31 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

5 Years of Blogging! And after 1125 Blog Posts.....

1125th BLOG POST -->>

        5 years ago, on 31st July, 2009, I wrote my first Blog Post without even knowing what Blogging is. I just came to know that it's a medium through which I can express my views on various topics. As I have been a single-child, it excited me as I realized I would get few people to talk with through my blog posts. I started writing about my daily routine and from there, I have reached here where I have left speaking about myself but more about what I get out of my life which I feel others could get too. I have become too positive in life since the experience of Blogging have come around. The amount of opportunities and experiences this odyssey of Blogging have provided me isn't easy for a common man to have. I have never ever considered my Blog as a materialistic possession I own. I have always seen it as a source of spirituality, motivation and happiness in my life. 

            When I see back, I find love of so many of you which never makes me feel bad even when my best friends stop talking to me or vice-versa. I have always found solace in the time I spend in working on my Blog. Though I have become quite irregular with my blog these days but I do think of it whenever I am alone. I keep analyzing my routine and think of how to bring it back in the same momentum as I have carried it till 1000th blog post. That was the only dream I had with my blog. I wanted to see it touching 4-digits mark. And it did. I never aimed at the number of followers or hit I get. Even today when someone asks me what's the monthly hits of my blog or what amount of email subscribers I have, I give them the same answer each time- "I Don't Know". 

            I have seen many people coming out with their blogs in various genres but I find them being ostentatious. They want their friends to call them "dude" and respect them for the blog they write or copy-paste. This is the worst attitude one can have while creating a blog and continuing it with several posts that their friends will appreciate them for the uncommon thing they do. Until and unless, your heart does not ask you to write, you shouldn't. If you any other aim with your blog, it's wrong. Earning through blogging is the mainstream, if you are into that, then it's well and good. But if it's about gaining respect in your social circle, a reality check would be needed urgently. 

            Well, let's come back to my space. Whatever has been achieved by me through Blogging is because of the love and continuous support that my readers have given me. Even the person who must have visited this space only once added something to this portal. He gave it a recognition of the number of unique visitors it has had till date. These are the materialistic numbers people crave for and hence the contribution is made to this blog. Many celebrities have visited my blog and made it more genuine in their fans' view. They started following this because their idol liked and appreciated something. There are few people whom I would like to specially mention in the end- Nitin Goyal- for the domain, Sunil Kaushil- for the logo, Anamika, Snehal, Wilshire, Raja for being my most active readers and my friends on Facebook and Twitter who share the links whenever they find a post credible and deserving. 

            I hope to see all of you in this journey till its end. Please stay by my side and never talk about leaving me in this journey where even I don't have an idea how far the destination is. But I know that if I have my readers along with me, I will surely reach the topmost level that this blog can take me to. I love each and everyone of you and I can not describe in words what it means to have all of you with me in a process that has made me a disciplined person from someone who didn't know how to live further at a point of time. Just imagine the role of yours in my life through this space. You and me can together take this medium at a stage where people would give it as an example. Let's work towards this. What say? And the 6th year begins. :-) 



The Mystery of Bila Land by Nitish Krishna (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

1124th BLOG POST -->>

     When you get a 149-pages book from a publisher like Notionpress with not so good quality cover page, what do you expect out of it? Nothing. And if it's from a debutante, you read it just because you have nothing else to read. Having no expectations, I read Nitish Krishna's The Mystery of Bila Land which is first part of the two-book series. The second part is named "Quest for the lost land" and will release later. Now as I am done reading, I can say that this is one of the few books that kept me alive throughout the story and never let me indulge in any thing else than reading the book. I wish if this book could have been of 100 more pages. I am dying to read the 2nd part and check it out if Vibhas finds the lost land again or the search continues. Somewhere, my heart says that he will find and lose it again. Did you see the excitement this book generated in me? I have started predicting the climax of its 2nd part which is yet to release even its synopsis. :-)

 Nitish Krishna has a wonderful power of story-telling. I won't say that he is a great writer but the way he has narrated the story makes you believe each and every part though some of them are totally hypothetical or impossible. He has written this book in a manner that it does not make you use much of your brain to remember the name of the characters and what happened when and why. Also the twists that keeps taking place happens at right time which neither takes the story down nor up. I wished if Nitish would have over-described few parts as it could have become one of those parts that a reader would have mentioned all his life as the best pieces he has ever read.

