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When you have CELEBRITIES around you :-)

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    Why is that we want to meet a celebrity in life whom we adore? It's for the simple reason that we find him/her charming, perfect and a good human being. And we become sad every time we see them on television and then realize that we can never see them in person and tell them what we feel about them. Or we feel sadder because they do not know us and we want that perfect personality to know that someone like us exist. What if you find a person around you who is as normal as you in profile but his/her quality is certainly like a celebrity's whom you adore? Not exactly like that specific celebrity but like those of celebrities with qualities that we wish to experience in someone.
           There are sometimes 1 or 2 people around us who are so well-behaved, polite, perfect in their work and extreme professional that we want to get into their good books or we want to become like them or we wish that they consider us something in their life if not a good friend or someone best they have come across in their life. And this makes you become yourself better to be little like them so that they feel the same about you as you feel about them. Sometimes that results in love for two persons but I am not talking about that angle as of now. This is something above that. A kind of admiration for someone because of the qualities they possess.

          I would like to give you few examples with out mentioning their names.

          There was an uncle working with my father as his manager when I was in school. This uncle had a decent personality and whenever I saw him, his dress was ironed, his hairs used to be properly combed, his shoes would always be polished and he always spoke and greeted sweetly. He always hosted events that used to happen in our colony's club. He used to sing in those functions and also play piano. I was his fan. I always wanted to become like him. Therefore, whenever I saw him, I made sure I greeted him before my friends so that he can notice I am perfect than others and consider me somewhat like him and always remember me whenever he thought of children from our society. :)

             Similarly, I have a topper girl in my college currently. She is a friend and whenever I talk with her, the politeness and low volume and decency that I experience in her verbal communication makes me feel ugly about my talking behaviour some times as I end up using slang and accent that are rude and insulting. Similarly, her approach in classroom and laboratory is always professional. She assures that all her works are completed on time and before anyone. She never talks about how good she is but it shows in results. I got an opportunity to be in a Presentation group with her and I made sure that I do not put her down at least as she never fails in anything. And that has also been my best experience in a group presentation till date. 

             A last example:- Currently, I am doing a Professional course at a reputed Computer institute. My teacher who is teaching me the same is very punctual and hard working. She does even those work that we do not even expect from her. She does this extra efforts only to make sure that her children do not find any problem related to her. She wants each and every children to think out-of-box like her and perform every task with accuracy and perfectness. Her teaching style and the way she handles us with politeness and professionalism makes me do better than how I am so that she considers me the best student she ever taught in all these years. I give my 150% to be remembered by her for my work even after our batch ends. 

             There are always such people around us whom we start considering celebrities and want to spend more time with them and wished to be remembered by them even after our association for that project or time ends. We desire to be like them some day by changing our personality and being like them which indirectly helps us in improving ourselves and our life style. I do not know if you have such people in your life or around you who are worthy enough to be considered celebrities but I have these few people (whom I have mentioned above and those I haven't) in my life who are making me work more than my capacity to be better than what I have been till date. I am in awe of these people and I am waiting for a device to be created which can let me know if they consider me something positive in their point of view or not. Is someone creating this for me? :-) 



Review: Welcome 2 Karachi: Silly, Mediocre, Unfunny! *½

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     Welcome 2 Karachi is the last release of this month along with 2 more movies. The film was delayed for few months when Irrfan Khan opted out of it due to his unavailable dates. Finally, Jackky Bhagnani came in as a replacement and the film moved ahead. Arshad Warsi is another actor in the movie. Both the characters plays friends and as Jackky wants to go to America for earning dollars but is being denied Visa twice, they find a way that they can go to USA even by a boat where VISA isn't a problem. They execute the plan and because of a natural calamity, accidentally, they lose their path and reaches to Karachi, obviously. And from here begins this movie which could have been one of those intelligent movies which gets merited whenever Bollywood is discussed but lands up nowhere because of its silliness, mediocrity and low-rented jokes which I hope 4th std child will enjoy.

        Director Ashish R Mohan have failed immensely in making this movie an incredible attempt considering the plot. He should watch Filmistaan which is also based on the same plot but made so wittily that if it releases again in halls, it would be a Blockbuster. This film at least had names of such actors who could have dragged few audiences in. A good dialogue writer would have done a great job for the director. When you are making a comedy, you should give enough time on dialogue and scene creation. It seems as if the whole thing is done in so hurry that director was lost in between and just wanted to finish the work. Not even a single scene is made with a commitment that we will make the audience go mad with laughter. And Welcome 2 Karachi fails here itself even after having multiple characters trying to make you laugh. You can only manage a sarcastic smile.

            Arshad Warsi is funny in his usual style in few scenes. I would like to specially mention the scene when he reacts between all the Pakistanis while watching India-Pakistan match. But the problem is that he seems to be bored with this whole movie-making since the 1st scene itself. You will find him just walking through every scene as if he wants to do the job as early as possible and get out of this whole directionless work. Similarly, Jackky Bhagnani's gujarati accent is less funny but more irritating. He couldn't carry it and made this movie nonsensical by a big margin. He looks committed. He is also trying hard. But when everything goes wrong with a movie, even a determined artist couldn't save it. I do not know why Lauren is promoting this movie when she does not have even 10 minutes of screen space. Silly!

