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Review: Revolver Rani: Liked Wasseypur series? Then GO FOR IT!!!

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   I have always been a great fan of Kangana Ranaut since I saw her in movies like Gangster and Life in a Metro. I started disliking her since she started playing dumb roles in big banners with big actors like Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor and so on. But seeing her in Queen few weeks ago, I was so impressed with her that I started watching her old films again. With that, the promo of Revolver Rani released and I thought is Kangana in her right senses to sign such a movie? I was skeptic if she will be able to play this chilling role. Now after completing the movie, I am more than happy. Movie is far better than my expectations and pre-assumptions. Kangana once again ruled the movie in spite of great actors all around her. You laugh with her, you cry with her, you dance with her, you gun down your enemies with her and you even enjoy watching her nude on bed. She wins the respect for 2nd time in the same calendar year. Though I am not much happy with the way audiences have rejected the movie. Only 15% occupancy.

           Revolver Rani is a Bollywood comedy drama film written and directed by Sai Kabir. The film is presented by Wave Cinemas. It features Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das in lead roles and Piyush Mishra, Zakir Hussain and Pankaj Saraswat in supporting roles. The film is a satirical and unusual love story set against the backdrop of politics and released on April 25, 2014. This film is based on Kill Bill 1, Kangana Ranaut playing Uma Thurman's role.

            This is Sai Kabir's 2nd movie as director and I would say, he has entered into the leagues of Anurag Kashyap with it. Throughout the movie, you keep remembering movies like Gangs of Wasseypur 1 and 2 which had the same essence as this. Sai Kabir surely is inspired by Anurag Kashyap while writing this movie. Dialogues are amazing. You will keep laughing throughout. A great performance by Kangana Ranaut makes the movie spectacular. The cloths she wears, the kind of under-garment she flaunts, her goggle, her walking style, her accent, her abuses, her firing bullets at the opponents' rallies, her advise to boyfriend to eat a dish because it's kadak and will help in keeping important things of his kadak (Hahaha!) etc. makes her as funny as possible. The way her curly hairs are used in the movie along with her accent and acting skills shows abilities of the director. 

           Vir Das does great job with his expressions. Piyush Mishra, Zakir Hussain and Zeishan Quadri rocks with their own performances. You will laugh throughout seeing the condition of two politicians who wants to kill Revolver Rani right from the start to the end. Though I have never heard the name of Sanjeev Shrivastava but his music and songs are catchy and entertaining. I am now going to download the whole album and listen it back to back. Just in the anti-climax, movie becomes little slower and stretchy because Kangana goes into mini-coma kind of situation. But as soon as she returns back, she comes with a bang. The very last minute of the movie is as chilling as the whole movie. I am really expecting Revolver Rani 2 to come next year and entertain me the way this one did. A Perfect Entertainer, friends. Please go for it. Not with family but friends.



Review: Kaanchi: It's as "Jhand" as its dialogues!

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    Do your family members call you DUMB? Well, take them for Kaanchi and let them know by themselves that if a person like Subhash Ghai can make dumbest films around a decade, then you are not even in a competition with the legend movie maker. Once upon a time, whenever Subhash Ghai's movies used to release, people would stand in queue to get the ticket. Today, for Kaanchi, theaters opened with not even 10% occupancy at many places. One of my couple friends got a great time in theater with each other. What they did in the seats was better than the whole movie. :-) Kaanchi, in the name of "women empowerment" as said during the promotion of the movie, is one of the wanna-be movies that are released with great thoughts and no preparation.

           Yaadein, Kisna, Yuvvraaj and now Kaanchi- this is what Subhash Ghai has made in last decade. I don't know when like Mahesh Bhatt will Subhash Ghai realize that there's a time when a director should hang his boots. Over that, he played a drummer in one song of Kaanchi to give himself a short presence on the big screen. On the name of revenge, we have seen better film. We have also seen historic films where a lady have challenged the system and showed the women power. Recently, in Queen itself, we saw how Kangana Ranaut silently played a role which created a great impact upon us. Kaanchi is just irritating, boring, loud, screechy and a big head-ache. 

            Mishti, as a debut actress, should consider this movie as her last. She looks a bit like Aishwarya Rai and more like the TV actress, Drishti Dhami. Each and every dialogue that she utters shows her lack in ability of delivering them with impact. She keeps shouting and screaming like B-grade movies' actresses do. I don't know what Mr. Ghai found in her to launch as a lead actress. Every other actor in the movie has either overplayed themselves or their role was under-developed. Mithun Chakraborty seems to have done this movie in the intervals of Ohh My God's shooting. Rishi Kapoor shows why Ranbir Kapoor did Besharam in spite of knowing that it's all about being stupid in the movie. Father's genes! Except that, Rishabh Sinha is quite fine in the movie. Kartik Tiwari is also okay-ish. 

             What should I say more if I'm summarizing this review with Ghai not been able to shoot even kissing scenes properly? On top of that, you have to keep bearing "Jhand Saala" from the actress every 2 minutes and boring plus unforgettable songs by Salim-Sulaiman and Ismail Darbaar every 5 minutes. Over that, Mahima Chaudhary plays a cameo in a song and try to do Kajol of Karan Johar's movies. Did the director think that it will add little spice in already burnt food? Subhash Ghai, please retire and bless us with less idiotic movies.



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An Interview with Rajev Paul- Actor and Poet!!!