          Even though this book can be called from the genre of historical fiction but it is better than most of the books releasing these days as an adaptation of mythologies that we have already seen on television or read from great saints of India. The way Bilas are described and the land is mentioned shows how respectfully author has created the plot that assures the essence of the story isn't lost. I also loved the character of Madhav, Shubh and her father's a lot. Every character, even in a 150-pages book, is well-explained and created. You can feel every character's emotion. The climax of the book is something that takes this several levels up and does not let you feel let down even when it has a touch of sadness. That's where I developed respect for the story-telling skill of the author. This is one book I would ask everyone to read if they like reading historical fictions. It's a light read. I give it 3.75*/5. 


30 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Kick: Better than Salman's last few movies! **½

1123rd BLOG POST -->>

KICK: 2.5/5

        I watched Bhai's movie on Sunday: KICK. Well, even if I would not have known the title of the movie, dialogue writer have ensured that the word is repeated almost 50 times to let the audience know why they are here for. The first half of the movie makes sure that you leave the theater hall. There's nothing extravaganza or larger-than-life that you expect from a Khan movie. The only good part about the first half is Jacqueline Fernandez. She looks beautiful, calm, hot, sweet and almost everything that an actress should look like. It is also good to observe that actress in a Superstar movie is given good screen space in first half itself. Hangover is beautifully choreographed and presented on the screen. That's the only song which relates with the flow of the story and also, given a very good treatment. 

           Coming to second half, it is now that the movie starts for which you have paid immensely. Randeep Hooda plays a very wonderful role which assures that your paisa will be vasool-ed. The provenance of Nawazuddin Siddique in the movie brings humour and excitement which makes you laugh and giggle every 5 minutes. And it is also a bizarre experience to see Nawazuddin in a commercial movie like Kick. This will surely open the doors for him in this genre of movies like it did for Randeep Hooda. His laughing style and casual way of delivering dialogues makes the audience throw coins on the big screen. :-) 

          The trailer of the movie promised wonderful action scenes never seen before. I am drastically disappointed finding none of the scene that could make me scream and shout or go crazy by the spectacular experience. I disliked Jai Ho because they try to tell audience how great Salman Khan is by showing his helping attitude for poor and helpless people. They give the same turn here in this movie by showing that Salman Khan becomes villainous just because he wasn't supported when he wanted to contribute money to a girl for her operation. Somehow he ends up saving her and finds that the KICK that he keeps finding in everything is in bringing smile on small kids' faces. Now he decides to collect money for operating all the sick and disabled children. And starts killing everyone related to Nawazuddin S, the owner of a trust, who declines helping Salman Khan with money when he was collecting it for the first child he found ill. Hell! That's the main story line of the movie. But I silenced my anger by realizing- at least this Salman Khan-starrer has a story.

           Similarly, songs seems to be forcibly inserted into the story line of the movie. Yaar Na Miley suddenly begins in the middle of the story and the same happens with Jumme Ki Raat. Though the songs look great on the screen but it only irritates you as you get involved in the movie and don't expect any song in near future. The locations in the movie are delight to watch. Salman Khan acts like he does and that makes you shout and scream whenever he gives an expression of winning the game. Climax is handled brilliantly because of which I say that watching Kick isn't a totally bad idea. It has few moments that will surely interest you. But, where does Jacqueline Fernandez abruptly gets disappeared? If I could have understood that, I would have said Kick a fine movie but.. it is again one of those Salman Khan movies "jo 100-cr club mein aati hai samajh mein nahi". 