            Songs are just irritating as they come when you want the movie to proceed. Only one song keeps you entertained, "Bhaag Nahi toh G pe laat padd jayegi" something. All I can say is, take your small children they will surely like this movie but do not go with a friend as he might ask you to refund in the interval itself for wasting his life's 2 hours. I am sure you must be yourself looking out for someone who can refund you and paying for someone else' ticket will only spoil your mood like never before. Stay at home. Talk with yourself in the mirror. And it would be more funny than watching this bored movie. I give it 1.5 stars out of 5.


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FEMINISTS are using the WORD in a WRONG way!!!

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     Rapes in our country are not going to stop. This is evident. It has been more than 1 year since new government is ruling and nothing substantial has happened in stopping rapes or introducing new laws that can run fast track court in such cases. Our country seems to be developing an attitude of "Rape toh hote rehte hain yaar.. Kuch nayi baat karo". Now parents have even stopped telling their daughters to take care because they know whenever it will have to happen, it will because there is no fear of law, police and justice in the society. Out of all of this, there's a new word that we see in almost 90% of girls' social networking profile- "FEMINIST". 

          The Wikipedia definition of this word says,"Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment"

           But have I ever seen any such kind of post from these girls calling them a Feminist? Never. Similarly, few boys also feel proud in calling themselves a Feminist. Every time, there's a news of some rape or brutal force applied on a girl's body to humiliate her existence, all boys are put in same equivalence class and called,"Boys will be boys" or "All boys are the same". Girls feel that just because men are physically strong and their appearance is aggressive, they won't feel anything inside even if they term them as rapist. How much do you know about us? When you pass on such statement, it's definitely proven that you do not have heart to think from the minds of your fathers and brothers. How do you expect us to think from your PoV then? 

            You do not realize but somewhere you are building a society that will consider almost every boy as a weapon meant to destroy a girl's soul and life. Even if a boy would be too innocent to even think of flirting with someone, he would be judged in the same way and he will never be able to lead a normal life again. A fear of girls will envelope his whole personality and whenever he'll see a girl or group of them passing across him, he will leave the footpath in panic and change his route. He would be scared that even if his hand will touch yours, he would be termed as pervert or molester or opportunistic. 

            Kangana Ranaut said it very well. She says that if this is how men are going to be seen and judged for crimes that only few of them commits, it will take us another 20 years to empower men. And actually this is where the crowd of our metro cities are moving towards. On the name of women empowerment, only silly things are discussed among girls. They want to wear sleeveless. They want to roam on road in midnight with group of boys. They want night-outs. They want trips on the name of Industrial visits. They want to have sex before marriage. Well, these days they are even fighting for sex outside marriage. Deepika Padukone's Vogue video is the biggest example what on name of women empowerment, these so called modern girls are demanding. 

            I feel very sad when I see girls talking ill among themselves about a boy who have just accidentally fell upon them because of crowd. I see it regularly while traveling in local trains. If a boy pushes a girl by mistake, he is been slapped by the girl following which few more men come to show how great feminist they are. But if a girl pushes a boy to get into the gents compartment (Yes! Gents compartment), he would be still seen as someone who did a mistake of coming in the way. For God's sake, please let us know when are you wrong? Are you ever wrong? Just because you give birth to both men and women, will you keep on proving that you have more rights of being right than men? Stop giving silly reasons for everything and proving that men are rascals who are only meant to spoil your integrity and respect. 

            These girls who are too opinionated towards boys have actually never received a man's love. They do not know what a real man feels for girls. In that Delhi rape episode, remember a boy was fighting against 5 of them to save this girl. He went through the same atrocities that the girl went through. But just because that boy wasn't raped because rapists weren't homosexuals was his fault that it never came into your notice the sacrifice that he gave that night. Similarly, after such incidents that happen with you, it's your father and brother who are the moral support seeing whom you decide to live the rest of your life forgetting what happened with you. 

           Understand that behaving cool by calling yourself a feminist is fun of just few days. Later on, when you will hear your son's tale of what happened to him in school or college, it will then make you realize what you and your girl friends lead the generation towards. I agree that even if you are lucky to not get raped in this country where few men consider you just an object, you fight with dirty eyes of men every day. I understand all your plight and complains but understand, all men are not same. Few of them would love to be your brothers. Not everyone wants to take you to pub, hold your waist, dance all night and then sleep with you. Please. I am not pervert and 90 out of my 100 male friends aren't. Stop classifying us with those assholes who have lost it. Yes, completely lost it. As a woman, do empower yourself but do not weaken our community. We are meant to grow together. Not one at a time. Understand! 



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Ratnadip Acharya:"I was completely unaware of chick lit literature that young Indian readers love" (Interview)

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Ratnadip Acharya have written a very wonderful and shocking book recently which is purely based upon life of a deer where the protagonist is itself a deer. I am amazed by his work which compelled me to take his interview to know the author better. A very straight-forward answers has been given by him. Do read to know what he feels about his writing journey. 

