8 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My HSC Result Last Year - Part 2 !!!

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        On 3rd, when everyone slept in the night, I went into the study room of my cousins and sat there thinking about what will happen in the morning after 12 hours when my result will be announced at 11 AM. How will I face the failure infront of so many people in this house. The tower in which the flat was had 7 floors and I was trying to analyze that if I'll jump from the terrace, will I surely die or not? What If I'll se safe? How will I face the world and friends after that? Many questions started interviewing my sentiments. I pulled an Encyclopedia from my cousin sis- Priyu's shelf and started turning its pages one by one and glancing the beautiful and strange pictures on it. After 2 hours, My mausiji came and knocked the door. I opened the door and she said me to sleep and not to take tension. She was frightened up to see me missing from the bed which was reserved for me to sleep in the drawing room. I didn't wanted to act more than required so I went and lied down on my bed. As soon as I saw Mausiji enter her bedroom and closing the door behind her so that the effect of AC doesn't decrease, I stood up and saw the streets of Mumbai through the large glasses of her huge window. It is so extravagance to see Mumbai at night times. I saw an image in the glasses and it was none other than Sai Baba.

             I turned around and saw a big frame of Sai Baba on the opposite wall. I moved towards the frame and joined my hands asking Sai Baba to give me an intimation that what am I going to score tomorrow. This was something 3 AM of 4th June as 3rd June past already. I closed my eyes and started enchanting OM SAI RAAM and kept counting it for how many times am I disturbing Sai Baba. I ended begging Sai Baba for success at my 1501th OM SAI RAAM. After this I slept at 5 a.m. setting the alarm for 7 Am in the morning. Because there was a fear that I'll fail to wake up before 11 AM as I was sleeping very late and I didn't wanted to pose as a sexy model in my sleep while everyone will be watching my pose after knowing my failure result. I woke up at 7 AM and the grandma said me to sleep again as she knew that I never wake up so early in her house because this is the only place I come to relax and not to work. I kept her wordings and slept again and woke up at 10 AM. Priyu and Mahesh kept raising the temperature of my fear and nervousness by vociferating the remaining minutes to touch 11 AM. I was sitting at the window watching the Sea-Shore at 10.30 Am when I saw my Mausaji coming from his bedroom all ready in his professional dress.

             I was surprised to see him at the house at this time because he leaves the house for his office at 8 AM itself but today for my result he was at the house.(My mother told me later after the result that Mausaji took this half-day saying that if Veeru will fail, I'll not go to the office today as I know this child will commit something wrong in stress and I'll only go to the office if he will be passed with the satisfying marks). So great of him. From last 12-13 years, I have never seen him leaving his office even when we visited him from 200 kilometres far for only 2 to 3 days. He has been responsible for his work always. And he left his office for the 1st time just for me and I can't express my love and thanks to him. At 11 AM, all of us came in the study room infront of the computer. My mummy sat on the bed. Priyu also sat with my mummy. Mausaji was operating the computer as nervous as me. Mausiji went to her office as she had her work. I was sitting besides Mausaji to go unconscious and faint after the result will be on the computer screen. Dadiji was standing besides Mausaji waiting for the miracle on the computer screen. Everyone was rather breathing very fast or very slow. Everyone's heart and blood pressure wasn't in control because they knew if the negativity is displayed in the result of ABHILASH HARESH RUHELA then Abhilash Ruhela will turn into LATE ABHILASH RUHELA.



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