30 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

RETIREMENT- The Worst Phase For Any Passionate Employee!!!

738th BLOG POST -->>

            We live our life- with our own choices and decisions. We love following what our heart asks us to. If it asks us to work too hard for next 8 hours, we do. When it asks us to lie our boss and take a leave, we take and go to chill out at a picnic spot near our town. But, working remains to be the primary reason and rationale of our living. We don't realize the amount of time we put in it because we expect money and stability from it. Every student has just one tension and it's about Placement and Job. Some who have good amount of sources, also cries about their ability of keeping the job secure and safe for a longer time. Everyone lacks somewhere in their knowledge about the subject and that overcomes all the positivism we have about ourselves. And, once the target of securing a position in a good renowned organization is accomplished, person starts living his life with all his concentration towards the job. Because he don't want to lose the fun he is getting through his job. The continuous flow of money, respect from the society, meeting new people through job etc makes our life exciting and responsible. And no one wants to live a life with no responsibility. 

             Yesterday, Ricky Ponting retired. I am sure there would have been many Aussies who would have shed their tears learning that he will not be standing on field, crease and pitch again to perform. He will never ever return to do what he did in his own way and better than anyone. In a field where everyone is 1 out of 1 billion, he is named among legends. With his retirement, people have started asking Sachin Tendulkar to retire. These men have put their whole life in this game of Cricket. Every morning, they woke up for all these years thinking about how better can they play today than yesterday. They always thought of delivering the best so that their performance can benefit their team and the country they represent. And they never compromised with the situation. They never got involved in any kind of match-fixing and other shameful offensive activities. They always played in a manner that made us feel proud of them. We associate them with their country's pride. A country is good because of its best citizens. And these people are best in their field.

             The amount of time they spent in playing under the hot rays of sun, with profuse sweating, tiredness and effort is known only to them. They chose such life. A life that would no longer remain private to them once they achieve the life they want to. It will become public's property. Now, after working in their field for 20-25 years without compromise, cowardliness and falsehood, they are rudely blamed for not performing as they used to. They are asked to leave the field and go for ever. Never to see themselves at the same spot again. A spot which they saw as a dream in a very young age. An age when others of the same age wasted time while they spent in working towards their aim for which not less than billions are in competition. Just imagine them waking up next morning and realizing that they are not made for Cricket anymore.They are now been asked to sit at home by the same people to whom they gave unlimited amount of happiness in all the years they worked. 

             Are people a jury who should ask such responsible people for sacrificing their spot for others? We have just been spectators. We have not been the mass that helped them achieve what they wanted to. It is their family, friends, coaches and relatives who helped them. They have some amount of authority to ask them to leave the job and sit at home. Not, we, the people. Freedom of Speech is right. But it does not mean that it should always be used to hurt someone's sentiment.  Why don't we use it to tell what we feel about ourselves and on general topics and not on some individual or a group of people? Strange, isn't it? That is how Freedom of Speech is been wasted and misused. Just imagine the morning when Sachin Tendulkar will wake up and feel that he is not going to play Cricket anymore, Amitabh Bachchan will make up to realize that he is taking official retirement never to come on Big Screen again, Chetan Bhagat announces that he is not writing any novel anymore because of too much criticism. Just Imagine!!! It gives me goosebumps. 

            Retiring from what you love is the hardest call of life. Because, when we do what we love, we do it with all our passion and hard-work. We don't compromise a bit while working in that section of work. We make it sure that we always do a bit extra than others to devote much in the cause. It's not about our personal development then, but it is also about the proliferation in the quality of field we are into so that our field gets respect in society. If someone had a passion of being a Police Inspector and he manages to achieve it, then he tries to do his best to delete all the bad image that the Police Department has in society. He tries to keep doing an extra bit so that his Department gets a good name in society. If, to such person, people of the society would ask to retire because of age and under-performance at some level of his career, it would be the most depressing part of his life. We should respect such humans. We should try to duplicate them through ourselves. We should take inspiration rather than judging them. 

            It can be today's Sun rise when we might hear Sachin Tendulkar announcing his retirement. And I am telling you, it would be like someone died. It will be very hard to accept the fact that a performer like him will never hit Sixes and Fours again in a stadium-packed Cricket ground. I am not against the ideologies of those who feel that Sachin should vacant his space for a youngster as someone gave him his space when he started playing at the age of 17. But still.. A person who devoted his life to earn this position should himself take a call rather than we advising him to retire. We are no one. We are no one to ask someone to leave their work. We should concentrate on ours. What if your building-mates start asking you to take retirement from your job in a MNC because they feel that you are not a good employee? What will be your reaction to them? You better know your vocabulary of abuses. I need not say anything. :-) So, we should better do our job than asking others to quit their. Because announcing Retirement is the worst that one passionate employee faces in his tenure of job. Respect such people's passion for their work and job. That's it. 


28 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Why SMILE? When You Can CRY!!!

737th BLOG POST -->>

             For the whole day I was engaged in coding up few programs and learning the basic terms of the Computer shit I have got stuck into. And one of the favorite program of I and my friend has been of Palindrome and co-incidentally even the number of this blog turned out to be 737- A palindrome number. What an irritating co-incidence! It should have been better if I would not have learnt any thing in the day. Haha! Actually, this is not a funny blog post as the initial part has been turned out to. Some times, the starts are very different than the future climaxes. Just as every damn relationship of youths, these days. Initially, it's all about caring the legacy ahead of Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha, Veer-Zaara and later, it's all about Post-interval TERE NAAM for boys and.... climax of Aitraaz for girls. :-) Let's leave this scrap here and move ahead with what the post is all about. Huh!!!

            Does anyone of you wants to make someone cry who loves you the most? Or would like to see someone crying because of you? This is the worst feeling anyone can live with. I lived with it today. Though the person didn't tell me but I know, I made the person cry. The sole reason was that I wanted beneficiary to end up on the person's side, for that making someone being in pain for few moments is better than spoiling the whole future or a vast part of future of the person. As a dialogue says in Sarkar Raj,"Nazdeeki faayde k liye door k nuksaan ko nazar-andaaz nahi karna chahiye". It would have been easy if I could have made the person smile today but that would have ended up in making person's life hell later on. The dilemma that might have come because of my decision, later on, could have ended the person's life at such an edge where neither of the two decisions could make the person happy. I wanted to save the person from this. The dilemma. The confused future. The loss-loss situation. 

