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2012- One More Year Leaves Me With SMILE!!!

LAST BLOG OF 2012 -->>

759th BLOG POST -->>

            Aaaahhh!!! Finally the year 2012 ends. It's the last page of this book and thus, I would love to end it by thanking all of you. My job is to Write and a Writer cannot be successful until and unless he does not have a good amount of readers. I have been lucky to have some wonderful interactive readers. Some too responsible who bring a change in themselves and take out their time to mail and inform me. With such company, this Blogging seems to be endless and interminable. I always justify my blogs with conclusions because I don't want to just fill up the storage capacity assigned to me on this WWW. I want to bring a change among all of us. First, I bring a change in myself, then I share with an example of mine or my friends, and then I ask all of you to follow the same to lead a better life. Like take one instance here itself. It's the eve of New Year when many would be celebrating the day at some sponsored event or at a party. I always believe that this class of people are those who wait for a specific day to celebrate themselves and their life. For me, each day comes with the same enthusiasm of doing something great and celebrating the same by writing a Blog or a Personal Diary stuff. The same is been done tonight, here on the medium. Thus, I also take my Birthday casually. Because, if I'll celebrate these day by doing something too great then it will surely tease other days of my life by priding, "I am so much better than all of you". So, I don't let my Birthday or the celebrations like New Year to  turn egoistic and be proud of themselves. :-)

            When 2012 begun, I made some Resolutions that I also posted in the First Blog of the year - 2012 Starts and Yes, I have RESOLUTIONS !!!. Before moving further, I want to discuss a scene with all of you. When the Anna Hazare protest was on throughout the country, even I joined a rally once. I was disappointed to see how people were promoting Anna Hazare over the cause. I came home and complained about this to my father. He told me,"Beta, one should know about their leader hence they show the videos as to what changes he brought in his village- Ralegaon Siddhi at personal level". Hence, the reason that I am sharing my achievements of 2012 is just for a reason that all of you read what I write. Hence, you should also know what exactly your Blogger is and does. :-) 

          1st Resolution was: To start exercising. Result: FAILED MISERABLY. Didn't exercised for a single day. Hehe! Shame!

             2nd Resolution was: To pass the CET examination of MCA and get admission in the college I wanted. RESULT: I passed exam with the best marks  that I could have. And I am currently studying in the college I wanted to. :-) 

              3rd Resolution was: To pass BCA in perfect 3 years time and I did it with a wonderful score in the last semester. It was the second best marks I scored in all the 6 Semesters that I gave. :-)

             4th Resolution was: To write more than 200 Blog Posts and I have ended up writing 257 Blog Posts. The second best performance as in 2010, I wrote 261 Blog Posts. Wow! Wow! Wow!

             5th Resolution was: To start writing my novel that is the biggest dream of my life. I have started it. Yes. Just started it.

             6th Resolution was: To read 50 novels in a calendar year while I have read 75. :-) 

              So, out of 6 Resolutions, 5 are not only fulfilled but won over by big margin. :-) Else, there has been many new experiences too. I finally ended up writing 100 Book reviews. On Indiblogger, I became the one with highest contribution in Book's section. On Bookrack, I became the 2nd Indian to contribute the most. The likes of Hussain Zaidi(the only reporter whom Dawood gave interview before leaving India), Ravi Subramanian(Crossword's Most Popular Writer award winner of 2012) etc complimented my work. I also wrote 600th and 700th Blog Post this year itself.  This year, I also got into a new college hence this is a very big change for me which will effect next 3 years of my life and reflect my whole life. :-) A new experience has been a Debate Competition of which I was a part of in my college. I started reading Bhagawad Geeta which has brought terrific change in my spiritual approach towards life. 

             Similarly, there has been many such experience in 2012 which I am in no state to share with all of you, currently. In short, I would like to tell that since 2009, all the years has been better than the last one. And hence, 2012 has been the Best Year of my life till now. And I would like to thank all of you for being with me throughout the year. Let's promise that we will stay together in each other's success throughout 2013 too. I hope this year has been good for all of you. Though our country is seeing some worst era of its safety, security and prosperity, let's not think about it in this last hour of the year. Let's be concerned about it, let's protest about it rather than stop celebrating our life that God has blessed us with.


 ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU. Started this year with 513th Blog Post and leaving you all with 759th Blog Post.
30 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

She is no more but Rape Cases are still on....

758th BLOG POST -->>

             My 750th Blog Post had many questions for all of you. I received a lot of comments over it but no one has been able to answer the question and satisfy me. Hence, this is assured that, at personal level, no one can stop Rape in the city or state or in country. We will have to keep suffering it without fail. Finally, on 29th December, 2012, Delhi rape victim breathe her last. The whole nation mourned for her. It is a hard fact to believe that a victim of rape dies of something that no one has ever imagined for a rape victim. The most that we think is- Girl lost her virginity to someone whom she didn't want to. Hence, rape cases keeps on happening and we read it in newspaper and turn over the page thinking that it's just another news. But what happened with this girl has been a pitiful experience for all of us. Today's youth don't have time from their Coaching classes and Facebook but they showed responsibility this time by protesting at India Gate and other landmarks all over India. This is one of the rare moments when Indians made Government scared of us else all of us know that this is the era when Government is dominating us. 

            With the death of this 23 years old girl, what more can we talk about Rape and its consequences? What exactly will parents teach their sons and daughters? People blame parents of rapists but what fault are they committed to? The most that my parents tell me is- Beta, kabhi koi girlfriend mat patana. Kabhi kisi ladki ka peecha mat karna. Kabhi kuch aisa ho toh hamein bata dena hum baat kar lenge ladki k gharwalon se. Because they fear that I might stalk her and after the rejection from any girl, my ego might get hurt and in the anger of that, I might end up doing something as shameful as raping a mother. Now, if even after this, I end up raping a girl because of the so-called out-of-control Lust, what can my parents do in that? Yes, it would be their fault if after that, they come to defend me. They should directly ask court to hang me to death. 

              To a girl, what can a parent ask for? To be at home when it's dark. But how much does day time assures that a girl will not be molested or raped? Go over the stats and you would find most of the cases when a girl is been raped by her boyfriend or by her boyfriend and his friends. Now, even if girls find this genuine and appropriate that they can go to a flat with their boyfriend as they find protection when he holds their hand, how can one protect them? Loving someone is fine. Keep that in your heart. Even if your family is conservative, let your parents know that you have started loving someone with whom you can spend your whole life with through a relative who is open minded or some family friends. Why is it so essential for you to get the guy by proposing him and then roaming with him all around the city? And now, no fucking idiot should tell me that why am I not saying anything to the boy who rapes the girlfriend and why am I only pointing my finger at girl. The reason is- couples keep on getting more physical day by day. They earn no money but they find themselves enough mature to fall into a relationship and then get involved in all these calamities. Later, when girl asks the boy to keep a limit over this relationship, his ego gets hurt and he ends up doing that last thing- Sex without protection. 

