17 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 4 !!!

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        Moving on to my 4th part of SSC result. Salman one of my friends in school commented on my 2nd part of SSC result's blog that I look him and other friends as gundaas and dons. I haven't written anybody's name, Salman. Don't take it so deeply and firmly. These types of words can also be written to add an effect to my blog. Right? And I have mentioned only 1 name and i.e. Ketan. So if you and other friends would have been Gundaas, I would have written the names naa? So please don't take it personally, my friend. So, lets start with my 4th part..

            Ultimately, the day was announced...26th JUNE,2006. I wasn't much afraid as I knew that I'll pass.But the real danger was the competition between three boys of the colony. Now, you will say that I am so foolish that I am not satisfied with my efforts and dedication and I am thinking about competition. Actually, 4 years ago, main aisa hi tha kyuki mere colony ka mahaul hi aisa tha. Because if someone used to score the lowest marks in our colony, he or she was insulted a lot. It was hard to come out of our house after scoring less. Just because of this sheer pressure, I was praying god that plz subse kamm mere marks nahi aaye bhagwaan..Second last bhi houn to chalega.

            On 25th June at 8 PM, I was watching IIFA awards. I was enjoying every act and performances by actors and actresses. I forgot that tomorrow is my result. After the show ended, my mother said to me that why are you jumping so much, don't you have any fear or nervousness for tomorrow's result. Suddenly, I went into nervousness after my mother helped me come out of ghajini-type-situation. All the integers started bouncing everywhere infront of my eyes. I was trying to figure out which integer will be displayed on internet tomorrow when I'll be dying to know what the hell I did. I slept with a calm and sound sleep with all the dangerous dream playing on the 70 mm screen of my dream's theatre.

            I woke up at 9 Am in the morning. Had a bath as fast as I can and at 10.30 AM I went to my friend - Rahul's house as he had internet on his PC and he knew how to watch results. I wasn't so computer-savvy then. At 11 AM, our deadly results were to be announced and Rahul's fat skin was shivering more than mine. At last clock and his PC's digital watch striked 11 AM and as soon as he started typing the site's name, internet got disconnected and I felt like blowing of his PC or his reproductive organ. I asked him,"Ab kya kare, maadar....?" He replied,"Rukaa reh, thodi der me connect hona chahiye."

             We kept connecting internet and everytime the fucking BSNL raped our emotions and feelings. It was 11.20 AM and Rahul's father called him and revealed his result. He scored 63%. I was shocked to hear this. Rahul was known as the most studious boy and a Book-worm while I and Juby were known to be foolish boys who never wanted to study seriously. So now I just calculated that when this boy has scored just 63% , what will I score? And now, I had a pressure again that Juby will not score less than 60% , so I am the lowest in this competiting group and I shivered more than vibrating Nokia 1100. Rahul's landline box shouted again. Rahul's Mummy shouted,"Veeru, tere mummy ka phone." I came to know that papa ne dekh k inko result bataa diya factory se. I picked up the phone and my mother revealed my result too and asked me to come home as soon as possible. I understood that the fucking percentage I have gained after such a big expectation from my mother will thrash me after I'll reach home. The percentage I scored was 61. Atleast, I breathe a sigh of relief that I have scored in the First-class grade above 60% otherwise I would have been the most insulted human being on the earth as the creatures of my colony would not have left me so easily.

             I came home and saw that there were 6 to 7 aunties already to ruin the atmosphere. My mother was accusing me of not studying and fooling the parents and there were many cases which were lodged on me. I was feeling so ashamed that I didn't even greeted that politician aunties and went to my bedroom. After some minutes, I received the call from Juby's mother. She revealed his marks and it was 58%. Now I was happy. Hurray!!! Now, I am not the most insulted person as this is awarded to Juby Joy. I called Juby and he started giving badwords to god and board paper- checkers. After talking to him, the shivering and accelerated speed of my heart slowed down. But I kept crying as I wanted to act that I am the most effected person of this calamity.



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Salman said...

Ha Ha!!! Dude.... But Try n remember u n ketan were d guys who used to reat much of d trouble n all of us always got dragged into it... why??? cuz v were the UnSepaRaBlEs!!!!! Those were d good days man!!! kabhi kabhi lagta hai why did i score good marks kam laaye hote to atleast wud have been in Roha Today!! :-)

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