27 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Sensitive Feelings !!!

            119TH BLOG -->>

            Finally the guests are away...The house is quiet again..Silence is showering all over....Guests are the wonderful part of your normal routined life...You and your family interacts everyday...There is an attitude to approach your parents ..Brothers and sisters...But when there is someone else in your house..Then you have to change your attitude and the way of interaction..Because family is the biggest example of Adjustment..They can adjust your misconceptions of words...Interpretation...They can balance their emotions and feelings according to your behaviour and attitude..But when there is someone new in your house..They cannot handle your sick values of behaving...You dont know which of your words can turn into a thorn and pierce them ...and thus diminish your relationship with them....But finally I hope that I have managed myself beautifully infront of the guests.....And I loved the time spent with them..Either good or bad...

            Today the dates of exams are announced..of 2nd Semester...It will be starting from 20th April....Its so hard....To manage all the subjects..and score good in all of them...I really haven't understood the secret of my high scores in every subject of last semester..But theres a lot of fear in my heart this time that whether I'll pass or not...I dont know why do I get morally weak day by day..Why isnt my performance consistent..Why do I get bifurcated in two ways..Why do I go sick after sometime...and start thinking of useless phenomenas like Girls and Bunks and Blah Blah Blah.....Railway concession form is still not available in my college's office...Money is flowing like water of the toilet's flush...I dont know how Am I so Kanjoos...Why do I feel like I have to get 1rs back when I spend 50paise on someone...I feel like I have donated my precious blood to someone when I buy them something from my pocket-money..This feeling should be avoided...When someone eats Samosa or Vada pav from my pocket money..I feel like he eat my raw kidney without baking it..What the hell....My feelings are majorly sensitive..Little up-downs and I dither up...Should change myself..

            Friends...I can be away from blog for a long time as virus is just a 1 step away from affecting my PC....so as soon as it will reach its destiny...My Blog's website will not open on my browser..So please take this into consideration and then follow me on twitter... www.twitter.com/Mumbai_Blogger

26 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Announcement of Fest !!!

           118TH BLOG -->>

            Now finally today the notice board of my college got charmed up with the schedule of my Fest....College life is something where you get the chance to show up whats within you...If you hide yourself from public and crowd and stop being extra-ordinary and extravagant..then you will be an underdog for whole of your life..This is the time when you get the chance to moot up your confidence..Ifr not today then you will have to suffer a lot when you are at the term of period when you have to earn bucks..So its better to utilize the training given up in the college..so that in future..you just have to implement them..You will not have to struggle to develop them..This is the same reason why Im participating in all my college functions..Why I went up to Fresher party..Even when the whole of my class were against interaction with me..I went up there..Sat lonely at a corner..and felt like Im a dog..who has been kicked out of the owner's house for some unusual act..But the confidence of getting the prize ..tagging it with my name was the only dream running at that time beneath me..It wasn't like If I would ahve lost I would have lost all the spirits of my life..But I won it..and it gathered more courage in me.and more will-power to perform more activities which aren't still in my thoughts to list them up in my To-Do's....

           Now Fest has arrived..Which is been named ZEAL ..I dont know the founder of this name..But I do know the motive behind these functions..Its just to develop our personality..To aggrevate our level..and reach at NLG-Next Level Of Greatness...There are different competitions on different days..Fest is for one week- 1st Feb,2010 to 6th Feb,2010..There will be different boosters like Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Traditional Day, Tie/Saree Day and I cant recall more..There will be again different competitions like Story Telling..Singing..and many more...and the final event will be on 11th Feb,2010...Atleast Im happy that my college is giving students the chance to show up the talents here on these days..I'll try to do as much as I can erupt from within me...But I dont hope for any success here in this because I'm not so much of glamorous to do make-ups and all..But I can try..Lost then Lost..I will not be a permanent failure naa..So whats the Fear...Teer Nishaaney Pe Lagaa Toh Theek..Nahi Laga Toh Aur Maukey Aayengey...Children of my class are saying me to dance on 11th Feb..The Final Event...I'm afraid of losing my conscious on the stage..So I'm refusing...I want to do..I want to perform..But the confidence of handling the stage is dithering me...I'm not such a dancer who came remember steps like 1..2..3.. 1..2..3.. I spontaneously create steps while I perform finally..So Its very hard to dance without preparation...And that too at the stage where the whole of my college will be audiences...I can't...But I Hope that I'll say YES positively...and will create history...But at this moment...Its Impossible...

