3 December 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Last Blog Of This Year - 2009 !!!

            107TH BLOG -->>

        Hope you all would have erudited something from yesterday's blog..Today I woke up at 7 o clock in morning and marked my presence at the queue which was standing for Tatkal tickets @ Pavel station..I stood finally I got the ticket for my native place of 3rd..Thats tomorrow...I also booked my return ticket for 8th January,2010..So friends, I'm sadly , announcing  that I will not be here to blog and share my heart and soul with all of you right from tomorrow..I'll be back after 36 days..Hope all of you will co-operate and will not fragile..I dont want to solace and dissappointment anyone..Exuding this information infront of all of you is really a hard task for me to do but still Im doing it because I dont want all of you to wait for my next blog post every 24 hours..because I'm not here..Am marching towards my native place where there's no COMPUTER, no NETWORK CONNECTION except BSNL..no ELECTRICITY except 2 hours a day..city is 10 kilometres away from the village where my Nana and Nani lives...I haven't seen my grandparents from last 3 and a half years..So its really a craze and excitement to meet them..But again there is a fear of being getting frustrated there without theres no source of my addicts..in which Im runnig now a days..

                 Writing blogs has been a routine...Now even I do t know that what will I do there..How will I sleep without writing blogs out there? How will I live there without watching the face of Computer and Laptop and Keyboard?...Mind will be bifurcated ...One will be with the family out there...and the second will run about what comments I would have received on my blogs..What mails I would have received in my Mailbox..Who would have scrapped me?..These thoughts will never escapade from the brain as its now the colossal part of my mind...and my life...I'm also so much addicted and touched with Mumbai that now living this city and directly going to such a rural area is indicating me the future where I will be over - reacting to the situations..Hope that I dont turn into Anger, Retaliation and fury because It will insecure the feelings and livings of my family out there...Dont want to cause woe to anyone..Dont want to dither anyone..I'm looking forward for this trip as there has been a long time when I havent travelled continuously for such a long continuous hours..Approximately The journey will be of 33 Hours..I'll enjoy the nature and the earth as after watching 2012..I'm in great love with my Earth and respect it very much but One fear is still nudging the mind that North India is running into the extreme winter...So I will have to cover all my body with 4 to 5 sweaters..Monkey cap..Socks...Gloves...and many more exuberance practices will be done to avoid the coldness...Human body is very delight and cant combat with the seasonal change..So without being aggressive with it..We should lay down...and let it win...rather than claiming our presence over it...

                 As I'll return to my online activities and blogging on 8th January-2010, This is the last blog of this year 2009...Feeling very emotional at this point to write the last blog of the year..and that too when I want to write more..Share more..tell more..but the conditions are not amicable and friendly..Hope you all will not miss the blogs and will continue reading my blogs which I wrote previously..So the first season of blogging ends here...Hope all of you have enjoyed the first season of Blogging...Thanks for making the blog exoteric..There are few who are emotionally attached with my blogs..For them..I'm really feeling sad...But there's no other alternative rather than cancelling the program of meeting my Nana-Nani..But this can't be scheduled now coz meeting them right now is the biggest short-term goal...And for publishing everyone's comment on the blog..I have removed Moderation and Approval from me...So now your comments will be directly published on the blog..So dont wait to comment till 8th January....Leaving you all now with the heart sunk into sorrow..and throat filled with feel of cries and weeps...Will meet you all after 36 days on 8th January 2010...At this very place..Till Then...Muaah...Take care.....Live the last month of the year..and blast a good launch of new year 2010... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU....

2 December 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning Of The End-December !!!

            106TH BLOG -->>

        Today is the 1st day of December..And Im still in the world of the movie-2012..So when in the morning I woked up..and saw my mobile to check out the time..I saw the date and it was 01-12-2009..After watching 01-12 I was so much thrilled and shocked that without giving emphasis to the digits of years...I frighted up thinking that its the last month of 2012..Heart beat again proliferated and ameliorated..I dont know why I watched this film with all my hearts in it...and not thinking that the movie can be danger and I should be alert that it is just a movie and nothing else..But I dont know How I got emotionally attached with it..I'm so graphic-savvy person then too I didn't deciphered this out whilewatching movie that all of this scenario and screenshots are just the graphic works and nothing more then that...Albeit having so much of cerebration in my brains..after being so modish and being the congener of the people with this thought..Why I got manipulated with the movie's disastrous scenes and why my heart sank watching the world coming to an end..Before entering the theatre, I promised my consciousness that I'll not watch the film being over-smart and thinking every shot as computer's hand in it..That promise and words which I gave to myself drowned me into the river of sorrowness and the trauma with which I'm suffering right now.

               As the last month of this year 2009 has arrived...I would like to intimate all of you the promises and the frame of works which you had strategized and planned at the 1st day of the year..I dont know what your modus operandi would have been like all over the year...I dont know how much have you all succeeded in attaining your motive of this year and how much are you happy with your work this year..but I would like to suggest you all that now the countdown is on and there's just 30 days to make your year happy or worst...If you all had fun all over the 11 months of this year..Then its very happy ..and I would like all of you to enjoy this month too so that you can happily say that your 2009 was the most dearest year of your life and you would go ineffable and unutterable while speaking of the year....and for the category of people who haven't enjoyed their 11 months...Please dont ruin and stink your last month of the year...Try to complete your short term goals which you planned for the year 2009...Enjoy each and every moment of this month so that you can say ki 2009 mobilized you and you got a new life and new horizons which you didn't had idea..Even you will get that extinct in your mind and soul that even after wasting your 11 months..You can complete your goals in a month and can combat the ratio with the win of your modus operandi's ratio 1:12...

              So Friends dont worry about the months which has past...Just look forward to these 30 days..and just live to your fullest and to the high - end level of your life to enlighten and establish the wonderful year for yourself..If you love someone..Go approach..So that 2009 gets lucky for you..If you have parted ways from your parents..Go approach..Tell your parents how much you love them...If you had a fight with your friend..Go approach..SHow him your slam book and say that the page containing his desire and feelings is the best page of the slam-book..and you love him like your bro..If there's misunderstanding with any person of your relation..Go approach..solve it..hug..and nexus with the partner...Ultimate motive of saying so much is that Do something in this 30 days to make your 2009 the best year of your life....And share it with me in the comment section...

              Thanks for reading this blog friends....Happy December-2009 to all of you...Go Ahead... for 30 Days To A Perfect Life !!!

1 December 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

2012 - I'm Touched And Mentally Affected !!!

        105TH BLOG -->>

        I got a nice response on the yesterday's blog of my three muslim girls of my life..Only Wilshire commented on the blog post but there were many who personally said that they enjoyed reading the blog..Friends, I want to apologize to you all that it will not be possible for me to respond to your comments as there is a Virus attack on my laptop because of which Its not possible for me to surf and open my Blog page..But I promise to everyone out there that I'll reply to every comments of yours as soon as this problem dissappears..Today The 4 months of blogging has been over..Great Great Great Experience...

