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Seventh Anniversary Of My Blog... NOT OUT!!!

1479th BLOG POST -->>

Sever years ago, on the very same day, I had written my first blog post without knowing what this medium is going to give me in future. I didn't even know if I would return back the next day and write my 2nd post. But as it is said that till God has control over your life, nothing that you think happens and what might happen the next moment shall always remain a challenge for you to predict. My life with this blog has been the same. I always knew that after 12th, I would do BCA then MCA then part-time MBA etc but I never knew how long will I take this Blog which I have created just because I want few things of mine to be shared with my friends. A journey that begun as a personal diary being shared with the world in the possibly worst grammar has been an example of how with continuous practice of something, development takes place. The grammar is still not in its right place but in next 7 years, I hope it will be 90% better, indeed. :-)

Many readers joined this journey 7 years ago but left in between while many joined in between and are still with me. Some readers with me since 5-6 years or so! I do not know what makes them continue reading this blog with so much of interest because I have almost changed the perspective with which I used to write earlier. Initially, it would be all about my personal life then I started writing about current affairs then I moved towards youth and then fiction stories; finally after which I am more into reviewing books and nowadays, movies. But still few readers have been regularly reading because they say that initial blogs when I talked about myself made them understand the kind of person I am. And they say that we are in relation with the writer and not the blog. While few believe that they are in relation with the blog and not the writer. Whatever the case may be, the relation persists.

With almost the average of 200+ blogs each year and thus about to reach 1500th Blog Post in next 3-4 weeks, I am glad that the regularity has stayed even after many writer's block and breaks due to examinations and other personal issues. Because there have been readers around, the passion to continue blogging has stayed with me even after so many years. I was just 19 years old when I started writing on this medium and sometimes when I return back to read the posts I had written then, it makes me feel embarrassed about how immature I was even in the last year of my teenage. Haha! But I am not ashamed of those Blog Posts because that tells the personality changes I had since then which has happened only for good. And the one who is ashamed of his past will always find his future moving towards darkness. Isn't it? :-)

This is the 100th Post of this calendar year. This is something to be happy about but what concerns me is the frequency. This should have happened in the first half of the year itself but I am still committed to complete 200th Blog Post of this year for sure. This July month has also become the month with most number of posts; this being the 40th Blog Post in July. The previous best was 37 in April, 2015. There's another good news to be shared with all of you (which has nothing to do with Blogging) that I have passed my first semester of Welingkar's Part-time MBA program with distinction marks. As I have always maintained in all my personal posts that education shouldn't stop no matter how busy the schedule gets. :-) 

Seven are the Wonders of the World. Seven are the colour in the rainbow. Seven are the steps that Indian couple takes during marriage. Seven are the birth that a human being takes according to Indian mythology. Seven are the Shakti's in our subtle energies. Seven are the forms in which Durga manifested herself. Seven sages in the Hindu mythology. Seven days in a week. Seven are the immortals in the Hindu mythology. Seven is such a prominent number and we are celebrating the SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY of this medium which is indeed special in some way which we as normal mortals can not understand. Only the almighty knows what's special with this one but I know that one constant specialty with all the anniversaries has been my blog's readers. Please do stand along with me in this journey. Your Support is My Success!!!



Akash Verma: "I have witnessed caste based discrimination personally" (Interview) !!!

1478th BLOG POST -->>

It has been 4-5 years since I am fan of the author, Akash Verma. And this happened just after reading one book of his named "Three Times Loser". I recently read his new novel named "A Broken Man" which is based on the mindset with which a Dalit boy grows up in a region where caste discrimination is prominent. Hence, I thought of interviewing him finally about several questions I had in my mind. 

1. Hello Akash, can we know where were you from last 4 years  after releasing Three Times Loser? Why did it take so much time to bring your next book in front of the world?

It takes me while to get away from the story that I have recently finished. But yes after Three Times Loser it’s rather been long. I had to switch careers during this and turned into an entrepreneur after having been a corporate professional, so that took a while. Also A Broken Man required research as well for the protagonist here is a Dalit and to get his thinking and psyche right I had to put in a fair amount of struggle.  

2. How has been the response for Three Times Loser from the last 4 years from the readers?

Three Times Loser has been well acclaimed and has been receiving love from the readers for last four years. However I think that the shelf life of a book is fairly long, so in that sense it still has a long way to go.

3. Tell us something about your newly released book- “A Broken Man”?

A broken man, my recent book, is the story of love and hope. It is the story of Krishna a Dalit boy from Bihar who struggles to overthrow the chains that hold him back and Chhavi is a high caste Brahman girl fighting for the rights of others, propagating equality in a politically charged Lucknow University campus. After Krishna saves Chhavi from getting torched during a protest against reservation, love slowly blossoms, only to be ruthlessly crushed by a society that thrives on divisions of caste and religion. 