           Chalo Thanks for reading this...and friends sorry as I'm not regular on blog..Its bcoz of Virus-Attack on my Laptop..Otherwise I dont want to leave you all even for a second...Try to understand..

25 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Experience Of A Rock-Show In My College !!!

           117TH BLOG-->>

       Yesterday I went to my college in the evening..This was the first time when I saw how my college looks in the dark..The reason for going at such a danger and jeopardized place was to attend the huge concert arranged by my college..There were solo performances...Group dancing at the first and then there was interval of some 1 to 2 hours...Audience went bored and thought of running..But then the announcement that Rock Bands are coming in few minutes...This helped them to make people clinged on to their seats..Im too very fond of music and disastrous music so I too kept waiting up for the rockstars...They came in few minutes in the long hair..French cuts...Guitars in their hands...Drums in the centre of the stage...5 of them stood and they were no poppocock...They had sense...Every rockstar is rapacious for the audiences and screams...and praises...applauses...But here in my college..People were so less that it felt like everyone has went up to visit Mars and Moon...I had only 3 people with me from my class..It felt like I was sitting on the horse on my day of wedding without any Baratis...But I didn't felt lonely as there were anonymous personalities around me who were also curious for the rock band show exorbitantly..

             Then after few minutes they came..And shouted...Are you all ready to suffer the vibrations? I shouted with my best volume..YESSSSSSSS....and he replied rhapsodizedly.."Here this goes then..The Hindi Track.." and then they began....Emotional Attyachar in their self composed tune...ANd the vibrations from guitar was limpid....So clear...and so palpable..that people got emotionally attached with the performers...It was so interesting show..I danced with all my strengths..It was almost two years back when I attended such a show...That time it was with exoteric performers..Sukhbir Singh-The Prince Of Bhangda..and Atif Aslam..Pakistani Talent...But more famous in our India...And this was the second time...I was attending...And then as soon as the rock band ended up with their modish plays..There was Fashion Show...Wow...The way boys and girls walked the ramp...Was like every girl coming to propose me or seduce me..and it was me watching as I was the chief guest of the show and this all is done for me..At last when the female show-stopper came on the ramp with her sexy eyes calling all the boys...I felt like I was John Abraham and felt like approaching her..Then came to the conclusion that..Im John Abraham for myself..For this beautiful girl I would be like Tushar Kapoor...Gayab in the whole movie...In this world of glamour..Middle-classes Boys and Girls have no place..They are like nonentity..

               Hope sometime In my college in the future..I will walk the ramp...atlast however bad worst I am..I m Mr.Fresher finally...One day It was for me..When everyone screamed up ONCE MORE for me...Why should I feel so insulted and insolented...Even I was a Star for an evening...Hope I'll rock the stage once more in my life....HOPE HOPE HOPE !!!!!

22 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Glance Of My Ex-Girlfriend !!!

