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Review: Ready 2 Mingle:- The same old & obvious Bollywood stuff! **

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The final episode of yet another Indian web-series, Ready 2 Mingle, got release two days back. I have been watching the episodes regularly while walking towards my office on footpath since last one week and I have been the part of the series world since then. The main characters of the series are played by Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra yet again after they got featured in yet another web-series named “It Happened in Hong Kong” recently. The best thing about both these actors is the chemistry they have between themselves. And another USP that they have which makes them so favorite for the viewers is their natural acting that you will be unable to believe that they are playing someone else and not themselves. For many-a-times, after the episodes would end, I used to feel that this show is an extension of “It Happened in Hong Kong”. And seriously speaking, IHIHK was of 4 episodes only and this, Ready 2 Mingle, looks like its extension in its 10 episodes.

The show is about how these two characters meet each other in a shared cab and with the charming attitude of Nirav, he is able to win over Myra who is otherwise very selective and choosy. They host a party which turns out to be successful which gives them an idea of starting a venture named “Ready 2 Mingle” where they would be hosting parties for city’s singles where they would be coming together and find their mate. Everything looks perfect from outside but in the pressure of work and expectations, this couple which is making everyone come close are themselves falling apart. The whole series is then the basis of this where they are fighting this challenge and gelling with other people to move on from the hell they are into in their living relationships. What happens in the end is obvious as per what we have seen in multiple Bollywood movies which is where I got disappointed seeing almost the same stuff again.

The series starts on a very good note where everything is different and seems to be going on a path which has not been taken by any content creator yet but as the series moves into its 2nd half, it becomes the typical stuff where the falling couple are in dilemma if they are better for each other or the people they are currently trying out with. And this is where the viewer in you gets bored. It is only about how each one of them is hiding their fleeing from each other and feeling guilty about it. They are also protective about their public image otherwise their venture will get affected which is like their baby and they can’t afford it emotionally. Despite great dialogues, nice cinematography and screenplay, this series is not able to excite you because of its obvious and weak writing. The songs are also forgettable and does not generate any kind of emotions in you. The climax is very Thanda. Overall, the series has suffered because of weak script and I give this one just 2 stars out of 5. This can be ignored.



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Ashwatthama's Redemption: The Rise of Dandak by Gunjan Porwal (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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It has been a long time since I have read a mythological fiction and I miss those days when I used to receive the books in the same genre just after Amish’s Shiva trilogy garnered indefinite success. Now people have moved to other topics again and whichever book comes out under this genre tastes like a half-baked cake. I picked up a book whose cover page attracted me towards it on this Sunday and finished the book by today within a day. The book is “Ashwatthama’s Redemption: The Rise Of Dandak” written by the debutante author, Gunjan Porwal. I must say that I haven’t read more captivating and emotionally-submerging book this year.

Let’s start with the subject on which the book has been written. It is more about what happened after the epic war of Mahabharata and it discusses the character of Ashwatthama briefly and tells every detail about his past and involvement in the mentioned war. He is already living in guilt of doing some bad karma during the war time but now there is a new challenge thrown upon him where he must fight the super-devils with extra power. He comes to know about a bow which if he gets, he would be able to defeat these super-powers and there starts the whole foundation and basis of this book.

The first half is very superb where the characters and their background is introduced. Each and every character is so nicely described that you can relate with them immediately. All the kings discussed in the book, majorly, Rana and Vikram, are very nicely handled throughout the book keeping their dignity in dialogues and conversation intact. Their chemistry with our protagonist is also very beautifully handled. The love angle between Urmila and Rana is also respectfully portrayed. The second half is more about the actions involved and has many such sections where you must play with your imaginations and relive every moment discussed in the story. The anti-climax and climax are beautifully closed out which also gives hope of the sequel and I must say which I very rarely feel, that I am wanting to read the 2nd part as soon as possible.

The mythological and fictional mixture is very perfectly handled by the author which does not insult one of our epic books, Mahabharata. Author has discussed Mahabharata in various parts as a conversation and through it, also tried to explain many spiritual and human concepts like karma, life, death, guilt, ego, mind games etc. Every instance of Lord Krishna is worth reading and re-reading in this book. Even the mention of Ramayana comes in between which is also interesting to read and how the karma of people in both the stories are connected due to being Avataras of the same God is an intriguing read altogether. Best part for which I would remember this book is whenever the Mahabharata is dictated in a conversation to any of the characters.

