21 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Pratibha - My Only Online Friend !!!

 228th BLOG -->>

        FRIENDS !!! Talking on this topic will be no new as you would have read more than 1000 SMSes about this and 100 articles about this on internet. But when it comes to your friends.. I mean your close friends, you can't resist yourself and you start speaking incessantly for that person. There are numerous days in a year when you are happy and most of the days when you are happy are because of your friend's birthday. The excitement within your heart for the birthday of your friend is powerful and firm. The same is the condition with me. Today, it's the birthday of Pratibha. One of my closest friend. I have shared many-a-things with her. Pratibha is very frank and bindaas. Even if I'll share a case of stealing or committing a crime to her, she will not make faces but will give some suggestions. There are many conditions in your life when you feel that if you will share the particular incident with your friend or a well-wisher, they will stop talking to you and will neglect you in the future but when it comes to Pratibha, I know that she is not going to break the FRAAAAAAAAANDSHIP as she understands that life shows many faces to a person. This is why I love her. Sorry Like her..Many can misapprehend this word- LOVE in other way..Hahaha..

               Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Pratibha .. You are too good.. Live a long and happy life. May God Bless You always..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. She has turned 19 years old today..2 years younger to me..Haa..Let make this clear first before there are many more galat-famys among my readers..I haven't met Pratibha anytime in my life.. WHAT?? Yes.. I have never met Pratibha as a body till today. She is my Online friend. I met her online some 3 years ago and I am happy that this online friendship which I started as a flirt with a girl changed it form and now we are very very good friends. She helped me quite a lot. There was a time when I was in a depression and I felt that no one loves me and I should die as no one cares for me but this girl Pratibha used to call me and we used to talk for hours. It was so funny to chat with her as her frankness used to blow my mind. We also used to type and talk online. We loved each other's company and this made our bond more firm. Her impact of support was so much that I didn't hided anything from her at that period comtemporarily. Soon, her 12th ended and she entered Engineering while I failed 11th and I was still in 12th. All the contacts got diminished as I got someone else in my life to share my talks and activities with. But as soon as that person ditched me, the next name I remembered was Pratibha.

              I don't know about what she felt about me all that times but she was one with whom I shared every secret. There was various types of non-veg jokes I used to throw on her and she would reply firmly but soon she used to melt down with a laughter after she used to decipher the meaning of this joke. I haven't met her still and I think something is called PEN-FRIEND and I want her to be the same for me all my life. We SMS, we talk, we chat but we don't meet which I think will keep each of us special for each other. Today, she would be projecting what type Abhilash is and I am projecting what kind Pratibha is but it's very charming and lovely to think this way for your friends. I have this type of feeling for this Pratibha only. There is no other person who can replace Pratibha. She is the bestest Online Friend I have ever met. She also helped me in engaging with someone. I loved the girl-friend she gave me but later things didn't worked out in the way I and Pratibha thought. I lost the funny relationship with that voice-chat-girlfriend. Pratibha is also friend of two of my good friends - Vasim and Yasir. Yasir toh even met her but I am happy this way only.

             The bonding both of us share is incredible. This type of special bonding can't be ignored and hence whenever I share my friendship with Pratibha to anyone, everyone is surprised with the result of this beautiful friendship which has lasted for 3 years and with such closeness. Wow.. I am happy that I have never met Pratibha. Don't take this other way..Hahaha.. I love her..Now don't take even this other way.. and hence I don't want this to be reduced as after meeting, we will expect more meetings in future resulting in solace and sorrow and unexpected. It's better to be far and close. Right? Pratibha when came to knew about my blogs, she shared it with her friends of hostel and all of them read my 50 blogs in a go. Now what can you expect more from this type of friendship? She also complimented me a lot for my writings and told she and her friends love my way of expressing my thoughts. Without knowing a person, she is reading my blogs with such dedication..What more should I demand from this relationship?

            Pratibha, I just want you to be happy always as you have always made me happy. I still remember the way you were abusing one of your friend when we were having conversation on our mobile. I remember every moment when you made me laugh and feel special. I am proud to have such an online friend. None of my friend has much an online friend. Girl-friends, many of them get , but a true friend like you..none of them were lucky to have and I am so lucky to have you. Keep smiling always. Celebrate your birthday as happily you can. This 228th blog is a small gift from my side. Do accept this and let me know did you loved this blog post or it has dissappointed you. And as you always speak true..I expect you to say BAD if this is..OK?




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