            2012- The film released on 13th November got a huge applause and remarkable welcome from every movie-lovers across every nation..Film is Super-Hit..After many days of excitement , Finally today I went to the movie at Big Cinemas In Kharghar..There was no one to accompany me so I was all alone to watch the film..I have no problem in watching movies @ theatres alone because I'm there to watch the movie and not to chit-chat with the friend..The first shot of the film showcases our country INDIA..and I was very happy to see that such a big and hit film for which the world was excited starts with the flick of India..Indian was the first person in the movie to claim that the world will end after three years in 2012..Actually I'm saying wrong..He wasn't Indian..The man who said this was American but he migrated to India permanently as he married an Indian women..I was very much gratified with the director's screenplay tendency to come to the main subject of the film in the 10 minutes after the film began..And the first very disaster touched California..The earth crust began isolating and the huge buildings and every innovations and constructions by human got submerged in the crust and one by one all the Western countries suffered this..Then the mishaps turned towards other countries and there were volcanoes which burnt the whole countries out there...and then at last they again show India...India and the other countries in Asia were victim of the Tsunami..and the whole land went into the world of Water..Water started flowing towards western countries and the whole world gets filled up with water..But Director showed the sequence where Americans had a huge ship..So a little mass of people there..It may be some 1000 people approximately..who were made to enter the ship and the Ship like Vehicle was closed from all of its 4 sides...But then there was a Tsunami and the way director has executed that part of struggle on the screen really moved me..I started crying when I saw the actor of the film not returning back after solving a Hydraulic problem beneath the water .. But then as soon as he returned ..The faces of every actor and artists on which camera focused had such a sentimental and emotional and the hearty face that It made me cry very much..I was already scared watching the Earth coming to an end in such a jeopardised way..and the emotional and suspenseful scene in the last made my heart tilt towards Emotions..After the Film was over I came out of the theatre..and was so much scared as the path on which I was walking will break and I will be beneath the Earth's crust in few seconds..I came home ..Mummy asked How was the film..I said SUPERB EXCELLENT...She said then why are you so sad and theres no smile on your face..I said her that Im scared..I know that this is not going to happen in 2012 but It will happen either now or then...Not in 2012 but it can be in 3012..4012..5012..What will Human of that time will do?? I was just thinking this..And still thinking..Im really scared of the movie..Everyone would have seen this movie with a craze to watch this movie but I saw this movie heartily..which has affected me mentally..Its not making me even smile on the great jokes...Hey GOD..Please do something so that I can smile again and I can understand that This is going to happen and I should not worry..as there is time for this to come...I would like to recommend all of you to watch this movie in Theatre as its really one of the best movie..and the way director has executed and implemented his Idea It doesnt gets more than what should be there..It is exactly what will happen...Theres no Drama out there...

            I'm scared....Hey God....Save us from this disaster..Im confident that this is not going to touch our Earth in 2012...but whenever It will be..Please dont let it destroy the efforts of Human which has resulted in this Beautiful World...filled with Aesthetical values..

Abhilash Ruhela - VeeRu 
30 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Three Muslim Girls Of My Life !!!

            104TH BLOG -->>

      Sorry friends, I'm feeling very guilty because I was away from the blog for some days and Im not performing this activity..According to me Blogging is useless and not your enhancement if you are not doing it regularly..Blogging is something where you post what you feel...Or you share your thoughts with your friends..Many people use this in variations..They use it to share the lyrics of new songs..Some share the poems copied from somewhere else..Some people write about their routines and minute to minute activities..and some of them share their life , life-styles and talk about any topic..I do the last one..So what I feel is that if you are using blogs for the last two options then you should be regular..If its not possible to be regular and you are not concerned so much for your blog then you should be here atleast for 5 times in a week..I have always been regular till my 100th blog..But after that I took a gap of 1 week to receive the responses..but then I felt like moving away from the blog for some days...I dont know why this absurd feeling struck me..But now Im feeling very bad for being far away from blogs..There was a survey conducted by me on my blog through the poll..I received 24 comments on it..Where 12 people said me to write more than 1 post daily and 8 said to continue with the 1 post what I do..and remaining 4 said Do according to your wish...Im happy to see that people are so excited and enthusiastic for my posts that they feel that I should write more than 1 post daily..Friends who have commented on this very Option..Its not possible to do this..because Blogging is not the main motive of my life..Its just a part of my routine..Where I interact with my friends..So doing it twice in a day is not possible with such a college life where theres plethora of assignments and redundant works..Now this Poll has been closed..and new has been created where I'm expecting every one to express their willings..Its about the size...Should I continue with the length of posts as it is or should I increase or decrease..In 5 days..15 dearies has participated in this..14 of them says that Im perfect the way I am..and remaining 1 vote goes to Decrease the size..77 days are remaining for this poll to be closed..Lets see what the final verdict is..At the last Poll I received 24 comments..Hoping for the double comments on poll this time...

            Now Talking about the Tile of this post..Muslims and Islamic followers has always been my good friends..and right from my childhood I had an image for Muslim girls and women that they are very beautiful..I had a girl in my colony H*ab*-She was my first crush..I was flat on her..You will not believe my friends..I liked her right from my 1st standard..Tried to impress her whenever I got chance..Till my 10th std..I kept all of efforts to impress her but she never felt to be in relation with me..I never proposed her because It would have been danger for my father and me as she was in our colony itself..and If the matter would have taken its real flow ..My father would have been sued from the organization as her father was one of the directors of the company..After 10th , When I left the campus..I never though tabout her because I was admitted in a Muslim college where I saw many Muslim girls..All were extremely beautiful..I just fell in love almost with every girl of my campus..What a beauty..What an eyes..Beautiful lips...Oh My God..But after that I reached Aurangabad..There I met with a girl named Rabea through a friend..Both of us came into relationship..We never saw each other because we always knew each other through telephonic conversation..She is living in Panvel..So we didn't had any chance to meet till the time my family doesnt shifts to Panvel..Finally the day came..and this April My family shifted to Panvel..Once Rabea called me to meet her but as I didn't trusted her I refused to meet..Then after the two weeks of college , a Muslim girl of my class..Dont want to mention her name here because recently when I took her name I was to be suspended from the college..So She and Me deciphered that there is compatibility between both of us and both of us are congener that means of the same type..There were Kisses, Hugs and many love activities but lastly both of us with mutual understanding left each other..After break up..When I saw the different facet of her propensity and attitude..I was shocked..That how can a girl that too a Muslim girl be so dirty..But Whatever her upbringing and nourishment was done in this way..What can I do..She was my girlfriend and love for 15 days..But now I hate her the most in my life..

              So this three girls of my life out of which One was my first crush who was my friend till 7th std but then both of us weren't in the talking terms bcoz of my awkward ways of approachments..Second one was my girlfriend-Never saw her..But we had profused talks on mobile..Third one was the first girlfriend of my life..You can say so..She was the same girl what I wanted my lover to be..But she was this till the time she was my partner but as soon as we had break up..She turned into the worst creativity of Allah..Finally yesterday..@ the occasion of Eid when I sent wishes to every Muslim friends of mine..I sent my greetings to this three girls of my life..Rabea didn't replied..But He*b* who once ceased talking to me replied saying Thanks for the wishes..And this Ex-Gf too replied..I was shocked to see her reply and that too in such a sweet manner..I never expected..She is so dirty that even after such a break-up and so much of fights and unexpected happenings and arguments..She is behaving as void has happened between us.But my dear girl..I remember the day when we were aparted ..When you saw me your black facet and different side of your live-being...I'm apologizing to god that I conversed with her for 2 or 3 sms..But then I didn't replied because I hate her with all my aggression and fury...

               Thanks for reading the chapters of three muslim girls of my life...

28 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Journey From 26/11/08 to 26/11/09 !

        103TH BLOG

        I clearly remember the day of 26th November , 2009 ..I was contemporarily residing at Nashik..I came from my coaching classes..It was evening...I came home in a good and charming mood..Opened the door and saw my mother lost somewhere...She told Ki Veeru dont do anything except watching the news channel I dont want you to play volumes and music..and what I saw then really surprised astonished and blowed my mind off..Again we went into in statu quo and again there was a terrorist attack..I didn't understood how to react ..In Anger or to be sad..I just thought that why we Indians are so cowardice and powerless...Pakistanis come to our land..Earn here...Strategize their conspiracy and they come forward with such a surfeit of squall that all of us start tizzying and dithering...They meddle into our life so easily and they challenge us as they can vie and compete us easily..and this is what they do..As you all know I wake up @ nights easily albeit I pass the whole day being victims to many rough and tough routines..I didn't slept ..Didn't moved away from news channels..Just because I wanted a crikey voice from the reporters that we won...and the terrorists are no more..But incessantly they were successful in spreading their sabotagizing propensity...They threw Hand-grenades again and again..The malaise sound of Bullets and guns was roaring all over the Taj hotel,Oberoi and Trident Hotel..CST was already targeted..Now after coming to Mumbai and visiting this station makes me feel that terrifying and petrifying moment when this terrorist were creating hell on the platform..I m really scared and feel pity and sorrow for the people who were directly and indirectly victims of this erratical gaff..Mumbai was closed the very next day on 27th..coz this terrorist were still up with their appallizing performance...Again and again there were flashes on the television screen about the death tolls in the buildings where this bloodies halted..Now our NSGs and commandos started preparing for the resurgence and contravening with this bloody terrorists..