Talking about the drawbacks, I just felt that there was certain characteristics of each character being discussed initially but author could not do justice to everything that he mentioned about them. Except this, I believe this book is a must read for sure. I give it 4.5* out of 5. Recommended like anything.



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When Life breaks down into bits and pieces!

1707th BLOG POST -->>

People knowing me know the kind of health issues I had since last two months. Almost each day, I have had multiple dose of medicines. There have been days when I have consumed more than 15 tablets in a day. I kept thinking it to be just physical issues I am having. But while diagnosing me, one of the doctors asked me if I am in some stress. I laughed it off at that point of time but later on when I came home and sat alone and thought if I am really in stress, I could not think anything and just blanked away. I thought it for days if I am really in stress and always felt that I was giving too much weightage to myself and my problems. This is where the problem lies. We often think that we are not that important to have such issues which we hear from people on television, radios etc. as very few acquaintances share such stories with us out of shyness considering that people would not take them seriously.

Finally, a day came when I was feeling better and did not have any health issues and due to a small accident at home, my face burnt because of boiling water. My face started looking like they show in movies- half-burnt face telling some past stories. When I looked myself in the mirror and saw the state in which I was, I ultimately broke down. I could not hold myself anymore. I felt as if my life is just present to suffer and suffer and suffer. And I sat lonely again with irritation on my skin due to burnt marks. I flashbacked the last two months and felt that there has been some mental issue with me. There is a lot that is going in my mind which I could not share with anyone considering them to be minute problems, but it ended up making me sick continuously.

There is an emotional part in me which does not wake up every now and then but there comes a phase in life when I need a person who can understand me emotionally and carry me for those days until I have passed the shore and I am safe again. In these two months, I found myself to be completely alone and could not manage myself well. Every night I used to sleep as if my current day has been the worst and every morning I woke up as if I just need to pass this day and nothing else. Because of this with each day, I kept feeling that my life is going towards worst as every day is worse than the previous one. This feeling started demotivating me so much that I was unable to read a single book. The people who know me knows every minute of mine goes in reading whenever I am not working at office or not writing blogs. In all these days, I could not manage to write blog posts on the topics I wanted to speak so much about. I could not perform my best professionally. Thanks to people out there who supported me without knowing my mental state. If they would not have, I do not know what kind of professional or personal decisions I would have ended up taking. Even after that, I took couple of unplanned leaves just to run away from myself and the world around me to succumb to my mental and physical state.

How depressing the state is when you have issues with life but you do not know which among all of them is the root of all the causes and you keep searching for that one pinpoint which you can repair to resolve all your problems but you could not find it at all. After knowing all these spiritual theories and talking with people related to that, I was still not able to recover from this state of mind. It is becoming so hard for me to explain what I have been going through. I wanted to purchase DSLR since a long time and after I got it delivered, not for a single day have I picked it up to start things I wanted to do with it. Recently, I purchased a very expensive watch considering my income just to feel better but still it could not lift me up. Now I feel like throwing it away. Though I already know, the happiness lies within and nothing external can simulate the same feeling but still, there was hope.

I am still going through this and I do not know by when I would be able to call myself the Abhilash I knew. It is just that I have accepted this for now which has enabled me to read many books in last few days and write many reviews and blogs. I have also started sharing my updates online just to ensure that people have conversations with me regarding those posts and something while talking with them might trigger me to get back to life I know living. I love my professional work and the way I have been executing my job is another thing that is disappointing me on daily basis. As a performer, I have done only 1/10th of my abilities in last few weeks. This has lead in finally blasting in a mail to client recently which escalated the matter but then, you need somewhere to vomit yourself up and it happened.

For now, I am incomplete and feel emotionally weak. I do not know what I want to cherish every moment, but I believe that I will stand again because I am not losing hope. I am disappointed with what is happening to me in terms of mental blankness and void emotional state but I know God is testing my motivation. I wish I pass in this but I also wish if there was someone at this moment who understood the stress I am going through of whatsoever it is which I am unable to identify completely- if it is peer pressure or fear of future in terms of profession or the frustration of multiple rejections in personal life or the parental pressure of settling down or seeing my friends getting away with marriage etc and finding myself more lonelier than before. I do not know what it is but I want this year to end up on a good note for me as overall, 2018 has not been a year I would ever be proud of except one or two things here and there. I wish nature starts passing on positivism towards me and moots me up again to do things I have never done in life until now.