1. How’s life after becoming a published author? What changes do you feel?
Answer: Life has not changed much since I became a published author. I am a loner and deeply enjoy my solitariness. Only change, if at all it can be called a change, is that now I write with more conviction as I know there is a handful of people who will definitely read my work. When you love someone you get courage and when someone loves you, you get confidence. So is it with my writing. When I know some readers love my work I get confidence.  You can call it the only change.   

2. How has been the response to your first book “Life is always aimless….”?
Answer: It was better than what I had expected. At that time I was completely unaware of the entire world of contemporary Indian reader. I did not even a facebook account. I grew up reading British classic like that of Somerset Maugham, Graham Green, A. J. Cronin and many more and was completely unaware of the trend of chick lit literature that young Indian readers love to read. My first novel introduced me to a new generation of readers. 

3. Tell us something about your 2nd and latest novel, “Paradise Lost and Regained”?
Answer: It is always a heart-warming feeling to talk about this book. Frist of all, you need immense courage to write an entire book on a small deer or any other animal when everybody is writing on Romance, suspense, thriller and retelling mythological story in their own way. I do not think in the history of Indian literature there is any other novel where an animal is telling its story with which we can all relate ourselves. I do not think any reader will regret giving its time to read this work of fiction.  

4. Didn’t it worry you how will a concept based on story of a deer be accepted?
Answer: No, I definitely did not worry. Should I worry I could not have written this large novel effortlessly. As the book says ‘trust and worry do not coexist’, I did not have an iota of worry while writing it. In fact I did not even think if anyone will ever read it. I knew the idea was entirely a godsend idea and I must deliver my best. In fact, while writing, I often felt, someone is guiding me to write. It is an inexplicable feeling.   

5. What kind of research you did to understand the lifestyle of a deer?
Answer: I did not do any research apart from reading a bit about deer to bring authenticity to my work. In fact the novel which are based on research work (I do not wish to name any author here) though appear well-informative, when it comes to love and passion for life, they are empty and hollow. I read a good deal of novels based on research. I find them shallow. They are good for learning English language but stories are mundane and lack spark. To my understanding, greatest novel ever written in any language is Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. He did not do any research to write that masterpiece, nor did he do any research work to write War & Peace. Read it and you will find it has voluminous information, intertwined with complex characters. But Tolstoy did not do any research for it. Tolstoy rightly said, ‘What we really need to accomplish anything successfully is deep love.’ 

6. Why do you always attempt serious novels with no humour and punches in between?
Answer: Brother, I am not a chick lit fiction author. Even if it does not qualify me to reach bestseller list I am perfectly okay. I do not wish to write predictable shallow stuff. Secondly, I do not want to add unwanted humour or cuss words to my work to garner more readers. For me, most important thing is if I really believe the story that I am narrating. I do not voluntarily make them serious or humourless. I write every word that I stand by. I do not know if sincerity pay off or not. But I am a genuine and sincere author. I do not know what you mean by punches. But if you mean by it unpredictable turns and twists in the story, I believe, Paradise Lost & Regained, has no dearth of it. However, I do not know how the readers of chick lit fiction will take it. 

7. It’s been two publishers with two books, why so?
Answer: Just a stroke of luck. I do not even know if I will write any other book or not. I do not even know if one day any publisher will accept it or not.  

8. Tell us something about your next book that you are currently thinking/writing about?
Answer: It is a very premature stage to talk about it. But, well, I can say is that novel, probably, too, will have no human being. Probably, again I will create another mystical world that I have developed in Paradise Lost & Regained. The prime thing is that I must write something that I love. Otherwise the entire journey is joyless. If I cheat myself as an author just to please readers I am already emotionally a dead man. What the use of becoming a bestseller author then?

9. How do you see yourself as an author after 5 years?
Answer: Probably you remember those lines from Paradise Lost & Regained. ‘All my understanding sums up in three words… Trust, Hope & Love’. I have a deep trust in myself. Otherwise I would not have written such an unusual story. Every day I live with hope. Pray one day readers will experience deep love in my work.     

10. Any words for your fans who have liked either of your books.
Answer: Be with me in my future endeavour, too. I assure you I would never produce a commonplace stuff and fail you.  

Does Bollywood community really love its fans and respect the audiences?

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       I know I am almost a month late in writing on this topic but I always wanted to. Bhai's fans would have hanged me to death if I would have written it in those deadly serious hours. But I think there's no danger now. All the Bhai fans are busy sharing and promoting Bajrangi Bhaijaan's first look. :-) Well, before beginning to write what I want, let me inform you about a Breaking News that has co-incidentally flashed in my Notification bar just now: Salman Khan's Hit-and-Run case files are burnt to ashes, says MH Govt. Wow! Indian citizens are really considered idiot and stupid to believe that this happened accidentally. 

          Well, we saw many Bollywood celebrities coming in support of Salman Khan when he was stated culprit for a man's death by drunk driving. The whole environment in Bollywood turned sadder as if someone had died. Few celebrities ended up tweeting something very weird and thus, became a controversy. That's how they came out in Bhai's samarthan. I am not a hater of Salman Khan but just another fan who likes watching his movie FDFS. But I am little different as I also like making fun of his script-less movies on Social Media after watching them. But I am a fan of Salman Khan and even I felt little bad considering that he would be in jail for next 5 years. But how did I forget that law and order in our nation is basically for middle-class and poor people. Rich people always get away with their crime. Right?