            Now again there were flashes about the deaths of our policemens and commandos...The whole Mumbai was ceased and turned into hopelessness..But suddenly after many of our brave and audacious fighters lost their life...on 28th there was the final news that all the terrorists have reached their ultimate home- HELL....but still there was no smile on the faces of Mumbaikars and Indians...because now the cameras of reporters elucidated the dead bodies of our brethens and sisters who were the victims..and the death toll was 183..So sad was this to hear that nonentities has moved us so much and oyr dearies and innocents have lost their life..Many faces searching for their dear ones to come out laughingly and happily that they are saved and the storm is over..got ruffled to glance their loved ones who were no more with them...The redundant pains merged whole Mumbai together and everybody rose their voice on the terrorism and our government that why are we so much insecure that bloodies from Pakistan penetrates into our motherland .. Smash us and die taking the name of their lords..and over all this activities our bloody politicos and leaders mooted up with their real faces hurling the dirty words for our fighters who lost their life..So sick are these politicians..The city was fighting for its right and security ans they were here to show their vacuousness...After all this..Mumbai started again..and now the newspaper had the pics of Ajmal Kasab..One of the terrorists who was held by our fighters..Everybody wanted Kasab to be hanged till the time he reaches Hell but our slow government were arguing with Pakistan that whether he is Pakistani or not..and this activity from our government fragiled the Mumbaikars and Indians..

            Now on this 26/11/09 - 27/11/09 - 28/11/09 we find that we all are still in the same pains and we still hate ourselves coz we were unable to do anything for our land..for our peoples..for our brethens..But we are very kind..we still have heart..we still have the place to idolize our fighters ..remember them..love them.. cry for them.. feel the same pain what their family is going through..But is this enough?? NO.. Ajmal Kasab is still alive..Government has spent approximately 31 crores on him..for his security..In our city Mumbai..every one of us is insecured but Ajmal Kasab is the only man who is Secured and safe..Nobody can harm him..He is like a celebrity..He is like a God who cant be seen by anyone .. For what are we waiting?? for the next attack?? for the next plane hijack or some attack where this terrorist will demand release of Kasab and we will be helpless and without any wealthy step ..we will have to release Kasab.. Why cant we hang Kasab till death without any deals and proclaimations...This is India..This is the work done by the ministers we select during elections..

             But being optimistic we should be happy that after this terror no terrorists augmented his tendency to malaise us ..because they know Ek baar maaf kiya ja sakta hai..Do baar maaf kiya jaa sakta hai..par baar baar nahi...Ab tumhara samay khatm ho chuka hai..Ab hamarey sehen shakti ka vinaash ho chuka hai..ab hamein kisi ki aad nahi hai..kisise koi aas nahi hai...waqt thamega nahi...hum chup rahengey nahi..aatank tumharey taraf se badhaaya jaayega...tumhara haath hamari ore se kaata jaayega..Sahenge nahi ... Parkhengey nahi... Kadam uthaayenge..Kuchlenge tumhe..Lenge badla..Jitna khoon tumne hamara bahaaya hai...Utni hi jaan hum tumhari har ek saans se cheenengey...Kal tum jeetey they..Aaj hum jeetengey...Tum jeetey they apni jaan gawaan kar..Tum jeetey they adharm ke raastey pe chal ke..Hum jeetengey tumhari jaan lekar...Hum jeetengey dharm se...ijjat se..Shaan se...Toh agar taiyyaar ho toh Aa jaao maidaan mein...Humein tumhara intezaar hai...Lenge badla har kattrey kaa....Har ek aansu ..ka har ek kodaa ..Har ek maa ke dil ki aahat kaa... Har ek Hathoda...Har ek hindustani ke dard ka.. Har ek badlaa..Lengey hum...

25 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Grandpa - I'm Missing You !!!

           102TH BLOG -->>

        Right from Monday when my exams got over , I feel very tired but not sleepy..I dont know why??.. Whenever I feel like I should sleep..I think about the huge celebrities like Big B and Sanju Baba who sleep only for 3 or 4 hours...I think when they have all the luxuries and money more than what they need and they dont sleep and keep struggling and aiming more..Why should I stop here and not work more...Why should I jeopardise my achievements....After many goodies there are two more for me...The site of Ambani's BIGADDA has vindicated me in their list of 5 names of STAR BLOGGERS...I'm very happy that their editors sent me this notice in my account..I'm very happy that even these big and highly-qualified brains are feeling my writings Sensible..There are in all 37,165 blogs on the site BIGADDA and questing the position in top 5 and being named as STAR BLOGGER on the home page of BIGADDA BLOGS has really mooted me very high both in confidence and stardom..Hahaha...This is the same site where Amitabh Bachchan write his blogs..And the second goodie News is NME MAGAZINE considered my video of receiving the title of Mr.Fresher in their award's video section of their official site..I'm very happy to have my presence @ this huge sites...Its like marking my success in the IT field -Internet..I have a dream of writing my words and thoughts @ the EDITORIAL SECTION of any newspaper..Hope this target will be achieved..As I have achieved all this without really aiming on them...HOPE HOPE HOPE !!!

             Yesterday night I slept for just 3 little sweet hours...But this Hours gave me immaculate and speckless, charming feel...I saw my grandpa in the DREAM who is no more with me...He left his Mother Earth last year .. @ Dream, He called me " Veeru Beta , Veeru Beta.." I replied " Yes Babaji, What Happened? " " I have heard that you have completed writing your 100th blog, if yes then recite it " I then bought my laptop and started reading the whole .. after this I dont remember anything accept his smiling face...Right now this tears in my eyes is really compelling me to stop writing and continue it tomorrow morning but I want to talk about my Grandpa. Till the last moment I saw him @ his resident..He always had a novel in his hand..He just kept on reading them and sharing it with every one who wanted to chat with him..I just loved his love for reading..All of us his grandchildren used to play and roam but he was always engaged in reading..His command on the Hindi and English languages were so powerful and excellent that anyone debating with him was inpregnable and inexpugnable..He loved me the most among all his grandchildren..When I was a small kid of Primary section, He wrote me the first letter and then our conversation kept on till he was healthy..I loved to open the seal of the letter which he used to write...He once stated a sentence in his letter 
My Child You Are Really A Dream Come True For Me..
Today when I remember his wordings , I really feel like how unlucky I am to not have him with me..Right now..I'm writing this post with a rolling tears on my cheeks...Im wiping it incessantly..and His Photo Frame in my room is making me cry more...As it seems like he is talking to me.. 