From student politics in Lucknow to the interiors of Bihar, from the corridors of power to the glitz of media and the film industry in Mumbai, A Broken Man is the quest of a deprived Krishna to redeem hope from despair, love from separation and success out of repeated failures. 

4. How did you think of writing a book on caste discrimination based on a backward class society?

I belong to a middle class family where you grow up with everyone around, meaning all strata of society. I have witnessed caste based discrimination personally. Moreover Mandal was a dominant issue when I was passing out from school and took admissions in college. It has stayed with me and became a backdrop for A Broken Man. 

5. Weren’t you doubtful that metropolitan readers might not pick it up?

A metropolitan reader is first a human being and then a city inhabitant. So a good story to my mind would have a universal appeal. I write because I want to tell a story and not particularly worrying about who and where is going to read it. However a broken man is the story of eternal love and invincible hope which to me is a fairly common human quest.

6. Why is it that your last two books have saddening titles consisting of words like “Loser” and “Broken”?

Three Times Loser despite having a not so happy ending is the story of optimism and moving on despite having faced failures in the matter of heart. A Broken Man is the story of hope and fighting against the odds despite facing tremendous challenges and repeated failures, and coming victorious in the end. The essence of the book is that the potential within each one of us is infinite. It is completely up to us of how much we can tap.

7. Has there been any talk related to any of your three books to be adapted into a movie?

Yes there have been and interest was shown by some parties however none turned into a finalized project till now.

8. Can you throw a little light on what your next book is going to be based upon?

I have a broad outline of my next book in my mind. It’s going to be a crime thriller set in Gurgaon. Quite different from the books that I have written so far. I am currently researching it. 

9. Any words for your readers who are falling in love with your books?

I can only wish that my books make my readers happy in the present and hopeful about the future.

Break Free by V. Rajesh (Book Review-4.25*/5) !!!

1477th BLOG POST -->>

2 decades ago, people usually communicated with the same kind of people and there wasn't much challenge regarding communication until and unless one had to talk with a very senior person. But these days, specially in the corporate world and post-office, one has to be on his toes when it comes to perfection while communicating with someone. It has become mandatory to not hurt or depress someone with your speech and dialogues. To ensure that you do not make any mistake while communication, V. Rajesh has come up with his new book named "Break Free" which also has the tagline "Unlock the powerful communicator in you". The book is published by Rupa Publication.

This book is written very wonderfully which explains you each point at a time with great examples and tips. In the end of the chapter, author also manages to give "Key Takeaway" and how can one adapt this so easily that it becomes walking the talk for us. This book is recommended not only to the people in jobs where communication can effect your career but also for teenagers and students who can sharpen their skills from now itself. The book is divided into two parts in which the one is dedicated in giving away the tips while the 2nd one explains things with stories. I personally liked part 2 better than part 1. It's not that part 1 is bad but for me, Part 2 worked better as I am a fiction lover. Haha!

Author even goes on explaining what mistakes we do while writing emails and even SMSes. This book is sincerely different from other books that are written on communication as it is not talking only about those obvious points of being a good listener etc. It is talking about the points that even you'll realize while reading does make effect in a communication but not given importance. After reading this one, now I am excited for reading the previously published books of V. Rajesh. I give this one 4.25 stars out of 5.



Review: Shorgul: A good premise wasted!!! ½

1476th BLOG POST -->

SHORGUL: 1/2 /5

Shorgul was in news even before its release because it was based on 2013 Muzaffarnagar's communal riot and the real references that it makes. This made me interested in this recently released movie but once again, a small-budgeted movie failed to make an impact which it promises in the trailer and the pre-release promotions. The film is based typically on the North India politicians and most of the time goes in screaming and shouting. Whenever a film in based on UP, why directors think that dialogues and item numbers can steal the show for them? Why don't they move away and ahead from this? Everyone cannot make movies like Gangaajal and Apaharan. This should be well understood by the directors thinking that movies on UP politics can be made with just 1 or 2 popular elements from the state.

The film has many plots which is why the story writer have failed to characterize the antagonists and protagonists properly. Not a single character will touch your heart because the movie keeps roaming from here and there. Also, whenever an important scene arrives, it is cut to either item number or another similar scene or not-so-important conversation between characters. This is why even when the movie has big names it has been unable to create any enthusiasm for good acting lovers to watch this movie. 

The performances are fine. The songs are forgettable. The sets are badly created which can be because of budget issues. The dialogues are fine. Overall, I give this movie just 1/2 star out of 5. 