29 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Secrets and Second Chances by Anita Shirodkar (Book Review-4.25*/5)!!!

1122nd BLOG POST -->>

      A 307-pages book with beautiful cover page falls in my hand 2 weeks ago titled "Secrets and Second Chances". It's published by Rupa in a way that it looks like one of the classics of old time. Anita Shirodkar has made her debut with this book. I read her sister's novel few weeks ago,"Manhattan Mango" by Madhuri Iyer and gave it 4.5*/5. Hence I had great expectations from this book the same way I had from Ketan Bhagat's book as I love reading Chetan Bhagat. :-) As I am done reading now, I can say that this is one of the most entertaining books I have read in recent times. No, it's not humorous but it's one of those masala movies that we love watching for too many superstars together, party songs and various twists and turns every now and then. 

          Authoress have a very good style of writing that keeps you intrigued with the story. Too many characters do play spoilsport in the beginning but later on, you get adjusted with them and start enjoying the connection everyone have with each other. Every character is totally justified in the book and no one is left abruptly in the middle of the story. The way mother-daughter story is handled in the book is quite new and challenging. It's not one of those stereotypes that you expect. Here, daughter finds out a very big secret about her mother still does not get judgmental and hyper. The way emotions are displayed whenever a fact is revealed reflects a lot about societies in metro cities. 

   Nandita Dharkar is the protagonist of the story. At one time, it's shown as if she is in love with 2 boys and other 2 boys are in love with her. One girl and four boys comes in the story but yet it does not become cheesy. Author has handled the plot very cleverly and kept the interest in the story alive. Generally, when a book is 307 pages thick, you know that it becomes boring and slow-paced at one point of time but it's not the case here. The scenario keeps changing regularly and you are always reading a new scene that's as interesting as anything. There's one thing that I would like to point- With each page, story could have been taken to next level but author decides to keep it at one level itself. Though the last few pages are the best part about the book but still, I wished if with each page right from the 1st page of the book, story could have been taken a level up. But still, book does wonder with you as a reader.

            Everyone wishes to read about the high societies in metro cities and this book is a wonderful opportunity to know about how the upper class reacts to things. A wonderful corporate lifestyle is also discussed. How an ex-boyfriend is treated with no melodrama is another wonderful factor in this story. How knowing the biggest secret kept by a mother is treated also shows how carefully author has written this book. Summarily, I would say that this book belongs in the genre of the movie "Cocktail". If you had loved that movie, you will surely find yourself in this book too. I give this book 4.25*/5. It can surely be enjoyed.


14 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Last Year of College Begins....

1121st BLOG POST -->>

  What a bad day it has been after waking up last night for Football World Cup! The worst happened when Argentina whom I was backing up lost and as conclusion, the mood spoiled and I knew that I am not going to like the day that's about to begin in few hours. But there's not much you can do when it's first day of your college for that academic year. The 3rd year of MCA begins today and with that begins my last year of academic studies. Somewhere down the heart, I am very sad that I have grown adult and will have to leave college in few months. Internship would start by January, 2015 hence these are the only few months I have to feel college as home and make out most of it. 

           But when you are in your Final year, you are treated as someone who has already retired and the only job that remains for us is- Just attend the functions organized by 2nd year with support of 1st year students. You can just sit and watch what's happening in college than putting your leg forward and asking to change the leads and give your inputs. I love to be in the team that does than the team that only attends. Hence it becomes hard for me to realize that officially, the exciting days of college has ended. But am I looking forward to new things? Yes, for sure. Now it's time to be with my classmates, the college, the infrastructure, the canteen and the faculties for the very last time. After few weeks, all shall be history and it will only create nostalgia when I would be watching typical Bollywood movies. :-)

           An institution always remains with you till your last breathe. It's time to build my resume and hence all the institutions including schools, colleges and classes would be mentioned in it. Even if I would be wanting to ignore any of them considering bad moments with them, I can't. Similarly, this institute have taught me many things. If my Graduation college taught me to stand up, this college taught me to handle myself after standing up. The maturity that I was willing to have from a long time was given to me by this college. There are many experiences that I had which still energizes me when I am down. The last 2 years has been the period that evolved me as a challenger and one who can do things without nervousness which he has never ever tried before. This is how much important this institution is for me.

