you have lost your track. You haven't imposed ban on Burqas to give an opportunity to the Muslim women and girls, you have made this request (order in your language) because you feel that people are benefiting the Burqa dress and getting involved into criminal activities.  Don't lose your track.

               Their editorial also said that President Nicolas Sarkozy of France is a revolutionary as he has imposed ban in his country on the Burqas and they have also acclaimed Turkey's President Kemal Pasha who imposed the ban on Burqa after a man from an enemy camp attended a secret meeting wearing one. Our Dear Shivsainiks peered at this act of French people but they didn't got the chance to envisage the development made in their country by the political parties. Today Shiv Sena wants the ban on Burqas, tomorrow they will ask for the ban on Namaaz because it is also performed by the few terrorists who are also from the respective religion. They have already appealed for the ban on loudspeakers at the Masjids which call the Muslims for the Namaaz. They are irritated by the high decibels of Masjid's loudspeakers but they are comfortable with their over-high decibels of loudspeakers they use in the mandals and various clubs while Ganeshotsav and Dahi Handi. They didn't even found the loudspeakers irritating which they use in their rallies and their promotions. The Great Shivsainiks.

                Just have a epitomize view of the recent demands and points Sena has clamored - No Pakistani contestants in the Bigg Boss House, Ban Rohinton Mistry's book in the varsity, Stop screening My Name Is Khan, Valentine Day's protest, Protests against Pakistani's artists and cricketers and ban on loudspeakers at masjids. Did you find any one of the issues which will turn the facet and the outcome of our society? Kehne ko They are the King of Mumbai. I am not saying this. They have self-imposed this. But I don't remember any of the issue initiated by this party which opined my feelings and a WAAH perfumed out of my mouth. I am still expecting some maturity from Shiv Sena. Last Sunday, on Dashera, they introduced the 3rd Generation of Thackeray's in the political world. The son of Uddhav Thackeray - Aditya Thackeray formed a Youth party. Now this one is going to pollute Mumbai in a modern style I think. The blood is same, the family is same, the approach is same and thus the actions are same and thus the whole outcome in the city will be the same. Sick Shiv Sainiks !!!

              I am doubtful whether Bal Thackeray himself can hear about what he speaks and demand. And if he really hears himself then how come he never found any patches in his ideas and creativeness? The old man wants the Burqas to be banned. I want the Muslim parties to ask his Marathi women to stop wearing their sarees in their traditional way as it seems to be vulgar. Will you stop your ladies for doing this? On Valentine's Day, girls come uncovered, they have problem with nudity, they thrash them and beat them pitilessly.Fine. The Muslim women covers themselves in Burqa and hence avoid nudity, again they have problem with these women, What does the Old Stupid Man really wants? I want him to be clear and pellucid. Lets hope for little maturity from Shiv Sena or be ready for more funny articles and editorials in Saamna in future too. ;-)

           I have nothing more to speak. Shiv Sena k dimaag ki Jai Ho !!!


20 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Highest In Presentation & Current College Life !!!

            324th BLOG -->>

My Group climbed the Ladder - PROUD !!!
                This is the second-last week of this semester in my college. I am feeling so blithe about this. Now I'll get the time to eat, sleep, study, write, read, read newspaper etc. I have been quite busy with my routine these days. That's another thing that 3 hours of the evening is dominated by KBC and Bigg Boss. I don't even get the time for writing Blogs now-a-days because of number of reality shows striking the television screen. How is it possible to leave Mr. Bachchan on the television screen when he is questioning the doubtful contestants on his biggest show - KBC? Even leaving Salman Khan and his 11 roommates locked into a house is difficult. All the masalas has been put on television. The source of entertainment has expanded in an inexpugnable manner. I know its my mistake that I am wasting my time in these reality shows rather than concentrating on the exam which is just 1 to 1.5 months away. I will have to be serious. Lets see. Hope I'll turn into a stringent personality soon for myself. Don't Laugh !!! ;-)