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It has been a wonderful opportunity to interview Rajev Paul- Rajev Paul an actor on Indian Television, has been known for the roles he has done from Swabhimaan to Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to Nach Baliye and recently Big Boss 6. He released his book of poetry in Hindi "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai" in 2012. Do read the interview what he wants to say about his poetry and the two books he has contributed in.

1. Hello Rajev, how has been life after Bigg Boss as you turned out favorite of many viewers?
That’s very sweet of you to say. Yes I get tremendous response from people all over the world..Children, men, women all seem to be extremely fond of me. I have been travelling for events appearances and hosting shows all over.

2. When you entered the house, you had published a poetry collection of yours. Why didn’t you talk about it on the cameras? 
Well now you know what we speak and what is shown is different..I spoke about it quite a few times about my book "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai". A lot of people write to me about it.

3. Since when did your interest in writing poetry develop?
Well my book got published in 2012 and my Juhi Chawla had done the honors . I used to write since a long time. Obviously poetry can’t be written in a day and a book certainly not overnight. I look at my poetry writing skill as a gift of God and it has come to  me through my mom who is a great poet and I always saw her write..though she has not published her poetry.

4. What was your first book of poetry about?
My book is a collection of poetry in Hindi as the title suggests its called "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai" and it aptly speaks about Love Loneliness and Life in a Metro..the Politics of our country parents families…Hometowns etc..All the thoughts that we come across on a daily basis..that's what you find in the book..Its a reflection of your feelings..

 5.    Are we going to see Rajev with more books on poetry in coming years?
Yes I have been fortunate to be a part of another book called Aatish which is again a collection of poetry from different poets in the world and it has amongst others The Gulzar Sahab and Irshad Kamil. Each poetry is on a social issue accompanied by a photograph depicting the poetry…It’s a unique effort..which must be appreciated. Its been compiled by Foquia Wajid from Bangalore and her team called On Fire.

6. Why don’t you write poetries in English too; as the audience for English language is wider?
Oh I think in Hindi and my Hindi is certainly better than my English..though when I read works of other eminent poets I feel I am nothing..But rather than using complicated unheard of words just for effect..I use colloquial but decent language which a common person can relate to and understand.
I do at times write in English but am not sure if I am ready for a full fledged book in English as yet..but you never know maybe I am hiding something that I will reveal at an appropriate time.

7. We have seen you sharing poetry on your Social Networking accounts, what comments do you receive for it? 
Oh yes I love to share my work..Thats how I got the confidence to bring my book initially…Social network is like a nasha.. Like how actors say films and Tv Theatre give you stardom..But theatre gives us..Instant connect and instant reaction…
Same way here on Facebook you post something and one gets instant reactions from people the world over..Its madness and amazingly satisfying…I post things on topical subjects..of lately I have been writing about the ongoing Elections in the country and in my own lil way I contribute my views and try and put people’s feelings in my words. 
People mostly like my work and sometimes share their own stuff with me and want me to correct or comment on theirs..The flip side though is at times people pass it off as their own on their walls..and forwards bbms and whats app…its q funny when I receive my own Poetry as a forward.. 

8. When is your next published work coming out?
Hopefully sometime this year…Now my second book is getting ready..I can assure you its much better than my first work..I think I have evolved as a human being and have had far more experiences of life..and been in situations much more and hopefully been able to understand absorb and hopefully feel more and able to express my feelings in a better way..So yes sometime this year my new book will hit the stands..

9. Are we also going to see you write stories?
Hmmmm…that’s a suggestion I get from most of the people..but if you read my poems..there is always a story that am telling in my own way…Poetry is a part of the story..dil dukhna..kuch ehsaas feelings ka hona..aur unhe alfaaz me baya karna is poetry…In my book there are some stories in poetry form which run into more than 10 pages..Read my book to know more.. 

10. What is the last thing you would like to tell your readers?
Internet is a great thing…But book reading is also great..read books they help you have better conversations. And poetry is amazing..alll love poetry as I think all songs are now poetry but no one buys a poetry book easily..I always ask people..you love poetry? And the answer is always..Oh yes..and then I ask when was the last time you purchase a book of poetry..and the answer is…ummmm..so pls change that answer…say Yes..:) 

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And I complete 5 years in MUMBAI!!

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   It has been 5 years since I have come to Mumbai. It was 15th April, 2009 when I stepped in Mumbai for the first time and since then the kind of obsession that I have for this city of dreams and the one which never sleeps is undefinable. I have stopped going to my native place since then. I have stopped meeting my friends of different cities because I am so addicted with everything of this city that I don't want to experience anything except it. The kind of opportunity and wonderful experience that this city gives can not be compared to any other city. Well, I am not trying to degrade other small towns or metro cities but I am only trying to tell the amount of love I have for Mumbai. Similarly, I used to love Pune once. But since Mumbai has given me some unforgettable beautiful experiences, I have forgot Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad and almost every other city I have lived in before.

            The passion that people carry in their hearts here makes it the city with the best economy and working abilities. Any person when does not find opportunity in their city, they migrate and come to Mumbai because they know, either now or later, they are going to be successful in this very city. I have traveled to CST quite a few times, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Andheri, Worli and Dadar- Everywhere I see people running in speed to catch up for their work. In local trains, I see people studying for their competitive exams, interviews or for self-education purpose. But they don't waste time. I have never seen a person in good attire ever enjoying the visuals out of the window from bus or train here. They are always on their laptop, tablet or mobile sending a mail to someone or preparing report. They do not compromise with time. That's why I love this city. It motivates me every now and then when I feel that I shouldn't strive much and lead a simple life. The lives of such people push me further to work harder and be competitive. 