           116TH BLOG -- >>

        I just remember my first date in Mumbai..I also remember the first day of the college..I dont know why I was so much in shyness and felt awkward...and had lack of confidence even after I was the highest scorer in the entrance test of our class..After joining the classes and meeting everyone I came to know that Rehana was the one who scored the highest amongst all of us and I was 2nd Ranker..But whatever..I was first at that time when everyone was gearing up for the admissions..I remember the first day of the college when all the boys sat in two rows of bench...and girls sat at the last row of benches..We all were observing the girls and testing who was the one to be the perfect bride for our parents..I saw everyone..But got nothing to select..and I sat in the way Raddiwaala sits when he finds no material according to his choice from your house..Then finally the first lecture started up and after some 20 to 25 minutes..A girl with a bright face....Small kurti and a thin salwar..The small lips and a face of ViVah's Amrita Rao in a shyness came in and sat in our class..I just saw her and then looked down at my whole body that Am I able to fill up my form for this girl...Can I again score the highest marks in this entrance in our heart? Everyone kept looking her for the whole period..I saw everything of hers...Her Hairs..Wow..The way they hided her fair neck...Her eyes..The way she was keeping it away from everyone..Her lips..the way she was rubbing it with her tongue..Her clothes...which indicated the level of her fashions..Finally I came to the conclusion that She is not the mother of my children...Bcoz she will not choose me as the father for her children...

             Then came the attendance time..Everyone waited for her name to be vociferated out in the class..Madam said Rehana...My mind went dumbed as I came to know that she was a Muslim and even if I get her I cant lead this relationship to that level where there are Saas-Bahus fight and all...After one or two weeks..Finally I won her..and she became my girlfriend..It was a dream come true for me..But with me..I didnt knew that she was transforming every boy's dream in our class into reality...She wasn't only my girlfriend...But she was everyone's wife..Then I came to know that this girl is not less than a Share-holder industry..Where organization has a chairmen..but he doesn't have rights to sell out the organization because there are many share-holders behind you...In the same way..This Rehana was shared in all the boys equally...I felt like eve after being a male..I was raped..She was the first girl in the world who raped the boy..This girl also has the ability to flirt with a alien of AVATAR Movie..Once when I was sitting in the garden with her and was making love with her..She said..That for today..Garden isn't a good option..Bedroom would have been the best one..At that time I got a hint that she is not less than Kareena Kapoor of Chameli and Tabu of Chandni Bar...I looked in her eyes..and she looked into mines..She was seducing me..and I was in a fear that..Atcha Hua Ki I didn't took her in a bedroom otherwise..It was sure and obvious that the disease would have pakka passed into my body..AIDS...and the whole world would have treated me as Achoot..Untouchable...And finally today she isn't mines..I took my shares back...and left that organization..But whenever I see the face of this girl..I remember the same face which indirectly demanded of a sleep with me .. But then I also remember that there are many in the joint accounts for this bank..and So I leave her for the other boys...

             THANKS for reading this 1% of my little love story...Hope If my dream come true and I print a book on my love story..Then you will get the full version of my love story...And Rehana...I HATE YOU...And my readers... I LOVE YOU...

21 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Back In College Looks !!!

            115TH BLOG-->>

         Thanks to all of them who laughed on my yesterday's blog and said me personally that they loved my punches...and for the others who didnt felt like laughing on some sentences..I think that either Im a bad writer or you are a bad observer..Eeeehhhh...Whom am I talking to?? Nobody bcoz I know everyone of you have enjoyed my blog...81 rs..Haay haay...Koi to Bachaay mujhe...FInally this issue is a past now...Have to be alert in future..Nazar Hati Durghatna Ghati..You all would have read an intransigent news that DEEMED UNIVERSITIES are going to be terminated..This news bought a feel of 2012 in me and all the thoughts of my future getting buried into the earth started rotating around my mind like AVATAR's 3D version..and the sounds of disaster and negligence of interviewers was also heard in the dolby digital quality same as of Slumdog's Jai Ho...My college is a Deemed University..Bharati Vidyapeeth...After some hours came a news that my college is safe...Uff..Wow...I felt like Black and White Mother India turned into a colored Movie..But now everything is fine from this side..