             I don't know if the person cried or not but few circumstances related to him/her and other experience made me weep just before an hour from now. I usually behave very strictly when I have to manage and control myself. I did. I made all the possible tries of blackmailing and warning myself of a punishment if the tears would end up rolling down my cheeks. But what is best for the moments has to happen. Tears took their time and finally released themselves from my body. With it, all the emotions flew away to an unknown location in the universe. I am totally fine now. The result of it can be seen in my over-action in the initial stage of this Blog Post. :-) Crying is not a very good option but some times that is the only option left for us to take. And taking it helps us to forget all the complicated issues and concentrate on what makes us smile back. To me, it's my best friend who does this. She makes it sure that I smile whenever I don't want to. And she has been successful in making me smile whenever she wanted to. God should give such friends to all. But mine has to be a percent better than your's. :-)

             I remember that cry of mine when I was leaving my mother for the last time when I returned to hostel after the vacations. I cried a lot because I knew that I am not studying in hostel and hence, next time when I would be meeting her it would be with shame and regret. It happened exactly the same. Then, recently, when I cried a lot was when I saw a dream where I found my parents...... I won't prefer to say it. And Yes, I also wrote about that dream incident in a blog post. After I got admission in MCA in the college I was ambitious about, I cried a lot after realizing that I have left all my good friends behind and I'm alone in this new journey of life. Then, I also cried when my last relationship failed because that was an alarm about the amount of rejection I experience in my life. But, after crying tonight, I realized that it does makes me feel free from all the tensions that were pursuing my brain from hours. Though, in the current state, my head is aching because of welling that happened 90 minutes ago :-) and there's vomiting sensation too. But still, I am feeling well. Positive effects of crying, you know. :-)

              Though, nothing can beat the effect of smiling. Even when I have bucktooth, I keep smiling every now and then. But point-to-be-noted, I don't like my photos to be clicked with my teeth shining like cartoon's. :-) But still, some times, crying beats smile and laughter. Friends, keep smiling. And when you feel that crying would give you relaxation and peace, cry. But if you are crying to take yourself to the next level of depression, then you ______ don't even try to emote any bloody emotion of yours. Haha! I could have written this whole post in a personal format in my personal diary but sometimes, to come out of a state of mind, you feel like sharing your thoughts and current situation with everyone, I just did that. :-) Now, as I am out, I should sign off. 4 AM, you know. Huh!


26 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Lest We Forget-26th November, 2008!!! 26/11!!!

736th BLOG POST -->>

            A day about which you don't want to talk but still you can't afford to sit down without speaking about it. Four years from then but still a memory of devastating facts with not a bit of fiction that is hard to believe that it really happened. A human wanting to kill others. For that, he makes all the plannings and go through a training process. He and his team is taught about how to kill people without feeling bad about it. They see people dying all around them because of several bullets being fired from their guns by a trigger of their index finger. Yet they don't regret about any damn drop of blood that is shed because of their criminality. They are proud of it. Their family feels that what their children is doing is exactly what should be done with the people with whom it is been done. Disappointing! More than anything. 

           This makes us so fearful that we expect ourselves to die every time we walk the same place that has been bought under execution of such terror and war. A war where there is no retaliation because the other side is innocent and weak. A side that has no hatred towards any body. A side that is taught to work to feed their own family. But, God sometimes give punishment of being too kind to be engaged in our own work. And then we come across against some coward who, for proving their point, do not debate but kill the innocents to win the debate by default. In a so-called negotiation between them and country, they make a country of 1.2 Billion lose the point by being a group of just 10-15 individuals. This is the hallow power that they possess and showcase. Every time, when I move towards CST, Oberoi Hotel, Marine Drive, I fear if this day doesn't turn out to be another day that will be named just as 26th November, 2008 has been named as 26/11. And I might become one of those victims who'll have to keep their life at ransom just for being at a place that was in target from years for those 15 individuals who shall have nothing to do with me or my life. 

            If a bomb blasts and I become a victim, I might die. The consequences would be not over me but upon my parents and the people who consider me a gem in their life. For them, they will lose a piece of their heart, one of many reasons to live etc. They will go into depression for many many days. Their development, concentration, will power- all will go into a scrap that will take time to get reused again and get into shape to be engineered upon once again in life. Many would find its effect in their health that'll keep on getting deteriorated day by day because they'll keep on rewinding the same scenes of the moments that they would have spent with me in their course of wonderful life. Second possibility: I would be a victim to this bomb blast , but I might not die. I would get handicapped. Now, this will not only depress my soul but everyone's. Death can, once, be overcome. But a person staying with you with his body shattered and handicapped, for every moment, will never let you think about anything else than his condition and helpless life. And my family will have to bear unwanted expenditure over the medical checkups and treatment for whole lifetime. 

           Such are an effect of a bomb explosion, terrorism and war. Actually more than this, but I can't understand what exactly happens with the real victims. I, being a resident of this city where the whole process of inhumanity took place, lives in a fear every time I go towards the area that was the victim of 26/11. I have written many posts on 26/11 in last 2-3 years as a tribute and condolence to the victims of the day but I know, it means nothing to them. For them, every thing is black and dark. The only fear that they have is of not losing anyone else in another bomb blast. Because it has become part of their life now. Every time, a terrorism news would be getting flashed on television, they would start shivering. Because, they know what consequences it brings on the life of individuals facing it very closely and as a part of it. The death of Ajmal Kasab means nothing because the victims of 26/11 can never find the same peace and aura back in their life. But, a city like Mumbai does not stop. But does it have any other option than not moving on? NO!!! 

           My condolences to all who are still living in dark and dealing with the plight of the day. 


25 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


735th BLOG POST -->>

            Worthiness of our own self acquires the strength to attract all the prosperity of others towards ourselves. We don't realize the potential that we have within us until we don't take a challenge. A challenge that makes us more mature than what we were some days ago, some hours ago or some minutes ago. A challenge that generates positive and pragmatic results. Negative challenges can be pursued by anyone. Ask me to hit a dog and I can do it easily. This isn't the right challenge to take up. The right challenge is to take a pledge of feeding a dog for one week continuously such that the dog does not remain to be hungry any any more. That is strength. That is what we realize within us when we take upon the challenges that we never ever consider as a part of our life or our responsibility. Such short life and still the waste of time continues in the same way as a small baby wastes his time. He is helpless. He needs someone's help for each of his activity. We are a fighter in our own selves. And would you ever like to see a Fighter/Soldier ever resting without risky challenges? I hope the answer is not YES. If it is, I don't know about you but others surely don't have any respect for you.