Thanks. This is all I had to say after such a long time. Sorry if this post causes disappointment to you but it is what it is. 


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The Heartfulness Way by Kamlesh D. Patel/Joshua Pollock (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

1706th BLOG POST -->>

Reading spiritual books has been my passion since last two years since I started understanding it conceptually and intellectually. It was just that I had never experienced it experientially but six months back, after I had a course by Isha Yoga Foundation, I have also started feeling the bliss that meditation and spiritual path brings with it. And post that, I do not find every spiritual book that effective as I have at least an average knowledge about the subject. But the last book that I read surely impressed me:- “The Heartfulness Way” written in a conversational format by Kamlesh D. Patel and Joshua Pollock.

Frankly speaking, I had never heard about Kamlesh D. Patel as he is popularly known as daaji so I had no expectation or perception about the person while reading the book but as the chapters kept going on, my trust in his logics and knowledge regarding spirituality kept getting better and by the end of the book, I could do nothing but endorse his idea of meditation and spiritual that he asks to do in the heartfulness way. The book is written in a conversational way which keeps on clearing one doubt after another that is being spoken by the daaji and I would like to applaud the author for asking such questions to him which made it easier for the reader to understand each and every sentence quoted by daaji.

Book is divided in three different sections: Why Heartfulness, practising heartfulness and the guru. I personally could connect with the last section so much that I felt as if I have myself written that chapter.  Book is written in a way that beginners in spiritual path will find it easy to understand it conceptually. Talking about the drawbacks, though few asanas are discussed in the book but I wished if the authors had included more such asanas and yogic kriyas, it could have helped the spiritual followers like me who have surpassed the beginning stage and are looking something which can moot them to the next level of spiritual experience. Overall, this book is basically for spiritual beginners and I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.



Movie Review: Andhadhun: One of the intelligent Bollywood movies! ***½

1705th BLOG POST -->>

Watching Salman Khan’s movies have stagnated our IQ level such that when a movie like Andhadhun releases to take our cinema to the next level, around 90% of the audiences are unable to understand its complexity. I was one of them when I had left the theatre last week with my friend after watching the movie. After lot of brainstorming and talking with some more people who had seen the movie, we understood its thrilling climax. The story is the hero in this movie which does not let you feel that the movie is losing itself. After seeing what is happening in front of you, as an audience you are confused about what exactly shall be shown in the climax and where the movie shall end at. But when the climax finally ends, it leaves you with so much of an interpretation, questions and what not that the actual movie starts for you after it ends.

The first half of the movie is very tight with the character of Ayushmann Khurrana getting into one act after another and revealing secrets to us about his reality as a blind character. Sometimes, you agree that he is blind and sometimes you do not. That is where the specialty of the movie lies in. The murder scene that is executed while he is playing the piano is one of the special scenes seen after a long time in a Bollywood movie. The second half starts slowly as the characters are confined in a four walled space but post that again in the 2nd part of the second half, the movie picks up and the way climax is shot leaves you overwhelmed.

Talking about the performances, Ayushmann Khurrana has delivered one of his best performances and as per me, surely his best undoubtedly. The way he carries his character throughout the movie with ease looks so effortless that you are unable to believe that he is not blind in real life. Radhika Apte is again her charming self with her unique style where she does not shy away from slapping kid for irritating her. Tabu is the person who hold the movie well in parts where Ayushmann is not playing the major part. Tabu has executed her negative character so well that you want to applaud her specially after the movie. Rest, all the supporting starcast are wonderful and play their part perfectly. This movie is a very well-written and directed movie for which Sriram Raghavan should be commended. This movie gets 3.5 stars out of 5.



Review: It Happened in Hong Kong!: A light mini web-series for one-time watch! ***

1704th BLOG POST -->>

Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra are one of the most frequent faces we can see in the web-series these days. Their personalities and talent are also justified for the web series and they are also able to carry it off quite excellently. I just ended up watching one of their mini web-series from Viu team named “It Happened In Hong Kong”. Whenever any Indian stuff is shot in overseas countries, there is an expectation from story to be little different from our usual stories considering the foundation of the story having two Indians meet in a strange country.