               My college has new rules now-a-days..We all follow it even when it is uncompromosing and intransigent..The way they are authorizing us is like our parents are fake and these are the real ones who have given us birth in the government hospital which didnt provided them with the good facilities because of which they are taking revenge from us..The rules are so non-mellifluous that I feel like digging a small part of earth and put my head in it for few hours till the time people take me as a psycho and put me in a paagalkhaana rather than a college of this type which is not less than a boarding school..They say us to be CLEAN-SHAVED...WITH FORMAL SHOES..WITH PROPER HAIR CUTS AND A PROPER HAIR STYLE..IDENTITY CARD ALWAYS HANGING FROM OUR NECK SAME AS THE WATER-BOTTLES FROM NURSERY STUDENTS...It feels like Britishers are back...but It again feels like we have to be a Gandhi to drive all this whites out of the nation..We paid them our fees of 50,000 INR per annum..We have the right to rule them but this happening vice-versa..So finally I bought my formal wear today from market..It felt like I was a girl..somebody intimated me that tomorrow I'll be raped..So I kept condoms before the attack with me to pass it on to the rapers...that do it lighter...My GOD...after coming from village..What kind of thoughts have conquered my imaginations...Hope they will go out..But I want them to be with me bcoz it adds something to my sense of humour...Everyday teachers used to catch me for wrong shoes..Tomorrow I'll be catching them bcoz I'll be in the right form...A true Bharati Vidyapeethian...According to them..

               Hope that college manumits us...that means give freedom to us...but I know..this is impossible...as they all are the new versions of Adolf Hitler..Again its 2 in the night..and at this time of night..Blue film watchers rock the show..Im not from them but at this time I dont know why I feel my pillow as a girl...and unfortunately or luckily there are 4 pillows on my bed...and a single blanket..What an Emotional Attyachaar..Chalo bye..and Ill be replying to your comments on my blog personally on orkut or in email...bcoz I cant open up my blog on my PC bcoz of Virus...Damn Virus..

20 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Expenditures More Than My Pocket-Money !!!

            114TH BLOG -->>

       Today morning when I opened my eyes...Saw my production house-my dad infront of me..surprised to see at home at that time when I expected my house to be human-free as mother too planned to move somewhere in the morning..He said me to march off to Vashi..Went up there..Met Rexy, Abhinav and Saumya..at Vashi Railway Station..Then we in the combination of four buddies of Mumbai's modern boys entered the address of the spot potrayed up by my father..Loved the IT sector building there..Imagined myself entering the same building with my professional looks..and then also thought of sweeping its slippery floors..and tiles...If I dont get the degree...I dont know why there are tremendous types of thoughts and imaginations in my mind incessantly as soon as I see something unusual and non-happenings..

          After that we marched off towards Inorbit Mall In Vashi ... But then saw these trio entering the KFC Restaurant which serves you with non-veg foods..I got an intimation from a miser and kanjoos Abhilash beneath me that This is a Dangerous and Peril moment...I didn't had idea of anything what to order and How costly it is but I had that sense ki it would be of the price which may tremble and dither my pocket money and saving..Rexy took me up there at the order table..Finally ordered a chicken dish with pepsi of 81 rs...I felt like I'll suffer with heart-attack in few minutes..bcoz the price was something in which my parents bring the whole 1kg of chicken...Then as soon as I saw the dish on my table..Oh My GOd..6 small pieces of chicken..3 of Abhinav and remaining 3 of mines..Every piece was of 25 rupees approx..It was a terrifying moment to eat a chicken piece rating up to 25 rs each..I felt like I want eating chicken pieces..I felt like I was eating Obama's poultry's special chicken...Because of the lack of changes...I had to give a 100rupees note..And didnt got anything back as Abhinav and Saumya managed their dishes in my balance itself..At that moment I felt like I was purchased like an IPL player today in 19 rs...