             It's hard. It's sometimes depressing. And sometimes so annoying that I feel as to leave what I do. But, is this what I was brought for on this planet Earth? I am one of the many creations of God. Like every of his, I am also one of his creation. I see Nature, I salute God. I see animals, I salute God. I see sky, planets, sun, stars, I salute God. Many variety that he has exhibited on Earth. One of these creations is Human Beings. And considering this section, I take myself as the representative of this class of creation. I know I am not. I don't even deserve to be. Others have lead a life that I might never ever be in an association of turning into a possibility for me. But still, I feel that God has placed a job for me to represent human kind in such a way that it could be called the best creation of all by him- the almighty. And when I take up such a challenge, definitely life would not be easy. It's 5 minutes past 6 AM, a time at which the world is waking up, and I haven't still slept. The y'day has been too hectic while today is again going to be a long serving day. This night was meant to take rest to recover. But it's gone in some releasing moments- of emotions, of laughter, of resilience. But, when I take a responsibility to display myself as a leader, is sleeping appropriate at such stage? Will not human kind be proud of the way I am leading my life as? I am representing our clan as the most awaken being on Earth. Hence, sleeping is never a priority to me. It would only be, by default, after death. Let it come because of lack of sleep. I am ready to sacrifice my years of life to tell God how I have not let you regret of creating me. 

             What I am not interested in, has also become a part of routine now. Why? Because challenge has been taken upon. We are here to take challenges. And what guarantees it's success? Our passion. Determination and Dedication. I had it yesterday. My friend had it. We accomplished what even we didn't have any idea about. And we celebrated it from 1 AM to 4.30 AM. These 3.30 hours of resilience isn't waste of hours but something that will act as spring to me. If that would not have happened, I could have fainted by now because of head-ache that came into existence because of deliverance of intellectualism that we did put on something we never ever knew how to handle before. We have succeeded in this part of Academics. My friend went back to his home at 4.30 AM. He is sleeping right now. Even I should have at that moment of time. But then, the challenge. Because of this academical success, I can't let other parts of Routine go unnoticed and in ignorance. Finally, I did all with a speed that even I wasn't introduced till the moment. :-) And now, I am here to blog. Because this is also a commitment. Not to readers, but to my own self. Finally, with the accomplishment of this Blog Post, I would be done with all the To-Dos of the day. The CHALLENGE kept on table will be accomplished. And yet another one would be taken to not let this day become unproductive. It's past 6 AM hence only 18 hours remain. But will I let this go in sleep? Never ever. 2-3 hours will do. And if I take more than that, the coming night will again go in work and not sleep. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ONCE AGAIN. 

              This is what life of a human being is. The success does not comply with the fact as to how much money you have made in life but what as human being you have accomplished. I am trying to excel. I don't get paid for anything but I earn satisfaction, relaxation, peace, meditation, calmness, idea of how vast life and whole Universe is etc. Because I believe in what the book- THE SECRET says. The whole Universe gets engaged with me when I am at work- with commitment and strictness. And I better make it sure that I don't slap myself for failure of not letting today as much productive as yesterday or more than that. How can my yesterday be better than today? The world is developing, the technology is progressing, how an I as human being, one of many creations, lose the race? How damn can I? I can not. I can not afford to. The Sun would rise in few moments. The world will rise. I might go for slumber moments for few hours. I don't care. But I have made our clan look enough at winning end at the end of the day. Sorry, the beginning of it. :-) Because, CHALLENGE is what was taken, is taken and will always be the part of each second I  shall breathe. And the CHALLENGES that are resulting in positive changes. Let's take such challenges, human kind, and lets excel in being the best creation of God. Let's not make anyone else win against us. YO!!! :-)

It's almost 6.30 AM. Y'day, blog came at 4.20 AM. Today becomes better than Yesterday. :-) I can sleep without a slap now!!!


24 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

24th Anniversary of My Favorite Love Story!!!

734th BLOG POST -->>

          A Very Happy Birthday to- Anamika- The most pious person on this Blog Space. 

             So the 24th Anniversary of my parents gets celebrated in a little better way than all the 23 of them celebrated in last 2.3 decades. :-) I, being their only son, had some responsibilities towards making this one special, though I didn't do much in progressing the execution in an appropriate manner but still by God's grace, this became the best. Every time, I see my mother and father happy with each other, talking on their own issues, about my future, about how to lead their rest of the active years, then what to do after retirement etc, I feel very happy and satisfied. Both of them compromising with the situations and still being with each other from last 24 years is a very big personal accomplishment for me because somewhat even I have a participation in keeping both of them interested towards each other. :-)  Or the process of my creation did that between them. :p Actually, the second reason is that the longest official affair of my life had been of 15 days, hence the long duration of someone's successful Love Story amazes me. :-) And the Successful relationship of my Mother and Father has been watched most closely only by me. Hence, I love thinking and rejoicing about their perfect relationship. 

             Every time, a turmoil passes across our family, if my father is able to, he tries to deal and beat it or if it comes in the profile of my mother, she is GOD. She is extremely perfect in what she is. I don't have words to define the way she has lived and lead her life. If ever I would be able to be so hard-working, consistent, selfless, helpful, inspiring, lovable, famous, dependable etc, I would die in arrogance. But, she is yet soft-spoken. Every time, she comes to know about someone who needs help, she is the first person to come up with a result. Every body talks, but my mother makes it sure that she is bringing an end to the problems of the person. Hence, my father is himself lucky to get this lady as his wife some 24 years back when he didn't even know about her extra-ordinary skills. I am, toh, world's most lucky son to do nothing and yet get birth from someone who's legendary in her society. If ever I'll get a chance to see what goes in a person's mind and heart, I would like to read my mother's, because I want to know how is she so forgiving and helpful. Why can't I be so selfless like her? AMAZING! She is the main reason, I would say, of this 24 years long successful relationship. :-) Because, my father isn't a legend. He is a normal human being. :-)

               When my mother knew that my father's salary is something that can never make us survive in this mehengaai ki duniyaa, she went and lived at her father's place so that my father can save some money. Though it was insulting, she did. Then, she started stitching work. Later, she became Post Office's agent. She also made use of her cooking skills and sold pickles, biscuits, eatables etc. Similarly, she did so many jobs so that the double income can save our house, our future and specifically, her son's future. Seeing her hard work, my father continued working in his organization with zeal and enthusiasm though he always wanted to open a business rather than working on the concept of salary based job. With such co-ordination and co-operation, today my parents have given me a life that guarantees me a very secure present and future too. Today, I never have to say that I can't join someone because of financial problem. The only problem that arises are of values and morals on which I live my life. Ok sorry. :-)

                  The most that I am proud of my parents are because of their open-mindedness and thought level that actually helps me revitalize myself. Today, I don't fear from calling my friends at home any time because my parents are enough open to understand that their son is the only child, hence because of no siblings he might feel like spending time with the boys and girls of his age. Amazing! Because they themselves have 4-5 brothers-sisters. :-) Understanding my plight is the best thing that they do with me. Secondly, there are so many times when I call just a girl of my age at my home for studies or for fun, but my mother never checks in and out in doubt if bedroom mein padhai hi chal rahi hai ya sagai ho rahi hai :-). This is another great attitude of my parents towards me. I, in life, will always bow in front of my parents for being such good human beings to me that they always support me whenever I ask for company. They allow me to have anybody at home at whatever time because they know that their son might feel lonely at times. 