Review: Laal Rang: Watch it for Randeep's acting!!! **½

1475th BLOG POST -->>

LAAL RANG: 2.5/5

I would have never watched "Laal Rang" if it would not have had Randeep Hooda in it and that's the sole reason why I invested my 2 hours this weekend on this movie. And once again the actor have left me speechless with his great acting talent and skills. Though I have watched him enough this year with Sultan, Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani, Main Aur Charlie but still it was a delight watching him play a criminal in Laal Rang. He is so convincing in his character that you get ready to even forgive director for ruining the movie in the end. The film has great plot which could have been treated with seriousness even in the 2nd half but the way melodrama like every Bollywood even dominates this one kills a good movie. 

The movie is about blood bank scam where Randeep Hooda is alreadya champ. This another person who sees him closely gets fascinated by his lifestyle, bike etc. and decides to join him in this scam to earn big bucks. Eventually, both of them start doing the whole business together until one day Rajesh starts demanding more money which leads to fight between both the characters. Rajesh gets caught by the police. And the story goes on from here from making this good set-up end in a bromance. This could have been a good thriller if writers and director would have concentrated little more on 2nd half. 

The songs are fine but they spoil the flow of the story every now and then. The Haryanwi accent is necessary because of the background but it becomes too much after a time. If you will not concentrate even for a second, you will not be able to understand what exactly has been said. The performance of Randeep Hooda is amazing as I have already discussed. Akshay Oberoi is a surprise who have actually matched Randeep in this movie. Pia Bajpai as a debut is just okay. I give this 2.5 stars out of 5. It can be watched once definitely.



Review: Dishoom: A plot-less, action-less movie!!! 0

1474th BLOG POST -->>


    When the trailer of "Dishoom" got launched, I thought it is going to be something like Dhoom where they have just added "is" in the tile of the movie to make it sound more special. But the movie goes nowhere from Dhoom to Dishoom but only falls down because of its plot-less story. The first 15-20 minutes are great as the premise is been set where the most popular player of the world and also India gets kidnapped by someone in Dubai just before a final match against Pakistan. He is the only one who is scoring runs for India hence he is needed if India wants to win this one. A character inspired from Sushma Swaraj gives order about how to find the Indian cricketer in a foreign land. And finally Kabir (John Abraham) is sent for the case. He meets Junaid (Varun Dhawan) in Dubai who joins him in this adventurous case where they do not know anything about the criminal.         

          A very great movie could have been made with such kind of a setting but what the director have ended up making is nothing but fun of himself. Senseless scenes are stretched for so long especially the ones that have Jacqueline in it that you want to leave the theater as soon as you can. The movie tends to be an action one but for most of the time, the characters are only talking among themselves. Also, the characters keep forgetting in between that they are here to solve a case for which they have very limited hours. They dance in between of this. The characters also keep arguing among themselves for silly jokes. Many such things and even selfie-clicking along with the two officers entering pool in shorts keep happening in the movie which isn't convincing at all.

          Talking about the performances. John Abraham is as always poor with that one frown which he carried throughout the movie. It has come to his ego, I think, that he has to be named Kabir in every movie that he is acting in to prove that he will always remembered for playing this name again and again. Varun Dhawan tries hard to make this movie funny but with weak plot and dialogues, even he looked helpless which is very unlikely. Jacqueline's purpose in the movie is still a mystery. Akshay Khanna's comeback is enough stupid to not wanting to see him again. The only good thing in this movie are locations and a cameo of Akshay Kumar. That's it. I give this movie 0 stars.



Review: Kabali: Very slow and predictable!!! *

1473rd BLOG POST -->>


        To begin with, I would like to say that I am not a Rajinikanth's fan at all. Before Kabali, I have only watched just 3 movies of him. With Kabali, I had very much expectations as per the media hype but unfortunately, it seems as if Rajinikanth is also doing what Salman Khan is doing in Bollywood- building Super-stardom by doing movies with no plot and story. Though Kabali tries to find plot most of the times but fails because of the pace in which the screenplay is written. A dialogue delivery is much needed by Rajinikanth in every 5 minutes. This has been the logic of the movie because of which every scene is cut short to bring the screen back at Rajini with a good close-up so that his face can excite his fans. 

           The first half is fine as it is introducing many characters and showing us a litte of Kabali's emotional journey as flashback and also showing him going through different phases after coming out of jail. After this begins revenges and several re-unions which are meant for break-up later on. The unpredictability that that writer had wanted to claim through this movie soon becomes predictable. The only thing that keeps you interested in this boring scenes is the background music which is wonderful. The dialogues aren't very great. The 2nd half is very dull and stagnant. It seems as if director got confused in 2nd half about how to continue the story with the kind of personality and aura the superstar has. Hence he ended up screwing everything that he built in 1st half. 

            The locations are great. The songs are forgettable. The performance of Rajini is as usual the same. This time though his age can be easily seen on screen which has not been the case with last few movies. Radhika Apte has given another stellar performance though her role is very short. Dhanika who plays Rajini's daughter looks great and does well action scenes. Rest, everyone in the movie have given okay performance. I give this 1 star out of 5. You can surely skip it.