            I receive 500 rupees a month...rs.100 flatly goes into talktime and to Aircel's chairmen's pocket..another 100 goes in Pocket Internet of Aircel... Left amount is rs. 300..that means 10 rs / day ..Which is equivalent to a Samosa-pav or Kachodi daily..And Im eating a chicken of 100 rs ...I havent calculated travelling allowances of Panvel to Vashi and return..Bcoz If Ill add this..I'll start weeping now..So a person like me who is a stoic..is spending money vengeantly like I'm the son of a traffic policemen who has unlimited balance at home bcoz of his vasooli..See now many of you will say that Im kanjoos..or Im poor..No friends its not like this..I m been payed 500 a month which is a lot for me..I should learn adjusting and saving..So this is the last time I have enjoyed the pleasure of Vashi..and mall..Now I'll see to this place after the calendar strikes 1st February..Plans of watching Avatar has been postponed by me currently..just because I have lost more than I should have wasted..I should learn to be Poor..I should learn to say NO to Vashi Malls now for some days...God save me...and give me the power to say NO to my friends...

18 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Best Weekend !!!

            113TH BLOG -->>

        After getting molested up in college for 5 days regularly , we all think to recover back on the weekends..the holiday we get for the two days Saturday and Sunday...But neither its upon you to make it or waste it....But its a situation where there can be many things to be charted up..meeting and nexus with your girlfriend..Hang out with your friends or study..Now in the 1st option..Im lacking a girl friend...The girlfriend I had is still in love with me but the thing is that taking her anywhere means spending money on her...It feels like Im the biggest fool to live myself in misery to give her all the luxury of the life and that too for what? For something which she gives me without investing money...And then when you do that..They hurl out the words that you dont love me but you love my body so you are up with me..Can anybody out there can help me understand whats difference between a Girl and a Girl's body?? Then the second option is to hang-out with friends..Thats so hard for me as Im kanjoos and some of my friends like Shahid are so kanjoos that when a beggar comes and ask for rupees ..Then too he asks the friend standing besides him to give 1 rs to the beggar from his side and he will return it tomorrow..and I dont understand that it takes 24hours for tomorrow to come but for this kind of boys..Tomorrow dont even come after a millennium...And the 3rd option is to Study..Now this is something like buying BMW in 10,000 rs...Not having that much brain to study and trying to do this experiment..I just hate opening books at this time of relaxation when your new session has just begun and you dont have any prior work to do...

               My this weekend went more than what I expected as on Saturday my childhood's best friend...Even today he is...came to my house to live up till Monday Morning...We shared good moments....Good talks.... He too shared his hands in the business Im doing now-a-days..I have just started with a business and He too keeping trust and faith on me..jumped in the well to dug it up to find Oil many kilometres beneath..If not that we will come out in the loss...But in that case theres a big loss..But in my business there's no loss..There are only two options...Either to gain profit or to gain your investment back..There's no LOSS...In 400 rs theres a total chance to earn 28000 INR in one year...Its mininum...Im just enjoying this plan and business...Trying to be more rich than Ambani's..He toh came with a cycle..Im toh better than him..So I have full chances for KAR LO DUNIYA MUTTHI ME..Uff...Tomorrow morning a new start...A new week of college..Now there will be practise session for the college's fest and for the sports...Everyone practise in my college as everyone is better than Sachin Tendulkar and dance practises are on as Michael Jackson has given birth to all of them..Uff..What an over-acting...But I live up with all this people just thinking of myself as one of the editor of Bigg Boss..who has nothing to do with the politics in the house..He is out of the house and just have to develop a video of 1 hour so that it can be judged out Who is Positive and who is negative..Thats what I do and write out my judgements on ARB...

                 So Tomorrow Rohit will be leaving...I'll leaving for the college....and thus the friend will go away...Bidaai Bidaai....uff...Sorry I'll not sing otherwise there will be many who will come to suggest Dostana's song..Chalo bye...Keep Following me on attayachat twitter.. www.twitter.com/abhilashruhela ...

16 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Father's Refusal and Mission Revamp !!!