           Now as 5th Semester starts and there are many more hard and tough subjects to study and understand, I am again preparing myself to stand against the strong breeze of these hardships. And I know I shall overcome even this phase the way I have passed last 2 years. The environment at college does it for you. It makes you realize how important it is to get back to work before it's too late to even regret. The result for 2nd year might come any time, there are number of parties and functions that would happen in college and by the end, there would be enough journals and projects to be submitted. It's time to pull my socks and give my best to the last year of my studies too. And end my College Life on a better note that will result in good start at the organization I would be entering as a Fresher. :-) 


13 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

My Interviews with Shubh Blog and Newsoholic!

1120th BLOG POST -->>

           I don't know if I deserve or not but my Blog has made some people believe that I am someone who can be interviewed. I don't know how and why. :-) Recently, two of my Interviews has been published on two different websites which I would like to share with all of you. 

            The first one has been with Shubh Blog team which was been taken in November, 2013 though it's published now in July 2014. 

          The another one has been taken by Suyash Karangutkar for the platform- Newsoholic. This has been one of the most articulately presented interviews I have read. Also it was a nice talking session with the interviewer.

             Kindly read both of them and please do tell me what you feel about my answers. Have I been impressive or not? :-) Haha!



EX...a twisted love story by Novoneel Chakraborty (Book Review:3.75*/5)!!!

1119th BLOG POST -->>

        Novoneel Chakraborty came out with his 4th book, "EX- a twisted love story" on 7th October, 2013. I have finally read it today and I regret that I didn't read it for all these months that the book was in my shelf. The sole reason for postponing this book was its title "EX". I thought it's going to be that typical love story where the protagonist would get confused if he should go back to his ex-partner or move ahead in life and will eventually end up being with the EX. But now when I am done reading this, I am shocked to find that the book belongs to psychological-romantic-revenge thriller. And the author also claims it to be inspired by a true story. If it is, I must say that the book is written very well and holds you right from the beginning to the end.

          It's not easy to write about certain topics keeping Indian readers in mind but it's great that Novoneel managed to show guts by publishing this story. It has all the elements that will surprise and shock you with each page. The suspense has been kept very wonderfully throughout the book that does not make you predict what the climax will be. I had 3-4 versions of my own climax while I was reading the book but the way it has ended has surprised me. Definitely, Novoneel has hit the jackpot with this genre. His writing style has just improved immensely if you compare him with his previous books though they were masterpieces themselves. The way two stories are narrated alternatively is what makes you define Novoneel as a writer who has command on his thoughts and knows how to put in on paper that could manage his readers stay for all the pages that they will turn while reading. 

      The character of Neel is treated very well in spite of it being so dramatic at times. The way he has been defined initially is what makes his character so special for the rest of the book. The description of Jaipur Lit Fest is exciting and interests you as soon as you have just begun with the story. Managing to write about the character of Titiksha would have been another challenge for the author as she has so much wicked things about her to be discussed without making the writer look ugly and dirty with his thoughts. The only drawback that I felt at times while reading the book was its speed. Too much time has been consumed in explaining the nature of the protagonists. It's just the suspense that does not let you put the book aside but I wish the book could have been 50-pages thinner. I wish to give it 4 but I would cut .25 for stretching the story. So it's 3.75/5. This is the 4th time when Novoneel Chakraborty gets the same rating from me. :-) 


12 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Guru Pournima: A day for Spiritual and Academic Gurus!