             I love the feeling that Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra, Chetan Bhagat, Hrithik Roshan, Amish Tripathi, Shahrukh Khan and other personalities whom I adore and look up to lives in my own city within the diameter of 70 kilometers. Salman Khan's and Ajay Devgn's farm house are under 10 kilometer's radius itself. What more could I demand from God than living so close to these people? At least a bit of their positive vibes might be reaching me that encourages me to keep doing something or the another to keep myself interested in this great thing called LIFE. I am thankful to God that these corrupt ministers don't have their headquarter in Mumbai. They are better in Delhi itself. But I wish the whole literary set up from Delhi also comes to Mumbai soon as many Bestseller authors are shifting lately to Mumbai. :-) 

            Many of you would say why I didn't post this on 15th April itself. Actually, I kept it for 24th because we had a big election day in our city plus our very own child, Sachin Tendulkar, is celebrating his birthday. :-) But I am very disappointed to know that not even 20% of my fellow citizens went to vote by noon. In the excuse, they are saying their name wasn't in the list. Why didn't you check it before hand then? How far is the party office from your home? During this Election Fever, every party activists help you in whatever problem you discuss with them regarding votes. Just speaking in English and shopping in malls do not make you a classy 21st century modernistic people. You have to show how important you consider your area, state and country by being present on that very day when it matters for the city. Next time, when a terrorist attack takes place, there's water-logged roads just after 5 minutes of heavy rainfall, there is scarcity of water or potholes everywhere in city, do not come up with candles at Gateway of India. 

           Well, as I am completing this post, I get to know that more than 50% Mumbaikars have voted and broke their previous record of 2009. Thanks to the better turn out. Finally, I can say that my Mumbai is perfect. Isn't it? :-) 

 Thanks Mumbai and its people.

He's not in Cricket anymore, but he's in our HEART- SACHIN TENDULKAR!!!

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   24th April, 2014- As soon as I looked towards the date on my tablet screen, I got excited as I realized its Master-Blaster Sachin Tendulkar's birthday. This is going to be his first birthday after retirement and I am sure he would be feeling very awkward today. It has happened many times in his career that he has played matches on his birthday. Sometimes, he have scored 100 and made it double celebration for himself and his fans. Sachin Tendulkar has been the most loved personality of India and he will remain to be in spite of many new talents whom we are giving all our love these days. Every time I see Virat Kohli playing wonderfully, I realize that we have got a new Tendulkar in Cricket but then I wish how wonderful it would have been if Sachin was still there and both of them would have killed the opponents together. But then I realize there's no way to get Sachin Tendulkar back into Cricket. 

             Knowing the fact that Sachin Tendulkar belongs to my own country, I feel that there could have been no other nation I would have been proud of if born there. Our Country is the best in the world in terms of many things but when we talk about sports, we do not remember any other name except Sachin Tendulkar, Dhyan Chand and Vishwanathan Anand. When Sachin received Bharat Ratna this year, almost every Indian rejoiced the fact that it has been given to someone who truly deserves it even at the age when no one ever received the honorary award before. Though many felt that Dhyan Chand deserved the respect before Sachin but they never said that Sachin don't deserve it. Indian Government had to change the rules for giving this highest respected medal to Sachin Tendulkar.
         Once Navjot Singh Sidhu said, when Tendulkar was been accused for ball tampering, that in our country, finger can be pointed at its Prime Minister, but not at Sachin Tendulkar. That's the kind of trust Sachin has built just with his bat. Even Ricky Ponting claimed in his recently released Autobiography that Sachin manipulated his statements during the Monkeygate issue and saved Harbhajan. But no one has approved this even unofficially from Indian department. Once Ganguly made all the team come together against a coach because he slapped Sehwag after he got out by playing the same shot he was asked to avoid. Ganguly and team members wanted the coach to apologize Sehwag in front of the team. It was Sachin who solved the matter without letting the coach apologize Sehwag as he believed it is an insult to the teacher.

            Similarly, in one of the India-England test is recent years, a player got controversially out. India rejoiced as they weren't performing well and this was the key player who was scoring centuries after centuries in the same inning to slaughter Indian bowlers. Even umpire obliged the appeal. It was Sachin who asked Dhoni to call the batsman back on the field as they don't want him to get out this way. That's his unsaid greatness. There has been instances when Sachin got out, bowler appealed but Umpire gave a wrong decision. It has been Sachin every time who himself left the crease when he knew that he is out without caring for what Umpire's decision is. Making and breaking records is something that keeps on happening in Sports but these qualities that Sachin has inherited in many Indians is why he is known as the GOD in our country. 

               Remembering his farewell speech with which he left Cricket never to return back, it represents all the qualities of an Indian man. He mentioned how much he loves his family, he told how he missed his children and how he is going to spend all his life with them in future, he thanked his uncle-aunty who helped him play Cricket, he thanked his parents, his teachers, every coach of team, team players etc. He just made sure that no one right from the bottom to top is left to be thanked. He even thanked cameramen to capture some beautiful shots of his life in Cricket. What a gesture! Though Sachin Tendulkar has left Cricket but what he has given us will always make him a family member to each person of this country. After God, if we will try to find a person with all the characteristics we see Lord Rama with, we will remember THE GOD- SACHIN TENDULKAR. A Very Happy Birthday to you, MASTER BLASTER. My love and respect is always there for you. 