            112TH BLOG -->>

        Apologizes to all of them who commented on my writings..Im unable to revert back..I know this is annoyable to all of you but what can I do..This laptop is not officially mines..Its of my father...I can't do anything without his permissions..His laptop consists of Virus and I have suggested him for the lot of times to format his laptop and thus we can be safe of all this problems which we face on our laptop while surfing internet...But it is said naa that Every generation thinks of the next generation as fool and brainless..Same is the condition here..He reacts to my suggestions as People ignore the beggars on railway platforms...It feels insolent for many a times but then I think of that boys who propose girls contiguously and dont get a favourable reply..When they dont loose their attitude and will why should I loose...I keep on poking my father..Thats different thing that he behaves as a government officer who doen't listen to anything and charge you the fine for you being late while submitting your file or documents..

             I have participated for Carrom and Cricket in my college sports..Expecting a WIN in Carrom..because I have previously bagged two medals for this game...Cricket for me is like Akon's song for a villager..But then too I'm taking part just to show everyone that how the whole team looses the match because of one unexperienced player...I know after the match , my batchmates will demur against me..But then too Im ready to walk on the thorns...Who is afraid of acerbic and sarcastic words and approach..Father has abused so many times .. If batchmates will give some of that bad words...What will they take from me?? Arya and me are in an Adventure..The name of our adventure is MISSION REVAMP..We are somewhat successful till now ...Just a pinch of salt which makes a poor dish ..tasty..just this much is the effort we have to put in our plan..Hope there is salt in our can..our we will be f*ck*d..Who cares? Baby is gonna perform toilet activities...If on you then with the huggies you have to bath yourself..and if not on you then too you have to wash huggies and child..So in the same way ,We are gonna trapped in the adventure..Will be writing about this when It will be over...

             Thans for your positive approach towards ARB- Abhilash Ruhela Blog..

15 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

The Way I Sharped My Knife !!!

             111TH BLOG -->>

              Yesterday when I wrote about my success story...There were some who felt like it was impossibility which has deposited in my life with that power which cant be freezed even by a huge defence on its way...Even I cant believe that its me doing so good from last 1 year....But I know my efforts...The way I have managed the days of 24 hours as they were of 36 hours...Worked day and night...Didnt slept for 50 hours continuously...Kept waking incessantly...I know that dreams and futures which were flowing all over in my nerves at 500 times of the speed of the blood...These all was achieved just bcoz there was a will to show the people who under-estimated me that I cant be always a LACKADAISICAL...for this I changed my modus operandi...The days used to be very noisy...filled up with chaos and cries of small children...the noise of DJ systems and different Bands playing up for the marriage ceremonies around as there were many Halls available at rent in my area...there were brawls and oral fights in the people around...I was at the first level itself annoyed with my results and failures in the recent history at that time comtemporarily...But then too in that pressure I deciphered out that concentration is intrinsic at this stage now...

            Then I made my days to be passed out in the writing works...and my nights for the learning and mind-feeding activities....night 11 was the start of filling my bowl with the bunch of wisdoms....and used to end up at morning 8o clock and sometimes wouldnt stop till evening 5 o clock...Eyes used to go red in colour...Body used to give a sweat out from within...but then too I used to recuperate from the exhaustion and used to go and go and go...Sometimes Mummy too used to get horrified watching me working non-stop...But a will to slap many via my 12th result was the target and the STG (Short term goal)...I wanted to reach the NLG (Next Level Of Greatness)..With all this effort ...With all that pain...I passed my 12th std...and after that now Im getting the friuts of it till today...Hope my form doesnt goes down as the days of success are increasing...Would try to maintain it ..aggravate it..till my last breathe...Else is the wish of God...whether I will be annihilated or accelerated...

           Thanks for reading this little information of how I recovered from my dung position to this luxury position..and forgive me for some mistakes I do while writing blogs..like yester day I wrote HERE at the place of HEAR....so plz take all this into consideration and understand the writings....Thanks....

13 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

2009-Best Year Of My Life..2010 Too A Good Start !!!

            110TH BLOG -->>

        So finally the wishes has started submerging into my heart...SMS of some good friends..relatives...Its so good to here from the one who loves you..care for you..It sometimes takes you to that level where either you become very happy..you feel like going on your terrace..watch all the stars...and think that you are one of them...and them shout loudly that I love you all...I did this tonight just 10 minutes ago..Didnt vociferated but said it in less volume...And the second is that you feel like sittng in your room and cry for the unexpected which has turn into Possibility..Or to cry for that people who were sometime very important to you but today they arent remembering on your best day of your life...I neglected this second part of happiness from my life..as it only swindles you..

