30 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

June - A Good Month For Me !!!

            233rd BLOG -->>

       Many happy while many surprised while many confident while many do not care. My last blog about my results made many of my friends happy to read this that I did my best. Actually, some cool friends know that I study well and I have brain. I know I don't but they feel that I have. So, they know that a good result isn't a big dream for me but I know that It's a big achievement for me. Many didn't had confidence on me because many of my friends and relatives feel that I give a good amount of time to my blog rather than to studies. I don't know how to let people understand that I manage both the times and my blogging timings doesn't eat my studying time. Even my father have a doubt on my career as his perception is that I am confused about what to be - Comp. Engineer or a Writer. I am saying him that I want to be both but he feels that the dream of the writer will be just a dream as it is a game of luck to publish a story. Let's see.

           But, I am happy for every friend who loved my result and performance. There are many who may be jealous but I don't care much. I love them those who loves me and have a trust and troth on me. Many friends said that you never notify your friends on blog about the upcoming events as you never told us that your result will be out in some days or something like it. Why do you give a sudden attack? Hahaha. Friends, actually I don't want to say anything before hand, I wait for the perfect moment and then I divulge the same in front of everyone. Today, I saw Raajneeti with my mom and a childhood's friend - Abhinav and his mother. It was a good film but not that good ki I'll recommend everyone to watch it in theaters. Enjoy it on the pirated VCD or DVD itself. The first half is good but the 2nd half is something I want to ask Prakash Jha why he made it so indigestible. Many of you who would have loved this movie may hate me for this review but this is ARB and so my thoughts. You can hate me for this. I'm not so crazy about movies now-a-days as I love reading novels and novels and novels so after watching this film, I have decided to continue with novels and not waste money on this stupid dramas. I planned to watch I HATE LUV STORYS in theater too but now after watching Raajneeti, I'll watch it after its 4 to 5 weeks of release. And conditions applied - Only if it will be a HIT otherwise I'll not watch any movie in theater till Diwali.

           This month of June has been very nice to me. Not only because of a good result but also because of many other activities. I read many novels this month. Never in my life have I read so many novels. And I am happy with my blogging too. In June, I have written many blogs which were very different from what I write. The one I am writing now is the blog of my type but all this June, I kept trying something new. I wrote a LIVE BLOG for the first time. I wrote the blogs in different parts for the first time like a story. Ex. SSC and HSC results time. I wrote many reviews about the books I read. I also wrote about my entrance exam last year. This month, I have completed my 30 blogs. Last time I completed my consistent 30 blogs in a month was in October 09. After Oct 09, I wasn't successful in writing 1 blog/daily but I did this in this month and hence June is a lucky month for me. I got the highest no of clicks- 107 in a day on 21st June itself. Wow!!! I also got a new indirank this month - 71 which is a big achievement too. So , in all this month has been special for my blogs.

          I met my childhood friends in this month. I am so happy to go through so many good results and good deeds this month that I can't express it in writing. As the June ends, I want to promise all of you that I'll write different types of blog in July too and entertain all of you. I will not take my sweet readers as granted and I'll try to think from your point of view. Hope this month would have been the best for everyone of you reading this 233rd blog. Its so unbelievable that few days ago, it was 200th blog and now it's 233. I am running so fast. Actually not fast, I am walking steadily which is making this possible. I visited Sai Baba Mandir yesterday to thank God for my good results and all the happiness and positive peoples around me. Sai Baba loves me a lot and hence, I respect all the promises I do to him. And I have promised him something this time and I hope I'll complete it and will be able to talk about it on my blog in future. 



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