29 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Six Point Someone - My Result Of Sem-2 !!!

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        Its 28th June,2010. One more successful day of my life. I don't know how but yaa there's some fact which has to be accepted. I am surprised, I am happy, I am thrilled, I'm in the air. I just want to sing one and only one song - 

      Aaj main upar...Aasmaan neechey....
     Aaj main aagey....Zamana hai peechey....

            I know all of you would be excited to know about what am I talking about. So its the time to reveal and divulge the veracious. My result of Sem-2 is announced today. I never knew that I'll pass this time and luckily with the blessings of Sai Baba and the love and faith of friends with me made this possible. Never in your life you know what the future going to be but when you have such dear and lovable peoples around you, nothing bad can happen to you so easily. Determined was I and hard-work was associated with this determination. Before reading ahead, I would like all of you to read my 109th Blog where I had already submitted the details of my Sem-1.

              The result of Sem-1 was like 66% - 3rd Rank in the class - 2nd Rank among the boys of the class. And now coming to the result of 1st year as the second semester is not counted separately - 61.43% - Again 3rd Rank in the class - 1st Rank among the boys of the class. I am little dissapointed with the fall of percentage but happy to maintain the consistency and be at the same rank in the class. But something which has made me little happy and had motivated me is- Being the topper among the witty boys of my class. I am not proud of this but it has moved me and pushed me a little. I am happy that my life has been changed. I am not a failure anymore and nor I am struggling to pass. God is showering all his love and generosity on me and I am using it as much as I can. Again, I would say that Future isn't predictable and hence, I am not confident about the next semester but I do know that I'll put all my hard-work and will be the same as I was in the 1st year of my graduation. Dekhtey Dekhtey 1 saal khatam ho gaya aur ab sirf 2 saal aur bachey hain. I am so happy that time is moving so fast. Einstein has said rightly that when you are with someone you love, you feel the time is moving fast and vice-versa. Same here, I love success and as it is with me I am feeling as the 1st year was so short but I do remember each and every days of my 11th and 12th. They are like the whole lifetime to me.

              1st rank is scored by Prema in our class who was 4th last time, 2nd by Vandana who was 1st last time, 3rd is I who was 3rd last time too, 4th is Siddhesh who I don't know what was last time, 5th is Arya who was 2nd last time. Such a rise and fall among everyone and I am happy that I am at the secured place. Not only my hard-work and love for the computer had made this possible but there are many factors which has made this result possible - The help from the parents. Everytime I said them that I have to wake all night they provided me with all the facility so that I can easily wake up all night and perform well. The trust from my friends who always say that you will score well and you need not worry. I am proud to have such friends around me. But there are some people who haven't done anything still I want to thank them. These are my relatives. These stupids don't care about me and what I am doing in my life. That's what make me do something and show them that I have some priorities in my life. Thanks a lot to each and everyone who have supported me. And mainly, to my readers who are always with me in my loneliness to answer to my blogs and make me feel special. The tightest hug to each of you.

            Last semester, the marks I scored in three different subjects which were the highest from me were 77,73,71 but in this semester this is like 76,67,64 . This is very bad. I know. But lets improve this next time. The details of this semester are as follows - 

Digital Comp Org - 46
System Analysis and Design - 67
C- Programmming - 53
Org. Behaviour- 49
Business Environment - 64
Numerical Methods- 46
Computer Lab- 76

So the grand total is - 1st sem's 459/700 + this sem's 401/700 = 1st year- 860/1400 which makes me a First-class passed student with 61.43%. Thanks to everyone. And the Title Six Point Someone means that -------WHAT? For this read- FIVE POINT SOMEONE...(Chetan Bhagat , plz pay me for advertising your work)... Lets move now....And Congratulations to everyone in my class who are satisfied with their marks and who aren't- Put lots of effort. I am with you. I am happy with myself. I love you, Veeru.




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megha said...

congrats yar n best of luck 4 ur future n i noe dt u ll again secyre well.........

Writing Buddha said...

Megha, thanks a lot and just keep this trust with me and I'll pakka do very well....Hope God gives me more brain so that I can do more nicely..

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