                 He always had a pile and heap of beautiful expectations with me..He used to say that The whole world will know my grandson- Abhilash Ruhela but in his last days He took his last breathe with the comtemporary news of that period that his grandson is a failure..Repeating 11th..and is unhealthy and he is in depression and always trying to suicide and slew himself.. Today I really accuse myself of not fulfilling my grandpa's expectation and dream till the time he was alive and was with me...Everyday after posting my blog..When I read it as a reader..I always remember my grandpa that what would have he said after reading this..after reading that..How happy he would be to read my blogs daily..He would have felt proud of the 64 comments on my 100th blog..He would have been proud of seeing me out of depression..He would have been proud of hearing the result that I scored 1st (Now Im 2nd) all over Mumbai in the entrance exam of BVP University..He would have been proud to hear that I won Mr.Fresher.. He would have been proud of the two achievements I have mentioned above..Now I really feel guilty..Why I was not living so passionately When He was Alive..Why I gave him this pain that His grandson broke all his expectations and desire...Dadaji..I Love YOU...You were so sweet..so kind...so lovely...How can I get you back?? .. Will you come tonight to wipe my tears...?? .. Will you come tonight to say again that I know you will be a big person..?? .. Will you come tonight to say that Im having the best personality among all my cousins and friends?? ..Will you come tonight to say that Beta ..the world will know you??.. Will you come tonight to scold me why I delay writing letters to you...?? 

                I know the answer is NO but I still hope that after I'll sleep ..You will surely come and love me...and I know you come daily..Because I cannot be successful and happy without your blessings...Dadaji...The last time when I saw you in hospital when you were unable to utter a single word...you were just taking the glance of my face and wasn't even capable of smiling..I said you that Dadaji..Aap jaa rahe hai naa..jaayiye..main bhi aa raha hu aapke peechey peechey..Mujhe bhi zindagi se koi matlab nahi hai..Bahut hi jald milunga aapse.. I dont know what you felt at that time but right now Im crying a lot bcoz Im feeling guilty that I didn't came..I didn't suicide..Just forgive me...And I promise you that I'll put all the efforts to fulfill your dreams you had with me..and I'll come to your place in heaven with the tag that whole of the nation knows me and then will say you ..Dadaji Ye hai aapka Favourite Grandson...Main Aaunga...Chahe Jaldi Chahe Der..Apka naam roshan kar ke hi aaunga...


Friends - Please respect your Grand-Parents !!!

23 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

60 Comments-Im Blessed With The Love You All Showered On Me !!

        101TH BLOG -->>

            Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chanv hai kabhi-kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahaan jee bhar jeeyo
Jo hai samaa

            Oh my friends and my readers...I never knew you all are so kind and so loving...I never knew you all were waiting for my 100th..If I would have got little intimation about this..I would have prayed got for some miracle so that my 100th would have been little days before itself...60 comments...This is what you all have gifted me...Im very happy....The day I was to write my 100th..I searched the whole google,yahoo and rediff's search engines but didn't got any blog from anyone who would have completed his 100th....Actually now you all will decipher a veracious statement according to you that I copy blogs..It has never happened...You can check it out..Actually that day when I was to publish my 100th blog..I was very nervous and very much concerned about it..I didn't wanted to dissappoint anyone..So I felt like taking some hints about what people write in their 100th blog...but what I found after the search was there are many who came into this activity of blogging but flinched from it after posting some copied poetries....and what I saw in their every comment section that - It was vacant..Even the bloggers who wrote more than 100 blogs in the year dont receive any comments on their any blog..let it be consisting any stuffs...either normal..either something special...What I found that atleast I receive uni-comments daily...Then why do I cry for comments...Now I have decided and finalized this that Now I'll never cry for comments...Its not like I'm arrogant now because I got this profused quantity of comments on my 100th..but because people are making fun out of this when I demand them to write their comments on my blog because they feel that I want to increase the number of comments in my blog...Agar yahi karna hota toh..Its not a very big deal to write comments on my own with variations of names...I can do this daily.....But no I dont want to swindle and cheat my dear readers...But why I demand for comments is because I like the feedbacks on my blog posts....Even I want to know like every performer actor writer author ...That how am I doing?? Is it touching the soul of my friends my buddies...or its just a foolish writings and words which Im here with....So from now onwards no demand of comments from any one...But invitations for reading my blog will always stand beside..because without publishing..without marketing..without divulging..You cannot hunt for success on national or global basis...So this will continue..but the beg for comments is not going to be the part of my blogging..Thats Final...

             And now talking about 100th blog..I gave the chance of 1 week to everyone to read my this very blog...because I wanted everyone to read this one...The day I sat to write this..I was very nervous at 1.40 AM when I published it..It was late night and I was very worried that after the dawn when everyone will read and peruse my blog..What will be their views on it..But Oh My God....The way you all have praised me, the way you all have extoled...I have erudite that You all love me a lot...There were many as I said in the 100th...who read my blog but have never said anything..but there were many faces and friends and readers who revealed their presence on my blog the day I wrote my 100th...A boy thats me...who was to die ,who was to suicide...who used to think and build his castle just thinking that there's no one around who love me..who is careful about me..is blessed with so much of comments and love filled in it..This is really a great feeling for me..I can never forget each and every interlocutor who took the part in commenting and posting their feedbacks...There are some paintings in life which you cant colour, you cant fill it with your desire to give a life to your paintings...An actor acts but he wait for his film to be a hit..because that is the people's choice to love it or neglect it..In the same way Im always brisky and alacritical to write blogs and about my personal life..But loving it..accepting it..aggravating the fame of the blog..Is in your hands...The 60 comments which you all have showered on this..I dont know how will I'll prepare myself to break this unutterable record..No ordinary person or a boy will receive so much of responses..I have received it just because of all of you..because theres none of my part in building the comment section so large...Its all on you my dearies....

            Many of you would have missed my blogs for one whole week but you would have found me in the comment section replying to the comments from all of you...Hope I'll be always blessed in this way by all of you..Tomorrow is my last exam and then I'll get a good time to write for all of you...Enjoying this success doent let me forget about the relatives and lovers of that 183 heaven reached people who lost their life in that bloody 60 hours in Taj when Kasab and his g**ndu(sorry for the word) made every one victim of their infilade..My salute to them...My prayings to them...Hope that they will return by taking reincarnation on this mother earth..and will retaliate bravely on all this terrorists...Many of you said me to decreament the level of my English and vocabulary..Hope you all have understood this blog...Hahaha..Thanks my dear friends...And just want your support for ever and ever...My bow to you all...60 comments...Awesome...I cant forget this digit.."60"...Im proud of all of you...

Your ehsaan ke neechey dabaa huaa - ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU

16 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

100th Blog-Lengthy But Worth-Reading-Thanks !

      100TH BLOG -->>

      Congratulations and Felicitations to me..and now after this , 

      Thanks Thanks Thanks to all of them who loved, appreciated, supported, suggested , kept faith, showed kindness, criticized, boycotted abuses @ comments, surfed my page, waited for my next blog everyday, didn't despondented when I didn't wrote, got gratified, made me cynosure, became interlocutor @ comments, gave emphasis to my blog , unbosomed yourself , didn't considered my blogs as a whim, didn't tried to ruffle this activity of mines, didn't dithered my life bcoz of this,didn't let me face repercussions and didn't tried to create any woes on my blog.. Thanks a lot...

               The way you all have showed your curiosity for my 100th blog made me to write something special and not the same certainty which I write everyday..The day when I posted my first blog- It was just to see how my page appears on the internet-World Wide Web..For one month I didn't got any such responses which would have made me proud of my blogs and my writings..But suddenly when I wrote the blog of 19th September..and in the way I received 19 responses on the particular day..Wow..I deciphered this conclusion that quietly without divulging people are going through my blogs..In whatever way...Till Now , in 105 days, I have written 100 Blogs including this on which I have received 250 comments without much criticisms..But I would like to share why I continued my blogging for the first one month..Why didn't I fragiled of no comments and responses..My whole blog's credit goes to Wilshire..The boy who wasn't my friend at the school times..We knew each other as school-mates..would have interacted twice or thrice..and I never expected any solidarity from his side..and the way Wilshire read my blog regularly..Now there would be many of you who will say that even we read your blogs daily..Buddies Thats where Wilshire is different from every one..He responded to each of my blogs...He has commented me on each of my blog..Right from my 3rd blog post...The boy started commenting and noticing my blog..and till today he had never dissappointed me..