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WORLD BOOK DAY: Actually, it's MY DAY :-)

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  Today, the world celebrates "World Book Day". It's the only day that I don't feel is nonsense and something done for useless attentions. I feel as if I possess this day. I like that there's a day been dedicated to BOOKS. William Shakespeare took birth and expired on the same day in different years- 23rd April, 2014. UNESCO, in order to encourage writing, publishing and copyright, announced this day as "WORLD BOOK DAY" in 1995. Since then, the day is celebrated every year all over the world. Shakespeare is the first author who got such popularity and people learnt what real writing is through him. His quotes are specially published these days in order to motivate people and tell them what's the real purpose of life. I feel it great knowing that a day on books is decided keeping him in mind. 

              Since childhood, books have been part of my life. I have never taken much interest in anything else than books. I craved for playing Cricket, Kho-kho, Kabaddi etc. but my parents used to ask me to complete a book and then go to play. I used to find that task so easy that I would love to do it as interest than punishment. I had subscription to Reader's Digest, Chandamama, Wisdom, Champak, Encyclopedias etc. I used to have 1 copy of almost 7 different subscriptions every month and I used to love reading them as soon as I would know that a post has come containing a book. I was quite shy, boring and uninteresting in childhood because of which kids of my age never took me in the team while playing any outdoor game. That made me lonely. I used to cry and come back home. My mother would play some indoor game with me and ask me to read a new book than concentrating on daily rejections that I faced. After a while, I stopped going out to play and indulged myself in story books. 

             Since then, I have read numbers of magazines, story books and books related to General Knowledge. It has also made me powerful when I debate with someone on any topic. Books give you a momentum while you speak about anything. It helps you in arranging unique words together to form a perfect sentence while you are been asked something you don't even have an idea about. People say that I have an interesting sense of humour. The secret behind it is the amount of stories that's piled into me in all these years. All of it comes out whenever I speak in form of humorous sentences. I told you above that I used to be boring. The same group of boys used to consider me everywhere once I came in 7th std. Just because they didn't find someone as entertaining and crazy as me. I did nothing except making some stories that I read a part of my own life. Hence I used to do all the mad stuffs in real life that I used to read in story books done by those imaginary characters. 

             Since 4 years, I have made a target of reading 75 novels a year. It can be of any genre, any form or on any subject. I have completed the target each year in spite of the tough educational courses I am studying. Once I start reading, I finish 2 books in a day and sometimes, I have even gone up to the extent of completing 3. That's how I read books. Reading books have resulted in a bit of fame that I have got in this world of Literature as authors love reading my reviews about their books. From Chetan Bhagat to Amish Tripathi, Ravi Subramanian to Ashwin Sanghi, Durjoy Datta to Ravinder Singh, Robin Sharma to Rashmi Bansal- everyone knows me personally and I thank God each day for guiding my life to take turn towards this path. My friends hate me for not traveling with them at the exciting places they do but they don't know the kind of world I travel daily through the imagination that these books provide me. But I love to be hated for the sake of books and reading. :-)


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It's all about Chetan Bhagat's Success Story!!!

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   Chetan Bhagat is celebrating his birthday today. As I had promised him, I am writing this post about him and his life. I have seen many people trolling him on Twitter and calling his books toilet papers and his readers, card board cut-outs. He participated in a reality show where he met one of his haters, even she raised these points in her opinion. Similarly, he met the person running his parody account (on Twitter) at his home 2 years ago, even he was mentioning some spelling mistakes in his book to which CB replied,"You find just one spelling mistake in 5 lakh words that I have written and you target me for this silly thing?" Chetan Bhagat has been the man who have brought the revolution in Indian publishing and writing. He wrote a book for laymen because of which publishers got interested in publishing such books and some not-so-deserving writers also got published by copying his style. But, now, as even they have got "Bestseller" tag, they find it quite intellectual by questioning Chetan Bhagat's books.

           Chetan Bhagat was a very average student in his school days resulting to which he scored 76% in his 10th board exams. He had very nice connection with his mother's sister i.e. his Mausi. He discussed with her his family issues. His mausi asked him to prepare for IITs if he wants to go away from his house and the loud fights between his parents. His father was a retired Army officer and he used to show his strictness at his mother and him. Chetan never liked this atmosphere and therefore, he started studying seriously and got selected to IIT. He found it very hard but still completed it with mediocre grades. By the time, he was still in IIT, he understood that he is good at communicating with people and hence he decided that he will do something related to it than Mechanical engineering that he was currently experiencing. And therefore he joined IIM-A for MBA. He was been awarded as the "Best Student" for the project he submitted in his last semester. 

