14 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 1 !!!

            220th BLOG -->>

        Few days ago, it was 200th blog and so fast its 220th blog. Wow!! I got a huge appreciation for the series of my HSC result. Thanks a lot to everyone. Because of this I am thinking to publish the condition about my SSC results too. So before that , lets prescribe the history how was I in my academic career.

            Abhilash Ruhela- this name was very big when I was very small. In my Sr. Kg and 1st std, I was named ALL-ROUNDER in my school - J.M. Rathi English School. When I was in 1st standard, on the day of Annual Gathering I received 5 awards serially which made people in the audience to stand-up and give a clap to me. The last one in the series of award was for All-Rounder fame. This compelled everyone to give a Standing Ovation to me. I was famous in my colony as a studious boy. As soon as I entered Primary school in my 2nd std where there were new teachers, new classmates and big building, I lost the power of studying because I was confused about how come all this things are happening to me? Why am I made to change my school and come to this place for studying? But as the time passed by, I understood that I'll have to study here and these are my new friends. I studied so much that Specs married my eyes in my 2nd std itself. Till my 3rd class, I always used to be in Top 5 ranker. But as soon as I came in 4th std and the level of studies went higher, I lost the concentration from the studies. This made me little down and now I was in Top 10 Rankers in my class. Now in 5th std, I dropped down little more and now I was in Top 15 rankers of my class.

              But still in the colony no one knew that Ruhela jii ka ladka ab tez nahi raha. Still, I was known as the most studious boy of our colony. I enjoyed the fame. Whenever any Uncle or Aunty used to ask me that Beta Kya raha results , I always lied and ranked myself either 5th or 6th. I was the only child of my parents because of which I got many chances to hide many things from my parents. And when the child comes to this, no power can save him from doing the worst anyone can do. I started cheating my parents now. I was in 5th and I started stealing money from my house for eating vada-pav. I started vomiting lies whenever my parents asked me anything. I never showed them results till they didn't came to knew about it from the parents of other students in the colony. Now, my father started bashing me. Every evening he came from his factory, used to enter my bedroom like Sanjay Dutt's entry in Musafir , used to ask questions to me from my portions like the way Big B asked in Crorepati, when I didn't used to answer them he used to beat me like Akshay Kumar in Khiladi series. He performed all the types of hitting on me. He beat me with Metal scissor, Hammer, Leather belts, Shoes, Wooden Scale, Steel Scale, Kapde Dhone waali Moongdi, his Hands etc. Starting me toh dard hota tha, but as the time passed , I felt like an ant came , pinched me and went back. I never felt any pain after my body got the habit of beats and pains. But still jhooth kyu bolu, thoda dard to hota hi tha. 

              The more he beat me, the more masti I started doing. After sometimes the image of book-ki-paidaaish waala Student changed. Now, I was known all over in the colony for my masti and mazaa I used to do in class and school bus. But still people had a faith on me as they percepted that Veeru does masti but he also studies. Everyone felt that Bahaar kuch aur but Apne kamre mein he is a good student. But they didn't knew that I was in love with many girls at this moment. One was from my colony, I loved her smile and sweet face. Another one was my Maths teacher whom I wanted to marry then (She is still unmarried. A hope lies still. ;-) ). I also liked a girl in my class, she was also very fair and soft-spoken. Whenever I used to open my book to read and mug up, the thoughts of these ladies started manipulating my mind and not letting me study but the danger sign used to enlighten me in the middle of the romance with these three ladies- The Stick of my Father. So, a boy who was an All-Rounder started struggling now to maintain his rank. The boy who started his journey of study with 96% now trembled and falled to 75% to 80%. This is the short story about my tilting performance in Primary section. Now in the next part I'll narrate about how was Abhilash Ruhela in his Secondary Section. 



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Vinayak said...

well,very nice...but i m not feeling the curiosity which i felt in the HSC results and your new template is not very good...the old one was better.If you want then do change ur theme to a better one
To be continued... :P

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa Vinayak..I can understand....Actually, this is the same type of blog as HSC was therefore this may not seem to be the same as HSC was...but still I think that I can make it more nice..lets see..when I'll write..what do I write..a good one or a normal blog..lets see...And yaa..that template wasn't good..

phone uk said...

Nice result.you get a amazing victory.good luck in future.

phone uk said...

Well,Amazing performancce.good luck in future,

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u phone uk

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