                Many of my friends opined their view and said that they are waiting for my 100th post..First time I got this statement of eagerness on the day I wrote my 89th blog..and the person was none other than my dear brother Rohit Bhaiyya..He is sitting in London..and going through my blog..The person who has reached the success of his life..He has gained success in reaching the target of his long-term goal is reading my blog..Isn't this a great achievement for me..I'm just thankful to every one..Even to the friends and readers who have commented their views once..Before this 100th post eagerness..everybody vindicated my Birthday's blog (4th October) in the list of eagerness to read..and people said that - That blog was Emotional touchy and palpable..After that nobody opined their eagerness for any blog..But for this one..Wow..I hope so that I'm not dissappointing you..Co-incidently, Today I also completed my 6800 scraps on Orkut & 50 Tweets on Twitter . Today itself, Sachin Tendulkar completed his 20 years..This is really a lucky blog to me..

                There's an avalanche of blog all over the world..I dont consider myself as unique but I repeatedly say myself as lucky..and I would like to thank all those readers who didn't made a pile of jealousy and with a feeling of vieing and competing made their own blog parallel to mines..I'm really blessed and want to thank all of you that rather than creating your blog all of you gave emphasis to my blog and kept reading , scanning and perusing my blog..and hope you will keep yourself regular and routined with this activity..I always controlled my feel of blogging more than once in a day bcoz I didn't wanted myself to stigmatized as the person who is creating a plethora of his blog..In 105 days Im completing my 100 blog..Thats a good sign of blogging..and Im really feeling blithe while writing this very blog post...

               Lasting and ceasing, I would again like to thank all of my readers and hope that you will continue reading with my blogs and writings..Theres a complain that you all are not reverting back with your reviews on my blog..Even a SMS will do , personal mail will do..But I want responses..and I hope so that today the people who were eager for my 100th post would not have faced dissappointment..and if you have felt this unexpected feeling..Then please notify me @ the comment section..My dedication towards blogging is really making me scared of the future that even I'll publish my first experience of Sex here...Hope this doesn't happen...Hahaha...Thanks friends and buddies and readers and my blog family...

15 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Waiting For My Next Post - 100th One !!!

        99TH BLOG -->>

        Finally , second exam is over which according to me is the toughest subject of this semester..Now after this statement what are you expecting?? Me to say that It has gone excellent?? Today my paper was like a boy of BCom attempting the paper of BSc.. It wasnt my fault over all...Previously This same subject was named as C Programming where we were taught how to build up programs but there was a sudden announcement from our university some one month ago that Now C Programming is changed into Algorithm and Program Design...Sir , after this notice too didn't taught us how to build up algorithms for this subject...Im really very much annoyed and theres a feel in my soul that Im being Molested...Uff!!..In the Exam hall , The best two buddies of my Ex-GF were nudging me as they are vacuous and unintelligent...I would have helped them..But why should I?? First you slap that girl infront of me with such a power that your palm print should remain on her face for months and months...Then expect me to help you ..or if you want some other option rather than this...Then either pay me 20 rupees for each question or according to new network plans of 1 paise/second pay me 1 rupees/marks... That will earn me revenue of 80 rupees for 80 marks..Now whats your Idea?? Do you still quest me to help you...and if the answer is Yes...Go and die in the dirtiest lake of our country..whre cattle dungs and dogs pee....

             This is my 99th blog...Wow !!! Never expected that I'll reach up till here in this wonderful journey which started with only two person- Sopan bhai and Mahesh...I gave them the link of my first blog post..and now there are many with me who reads and suggest me every day...I'll be talking in detail about my blog and its journey tomorrow..and my dear readers,buddies please dont expect something unnatural and incredible for my tomorrow's post as its going to be the 100th one...century one...because I'm really in an anxious mood that whether I'll be fair to everyone's expectations or not..I'm thinking to stop blogging for 1 or 2 months after my 100th post which is the next one I'm going to write or after 110th post...I just want your views what you want me to do...According to me my blogs are interminable and endless as its the part of my routine..and If I'll stop doing this..I'll stop marching on the path of my success...and as I have seen every success turning into defeat when they return back to create the history again...But as you all would be..I dont know you all are or not..But I'm really excited for my 100th post...as it will really moot a permanent confidence in me that I can maintain such a difficult activity regular for 100 days...

              The next exam is on Tuesday-the day my production house going to return from his native place thaat is my Father...He has manufactured me naa...but now he is not maintaining his product...He is abusing his product saying that I'm engaged in useless activities..Today he called me up from there and told me that my cousin is facing problem in a project and as its a part of the computer I should prepare it for him here and send him the CD via courier..What the hell!!! Here Im not attempting my exams and this group of snarled people wants me to help them inthis part of project of which I dont know even the basic..My production house is really using his product more than it is capable of.. Uff!!!

               Thanks again for reading my this post and wait till I write the next blog..the 100th one..and try to comment my friends after reading..Why you don't participate in my blogs?? Your wish..I can only request and beg..Penny from your pocket is going to be hurled out by you only and not by me..Thanks...

14 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Wasted Time Did Masti But No Study !

             98TH BLOG -->>

        So ultimately, after wasting the whole day your Blogger is back with you here...I don't know why my concentration in studies are not showing their part...which they show when I try to innovate something on Internet and my computer...This is my Exam time going on and my father has moved to our native place - Kanpur...because of that I have no restrictions...and Im utilizing this immunity but the perplexed situations comes when I pick up the previous question papers of the upcomming next exam..and get to know that half of the questions are such Which I havent read or saw before..nor our teacher has explained the concept....I don't know from where this questions has taken place in our paper even when the question is not in our text...I'm not flinching myself back from the studies but I'm worried that why I'm not so much concerned for the studies at this feasible time when I should nexus day and night together and revise my book once - twice - thrice - .... - .... - ..... but this is what is called Stars..your Luck...Your Will....Will is in our hand but the stars and luck are the stars which we cannot control...In the morning I received a call from Yusuf and he asked me to answer such a question which wasn't so hard..but I felt like this would be the most robust question in our papers...but when I started analysing question papers I found that there were many interruptions...Oh My God !!!  Such a hard question papers?  Hey God just help me out...Still I haven't read anything and today Im ready to open my eyes up for the whole night...that means till 4 o clock or something...C Programming isn't so hard but the problem is that in all these daysI have lost that part of my memory in which all the answers of the questions were preserved...

              Today I had a chat with Atirek Sharma - one of the contestant of Rakhi Ka Swayamwar...You can say it was a one-sided conversation as he wasn't speaking anything...I kept abusing him and snubbing him and humiliating him  but he according to me wasn't in the mood of conflict and contravene..I told him ki now-a-days when I watch Pati,Patni Aur Woh ....Then instead of the face of that bald material Elesh I see your face...I just wanted you to be the Chaawa of Rakhi..You are the only face who should have won this idiotic show bcoz you are capable of such type of wife who is so audacious..I even spelt many Apshabds....But that man didn't spelt any retaliations...But I enjoyed..I love doing all this...

                Chalo Friends , Thanks for reading my this post which consists of my masti and the way college students live...i.e Away from studies...and please pray that I peruse the whole book of C-programming at this pleasant cool night of Mumbai...

13 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

First Exam Brought A Will To Perform Better !!!