The web series is of only 4 episodes and it starts showing Aahana Kumra playing a travel blogger and visiting Hong Kong with making notes simultaneously to update her blog later. She meets Amol when she reaches out to a taxi and ends up sharing the cab with him. Both of them like each other instantly and go for a coffee date and finally agrees to visit the rest of their Hong Kong trip together and create memories. The series is shot such that you will get a feel that you are watching a travel vlog itself the way Mumbiker Nikhil shots his Youtube content. The cinematographer justifies the locale beauty very excellently with his camera.

Coming to the plot, the first and the last episodes are the best whereas the 2nd part of 3rd episode is also very defining. The script is written in a casual nature without getting into too many dramatic or inspiring scenes. It is a simple story showing how two people these days meet casually and ends up expecting more than their relationships and ending up getting hurt and bad experience in the process. But the way two characters are shown in a matured composition in the last episode is wonderfully done. Talking about the performances, both- Aahana and Amol are okay in their roles. Yes, there are naivety in their performances but with more camera experience, they shall get better with their performances. Overall, this is a light show with nothing very specific, unique or revolutionary. I rate this one as 3 stars just because I liked the romantic angle of the whole ambience that the series provided.



Movie Review: Karwaan: This is how road trip movies should be made! ****

1703rd BLOG POST -->>

Every time Irrfan Khan is featured in a Hindi movie, I feel quite an obsession about that movie considering the kind of roles he do. The movie might turn out to be bad but he never disappoints in his role. When I first saw the trailer of the movie, Karwaan, I was quite skeptic about how the movie would be considering that the other two in the starcast are new in the Bollywood and hence, Irrfan alone had to carry the movie on his shoulders. But after watching the movie, I can delightedly say that all the three actors are the three legs of this stool which could not have stood with stability without anyone of them owning their role.

The script of the movie is very tight and does not allow any drag or stretch in the storyline. Right from the first scene, the movie is on its mark and keeps running incessantly with powerful scenes and dialogues until the end credits begin. At once in the beginning, as a regular viewer of Bollywood, you feel what more can the writers do with such limited plot but the way it has been transformed into a road-trip movie is an altogether different skill. The screenplay is also very efficiently build that doesn’t confuse the viewers and takes them along with the characters in the movie on the trip.

The characterizations are so strongly written that you want to know the story of each one of them. Dulquer Salman’s tensed relationship with his father and the way he reacts after hearing about his death is nicely handled. Mithila Parker’s own challenges are also shown with a casualness telling about her lifestyle which is special in its own way. And Irrfan Khan’s character with his own past and present is humorously portrayed which becomes the crisp of the script. The 1st and 2nd half of the movie are equally compelling. The cameo of Kriti Kharbanda is special in its own way and how she carries herself in this small segment tells about her maturity as an actor. Overall, the movie is a cinematic experience with everything worth remembering. I give these one 4 stars out of 5.



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The Girl In Room 105 by Chetan Bhagat (Book Review: 3*/5) !!!

1702nd BLOG POST -->>

I had started reading fiction novels after getting my hands upon Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone as I had heard a lot about it from my friends who had read the same. I remember it was also one of the initial days in college and while an introduction session whosoever described their hobby as reading, on being asked which book they have read, everyone named “Five Point Someone”. Out of curiosity, I picked up the book and liked the fun in the story telling of Chetan Bhagat and read all his four books that had released by that time. And since then I have read around 500 books out of which 90% are by Indian authors. It is just a default setting in my reading habit that I compare all the fiction books with Chetan Bhagat’s initial books which were great combination and balance of storytelling and humour.

I am just done reading Chetan Bhagat’s latest release “The Girl In Room 105” which has released just today itself and along with office, I have managed to read 300+ pages in whatever free time I got. Such is the craze for reading Chetan Bhagat even today despite worrying about what people would say about my reading choice as most people pretend to hate CB as he has goofed up with the English language quite often. But that’s okay. He anyway does not portray or claim to be a literary expert and accepts that he is just a story teller and not an English teacher.