            Chetan Bhagat, then, struggled with his job and then with his inter-caste marriage. In Hong-Kong, where he worked/earned for 11 years, he wrote 3 books along with his career. He even struggled with publishing his first book. He got rejected 9 times and finally, he got a positive nod by Rupa publication in his 10th attempt. But he didn't leave his job because he wanted to confirm if readers are really interested in reading him again and again. With his 3 books, he finally got that confidence. After his 2nd book's criticism, The Times of India wrote that Chetan Bhagat was just one book wonder and now he should quit writing. Today, Chetan Bhagat is weekly columnist for the same newspaper which wrote him off few years ago. :-) 

             In India, once upon a time, "5000 copies sold" used to be synonymous with the word "Bestseller". Then the bar raised to 10,000 and now some publishers tag an author bestseller only after 20,000 copies are sold. Chetan Bhagat's last fiction book-"Revolution 2020" sold 5 Lakh copies on the first day of release itself. Flipkart, for the first time, had to hire 700 boys to deliver all the pre-ordered books on the first day itself. In 100 days, 10,00,000 copies got sold of the same book. Five Point Someone and 2 States are said to have been read by 2 crore readers. Imagine what will you call a writer who sells 1000 times than the Bestseller mark while other writers struggle to even touch that. That's Chetan Bhagat! 

             Even today, in his columns and tweets, he speaks about politics and how few problems of the nation can be dealt with even at personal level. He even wrote a book "What Young India Wants?" to make us understand the problems of our nation and how they can be resolved. People make fun of his columns because they find it hard to believe a Fiction love-story writer writing on how nation can be developed. But isn't it the job of each of us to analysis, read and then inform others about the probable options of improving our conditions? He's doing the same. 4 out of 5 books written by him has been adapted into movies while the 5th one is in casting process. No other writer has been so favorite to Bollywood than him. Narendra Modi wishes him birthday over Twitter by sharing an image where they are together in a selfie mode. He has been judge at many events including Miss India contest. He has hosted a TV show recently- 7RCR. He has been brand ambassador of a mobile phone company and Shaadi.com. Does a normal boy go at such heights just by writing novels? Chetan Bhagat has made it possible and turned even non-writers into aspiring one and to some, even Bestselling authors. Haha! I wish him a very happy birthday and I hope he keeps on stunning his haters by touching such impossible landmarks. :-)

 Thanks a lot.

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I VOTED because I want a Better INDIA!!!

1072nd BLOG POST -->>

     On 17th April, I voted for the first time in my life along with my mother. Unfortunately, my father wasn't in town because of some official work but I wished even he would have been with us in this inspiring moment of standing in queue, finding our name in list, getting our fingers inked and then voting for our candidate by pressing the deciding button on the ballot machine. I and my mother stood in the queue and when we came very close to the entrance, we saw a paper stuck on the wall that displayed name of the party and the candidate standing from their side. We didn't find the symbol Lotus of BJP and Palm of Congress. I and my mother got confused as to what exactly is the whole thing. Then we got to know from other people in the queue that there are small regional parties as alliance of each of these major parties and if we want to see Modi or Gandhi as the Prime Minister, we will have to end up voting that small regional party even if we don't agree with their ideologies. Well, that's what election is all about. :-)

            After voting, I and my mother were smiling seeing at each other as if my father is himself going to be the PM of the country. Haha! Well, he can be, if a fake version of Aam Aadmi can be the CM of Delhi. :-) At least you will see me on television campaigning for my father, coughing and spreading bacteria all around India. :-) The mark on my index finger is making me proud of myself since that day. I always heard from everyone that we should vote but I never got an opportunity because no party office seriously worked for getting me my Voter Card until this important year of election arrived. I live where the New International Airport of Mumbai is to be built. Hence, even if any party would be ruling here, the area is already going to get developed because it's the need of the time. I wanted someone as Prime Minister and I have made it sure that my vote counts in making him the face of India for next 5 years.

            Indian politics is a very wonderful factor in our country. Even if you don't like politics and you aren't interested in it, that shouldn't be your reason to vote. I have seen people saying that let anyone win, no one is going to change India. That's of course is right but that doesn't mean we shouldn't use the power we have. Very few country provides their citizens with such power of choosing their own minister otherwise we have always heard about few Islamic and other autocratic countries. Democracy is the biggest opportunity that countrymen can have and we should utilize the liberty whenever possible in a bigger way. We have heard what few ministers think of sex and rapes in our country. We have watched other pulling down their pyjamas in Parliament while others watching pornography. How shameful and angry we feel about it, then. Why shouldn't we make it sure that our vote counts in letting the right candidate be in parliament and power.

          How proud we feel when we see our friend as Monitor of the class because of our vote when we are given chance to decide it. Isn't it? How proud our TV viewers are when they vote for a contestant and see him winning a reality show. Isn't it? And that are such small issues which is applicable on improvement or development of just that particular candidate or person. But here, it is about a town, district, state and country. We cannot let our country be slaves in the hands of people involved in corruption, murder, scams and crimes. We should make it sure by watching enough news and reading enough articles related to politics and candidates when the voting is near, at least, so that we don't end up being wrong to our country even by a bit. I am just hoping that my candidate wins. If you want yours to win, please GO and VOTE!!! I can tell you that's the best we can do for our country in spite of being busy with corporate life, competitive exams and colleges. :-)



2 States (movie): It's not even close to Chetan Bhagat's book.

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      I am done watching 2 States yesterday morning just after I was completed reading the book written by Chetan Bhagat on which this movie is based. Book was so wonderful that I rated it 4.9 even when I read it for second time. People objected it but I didn't care. I thought I would do the same with the movie if I'll like it as much as the book. But actually, 2 States, the movie, is disappointing, at least for me, as the reader of Chetan Bhagat's books. 3 Idiots took the book 5 Point Someone to 10 levels higher. The same was the condition with Kai Po Che. But 2 States seems to be a ditto copy of the book minus some wonderful scenes and dialogues from the books. What was left in the movie was an easy way to know for the audience what the book was based upon. Is that the purpose of adapting a popular book into an A-grade movie?