            If, at the very first moment you will stay away from relationship, no such moment will arrive. Then, even if you are somehow in a relationship, if you keep a limit over all these things, you will not get prone to any such forcible incidents. And do share with your parents, let your parents decide if your love is fine or not. Let them keep a proposal to the boy's parents than you keeping proposal to the boy. Do it how the legacy has been. Follow the footsteps of simple human beings. Keep your life simple. Don't get into complexities. Every thing in life comes with some risk, chose the options that has the least risk involved. Keeping a Question over the society that why do boys rape us even when we are in short dresses will not give you the answer. First answer the society why are you so passionate about wearing short dresses. First be eligible yourself to question the society. 

             I am not born as a boy to dominate girl and use my physique to rape them. But some boys have such mentality. They are influenced by some of the characters shown in movies or by their friends' thinking and approach towards girls. Who will guarantee us safety? Just after the rape of this Delhi girl on the night of 16th December, almost 23 rape cases have been registered in Delhi. Many would have gone unregistered. That means while the big protest was on at India Gate, some guys even then had guts to rape girls. Now, girls should get the answer as to who will have to take their care. They themselves or the police or the boys or the society. It is very shameful that we have to ask our girls to stay at home rather than assuring them safety on roads and at any point of time in 24 hours. I want to bring a change but now the situation has worsened to a situation that whenever a rape would happen, people will ask at what time it happened. If it would be before 8 PM, girl would be given sympathy else she would be blamed. This is where our country stands now. 

             To the boys who do this, I seriously want something bitter and worst to happen with them. I have read it many a times in many Holy Books that we get punishment for our sins in hell. I just want our court to read all the Holy Books and give the same kind of harsh punishment to these people on this Earth itself. Let the rapist be below 18 years of age, punish him too. At such age, he understands what raping is, how can you call him minor? Was he playing game and incidentally got his penis inserted into the girl? He did it purposely by forcing himself on the Girl, right? So, punish him without considering his age. And please, don't hang these idiots. There's no punishment in making someone struggle for 1-2 minutes and finally making them breathe their last. Seriously, cut their hands and penis and tattoo it on their forehead- "I am Satan". And let the world treat them. Let the girls beat them to death. The same girls whom these idiots found physically weak than them. Let them meet death by the hands of our Goddesses. 

             In the end, I pay my condolences to victim's family. I don't know how will they live a normal life from here. World didn't end in 2012 but it seriously took away their world. I hope all such victims of rape and their family also come and protest with people sitting at India Gate so that Government get to understand that this protest isn't closing down any soon. Victim's soul can never rest in Peace. I hope she is leading a very good life in heaven, at least now. Her plight has become every family's reason to be sad and to weep. The environment at my home and when I am with my friends has become as if we have lost our house member. I hope this is the last time that we are hearing a news that is as horrific as this. May God Bless Humanity!!!



Dabangg 2!!! Arbaaz Khan fails as a Director!!!

757th BLOG POST -->>

            The last two Blog Posts are interconnected with each other as 755th is about the end of Semester 1 of MCA while 756th is about the Convocation ceremony I attended for earning the degree of BCA the very next day. In the same series, you can call even this post connected with the last post as I watched Dabangg 2 just after attending the Convocation Ceremony in Pune itself. :-) Dabangg was watched by me with my parents in 2010. My friends believe that watching movies with parents is a boring experience while I loved watching Dabangg with them. It was a wonderful experience and the movie stays still afresh in my mind. Ask me and I can start watching it just now. There are very few movies of Salman Khan that I find sensible and kind-of-an-epic, Dabangg stands at the Top of the list. The first trailer of Dabangg 2 was so well-made that I was assure about it being better than Dabangg and hence, much more Dhamaka. But now, as I have seen the movie, I can say that I can spend Rs. 250 over Dabangg once again but I can never say YES to watch Dabangg 2 even on Television. And yes, even when I saw Dabangg 2 with 5 of my friends, it remained unable for me to get entertained by the movie. 

            A week has passed and the movie has already crossed 110 crore mark. This is definitely an era of Salman Khan but after watching this movie, I want the era to get shifted to someone else. 2013 is ready with many movies of many great actors, and some of them sounds to be sensible, and hence, I want some other actor to take the torch from Salman Khan's hands now. It has been a long time since he is carrying it without even being deserving. With Wanted and Dabangg, it was recommended. But after Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2, I just don't want any more SUPERHIT tag attached with Salman Khan's movies. Though, I also know that it will take 3-4 movies more for his era to end but still... HOPE.

            Dabangg 2 is about Chulbul Pandey and his family more than about he and his police force. Dabangg ended showing us how Chulbul starts loving his brother-Makkhi and father after years of misunderstanding. And, The Director Arbaaz Khan has tried to take the series forward by showing what happened after that. But he got so much lost in showing Chulbul's connection with his father, played by Vinod Khanna, that he forgets to show any other sequences in the movie favorably. Sonakshi Sinha, as the wife of Chulbul- Rajjo has played her part with maturity and sensibility while Arbaaz Khan has no role in the movie at all. The character of Makkhi was shown with apt in Dabangg while Arbaaz Khan has disappointed by assigning him such a small role. In the quest of letting the movie look like the sequel, writers have ended up showing some stupid emotional scenes in middle of it. 

            The jokes that the characters keep on cracking in between can not even make a Std. 4th child to laugh. The dialogue delivery by Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey makes us interested in a movie only for a while but later it starts irritating because of lack of humour. His chemistry with his wife is the only thing that is shown sweetly but still, it does not make you laugh on any comical romantic sequence. The entry of Prakash Raj was expected to change the movie but it made it more worse. It seemed as if Arbaaz Khan wanted to cash him for his performance in Singham. But ended up making Prakash Raj a normal villain then an epic one. I am amazed to digest the fact that even Prakash Raj failed as a villain because he lacked his X-factor throughout the movie. I missed Sonu Sood terribly. 

             Four songs in the movie just keeps on blocking the move of the film as all arrives in first half of the movie itself. In the second half, Fevicol Se is played which does not stand any near to Munni Badnaam Hui. Coming to the action sequences, they are the only spaces on which the Director has concentrated. But still, you can't say that an action movie- Dabangg 2 has taken action to a different level. It is of the same level as of Salman's last 3-4 movies. But, at least these scenes give you a feel that you are watching your favorite star- Salman Khan on the screen. I loved Salman Khan in the fighting sequences. Else, I also liked Sonakshi Sinha's performance. No doubt why this actress has scored 100 crore for three times in 2012 out of four movies(of which she is a part) that has been released. And a single funny sequence is when Salman dances with a girl on stage on some song named "chutney". Else, every thing in the movie will give you a feel of a nonsense South Indian movie where no scene has any relevance with another scene. Rather than wasting bucks on Dabangg 2, purchase the original DVD of Dabangg and watch it every time Arbaaz Khan directs Dabangg 3, 4, 5 etc. 