             As they get into their 25th year of relationship, I just want God to bless both of them so that they continue to co-operate each other and also co-operate with me the way they do. Thanks a lot, God for blessing me. And luckily, I am a Single Child so I don't have to share their love with anyone. All that I have is for me. What a Monopoly!!! 

              It's time to leave now. Already, 4.20 AM on the clock now. 


22 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Are Kasabs and Ladens really at FAULT??

733rd BLOG POST -->>

            While many people celebrated the death of Ajmal Kasab, there were few who were giving some wonderful comments that I was totally against of. I know that killing of Kasab isn't going to eliminate terrorism from the world but at least, one out of many evils is gone. Though this should have happened 4 years ago but what if this would not have happened for next 10 years too? What if he would have remained in jail for next 10 years like Afzal Guru is still cherishing his life? I know you would ask me that why am I supporting something that should have happened but because of Government's cowardliness and spineless system/transparency it already took time, and I am still rejoicing on the fact that it didn't take much more time. It's just like saying that why are you crying over 183 individuals death when there could have been a blast that could have killed 500. I am talking something that is senseless but at least the execution of Kasab's proceeding towards death has amused me. This is not enough for the victims who have lost a piece of their life with the attack but do I or you or anybody have anything to say for lessening the amount of pain that the victims are living in? We know the answer. You feel like coming down at knees and ask for forgiveness even when you aren't the criminal who executed the whole massacre. But still, we feel bad for what happened with them. But the damage can never be repaired. Let Kasab die or almost every terrorist who is under preparation of something more worst than 26/11. 

            The formation of Kasabs and Ladens is just because of one reason- The addiction and passion that their parents create in their mind for religion, region and the blood of God that flows in their veins. Any addiction is bad addiction. Let it be of alcohol or of devotion. Every thing in proper balance gives wonderful results while anything that overtakes the another in the philosophy with which we lead our life is always a way towards destruction and then, depreciation if its possible. I am a Rajput. By caste, I should be protecting every Hindu as we are called "kshatriya". But if I'll take my caste seriously, will this make it possible for me to survive in this era of 21st century? And should protecting religion be the only job that we should be pursuing while breathing comfortably on the Earth? I can not imagine a life wholly dedicated to religion. Yes, each and every day, a definite compulsory time should be allotted for God but not every second. And yes, for God and not for religion, for God's sake. 

             A report has come where Kasab's aunt says that she don't know if Kasab executed the whole bombardment but if he did, she is totally proud of what he did with his enemies on their land itself. This is where the whole fault lies in. If my parents would teach me right from my childhood that certain group of people should be diminished because they aren't good to our group of people, I will certainly develop a hatred for those people. As I'll grow up, I'll always find a reason to bully or eliminate them. The day I'll have the power of firing and enfilading them, I'll surely shower all the bullets in their ribs. Later on, when my parents would be asked about my act, they'll say that they are proud of what their son did because someone should have done it from generations but no one had enough guts hence our son should be given an honorable respect. For my parents, my group of people, I would be a God. But for humanity, society, law and order, and all the genuine masses, I will act as the perfect villain because I am. I killed some innocents just because they belong to the caste or family of that generation which came 200 decades ago but killed almost all the pious people we had in our group leaving one through which the hierarchy progressed of the caste I belong to. Am I making sense? Hope I am. 

            The moment we become passionate for something, the era and endless turmoil against those who are against my passion begins. And once the fight to claim our passion comes into the provenance, the one man army gets turned into a huge army of muscular youngsters who are ready to be called "martyrs" for their group of people who are sharing the same passion as them, and get killed in the process of proving that their Passion is the biggest and needs to be worshiped. What Kasab did is totally right from his point of view and I believe that he is not totally at fault, but its his upbringing. When his aunt makes such statement, she clarifies as to what his whole family believes in and will keep believing in. The next generation of Kasab's family will not look at him as "gangster" but a "Hero" who died to protect his religion  and country. And someone from future generation would love to lead like Kasab and take revenge to what happened with Kasab in India. And the terrorism will just keep on getting multiplying in the same manner until the upbringing of the whole clan isn't genuine and in balance. 

              Though, in last 4 years, not more than 100 terrorists got killed worldwide but in clash with it, at least thousands of such would have got ready to execute any bombardment in protection of their religion, country, region, family, God and for whatever their parents would have asked them to be passionate about. At least, to my young generation, who are my basic reader mass, I would like to plead to not ask your children to love their religion to an extent where they would love to take anyone's life to claim that there's nothing bigger than their religion. If they love their country, it's good, if you want them to be passionate about it, please make it sure that you are sending your children in Defense Army and not asking them to protect it through some parallel illegal and irresponsible agency. Please. Let our next generation be away from hatred and such shameful passion towards something that is just favorable for a group of people and not the whole humanity. Let's stop building Kasabs. Kasabs are never wrong, it's their parents, teachers and guardians. Let we as parent, teacher or guardian be enough vast and open-minded to teach our next generation to love one and all. PLEASE!!!

         My condolences to all who got affected because of 26/11. And also kudos to President for rejecting the mercy petition of Ajmal Kasab. 21st November will always be remembered as a wonderful history. 


21 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Raj Thackeray teaches what Relatives are!!!

732nd BLOG POST -->>

            The biggest factors that matters in each of our lives is the people with whom we share our friendship and enmity with. These two associations lead our life in the way it wants to. If we have Friendships with wonderful people, we will always find courageous support with us in whatever we do. And if we have enmity with wonderful people, we might end up in comparing ourselves with them and getting frustrated. Similarly, if we share our friendships with negative people, we might end up losing what we have already achieved in life. And if we'll share enmity with such people, we might again end up comparing ourselves with them hence again causing distress. The simple mantra is to IGNORE such people. No other option should be taken up in any damn cost. But, the moment we realize that we are enemies to people just because of our ego or a will to carry forward the enmity to see how long we can continue with it, we should come to a halt immediately without giving it a second thought. Sometimes, we might hate the person without any reason or personal animosity, but it would be just because we dislike him/her for some thing that even we aren't assure of. And yes, IT HAPPENS.

          I still remember the day I read it in a tweet while sitting in college that Raj Thackeray went to hospital to see Uddhav Thackeray. Later, I read that he drove him to Matoshree in his own car. I was surprised that how can Raj Thackeray show such gesture after angrily isolating himself from the Father-son duo 5 years ago. As soon as I reached home at 7 PM, I switched on the television to see the visuals and was surprised. It was indeed a true event. Recently, when Balasaheb Thackeray lost his life due to old age, Raj Thackeray was with the family without any hem and hesitation. He didn't have any kind of complexion by being at a place where he should not have been considering to what Shiv Sena has said about him in last years. But still he remained with his father's brother and cousin in their bad times. I, considering myself at Raj Thackeray's position, can never believe that I would have done something that he easily did without caring about what he would feel about himself, what world would talk about him and how his own supporters will think of him. Amazing! I was even surprised that he and Amitabh Bachchan were present at the same ground in spite of what has happened between the two in the past. Similarly, when Salman Khan attended Jab Tak Hai Jaan's premiere in spite of knowing that he'll have to face Shahrukh Khan, it surprised me. Actually, I am still surprised to see the larger hearts that both- Raj Thackeray and Salman Khan have recently shown. 