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101 Entry-Level Jobs by T. Muralidharan (Book Review-5*/5) !!!

1472nd BLOG POST -->>

      Not many books are interestingly written when it comes to career or education. This is the main reason these books are never treated like other books by readers and you'll find them only in the bookstores at Railway platforms or bus depo. But then are always exception and one of them is the recently released book by Rupa Publications named "101 ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS" written by T. Muralidharan. Mr. Muralidharan is one of the India's top recruiters and career columnists so there could have been no better person to write something like this. The book discusses only the jobs that can be fetched as a fresher after earning either a Graduation or Post-graduation degree. The qualifications that are eligible for the 2 million new entry-level vacancies in the next six years are BE, BTech, BCom, BA, BSc, BBA, BCA, BPharm, BL, MBA, MCA, MBBS, CA, ICWA, CS and Diplomas.      

           The author have explained various industries in which jobs are open for a fresher and he guides properly about what the industry works in and what many roles are going to be available in that particular industry as a fresher. Then he answer many questions such as what are going to be the responsibilities, skills that are required, stress levels, salary and future career prospects for each of the specific roles that the author discusses. Each and every designation is explained so well that you won't be required anyone else to explain it you in a better way. I also liked this book believable and written after a good research as the salary as fresher and after attaining the experience of specific years is rightly mentioned without any superficial amount. 

             Author has not given any false statement throughout the book as per what knowledge I already had about few of the posts. Also, you might not find many designations that you have heard from your friends because they are not for Freshers. The Practitioner's view given after each job description by a person working in the same position is wonderful to read as it makes more clearer to us regarding what an individual gro through the years in that position. I will recommend this book to every student who is in 9th std or more plus I would like to ask parents to ensure that you have this book in your home as soon as your child reaches in secondary school. Someone who does not know where to venture can surely find an interest after going through all the industries and designations described in this book. I give this book 5 stars out of 5. Yes!!!



Everyone has a story by Savi Sharma (Book Review- 1*/5) !!!

1471st BLOG POST -->>

      I recently picked up "Everyone has a story" which is written by debutante, Savi Sharma. The book is published by well-known Westland Publication. The main attraction towards the book was the extreme promotions that the writer have done on Amazon and everywhere else. The book has also landed up in the Top 10 Nielson Bestseller list. But after reading t his book in 1.5 hours, I can say that it's one of the mediocre books that Indian debut authors write. It has nothing that can move you or make you think about the characters and their feelings. The book lacks soul which has played negative for it.      

           When the tagline says "An Inspirational Romance", you expect a lot from that book because not every book claims to be that different and out-of-the-box. The cover page has many mono-syllables and words printed on it which makes the book look more special and distinct. Unfortunately, the book seems to be written just for the sake of writing something that can be published in the form of a novel and sold in the market. Otherwise, everything that the author tries to say, she herself leaves the topic in between and move on to some other topic. It seems as if author is not confident herself about keeping the reader interested and engrossed in that particular topic that the characters are discussing because of which she just ends it abruptly and something else begins which can be called as love story which has everything except romance. 

             When one of the character is introduced as traveler and later on his traveling journey is discussed, you expect something incredible and exciting from that chapter as the character moves out of India but the narration is so weak and plain that you are unable to feel anything out of it. That main section itself fails the book. Overall, I would say that the book needed little more detailing either from point of view of characters or situations or love story. This seems to be an incomplete book and written just for the sake of writing. I give this book 1 star out of 5. Soulless! 


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Anupama Garg: "I was compelled to write to clear the myths about Tantra." (Interview) !!!

1470th BLOG POST -->>

 I read the book "The Tantric Curse" last month and its effect in my life has been tremendous because of which I felt like interviewing the first time authoress, Anupama Garg. Please do read to know that she thinks about Tantra and Tantrics. 

1. Hi Anupama, how has been your experience after becoming a writer? What changes are you noticing in your life?

Hi! I don’t really consider myself a writer, however it definitely feels very good to know that people are appreciating my work. My life is very much the same except more mails to answer, more messages and recognition as a writer. 

2. Tell us something about your first book- “The Tantric Curse”.

The book, through its central characters, takes the readers into the world of authentic Tantra giving an un-bashed account of the dark and light in Tantra. It is an intense and passionate love story, inspirational handbook of life explaining the principles of Tantra all rolled in one. It is a gripping book set in present-day and is fast paced.

3. What compelled you to write a book on such a topic?

I am a student of Tantra and have been under training of my Guruji Baba Batuknathji, a well know tantric. This explains the fact, I have written about the path that I am walking. “The Tantric Curse” throws light on the principles of Tantra. Tantra is a field that is largely unknown, hence misunderstood and misrepresented. It is passed on through the age-old Guru (teacher) shishya (disciple) system and is imperative that it goes into worthy hands. Like every kind of power, it too has the potential to be misused. I was compelled to write to clear the myths about Tantra. It happened as my Guruji directed me to write instead of complaining as to why is Tantra misunderstood and grossly maligned.