              Yesterday, our HRM teacher revealed our marks for the presentation we gave. I have individually gained 8 marks out of 10. The highest score in the class is 9. Its a justice. So I don't have much complain with the teacher. Some places are always left and thus madam has missed some perfection while giving marks but I want to avoid it as I am over-happy with my group performance. I would have been happy with 5 marks too if the Total score of my group would have been satisfactory. The God's grace has always been showered on me. I don't know why God is loving me so much from last 1 to 2 years. But I am happy that I am one of the few human beings who is realizing the Love and Affection of the God towards me. I had Gaurav, Yusuf, Prema and Vandana as my Group members in the Presentation. They got 6, 7, 7 and 8 respectively. So the total marks of our group sums to be 6 + 7 + 7 + 8 + 8 = 36. And we are the HIGHEST SCORER in the class. I am happy that my group has done the best. I am feeling so smuggled to be the Group Leader of such group members who needed no support. After the marks were announced, we planned for a small treat or party as the celebration of our positive result. We ate ice creams and it was so delightful to celebrate the small happiness in this way. It happens only because of good friends who always support you. I have the ones and I am so happy to be the part of such companies.

              As I have shared that this is the 2nd-last week going on and then my Preparation Leave will begin and it will continue for the whole November. I know that I am not going to study for the examination till 1 week is not left at most. So, I know that I'll get bored sitting in my house and dreaming about what to study. At last, the whole day will end up and I will not read even a single page. I know my fitrat. It's so pellucid to me and to everyone. I know that no friend is going to support me for a company to Mall or somewhere else during P.L. as everyone would be studying or they may be into a severe pressure of the exams. So, I am trying to push my friends to Inorbit Mall or for a hang-out as much as its possible. I am turning out to be quite Successful. I said naa I have a nice company.

             As the 3rd sem out of 6 is at its edge to be finished and accomplished, I have realized that how fast the time has passed away. The same amount of time will pass and then I'll be a Graduate and I'll have a brand new company of friends in MCA or MBA or Job. Whatever my future will be !!! I always hated to see people clicking photos more than enjoying the celebrations or fun. But now, I have started the same because I don't want the faces of these friends to get blurred after asundering from them. But as I said that I don't like to sabotage and ruin the celebrations by keeping the people busy in posing for photographs, I click the snaps while the lecture is on or while people are free and alone. I have already collected more than 70 photos in this week itself. Hope I'll get an awesome collection till the end of the Graduation. I will definitely miss the company with whom I hang-out at malls and with whom I share all my personal views without any hem or doubts. 

            Tomorrow, I have a short presentation to be given. This is the individual work. I haven't prepared anything and I am ready to be mortified tomorrow by the teacher in front of the class. This time my internals are going to be sucked. Teachers are going to give me beautiful 1 digit in the Internals. Any teacher who will be granting me the internals in 2 digits will get special mentions in my praying on Thursdays for Sai Baba. Yes, I am bribing you. Catch me if you can. Hahaha. Chalo people, now I have to go. An assignment yet to be completed and it is already 2 AM. Only 3 to 4 hours of sleep and I'll have to wake up again for a new day to explore and create something. Life is full of new pages and I love finishing them. 

            Bahut ho gayi baatein. Now, let me go. 



18 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

CommonWealth Games- Budget of 1899 crore turned into 30,000 crores !!!

            323rd BLOG -->>

The Great - Super Man - KALMADI !!!
        So, the 11 days-Common Wealth Games came to an end. I don't think that 90% of Indians would be knowing about this game before the media started showing the pre-CWG reports. Our media sometimes creates awareness. I am confessing that I wasn't knowing that India won a bidding in 2003 for a game known as Common Wealth Games and it is going to be hosted in Delhi in this year 2010. I never knew the name- Suresh Kalmadi so familiarly before all these mis-arrangements and corruption came in front of the world through Indian media and then by Foreign media. Media generated such vibrations among the citizens that everyone were worried about the management of the games and whether the stadiums and the CWG village will be ready by the time players and sportsman will start landing on Indian land. But the pressure of Indians and the criticism of media made it possible and the whole scenario of CWG games started off quite well and ended with a pride. The Opening ceremony of the games were highly applaused. It was the-same-common-word-Spectacular. Even I couldn't believe that something like this is going on in India. I was feeling proud at the moment.