            Seeing them, I realize that I am yet very small as a human being, a good human being. I am yet to achieve that stage of maturity where I can find myself away from a bit of an ego. There's still an atom of it that exists in me. I can never find myself approaching someone with complete new start with whom I have shared a cold war from months/years or a bad relationship. I remember the demise of my Chachaji in 2011, I was asked by my parents to accompany them till Jalandhar and attend the last rituals that are to be taken place. I kept refusing because I was adamant at my decision of not seeing a relative family ever in my life. At last, my friend, Yusuf also told me to be a better human being by going at the tragic occasion as I have always been good in building relationships. I went. As soon as the train reached the destination, I saw my cousin standing with us to carry off the luggage and guard us till Chachaji's home. I was surprised to see him. But I made up my mind that I am not talking to him. And I was sure that he will also reject me. But instead, he patted me and asked my whereabouts. I was surprised. And finally the relationship that was on hold for 3 years rocketed yet again. A week ago, he even called me to ask if I would like to accompany him to Goa for a relative's wedding. Awesome!

             I find myself a big loser at such events. I would have loved myself more if I would have shown this kind of gesture to him or any of my enemy before them. Every time, I want to be friends with someone I used to be, I think that why should I approach, let the person come forward. And with this, I always lose the chance of being a HERO to my own self. It is always won by the person I had animosity with. Now, I have big respect for this cousin considering to what he has done from last 1.5 years every time I tried to protect my Ego. I want to kick this bloody ego away when it comes to certain people but I always lose. I don't know what makes me show maternal love to this very trait in some cases. But, now, I think I will have to rethink on all the pre-decisions I have taken over some upcoming future events as to what my take would be on them. I will have to liberalize my thoughts and go with the situation rather than thinking about the past consequences that weren't as fairy-tale as I wanted it to be. :-) My mother always says that blood relations should be taken care of in any situation. And I always deny it and laugh on her. But I think, I will have to keep it intact. It has been enough times when I have tried to keep myself above every thing. Now, its times to be in favour of what elders say and not what my little knowledge asks me to accomplish. 

               Even when I don't respect the ideologies of Raj Thackeray, my ego doesn't come in learning the good traits that he has as a human being. I should also eliminate the ego when it comes to approaching people- my relatives, enemies and those whom I don't want to keep any relation with. I should be selfless in some moments. I should stop waiting for the clock to give me a perfect mahurat for accomplishing things. I should directly go for them. Let the mahurat synchronize its good willing time with my actions. :-) The surname "Ruhela" will always be attached with me, no matter how far I'll run away from my relatives. My cousins will be my cousins. Their children will be my nephews and nieces. And hence, my children will, by default, be the cousin of their children. I always blame my father for keeping me away from relatives because of which I have not developed chullu-bhar-ka-bhi bond with them. Why should I be committing the same by being more stringent or caretaker of my ego? Let's shed all the egos now. At least try to. Having this thought will at last make me approach them before they do. Thanks Raj Thackeray for teaching me something that has given me bigger perspective towards what I never wanted to have any. :-) 


20 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Our Hero is not Everyone's Hero. PLEASE UNDERSTAND!!!

731st BLOG POST -->>

             There's already enough outrage over a local party's workers' act and Maharashtra Police's. I don't want to comment over it because I'm already an experienced victim of speaking against such kind of a party. It's better I stay with my mouth shut. But I would like to speak over something that is related to this issue, somewhat. Everyone of us have some or the other idol in our life. We respect the person to an extent where some of us even rate them over our parents as wonderful human beings. No problem in this. Indeed. It's not necessary that our parents are the best human beings just because they are selflessly taking our care and loving us. It's because we also love them more than anyone else. Our idols are those rare breed whom we love unconditionally with all our time but they don't even care to look at us. And even when they look at the class of people we belong to, they don't care for our personal love that we have for them. But still, they are idols for us. 

             As mature human beings, citizens and grown revolutionaries, we should get acquainted with the fact that "Our hero is not everyone's hero. Our villain is not everyone's villain". Whom I love is not possibly the likes of many. Whom I hate is even not the targets of many. That is my personal choice. Yes, sometimes it might happen that all the people around me would be having a common liking or disliking that would match mine but still.. considering that our view regarding someone as the conclusion is the worst that we can do with our personality. Even if my father for me would be a hero, it's not necessary that for my brother, he is a hero. He might see the same person as the biggest loser of the world in spite of being a son to him. That is how it goes. Under a same roof, siblings have different favorites between father and mother. And why shouldn't all have varied choices? God has made everyone different- the candidates who have the liking and even for those they have liking for. World would have been very boring if everyone would have been of similar mentality. One enjoys having debates because, with him, there's 9 people who are in support and ten who are sitting as opposition. Otherwise, debate would have never existed. And debate, always, generates results. And without debates, I don't find any powerful result getting delivered. 

             We should become enough mature to accept the fact that someone does hates the person for whom we live our every moment for. We should acknowledge the fact that our idol also has some drawbacks with several mind-boggling testimonies attached with his name. One shouldn't overlook the bad qualities of the one whom he adores. Accept the fact. How naive act it would be if I would thrash someone badly just because he don't have the same ideology as mine for a person or group of people? Stick with your ideology but respect others' too. You are not the only one having point of view, right? Everyone has one. And it's not indispensable to have the same as yours just because you are powerful. Or trying to be through some invalid means. It was fine when in childhood we used to fight over our favorite actor/actress but its time to grow up. Its time to understand that not everyone would love the person whom we consider God equivalent. Hrithik Roshan said in an interview that the first time when he heard someone referring his father as "taklu" to a third person, he got angry but later he realized the fact that yes, his father is taklu hence would be referred as the same. Show such maturity. It's enough when you have forced others to speak what you speak, love whom you love, follow whom you follow. Now, be a man and let everyone have their opinion, without any fear and hem. PLEASE!!! For the sake of society. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, I hope you have heard of it. Or at least the word- DEMOCRACY!!!