4. Since when are you following tantric life and what changes has it made to your life?

I was formally initiated about 25 years back. Any spiritual practice aids in understanding the larger picture and makes one compassionate. It has helped me to become a better, calmer, happier, grateful and a stronger individual. 

5. Why do you think are people having bad image of Tantrics?

Tantra is maligned, misinterpreted and misrepresented, as never before has a genuine practitioner told what it entails to be a Tantric and what exactly is Tantra. People are afraid of the unknown and have associated Tantra with negative power. Often media and television have reinstated the fact, time and again by calling delinquents Tantrics. 

6. Are you going to write only about Tantra and Tantrics in future or you might shift your focus from this topic?

 I have not really thought whether I will write at all !!

7. Can we get some insight about what your next book is?

Have to still decide if I will write and if I do what it will be.

8. How has been your association with Rupa Publications while working with them on your first book?

Rupa Publications has been excellent at handling the entire project with the right sensitivity and understanding. My association with them is comfortable and easy.  They are open minded, very supportive and straightforward which works very well with me. One of the most admirable aspects is the promptness with which they respond. As an author I feel that the rejections I got from other publications were perfect in the larger scheme of things ….else Rupa would not have happened!! 

9. Any words for your readers who like your book?

I am really happy and grateful for your appreciation of the book.  I hope this book aids you to develop a great relationship with yourself, inspires you to learn from every trial that life offers you and makes you a better person. This book has techniques which are tools to start your journey of self understanding. Wishing you all a meaningful and wonderful life!!

25 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Parenting in the age of sex-posure by Dr. Vandita Dubey (Book Review- 3.5*/5)!!!

1469th BLOG POST -->>

       Well, some books are meant for a specific age-group or people playing specific roles in life. But if someone not in that target audience reads it and understands it very well, it means the book is more than enough of doing the change which it is intended to. One such book was handed to me named "Parenting in the age of sex-posure" written by Dr. Vandita Dubey and published by Rupa Publication. The authoress have tried to tell us about how sex is everywhere aaround us these days that it is hard for anyone to ignore it. And the small children who do not know anything about it also comes to know because of several things going around them on regular basis that you can't censor any of them. In such a situation how parents have to deal is what the whole book is all about.   

            Author have given many examples and scenarios which are related to sex in a child's life which can be controlled and dealt with if parents are alert and aware. And she believes that it is very easy and nothing to shy from children while discussing. She has given many tips about how parents can initiate the talk or how they can make it just another topic to discuss among themselves. She has managed to convince us in some of them while some suggestions really seem to be just ambitious but not executable. The author have raised several serious yet normal issues in today's world like touching of genitals, homosexuality, the access of sexual content on Internet, child sexual abuse, bullying etc. 

            The book is written in simple language like newspaper articles broken down into several chapters. You can read this book directly from anywhere which makes it easy guide whenever you want to read about a specific point itself without going chapter by chapter. Overall, I would say that this book should be read once by every parent even if your child have reached 15+ age. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. 



Review: "A.I.SHA - My Virtual Girlfriend" Web-Series!!! ***½

1468th BLOG POST -->>

     Since Raghu Ram had announced that he is not going to be part of Roadies series anymore, his fans have been waiting to see him on-screen. He did few shows in between- Masterchef and Comedy Nights Bachao but people wanted to see him working as full-time on something. Suddenly, we got to know about a new web-series launching on "Arre" Youtube channel named "A.I.SHA" which is written by Raghu Ram himself along with Harman Singha (younger brother of Rannvijay Singha). The both of them are also playing boss and sub-ordinate respectively in the show. They first season of the series was of only 7 episodes of 15-20 minutes average length of each episode. The character of Aisha is played by Nimisha Mehta who looks like Kriti Sanon for most of the times. Didn't you feel so? Ok!       

            The first two episodes show how Raghu as boss keeps ruining the life of this geeky developer played by Harman. But after office time when Harman is at home, he is busy developing an Artificial Intelligence software which leads to this virtual girlfriend named Aisha that he creates on his computer. She is someone with whom he can talk and interact. She just keeps getting better after each effort of her creator, Harman, and a time comes when she becomes dangerous for himself and life starts shattering for this innocent boy as he loses the peace and happiness in his life because of something that he created out of ambition and emotion. Rest of all the 5 episodes are based on the protagonist's life which is nothing sort of hell because of Aisha.

