1 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

To The Anonymous Criticizer !!!

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        I received a comment on my blog which I wrote on Amitabh Bachchan little days ago. This is the first comment I have ever rejected from someone. I usually don't reject the comments. My terms of rejecting the comments are if they contain abuses as I don't have them in my posts and if the comment is published without the person's real identity and using the profile-Anonymous to post their comments. But mostly I accept the comments from the anonymous too but I reject them if they have some criticism. I don't fear criticism but I need the name of the person who is criticizing. Criticizing is the judgement of any artist about how his art and finished product is. If I receive criticism and negative comments on my blog that doesn't means that I am a bad blogger. That means ki I still have many spaces to improve and it motivates me to do some more work and put some more effort on my writings. This will only improve me .But I only accept the negative and criticized comments of the people with their identity. If its with the anonymous posting, I reject it without thinking even a single second about it like I did it today for the first time. 

             The comment was as follow - You Think very highly of ur self, but in reality you are nothing below an average blogger. Have read many interesting blogs better written n interesting. Now I just want to know what this guy or the girl wants from me ? A Thanks in reply or a Sorry for dissappointing them from so many days? How do he or she knows that I think very highly of myself? Are you so close to me? If you are then why are you panicking in revealing your name on my blog?  And he or she says that in reality I am nothing below an average blogger. Did I asked you of your opinion that am I a Great blogger or an Average blogger or a Poor blogger? If you love me , read my blogs ; If you don't , please dont visit my blog ; if you are neutral , try to point out my good points and bad points and help me know my strength and weaknesses. But from this comment of yours, it is evident that you have tried to ruin the atmosphere of my happiness and non-erratical life. Why do you need to give such a statement without your name? Because even you know that you are somewhere wrong because of which you can be retaliated and you can be the victim of repurcussions. If you really stand for your words and comment, Write your name and publish this same comment again, I'll accept it and we will talk and discuss about it more. And the last sentence is that he or she has read many interesting blogs better written and interesting. My dear reader, when have I said that I am the best blogger of this world? I am just trying my self in the field of writing as I love writing and my thoughts are appreciated by many of my dear and close friends.

              Criticism is not a big issue and not even this comment posted by you is a big deal but the problem is your attitude towards me and my blog and towards other is very cheap. Don't try to ruffle somebody's life. Try to teach someone from the knowledge you have. If you have read many blogs which are better than mine provide me with the links. Show me that I am so behind than lots of bloggers and I should learn from them and improve so that the readers who are just reading me can get something more and not the same dull blogs. Try to be human and not rakshaas from Hindu religion and Shaitaan from Muslim religion. Hope you are understanding where you lack and I would please you with my reply that I will try to work upon the missing factors in my blog and would like you to appreciate me after that . Till then, try to stand for the words you think of and try to fight for your words. Good luck to you in the future and hope you will be fine. GET WELL SOON !!!

Your's Blogger,


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Vinayak said...

Well,I really agree with you.When a person is criticizing somebody he should leave his name so that if we cover up the mistakes he has pointed out,we can tell him.But in that comment the anonymous person has not even pointed out that which things should be improve.By the way,I think fully opposite from that comment.

Keep blogging!!!

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa Vinayak u r also right and happy that a blogger is with me,.....Its very wrong to criticize sum1 without revealing the name...this isnt the defame of the blogger but of the person who has commented..I dont think anybody will agree with what that comment poster has done...

Salman said...

Dude.. These hypocrites know d price of everythin but d value of nothin.. I mean this guy or gal cant walk his talk.. That shows how bad a loser he is.. Just ignore em n keep up d good work..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Salman...And yaa..I ignore these types of anonymous comment posting peoples..I never entertain all this people..

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