A Namesake Degree!!! A Namesake Graduate!!!

756th BLOG POST -->>

             After sleeping for the whole day, I have woken up at the end on the day 29th when 30th December has already begun. This isn't my fault. Hence, please consider this post as a post been submitted on 29th. :-) Not many of us experience the same but it's a bit surprising that I give my last examination of MCA First Semester on 27th December and get felicitated with Gown and Cap and a Degree for successfully completing my Graduation on the very next day- 28th December in the campus of Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. It was a rejoicing moment to travel to Pune from Mumbai to get something that I achieved with smile, confidence and belief. I have never been much studious since I learnt some notorious terms and facts. Hence, achieving this milestone in life has been a good experience for me. I stood with the besties of my class though, in the real world, they themselves do not stand anywhere closer to the Scholars. :-) 

             This Gown and Cap would have had a greater meaning if it could have provided me with some immunity and security in the future but it guarantees nothing except a piece of paper that the world calls "Degree". Yes, it's degree of academics, degree of perseverance, degree of being bibliophile etc. But it's not a Degree that will fetch bread and butter in life. It will always be with me in the life which will serve as a Document to get my other documents made. But it will never give me an assurance of life that one craves for. I will still have to work harder with my Post-Graduation- Master of Computer Applications. The completion of this will at least guarantee me that I have learnt something and through the learning, I will get a pretty job which will help me feed my stomach. This degree will just allow to me to enter some Call Center arena that demands no less than a Graduate Guy in the name of Eligibility. 

                A Picture with such attire also reflects that the person wearing it knows all about the field he is a Graduate in. Another shameful moment. Ask me about my field and I might faint. I am not even clear with Basics after studying on the topic for 3 years. In MCA, I have taken a fresh start and I am learning the facts and factual now. Then, One Night study was all that I did and got this Namesake Degree. And, can you ever compare a Golden Jubilee Marriage with a Night stand? I am sure, your answer is NO except if you are a Real Tharak. :-) Wearing the attire on the day, I didn't feel any good for myself because I knew that I only deserved it because I passed without failing in the Final Semester but I am too weak to call myself a Graduate in the field of Computers. Computer is a study of several Computer Languages. A good Computer Engineer is expected to be an adept expert in at least one of the languages by the end of his Graduation. I am not even basic in any of them. What value then this attire has over my body? It is just equivalent to the men wearing khaki in Delhi and calling themselves Delhi Police but are unable to guarantee safety to its female citizen. 

             The irony is that I have started feeling good about myself after giving the Semester exam of MCA but we don't get felicitated for being a Post-Graduate in the same manner as we get for BCA. The degree, then, is handed casually. Sad! In the Convocation ceremony, I only felt good when I saw many other students from other campuses wearing the same attire as mine and looked good. Only then I felt that I am also looking like them in the similar attire and hence, I have also achieved in life what they have. Otherwise, the Convocation had no meaning for me. I shouldn't say for the whole class but none of my classmates can call themselves a Real Graduate with confidence in front of world. Except one, none has been able to score First class marks. All are in Higher Second Class or Second Class with "no knowledge". 

             For me, this Convocation had only one excitement- "That I was keeping my feet in Pune- the same land which gave me enough pain and torture that I reached this level of life". The city from where my father forced me to leave my academic year of Std. 11th(in 2007) because of misunderstandings turns out to be the same city where I am been felicitated for being a Successful Graduate(in 2012, after 5 years). What can be more emotional moment for me? Else, I am not very happy with the attire I am in. As I feel good about my Mother and Father that they are educated, I am only happy that my children will cherish this moment thinking that their father is a Graduate. :-) Else, it's all formality of University that I joined in. And Yes, it's also a Proud moment for my Parents to see their little child in an uniform that vociferates "A Graduate". What an irony that the upper Generation and lower Generation is feeling good and will respectively about an event of which the Current Generation is a part and is not even excited about it. Haha!




755th BLOG POST -->>

            And I am back after giving my last examination. It seems as if Entrance exam of MCA happened just 2 weeks ago and I was struggling with the names of good colleges just yesterday. It is hard to believe that I have given my last examination of First Semester. Actually, if you would ask me if I enjoyed this whole session of 5 months, I would say NO. Seriously. At times, it made the situations damn tougher. Only crying used to be left else I reached zenith of frustration at times. I still remember the initial weeks of MCA when I used to see these BSc.IT. guys performing very well in Lab sessions while I used to sit idle and watch them because I don't even know C of Coding. In my BCA degree, we were just taught to pass time. While here, they want us to bring Output. And what surprised me was that every child used to be ready with their respective outputs while I and my friend used to sit and console each other that we will somehow pass. 

           Later on, as teachers realized that the time is less and syllabus is vast, they started running with it in every lecture. And it became more difficult for me to feel good about myself, my college and the course. I am very confident on stage or during Oral examinations but still I preferred to remain out of Internal VIVA because of an unknown fear within me. The second reason was also that this was a new environment then. And no one wants to get into an awkward situation in front of new classmates in the initial weeks itself. Being a human, I didn't follow the same criteria that I follow in life- To be fearless even when I am in front of strangers because they are as bad as me. :-) Here, I went into a zone of inferiority complex. At a stage, I even decided to ask my parents directly that I am not made for coding and programming and I am unable to cope up with this tough syllabus. But some how, I thought of not giving up but trying. And that changed the scenario. 

            On my birthday, I was participant in a Debate competition of my college. In the final stage, the best 10 speakers from my class were selected. Luckily, my classmates chose me. That was the moment when the died confidence in me got a life yet again. I felt that in something, I am better than some of my classmates. And after that, the inferiority complex started reducing. But still, I knew that I wasn't good at coding. As soon as I got Preparation Leave, I devoted all my time in preparing my project myself with the help of a friend. And the day I learnt the basic coding of this weird computer language, I felt so good about myself that I felt that I can at least try to put effort in this semester. And then the preparation begun. I can not say that I will score the best marks or anything of that kind. I can't even assure anyone that I am passing in all the subjects without failing in any of them. But, what I am happy about is that I, at least, tried to put efforts and after putting the efforts, I found that if one would try, one can achieve anything. Because, even I started understanding all the complexities of MCA. 