           I want to ask all these Bollywood actors as to what made you feel that Salman Khan is perfectly right and he shouldn't be in jail even for an year or say, month? When you take away someone's life, you should have to give a part of yours for it. Isn't it? And Salman was asked to give just 5 years of his. Would these celebrities have reacted in the same way for the culprit if Salman Khan would have been at the receiving end? For once, let's consider that it was victim's fault as he was sleeping on footpath, but would the stand of all his lovers had changed if he must have banged a pedestrian or a bike rider? Never. 

             I was listening to the victim who's leg was injured in the accident because of which he is jobless till date. He says that he finds it a myth when people say that Salman Khan is like a God for poor. According to his statement, Salman Khan never went to meet them and never offered any financial help in last one decade since accident took place. Why didn't these Bollywood people give away 1 lakh each to this man so that Salman's guilt would be reduced to a certain extent? 

            It is perfectly said that never meet your idol as you will hate him forever after the event. I have got many opportunities where I met these rich people in glamour industry. The kind of attitude they have towards their fans is very shameful. I won't take anyone's name but even a 50 year old woman was ignored by this Bollywood director/producer when she was just pleading him to take a Business Card of her son. I felt so terrible that I went to her after the director left and said that I work in Bollywood and will see if there's something for her son. This made her feel better and she left with a sad smile. For these people, we are just ants who are roaming on roads and sweating while they are tweeting on their latest iPad in full air-conditioned luxury car. 

            These people have no respect for us even though they know who their audiences are. Let them say how many times in public that they love their fans and respect their audiences but if you'll ask for a minute, you will be pushed away by their bodyguards. I am not saying that all of them are the same as some of them have commendable courtesy. But most of them are the same. Though we are viewing the whole incident as Salman Khan's fan but just forget this lovable person and then see the case. You will find how pitiless and selfish these Bollywood people are for whom we die and crave as if just seeing them would make us closer to the almighty God. If you and I would have damaged even a car of one Superstar in a road accident, they would have talked about how unsafe the city and the driving lifestyle is. You and I would have been tweeted against and called names by these same people. But because it's one among their community, it's all fine and they do not want justice to take place. That's how it is!

            My only request to the die-hard fans of Bollywood is- Love the movies. Love the works done by them. Love the superstar. Love their profession and their excellence. But never support their wrongs in personal life. Remember, they aren't what they project themselves in films. They aren't what their Bollywood friends talk in interview about them. They are something else which you'll notice when you'll find them near yourself. When they'll brush you, push you and snub you, that would be the day you'll stop worshiping any of these Bollywood superstars in your life. Aamir Khan is loved by all because he talks about us in Satyameva Jayate. Then what made him support Salman Khan in a case which is truly against the law and order? In the end, rich people will always advocate for rich and we, the poor, will remain to be poor and helpless. I wish the Bollywood community understand who made them before ridiculing us and not even considering that we are as much human as your Salman. If his 5 years are worth even our life is important and precious. 

P.S.: I am fan of the Superstar- Salman Khan but not the person in real life. If tomorrow I shall meet him, I'll post the photo obviously because I love him as a Superstar and it would be a special moment for me. So do not judge me later in life if I watch his movies or enjoy his songs. 



What's a great deal if Muslims are denied a flat/job?

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       I have stopped talking on matters related to politics and religion on my blog because various faceless and nameless people starts trolling and calling me agent of some particular political party. But I need to discuss something today and I cannot resist myself. I heard a news where a 25 years old woman is not allowed to purchase a flat because she is a Muslim. Similarly, a young boy wasn't given a job because he is a Muslim. Well, why so hoopla around this? Is this something new that we are getting to know? This is always in society and no one can take it away now. India has got trapped into this and it will take more than a century if things will start changing even from now. Generation by generation, hatred for each other is imbibed as culture among us. How can you take away one's culture so easily? It will surely take years to go.

           And whenever Islam is considered, I do not know why it becomes a headline. If the same would have happened with Hindus, no one would have talked about it. It would have been just another case. I have seen Muslims calling Non-Muslims as "gair". I have seen Muslims greeting an unknown Muslim with Salaam but never a look towards a Non-Muslim. I have seen Muslims basically trying to give work to the man of their own religion than an outsider. I have seen lot many things that I do not wish to speak out here. Sometimes, get into those groups standing after Namaaz and chit-chatting. Just experience their extreme love towards their religion and aggression towards everyone not belonging to it. Recently, I was having dinner in a Muslim's function and I heard a 60 year old man talking to a young boy who was worried about what to do after 10th result. The man had this to suggest---> "Arey tum Islam mein paida hue ho isse jyada khushnaseebi kya ho sakti hai? Ispar hi gumaan karo aur Allah pe vishwas rakkho, gairon se pehle tumhe manzil milegi, Inshallah". 

           Whenever some Muslim killings happen in some region, I see 90% of Muslims speaking about it in sympathies and share number of posts showing how they have been only victim since the religions formed on the planet. But whenever there would be a Muslim terrorist caught for deaths of many innocent people, they have different theories to explain which tells how Muslims are illegally caught whenever any blast happens in the cities of India. Amazing! One of my friend believes till date that Osama Bin Laden is a creation of America and he does not exist in real. Even on his death, he said that nothing of this sort have happened and America is purposely creating story to tell how great a Superpower they are. Claps!