           The writing of the show is crisp and pacy which doesn't let be bore of it even for a second throughout the season. After every episode ends, you want to see the next as soon as possible. The actors have also done well, especially Singha and Raghu. Raghu plays his part with the same ease with which he used to audition candidates in Roadies. Nimisha Mehta as Aisha is very beautiful and someone whom you cannot take away from your mind even after hours of watching the episodes. The only disappointment of the show is its finale where the story doesn't end completely but writers have left more to continue in the 2nd season. That's not how you should end the first season of a completely new show on the Youtube Channel where you already have challenge with 50-60 web-series already attracting the viewers. I give this web-series 3.5 stars out of 5. 



Review: Ishq Forever: A very poor movie!!! 0

1467th BLOG POST -->>


       As I said in my previous post, I had missed many movies that got released this Valentine's Day and one out of them is "Ishq Forever". The movie didn't promote and market itself well because of which many didn't get to know about it. It's production value has been one of the lowest because of which it didn't get the attention that every makers dream of getting. Well, talking about the movie, I would say that I feel sad for every couple who went to watch this movie thinking that they will find enough sensible romance in it so that they can savour the moment. It's all so dramatic and loud-y that you want to walk off after every scene.    

            This girl of minister stays away from her house because she loves freedom. Suddenly, her father wins the election and becomes India's Prime Minister. Now she is provided security as it comes under protocol. Lisa Ray and Javed Jaffery are meant to be with her 24*7 along with their team so that she is safe every second. The twist here is that these agents turn out to be separated couple and more than saving this girl, they are busy in patching up and renewing their relationship. The terrorists from Pakistan are just about to kidnap this girl when a boy on bike comes to save her. Suddenly, they start loving each other. And then more twists happen about which I am least interested in talking right now. I am just trying to breathe as much as possible because I feel I'll die because of the effect of the movie on me. 

             The performance of the actress is a big null. The actor is surely a fine actor who might achieve in bagging more roles in upcoming projects. Javed Jaffery is good with his humor and timing but still wasted. Lisa Ray is just for glamour purpose. Chetan Pandit is fine. The dialogues are very weak and poor. The screenplay is destructive. Even for its length of 120 minutes, this movie felt long. I give this 0 star out of 5. Even music could have saved it but except one song "Socha Na Tha", everything else sucks.



Review: Loveshhuda: Same cliche romantic movie!!! *

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      This Valentine's Day, many romantic movies had released within 2 weeks itself which made me skip Loveshhuda even though I wanted to watch because of the confidence shown by its newcomer actress in an interview with the reviewer, Komal Nahta. And now that I am done watching the movie, I can say that it's only for people who still like watching romantic movies even if it has same story line and plot of those dozens of movie you saw in 1980s, 90s and 2000s. You can call me one of these viewers because of which I liked the first half of Loveshhuda but the 2nd half is so predictable and cliche that even I had to start checking my watch to know how much time is still to go for the torture to end.        

           Director, Vaibhav Misra, have tried to present the same old product in a new but unattractive package but fails to present anything new. He wanted to show something different so this time he starts a movie where a love story begins after the two people have slept together. Cool! And this happens because of consuming unlimited alcohol as the song plays in background, "Aaj phir peene ki tamanna hai". The boy is grown up by his older sister as his parents died in the childhood itself. She is dominating and decides everything for him. This makes him more wild whenever he is out with friends which makes him over-alcoholic. Okay! After sleeping with this girl, he ends up marrying a girl his sister selects who is just like her- DOMINATING. The couple goes through divorce because of incompatibility and this boy again meets the girl he slept with after 4 years. And what happens after this is the cliche I am talking about. 

            The script of this movie is so poor that we know why new actors are cast in it because anyone with experience of 5 movies will never sign such stuff. What makes Girish Kumar act again is a mysterious case that I think many people will have to study after another few years of cinema. He tries to be Emraan Hashmi sometimes while Saif Ali Khan in rest of the scenes when he is not being Hashmi. There is no originality or USP that he brings with himself. The actress, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, is fine but not superlative. She still has lots of room for improvement but still she was a pleasure to watch on screen. Rest, Tisca Chopra and Sachin does good in their small roles. Overall, Loveshhuda is only for die-hard romantic movies lover as I said earlier otherwise it's a complete waste of time. I give it 1 star out of 5.



Review: Rocky Handsome: Nice action but weak storyline!!! **

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        Today itself, after watching Madaari, I was reminded of "Rocky Handsome", another movie that was released this year itself from the same director, Nishikant Kamat. To my surprise, he even acted in the movie and I was unable to identify him in his bald avatar after watching him in long curly hair from such a long time. Rocky Handsome is basically about how drug-mafia is dominating the lives and doing killings and abducting in day light in one of the prime locations of India, GOA. Enters John Abrahamin the movie who is running a pawn shop and is neighbour of a drug-addict mom and her daughter. This 8 year old girl is mostly ignored by her mother which makes John Abraham fond of her. One day this drug mafia kidnaps her too. And this triggers the violent John to come back in his deadly avatar of brutally killing people doing wrongs with innocents.    