            India ended up with 101 Medals. In the last CWG, India bagged approx 50 medals and this time they doubled the counts of medal. The way media and newspaper showcased the proliferating numbers of medal each day in the favor of India made us proud and made us concerned for the different type of games except cricket (Still the Test match between India-Australia grabbed higher TRP than CWG). India ended up with 2nd position in the games. During the whole games, there was not even a single case where the arrangement or management of India was thrashed and snubbed. The 11 days ended like a boon to Indians. But our dear Kalmadi Sir didn't lost the chance of showing his era of stupidity and corruption king. While the opening ceremony, he referred our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam as Abdul Kalam Azad who was a freedom fighter. While referring Prince Charles, he clamoured Prince Diana. People hooted him and hence it focused the Super-Greatness of Kalmadi. Even at the Ending ceremony of the games, he named the Mayor's name wrongly. Kalmadi became the Trending topic in our media and newspapers. His face became a FACE OF CELEBRITY. 

             The approximate cost of CWG games was estimated to be 1899 crore rupees. It was said that India will be represented as new face in front of the world and it will get its new image around the Globe. This 1899 crore figure turned into a nonentity and the cost for hosting the CWG games touched the exuberant mark of 30,000 crore rupees. Wow !!! Can you imagine the cost? And can we see Delhi into a purely new city now? The answer is NO. When the Asian games were hosted in 1982, the Delhi was transformed in something which the normal citizens of India claimed that they can't believe that this is the same OLD Delhi. Delhi turned into a beautiful city. But this time? It will be injustice and unfair if I'll say that there is no change in Delhi. Surely, there is the change. We can see many transformations but still Delhi is a lackadaisical as compared to the expenditure of 30,000 crore rupees. Is the COMMON WEALTH GAMES a big game tournament? Does it touch the level of Olympics or the Soccer World Cup? No. So why did we spend such a lavish amount of money on these games. Kalmadi - The Great says that he is ready to host Olympics too. I think that will cost up to the death of the country- India. We will have to sell us to host the Olympics. 

             "The budget of 30,000 crore rupees is decided on the tax we pay. What did we get in return for our money? We got some facilities for the citizens of Delhi that frankly, the city should have got anyway. Moreover, it is hard to justify to people in other cities that desperately need investment (Bombay and Calcutta, for example) why Delhi should corner so much of the money. We got a few stadiums. And a higher-than-usual medal tally excited sports fans and awakened interest in previously marginal sports.

Now, consider the alternatives.

               There is a lot we could have done with Rs 30,000 crore. We could have overhauled health care in our cities. We could have built thousands of new schools. We could have overhauled the chaotic traffic system. We could have spent that money on recruiting more policemen and giving them the facilities they need. We could have built hundreds of new courts and recruited more judges to reduce the backlog in our judicial system. (And I am deliberately staying away from anti-poverty programmes because enough has been said about them already.)

               Consider also that these Games were staged by spending your and my money — the budget was financed by our taxes. If we had been given a choice between better education, a better judicial system, better healthcare, better policing and a better future for our children, would we have voluntarily refused all of this and asked that our money be diverted to stage the Commonwealth Games instead?

               I think you know the answer. And that answer must be the epitaph for the Commonwealth Games. - Vir Sanghvi"

               Now the investigation department is ready and spry to check out the probation entertained while the preparation of CWG. More interesting facts are going to come out. Lets wait for them and keep our eye glanced on the headlines of Newspapers.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU sometimes very sensible.

17 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Dasera - I celebrated it too !!!