        97TH BLOG -->>

        This is not the right time to write the blog..Today theres no plan to open my eyes for the whole night so I should have taken sound sleep ...I should have lied on my bed at 11 PM but this irresponsibility towards my day routine and the lack of care towards my health is making me dull day by day..I want to work a lot but body sometimes dont support to do just because theres many activities I do untimely..and I do this purposely because being a resident of Mumbai I feel like the world is waking up in night and working up the whole day...Why should I live here traditionally and normally..But actually I dont know the truth that people who are enjoying late nights have no work and they sleep for the whole day....I have to provide myself with a trusty sleep...Today my head is aching right from evening 8...This isn't a good sign bcoz my exams has started and this kind of interminable health problems may create hurdle in my performance..My performance not going to be superlative but its going to be what I have framed in my pictorial view...which is quite personal...Bcoz If I say anything now and it doesn't happens...Some of my readers who arent admiring me and visiting and following my blogs just to create hurdles in my life will get a chance to comment...They will get a pleasure that somewhere my wordings on my blog disaugmented me..

                Finally, looping to the main topic of the day..Marched with Arya towards college...and there on the way and at the time of preparation process of the examination..Arya showed the power of the relationship which both of us possessed..There are very less good friends who supports you for exams..A stranger @ the examination hall can help you but your best buddies will reply you saying.."Hamara bhi kuch nahi hua hai yaar" "Maine bhi nahi likha hai ye answer" But the way Arya taught me a main concept of IT which was sure to come for 10 marks..which I didn't prepared with the hopes that I'll get a chance to copy them @ the hall...Arya, Im really thankful to you for this support and the deed of friendship..You even helped me a lot on the way with many other concepts which weren't the part our question paper today...but I really want to thank you for your deeds...

            Today there were 5 questions for 10 marks each and 2 questions for 15 marks each...which was to attempted...I attempted all of them as they were the part of my preparations as I knew that they were important..I didn't traduced myself today in the paper as I shared this fear with all of you yesterday..Handwriting was poor but thats natural..hahaha...But I didn't went into catachresis..didnt got the word?? it means Misapplication of words....I wrote perfect answers..I didn't mugged up all of them but I wrote in my language..in my words..as you all know Io we a good sign writing in my language..Hahaha...but I dont know what will be the view of supervisor...But after submitting paper..I felt like I ameliorated and I have done better ...and the way of my resurgence after 11th failure has been acknowledgeable...I dont know how the catachresis of my brains got to be a sign of possibility...Hahaha...bcoz my brain ceased working on the matters of studies and wisdoms...Finally, Todays exam bought and mooted lots of will to do much better than this...but I think none of my papers will be such perfect as it was of today...Now waiting for the next exam- APD..i.e.Algorithm and Program Design..didnt got it?? in simple language- C Programming Language....This is going to be tough...

               Thanks for reading my wishes of thanks to Arya bcoz bcoz of him I gained 10 marks in today's exam...and My verdict on my first exam of graduation...Result is awaited...hahaha.....

11 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

First Exam Of Graduation !!!

            96TH BLOG -->>

        I'm happy with the response Im getting on my blogs..After 14 comments on my 90th Blog...I received only two comments at my 91st blog...then 92nd and 93rd had 0 comments that means nobody felt like commenting on it..I was shocked that what happened to my writings..Why people ran away...That day Abhinav made a visit to my house and laughed on me saying ki bhaiyya kya baat hai aapko subne nazar-andaaz kar diya...It was joke with him but somewhere in my heart I was very sad and confused that why my blog was ignored...Albeit I wrote every blog with all my hearts...But then the blog which I wrote on MNS which is my 94th blog received 12 comments..Wow...This is really incredible...I have again started getting high-end comments when My exams have approached...But I hope that I'll manage both of these things-Studies and Blogging..I want to thank every interlocutor who had conversation on comments...You all have really made my day....Now after getting void responses on two comments...I have understood that success isn't permanent...but it isnt over...You can get it back..the way I got at my 94th blog...Thanks to Rohan and Mayuresh to make it possible...

               Journey of my senior college started from 3rd August....My graduation classes for BCA started right from this day...There were many dreams..many targets..many goals...to achieve...Glamorous one is achieved after winning Mr.Fresher..but academic one is still to win....Now exams have arrived to test my performances...What have I contributed to my studies and my desires in this 3 months..I know that I haven't studied upto mark..but I also know that I have to achieve success...I have long term goals for which I have to overcome this short-term ones...I had a dream to score the best ..Now please dont misapprehend this...I didn't wanted to be 1st ranker but I wanted to be among the rankers and good studious students of the class...Now tomorrow is my first exam of my graduation...I dont know the circumstances which I'll have to face tomorrow...The fear of exams are interminable..but our efforts should not get disaugmented...My first paper is of FUNDAMENTALS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY..Its not so hard but it is complicated.Not easy to remember every term and every function of every part and equipment of computers...Actually Our generation dont want to know about the history..either its a political part or its something related to our interest...I have a lots of interest in computers...I want to develop in this field but I want to know the technologies which are going to be launched in future..But in this subject...we are taught about the past of computers..and it is so boring that I feel like dozing when I open this book....The english is so tough that its really a hard material to even mug up them...I dont want to traduce myself..for that I have to study....Tomorrow is my first exam and I want blessings from all of you...Hope I'll do my best and one day I'll post my success which I'll gain from this very examination....

                Thanks for reading this blog which consisted of my happiness with the comments I received...and the fear for the first examination which is approaching in few hours....


Sorry If I Have Hurted Anyone's Sentiments But I'm Right !!!

            95TH BLOG -->>

       So Finally, the consequences I received on my 94th blog was a sign of opposition. I never say that what Im talking and writing here is the common review of Indians or humans..There are many who may be opposing my thoughts and views..Actually this is Abhilash Ruhela Blog-Read It Out Fast where Im Abhilash and Im writing my views and opining my thoughts...What I think..Yours can differ...Yesterday I said about MNS....Mayuresh-my school-mate opposed it...He has never commented on my blog ever..This is his first comment and its a criticism for me..I accept it with a bow of my head infront of him...Bcoz that is Mayuresh's thought...His thought differed from mines...But that doesn't mean that he is right or he is wrong...It just state that we Indians are not thinking in a single direction...This is why We all are developing with less momentum...I dont know when will all of us grow up...We got Independence in 1947...That time leaders of our Mother India worked with a single thought of thrashing up Britishers...If at that time...comtemporarily There would be a presence of multi-views from Indians we would have lost our fight from that bloody Britishers...and we would have lost our soul -India...And if this type of MNS people would have been present at that time..Our India definitely would have got freedom bcoz there were many good leaders at that time who were pregnable and would have overcomed MNS easily...But as the MNS is playing its part now a days..Our India would have got freed but in many different sections..Not as India a country..But there would ahve been 37 different countries...coz the people like MNS dont want to be united...as they hate Bhaiyyaas....What the hell this people are doing for India and Maharashtra..Nobody knows....But what they are doing is vomiting...abuses...bad words.....and many diffrent aspects of Dirty activities...

             I remember the day I was standing in a queue...to submit my admission form in Panvel...There were some 10 to 15 boys standing ahead of me and there were 50 or some students standing behind me to submit the form for admission...One of the boy standing behind me asked From where are you..I , being unaware of dirtiness around me said "Im from UP"..and you will not believe my friends..They held my collar and pushed me out of the queue and said UP ka hai toh aagey kya khadaa hai jaa ke peechey se line lagaaa waapas...They said this in Marathi...I said Why you hurled me out of the queue and they said Dont you have any idea of MNS and Raj Thackeray....Should we show you more ??..I said Sorry and went back and again stood behind 50 peoples who were behind me..Again a boy from their group came out of the queue stood behindd me and said From where are you..I recognized him and I directly said Sorry bhai..Plz leave me..I have no problems with you all...I respect Maharashtra...and he forced me to say JAI MANSE...I said Jai Maharashtra and he told me that I'll kick you if you will not say MANSE...and then because they were in majority I said Jai Manse...and then they were so happy as they got their lost money back...I'm being directly effected from MNS and their kaarya kartaas..This is the one incident I have showcased here....I havent told you many of them of which I was a victim....directly...But I think some people have a huge wall infront of their eyes bcoz of which they are far away from the facts....or they are an illustration of Mopeness....MNS is just creating squall and we North Indians are getting homeless and jobless because of that...Now I know there will be many to say that bcoz of you North Indians we have to suffer joblessness...Just I want someone to say..I'll reply them...But now this gundaraaj is spreading in surfeit....and they are swindling and cheating their Marathi manoos itself...What to talk about them...