           I have nothing against Muslims but I have also seen society where Muslims are preferred and if you go for inquiry, they ask your name and says that all the flats are sold even when you must have seen the advertisement in the newspaper the same morning itself. I have also seen societies where only Jains or Christians or Hindus or Parsis or Muslims are allowed to have flats respectively. So all the religions are preferring only their people. Muslims need not show that they are the only victims on this Earth and been treated like animals. Please, for God's sake. What you give is what you get! 

            No news channel ever speak against reservation where because of being in General/Open category, we aren't getting admissions and jobs easily. But everyone is talking about how Muslims are ignored because of their religion. What about our religion? Show that a Rajput and Brahmin has to score higher than others to get admission. Show that the number of seats allocated to us for Government jobs are just in percentage when compared with others. Show how SC/ST/OBC are enjoying all the quota based schemes and General/Open are struggling to even see a dream. It will not be shown because that won't be accepted by many who are enjoying the flavors of being a man of some religion. But Muslims as a victim will always be discussed as many political parties are in power just because of this issue. Who gives votes to someone like Owaisi who speaks so ill about everyone who's against Islam or is a Non-Muslim? The people from Aurangabad as majority are Muslims there. So Muslims, stop pretending to be victim. Everyone of us are going through the same. For God's Sake! I do not have any sympathies for you as you are a Muslim just because even you do not have for me as I belong to General/Open category.



Paradise Lost and Regained by Ratnadip Acharya (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

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       What impression will it create upon you if I tell you that I have read a story which had only one character? Well, what if I tell you the one character I am talking about is not any human being but story of a deer? Shocked? Well, that's what happened to me when Ratnadip Acharya, the author of the book, told me the same. I was very skeptic if I would like this book or not but I had a belief because I have read author's debut work named "Life is always aimless until you love it" which was quite philosophical and partly motivational. Hence I knew that with a deer, he would have certainly created some magic. And yes, we has definitely written a better book than his first. I will any day recommend you "Paradist Lost and Regained", the book I am talking about, than his debut novel. And any author who is on the path of improvement becomes my favorite novelist by default. :-)

           Ratnadip Acharya does not use superfluous and big words to make his book sound literary. He keeps the things simple and that makes it easy for you to complete his book without picking up dictionary for reference even once. The book has a kind of magic that even if you'll want to finish it in one sitting, it won't let you. It will ask you to read it in days than finishing it in few hours as there's lot of things that it wants you to adopt. Author has once again written a philosophical and self-help kind of book using fiction as the theme.

            The concept of deer is something very new at least in Indian popular reading segment. With the description of a deer's life, its routine, regimen, lifestyle and some unfortunate and fortunate incidents, author have tried to tell us how we can achieve few basic things in life rather than complicating things. The book starts off very well telling us how this deer takes birth and her mother's love and affection towards her. 

           Later on, the author also tries to tell us about how the deer learns things by herself, ask several questions, understand few things herself, observe other species, adventures in the forest, witnesses mating of her mother with a male deer, tryst with humans, life in zoo, escapade, new learning in life etc. Using all these elements, Ratnadip Acharya makes us feel and realize how bad we do when we trap the animals who aren't meant to live in confinement. The book also tells us how scary we are to these animals just because of our behavior towards them. With this, author does not forget to compliment nature and every lifeless things that plays a big part in our day-to-day life but we do not consider them. 

             Summarily, I am very impressed how author have used deer to tell us many philosophical facts about our life and way of living. There are many learning that you will derive out of this book. Yes, I feel that the book is 50-70 pages thicker as it could have been easily summed up in 170-200 pages. It becomes stretchy sometimes and boring when few struggling stages of deer is over described. That's the only point which makes this book little weak otherwise even the climax is a happy ending which I was quite unsure about the way this book is written with all the seriousness and no nonsensical attitude. Haha! I give this 3.75* definitely. Edit the boring part and it could have been easily above 4 but I wish writer keeps this in mind while writing his next book. Looking forward to it.


25 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Mumbai Indians- A Great Success Story in IPL 8!!!

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        This time IPL has been very interesting. Every IPl there are just 2 or 3 teams who practically fight for the CUP while others just play against them without any hope of the CUP coming their way. This season, right from CSK to RR to KKR to SRH to RCB to MI, everyone was in the race until the last day of the league matches. Never ever have any season of IPL been so nail-biting than this one. A single loss could have taken anyone out of the race while a single win could have given someone a place quite higher in the Points table. Mumbai Indians fought well in their 2nd half of the season and clutched the CUP tonight. They were already written off after their 6 matches in which they lost 5 of them. Other teams were doing quite well except KXIP and DD. As soon as MI realized that they aren't totally out of the race, some kind of enthusiasm flew through their nerves and they ended up winning 9 out of last 10 matches that they played this IPL.