1118th BLOG POST -->>

    A beautiful full moon in the sky and we celebrate Guru Pournima, on occasion that leads a student towards his teachers for offering respect to bring him from the darkness of ignorance to the brightness of reality and knowledge. Guru, in our Hindu religion, is termed as important as parents and God. He is said to be the one who makes us realize the real path that will take us to God. If there would be no Guru, a child will never understand which path to go to achieve Godliness or the God himself. It's hard to write an acknowledgement of your life and not thank your teachers. They are an extremely important part of our existence and lot of what we are, is because of their efforts and hardship. 

          Guru Pournima is the day sacred to the memory of great sage Vyasa who compiled the four vedas, 18 Puranas, The Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagvad. It is also important for Buddhists as they believe that the first sermon was given on this special day. A day full of auspiciousness and if you don't take out time to wish and greet that favorite teacher of yours, you are doing your life wrong. Don't you think so? Education is such an important aspect of survival on this land which is full of competition and race. Parents can give you luxury and resources to do your homework properly once you are back from Gurukul. But what happens in Gurukul is tremendously important in one's life. And teachers spend all their life in delivering you lectures so that you learn things that will give you the right way in future.

           Teachers are generally an employee who comes for a regular job of 8 hours to earn money. But there are few teachers who see teaching more than a profession. They are here for the love of it. They are here to develop a generation. They are here to give light to an extreme darkness and take you out of nothingness. These days its hard to find a spiritual teacher hence its academicians who get all the applause. But I believe that without a spiritual leader, you can never attain happiness. Either find someone around you who can explain how peace, happiness and calmness in life can be achieved. If you don't, start reading spiritual writers and gain knowledge about what life really is. 

            I am in continuous touch with all my teachers and conveyed my regards to each one of them on this occasion. I am sure they must have felt good considering that a student still remembers them even after years. I have all my favorite teachers since school in contact with me. This is because I owe all my success to them. Every time I felt weaker and inferior in class, they made me stand, perform and realize what I am capable of. Hence, when I find an achievement in my pocket, the first thing that I remember is how teachers made themselves bad in my eyes just to take me out of the false world I was living in. To all these teachers who assured that I do not remain ignorant and dumb, my respectable bow to all of you and I wish I shall always find you whenever I need you in this path called life. Happy Guru Pournima to all my respectable teachers.



Review: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania: Addictive, Pleasing and Entertaining! ***½

1117th BLOG POST -->>


       Last year, when I saw the trailer of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, a movie produced by Dharma Productions, I was sure that I am going to hate this movie as it's going to offer nothing new. Well, it was one of those entertainers which didn't have anything new but it had many fun moments that stays with you for a long time after the movie ends. I had the same feeling when I saw the trailer of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania starring Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. I thought it would look like a sequel to Student of the Year but after watching the movie, I am surprised and glad that I have found another movie that I can watch umpteenth number of times without getting bored. This is the movie that we wish to watch every Friday and enjoy the fun and frolic the movie provides. 

           Shashank Khaitan, the director of this movie, has done a wonderful job in adapting Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge in an era when spending a night with the stranger and locking lips aren't a big deal. The great part of this movie is that writing has been taken very seriously unlike other movies; especially in the first half. Because the movie keeps its soul of entertainment right from the start to end, you are glad that you are finally watching kind of a movie that Bollywood is famous for. Story does not have much to offer but on a single plot itself, the way comedy, dialogues, songs and emotions play wonders is what makes Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania one of the favorite movies of this year (obviously, for me).
    The biggest drawback of the movie could have been useless jokes, childish humour, bad acting, unwanted songs and on top of that, a movie as long as 3 hours to replicate DDLJ the way it is. But sensibly, the producer and director have kept the hold on their emotions and released a movie which does not have any of these drawbacks. Varun Dhawan is wonderful. He makes you laugh and cry with him. Every time he utters something, you want to laugh out loud. Great thing is that his expressions itself plays big part in making his audience chuckle and smile. Alia Bhatt is someone whom you want to see on screen forever. Her chilling attitude and bubbliness seems perfect and original. Half of her haters are her lovers after 2 States, rest are also going to disappear after watching this great movie.

