2 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Rupya Kamana Hai Mushkil !!!

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        As I wrote in one of my blogs recently that I have left my job of freelancing. I would like to reveal that I left it because of the immense pressure and stress I was suffering with. I worked for three days and that 3 days were the biggest bombardments for me. I had no time to eat, no time to chat with my mother, no time to read novels, no time to watch TV, the only work I had was to write articles after articles on the same topic again and again. It was a big suffering job. I was going mad in stress and that is when I thought to withdraw from the job. I controlled my greed for money and thought of my health before it. Today, that man called me and asked what's the problem. I told him everything that was in my heart. He told me to continue with the job and he will pay me for that 3 days tomorrow itself. So, as per his promise, I'll be receiving my first salary of the life tomorrow. I am not going to get any big amount like 50,000 or something but I'll be getting 210 INR for 3 days. I think this is a lot for me- 70 rupees a day. Wow !!! And as I have said that job is very difficult and its very stressful, I would also like to say that earning money is never easy. You will have to strive for that which I am going through.

              4 classmates of mine are working in this vacations. Their job is to sell Vodafone simcards sitting under an umbrella alone besides the road in this scorching heat of Mumbai. They are paid 4,500 a month. They sit from 12 PM to 7 PM. Even they are facing this pressure and stress of earning money. Even their job is not so good and easy-going. Its so hard to sit in the afternoon when Sun is in its extreme power and that too alone without any friend or an employee. So when they are ready to sit beneath the sun in this summer , why can't I write some articles on the same topics daily sitting in my bedroom beneath the fan. Why am I thinking to earn money without much efforts and hard-work. Lets try to push myself this vacation and learn a new experience of life. I will try to do something in this vacation so that after I'll score some KTs in the result , I'll feel that something went better and I'll be positive again without going into the depression or anything.

             I shaved recently after 1 month approximately. I was doing this for the movie KITES of my favourite actor and dancer- Hrithik. But the movie flopped and with that I thought of shaving without any second thought. Now, I think I look like an IT student and a writer rather than a drug smuggler or something like this. Even terrorists are known with a big beard now-a-days and I am happy that I'm clean-shaved now. Mummy is the happiest person in the world after I have shaved. She says that she got her son back. Uff !!! When she puts lots of make-up while going to any party, have I doubted anytime at you that are you the same mummy? even when I can't recognize you in the make-up? But you are saying this when I have grown beards. Bad , Mummy, Very bad.. (Hope she doesn't get to know about this paragraph). 

             I started a novel- Right Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit. This is the first time that I am reading a novel written by a female writer and as this is the first experience of reading a feamle's thought , I am trying to analyze a lot of things. The conclusion I have reached after reading 100 pages from 232 pages is that ki Male writers are better than the female ones.. This lady has used 20 different characters in her story. Its so hard to remember each and every one of them and their main characteristics and designation. Remembering even the 5 to 6 characters of a story is hard and here there are 20...I don't know why she didn't thought of her readers before writing and composing a story. She is a stupid lady according to me. Hope the climax of the book gives me some fun but till now the review of this book goes as this - 0.5 stars. 

    Thanks everyone except Varsha Dixit.

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