2 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

One Opportunity - Don't Miss It !!!

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        There are many moments in your life when you get only an opportunity to prove yourself. If you miss this chance, you never get this chance again in your life. And even if you get it again, its hard to face it as the previous rejection rules you and thus you don't participate again to fulfill your dream with the same spirit. The reality shows on the television is a great example of what I am talking about. Indian Idol- You get one chance, Dance India Dance- You get one chance. So life seems to be very easy for others when they see you progressing but you yourself know how much are you putting your efforts to proliferate yourself. To write the 100th blog- I got one chance, to write the 200th blog - I got one chance. If I would have solaced my readers with useless stuffs in this one, my readers would have lost the trust and troth they have on me. I always panic when it comes to such opportunity because you have only one chance to show yourself. I have always been good in the IQ tests and all. When I got to know last year that the entrance exam of Bharati Vidyapeeth will be having the same IQ test as its entrance examination, I was very happy but I was even nervous. Because I was to get only one chance to write that paper. A mistake and I would have lost the admission in that college. It was so tough for me to solve the questions given in that test as I had confident that I can do every question, I know everything but I lacked when it came to trust on myself. It was so hard for me. A single chance-A single test I applied for, missing this would have spoiled one year of my career. But to my surprise when the result came, I was the topper in the Mumbai Division.

             As everybody of you know that I am writing a novel-a fiction story, its very tough to do this. I have an idea of a story in my mind. 75% of the story relates with my life and the another 25% is the part of fiction. But the fear arises when I think of the selection procedures of the publishers and their team. They have a team of 10 to 15 peoples. They check out the story and its flow. If they reject my story, it will be very hard to accept this result. There were many people who were rejected in the Indian Idol and they had their most painful tears in their eyes after that. When you are judged for your passion and it is announced that you aren't in the position to compete other competitors who are in the race, it is the biggest pain and shock to a human being. If I am rejected for this story from every publisher I try then it will be very hard for me and my dreams and a will to fulfill them. I can't write a new story after that as the only thing which will go around my mind and soul will be that my first story which was my best I did and I can do is been rejected and there's no scope of the another one getting selected. So I'll go into depression and even if I cope up with my depression and pain, the only option to live a stress-less life after this would be to stop dreaming of publishing my book. It would be very hard as I have announced everywhere that I want to be a writer and I am writing a story.

           As I don't hide anything from my readers and my friends, it will be very hard to deal with them after that because many of them will start passing sarcastic comments and will start snubbing me in the mob. I fear from the insult and isolation. I don't know what will be the future of my writing career but I do know that the steps coming in the near future are very tough. It will be not easy to be rejected and then moving towards the door of another publisher. Abraham Lincoln losed the elections for 29 times and he won it at his 30th attempt. Will it be possible for me to fight so much for my dream and passion? Do I have such a strong heart to digest all the rejection and judgement on my story? The replies from the publishers can be anything from "Wow !! What a story!!! You are going to be the bestseller." to "Hell!! You wasted our time. Stop writing and start doing something productive in your life. There is no chance of you getting published as an author. Go , get back to your work." First one seems to be very beautiful but the second one seems to be bit tough to digest and cope up with. Hundred of things goes within my mind when I write my story. Lets hope that the fear I have within me doesn't absorbs me and my dreams. I am not from the one who are negative in their life. I have a huge belief that I am going to be published but there's a fear. Lets leave all of you here itself to hear your suggestions about how to deal with these types of fear.

P.S. I got this thought when I wrote 2010 words of my story today.


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