             The surprise package of the movie is Ashutosh Rana who plays Alia's father. Rather than being a stereotype father like Amrish Puri, writers have given him a very unlikely character who is strict yet allows boy to try his luck on his daughter who is already engaged with an NRI guy. The two guys playing Varun Dhawan's buddies in the movie have also done a great job in making you laugh yet again and again. Siddharth Shukla is disappointing. Just personality can not let you touch people's heart. Also he suddenly disappears from the movie without any explanation which is also the biggest drawback of this movie. Actually the whole climax. Why Ashutosh Rana accepts Varun all of a sudden and where does Siddharth disappears is not explained. While you wait for explanation, Saturday Saturday is on the screen to entertain you with end credits and you are left unanswered. But then, who cares? 

           The music of this movie is perfect and relates with the plot very well. The choreography is energetic and what is mostly expected from a movie like this. Karan Johar has done a wonderful job in letting this movie come forward the way it should have been. I am totally in awe of this movie and I can watch it 3 more times back to back. That's how entertaining and fresh it is. Go for it. I give it 3.5/5.


11 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Lekar Hum Deewana Dil: Stale, Boring, Disappointing! **/5

1116th BLOG POST -->>


      Lekar Hum Deewana Dil launches Armaan Jain, grandson of Raj Kapoor and Deeksha Seth. Reading the name of two youngsters, you already know that the target audience of this movie is youths in colleges or who have just come out of it. LHDD is directed by Arif Ali, brother of Imtiaz Ali. But unfortunately, you will find nothing similar in terms of originality and exclamation that Imtiaz Ali manages to produce with each of his movies. On top of that, Armaan Jain, though from the Kapoor family who are said to have acting in their blood, does not create any kind of magic in this movie. He overacts even in the scene when he is made to stand in the corner. Deeksha Seth is not very great but in this movie where everything was out of the place, she was the only one who you could watch for survival. She tries to imitate Anushka Sharma most of the times. 

             Film is projected as “romantic comedy” but the problem is that neither romance is spotted in the movie the way we expect from one releasing in this time nor comedy as we struggle to laugh even at the best of the jokes. Dialogue writer has made the movie average to worst because there’s nothing funny, memorable or entertaining in this department too. Some dialogues are so bad that you start doubting in this has really been written for a movie which stars Raj Kapoor’s grandson. Story is something that you have already watched in Saathiya and Chalte Chalte. It’s better to get those DVDs out from your shelf and watch it with your family rather than going for something that’s made on the same plot minus all the attractions those movies had. 

            When a movie is made without a proper direction, everything fails like falling cards. Even A. R. Rehman has given one of his worst and forgettable performances. Except one song, there’s nothing that you will enjoy. When a movie is based on youths, you expect a wonderful choreography where the dance steps will make you leave your seats. Unexpectedly, the actors have not been given any mind-boggling steps and whatever they did, looks so flat that you wish if you could have been part of the movie to give something better to songs, at least. 

            Summarizing, the movie tries to give a good message to youths but without originality and entertainment. Second half goes in the office of a lawyer where the couples keep coming again and again to take ahead their divorce case. Hence, even a film of 140 minutes starts to bore you. Lekar Hum Deewana Dil is something that has been gifted to us way back in 2002 and 2003. Better watch those movies than Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. I give it 2/5.



Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success by Nishit Lal (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

1115th BLOG POST -->>

       Whenever I feel like reading a motivational book, I either pick up any one of the Robin Sharma's or Rhonda Byrne's books I have. Very rarely do I even attempt to pick anyone else if I have to read about how to lead a successful and happy life. Similarly, if I have to read something in the same genre or about spirituality, I go for books by Jaico publishing house. And I don't trust Indian authors when it comes to self-help book as they aren't as effective as foreign authors. I don't know how I managed to pick up Nishit Lal's "Dance to the 7 tunes of success". The main reason has been its publisher: Jaico. Cover of the book also says,"Change the world with your standards of excellence". Cover and small size of the book impresses you enough that even if you are not wanting, you will end up purchasing it.

