22 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Love, Life & A Beer Can ! ...should all be served chilled !! by Prashant Sharma

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        Again a review. Abuse me its OK but I can't stop telling about the books I like and I read. This time I am talking again about a debut book from the writer Prashant Sharma. Prashant Sharma had completed his engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering and completed his MBA from IIM-L. The man wrote his first novel with the support of Srishti Publishers- LOVE, LIFE & A BEER CAN ! ...should all be served chilled!! This book is again a Fictional work. Actually, if you all think that I do timepass reading only fictions and false stories, I want to clarify that I also read non-fictional books but I don't feel like talking about them as nobody cares about the review given by a common man on the non-fictional books so its better to talk about Fiction as the name of the books makes a reader read the whole blog to get something as a clue to purchase a new book. Lets come to the point- Book..

             Love, Life & A Beer Can! ...should all be served chilled!! is a book about a boy Raj Malhotra whose name is very familiar with the characters in Yashraj movies. As the name , he is also a film and movie freak which makes him mad to become an actor. He migrates to Mumbai to be an actor but fails. The book starts with the boy studying in junior college and ends with his marriage. Raj Malhotra is a guy who doesn't understands love at the first but as soon as he gets married, he gets the real definition of LOVE. He and his friends are the most craziest student of their college which creates many laughter moments while reading. I loved the part when the Chotu was been acused by a call girl. Haa... It was a wonderful part. Also loved all the marriage scenes this author had broadcasted in this book. The cover page says that the book is something where Raj killed someone and seems to be a murder mystery book but it is not. Not even the 3 pages of this book is dedicated to the person he killed. I don't know why the author planned such a gimmick to sell his book. I am not saying that I picked up this book for that killing part but still I kept waiting till the climax of the book that there will be something about the man he killed but there was nothing. Story was the best it could have been but it had nothing to do with that killing part which is used to introduce this book.

             Coming to my review, hmm ... Prashant Sharma is a man with a good humor and has an ability to make you laugh out loud with the sentences he implements while writing his story. A book when starts with a confusion has to modify itself as soon as possible to save itself from the abuses of reader. But this book starts with an easy storyline which makes you able to remember all the names of the character and their relation with Raj. This is what I loved in this book. There were more than 25 sentences in this book which made me laugh with a huge sound around. The book is written so well that after you finish it, it seems like you are a friend of Prashant Sharma and know him from many years. This is what author creates magic in this book. A great work by Prashant Sharma and I hope to get more good stories from him. My ratings for this book is 4 out of 5 stars. Now, you can understand how nice this book was. I just loved it. Thanks Prashant Sharma for giving me such a book to read. Keep Writing. And Yaa...At last you are not only an author , you are a good author..



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Anonymous said...

Hey you are writing really nice reviews....I have done an interview of Varsha Dixit You can read it here. Iam goin to write about three more books before i stop writing about books for a while. Hope you are enjoying blogging.

Writing Buddha said...

Hey...thanks Vijay...And yaa...Now Im just moving to ur blog of interview with varsha dixit...lets see...

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