19 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


730th BLOG POST -->>

            The 24 hours of a day sometimes seems to be too long while sometimes they end up too quickly to realize. For me, it was Diwali just yesterday i.e. 13th November while its 19th November today. Unbelievable! And such instances happen in my life when I waste my days by doing nothing that I love or that I fear. Normally, my days goes in reading various books and other reading sources or writing blog and book reviews. But these days, I am doing nothing except wasting my time over and out. And unfortunately, I am not even ashamed of this. Huh! I don't know why. My exams are approaching and I should be engaged in all sorts of reading, learning, mugging, noting down points, referring books, executing programs on my laptop etc. while I am struggling with fever and cold/cough, taking doses which consist of little intoxication that is making me sleep for almost all the active hours of a day. I am unable to believe the speed at which my eye lids are surrendering themselves to the power of these doses and tablets prescribed by the family doctor. Strange!

             During this moment of my year's last responsible days as my exams are beginning from 27th November, I am behaving quite irresponsibly and fearlessly. I am amazed at this guts of mine but I am seriously not proud of it. I was just thinking about it when I realized that I can make a protocol and then start studying at least something for the upcoming practical examinations. Protocol is something that I have always been a fan of in my life. I have always seen that settling up some strict rules for my regimen has always helped me. I live a life where 24 hours seems to be no less than 50 hours. I try to be as much productive as possible each minute that I am awake. I love putting lots of hard work in life. Academically, I don't put lots of effort because I don't find any interest in this part of life. I am just going through the process because everyone has to. I will definitely try in doing something that interests me once I am done with all the Academical Degrees my parents want me to have. Even their dreams are my dreams, right? Just as I want my dreams to be their dreams. :-)

             When we make a protocol, people start expecting from us- the regularity and punctuality that we show. I send a Morning quote to all my favorite people before 9 AM. These days, as I am getting late in sending it because of tablet and sleep, I find 2-3 messages in my inbox asking me where's today's quote. How overwhelming is this! I make it sure that I post "KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI" at 8.30 PM on Fri-Sat-Sun every week to remind my Twitter friends to witness the legend with me. A day when I didn't do it, I got 4 mentions as to where I am as I didn't tweet about KBC. :-) I am always the first person to wish on any of my friends' birthday. If I don't call any of them by mistake by evening, I get a call from their side asking as to how I am. :-) Because they know, that except some real tragedy or work, this boy will never forget "my" birthday. :-) Same applies to Blogging, all of you know that once in two days, I will surely land up here with a post, when I don't, all of you start showering abuses at me. Haha! :-)

            Hence, I love certain protocols in life that keeps us regular in work and punctual- on time. Just as we have subscribed ourselves to certain duties that are done periodically at 24 hours such as bathing, brushing, combing, shitting, dressing up, checking our mobile inbox etc, we should also forcibly subscribe to other important activities that are meant to be done once in a day. And when we fail, we should make it sure that every night before sleeping, while checking if all the To-Dos are being accomplished, if we find that we have failed, we should slap ourselves tightly without caring of our fingers getting printed on our cheeks. Seriously speaking, I do it. Yes! This would be surprising for many but yes, I do it. I have already shared my routine in 700th Blog Post, and when out of any of those activities if I fail doing any, I make it sure that I sleep only after slapping myself. And I tell you, slapping your own self is the hardest and most difficult punishment one can give to himself. This makes me regular and punctual in whatever I do.

              Every Thursday, I go to Sai Mandir. Any Thursday, if I miss because of some urgency or forgetfulness, I slap myself and make it sure that I'm visiting the temple the very next day, on Friday. This makes me alert the next Thursday for the whole day that I have to go to Mandir without fail. Because of the fear of that tight slap. :-) Just as we remember logging into our Facebook, Mail, Twitter, Google, Yahoo accounts on daily basis, we should also bring into our system a will and compulsion of doing some really valuable activities in the span of 24 hours at least once, anyhow. As I am writing this Post, the belief in me that I am going to at least start studying by tomorrow morning is mooting up with each minute. This is what I wanted to do with this post. It's indispensable to inspire ourselves before inspiring others. Now that I am inspired, I am hopeful that all of you are. Let's set a Protocol in life, and slap ourselves every time it's being violated. And then let's witness a disciplined and perfect life. :-) Let's begin now. On your mark.. Get Ready... GOOOOOO... *whistle*


16 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't Belittle Others' Job!!! Check Ratio of Your Effort:Salary!!!

729th BLOG POST -->>

             Everyone wakes up in morning, accuses God of punishing him/her for such an evil life that he/she is aligned to work for a Boss who never acknowledges him/her. Even when one hates such life, one has to leave his/her favorite spongy bed and go for work. At work, one has to struggle for 8-10 hours to meet the deadlines given to him/her by his/her boss or client. If one has to work over time, it some times end up in working for 50-60 hours continuously. Ask the people who work in Iron/steel industry and in that case, even to doctors. Life is extremely hard working for everyone. If one has to earn money, have an amazing account balance, one will have to apply all his knowledge and effort in his work. If one needs a shortcut, there's nothing except getting involved in an illegal activity or fraud. And there's always danger to the people printing money through these kind of works. So, even they are as stressed as you. As many quote says,"Money is not everything" or "Money can't buy everything". Even after having heavy bank accounts, they are yet unable to lead a happy and stress-free life. 

              My motive to write the above paragraph is to make those people realize that every job needs equal amount of hard work who think that only they are involved in extra hard work while others just sit and count money. A mechanical maintenance engineer would always see a person working at Axis Bank or any other job where the employees work by sitting at a desk in air-conditioned office as an envy. He/she feels that they are getting money for playing Solitaire and surfing Facebook on their respective Computers. They hate seeing such people relaxing in an Air conditioned environment as a Mech. Maint. Engineer has to work in an industry temperature of 45-55 degree. They also hate the concept of 2-days holiday at weekends for such employees. Every time, they'll meet any of their contacts who does a job by sitting in an A/ced environment, they'll end up taunting him/her at every 5 minutes. But why don't these people think that if a company pays such people more than them even when they have less hours to work in comparison to you, they certainly do something more tougher than you? Just one transaction by an Axis Bank employee can land up his organization in a big legal trouble. Coding a software program needs lot of mental strength and exertion for a S/w Engineer. Two days off per week is provided to these people as they have to trouble their eyes for 8-10 hours long which isn't good for their health and long life. One should understand that before judging.

            I hate the people who belittle others' job. If you find yourself doing something that is too extra-ordinary yet with an ordinary salary, estimate accordingly to the amount of incredibility another person would be putting in his field that is giving him the sum of rupees that is far much greater than yours. Some people have a very bad habit of belittling someone's job at his face and taunting as to why does he gets a package of such quality when he deserves as much as he himself gets. Stop doing that, buddy. You don't know that you are spoiling his patience power. Once that would break, you will get to hear what your job is, what your field is which you chose yourself at the time of Academic situation. Life is too short to compare yourself, your job, your salary with anyone else's. Be satisfied with what you get because you know the effort you are putting in your job. In the same way, the other person is putting in his, respect him for what he gets. In this competitive world, when  millions of people are dying with joblessness, you at least have a job which is serving you something to eat and sleep peacefully. If you will not value this and be jealous of those earning more than your's, remember, you aren't mocking them, you are mocking your life, your mental condition and your future. 