            Director started the movie well with showing both the protagonist as alumni of IIM-A. Less than studies, he shows more about how the boy and girl from different states came together without even realizing the blunder they were doing. It is all fun until the climax but after that, the movie seems to be running in the same loop without making us move ahead. Few scenes are good and laughable but otherwise, it seems as if a very bad version of the novel. Producer has done his part well as you will never find the movie chasing a wrong path at any point of time. The music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is wonderful and you will love almost all the compositions while watching the movie. It makes the movie looks interesting and exciting. 

          Arjun Kapoor, the lead hero of the movie, only sleepwalks and never makes the viewers become fan of him for even a single scene. He is the new Abhishek Bachchan given to the industry in terms of everything- acting to dancing to off-screen presences. Alia Bhatt is the only delighting thing about 2 States. Only considering her, I would say the movie stands up to the popular and most-liked novel. She plays her character of Ananya Swaminathan so well with every expression, dialogue and emotions that you want to see only her in the movie. She is someone for whom people should even consider watching 2 States. The roles of Ronit Roy and Amrita Singh is more than perfect as parents of Arjun Kapoor. Ronit Roy is another reason why I would watch 2 States in bits whenever it would be on television just to check out his parts. The couple playing as Ananya's parents are as boring as my neighbours. Well!

          In short, 2 States is simply not for those who have read the novel. Novel is 10 times funnier and enjoyable than the movie. For Alia fans, this is going to be one of their favorite movies. But yes, 2 States does break the common mindset that people have. They show how children have to struggle with their parents once they decide whom they have to marry themselves. The trauma of the child who sees physical and verbal abuses since childhood at home. It tells how even in today's time, inter-communities marriage are a taboo and what kind of behavior and traits parents show at the time of meeting and interaction with their sambdhis. One scene where they show child hitting father is as genuine as showing Krish-Ananya finding sex just after finding that they like and love each other. Climax is pleasing and something I wanted to see at the end of the movie. 2 States, in short, is one-time watch.

19 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

2 States by Chetan Bhagat (Book Review-4.9*/5)!!!

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        If there is one author who really makes aspiring authors of India dream and look up to in terms of success and fame achieved, it's none other than CHETAN BHAGAT. Though Amish Tripathi is killing these days but still, there's some thing about Chetan Bhagat which will always remain immortal- his naturalness and laymen-friendly language used in the books. He uses very less characters in his book but still makes it look as a Blockbuster movie playing in front of our eyes. I became his fan in 2009 and till date, the coolness that I find in his book is still missing in the books I read by other authors. His brother, Ketan Bhagat, with his debut novel, Complete/Convenient almost reached the mark that his celebrity brother is known for. But still, Chetan Bhagat is a legend and will remain to be in the world of Indian book-selling history. 

           I am just done reading "2 States" for the second time; I read it last time when it came out in 2009. Whenever I go to watch any of the movies adapted by an Indian author's book, I make sure that I read it again just before watching the movie to judge how the adaptation has been done than finding out how entertaining the movie is. It was great to read film's opening day success as I was turning the pages of the book to finish it as soon as possible so that I can watch the movie on its 2nd day. :-) 2 States is a very unique story where the author discusses inter-community marriages in modern India. And it's true. The dilemma still exists among old generation if their children should chose their own life partners and if yes, then if they should be from the same community or any. 
   What I loved about 2 States is its natural sense of humour. The book made me laugh just as 5 Point Someone did. And therefore, it's obvious why these two books are always named as CB's BEST. The narration is so fluid and straight that you will never find yourself lost at any point of time. The characters are so well-build up that even when a far-off relative is discussed, you feel as if he is your own mama or chacha. What the author has done with the characters of protagonists' parents is what makes this book really special. It contains more about parents of Krish and Ananya than they themselves. That's what makes this book unique and something that stays with you for a long time. You find your own parents taunting and screaming at you whenever the parents in this book does the same. :-)

           Book starts with the campus life and how the two people came together. It's wonderful to observe the transformation that takes place in the character of Ananya in the whole book. The way corporate life is discussed also made me laugh with the character of Bala and his similar bossy attitude that he keeps giving to Krish. I loved the entrance of Krish's mother in the convocation ceremony when she taunts how the Madrasis have an eye upon Punjabi boys by giving examples of Hema Malini and Sridevi. The tension between the father and son is also written and explained quite well throughout the book. But I loved the way climax took place. The most powerful scene in the book is when Krish goes back in flashback and tells about his physical attack on his father by him. There's a moment when Ananya says "Fuck off" to Krrish in the second half of second half (Well!). That scene has been the most humorous to me including all the dialogue parts between the respective protagonist's parents. :-)

          If you will ask me to mention some drawback- I would say there is none except the chapter being stretched more than enough while describing the Duke's wedding scene. That's all. Else, I loved how CB mentions some funny behavior and traits of both the communities. I loved the way he spoke almost everything he had in his mind because it could have played against him if someone would have taken this book seriously. It's estimated that almost 2 crore people have read 2 STATES. What star would I give to a book that's already been read by almost everyone and that too when the movie of it has also been released today. But for me, it is 4.9/5. 

