9 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My HSC Result Last Year - Part 3 !!!

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        At last Mausaji connected his so-called broadband internet which never gives that speed which they promise. He had 3 to 4 seat nos of his relatives. So as the culture says, we have to check the seat no and result of the person sitting with you rather than the people who aren't with you and have just given you their seat numbers. But my Mausaji didn't followed this custom because he wanted to check the most unpredictable result at the last. I saw him typing other seat nos and I noticed that his fingers were shivering. I knew that all this is because of the pressure I have created unintentionally. Miracles were on- The website of Maharashtra Board refused to display the result of all the relatives he was trying to. At last, he started entering my seat no- S .... Whenever a student is failed, his or her result isn't displayed on the website and there's a big sentence in stylish font written on the whole page - Seat no So and So is not found in the list. Please contact your school / college. This is because of the fear that in the mental stress child may commit something erratic which may cause woes to the website if the child is passed and its their mistake. So, I was waiting for the same lines to be displayed on the screen. I had full confidence that these two sentences are going to rock the computer screen and then I will be running up to the terrace and jumping as fast as I can.

              Mausaji entered my whole seat no- S005012. And he clicked Submit. As his finger pressed the left button of the mouse, my heart stopped for that second and started again to pump the blood to all the internal organs of my body. A new web page was visible on the screen with my name and my marks in each subject. I was surprised to see my dreams on the screen. I never expected that I will be passing 12th at the first attempt. After the marksheet, A big Congratulations was sent to me by Maharashtra Board of Education and a final verdict that I am passed was also displayed up. It was so heartening to see this result. Mausaji just saw this screen and hugged me without reading my marks and said,"Tu paas ho gaya beta" And that was the moment when I was waiting for someone to hug me. My heart was emotional as the tapasya of me and my mother got its right target today. The most awaited result was out today. I then touched his feet which is the Indian Tradition to take blessings from the elder one. After this custom, I moved towards my mother, touched her feet , hugged her and I started crying. I cried a lot. All the tears crossed their first station- My lips, made them salty and then rolled over to their next stop- My mother's shoulder making them wet. After crying a lot and removing all the burdens of stress from my heart, I moved towards Dadiji. Touched her feet too and I was surprised to see that there were sweets already in her hand as she knew that her grandson is the most intelligent boy of Mumbai..Hahaha...I touched her feet too and she gave me the Pedha to eat and told me to offer this to everyone in the room with my hands itself. I did the same.

             After this, I called my father who was in Saudi Arabia at that time. Told him my result that I am passed. I calculated my result till then and the accurate percentage were out - 54.33%

English- 70
Hindi - 76
Physics- 36
Chemistry - 38
Maths- 39
Geography- 67

            I vociferated to my father all my marks and my result. My father proudly said," Beta congratulations..Mummy ko phone dena" I gave it to my mother. I understood the choke in his throat. He was about to cry and therefore he didn't talked to me much. While he was leaving for Saudi Arabia, he said to my mother that if he will fail which he is going to be, don't say a single word to him as he is already in mental stress and depression. This was also a dream-come-true for him. He said to my mother on the phone which I later heard it in my call recording's folder," Usko bahut pyaar karo. Aur jo bolega wo khareed ke do." And now the call started flashing on both the mobiles and I and mummy kept receiving it and sharing this good news with everyone. I was happy to see this blithe on my mother's face after 3 years. She had struggled a lot for the 3 years to adjust with a son who was a mental patient. At last , all my friends called me and said that you have turned an impossible into an easier task today and gave us a new example of hard-work today; We are so proud of you. And I was so happy to hear all this wishes and felicitations. I was thrilled to taste success after 3 years. I never got a result till then from last 3 years which said that I am passed in it. Let it be the college's big exam or a small test of coaching class. I always failed. And I had no problem with it. This was the biggest day of my life.



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by the way,congrats for being pass after 3 years.

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