            Now, I have vacations till 13th January, 2013. I don't know when my results are going to be displayed. I know that that night is going to be tough. I may not even sleep. Ok. Many of you would be saying-"Waise jaise bahut sota hai yeh" Huh! :-) But seriously, I want my result to be something that I have virtually designed in my mind. It may be worst. I am fine. I will prepare again with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Because I have decided that let these Computer Programming languages drag me to a level where I may even start to think of committing suicide but I'll not. I will keep on forcing myself for next 2.5 years. There was no need to write this post here on blog as this is kind of personal diary stuff. But, I did it because I want to thank few people who really helped me in this journey of First Semester of MCA. The credit of this confidence goes to Vandana, Yusuf, Aniket T, Sanjeet P, Manoj G, Saquib S etc. These people have supported me whenever I wanted to. Academically, I have got a big support from all of them. And, in the end, I would like to thank Vandana, Prasad and Vrushali for being with me every time. Without them, I would not have attended college and landed up in Defaulter's List. :-) To all the readers, who kept on motivating me in the times when I welled up my fear on the social medium, a big thanks to all of you. May God bless you all.

P.S.: This post was posted on 27th November but because of technical issues, it didn't get published. :-|


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Hidden Chapters are Part of Every Fighter's Life!!!

754th BLOG POST -->>

            People often ask me as to why do I struggle so much to keep this space updated. They have problem with the kind of possession I have for this space. May God tell them about the passion I have for this medium. It was the same in 2009, it is still the same and it will remain to be so. Let me get married or be a father, I know that I will anyhow find time to manage to be here, write and make people read what I write. Let them not comment. Just read and go. I don't feel bad about it. People often remark that a Blogger with the kind of reader base I have should be having almost 100 comments on every blog post while I get none at some of the posts. I don't know why does it not happen with me here on the Blog Page. I get a lot of them on my mails and FB Page but I don't understand as to why it does not happen here. But this is a very small reason that'll kill the passion I have for the space. I will break my body, my life and almost anything but I will write. Even if I'll become a Novelist, an Author or may be one of the biggest Bestsellers of India, I will keep this space as enthusiastic as it is currently, no matter what. 

               People often advise me for several things in life. Some says that my routine should not be so strict on a daily basis. I should keep some of the things for alternate days. Some say that I need to sleep at favorable timings and for good amount of time. Some say that I need to understand that life is of 70 years and not of 30 years that I am dying to achieve all that one can as early as possible. Some even feel that I don't get paid for anything that I do in life so why should I struggle so much. Different people, different perspective. Their suggestions are always welcome and the execution has to be determined by me in the end as to what I really need and want. I know the differences of ideologies I have with myself. At 10 years old, I loved sleeping and lazying around. At the age of 15, I was a great fan of watching television. At the age of 20, I loved sitting at Cyber and roaming around. Now, at 23+, I have understood what I need in life. And I also know the effort that I'll have to put for achieving those things. 

            But, when people tell me some things about myself, in personal or on Twitter/Facebook/Mail, I just hear like a good listener but does not promise for any change. Because, everyone in their life, who have taken risks, entered the wrong path in the search of what life really is, have met with some bad experiences that they can never share with anyone in life. I had my own experiences. I have not even noted them in my personal diary because it is too positive to handle any of such painful incident. And I can never share it with anyone. Let it be my parents, my best friends, my wife after some years and my children after a decade or so. These incidents will remain a secret till my death. It will lie with me in the grave, as fresh as my thoughts. Those painful incidents have made me realize that life could have ended at the age when boys love playing Cricket and stalking girls. I would have been taken to such a place from where either I would have died by severe torture or I would have become a national Criminal. This is all I can say now. Not more than this. Rest, let it be a Secret. My life is too good currently and I don't want to make it any emotional now.

             So, I have seen death closely. I have seen how my life cried to get refreshed and reactivated. I didn't know from where to start. Some how, I started. God gave me the strength. My mother helped me even when she is still unaware as to what really made me go into that stage of coma. And she will never know it in her life. My father changed his attitude towards me just to see his child become playful as ever. And, finally, the change happened gradually and I stood back with more power, confidence and belief. And then, it took me a year to analyze what I have to do in life. I read books and realized that there's diamond in everyone of us. We need to find it ourselves and act accordingly. I started finding the one in me. I got a piece of it and I started sharpening it. Then, there was no one at support. Childhood friends didn't even know where their most funny friend was who kept on getting his grades reduced every year because he spent all his time in making all of you laugh. Then, I realized that I am the Gardener of my life. I will water it according to myself. No one else have the rights to tell me what to do in life and how. 

              And, as I didn't want my life to be as normal as everyone's, I started reading the biographies, wikipedia and special interviews of all the legends of all the fields. I kept on listing all the strange things that they did to achieve the spot at which they sit today. And then I decided as to what from their life can be implemented in my life and what I have to add in by myself. Finally, I made a draft of all activities that I wanted to keep in my routine. And I have been successfully doing all of them since 2.5 years and I keep on adding activities even now. I want each minute of my life to be for my growth and people's help. Now when I have got the life back, I don't want to waste it by doing what everyone does. I never tell people about my routine, my targets and what actually I need in life and what my targets are of each year. I have my plans till 2020 written in my diary. What I thought till 2012 has been successfully accomplished. For that, I have sacrificed so many virtues of life but I don't need them. I need this life that I am living. 

           People might find me weird or insensible but seriously, I don't live to impress anyone now. I live for each minute that the almighty has given to me. I learn all religions and I follow the best that I read in them. People will never understand me because they don't know what I have been through and what effect it has left over me. I will never answer back to their contradicting questions but I will never ever show the pain and tear on my face. If ever it comes out, I will make it sure that once I am back to my state, I will never show them the darker side of my personality. I am here to smile and spread smile. I am blessed with sense of humour and I make it sure that I make most of it. For me, the clock in life does not exist any more. What exist is the present. I am working hard. I am going to do something bigger. I am on my path. I will do it. If I don't, I will never let God take my breath so easily. Even in the last stage of my life, I will keep asking him to give me one more chance to prove myself. And I know he will give. 

            Many do find even this a nonsense that I write blogs during my exams. This is how I have decided to live my life and this is how I'll live till the end of it. Even if I'll be on ventilator, and the people who ask me to get little slower in life will come to meet me, I'll make it sure that I would be trying to do something even at that moment. We can't begin the new chapter of life if we will keep reading the read ones. So, I have stopped living in the dangerous phase of my life. I am building my future. And it's totally MINE. Tomorrow, when I'll be left alone in this world, I know that there will be no friend who'll come to support me. Because, they like this Abhilash who makes them feel good about themselves. They like the better part of mine. They have still not known about the stages that I have gone through. And if I'll meet even the 10% of what I have gone through in future, they will leave me. I know this. Because its hard to support anyone who is victim of something of that kind. 