           I believe that every person in this world gets the amount of money as per the effort, dedication, possession one has for his/her job. No one can get less than his/her efforts deserve and no one can get even more than that. Everyone gets a balanced scale of salary. Compare your salary with your own salary throughout the life. If at any point of time till your retirement day, you find that your current salary is lesser than what you once got in your previous organization, that should be a shame for you. But until and unless you are getting more than what you got in any of your previous months of working experience, be satisfied, motivated, happy and content. Don't try to belittle someone else's effort, job and organization just to prove yourself that you put in much effort than him/her and you are better than him/her. This attitude will someday embarrass and humiliate you in public that will end up in you losing all the self-respect you have for yourself and your job. I challenge!!! That's all.



You Are Rich If You Spend Rs. 33 a Day by Rahul Tiwari!!!


      Rahul Tiwari has been one of my very good friend since I have started Blogging and Tweeting. Though he keeps unfollowing me on Twitter whenever he feels that I have gone over the top in irritating my Followers, I still respect him for being on of the very good friends on Social Networking sites. He is one guy with whom I can crack any kind of joke as he does not misapprehend any of my abuse-filled sentences. :-) This is his First Political Post on our medium. Let's read what he wants to convey through it.

                 Its my 3rd one on ARB, its great to receive such a big  response when you are just unknown in a field as first post of mine is still in top 5 after more than two months. I'm enjoying the freedom Veeru has given me though it makes him tolerate his own posts sometimes. Great to have a friend and a prebuild stage like ARB. Here comes my first politiical post.

You are Rich if you Spend 33rs. A Day

           Crazy thoughts come in my mind whenever I wake up in the middle of my nap in night. Most of them use to be political. I guess I’m more political than any other guy in India of my age. As the loud speakers of nearby mosque were honking, I gave up the idea of sleeping and rather used my less used mind for some random thoughts. As all day I keep messing up with the political system of India on Twitter along with Shiv Bhaia, Vaijay sir,  Meena mam, Riya and others , it was the first thought to strike my mind. Thinking about the poverty the thing stuck me that according to our great Planning commission a man who spends 32+ rs. A day is no poorer in India. It’s true that this amount has reduced the statistics of poverty in India from 65% to 25% only and has given a Raambaan to UPA that they have reduced the poverty. It is the worst joke they can play with people of India. 

        Moreover I was shocked when a Twitter celebrity and one man opposition Subramanian Swamy supported this data. Well all this has to happen in a country where people taking salary from World Bank are sub-head of Planning commission and a person who never ever won an election is Prime Minister who has also been a “Karamchari” of World Bank. Where people know about planning commission because it shares two questions in Bank & SSC exams, where politics is a subject of un-interest and hate only. We are living in an aristocratic Democracy and its all because we are bearing all this and don’t know what we deserve. From a village farmer to a cool dude of Mumbai you will only hear people saying that they are uninterested in politics. I’d call them a fool only because we must be interested in something that takes a hold on our lives. Go through 100 profiles on facebook and you will find what I’m saying is true.

             Well coming to the point I just calculated that what can 33rs do in a person’s life that “Is Not Poor”. According to Planning Commission which was established during the Garbage Collection (Constitution Making) by Russia’s share family consists 5 people. That means if a family of 5 people spends 161rs. It’s NOT POOR. 

            After government has taken off the subsidy from LPG I’ll calculate by 
new data. Though people get 6 cylinders under subsidy but a person cannot be poor for 6 months and NOT POOR for next 6 months. According to it a family needs 32rs. Per day for LPG only [950/30=31.66]. 

             A “Not Poor” family will have fine food not salt bread. According to the same planning Commission a fine food consists of Breads, Vegetables, pulses & rice at least. A not rich and not poor family doesn’t have fast foods so obviously they consume much in breakfast, Lunch & Dinner only. As one of UPA minister said that Indian people eat very much, a 5 people family will consume 1KG Wheat (20rs.), 1KG Rice (30rs.), 100GMS Pulses (10rs.), Oil& additional Masalas (15rs.) and at least 20rs vegetables. Milk is used in each & every family of India so a NOT POOR family of 5 members will definitely consume a liter of milk that costs 30rs.

           Look my calculation has reached 157 while none of family member had a single tea in a day, hasn’t brushed, hasn’t bathed. They didn’t wear cloths; they didn’t spend a penny in travel expense and thousand more things. 
Summing up I got to say that dear Indian Government and its US paid Planning Commission please stop kidding Indian people because if we start kidding you’ll have to get out of here with your funny statistics. 

             A request to Indian people that please wake up and look around or you have borne to be kid and screwed by US?



Jab Tak Hai Jaan!!! My Favorite Movie Genre!!!

728th BLOG POST -->> 

           As I believe in, Amitabh Bachchan's KBC, Sachin Tendulkar's batting, Khans' movies and Chetan Bhagat's novels should be experienced without any reviews at any cost, at any damn cost, I went to watch Shahrukh Khan starrer- Jab Tak Hai Jaan yesterday. The movie was quite over-hyped because of Yash Chopra's career's last movie + after his demise, the movie was talked of more than it deserved. Then, Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif came together for the first in a movie. That was another craze to experience this unusual jodi. But for me, the reasons were quite different. I love this kind of cinema since my schooldays. I always loved seeing SRK, Salman and Aamir doing romantic movies of 3 hours and making us cry, laugh, smile and dance in this span of hours. But now the whole generation has changed because of which people have started showcasing themselves as intellectual by criticizing such movies. You ask me and I would say that I still like Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai than any other movie that he has done. Second, I never experienced Yash Chopra on Big screen, this was the only chance that I could have witnessed the lone experience and I did it without any regret. And truly speaking, I did enjoy the whole event that took place for 3 hours in front of me. :-) 

               I didn't go to watch this movie considering that Yash Chopra's last movie would be an epic or something that has never been made before. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a story about a boy who falls in love with Meera(Katrina Kaif) and tells her about his obsession for her. In turn, even she divulges her heart-full of love for him after few days. Later, the boy meets with an accident that separates the two because of a promise that Meera does with her God- Jesus. In frustration, boy leaves London and goes back to his origin- India. Here, after 10 years, he is shown in an Indian army where Akira(Anushka Sharma) comes to make a documentary on this boy-Samar. In her stay of 2 weeks with him, she falls in love with Samar but does not do any emotional drama to win him. Later, Samar goes with her to London for finalizing Akira's contract of documentary. He meets with the same kind of an accident which makes him meet Meera in the hospital as he loses his memory and remember only the events till the accident he met 10 years ago in the presence of Meera. After this, what decision does all the three character of the movies take is what Jab Tak Hai Jaan is all about. 