CB has gone the thriller way this time with his latest release and I must say, it was a fine narration throughout the book as it ensures that you are curious about knowing who murdered the protagonist, Keshav’s girlfriend. The book starts in CB’s trademark style where in the Prologue, a character meets and tells him his whole story which CB pretends to be writing as dictated to him. The book has lot of characters and author has again ensured the chemistry between each one of them is nicely described to make the background of the story clear. The bond between Keshav and Saurabh is very nicely portrayed. The tuning between Keshav and policeman, Rana, is also very intelligently portrayed. CB has again taken care that in order to sound too intellectual, the book does not lose the simplicity and hence, keeps the timeline and narrative simple.

The locality of Delhi and Kashmir are nicely described in the book and author has ensured that it is used in the story quite significantly to give the locale descriptions. The first half of the book is interesting as you get introduced to new characters and want to understand who the possible murderer of the girl could be. But it’s in the second half where the book becomes quite slow and does not give any kind of twists and turns which can astonish the reader. Talking about the climax, the way the revelation of the murder scene is introduced and described is very childish and as expected from a thriller, there is no moment where the reader would drop the book or jump out of his bed in shock.

In the sake of maintaining his trademark style of writing simple stories, CB could not do complete justice to this thriller which could have been written 5 times better. Though this book is recommended for the new readers who haven’t read great thrillers and are still stuck in the genre of college romances. But for the thriller lovers, this book is a sure-shot disappointment. The terrorist thing is brought into the picture but left just like that without going deeper into it. Similarly, the girl is shown as a Muslim whereas boy belongs from the family that supports RSS but this angle has not been used even once in the book whereas a lot could have been done with this plot. Similarly, the way police leaves Keshav and his friend in spite of finding them at murder spot is disappointing in the initial phase of the story itself. CB has also promoted many brands upfront in this book which is quite evident and sounds foolish and obvious. This could have also been handled little more intelligently. Overall, this is a light read rather than a suspense thriller as been described in the synopsis and trailer of the book. I rate this one an average 3 stars out of 5.



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Life Know-How by Viswanatha Reddy Thalakola (Book Review- 3.25*/5) !!!

1701st BLOG POST -->>

The genre that is my most favorite is self-help after auto-biographies. And whenever I get a chance to read any such book, I ensure that I get my hands upon them. But the latest one that I have read was in the format of e-book; the name of the book is “Life Know-How”. The book also has the tagline which says, “A Quick Guide with Straight to the Point Advice to Deal with Life Issues and Live an Empowered Life”. The book is just of 89 pages written by the author, Viswanatha Reddy Thalakola, and can be finished in just one sitting. I managed to complete in during my office traveling in Mumbai locals within 1.5 hours. This book is a perfect companion if you are traveling or sitting alone in your office without any work.

The author has written this book very intellectually with nicely editing the contents and being specific to the points that he wants to share with the readers to deal with certain issues that he has chosen to talk about in his debut work. The book consists of 34 chapters where each of them speaks about one unique issue divided into different categorizations such as “solving your problems”, “managing interpersonal relations”, “dealing with work”, “coping with negative things”, fulfilling your aspirations” and “handling other important matters”. I liked the various topics on which the author has spoken in this book. Under each chapter, there are many bulleted points which tells about the kind of research the author has gone through to have such refined solutions for each problem that we face in our day to day life.

This book is written as quick guide as referred in the tagline too but talking about the drawbacks, I missed the detailed solution for few points where author could have given real life examples or case studies too. Except this, there is nothing that I felt as missing in this book considering it as a quick guide that can be referred at any time. I rate this book 3.25* out of 5 and wish to see author writing a detailed self-help book too.



1700* BLOGS in 3358 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

What a journey this has been! 1700 Blog Posts! Someone had rightly said that every drop in the ocean counts. When I publish a post late night after the world around me sleeps, at that point of time, I think that I have scribbled just one small piece of article. But now when the blog reaches such landmarks of centuries and this one being the 17th century, I realize the importance of all the posts that I have written till date. The people who have been with me through this journey knows the importance of this platform for me as they have witnessed the kind of opportunities and experiences I have been able to live through this. When I started off, I had no expectation from my Blog site. I just wanted to write for myself and end up being as emotional as possible because whenever a person talks with himself, he ends up being emotional as he goes deeper into his conscious and search for those answers which he has been awaiting since time immemorial.