              Everyone who has taken risks has hidden chapters in life. I have lots of them. I will never disclose it to anyone ever. If my children would see me as an Idol for them or a Role model, it might happen that I'll tell them half of these chapters but not all. But, only when I'll get to know that I don't have much time to live as I don't want any sympathy or isolation in life. I need all the smiling faces around me. Life with sympathy for you is not the life that we plan to live with a smile on our face. It is a life on rent, almost. But, as of now, I don't have much words to speak. I have already spoken a lot. This post is not for anyone of you. It is for me. Some times I do write to talk to myself. I have done this again. And remember, I can never live the life like all of you. It is not easy. At least for me. I will never tell why. But, I will set an example and go. Till then, let me live a life that you won't like to. And please pray that I achieve all that I want in life. And ask God to add more beautiful things in my routine. 

 Sorry for such post!


25 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Our Life is Burj Khalifa in itself!!!

753rd BLOG POST -->>

              Life is a monument. We, as a human body, are needed to give birth to it. This does not define its construction. The real life gets incorporated well in this Universe from the day we start developing and constructing it. The architectural process begins in the same manner starting from creating a Blueprint to building a foundation to starting the construction to getting the building finally done. But the problem here is that the building never gets completed. It only gets completed once your body leaves the soul it carries. That's the end. The best builder here is the one whose construction process inspire others to build their building of life in the same manner as them. Though not in the same area, but into another area with a better approach. If Sachin Tendulkar makes it in Cricket, Amitabh Bachchan makes it in acting, it does not mean that following them means doing what they did in life. It's about doing what we want to do in our own style in our area but with the certain values that they adopted while getting their building done. 

             As the process keeps on getting accomplished and we keep on getting closer to dying, what remains in memory is the milestones of our life and not the whole life. We never remember each and every second of our life, not even days and some times, not even years but what we remember is, is our achievements, failures and moments of test and challenges. And this is what makes us happy. Because, these are the floors of our building of life. We love each and every floor. Actually, we should love each and every floor. I forgot at the moment that some of you might hate or criticize certain floors of your life which you shouldn't. Respect each and every floor. People often ask me if I remember those 2.5 years of my life which were immensely sad and sorrowful. My reply to them is in positive. Then they ask me if it depresses me today. Why would those 2.5 years of depression depress me today? I am proud of those moments. Because, then I got converted from a boy into a man. I understood the meaning of life as I was counting every second of life and I realized how important each second is. 

            Then, there are certain institutions and organizations that we get attached to in our life. We achieve certain degrees. We shouldn't ever disrespect them. We should always take their name in respect. While applying to any job, one has to refer their previous Organizations by preceding "M/s". This is done to show some respect to the organization else directly taking the name of it does not degrade the stature of it, but still... I take the name of my school with pride even today. Though it was not a Convent school in which some of my contemporary friends studied, but I still convey all my respect to my school whenever I am asked about my English language, childhood etc. The colony in which I resided for 15 years is been criticized by my childhood friends who also lived there but I still take its name with pride. Because, no matter what, my childhood will always remain attached to it. No one can isolate the two. The script is been written. So, what sense does it make in saying anything bad about it? 

          I respect the college in which I have completed my Graduation. Though, for better results and a change/improvement in my life, I opted for another college in Post-Graduation, but I still have respect for the institution. I never criticize it. I may criticize the people working up there but I never criticize it. I am still open to it. I visit it at least thrice in a month even now. I have an attachment with it. If someone asks me, I still refer them my Deemed University as a career option. :-) And not only college, the degree that I earned is also as respectful as college. My friends do abuse the degree of "Bachelor of Computer Applications" but I don't. I know that this degree can never give me the kind of job that I dream of, but still I have all the due respect for it. This degree will always get its place in my Curriculum Vitae. Hence, if I, myself, will abuse and disrespect it, how can I expect any interviewer to respect it and give me a job on its basis? If I'll respect it, every person I'll talk to will automatically start giving some credentials to the degree that I earned. 

           And I have already decided that let my bosses screw me as much as they want to, and let me change as many jobs I will change in future, I will never abuse an Organization after resigning up from there. I will tell people how good and memorable they were for me. Because, all the institutions and organizations, academic degrees and vocational courses that I am getting over with, are turning into the respective floors of the building of my life. Even, all the flats that I have lived in, of the colony and on rents, are still respected and loved by me. Every time, I go to my colony, I make it sure that I go to pay a visit to the family that currently resides in the flat. Every time I go to Nashik, I make it sure that I visit both the buildings that I lived in. They have some moments of my life in them. 

           Similarly, I respect all the people who respect all that they have been the part of. And I automatically start respecting their institution by seeing the immense love and passion they have for it. Never criticize your institutions and the degrees that you earn. Just because you have been part of them, that you learned something or there would not have been any difference between you and an illiterate chap. The degrees that you earned will always give you bread and butter and not the degree of PhD that is earned by the uncle living in your neighborhood. As you are also part of this Blog space as you are reading this post, keep respecting it for all your life. This will remain the terrace of the building of your life. Ok Sorry. I think I should respectfully leave the space now. Haha!



CHRISTMAS still takes me to my CHILDHOOD!!!

752nd BLOG POST -->>

            Merry Christmas to all the Christians and Indians. May the Stars and Sunshine of Christmas bring peace and love in your life. The happiness and sacredness that the Lord Jesus wanted everyone to possess should be a matter of fact and not fiction/myth. Let the question of God existing or not remain aside but on the mark of Year's last festival, trust in the God and the plans that he makes for us. Every Christmas, we pray God to send Santa Claus to our homes with the gift that we are waiting/dying for. As a child, all of us demanded something from our parents continuously. But they never used to give us in closet as they didn't want us to become adamant and someone not valuing things. Finally, before the arrival of Christmas, they used to ask us to write what we wanted on a chit of paper so that they can give it to Santa Claus. We used to write it. On the night of 24th, when we used to get ready for sleep, parents used to ask us to pray God and sleep so that, by the morning, when we would be waking up, we'll find gifts under our pillow. Many of us after praying never used to sleep for next 2-3 hours in an expectation of seeing how Santa Claus comes in the dress and places the gift. But we failed because of the amount of slumber we loved then. :-) Now, we prefer Facebook/Twitter over slumber. 

            Finally, in the morning, when we used to wake up, we used to find the toy that we asked for either under our pillow or on our bedside with few chocolates. Then, our parents used to make us bathe and pray God to thank him for sending Santa Claus with the gift. They never told us that they themselves are Santa for us who purchase the gift and never tell us that they are doing this favour ove us and not Santa. :-) And, in the evening, we used to visit our Christian friends to meet them on the occasion and the cluster of friends used to discuss as to what they wrote on their piece of paper and how they got their favorite toy. Some of us even carried our new toy to showcase it in front of our friends and boast about it. :-) After having the cakes and pastries cooked/brought up by our Christian friends, we used to return home. This is how I remember Christmas every year. And with the amount of love I have for this festival, I don't think that I will ever stop celebrating or prioritizing it. I love this festival to the core. Actually, I, since my childhood, have not been into celebration of festivals but I always respected every festival that came in my way. And I never knew what religion and caste were until my 10th std. This helped me a lot in developing up as a human I am.