             Coming to the performances, Shahrukh Khan does what he do the best- opines romance with his unmatched expressions, romantic songs, charming dialogues and handling his actresses with the most soft aggression for love. :-) Coming to Katrina Kaif, she tried to act as best as she can but ended up doing the same what she does in every movie of her- "Irritating us with some really bad acting". Anushka Sharma- I would say, she is the surprise package of the movie. Because SRK and Katrina remains to be what they are but Anushka Sharma has gone many ladders up by acting the way she did throughout her role. Every time, she and Katrina Kaif shared the screen, Anushka Sharma ate her with her skills. And not even skills, she looked more beautiful than Katrina in all the scenes. This is something at which I am still surprised. Kudos to her. 

             Coming to the Director- Yash Chopra has tried his best to give people a spectacular movie by shooting it at beautiful locations, with superstars of this generation, by keeping his genre alive- of Romance's. :-) Coming to the story writer- Aditya Chopra, he has disappointed me. There are many senseless portions in the movie which happens without any reason. And there are even faults in the story. better I don't talk about those portions. :-) I don't know what should I say about the editor- Namrata Rao. What she would have edited in a movie which is already of 180 minutes approximately? To the Music Director- A. R. Rehman, I would say not his one of the bests till date but Saans, Title Track, Heer and Background music throughout the movie kept me entertained. To the choreographers, I would give full marks. 

              Some scenes that I would like to talk about are- At platform, when Samar proposes Mira in a very unusual manner with a lip kiss(Yes!). Then, the scene when Mira replies with a kiss back as a confirmation to Samar's proposal. Meera's reaction when Samar meets with an accident. A terrific scene. How she turns back hopelessly. :-( The scene when Samar's roommate reads the letter left by him with all his money that he earned in London. In the pre-climax, when Samar asks Meera to get married again with him as he remembers nothing because of his memory loss. And Meera clad in red saree again starts stupid girlish talk with him about leaving him as she promised to her Jesus and Samar turning aggressive and leaves her with a challenge to her and God. :-) Then, I also liked the scene when SRK diffuses the bomb in a train in London. I also liked all the humorous content given to Anushka. The moment she leaves SRK at the airport, is again another emotional scene. The dance by Katrina before the starting of Ishq Shava is something that I loved Katrina a lot. Actually, you can say, that's the only part of Katrina for which she should be complimented. 

              Coming to the drawbacks- Samar meeting the same kind of an accident both the times is as senseless as I making a film. :-) The memory loss theme is seriously a very old theme that should not have been the base to this 2012's movie because the scenarios of Om Shamti Om comes across our mind. The stupid belief on God of Mira is again a creep to handle. Shahrukh Khan as an Army officer tried his best to make his physique look tougher but fails. In the Army's dress, he is irritating but he is fine when he dresses in any other T-shirts or jackets. Katrina's acting is another irritating part of the movie. You wish to see a better actress in the role than her. Else, whatever fault that I find in the movie is because of Aditya Chopra's baseless scenes that he has inserted without any logic and those that should have been in the movie, never got included in it. I would give 3.75/5 to the movie as I enjoyed watching it because this is the genre I have loved since my childhood.  


14 November 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Let The Age Factor Be Ineffective!!! Wake Up The CHILD!!!

727th BLOG POST -->>

             I still remember my childhood days quite vividly. Though some memories have faded because of time and some because of the illness that I went through for some years. But still, some that are too motivating to remember still remains in my mind. And all the thrashing that I received from my father in retaliation of the good deeds I used to perform still makes me shiver like the same 10 years old child. But the most that I remember is the warmth of my mother's presence around me almost every time. The way she celebrated my birthday, bought new cloths for me, scolded my friends who used to beat me, didn't use to talk to my father sometimes when he used to beat me above the "Saturation Point" etc. And the good thing is that her love for me has just grown since then and she loves me more now. :-) Actually, now I'm the son she dreamed of. Then, I was the son that even I don't want my son/daughter to be. :-) But somewhere the child within me died. And I am finally waking it up again because it was more charming than I am, currently. 

             I stopped celebrating festivals since last 5 years. I always felt loneliness on such days. This happened till Holi 2012. And then I thought why am I so "rejected" and "dejected"? I rejoice the festival of my Muslim friends more than I am excited for the festivals that are celebrated in my own home. I decided that I won't kill the child in me that waited for festivals. Though I won't participate by indulging in any kind of activity that would lead to Sound pollution, Noise Pollution, Water Pollution or any kind of harm to anyone- Living or Non-living, I will celebrate in the most purest form. And I did it perfectly yesterday- on Diwali. :-) Finally I felt that the festive season of my life is back. From last 50 hours, I was working on making this Diwali a comeback for the festivals of my life. And I did it perfectly. I didn't get into house cleaning much but I did few chores lately. I decorated my house. I did the shopping for Diwali Puja. I decorated the Chowki. I did the Puja. I went to the families in my society whom I find genuine for Diwali Milan. I found the excitement and glory back. Finally, Diwali is bygone but it has bought the child in me. It has bought the courage to be that VEERU I was very fond of being. :-)

             Though living a mature, responsible and motivational life is the biggest fun currently, I have realized that little masti, dance and moments of laughter should also be the equal ingredients of life. Just because I'm in the third decade of my life, I shouldn't behave as I have turned old. I should make some people believe that "Abhilash behaves like child. He seems to be so cute when he does those mastis and childish talks". :-) I want to walk on road and say "Namastey Uncle!" "Namastey Aunty!" to every elder that come across me in the same curiosity and excitement with which I did in childhood when Uncle-Aunty used to pinch my cheek in affection. :-) I want to smile in the same way I did in childhood. Now, I stopped smiling much considering that life is meant to be lived seriously. But as Mr. Chetan Bhagat says,"Be sincere. Not serious", I will have to think over this. The charm has to be brought back. The COMING SOON of any movie on TV Channels should generate childlike curiosity in me. The coming of any guest at home should make me over-excited. The new technology should make me impatient to touch the gadget. I would love to hear Love Guru on Radio at 12 PM yet again. :-) I do have crushes even now. :-) I want all this childishness back. And I have taken a resolution that I'll bring it. And I have already started doing it. 

             And with me, I would also make my friends of my kind. Tabhi toh mazaa aayega [Only then it would be the real fun]. :-) So let's welcome the Children's Day with the resolution that with "Bol Blogger" even we would enter the zone that would make us cheer yet again. :-) A very Happy Children's Day to all of you who are joining me in this venture. :-) Bachpan k din ko yaad kyon kiya jaaye? Kyun na usey aaj bhi jeeya jaaye?? Ok Sorry, jyaada ho gaya. Bye.