Recently, I changed the domain name from my personal name to the label “Writing Buddha”. This was done after a lot of thinking. I have lost many count of readers because of this as their subscription or bookmark got affected and they never landed up on this domain. I tried reaching out to as many readers as possible informing them about this update but as you know, you can’t reach everyone you love when distance becomes the medium of separation. The name of the blog was changed just because I realized after a time that people do not have any interest about me as a specific human being, but they are interested about the personality that speaks. And my personality could not have been summed up better than the two words used in the domain “Writing Buddha”.

Writing has always been my hobby but as a personal conversational stuff and not something creative. But since I changed many cities and ended up being friendless in the year 2009 when I shifted to Mumbai, I thought of talking only with myself through the medium of writing. But I never knew that it would become such an addiction that I would also start talking with others sometimes. And the conversations with others became so interesting that I started telling everyone about the books and movies I read and watched respectively. People started liking my opinion and this gave the boost to my blog which was never expected. And then came opportunities when I became friends with authors whom I would idolize at one point of time. And now writing is not just a hobby but a very bad or say, good addiction which can never leave me. This is how the first word in the label got introduced.

While writing about certain topics very specific to me, I realized quite often that I would reach the state of mind where I would forget very thing about me and my surroundings and become blank. At this point of time, it would be me controlling my mind and letting it think things that I wanted it to think. This is when I realized that there is something beyond our knowledge. It is when I understood the importance of the quote “Ignorance is bliss”. I became ignorant and started knowing the concept of human mind and got to know so much about spirituality that nothing in the world was able to stop me from going on the path of meditation and yogi lifestyle. Now, I read and experience the possibilities of the human mind and the highest potential it can reach to become joyful and control its own life. Along with writing, now even spirituality has become a path of which I would always like to walk. And this is how the second word in the label got introduced- “Buddha”.

It has been almost 10 calendar years since writing on this platform. I accept that I have always posted stuffs in the same way I begun this journey. I haven’t evolved with time. I have remained complacent and didn’t try much with the blogging stuff. But now I have decided that I would start doing things that are necessary to be in touch with today’s choice of people who surf the internet mostly on their mobile with 4G speed and prefer visuals above texts. As I am a writer by heart, I would prefer writing more, but I have decided to post my vlogs sooner to ensure that you can connect with me without stressing your eyes by reading these small words while standing in train with one hand on the handle and another holding your mobile. Haha! I do not know how much time it will take me to set up everything, but I am hopeful that it shall happen by the early next year in a regular format. Vlogging is a new thing and I want to adopt the same before people move on to something else. I am already running behind and I have no interest in getting lost at all after putting so much of myself in this Blog. 😊

Today is the 3358th day of this Blog and reaching out to all of you with 1700 blog posts with a post coming within two days since all these 9 years is something that has kept me energized during my college days and now it helps me professionally. Whenever something goes wrong in my workplace, I remember this beautiful piece of life I have created and read whatever comments I receive from my readers. I get to learn so much from the same that next time when I sit to write, I find myself an improved blogger since the last time. The kind of experiences that my readers share with me against any of my personal posts is what makes me write after every two days. This is a medium that shall stay even after me. Who does not want to create something like this? I am glad I did. The only dream now is to reach as many people as possible because I want to talk with more people and learn more and live more. In the end, I thank you all for being patient with me since all these years and forgiving me every time I wrote something with which you disagreed but still ensured that we had healthy discussion about it rather than ending the association with each other.

Thanks a lot once again.


Movie Review: Mulk: A genuine movie with great impact! ***½

1699th BLOG POST -->>

Not every movie touches your heart and few those touch are really made with good intention and spirit. The makers are totally clear about what they want to showcase in the 120-150 minutes and ensure that when the audience leave the theatre, there is some change in their thought process and they start accepting life or situations of life more strongly and positively rather than complaining about the same stuff incessantly. One such movie is “Mulk”. The impact that the movie can leave upon the people of India can be very incredible if people take away the message and consider it to be free of agenda and politics.

Mulk is very beautifully made and speaks what it intends to very simply without complicating the narrative like in Shahid. The first half of the movie is very slow where basically the director focuses on showing how this Muslim family is friends with Hindus in their locality and there is no ill-thoughts among them except little distance between ladies where they restrain from eating at a Muslim’s house due to different eating habits. Rest, everything is good. Then movie also shows us that this Muslim family headed by Rishi Kapoor has also accepted a Hindi girl very simply as their daughter-in-law. This role is being played very beautifully by Taapsee Pannu.