18 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

The Celestial Hunt by Devikumar Ramalingam (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

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       This has been my first e-book ever. I am done reading 88 pages "The Celestial Hunt" by Devikumar Ramalingam published by Bookode Publishers. I loved the way the book is written as a novella than a full-fledged novel as it has very few plots, twists and tales to talk about. I love the way story is initialized telling about the spicy relationship between the teacher, Jaidev and student, Koushik. It interests you. Also how a book brings both the protagonists closer is something that makes you alert as you want to know what the book and the reality behind it would be. 

           Author, Devikumar, aged 28, has chosen a very good theme to write his book upon. His freshness is seen as the book is good in some parts while it struggles at some. He has good story to tell but the narration is weaker some times. The start is very good considering even the first half. There are lots of loopholes in the second. The major drawback that I felt was the switch over from one scene to the another. It's too straight and blunt. It should have been pacy and soft. As soon as you are into the flow of the story, suddenly you are moved out of it and put into some different world and plot. By the time you get adjusted to it, you are again into something else. 

           Leaving this pothole aside, I have loved the way characters are been used in the story. I also liked the use of locations in the book. The theme is very hard and difficult to write but the way author has attempted it is great. I also felt that if paragraphs would have been smaller, it would have been little more catchy. What happens with Viraaj, Harsith, Claudius in the time machine and the space they move into is exciting to read. The past behind the book and the mention of Indrajit and the whole plots around him and Jaidev is the best part of the book. Edwin and Rebecca's part are also treated well. 

          In short, I would say that the book is good in parts while falls at some. I will rate it 2.5/5. But I believe the author can show improvement with his next work. He has ability to pick up risky stories and tell.

Author Bio: 
Engineering graduate from Alagappa Engineering College, Anna University. 
Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai since December 2007. 

It has been my ambition to write short stories and novels which convey powerful messages to the society. "The Celestial Hunt" is my debut novel and this focuses on liberating people from corruption, communalism & poverty. 

I had published this novel in March 2010 (hard copy) and did a complete makeover retaining the core theme and published as an ebook on January 2014.
Blended with science fiction, spirituality, history & philosophy,  I hope the novel offers a  fascinating experience to the readers with captivating plots till the last line.

 Thanks a lot.

16 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Mistress of the Throne by Ruchir Gupta (Book Review-4.75*/5)

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 It has been a long time since I read a book by Srishti Publication. Hence, I decided to pick this latest book by them- "Mistress of the Throne" which also has the tagline "The Mughal Intrigues". It's written by the debutante- Ruchir Gupta. Book is based in 16th century at the time when Mughals were ruling India under the reign of Shah Jahan and the time when Aurangzeb was developing as a fierce ruler. After reading lots of historical fiction based on Hinduism, it was time to try one based on Mughals and Islam. Frankly speaking, this book deserves success because it is been written perfectly and makes it quite easy to understand how things conceived even when unfamiliar characters are been talked of. You will lot of answers that you have regarding the questions related to Taj Mahal, Mumtaz, Shah Jahan and specially Aurangzeb. 

            Though the protagonist of this book is Jahanara, it seems as if the hero of the book is Aurangzeb. Kudos to author for the kind of research he has done on the characters who do not have much mentions in the history of Mughals. He based this book on Jahanara, one of the unsaid player in the Mughal empire. I never ever heard about her but after reading this book, I will always name her whenever Mughal empire will be discussed. We tend to believe that Mughals were very aggressive, pitiless and cruel but Mumtaz Mahal, Jahanara, Dara and the initial phase of Aurangzeb- the way their participation is narrated, it seems as if there were many who didn't want blood at all. 

            The demise of Mumtaz Mahal is one of the best parts of this book. It made me weep for a long time even after the chapter was completed. The way her death affected Shah Jahan, Jahanara, Aurangzeb and Dara was a wonderful piece to read. The differences and the way different personality shapes us in the face of Aurangzeb and Dara is what this book strongly owns. The attitude of Shah Jahan towards Aurangzeb which makes the latter aggressive, extremist Muslim is well defined in this book. It tells us what's the main reason behind Aurangzeb's personality and killing attitude towards Non-Muslim. Jahanara's soft corner towards Aurangzeb is a very unique angle given to the story.

           The whole making of Taj Mahal is narrated through out the book which makes you understand what has been the situations around the city of Agra and Delhi when the structure was in formation. I also liked the mention of Bibi Ka Maqbara made by Aurangzeb and the way Jahanara discusses the flaws in it; also in the Aurangzeb's placing of Shah Jahan's body in the Taj Mahal. Nur Jahan's first interaction with Jahanara and provoking him for the relationship is also a very good scenario in the book. All the letters that are mentioned plays their part heavily in the story. The way climax is written and the story is ended makes the book a perfect composition. The idea of describing the Mughal family's hierarchy initially and the name of all the characters with their relations in the family is good. Also "AFTERWORD" in the end is nice as I wanted to know from author if the story is real or fiction, and if fiction, then how much. He states that almost everything is real except few scenes where he had to insert his own fictitious content to describe the intensity of moment. I will give this book 4.75 out of 5. Surely read it.

13 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Bhootnath Returns: Movie delivers a good message effortlessly and funnily!