               Today I wanted to talk about the unexpected rains in Mumbai....but the criticism on my yesterday's blog shooked me up and I was really shocked that there is someone who is supporting MNS...I'm uploading an image of the clouds in New Mumbai which I saw today in evening..

        Thanks For reading my clarification...and once I give my words I dont take them back...and my views are strict towards my views....I dont change them back.....

9 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

MNS Are Getting Sabotaged - A Must Read !!!

           94TH BLOG -->>

       If you remember - my readers - who are regular , on the day of the result of this Election which was aanounced on 22nd October , I shared an information with you that Raj Thackeray's MNS has won 13 seats all over Maharashtra and now Im worried that How will I live in this city Mumbai and I was really very scared by his Win."What will be the future of Mumbai?..I'll be employed in this very city or not as he is the one who fled many UPlites to their own land last year..There should be a party from someone in the Marathas who can defeat this Rajsaheb Thackeray." These were my words....Today in the Vidhan Sabha of Mumbai...The leaders and MLAs were to take oath which is called Sapath in Hindi. Raj Thackeray on 2nd November intimated to all the Hindi Speaking leaders that he will thrash them if any one of them will try to take Sapath in Hindi. Abu Azmi-The leader of SP said after this that I respect Marathi Language but I'll like to recite my oath in Hindi itself...and as usual Today in Vidhan Sabha as soon as Abu Azmi started his speech the four MLAs of MNS came and at first pushed the mike and started shouting and screaming..Their vociferation was very loud out there...But Abu Azmi continued with his words of oath...Then as soon as Abu Azmi came down stage...to show his obnoxiousity about their this behaviour..They again hostiled the simplicity and immaculation and specklessness....They humiliated ,mortified and snubbed Abu Azmi by pushing him..Slapping him..Kicking him...and they even misbehaved with a woman there...Our chief Minister Ashok Chavan was present there but he was unable to do anything...This is what has always happened in Maharashtra whenever MNS took any polemic step in which they are expert and they are used to...But after Abu Azmi filed complaint against them...An order was passed and all of this 4 MLas from 13 MLAs of MNs were suspended for 4 years from their tenure of 5 years...

              This was the whole case..After this Aaaj Tak news channel took an interview of both the parties...Abu Azmi and Ramkadam-one of the four MLAs and Kadam was asked if you are stipulate to give a speech or take an oath in Delhi and you are forced to elucidate and focus on Hindi language...and not on Marathi what step would you have taken..He replied I would have said in Marathi as I will feel very proud speaking in my language...With this very sentence this got cleared that He lost in his own words..If you are feeling pride to speak in Marathi...The same condition is with Abu Azmi..Who are you all to hostile it...But Abu Azmi being despondent said that I'll speak in Hindi let anybody even kill me...Wow...Thats called the Real Man...Person who stands and oppose MNS is always respected by me...They say we are doing this for 11 crores Marathi in MH...I would like to have a survey...MNS leaders you dont have this blink of light in your mind that not even 1 crore of Marathi Manoos would be happy with your way of treat with Non- Marathis..My bro like friend Ganesh Bhosale(bhai) is a Marathi and hates you..Whenever I go to Nashik there are my friends Pranil JAGDALE and Abhijeet BUKANE to receive me and I stay at their house...They dont have any problem with me speaking in Hindi ...If these all peoples are so happy with all the people speaking in Hindi then who are you all to do this on the name of Marathi Manoos...Please MNS stop doing this...Your streets's gundagardi was accepted...There you were cynosure...But here in the Vidhan Sabha playing with your same attitude has lead you somewhere else...Please stop creating discrepancy between Marathis and North Indians....Im requesting you...None of my Marathi friends are happy with you...They can easily decipher that you all are just into a great politics...which is just a whim....but you will be completely lurk after sometime...Just wait and watch....

              Thanks for reading my Indian heart's trembleness...Hope you all would have agreed with my views...

8 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Your Days Define Your Life !!!

            93RD BLOG -->>

        Big Idea : Your days are your life in miniature. As you live your hours, so you create your years. As you live your days, so you craft your life.What you do today is actually creating your future. The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the actions you take are defining your destiny - shaping who you are becoming and what your life will stand for. Small choices lead to giant consequences - over time. There's no such thing as an unimportant day.

            Each one of us is called to greatness. Each one of us has an exquisite power within us. Each one of us can have a significant impact on the world around us - if we so choose. But for this power that resides internally to grow, we need to use it. And the more you exercize it , the stronger it gets. The more this power gets tapped, the more confident you become. Henry an author said : I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of a human being to elevate their life by conscious endeavour. And another author Donny Deutsch said : For every person with the stuff, the one out of a hundred who goes to a rarefied place is the one who says, 'why not me?' and goes for it.

              The best among us are not more gifted than the rest. They just take little steps each day as they march toward their biggest life. And the days slip into weeks, the weeks into months and before they know it, they arrive at a place called Extraordinary.

             Thanks for reading the views about how we waste our days and how a single day is important to us..I have wasted many days...and because of this Im suffering today when my exams are just 4 days ahead...

7 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm Sad-Last One I Wrote With So Much Of My Heart & No Response - So No New Post !!!

        92ND BLOG -->>


My Preparation For Exam & Second Highest Comment On My Yesterday's Blog !!!

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       Yesterday you all have really felicitated me indirectly by giving comments and comments and comments on my blog..It was so loving from your side..I have received the highest views on my blog which I wrote on the day when I won Mr.Fresher title in my college..that number was 19..After that For many days there were 1 comments or 3 comments but not more than this range and the number confined itself till three...But yesterday when I wrote all about my sister and the relationship I share with her..You all have respected my feelings and affection I share with her..Yesterday I have received 14 comments...Yesterday means The blog Which I wrote last night..Comments kept coming today for the whole day..and I enjoyed it...Now I dont know when will my blog again touch your soul and you will find yourself in me and will share your appraisal with me...Muaah to all of you who have shared your comments on yesterday's blog...

            My exams are approaching from 12th of this month and I dont know what to do so that I'll be immune and I'll be announced as Im passed...The way I started my journey was excellent..the momentum and spirit of my forceful study was really acknowledgeable...but as the day kept passing by...I got attracted towards a bitch...and lost my half sense then and there...whatever was left It was taken by different useful activities...The mega-useless habits quest the attention and turned it by its right way and took it away some where from now Its very hard to turn back and start studying..Now a days I study from night 1 to 5 AM....when the world sleep...Abhilash is there to watch them out...The whole night I keep peeping into the pages of my books..But what my brain gets feeded with is not the knowledge my book shares with me but I keep thinking very deeply with many new researches..like..

  •   How Dinosaurs would have sabotaged the earth and human beings?
  •   How were the first couple of this earth familiar with the knowledge of Sex?
  •   How were the movies like Anaconda and titanic were made?
  •   How come my name is Abhilash and nothing else?
  •   Why is local present only in Mumbai and not somewhere else?
  •   Why there are only two genders - Male and Female...Why arent 4 or 5 or 6?
  •   How come mobile works without having any wires?
  •   How come medicines make a patient feel better?

           This all are my world of imaginations for the whole nightr and when the clock strikes 5 AM..I feel like sleeping and take an oath that tomorrow I'll not think about this topics and will study and read my course books with all the concentration in it...hahaha....This is my world...I think I have turned up into Ishan of TZP...Now I'm sure that I'm not going to get germane marks..and I'm again turning into a mastikhor boy who was impregnable and inexpugnable...