            322nd BLOG -->>

        Happy Dasera to all of you !!! Its the day when Love defeats Hate, Good defeats Bad, Innocent defeats wickedness. On the day of Dasera, Lord Ram killed Raavana. Dasera is the day for enjoyment but it also brings some emotions and palpable feelings. As its already familiar that Dasera is one of the Biggest Festival in our Hinduism, we celebrate it with immense pride and immaculate heart. We worship Maa Durga and her 9 different faces in this Navratri. We burn and annihilate the idols of Raavana which associates that the Evil is ended today. This is the day when it is marked as the intersection of enemies. We should forgive all our past enemies and we should start with a new relationship which showers and nourish only love and affection. Its an another part that no one tries to bow in front of the enemy and ask for a friendship. Confessing is not a bad part and hence Im saying that even I don't do this. I have a short list of enemies. I didn't developed them, they did. And I am in no interest to revamp and end the misapprehensions. So, the festival doesn't bring changes in many humans. Some are keen and intellectual and hence they do fulfill all the demands of the festival. A big bow to them. 

              This day is little sad because 9 days ago we bring the idol of Maa Durge and we worship her for the next 9 days with all the possible and feasible love and blithe. We play dandiya. We unite together. We meet new faces and we make friends with them. The environment is amicable and powerful during these 9 days. We perform Aarti in the morning and evening. The bhajans and keertans keep on playing for the whole day as the dedication towards the God. People keep thinking of the evening when they will be playing Dandiya with enthusiasm and zeal. But suddenly, when the 9th day starts and the preparation for Visarjan of the Idol begins, you can't stop your emotions and your heart gets despondent. You get addicted to the habit of worshiping the Idol and sharing your problems with it. Suddenly when you come to know that Idol will not be there from tonight, you get solaced and feel melancholy. But the rituals can't be broken or unfollowed. 

              Just before 30 minutes, the Maa Durge's Idol from my society was worshiped for the last time and they took her for Visarjan. As I heard the beats of drums, I came out and saw the powerful image of the Goddess Durga's face and I felt like crying. I didn't demanded anything to her but only asked to come back as soon as possible in the next year. I am still feeling chocked and sad. I am not so emotional but I am Emotional. I can't resist tear when I really feel like crying. Now there will be no more " Jai Mata Di", "Tune Mujhe Bulaya Shera Waaliye" , "Amba tere Darr Pe Aaya Hu" , "Meri binti Sunle Maa" bhajans in my society and hence ears and heart will miss it. I am missing it badly. As it is fresh, I am feeling like crying with all my heart. But it is also said that we shouldn't asunder someone with tears in our eyes and hence, I am quiet and trying to Smile. I am uploading some pics which aren't clear but I hope you will get a summary about how Maa Durge left me. 

Idol of Maa durge in my society

Ladies of society singing bhajans

Garba performed by girls

Goddess is ready to Go

Everyone is worshiping for the last time

She is decorated.


Firing crackers

Ladies - Little emotional

Drum beaters.

Small girl worshiping Goddess

Truck started and Everyone is emotional

Last moment. I am emotional.

             After this I didn't took any snaps as I came in my bedroom, cried a little bit and started writing this Blog to remember Maa Durge once again. None of my friend can believe that I would have cried for this thing but this is my inner self. Immaculate and pelucid. Again I would like to vindicate the Muslim family of my society. They were present during the last ceremony associated with Navratri too. They are really one of the most kind Muslims I have ever seen. The way they have been a part of our festival has been great. If I would have been the chairman of the society, I would have given a special mention to them. God will bless you people. You have broke all the barriers which are meant to divide the religions. You have shown us that we can be united even after the World has grown so corrupt and vacuous. 

           For the last time, Happy Dasera to all my Hindu brethren and all the dear people of other religion who respect Hinduism as they do respect their own religion. God is one and Hence everyone of us have the same God.



That Beautiful Girl!!!

           321st BLOG -->>

       Happy Dussera To All !!!