           The writing style of the author is amazing and with each page, he ensures that you learn something about how to look at life. He has used very simple English to ensure that his readers get connected with his message otherwise the purpose for writing this book would have gone unidentified. He gives proper examples, fictitious stories and imaginary situations to make you understand the concept that he's preaching through this ambitious book. As I'm a great Robin Sharma fan, I felt as if author was also inspired by him while writing this book. It looks as if the book is wanna-be version of Robin's books. 

           The 7 tunes of success, according to Nishit Lal's theory, are Passion, Purpose, Productivity, Perception, Possibilities, Practice and Potential. The great thing is that author has not spent the whole chapter in explaining the meaning and intensity of this word, rather, he has spoken about different topics that were related to these tunes. Author hasn't dragged one topic much and made things short to keep the readers interested. I did find few explanations silly but except it, I didn't feel that the book lacked anything. There were some editing mistakes too. May be Jaico will have to work on its 2nd edition properly. I give this book- 3.75/5. You can surely read it as its motivating, inspiring and gives you a wake-up call.


3 July 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Half-Year Anniversary! But Resolutions? Hmm!!!

1114th BLOG POST -->>

     So half of the year- 2014 has passed away and we kept procrastinating and postponing our resolutions. That's the biggest mistake we tend to do in spite of being aware of our mistakes committed since ages. Resolution isn't a small word. We take it lightly and that's our biggest mistake. I have seen chain smokers turning into non-smokers completely. I have seen people attending parties every second night sitting at home and indulging themselves in studies and getting their back papers passed successfully in a single attempt. I have seen people addicted to bikes walking on footpaths and getting their slim waist back. I have found thin people with good bodies because of their commitment with gym all of a sudden. I have seen people avoiding coke and junk foods over night and adopting a healthy lifestyle. That's what a single word "RESOLUTION" does to an imperfect human being.

           Now as half of the year has gone, it's time to get back to our personal diaries or Facebook Timeline or Tweets to find what all we planned as resolutions for a new year that looked exciting in the beginning. No year is as good or bad, it is what we make out of it. I have been continuously striving since 2009 to make each year better than the previous and I have been successful most of the times. Each year has given me experiences that I will never forget for life. And Mind You, all of them are positive. I have stopped targeting negative happenings as the food for my thoughts. I spend my time thinking about good things that happened with me. Why to waste half of my time in thinking about what wrong came in my path this year? It's time to focus on good and try to make it better and then go for the best. There should not be a moment when mediocrity should be entertained.

          A day describes how our year would be. It's a mini version of our year. And a year is a mini version of how our whole life is going to be. Hence, every morning when you wake, you should wake up with targets. When I say this, many people tell me how they make a target and complete it within an hour and waste rest of their day in the same chores- Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Hang-outs. That is why I always ask to go for TARGETS and not a specific goal that you wish to achieve. Life is too short to complete a thing and rest after it. There should be series of work one after another. That shall make your days wonderful, months powerful and years successful. You should always read your resolution the first thing after you wake up and last thing before you sleep. That shall keep you in regular touch with a life that you have decided for yourself.

         Every year, I rarely add a new thing as of now in my resolutions. I have decided to get habitual with few things for 5-7 years and then go for new establishments in life. Considering that, I read 75 novels each year. This year, I am done exactly with half of my target- 39. 108 Blog Posts are done whereas my target is 240 a year. Quite on the right path. I had target of scoring better in Sem 3 than Sem 2, I did. Same is with Sem 4. Quite doubtful. But let's see what happens when result comes. I had dream of opening two new websites. One- Bollywoodism.com is done. One shall be done this month or next. Shirdi has been visited which I do each year. Every month, I am also visiting Chchota Shirdi temple in my town twice as per the plan. I have also earned more than last year and even saved more. :-) The biggest- I got my Driving license. These are some of the major resolutions that I have for 2014. I am on the track. And I am PROUD about it. :-)