             For a Mumbai Indians fan, their journey this IPL has been an inspiration. After almost being out of the tournament, they somehow managed to remain in the race by showing consistency. In their last match, they were at No. 6 before the game started and by the time it ended, they were not at No. 4 or 5 but at No. 2 spot. In their Qualifier match, they won against CSK very easily and directly reached final while 3 other teams kept fighting to get to Finals to play against them. And in the Finals, after the first two overs, Mumbai Indians never let CSK own a single over. What a one-sided victory they achieved in this final game of IPL season 8! Including all the seasons, this has been the best success story till now. This is enough for MI to motivate themselves in every season considering how they started this season and ended it. Similarly last year they had won their last match against RR by scoring impossible 190+ runs in just 15 overs and qualify for the Play-offs. Amazing!

            This season, the biggest plus point for Mumbai Indians have been Pollard and Bhajji's returning back in their best forms. These are the two team players who do well with ball and bat both and their contribution in fielding is also damn important. Both of them weren't doing any thing special from last many seasons. Similarly, Rohit Sharma's form and decision of moving himself down the batting order was also an essential turn over as it gave Mumbai accelerating amount of runs even when top orders fell like cards. The most significant role has been of Lendl Simmons specially. He is the one who have done it for Mumbai by giving them a great start every single time since he returned back in the team. Even his fielding- those 3 catches are simply magical which were game-changers. Along with him, Parthiv Patel contributed well as an opener and played few great innings ensuring MI winning the match.

            Mumbai's coaching team includes great names like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Jonty Rhodes, Anil Kumble etc. Their contribution have also given different angles to these 11 players delivering on the field. The confidence that Mumbai team have shown as a unit is what made them enough stronger to deal with a team like CSK twice in the end of IPL and still defeating them. They also did wonderful against strong teams like CSK, RR, KKR and SRH in Playoffs. Mumbai Indians have more haters than lovers and the way they are proving them wrong each time tells how courageous they are. They should now think upon how to start a tournament as it has been twice in row that they have started off very badly and had to struggle in the end to enter into Play offs. That's not how they can become a team that weakens the opponents by just their name the way CSK, KKR and RR does. 

             But coming back to this season, there has been few moments that shall remain with me- 98* of Rohit Sharma, 100s by Chris Gayle and AB Devilliers, the moment when David Warner took Kohli's catch, touched the rope and lost the match, Harbhajan's 50 off just 19 balls when Mumbai was losing by a very big margin, Lendl Simmons' 3 catches, A Russell's 19 balls 50 runs etc. IPL gives so much fun that you forget every important work of yours. It has so many colors that you get lost in them even if you come with all the determination of ignoring them. A very big thanks to BCCI for conducting this aggressive tournament every year and executing it so well regardless of controversy harping around it. IPL is definitely India ka Tyohaar and I am sad it has ended today leaving all the evenings from tomorrow being colorless and Cricket-less. I'll miss you IPL. 

            My heartiest congratulations to all the Mumbaikars supporting Mumbai Indians right from the beginning. It has been a great comeback by us and what an inspiration! Thanks Rohit Sharma! This is the only time I am loving you. :-) 

22 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Tanu Weds Manu Returns: A Well-scripted Laugh-riot with perfect emotions! ****

1259th BLOG POST -->>


    I am one of the biggest fans of the movie- Tanu Weds Manu. I enjoyed watching it thoroughly and it was a very different kind of cinema according to me. Anand L Rai was in my list since then. I got disappointed with Raanjhanaa that he made next. Then as soon as I saw the first poster of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, I was definitely waiting for this movie but I was very skeptic as I assumed director must have over done this double role thing in arrogance of two recent successes. But now after returning from the First Day First Show, I am once again delighted with the work director have presented. The way he has used all the resources he had makes this movie one of the superb attempts of this year. A perfect family entertainer with not only fun but story too. I liked how he made a sequel of a movie which had ended quite perfectly in its first part by giving the plot a totally new face. 

          The best part about Tanu Weds Manu Returns is its second half which gets better than the first. The only dragging point which comes in the movie is when the kidnapping thing happens otherwise everything is entertaining. Director haven't taken much time in describing anything and keeps everything pacy and fast which makes you happy that you are watching a movie that is trying to show you so many things. The intermission comes at a very wonderful time and you die to watch the 2nd half. Though knowing the nerves of our Bollywood directors, we know what would happen in the climax but still director keeps the whole suspense till the end. There are few scenes to which director have given more screen time and they are made quite artistically. E.g. The first scene in mental asylum and the song Bewafa in which Kangana roams on the road alone at midnight hours.

            Coming to the performances and talking first about no one other than KANGANA RANAUT, she is an actress like no one else in Bollywood. She acts and connects with you just as actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. You start considering her as your own friend right from the first scene. Here, she playes two characters of Tanu and Kusum and how brilliant she is! Two looks, two accents, two body language, two smiles, two crying styles, two approach in acting- Only a perfect actor could have executed the same and KANGANA RANAUT is the QUEEN as we know. She did it so amazingly that you just get carried away with her performances. Even if there are few flaws in the movie, it gets overshadowed with this actress's presence on the big screen. She is the epic of this era of Bollywood. Kudos, Kangana. 