The second half paces into the subject which this movie wanted to portray right from the 1st scene where one of the young boys in this Muslim family is been proved as terrorist and now as per prejudice and judgmental attitude of people, they have termed the whole family as terrorist and sided almost the whole Muslim community. The same Hindu people who enjoyed and danced with this family labels them as terrorists and asks them to go to Pakistan. And now the courtroom scenes begin where Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu throws some very great dialogues. Though Taapsee struggling little bit in big monologues but the scenes are very effective and speaks very well what they wished just like in Pink.

Overall, the movie is a very good attempt at delivering a social message with good content without becoming too preachy and becoming one-sided with Muslims. It all looks genuine which becomes very difficult when movies are made on such topics. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.



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Inkredia - Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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The book related to fantasy world does not excite me much as I have not been a very good person with imaginations hence I fail to understand lot of things that are being described in such books. Till date, even after reading 500+ books, I have yet not picked up Harry Potter series just for the sole reason that the book belongs to the fantasy genre. But still there are few books belonging to the fantasy genre which have been rated quite high from my side just because they made it possible for me to feel that I am part of their world. Similarly, another book that has kept me busy this weekend in its world is “Inkredia -  Luwan of Brida” which also has the tagline that says “Danger looms tall. Mystery runs deep.” The book is written by the author, Sarang Mahajan.

Before proceeding with the review, let me clarify few words related to the title of the book that you have read above which might have confused you as none of the words are understandable. Inkredia here is the name of a very vast region. Brida is a small area in the region. Luwan is the name of the protagonist around whom the whole story revolves. The world created in this book is truly fantasizing. The way author has described things in details and makes sure that the reader feels himself intrigued in the world is commendable. Right from the first page, the narration is made in such a way that you cannot keep the book aside but read it in one go. The book is around 400 pages which took me two days to complete it with naturally multiple breaks due to weekend but whenever I was not reading the book, I was thinking about the protagonist and his elder sister about what would have happened to them. Such is the roller-coaster experience of reading this book.

Unfortunately, this book still does not have a definite ending as it has more 3 parts to come. The description of assassins as a group of enemy is done very vividly. The characterization even in a book like this is done so emotionally and genuinely that you can feel for the characters and sympathize with them. The twists and turns come at the right time to always keep you thrilled throughout the journey of the story.

Talking about the drawbacks, the only thing that comes to my mind is that the book could have been shorter by 50-60 pages as few segments are over-described which also makes the reader irritated and wants to skip lines in between. Otherwise, this book is a journey that you will keep fantasizing for a long time. I give this book 4 star out of 5.



Call Me Saaya by Zoe M (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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I am not a fan of books which are published only as e-books and do not have paperback version of them because you always must experience them digitally and can never hold them or get your hands upon them while cleaning your shelves and flashing back into the memories you had about the book. But whenever a book has a great content, despite it being an e-book, it ends up staying in my memory more than many paperbacks that I have read in last one decade. The recent book that I have just finished while getting back from office in local train on my big screen mobile is debutante, Zoe M’s “Call Me Saaya”.

When I had first read the name of this book, I had taken it up as some horror stuff because the word “Saaya” is most prominently used in such references only. But this book is more based upon romance genre and family drama. While reading the book, I regularly felt as if I am reading some script of a Bollywood movie which has every masala in it which ensures that the couple are falling in love with each other and then getting away and again coming together again to fall apart. And then in climax multiple dramas happening and, in the end, something happens which makes you clap, whistle alongwith feeling emotional about the turmoil the characters have gone to experience and be with each other. Call Me Saaya is exactly this stuff.

The book is based in Rajasthan and authoress ensures that she keeps the touch of the same. Basically, in the first half of the book when the couple are going places together, the way localities is described is wonderful. The characterization is so wonderfully done in the story that you can relate with each of the characters and understand their mindset. Even the characters like Rana Singh who enters in the last quarter of the book leaves their mark. Shamsher and Saaya are very nicely portrayed as two different personalities completely. The twist and turns that come in the end of the first half of the book is a magical moment for the readers which changes the complete pace of the book. And after that, the book becomes more interesting as you want to know what happens with the characters and will they forgive each other.

