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My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 2 !!!

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        Now after my 5th std, my school had its 6th to 12th std at another spot in the same town. It was some 1 kilometer away from this Primary Section. Finally, I was in Secondary section. This is the place where children starts loving their classmates and the whole school knows about their crush. This is the place where students shout and scream in the class even when teacher is present in the class. This is the place where students welcome their friends with abuses of mothers and sisters. This is the place where the real image of the child is revealed. What he really is. Now when I entered this secondary section in my 6th std, I saw every one giving bad words to each other. I was introduced to the Dons and Gundas of this school. Everyone warned me to be far away from them as they are very dangerous. I loved the atmosphere. I loved the new building and new playground. I loved the new teachers and new seniors. Few months ago, I was senior of my school and now I was the most junior of my school. I went crazy for coming every day in school now as I was the tallest kid of my class, so I was made to sit at the last bench and I enjoyed this place a lot as I kept playing something or the other with my last bencher's company and we enjoyed this a lot. We even used to talk about girls and their pulchritude. We used to rate the girls according to ourselves and used to fight that kisko kaun pataaega. Kabhi kisi ko pataa to koi nahi paaya but whatever, that was the most entertaining part of the school times.

             Coming to the studies, I scored 89% in my 6th std's 1st Unit test at the 11th position in the class. In the next exams, I proliferated and it went from 11th to 10th to 9th. Now, a confidence that I'll raise up more and as the numbers are playing, I am pakka 8th next time and when the final result was out. I didn't came at 8th from 9th, but from 9th I scored the double and now my rank was 18th. My parents were shocked and even I was disappointed. Now I came in 7th and I joined the group of Dons and Gundaas as I loved them being the cynosures of the school. Now I was one of them but still I managed to score 75% average in my 7th std. Now I came in 8th std and everyone in school knew me. Every boy, every girl, every teacher and even the peons knew me as I became one of the naughtiest students of the school.Every teacher used to come in the class and search me and my friend Ketan and used to drag us out of the class even when we used to do nothing. They did it because its better to avoid these students before they create some havoc in the class. Every 3rd day, I visited the Principal's office. He used to warn me and I used to say that Sir this was the final mistake, it will not happen again. This kept on all the year in 8th std. I was also involved in leaking question papers in my school as I was friends of the dons of school. I was caught in this too. Whatever, I passed my 8th std with 73% something. Now, I came in 9th std and with the efforts of my parents and an eye of the principal on me isolated me from the Gundaas's gang. I started following the group of my colony's friend and now as I was mastikhor, all my colony friends also got dissolved in my activities and the latest was that we three friends were the most naughtiest children in our class. But we studied. In the first exam, I scored 81% which made every child of my colony aware that Veeru is not only mastikhor. Now, they even respected me.

             At last, 9th std finished and now we were in 10th. The most craziest class I have ever attended. 


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Salman J said...

dude...... gundas n dons huh???? thats how u describe us????
well but this particular gunda or don as u say scored highest amongst us in d boards.. his name-----Salman-87% n topped in English... n howzzzat????????????????

Abhilash Ruhela- The Blogger said...

This gundaaas and dons are written just to add effect to my blog...and nothing else... Otherwise if u and everyone wud have really been gundaas I would have mentioned the names of you and everyone Im talking about. I have written only 1 name here and thati s Ketan...so why r u taking this upon urself?

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