          I have marked my presence as the HIGHEST SCORER in two subjects...77 / 100 in IT and 71 / 100 in C Programming. Regular readers ko yaad hoga that I said once I have fear of two persons scoring better than me in C..But both of that people are far behind..Wow...

          I was dripped and lost somewhere for many years..Parents stopped pressurizing me..They just hoped their son to PASS and nothing more then that..But they way I have resurged has astonished everyone...I failed 11th twice..Once in 2007 and then again in 2008..Without any hopes I took admission as External student in 12th...Everybody thought of themselves as soothsayer and stamped my future that I'll pass 12th in 5 years...I passed in just one year in 2009 by 55% in Science stream...Used to study for 18 to 19 hours a day..Used to study 11th std books too as my base wasnt clear..Then after passing 12th gave the entrance for BCA in Bharati Vidyapeeth and scored 1st rank(Now Im 2nd) all over Mumbai...Then college started and I won MR.FRESHER in my college...So I just kept winning and ameliorating in the year 2009..It made me a successful person..vindicated me..made me a Cynosure all over in my friends classmates relatives...Finally 2009 ended up and it came out as the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE...Then I had a fear on the first day of the college of Sem-2 (11th January,2010) that I'll be failing in 1 subject and thus start of 2010 will be worst..but then this achievement..3RD RANK IN THE CLASS...has mooted me upto where I dont know..But success is not only achieving the goal but to maintain it...Hope I'll be successful in this too....

           Thanks for reading..and thanks to all of them who prayed best for me...

11 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Six Point Someone - My Result Of Sem-1 !!!

            109TH BLOG -->>

        Again Im suffering with Cold and Cough..I dont know what type of love and attachment Im sharing with this disease that it doesn't leaves me...It comes again and again to me...knock my door and I welcome it...Today in the morning as soon as the first day of the college started ..We all inspite of touching our classroom's floor ..We found the roof of our canteen a better place to meet and talk...This bought all the students of my batch into trouble..Finally after some worst dialogues from the teachers...we were allowed to sit...then continuously there were two lectures...Both the teachers were Females....I was confused...To read the name of the new subject of this Sem written on the board or to observe the teacher's face and beauty...Uff...I found the second option interesting...Both the teachers took Introduction section..I was asked wwhats your ambition..I said WRITER...and she was surprised...but she felt this Mellifluous, dulcet and mellisonant....Then the second teacher told us to come infront of the class and speak up loud in whatever way we have to introduce ourselves...then One-By-One we started introducing ourselves and she kept criticizing everyone of us..But atlast she came to the conclusion and uttered with a great satisfaction that ABHILASH HAD THE BEST PERSONALITY IN ALL THE BOYS..Wow...It was a good start of the day as both the teachers found me something different from all the other students of the class.....

               Then our results got declared....And I have scored 3rd Rank in my class....Its really a great great great day for me...11th January ,2010... The new year has started in a good speed and quality ride...Hope the wheels dont get flattened after some miles...I just missed my 2nd rank which is secured by ARYA by 2 Marks....and missed my 1st Rank which is secured by Vandana by 5 Marks...but Im happy with what I have been honoured by my college...Bharati Vidyapeeth has given me a lot..Let the students of my college say that college is not nice....and let the other students say that Your college is deemed..But It has mooted me up at the place where I have to challenge myself and grow more....REHANA is 5% behind me and thus she was nonentity in the class...as nobody expected her to be so back...and Vandana really has done something which was not expected of her...Everyone thought of Me Arya and Rehana standing on the victory stand...but here Rehana has been treated as opprobrium and infamy....My Scores are as follows :-