             I always love my parents for this very thing that they never taught me what these words relating to religion meant. They never made me differentiate among religions. Even when a Muslim parents of one of my friends refused to send him with me for Vishwakarma Pooja in our colony, and I came home with disappointment and asked my parents as to why wasn't he allowed to attend any pooja, they didn't tell me that they are Muslims and hence, can not sit in any religious proceedings of Hindus. This is what I learnt myself because of this God Dammit society. Hence, Christmas for me also comes as a day that has lots of respect. 25th December is always special and will continue to remain. Though, now I don't have any Christian friends around with whom I can celebrate the day but whatever, this blog has always provided me with an option of celebrating and sharing anything with all of you. 

            A Merry Christmas to all of you. Do celebrate the day and try to make it sure that you do something different from every usual day. In the end, I would like to congratulate all of you as we complete 250 BLOG POSTS this year. Something that is happening for the second time in my 4 years of Blogging Career. Continue reading.



Thank You Mr. Sachin Tendulkar!!! We'll Miss You!!!

751st BLOG POST -->>

           And the era ended yesterday. A Sunday that starts with a lazying mind was been awaken by the call that the Greatest Cricketer of the World took. The man with almost all the records in the format of the game announced his retirement by sitting at home. No Indian wanted the last phase of the Cricketer to be such but everyone is still left with lots of void. We wanted to celebrate his career end while we are left with nothing but grief. A grief of him not coming out to speak with all of us in abundant. A pain that we will not get to see a last ODI match of his after announcement of the retirement so that a wonderful Farewell could be given. A sadness that he left the ODI format without giving a hint from all these days. We were still ready to see him play the game for next 2-3 years even when he played just 21 matches out of last 50 matches that India have played. But.... there are many questions that we, the admirers will keep asking without getting a single answer in return. :-(

            It is still a shock and will always remain to be. Everything was so fine with this man till the time he scored 200* in 2010. He was on a brilliant high. All were astonished to see the best coming out of our favorite player at almost 37th year of his age and 20+ th year of his career. He were expecting more firework. Then, came the World Cup 2011 when all eyes were on this man as there was no other hope except Virender Sehwag and him. And as the past records reflected, the Legend went on scoring a Century, winning Man of the match against the most crucial game against Pakistan and being the Highest run-scorer from India's side and second most in the Tournament. He achieved his childhood dream of making India win a 2nd World Cup. He made it possible for us. And the team gave him the biggest respect by carrying him on shoulders all around in the ground. That was the moment that all Indians will save in their heart till the spirit of Cricket is alive in our nation. 

            But then, suddenly, all changed for the man. People reminded him that the century he scored in World Cup was his 99th in the International Cricket and he needs to score one more to make us feel good about our Legend. The pressure dominated the confidence and talent up to a level that the Legend went out of the form. All got disheartened to see him not hitting a 3-digit figure of which he was so amicable with. The criticisms started and went on for months until the Boss hit a 100th 100 this year in 2012. But that was not the end of the "bad" for the Master. Now, as he was still out of his form, he was been questioned again and again about Retirement. And, with each surpassing day, the media, the people of the country, world and almost every printing and visualized form of communication started discussing all the failures of this superman who was unable to hit the ball as he used to. And finally, when the retirement has come, all have choked. There is not even a single Indian who can rejoice this moment. But, there's still a smile somewhere on our faces that we will get to see him in Test Cricket and in IPL sessions. 

            Personally, I would have almost died from within if the new Superstar would not have arisen in the form of VIRAT KOHLI. I am happy that before the retirement of the Legend, I have someone for whom I will keep watching Cricket with an interest. People say that "numbers" have no credentials in a Sports game like Cricket which is played as a team. I agree but I, as an individual, love the men with great numbers in any field. :-) Therefore, each blog of mine has a number attached with it, like this one with "751". :-) Sachin Tendulkar always gave me the power to be at the ever best in whatever I do. He taught me that age is just a number and not something that can affect the spirit and strength of a human being. He showed that consistency should be maintained in life with few inconsistencies coming up between the graph. He, in the last phase, also taught me as to how to not listen to people who don't help but only judge. Do what I want to do till the time I am loving to do it and not up till when people are enjoying me. He, just like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, plays a big part in my life. Seeing him always teach me how to never talk about what greats have been accomplished by others because of our support. And never to speak about our specialty. Let others talk. Being humble even when we know that without us, certain possibilities in some people's life would turn into an impossibility. With his retirement, I have lost a part in me. But I am still positive as I'll get to witness him in Test Cricket. 



20 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

What can we do in such RAPE CASES??

750th BLOG POST -->>

           Some times, speaking and writing does not do any change in the world. Some times, even sacrificing life does not bring a change. The people who blast bombs here and there to kill people also do it to bring a change though that change is a mere stupidity at demand. But, even then the change does not take place. Now, if you say that I speaking or someone speaking about the Rape cases in personal or on Internet has no meaning attached to it, then what exactly do you want me to do? Cut my penis and make it sure that at least I am not raping anyone in future? Or make all my friends sacrifice their organ so that it ensures that the probability of rapes has lessened down? What exactly can someone do in such scenario except talking and showing sympathy? Is there any other way out? 

           Then there are others who say that just by blackening your Profile Picture or by signing an online petition nothing is going to change. Then tell us how can we bring the change. We are seriously ignorant about the issue. I want to know as to what at my personal best level can be done to eradicate this mentality from the society. According to me, spreading awareness is all that I at this level can do. What more than this? Nothing. Some say that today we are concerned about Delhi rape case just as we were about Guwahati's molestation case but we will forget it soon and get away with our life. No, so what exactly do you want people to do? Keep talking about the issue till the last breathe? Or leave job and sit recluse to show sympathy and give tribute to the victims? One has to move on. Even victim, him/herself will have to move on. Everyone has to earn their bread and butter. Isn't it? So how are some expecting all to talk about the issue for a long time?

