27 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Visit to my Childhood's Place !!!

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        Sorry friends, I didn't updated my blog from last 4 days. It seems so loving when people love you for your blogs and keep mailing you and sending offline chats saying that they are waiting for my new blog to be up on my site. I love everyone who love me and my blogs. The sign of improvement and development is only and only because of all of you. I love to be Abhilash or Veeru and I love to be in contact with such people who appreciate me and expect something from me. Either love or either a contact or either a sign of good news from my side. Wonderful people- I have in my life. Idiot and stupid people- I don't have in my life and I'm happy that they aren't. Some faces rejoice you while some faces irritates you. I have all those faces near me which helps me do something better in my life.

            For the last 4 days, I was at Pipenager in Raigad. The place where my father migrated in 1992 when I was just 2.5 years old and I have completed my 10th std from this place only. This is the place where my soul is left behind. It always ask me to visit it. The childhood friends, the uncle and aunts, the security guards, small children who were born in front of me and now in primary sections are someones who attract me to visit this place. So, finally I visited this place. On Wednesday, I went there. All my childhood friends were present there as this is vacation time. One call and I packed my bag and reached there in 2 hours. It was a wonderful time with my childhood friends. The way all of them waited for me in the evening and the way everyone made my days and never let me be alone even for a single hour made me feel like a King.

            These 4 days are one of the best days of my life. The way my friends treated me was superb. Not even a single time I ate in the mess provided by the campus, I was invited for each and every lunch and dinner by my friends. The special foods and luxurious treatment made me feel little of Obama in me but I came to my aukaat when my friends abused me after the lunch and dinners that jaldi khaa naa saale ....  My best friends Rohit and Gaurav blessed me with lots of love and virtue. I have many friends- from Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik and Mumbai but the childhood friends are the first love and they are always special. If I will be asked to select all my friends from all this cities and second option would be to select Rohit and Gaurav and other childhood friends from Pipenagar. I will undoubtedly select Rohit and Gaurav. These two peoples are the gems of my life. Rohit was my first best friend whom I can never compare with anyone. And Gaurav was someone who came in my friend's list little years later but he was the one with whom I shared all my secrets as I used to do with Rohit.

             I can share anything with these two guys and I have always shared everything with them. All three of us trust a lot among ourselves. When I was in Pune and my college people and some religion's followers were trying to kill me these two boys were someone because of which I used to smile kabhi-kabhaar. They are the sign of my happiness. Whenever I feel somewhat down, I call anyone of these two and there I am - Happy and Relieved. I can't judge anyone of them. Everytime I leave them for many days, my heart cries. I don't want to leave them but three peoples-different targets-different studies-different lifes makes us to go our way. I meet Gaurav often as he lives just 10 kilometres away from my house. But I meet Rohit once in a year as he is studying BBA in Pune. This 4 days were meant to meet him specially and then Gaurav as I always meet him. I can't set my priorities for these two friends. Both of them are equal and same for me. 

            Talking about every childhood friends I met this time, I am lucky to have such big-heart peoples as my friends. The way everyone of them remember each and every activities of mine's is something I can never buy from the market after spending money. I have forgot hundred's of my mischief and masti but these friends remember each of them and they revised every activities of the school times when I visited them this time. Playing cricket with them after many years now was the best experience I had. There are some dialogues which are meant for you. When these dialogues are said to you by your childhood friends, it makes you laugh but if the same thing will be said to you by other friends of college you will break your friendship then and there. This is the difference between Childhood friends and other normal friends. Something which you can't share with your parents you can share with your childhood friends, which means a lot. I respect my childhood friends.

            Today, when I was leaving them after 4 days I felt very bad and I was feeling the same when I was leaving my mother while shifting to hostel in my 11th std. I would like to thank all of my dear friends who made this 4 days bright and enjoyable. I used to wake up at 8 AM. At 9 AM, all the friends would be present at the garden and we used to chat till 1 PM. Then lunch at our respective homes, then at 2 PM, Rohit and Gaurav used to be at my house as it was empty. Father came here at Panvel and so I was enjoying there alone. From 2 to 6 PM, all three of us used to sit in my balcony which gave the look of whole campus and enjoyed sharing secrets and laughing at each other. From 6 to 9 PM , again at garden with other friends. 9 to 10 PM - Dinner. 10 PM to 12 PM- again at garden. At 12 PM, Rohit and Gaurav used to come at my house to sleep. We never slept and we kept talking and talking and talking.. Wonderful period. At least, these friends are 1000 times better than my idiot relatives.

              Thank you friends..



The pic at the left is of Gaurav's and the 1 at the right is of Rohit's 

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Vinayak said...

gr8 dude
you are soo lucky you got to meet ur old friends....it always feels nice to meet friends...whether they are old or not
keep blogging

Writing Buddha said...

yaa Vinayak... I am happy to have such friends...and I can meet them..I am more lucky for this...

sim cards uk said...

Your childhood is very funny.you are very luccky.thanks for sharing your personal things..

sim cards uk said...

hello dear ! you have shared the info about your childhood through this post ! i read it carefully and after all i also missing my childhood

Writing Buddha said...

Hmm.. Happy that I made someone remember his childhood thru my childhood.

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