       So the Navratri ends here. Its sad for the people who were enjoying Dandiya from last 9 days. Its good for the people who were trying to cope up with the noise pollution donated by these Durga Mandals. My society arranged a very beautiful and lovely mandal for the Navratri. I liked it a lot. Today, I went to see the young boys and girls of an another society who were engrossed in playing Dandiya on the tunes of some beautiful songs. While watching them, my eyes caught a girl who lives in that society. I don't know what is her name as she is new in that society but she is a South Indian. She looked so beautiful and so gorgeous that it was impossible for me to absorb my feelings and dont opine anywhere. My only friend - Abhinav lives in my society. As I got no one, I unbosomed my feeling to him. I messaged him - Abhinav, miss anything of the world today but don't miss this South Indian girl of the society. See her from anywhere, but plz do see her.

            I don't know whether he was thirsty like me but I saw her very patiently. I kept glaring her for 15 minutes and I was completely lost in her beauty, style and the way she was smiling while co-ordinating with the different partners while playing Dandiya. She was dancing very sweetly. Sometimes very energetic but sometimes very slow-paced. I wanted to dance with her but I am not social in my area as I am in my college. I am eagerly waiting to have a conversation with her. After 15 minutes when I realized that some uncles are staring me for my innocence (I call it this way), I stopped staring her. I ate the feast provided by the society and came back home. I didn't waited to see her little more because I had a fear that she may attract me more towards her and I may fall in LOVE with her. Falling in Love with someone you know that can't be yours is very hard and uncertain. Its better to be away from LOVE. A girl can kill a boy with her smile and beauty. She was doing the same. God has made her with immense dedication and passion. He lacked when it came to me and there fore I am struggling till today to be in LOVE with the girl of my choice. Haha !!!

            I am not blaming GOD. I am just joking. Today at the Dandiya ceremony, she was rocking and all the uncles and boys were looking her and dreaming to have her at least in their dreams. She was no less than Katrina today. The beautiful check-designed top, the big and number of chudaas in her wrist, the hairs all untied and blowing with the winds in their direction, that pink lips moving incessantly with the smile, that mark at chin which enhance her beauty, that long nails which attracts us towards her hand and you feel like holding her hands forever. She is so so beautiful and so so stylish. I am half in love with her. Her fair complexion has untied the confinement I had on my feelings. 

           Many people say that You are a Big Dreamer. Other says that You never love a girl, you just want the beauty to be yours and you want to taste it. Other group of solidarity says that You are cheap, you appreciate every beautiful girl. All this comments come after I write a post on any beautiful girl who makes it possible to win my heart (which is very easy). I can do nothing. When I love a girl, I like her, I have nothing to do except clamor on my blog which is my personal space (Jai Ho ARB). So, again, today, a girl, took my heart, and, hence, I wrote this Blog post. I have no cheap feelings for her. I just loved her and I would love to be her friend. I am not dreaming to be her boyfriend. I hope that I see her little more in my regular life. Hope I succeed. 

           So now its time to leave you all and focus on the Sleep. I am sorry for not being regular on the Blog recently. Many hurdles came in the way. Arrival of father, disconnection of internet, lack of thoughts and burdens of job. But now, I am free. I have no notes thus I can't study anything and hence I am OK with entertainment. Today, Khali entered Bigg Boss and it rocked. Khali is superb. I can't believe his size. He is huge and mind-blasting. He will rock the show. So, now, I am leaving you all, promising to meet you tomorrow for twice or thrice on my blog with different topics. I hope you will love them. 


14 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I am Publicized as A Big Blogger - Really?

            320th BLOG -->>

        So, the 7th series of Sai Baba fasting starts today. It will continue for next 9 weeks with all the dedications and love for Sai Baba. Demands and mannats will be put in the amidst of Baba, hope he hears and listen and give me the best advise and blessing. He made me reach what I am today. Hope he makes me what I still want to be. The Blogs are appreciated in a very singular tone by everyone. The tone just speaks Appreciation. I am happy. Lets be in connection and love through the blogs. Recently a case and it was so exciting !!! Let me share it with all of you. 