Talking about the drawbacks, the USP of this book is the dramatical representation of scenes which sounds like a scene directly out from Bollywood movie. But there are few scenes which are too overdone and starts becoming irritating after a point of time. The book becomes quite predictable in the 2nd half and it needed little twists and turns even there. Even the other relationship portrayal of Shamsher that has been included in the 2nd half could have been kept as suspense even for the readers because revealing the secret to the readers does not make it any exciting thereafter.

Overall, the book took me some 4.5 hours to finish and is a great rollercoaster ride. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.



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Review: Dhadak:- An Okay-ish One-Time Watch! **½

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If you have watched Sairat and had experienced the humongous response that it received on Box office, you know how big and emotional that movie for everyone it is. I, being a non-Marathi speaker but living in Maharashtra, felt as if some festival is being celebrated across Mumbai where every other person either talked about the movie, sung its song or danced on Zingaat. Even I ended up watching the movie who barely understands 50% of the language. That is how big Sairat is! And thinking of remaking it is a challenge in itself but my review is not based upon the comparison of Dhadak with Sairat but more about what Dhadak in itself is.

The director, Shashank Khaitan, is one whose last two movies has entertained me enough and I can watch them repeatedly for n number of times- Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania and Badrinath ki Dulhania. Dhadak is also made in the same genre itself where the movie is more focused towards being a romantic comedy rather than being a serious romantic movie the way Sairat is. Sairat also had its funny and laughter moments but in the 2nd half, it took over a different tangent altogether. Dhadak does not do that. Dhadak keeps it the way Badrinath ki Dulhania was. It is just about two individuals fighting against each other due to the circumstances rather than the cultural and background difference they have.

The first half is entertaining as it is more about comic scenes and the way two individuals fall in love with each other. Nothing is done over the board here and everything is satisfactory and enjoyable. The problem lies in the 2nd half where the film gets confused and does not talk much about what the couple have left behind and how struggling their life can be. It still tries to find normalcy in its tone which is where the movie fails. Talking about the climax, basically, the last scene, it is as chilling as Sairat’s and you cannot spend your day without thinking about what happened to the lives of this couple just because of going against their families and marrying each other. The music of the movie is top class and it keeps you intrigued. Overall, Dhadak is an okay one-time watch. Talking about the performances, Janhvi Kapoor is disappointing and needs to work a lot upon her dialogue deliveries and emotional and deep scenes. Ishan Khatter is promising, and he has the skills to stay here for a little longer time but will end up having career like his elder brother because of limitations in his capabilities. All the other supporting casts are okay. I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.



Review: Yeh Meri Family: A nostalgic experience! ***

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There was a time that whenever a series or a gag from TVF channel on Youtube got released, people used to make it viral just as their channel name suggests. But it has been almost 2 years since the channel is out of focus because of multiple allegations against one of its founder. Finally, the TVF has come again into notice with one of its latest web-series release this year named “Yeh Meri Family” which is based in the summer of 1998 and promises to bring back all the flashbacks of your 1990s lifestyle and make you enough nostalgic. Yeh Meri Family is a 8 episodes long series with each episode of around half an hour.

The writing of the series is very gentle, sweet, simple and does not try to overdo things which satisfies the purpose with which the series has been made. The casting is perfectly done with all the family members playing their part perfectly and ensuring that you can relate with each one of them. The protagonist here is Harshu, a 13 years-old boy, who also sees at camera and speaks with his audience and let them know his feelings time and again whenever he is stuck somewhere. The series shows him discussing all his secrets with his best friend who talks like an adult which everyone of us have experienced. It shows the big brother bullying his younger brother every now and then and takes his strong trump card forcibly. It also shows how adult magazine and films start becoming new adventure for the teenagers. A mother is shown cribbing in every episode depicting their daily life expecting perfection from everyone but except her, everyone is there to make her life hell.

How children do not get inspired by their father but later after realizing their father’s skill or commitment for them, they start respecting and adoring them is also one of the primary things in one of the episodes. Overall, Yeh Meri Family is an above average watch which you will enjoy for the sole reason of finding your childhood in it otherwise there is nothing extra-ordinary or over-the-top or revolutionizing. It is certainly a one-time watch. I shall rate this series 3 stars out of 5.