         We remain busy in chatting, partying and traveling while the year keeps passing away. We do not realize until it's already December and we are left with very less time to execute many things we planned. This is the best time to wear our boots and start running in the right direction to reach our destiny on time. Once a year passes, we take no time in blaming it-"This has been the worst year of my life" "Nothing great happened this year". Nothing happens by itself and no year is worst. We have to work to make things great. We still have 6 months in our hands and we can try our best to make 2014 the best year of our life. We can finish our resolutions on time and also try something new that we haven't done still. I am waiting to hear from you guys now as you always make me know about your progress through mails and Facebook. Waiting! 



Cricket Changed My Life by Shamya Dasgupta (Book Review-4*/5)!!!

1113th BLOG POST -->>

          What would you expect out of a book that's based on Cricket and specific Cricketers? I am sure you would be expecting summaries on Sachin-Dravid-Ganguly-Laxman-Sehwag's pre-Cricket and Cricket life. But what if the book does not have any of these Cricketers' story? You would be expecting Kohli-Raina-Dhoni-Yuvraj and co. in the book. Right? This is still not the case. That's what Shamya Dasgupta has surprisingly done in his 2nd non-fiction book "Cricket Changed my Life". No, he is not talking about how Cricket changed his life but of the few players that he talks about in the book. The tagline of the book says,"Stories of Hope and Despair from the IPL and elsewhere". The first book by Shamya Dasgupta was based upon Boxing in India. 

         When I picked up this book to read, I was sure that I would get disappointed in the end as who would like to know about the Cricketers who are known only in the First-class Cricket or IPL, in the best case. But now when I am done reading the book, I am surprised with the approach of the author of letting us know about many stars who didn't have the destiny to be in the Indian Cricket Team but they are as good as anybody playing in their times. Though author has a bias towards all these players because of which they are in the book but he makes no restrictions while telling how bad they performed in the seasons when it mattered most for their career. This is what makes reading Shamya through this book an interesting journey. 
     Author hasn't wasted time in describing how these players picked bat or ball for the first time in their life. He directly starts telling us about their average as batsman and bowler in all formats and then let the cricketer himself explain why he isn't where he was supposed to be. Author also allows Cricketers to themselves tell about their childhood, teenage days and how hard it was to take an entry into Cricket. We all have seen likes of Pravin Tambe, Iqbal Abdullah, Stuart Binny, Mandeep Singh and Rajat Bhatia playing IPL matches but did we ever try to know their life and struggle behind it? Never. Such Cricketers are explored in this book which makes you respect each one of them because of the hardships they have gone through but still couldn't achieve what supposed to be their ultimate target.

         Author has also managed to mention Ajit Chandila and Siddharth Trivedi who were wonderful players but caught in the IPL 2013 match-fixing scandal. Author's explanation of why Siddharth Trivedi isn't culprit also looks innocent. It also have mention of Aakash Chopra's life who we have seen commentating and sharing expert advises on Cricket. It also covers players from Nagaland and Himachal Pradesh who have been ignored by the selectors just because they weren't from the cities which develop Cricketers. THE IPL IMPORTS section introduces Ryan Ten Doeschate and Shakib Al Hasan which was a wonderful idea to be put into this book consisting of Indians. 

         Reading this book, you will realize how sad life of a Cricketer is. Someone is not in the team because of his age in spite of good performances, some have lost the chance because of continuous injuries, some could not play in the Indian team in spite of being in India's Top-3 wicket-keepers because they are born in the times when Dhoni is ruling as keeper and some others who are playing Cricket not to enter the Indian team but just because they like playing. I also came to the conclusion that many players are targeting an IPL entry just because they know they can never be in country's cricket team and they need to earn lots of money through Cricket as they know playing the game ONLY. A wonderful attempt by the author which will open your eyes and see IPL with a very different perspective when it's back next year. The cover page of the book is one of the most interesting covers I have seen in recent times. I give this book 4/5.