           But I have promised my self..Ki agar saala paper saamne aaya aur mujhe kuch nahi aa raha hoga then I'll atleast write the answers of the questions I have written above on which I have researched a lot like a scientist for whole of the nights...Hahaha...and I'll be pakka Honest and Loyal to myself...

             Thanks for reading this Funny and my opineful blog....And again thanks to them who made this 14 comments possible.. 

6 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Nidhi Didi Turned 22 !!!

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        Yesterday , I posted a minute detail about the upcomming film Paa whose trailer made my eyes go wet...but there was no comment on it...Im very much interested about the film but the way you all have ignored it..I dont know what kind of choice you all possess in the subject of films and movies...But I really admire Mr. Bachchan and if this film fails to collect the money and gain the title of Superhit Amitabh Bachchan will really turn into the same posture and look as he is in the poster of the film..Hahaha...and I dont want this film to be a Flop...Right now I have turned down my television after I saw last two players throwing water on all the Sachin's effort he struggled on the pitch...Today Sachin completed his tenure of 20 years in this International cricket with this he has settled many new and unbreakable records..Today He hit the 45th century in his ODI career and completed his 17000 runs in approximately 423 matches...I dont know HOw their success dont get tizzy with the time..How they are consistent..Why am I not like them? Why can't I do something which can make all the Indians proud of? I have to do something in my life related to this but it will take a lot of efforts to reach my goal...

            Today my sister Nidhi Didi celebrated her 22nd birthday..SISTER?? This would have puzzled you and confused you as you all will be knowing that Im a single child of my parents..I dont agree with the elucidation of claiming someone as our brother and sister only when he is born from the same womb...No..Never..Its not my fault that the person in whom I see my sister is not of my blood relation..It would have been my fault if I would have taken her easy and ignored her after knowing that she has been a charming person of my life..A girl whom I met on Orkut...chatted with her for some 2 weeks..Had a fight and got a comment from her that I havent seen the worst person like you all over my life..Then after some months again a reply from her..Wishing me Happy Diwali and stating that Im not from them who are so worst to turn the face from the person who was sumtime a friend of his or her and not wish him luck on the festivals..Then again got a moment to chat with her..Again after some weeks we got closer and I shared many secrets with her and then their was a beautiful proposal from her side - WILL YOU BE MY BROTHER? I didnt took a single second and then and there both of us tied a knot of Brother and sister Relation..I was really gratified by her talks and chats...Then I heard her voice on the phone and there was a feel and monsoon of love and care...From then I took Didi as one of the advisor in my life..A girl who struggled so much in her life and today she is tudying with the job asides which keeps troubling her again and again..She dont take supports from her family and live her life with the struggles and just keep burning in the fire of pains and discomfort...She never hostile works and efforts..I just love her bcoz she is not obnoxious to my views...whenever she feels that Im wrong she shout and scold me... and as I respect her a lot..I drag my self into the state of silence and learn many useful points and suggestions which she explain to me in detail..She has never misapprehended and misunderstood me...

               For the first time we came into contact in September,2007 on Orkut...when we accepted the fact that our relation is not just of being online buddies but to be brother and sister for the lifetime..and unfortunalety as she was in Pune I was in Nashik we didn't got a chance to meet..Then now when I migrated to Mumbai..and for the admission purpose I touched the land of Pune where she recides...I got a chance to meet her..and this gratification moment was in the month June,2009....That means both of us were tied to each other only with our voice for two whole years...and there we are now..When we have the identity of How my bro or sis look like..Isn't this drastic case and interesting...For the first time when I fell that she really consider me as her brother when she asked for the address and sent me a Rakhi in the year 2008..That was an emotional moment for me..and Now this time when I visited her She tied me Rakhi then and there and told me to celebrate Raksha bandhan on that very day...Whole of my life my cousin sisters Swati Didi for 20 years and Tannu for 7 years have kept sending me Rakhi but this was the first time when a feeling of sister was touched when she asked to forward my wrist and she tied Rakhi..Just would like to Thank her for the pleasure and happiness she has given me...and would like to wish her success and warmth for her future on her this very Birthday...Friends Just pray luck for her...

                Thanks for reading the beautiful relation which I share with my sister...Hope all of you would have found yourself in me...

5 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Warning - Dont Try To Defame Me And My Blog !!!

89TH BLOG -->>

So, You will be thinking that who is this standing adjacent to the post..Im sure that none of you would have recognized him..I knew the man who is the actor of the movie Paa but then too after taking a deep look in the poster I failed to recognize him..He is none other then the Admirer Mr. Amitabh Bachchan..This is his upcoming movie Paa where he is playing a character of a kid that suffers from progeria, a debilitating disease where the child ages rapidly beyond his age.I wasnt excited for this film yet but after this poster has been revealed Im just going mad with the excitement and curiosity to watch this film..The trailer of the movie ensures that Amitabh Sir is really a fine actor..This is the biggest experiment done by Mr. Bachchan on his role..And Im sure He is going to be successful this time..I love you Big B and want you to continue your tenure in this B-Town for the whole of your life and may your life continues even after my death..

                  Apologize to you readers, Yesterday I used a word which wasn't expected from me..This blog has always been a symbol of Decency...The main motive here is to reveal the truth and not to degrade my standards..Actually sometime I feel like Im talking to a particular person and thus this type of mistakes happens...But I should not forget that now there are many to read my articulature..Emphasis should be given to the facts rather than the controversial words..Everyone wants me to make this blog successful being decent and being reciprocate to it and make it a controversial one..Because every part of survivals which is made controversial by people doesn't enriches its success and publicity for a large period of time..and I dont want to make my blog an illustration of Gaff and means....Any erratical movement can cause me a sign of Failure and degradation of my character...So again apologizes to all of you and taking a name here Wilshire the guy who alerted me of my err....Thanx Wilshire for showing me the path and not letting me to turn my way which would have caused bad remarks about me..

             Today, There was a scenario in the classroom where again the Blog was declared in the classroom..First it was Vandana to say that No you dont write anything here in your classroom You write in your blog..Which was a matter of humour and laughter but then suddenly after that when madam reacted to the word BLOG there were many chattering mouths who took the pain to defame me and my blog..It just made me mad and this is the first time when I used bad words and abuses in my class openly and without caring of what would be the next after this..if someone hears or something..The momentum of patience lost so fast and my action was to and fro which caused the person to elucidate the whole thing to me..Its nothing like my friendship will be diminished and I'll not talk to them who all are jealous and targeting my blogs Its like I'll show them the success of my blog continuously..This is something which has made me popular and this is something where I can share the truth about the person with the circle..First of all you have to check your perimeter of condition in which you are targetting my blog.and then you should compare yourself with the success and failure of my Blog's perimeter..What the worst can the college do with me after reading this blog..I think nothing except the Suspension but when I'll return I'll not be despondent, I'll gain the strength to write my blogs in more effective ways...Primarily now aa days I dont talk about my blogs..I just talk about subjects but today the way I was targeted by one of my classmates on my blog made me to write all this..

               So again Im saying that Who all are not interested in this venture of my life can apart themself from this but please dont try to create issues on this lovely part of my life..This is 89th post and I hope you all will let me post 100th, 1000th and many more in the series..Request and beg is for giving me and my blog a space in your heart and not to defame me bcoz of this blog..Theres nothing wrong in blogging , Your thinking about me and my blog can be a matter of jealousy or personal feeling that you are lacking somewhere where I'm excelling...There was many subjects I wanted to talk today but this incident which was rolling in my mind trembledeven here on the blog...Sorry for the readers who all expected something Usual today but sorry for the Unusual....

              Thanks for reading..and once again thanx to Wilshire...for noticing the minute ones...which can effect the blog and my character...