           At my personal level, I ensure that the women/girls related to me are safe. I make it sure that my mother is not traveling in local trains at night time. I ask her to stay at her friends' house if I find that it's already past 9. To my female friends, I make it sure that once darkness gets prevailed all around, they stay at my place for the whole night rather than risking their life by traveling at 10 PM in the night. I make them call their father and ask my mother to make them feel safe about their daughter that they are at the right place. To my female friends, I keep on asking them to protect themselves as much as they can. I even walk with them till station every time I can. What more can I do? This I think is possible at the personal level. And if you ask me about changing the mindset of people, I am also trying to do it. Every blog that I write indicates some or the another message. About the safety of women, I have also written as small a thing as how boys keep their hands on a girl's body which keeps killing the soul of the girl in my 603rd Fiction Blog Post. I have written 417th Blog Post about what a father has to suffer whose daughter is been raped. Leave raping, I have also written a post as to how even photography should be boycotted by girls and how boys shouldn't touch a girl while the picture is been clicked. Now, if mindset isn't changing by this, what more can I do? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

            Have you ever seen me uploading pictures of my female friends or sisters or cousins? Have I ever done that? I am that sensitive when it comes to women. I know that a morphed picture itself can violate a girl's soul for whole life. Now, when we have finally known that our country has gone to that level where Gang rape is a common news, who will have to take the step? When I take these several steps which does not guarantee any protection, will not girls and boys have to protect themselves? Will not 8 PM be made the final deadline to be at home? The normal college timings or office timings are from morning 9 to evening 6. Why? So that we can reach home by sunset. What if you chose to be partying in dark or watching evening shows of movies? Who has put ourselves at risk? Rapists or we? Rapists are rapists- it's their job to rape. Just as robber robs, rapists rape. Don't we protect ourselves from robbers? Why not from rapists then? I know you would be saying that I am talking as if the victim is criminal him/herself. But, there's no other option to protect ourselves. Seriously! Ye hamein samajhna hi hoga.

           The metal rod was inserted in girl's vagina brutally because she bit the rapist's hand when he was trying to rape her. And then, it was taken out in such a force that it pulled a part of girl's intestine out of her body. Now, the girl's whole intestine has damaged and doctor has said that she can never be a mother ever in life. And she can never be fed like a normal person and will be only fed through intravenous fluids. But girl still wrote on a paper,"Mother, I want to live". Now, even her living looks to be more pitiful than her dying. :-( This is what these rapists have done to her. :-( I will never ask for capital punishment for the criminals but I would like government to cut their hands and reproductive organ with which they violated humanity. This will at least let them suffer at least 1% of violation what the girl is suffering currently. She has gone under 5 surgeries and will have to be in hospital for next 10 days at least. :-( While writing this post, I have read another news where 24 years old is being set on fire after rape by the rapist in Bengal. Please, government. Punish the bastards. Please punish. That's all I can do from my side. Else, if there's something that I can do more than this, help me. I have myself been a victim of physical violence and torture for good 4-5 months. I know how those days used to kill a lovely child in me. I can understand what went in girl's mind in all those minutes when she was been treated like....... 


My Convenience over Anyone Else' Convenience!!! MOBILE PHONE!!!

749th BLOG POST -->>

             Life is the biggest example of social networking. No one awaits a second for getting any of their work done. People have contacts with almost everyone in this world through each other. I, myself, get surprised when I see that someone I met just 1 year ago in the city is friend with one of my classmates of school. And when I go to get the details about their relationship, I get to know that they were together in graduation. Amazing! And this is how the whole networking gets on increasing. I am in love with this. The biggest role played for making this networking as large system as possible is of mobile and telephones. Everyone is just a call away. To get more friendly in specifying the role of mobile, just a SMS away. Okay, to get more precise, just a click on Whatsapp and the message is sent. Contacting any one is possible these days. I, sometimes, feel that even God will come up with a Devotee Care service where we would be able to talk to his secretaries and tell our current situation of life and ask for justice. :-) 

            In one of the recent posts where I talked about how one can be powerful, I talked about how my mother leads in her society just because she has the contact numbers of almost all the big leaders of the town. Just imagine- someone having contact numbers' database is considered powerful and leader. What an era of up-holdings. :-) Once, I had a great love for these facilities that mobile phone has provided. I used to love the fact that I can be in touch with almost everyone every time. But lately, I realized as to why do I need to be in touch with almost everyone? EVERY ONE!!! Emphasis, you know. :-) It's fine that my Morning motivational messages reach to almost all the cool friends staying across anywhere in the country but being available to all of them at every particular second is like living life with lots of interruptions. Isn't it? 

             There was a time when I used to study for whole night. Yes, then I wasn't a Blogger. :-) And used to sleep from 10 AM to 4 PM. But I never kept my phone at silent mode because I felt that I should be in the touch of my friends at every point of time. But later, I realized that this is just cutting even those few hours of sleep that I get at an unusual point of time after the rise of the sun. And then I decided that I would be switching off my phone while sleeping. I, then, understood that why Robin Sharma keeps saying in all his books that there should be some hours when we should switch off our cellphones. I conceptualized that my parents live with me under the same roof. They are the stipulated people who would need me for something very important. Else, anyone else will just remember me for his/her benefits. Any friend will call me for what? For a stupid plan which would include just expenditure of money for stupid reasons. So, I, without keeping any rock on my heart, started switching off my cell.

             With time, I have stopped switching off my cell but I have stopped keeping it at General mode at most of the times. When I talk to my parents about some real, serious and sincere issue, I keep it on silent mode because I know that nothing can be more important than this at this point of time. When I study, the probability of which is  2 days every 10 years, I switch off my phone. When I am reading a novel and I feel that the particular pages are something that I need concentration to read, I again keep my phone out of reachable zone. And most particularly, while writing my Blogs, I never keep my phone in General mode or even near me. In short, my saying is that I have this mobile phone for my convenience over anyone else' convenience. If I am not  comfortable with innumerable calls, why do I need to suffer them? For my convenience, ignoring the cell phone remains to be the best option. Just imagine as to how our fathers used to communicate with their friends in 1970-80s when there was not even land-line stuff. How did they manage to meet at a particular spot, talk during emergencies and get immediate help at any point of time? Let's learn that again. Currently, my mobile phone is just for staying updated with Tweets because it gives latest headlines over the Timeline. That's my only concern for my cell phone these days. Else, out of 20 calls that I get, I receive just two. No, it's not attitude or pride, but it's about convenience and priorities. 

            My friends know that I never ever call them. Because I don't want to get dependent on this instrument. I am okay with the time period I meet them physically. That's enough for talking whatever I have to. Once off and at home, this time is for myself and my parents. Now your interference through these calls is just a turn-off. As all of you might be knowing, my average sleeping is of 3 hours every day. Now, even if in these 3 hours I'll keep on getting beep tones for message alerts and Nokia tune's sound in my ear because of the calls, won't dying be a better option than sleeping for even these 3 hours? :-) Because I know that if someone will be in an emergency, if I'll not pick up the call, he/she will message me the whole problem. But for casual talks and asking for my whereabouts, my mobile seems a better Smart Phone in a switched off state. :-) Mr. Robin Sharma, thanks for teaching me why mobile is not important in life some 4 years ago. It's for our convenience first, and then for anyone else'. Keep this in mind, friends. And haan, boyfriend/girlfriend waale log is post ko bedakhal kar sakte hain. :-) Aur dusri baat, this is not an essay on Boons and banes of mobile phones. Hahaha! Otherwise, kids would use it for free in their school home works without giving me my due royalty. Ok, bye.