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  I didn't watch Bhootnath till date except for few bits when it was telecast on television several times after its TV Premiere. I am not much interested towards horror movie or the movie about aatma, bhoot, chudail, raakshas etc. Therefore when I came to know that Bhootnath Returns is on floor, I was very doubtful if the audience will even have a look towards it. Well, same happened according to the collections seen of first two days. Amitabh Bachchan is not a selling property at Box Office anymore and his presence in a movie isn't a guarantee of audience turn-over. He himself said in an interview that I and Abhishek can not give more than 10 crores profit to a film on our shoulders. That's whats happening with the fate of Bhootnath Returns.

            I have seen the movie and I can say that it isn't terrible the way I expected it to be. Writer and Director have managed to make the movie sensible in terms of the topic discussed and the way it has been done. There are many places where it seems as if Director have forgot one character or the another but still the movie holds you well. There isn't much entertainment moment but whatever few it has, it does the trick to make you see forward to what's happening. Few sub plots are such that you will feel its a Rajkumar Hirani's movie going on. Only if the movie would have been 1.5 times more funny and humorous, it could have been one of the memorable movies of this year.

           The child artist who plays Akhrot is the only savior in the first half. His accent, his confidence and his tapori language does the work for the audience. He cleanly overcomes Amitabh Bachchan's presence in the first half. But later on, director forgets him between Amitabh Bachchan and his fight with the opponents for the welfare of the country. As soon as Boman Irani enters the screen, movie gets really interesting otherwise it seemed as if its been dragged purposely. From the point of view of kids and children, this is one of the riot entertainment but considering adult audience, the movie is 60% eligible to be watched. 

           Boman Irani's entry is funny and his dialogues throughout the movie is entertaining and catchy. Amitabh Bachchan roams in the whole movie as if its the set of KBC- in his blazer and elegance. Seems as if he is playing himself in the movie and astonished to see how common men lives. :| In the first half, listening to Akhrot's principles and philosophies are wonderful and something that interests the audience. Anurag Kashyap's cameo is funnier whereas Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor also play their cameos perfectly. Amitabh Bachchan finally becomes alive in the second half with his excellent acting, dialogues, expressions and power. It is then that you realize there's Amitabh Bachchan, the actor in the movie. The message that movie tries to deliver is commendable and the way it is done is also genuine. This movie is surely watchable if you have a kid with you. Some scenes you will enjoy, rest you will enjoy seeing your kid enjoying at it. :-)


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Hanging out and riding with my Mother :-)

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 Back from restaurant after giving my mother a treat on her birthday. She always wanted to be in this restaurant. Made it possible for her today. Every year I ask my mother which restaurant is her dream to enter. She names one and I take her there. Thank Lord she haven't named Trident or Oberoi's still. I love celebrating my parents birthday more than anything else. They are such an energy capacitor to me that just seeing them or talking to them makes me feel good. For all the bad and evil that I have done with them, I make sure that I do 10 times better than that. I regret those days when I disrespected my parents but now I am all okay because I have forgotten those days. No one can correct them hence there is no use of getting sad for it whole life. My mother turned 47 years old today and I was so proud as if I am the one who nourished her since childhood. :-) 

            Actually that's the case with boys. As soon as they grow into adults, they start loving and caressing their mother as if they are the babies. They start teaching their mother about new technologies, places and people. They tell her about all new happening in the world so that their mother do not look dumb anywhere. I remember how my mother used to keep saying NO whenever I used to ask her to go Mall with me initially when we came to Mumbai. One day, I selected dress for her from a big wardrobe that she possesses like every lady does. I took her to the mall and she was so excited that it was her first chance to use escalator and she did it perfectly. I love giving my mother the experience of any thing for the first time in her life. That makes her proud of me and that makes me proud of her. Because anything that I achieve according to her is her own achievement because she has made me so deserving. 

             I also purchased and installed an Air conditioner at home just 2 days ago as a Birthdya gift to her though she has invested in it too seeing that her son couldn't afford it wholly. :-) But now when she sleeps in chilled room she does not stop thanking me every morning after waking up. After the dinner today I took her for a small bike ride which she enjoyed but was scared as I have got my license 2 months back itself. :-) I keep saying NO to my friends whenever they ask for any kind of expensive hang outs because I like saving money so that I can give these luxurious comforts to my parents. These are the people who didn't even get their basic needs right just because they wanted me to have everything of this world. Now that they have done everything that they should have as a parent, its my turn to serve them with whatever I can. For that I can go to any level in this world. If every friend and relative of mine stop looking at my face but still I would be having my parents living with me and talking to me, i would be needing no one in life. NO ONE!

            I can not tell you the shine in my parents' eyes whenever I give them something that they don't expect or dream because of finance or thoughts issues. Just for that shine, sometimes I feel like not marrying and giving everything I have to them. But what to do when they want a bahu to feel a complete life. :-( My mother herself said in the afternoon that if no one in this world will wish her and only I would be the one just wishing her without gifting or treating her, she would be still the happiest person on this planet. She also said that if I don't wish her and the whole world does, even then she will find an incompleteness in the day. That's what a parent expects from their child. I never ever shout, scream or misbehave with my parents considering how my day has been in college or other stresses. I make sure that no ego and anger should ever get outburst at my parents. I wish my mother a very Happy Birthday once again before sleeping and I hope that she lives with me until I don;t breathe my last. :-) How special she is that every year her birthday is the 100th Day of the year. :-) 

 Thanks a lot.