3 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

1st Payment / Reviews / Thanks to Hirana Mam !!!

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        So my dear friends, I received the first payment from my skill of writing today. I am very happy to see that my writings has given me something which has counted in one of the biggest experiences to me. Now, the will to perform is accelerated. Now, I want to write more. More and More. Tomorrow , at 12 AM , My first article will be published at the Online Magazine- Reader's Quotient too. As 5th June is World Environment Day, my article on this same topic will be published tomorrow on 5th at 12 AM. Such big moments of my life came through this blog- ARB. I love blogging so much that I think I'll keep doing it even in my old age when my fingers will shiver and my hands will shake. I love this job of writing and writing. Its so fun to write and that too when you are writing for someone else. Right now, I am writing for two organizations and both of them are very different from each other. One is paying me and one is paying me nothing. One gives me topics on which I have to write and the another one has granted me freedom and liberty to write on anything I like. One is very strict with the deadlines and I write for it daily while the other one is soft and it expects me to write only 2 articles a month. For one of them I write more than 60,000 words in a month will for the another one I have to write minimum 3,000 words in a whole month. I am just enjoying both the organizations. Its so fun to witness new things in our life. And I am going through this.

            I have decided to write the separate blog posts for the books I read till today. I am thinking of publishing my reviews on them. I'll not give any stars to them as I am no official reviewer or criticizer. I will just opine my feeling what I felt after reading the surrealism of the writer. This reviews will not be considered as the blog of the day as it will be the separate activity on the blog. Even after writing the review , I'll write my normal series of blog with it that particular day. I am just writing this review for the readers who love reading review before buying any book. So I thought of helping them little with what I felt after reading the book. Today itself I have written a review on one of the book in my 207th blog. And readers , mind this that I am not doing this to increase the number of blog posts. No, I am not going to get any reward by ameliorating the number of blogs I write. I am just doing this for the sake of book readers. 

             My favorite teacher - Miss Hirana Buch has suggested a very life-changing idea to me. As you all would be knowing that I excel when it comes to content and thoughts in my writing. The only drawback which remains is the Grammar which is very important if you have the dream to write and publish your book . Even if you don't want to do this one, still you should be good at grammar. No person in this world is perfect in the grammar. Is anyone out there? I know the answer. No one is there as nobody can be perfect in the grammar. My readers and friends have pointed out several times that my grammar isn't attractive. Even I know that I lack in this department. I wasn't getting any option how to diminish this drawback. I always thought that after reading so many books, if still my grammar is worse then there is no other option to improve it. But today, my childhood teacher who is more a friend gave me the suggestion to refer Wren and Martin which I never thought of . Her suggestion flicked my mind so well that I pulled the book from my rack today itself. I have that book with me from so many years and now I think this is the time to gain a lot from it. Thanks a lot madam for striking this valuable idea to me. Thanks a lot. Your name in the Acknowledgment Section of my book is PAKKA and SURE. Hahaha.. I know you are not dying for the credits. You just want your child to progress. Thanks a lot..

       Thanks Readers..


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