18 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Aap hi paida karti hai hum mardon ko... Ek stri hum sub mein bhi basti hai...

748th BLOG POST -->>

Kaise na roya woh jo cheen raha tha aabrooh...
Kaise na usey dard pe rehem aaya.. 
Kaise hai hawainiyat uski justjooo....

Ek aurat cheekhein... kaaran raho tum...
Agar fir bhi ho zinda.. kaise reh rahe ho tum??

Roya na tumhara kaleja.. Dard na mehsus hua tumhe..
Aaj tumhare kiye hue zurm ki saja.. mil rahi hai hamein...

Kal wo mere paas baithey... haath pe haath rakhein baat kiya karti thi...
Kya batayenge aane wali pidhi ko ki kuch saalon baad ladkiyaan hamare saath baithne se bhi darti thi....

Sirf striyaan hi nahi samazti is dard ko....
Aap hi paida karti hai hum mardon ko...
Ek stri hum sub mein bhi basti hai...
Par aaj wo hamesa roti hai.. na jaane kab hasti hai...

Kya kahein is vaakya pe... kuch raha na baaki kehne ko...
Aap se nazre na mila payenge.. kuch raha nahi aapke paas ab sehne ko...

Intezaar rahega aapke ek baar fir muskurane ka... 
Hum mard poori kosish karenge aapko insaaf dilaane ka...

Aaj ye kaaynat has rahi hai hum pe..
Par ro hum bhi rahe hain..
Aisa nahi hum dard samajh nahi sakte..
Ek stri se paida hum bhi hue hain...

Maa behnon ko...
sabhi stri jaati ko...
nat mastak ho ke kshama maang rahe hain hum...
Bas ab aur kuch na keh sakenge.. hamein bhi hai utna hi gamm...

P.S.: After hearing about Delhi's gang-rape case, I had nothing to write again. I was just thinking about the plight of a victim girl and what came in mind randomly has been scribbled. This is not to show my poetry skills. I just wanted to talk to women and girls of my nation so posted this. Still SHOCKED!!! :-(

16 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Sacrifice What You Feel You Can't!!!

747th BLOG POST -->>

            Life gets tough with each day. At least, I feel that my life is getting tougher with each day. Some would say that see it positively and think that it's calm and lovely. I am talking from other positive sense. If life would be too easy and safe, it will become boring. Hence, when it gets tougher, I enjoy. I enjoy getting trapped into a life which makes itself complicated. And then bringing it out of complications is what I feel Life is. Come on, everyone plays safe. Ask me to go to a far-away place by a rented vehicle and I'll rock the trip with it. A 1st grade child will also travel this way. But, tell me go by myself. And the challenges that I will see throughout the journey will build confidence. Though at every step I will blame myself for not taking an easier path but once the journey would be over, I will feel love in surrounds for my life. But, SACRIFICE was made. To make life much audacious than it was, I shall have to leave the pleasure of going to the trip in a rented vehicle. But, it made life simpler later after lots of obstacle.

            Today, people want the safest option available around them. I don't say that I leave the safer aspect every time but sometimes, when I really want to see how powerful my life is or does it have any value, I go for the difficult one. And if I get stuck in it, I don't take anyone's help at the immediate emergence. But, I try as much as possible from my side and once when I realize that now the time has started taking its toll over my life, I surrender. I ask for help and then I judge what the friends can do for me. There, I test what role Friendship plays in my life. Are these certain people really Friends or they are just a chit-chatter box to me. And then I sacrifice these friends. It is not easy to sacrifice things in life but if one needs a LIFE, one needs to sacrifice. 
            Today, I was seeing Salman Khan's interview with Arnab Goswami on Times Now, he was been asked if he enjoys what he does these days or it has become hard and difficult for him. I was expecting him to say that he is enjoying his work hence he is doing it as often the artists say. But, Salman Khan said that it is difficult. He said that shooting 2 episodes of Bigg Boss in 24 hours makes him struggle. He said that now at 47, he feels stress. When a man whose every movie makes 150 Crore is sacrificing, how can I and you think of not sacrificing anything to lead a perfect life? Actually, a life with perfect results. There can be no term like "perfect life". My father sacrificed his father's funeral because of his job. My mother has sacrificed rest from her life to help almost everyone around her. And with these sacrifices, life just keeps on getting better. If my father would not have sacrificed my grandpa's funeral, he would have lost his job. If my mother will not sacrifice rest, she'll not be able to help others and thus, feel good about her life.

            Sacrifice people. Sacrifice lovers. Sacrifice parents. Sacrifice. And if you are not willing to sacrifice because of emotional drainage, I am telling you, you will never get to live in a life that God has actually created for us. What we live by being in a comfort zone is the life that we have planned for ourselves. But to live what God has planned, we will have to leave things behind to move further. You must have bargained while marketing and noted that shopkeepers reduce the cost of an object after lot's of negotiation. There, to retain you as regular customer, he sacrifices his percentage of profit i.e. his result. If you don't cry for certain things at periodic timings in your life, you have just not sacrificed nor taken risk. Some times, I feel crying for some things that can never be mine again- let it be some real things or a particular person or few of them, but then, when I sit to analyze what if those things would have been with me till now, I find myself 5 years back and not where I am today. The students who sacrifice parents and go to stay at hostel for 6-8 years see their life at heights after a decade. Then, they get to stay with their parents again but this time, with pride and confidence- the way every human wants to live with parents.

            The whole concept of India's one of the most celebrated festival- EID(both of them) is based on Sacrifice. The whole story of Lord Rama because of whom Diwali is celebrated is again about Sacrifice. In Mahabharata, there are lots of example where sacrificing is shown as the only option for human beings. Yet, if we will forbid ourselves from sacrificing, do you think we even deserve to be categorized into any of the religions? Leave religion, do you think you are setting the standards high for humanity? No, you aren't. It takes lot of time in making a decision of leaving something for ever but when you do it, you feel good about yourself. You find yourself as an epitome of maturity. Hence, when sacrificing does so much to our life, why not keep it as a KEY of living our Life? Now, don't start your life by sacrificing my blog for ever. :-) Sacrifice Facebook and Twitter, and thus, start by sacrificing these shits first. Haha! I hope you have understood the post. If no, then I sacrifice you. Haha!