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Review: Rocky Handsome: Nice action but weak storyline!!! **

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        Today itself, after watching Madaari, I was reminded of "Rocky Handsome", another movie that was released this year itself from the same director, Nishikant Kamat. To my surprise, he even acted in the movie and I was unable to identify him in his bald avatar after watching him in long curly hair from such a long time. Rocky Handsome is basically about how drug-mafia is dominating the lives and doing killings and abducting in day light in one of the prime locations of India, GOA. Enters John Abrahamin the movie who is running a pawn shop and is neighbour of a drug-addict mom and her daughter. This 8 year old girl is mostly ignored by her mother which makes John Abraham fond of her. One day this drug mafia kidnaps her too. And this triggers the violent John to come back in his deadly avatar of brutally killing people doing wrongs with innocents.    

             The direction of the movie is fine. I didn't feel that the movie was stretchy or anything. Even the climax is nicely shot. The biggest problem that lies in this movie is absence of soul in it. There is no chemistry shown between John and Shruti or John and the 8-year old girl for whom he is ready to fight the whole system alone. Even the scenes in which John and the girl is together, the scene is unable to get you excited or moved because they are so plain that they pass just another segment of the movie. The only places where movie surpasses is action-based scenes where John is either killing the villains with his hands or weapons or by martial arts move. John looks perfect during these scenes but in all the other scenes, he keeps the same expression throughout and tries to show his loneliness through his eyes but it looks nothing but pretension by an average actor. 

             All the other performances are strictly okay. The songs are fine. The violence in the movie is very intense so watch it only if you are able to watch blood and gore just like it's another romantic scene in a Bollywood movie. Haha! There are not many dialogues in the movie because John stays quiet for most of the times. Overall, Rocky Handsome is a good action movie with a weak script. I give it 2 stars out of 5. 



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