             The direction of the movie is fine. I didn't feel that the movie was stretchy or anything. Even the climax is nicely shot. The biggest problem that lies in this movie is absence of soul in it. There is no chemistry shown between John and Shruti or John and the 8-year old girl for whom he is ready to fight the whole system alone. Even the scenes in which John and the girl is together, the scene is unable to get you excited or moved because they are so plain that they pass just another segment of the movie. The only places where movie surpasses is action-based scenes where John is either killing the villains with his hands or weapons or by martial arts move. John looks perfect during these scenes but in all the other scenes, he keeps the same expression throughout and tries to show his loneliness through his eyes but it looks nothing but pretension by an average actor. 

             All the other performances are strictly okay. The songs are fine. The violence in the movie is very intense so watch it only if you are able to watch blood and gore just like it's another romantic scene in a Bollywood movie. Haha! There are not many dialogues in the movie because John stays quiet for most of the times. Overall, Rocky Handsome is a good action movie with a weak script. I give it 2 stars out of 5. 


24 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Madaari: Similar to "A Wednesday"!!! ***½

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MADAARI: 3.5/5

          If a movie has Irrfan Khan in lead role, you are rest assured that you are not going to return back with a disappointed mood. And over that if you have Jimmy Shergill playing a police officer, you know that like all the other movies where he have played the same character, he is again going to keep his performance at least at par. And when such talented actors are directed by Nishikant Kamat, a director who have made many wonderful movies in Hindi and Marathi cinemas, you are just going to pay as many bucks the cinema hall would be asking for. "Madaari", the latest release this weekend, has all these personalities together which compelled me to go to theater to watch it even when I wasn't much impressed with the trailer.  

           "Mumbai Meri Jaan" and "Drishyam" are my personal favorites of the director and "Madaari" have just got added to the list. Though the film has many similarities with "A Wednesday" still it has its own aesthetics which makes you like Madaari for its self chosen path to tell the same type of story. The film is about this kidnapper who have kidnapped Home minister's son because his own son have been killed in a tragedy which is the result of government's corruption. He wants to teach them a lesson and feel what he has been feeling since his son's death. And then the movie shows the kidnapper's past when he is happy with single-parenting his son, his journey with home minister's son, his conversation with the officials etc. 

            The movie is interesting but the biggest problem is its pace. The movie is too slow to keep you glued to the screen. If it would have been less by half an hour then it would have justified itself to be one of the bestial movies of this year. But unfortunately, it is not that terrific but it is surely one of the good movies in the recent times as it has something to say about how government functions. The climax scene says a lot and it's been a delight to watch last 15 minutes. Film is definitely emotional and moving. The dialogues are great. The song "Masoom Sa" is very powerful whenever it plays in background in the voice of Sukhwinder Singh. Background music is very loud. Rest, as I said in the beginning of this review, performances are wonderful. Just little editing and minute improvement in direction could have made Madaari what the audiences was expecting out of it. Still, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Certainly, one-time watch.


18 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Raman Raghav 2.0: A fine movie!! **½

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RAMAN RAGHAV 2.0: 2.5/5

        I was busy in my MBA studies because of which I skipped watching many movies resulting to which even my mother had to stay without watching a single movie. The new PVR Cinemas inauguration happened in Panvel during this time itself and the ladies of my colony decided to watch a movie there. They didn't know much about Raman Raghav 2.0's genre and hence they booked the ticket of it. After watching the movie when my mother came back home, she felt depressed for next one week and kept telling me that she have never seen such a horrific movie ever in life and wishes to never see such movie again. This made me more curious about what is so evil in this Anurag Kashyap's movie.     

           Finally, I watched it this Sunday and may be because I'm more evil and wicked, I didn't go through the same despair which the aunties of my society did. Haha! But the movie is definitely different from what we regularly see in the Bollywood. Yes, the basis of it is the same- that the killings done by criminal and police is one and the same thing but just that they are two different side of a coin. This results in the introdution of two characters- Raman- the criminal who is psychotic and kills people like a mad man without feeling any sort of attachment or sympathy. The only problem is that in the whole movie, we are not made to understand what made him so wild and crazy that he went on killing people so badly. On the other hand, Raghav is the policeman who is investigating these murders. He has a backdrop which we get to know in a scene when he is with his father. Also, his girlfriend blames him of killing her 3 babies as she has to go under abortion each time. This leads him to become what almost Raman himself is- A Killer.

           The movie cannot be called as thriller as there's nothing for which a suspense is kept. It is just a series of chapter and back to back murders or interrogations. Nothing else. Problem is that whenever director comes close to letting us know about what made these personalities so evil, he goes back to the black screen where another murder is about to happen. But still Nawazuddin Siddiqui's perfect and flawless acting does it all for Kashyap. Similarly, Vicky Kaushal have also done a great job and you'll not forget him after coming out of the movie which is an achievement in itself as matching up with Siddiqui is almost impossible for a newcomer. I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5. 