COMPUTER PRACTICALS        - 73 / 100
MATHEMATICS                         -  60 / 100
ENV. STUDIES                            - 57 / 100
OFFICE AUTOMATION           -  53 / 100

So the total is 459 / 700 and percentage is 66%..  and the rank in my class is 3rd....Its really a great great achievements...Grandparents are really very happy to hear this achievement..Some of the good relatives too are happy...Some friends are happy...and most of all of them..Its limpid that me and my parents are the most happiest person of this world today...More than my success Im happy that Rehana my Ex-gf is behind me...Thanks to all of them who prayed for my success...Hope I'll do better then this in the Sem-2 of BCA..This time the results for BCA SEM-1 were the worst in the history of our college as the highest scored just 66. something...Hope next time someone from us break this little score and move ahead...So the title of todays Blog is SIX POINT SOMEONE....

          Thanks for reading this achievements of mines....


Experience Of Village and Waiting For Tomorrow !!!

            108TH BLOG -->>

        At last Im back from my village my hometown Kanpur and Gorakhpur...Wonderful experience...Living in jungle....actually near jungle....and experiencing and observing some facts and new visuals were really remarkable and unforgettable...Got many things ...To learn...To remember.. To share.. To memorize.. To be happy.. but also with drawbacks.. Some moments which Hurts...Some sentences and some activities of relatives which showed that I wasnt upto that level to get respect as other got of my level...Will be revealing it in blogs going to be written henceforth....But it was really hard to act...ACT ??? Yes dearies...I acted a lot there....Acted as Im the most innocent boy of this generation...Acted as Im the one who dont know about the opposite gender Female...Acted as I dont know whats difference between Boys and Girls...Acted as I dont know whats Sex...Acted as I dont know anything except Books and Studies...Acted as Im fulfilled with whatever I have...I dont need more....Uff...Sometimes I used to feel that Im living in a Bigg Boss house and following the rules to be in a new disguise coz my real face and character has no permissions to participate in the show...Experience of living in village was tremendous..outstanding..but experience of observing girls and noticing them was the first I did there...No girl was satisfactory...Bhojpuri tones out of their rough tongue still urge aches to my ears...Experience with Nana and Nani was awesome...WIll never be wiped out...as Its fixed in the account of my heart .....Dadi too showed her courtesy affection love and loving attitude towards me...A kiss from her was the one I'll never forget...This comes only when someone loves you by heart...but again I have doubts whether she loves me or not and the others who were also in their disguise infront of me really loved me or not..Will be sharing this hurting moments too here on ARB - Abhilash Ruhela Blog...

               Tomorrow 11th of January...Second session of my college is going to be launched....2009 has been a wonderful year to me as I only experienced 99.99% of success in my life...Most of it came from my First session of college 3rd August-23rd November...so awaiting for this session to start...Hope groupism which is the corossal part of my classroom from last many months ends up..Everybody gather up together...UNITY develops....Hope the sick people suffering Fits and other diseases turns into a healthy person...Hope college stops giving surprises which us the pupils dont want as it doesnt create enthusiasm in our blood...it only awakens that cells in our mind which remember all the abuses...Hope teachers stops dividing students according to their personal relationships with them...Hope some of the girls who are interested in building her list of brothers open up their mind and stop doing this politics..and rather concentrate on developing their loose character...Hope everything changes as there is a new hope and a new start of life in a new year..in a new session...in a new acceleration of the life...Dont want to say this in rhapsodization but then too I would like to commit that I have a fear of the result of SEMESTER 1 which I gave with whole of my empty brain which was never used to learn and cope up the course and its pristine even today and it was then too comtemporarily...Tomorrow is the first day of the college...excited to meet my Panvel Dude Gang..and other guys...and some girls....Hope they would have worked on their physical beauty in these many days in vacation...hope they would have developed their pulchritude...

              Thanks for reading my 108th blog after the gap of some 40 days or something....but now will try to be regular....But I should pass with good honors otherwise I will have to hide my face which will turn into the view of front angle of ass..