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Review: Traffic: An intense thriller!!! ***½

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TRAFFIC: 3.5/5

    Traffic's trailer was in itself one of the best piece to watch. It told us about what we are about to be served with. A thriller where you know the things will get perfect in the end but still you would love watching the whole process of getting there to the perfect end. Traffic is remake of a hit Malayalam movie by the same director. Unfortunately, the director is no more. The movie is about how a young journalist meets with a road accident in Mumbai while 160 kms away, the daughter of a superstar is in ICU almost on the verge of dying. Doctor says that a heart transplant can save her. The girl's parents request young journalist's parents to please allow doctors to donate their son's heart. With lots of emotion flowing during this part of the movie, boy's parents agree. And now the movie starts where a big challenge of how to transport the heart through roadways from Mumbai to Pune in a busy traffic at the peak hours engulfs the mind of Traffic department and doctors.        

             The 1st half is more on emotional front where the parents of both the patients are going through the trauma of seeing their child breathing their last in front of their eyes. Then it becomes more traumatic for the parents when the boy's parents realize that they are finally losing their son while girl's parents are scared if the heart will reach hospital at the right time. The 2nd half is where the movie becomes action-packed as Manoj Bajpayee and Jimmy Shergill takes it on their shoulder and give one of their best performances. The conviction in Bajpayee's eyes to make this mission successful even involves you. Similarly, the leadership of Shergill and his continuous instructions to his team and Bajpayee keeps you interested. 

            The other performances are also worth acknowledging. The background music plays a big part in making this movie sound more beautiful. The dialogues are also intense and serious complying with the subject of the movie. Overall, this thriller is worth-watching. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. 



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