Review: Traffic: An intense thriller!!! ***½

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TRAFFIC: 3.5/5

    Traffic's trailer was in itself one of the best piece to watch. It told us about what we are about to be served with. A thriller where you know the things will get perfect in the end but still you would love watching the whole process of getting there to the perfect end. Traffic is remake of a hit Malayalam movie by the same director. Unfortunately, the director is no more. The movie is about how a young journalist meets with a road accident in Mumbai while 160 kms away, the daughter of a superstar is in ICU almost on the verge of dying. Doctor says that a heart transplant can save her. The girl's parents request young journalist's parents to please allow doctors to donate their son's heart. With lots of emotion flowing during this part of the movie, boy's parents agree. And now the movie starts where a big challenge of how to transport the heart through roadways from Mumbai to Pune in a busy traffic at the peak hours engulfs the mind of Traffic department and doctors.        

             The 1st half is more on emotional front where the parents of both the patients are going through the trauma of seeing their child breathing their last in front of their eyes. Then it becomes more traumatic for the parents when the boy's parents realize that they are finally losing their son while girl's parents are scared if the heart will reach hospital at the right time. The 2nd half is where the movie becomes action-packed as Manoj Bajpayee and Jimmy Shergill takes it on their shoulder and give one of their best performances. The conviction in Bajpayee's eyes to make this mission successful even involves you. Similarly, the leadership of Shergill and his continuous instructions to his team and Bajpayee keeps you interested. 

            The other performances are also worth acknowledging. The background music plays a big part in making this movie sound more beautiful. The dialogues are also intense and serious complying with the subject of the movie. Overall, this thriller is worth-watching. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. 



Review: Do Lafzon Ki Kahani: Only Randeep impresses!!! ½

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       "Do Lafzon Ki Kahani" is directed by Deepak Tijori and is a movie about a love story where the boy is a boxer while the girl is blind. It's again another cliche Bollywood movie trying to be different from others but unfortunately falling in the same criteria of forgettable movie. These movies are such that when you have broken off with your girlfriend and are sitting alone in your bedroom after drinking a lot, then this movie should play on television. Someone lonely, broken and drunkard lover might like this movie in that moment of heavy emotions but for someone who is alert, conscious and fine, such movies can lead him to depression. DLKK did that just to me and I'm suffering badly from its cliche scenes and dialogues.     

            Randeep Hooda is a great actor and he is the only one who looks determined in this movie to make it look like an excellent stuff. His conviction in the scenes when he is trying to get in to the boxing ring again are worth watching. Even the scenes where he is silent while the girl keeps speaking makes him look great as a character who is silent because of a trauma that he is going through because of an accident that happens because of one of his evil acts. On the other hand, Kajal Agarwal, though looks charming in many scenes, fail to impress you as a blind girl. She needed to empower this character more but she did it so plainly that you cannot forgive her. Her chirpiness is fine in first scene but the same Bindiyaa thing becomes irritating after a time. And shockingly, dialogue-writer have added this Bindiyaa thing even in the climax scene to make you remember it even while leaving the theater. Amazing!

           The songs are nice. My favorites are Kuch Toh Hai and Jeena Marna. Except these two songs and few scenes of Randeep Hooda while he is preparing for getting into the fighting mode again, there's nothing in this movie that deserves talking. I give it 1/2 stars for Randeep's effort. 



Review: Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd.: A pathetic attempt!!! 0

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       Initially, I had thought that "Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd." is a Punjabi movie. It was only after few reviews started coming that I came to know it's in Hindi. Finally, I got its original print and like few audiences, even I ended up watching it in hope of few funny jokes. But my little expectation of finding only few jokes also proved to be a major task for the writers and the director of this movie. The famous duo- Santa-Banta and their jokes raises lots of expectations from this movie but the writers have failed miserably. They will never be able to forgive themselves for ruining this movie even after having a great opportunity to make a different movie and create a new franchisee in Bollywood. But seeing the trend in Bollywood, I won't be surprised if I'll see its part 2 coming out after few months.    

            The biggest surprise is that how the season actors of Bollywood like Boman and Vir Das agreed to work in this movie. Even they look bored throughout the movie. It seems as if someone is making them perform on the gunpoint. Boman Irani who generally adds flavor to a scene is unable to create any impact this time. Same goes with Vir Das. Johnny Lever's fillers are only worsening the issue for the makers. Not a single joke from this legendary comedian makes you even smile. And that can be called the biggest failure of this movie. Vijay Raaz has few moments in the movie but how can they prove to be the savior when everything else is there to keep downgrading the movie. 

            Neha Dhupia and Lisa Haydon are there for just glamour value and does fine. Rest, songs are another distraction in this movie. Overall, I would only say that save yourself from this unbaked comic attempt. I give it 0 star.