            My childhood friend - Benish didi still lives near to my house. She is doing job in New Mumbai and she is familiar with all my activities related to Blogging and Writing. She wanted me to be the part of her company as a writer but the age restrictions didn't made it possible for me and her company to assign me as a Writer for their organization. Recently, a new girl joined their office. Everyone was having talks on technology and other topics. Suddenly, blogs came into the conversation. Benish didi was also present there. The new girl who joined the office was Pallavi. Pallavi was also one of the interlocutors in the discussion. She came with her words, " There is a Big Blogger and a very renowned one in New Mumbai itself and I read his blogs. His blogs are superb. I love reading his blogs and I am a regular reader. He has also chatted with me." She started adding more traits about the Blog she read of this particular Blogger. Everyone was listening to her.

           Benish didi thought of asking the name of the Blogger. Pallavi replied," His name is Abhilash." Benish didi replied with the startled voice," Abhilash Ruhela?" Pallavi said,"Yes". Benish didi told her that Arre he lives near to my house and I know him very well. Would you like to talk to him? Wait I'll call him. See, I also have his phone number. 

           Benish didi called me and she taunted me in a funny way that,"Kya baat hai aajkal bahut Blogging chal rhi hai." I said - Haan, chal to rahi hai but kya hua aisa kyu pooch rhi ho. She said that Meri dost log bhi tumhara blog padhti hain. I said whats the name and she told me about Pallavi and I was surprised. I asked her about her connection with Pallavi. She told me that she had recently joined her office and while the discussion about Blogging were on, she took your name as a big and renowned blogger and so I thought of connecting her with you on phone. Wow!!! I felt so successful. People taking my name in the discussions and terming me as a Big Blogger from New Mumbai transforms my attitude into a motivational one. The will to grow shadows your personality and passion. I never knew that people will be attached to my blog in such a way that they will share my name and my blog with their colleagues and friends selflessly. There are two types of referring someone in public - One comes when you are referring someone just to show that you know someone and hence you speak out the name while the other comes when you implicitly like someone's behavior and traits. I am happy that she used my name in her office without any selfish attitude and approach. 

           This can never happen in anyone's life without the blessings of God and love of people. I am happy that God and people - Both are with me. I have always accepted the criticism and I will keep doing this. This makes me targeted towards the goal of impressing the people who aren't in love with me and my writings. Lets hope for better exposure of my blog and better growth of my life as a writer. 

            As this blog post has turned out to be personal, let's talk about the most beautiful thing which happened to me today. I visited Center One Mall of Vashi after many months and it was so nice visiting there. Had some beautiful pictures with friends, I'll share it with you all, but it will take time as controversies can take part any time on my blog just by posting the pics of some of my classmates. Second thing which refreshed my brain- It was the last presentation day in my class today. The only presenter left was Arya. Arya gave the best presentation till now. I am not discouraging others. I am not a jury to decide who is the best and who is the low caster. I am just an individual who is sharing his personal thoughts on his blog. Everyone has their Facebook wall, Orkut's home and Twitter's update. You can write your choices there. So, Arya gave the longest presentation till today. It was something about 40 minutes approximately. He ended his presentation with a poem on Discipline which was related to his topic. A new approach. Many people can project that a Poem can't make a presentation the best. Fine. Its your verdict. His presentation was the most interactive presentation up till today. Everyone tried to participate in the conversation. I liked it. It is good that someone raises the level of performance. There is no wonder if only a single person keeps performing every time in the class. Its very indispensable to have articulate peoples in the class to showcase their internal strengths and confidence. Arya rasied the level today and now its a challenge for us to fight and overcome his feat. Someone should bypass Arya too. And this should continue. Arya - Congrats to you man. You were the Rockstar today. I never expected this from you.