             R Madhavan is as usually brilliant in his performance. Even when he knew that he would be overshadowed by Kangana Ranaut in this movie, he chose to do it and he assures that you remember him as much as Kangana after getting out of theater. Deepak Dobriyal gives you many funny moments but sometimes, he seems to have overdone the scene which does not create the laughter moment. Jimmy Shergill is in a very different tone in this movie than the first part. He isn't violent but has many dialogues that will make you laugh like mad. Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, Swara Bhaskar, Eijaz Khan and all the other supporting actors have performed their role well. 

          Summarily, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is as better as its first part and a little more better than that. It's a perfect family entertainer and you will enjoy watching it a lot. Not many Bollywood movies with such values are made these days so do not miss it if you love simple family films. Kangana Ranaut is a straight winner here and even the director, Anand L Rai. I give this movie 4 stars because it kept me hooked and I can watch it again and again. If a movie has repeat value these days, it certainly deserves 4 stars. I know I have little overrated it but Kangana Ranaut has compelled me to do the same. :-) 


21 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen by Salil Desai (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

1258th BLOG POST -->>

        There are not many writers who try thriller or crime thriller in India. I have majorly liked Ravi Subramanian and Ashwin Sanghi in this genre. Even picking up a new author brings huge amount of skepticism as you are scared if they would have treated the word called "Thriller" as one. Somehow I got my hands upon Salil Desai's "The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen- The 2nd book in the "An Inspector Saralkar Mystery" series. I haven't read the first one but the 2nd book is a great attempt of 335-pages by Salil Desai. It keeps you hooked until end. On the name of thriller, he has actually thrilled his audiences with his great talent of story telling. FingerPrint publishers are definitely playing big in the literary industry of India. The kind of work they are publishing is definitely at par with the quality published by bigger players like Penguin and Random House. 

           Salil Desai uses easy words to tell this story of how a girl is murdered and the culprit has to be found. He uses pacy language and wonderful narration to keep you hooked to the book. I read 50 pages daily just because I was enjoying the thriller so much that I wanted to be in it for a longer amount of time. This whole week I was only thinking about all the characters mentioned in the book and predicting who might be the killer. Another greatness that Desai have handled is the number of characters in the book. The names chosen for each of them makes it easy for you to identify them whenever they are mentioned after a long break. This is where many authors fail while writing a book with lots of characters. 

           I also liked the way book mentions the background of Saralkar and his chemistry with his wife. Similarly, another approach that makes this book a single-sitting stuff is the author's propaganda of leaving a scene in the midst itself and starting to discuss another sub-plot. You want to read it more fast after this to know what happened after that dialogue which a specific character had spoken. I liked this book mostly because writer didn't waste time in describing how work takes place in a Police station and thus boring his audience. Saralkar, Salunkhe and Motkar accompanied by others are always on their toes working on something rather than discussing FIR and several sections under which they should charge the culprit. 

           Coming to the drawbacks- I didn't like the climax as I had very high expectations. In the first 25 pages itself, the first person that you predict as the murderer of Sonia is the one who's actually is. This is where the author failed. I was expecting something that will make me jump off my seat but nothing of this sort took place. I was also waiting to read what finally happens with Saralkar and his wife's argument on a topic but even that's closed abruptly. Also, Sonia's cousin's role could have been used more significantly but it's just another special appearance in the book. I was with 4.5* for the first 2/3rd part of the book but because anti-climax and climax just didn't take this book to another level, I am going with 3.75*. I wish I could give it 4 but climax is the biggest drawback here and when we talk about thrillers, climax is what fetches you marks. 


19 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Deepanshu Saini: "Expect motivational and mythological books from me as well" (Interview) !!!

1257th BLOG POST -->>

        Deepanshu Saini released his first book last year and he is already a writer with 2 books in his kitty. I had a wonderful opportunity to take his interview and I loved his straight forward answers. He doesn't shy away in speaking what other authors sometimes hide to pretend themselves as a bestseller. Do read this interview to find out what he says regarding his writing experience. 

1. How has been your experience as a Writer from last one year, Deepanshu? What changes have you observed in life since getting this special tag?

Ans. Well, if you ask about my experience as a writer, it is a little longer than one year because I am a writer since my childhood. I wrote short stories & novels, one of which get published last year which has been a roller coaster ride indeed. However, it is always a pleasure to sit with my laptop and see my thoughts swiftly flowing on the keyboard whose outcome is an interesting story.
As far as changes are concerned, nothing much has been changed so far apart from self-confidence and mental satisfaction. Yeah it truly boast my confidence and urge for writing when people compliment my work. This is just a baby step towards my dream, there’s lots more to come.

2. When did you find that you have a writer in you? And from when you started writing seriously?

Ans. You won’t believe but it was by accident. I am talking about almost 15 years back when I attempted to write a story for my younger sister titled as “Sapne Bachpan ke” and that to be published in school magazine. It was the time when I discovered that there is some hidden spark of writing in me. Since then I never stopped writing. After that I wrote many poetries for my friends on their birthdays in school and college, most of which were praised. Certainly, my writing has matured a lot with time and wisdom. The inner peace I felt while writing and feedback of my readers kept me motivated for writing and by the time it has become my burning desire from barely a hobby.

3. Who was the first person who read your first piece of writing?

Ans. As I told you, first time I wrote something in my life was a story for school magazine on behalf of my sister. It was read by her class teacher. I never thought she would ever agree to submit that story for the school’s magazine but to my surprise it was selected and published.

4. Tell us something about your first novel- Girl’s Hostel? How did you manage to write such an erotic novel as your first release?

Ans. There is an interesting story behind the foundation of my first novel, Girls Hostel: Unspoken Memories. I never understand why most of the boys usually wonder what’s going on behind the walls of girl’s hostel. To some of my friends of same category in the college I mockingly said that I will write a novel on Girls Hostel someday. And by God’s grace, here is my first baby Girls Hostel: Unspoken Memories for all the world.
Apart from just an erotic novel, Girls Hostel is also a story of love, friendship, trust, relationships, ragging, attraction and seduction. It is a story of 5 girls from different states of India, of different backgrounds and nature and spent 3 years of their life together in a girl’s hostel. This book is a bouquet of memories from the best time of your life i.e. “College Life”. Everyone, who is in the college or ever been in college shall connect to the story whether it’s a girl or a boy. 

5. How did it occur to you that you are writing this one along with your wife, Vinita Gupta?

Ans. I need a girl’s point of view for this subject and someone to share my thoughts with. Gradually, she started showing interest in the story by sharing her college incidents and this is how she became the co-author of Girl’s Hostel: Unspoken Memories. She had perused her graduation from a girl’s college of DU. This is her first experience of writing.

6. Tell us something about your 2nd and latest novel- By the Mountains. How a sudden transformation as a writer considering the plot of both the books?

Ans. My second novel ‘By the Mountains: Love reloaded’ is a story of trekking in the middle Himalayan range upto 13500 ft. and in the midst of breath taking beauty of mountains, germinates love between Dhruv and Anjali. This one is very special to me as it is inspired by my true story where I found the love of my life and am married to her right now.
If I talk about sudden transformation in the plots of both the books, well it’s not so sudden as I always try to diversify my writing and my next novel shall be different from these two. One can expect motivational and mythological books from me as well. 

7. What is the next novel that you are working upon? Can you throw a light upon it for us?

Ans. As I mentioned my next novel shall be different from these two. It is a mature story of not so mature Maharashtrian girl and about the intense relationships with an eye opening climax. This book shall change the view of readers about all their relations in life and set a new definition of trust, love and sacrifice.

8. Will we ever see you and your wife again co-authoring a book?

Ans. Sure.

9. How has been your relation with Omji Publishers as both your books are released by them?

Ans. Omji Publishers being a milestone in my life has given me the platform to showcase my talent and enabled me to take roots as an author. I extend my heartiest gratitude to Omji Publishers for always being so supportive and encouraging during various circumstances of my professional career.

10. Any words for your fans who have picked either of your two books?

Ans. I feel there is a long way to go to title my readers as my fans because that would be when readers shall pick up a novel because of the writer instead of a title.
But for now, I would like to thank all my readers to select and devote their time for reading my books. I hope you had a great time. As I mentioned earlier, I shall be writing many more books on various genres and would hope you would keep on bestow your love as always.


18 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Bombay Velvet: A Confused movie!!! **

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      Bombay Velvet has been one of the most awaited movies since its announcement. I was personally looking forward to it. Anurag Kashyap's movies have always impressed me and since Gangs of Wasseypur, I make sure that I don't miss any of his- even if it's a short movie. Bombay Velvet is based in 1950s and 1960s when Mumbai was getting transformed into a metro city. It basically shows how builders and businessmen were fighting against each other so that their tender gets passed and they earn all the profits out of all the developments happening in the city. In this whole scenario, a Johnny Balraj(Ranbir Kapoor) evolves as a new big shot as he always wanted to be, under the guidance of Kaizad Khambatta (Karan Johar).    

          I won't speak much about the movie's story because there's not a single thread which could be easily told. There are many sub plots out of which 70% of them gets dissolved in the love tale of Johnny and Rosie(Anushka Sharma). There are some great real issues taken out of that period when Mumbai was getting established but I wish Anurag Kashyap had given it more importance than showing a love story which in itself looks so incomplete. The background music is amazing and it draws little attention of yours. But the consecutive songs in background in the first half specially bores like hell. Except 1 or 2 songs, their isn't any which you will bring it with yourself out of theater. 

          Speaking about performances, Ranbir Kapoor plays his role magnificently. Every time, he is in destructive mode, the intense in his character can be easily seen through his eyes. Anushka Sharma as a stage-singer does well with her lip sync and expressions while singing according to the situation she is in. Her controversial lips played a major part in this role. :-) Karan Johar has definitely impressed with his first outing as an actor. There are many scenes in which KJo has impressed us. He is someone whom you will always remember whenever you'll remember this movie. His villainous smile stays with you even after the movie. 

         Over all, this is a movie that will not entertain you but frustrate a hell out of you. Anurag Kashyap has confused us so much with the several ideas he had to implement in this movie that he has been unable to do justice with even one. Yes, visuals and sets are amazing and that's the only thing where Bombay Velvet will be vindicated. Else, it's not something to invest your 2.5 hours in. But I will not be surprised if Bollywood sends this movie in Oscars because what people fails to understand as an audience is the choice of these so-called critics. I give this movie 2 stars out of 5.