10 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My HSC Result Last Year - Part 4 !!!

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        The whole year I kept struggling for this result and it came as a storm recently known as LAILA and shocked everyone. Whoever called us to inquire about my results asked about it in very low volume without showing any excitement as they knew that this useless boy would be failed. All my friends who were with me in 12th that time got between 50 to 55% itself except 2 friends. So it was a big achievement for me to score congruent to the students who were having the college and coaching both while I had only coaching and that too I didn't attended and when I attended I slept and recharged my body during classes. This 4th June bought the first positive result of mine. Everyone was happy as there was no jealousy anyone had with me as I was struggling a lot and everyone knew this. With this result , I got the intimation that Mumbai is acting lucky for me and this city will give something to me like it gives to many people. This city has changed the life's of people tremendously. And I saw the trailer on this day through my result.

             This result not only gave me happiness and pleasure but also a matured mind and big experiences. Now, I knew that how much I should study for gaining how much percent. Now, I knew that if I can score 55% by studying for 2 months only and what would have I done if I would have mugged up my books from January itself when my session started. I analyzed myself for the first time. I didn't wanted to fail again after this beautiful result. 55% may seem a weak result to many of you but in the condition I was , that were the marks of celebration. A boy who fails 11th for the first time because he didn't attended exam as he knew nothing, then he repeats 11th std again and scores only 8% , Yes friends, only 8 %. I scored 6,9,11 in PCM out of 100 respectively. After this what can you expect from the child in his 12th? 

            But this result not only ameliorated my confidence but also showed me what kind of people are around me. Who cares and who don't . Who is happy with the success and who's jealous. Who is concerned for me and who is not. Who is fake and who is real. One example of Real face and a good friend, as soon as the result was out- Pranil called me from Nashik and congratulated me and when I congratulated him back for his good marks, he replied that Arre meri chchod, mujhe apne se jyaada tere marks k liye atcha lag rha hai. Now when I heard this sentence, it felt so mellifluous that I felt like meeting Pranil as soon as I can. While the fake faces were revealed in the state that no relative called me and confirmed my result except two . 1. My Chacha and 2. My Door Ke Tauji . This Door Ke Tauji was never in my contact and I have never seen him in my life. I have only heard his name in the family and nothing do I know about him. I added him on my Orkut a/c after knowing that he is my tauji-in-relation. And this great man called me on my result and appreciated me, talked to my mother for the first time and now the biggest surprise that he called my father who was in Saudi Arabia. Now such a human being needs no introduction that what kind of person he is. I owe him a lot. I respect him a lot and I don't respect any of my relative who didn't called me and asked what have I done.

             Everyone knew that in what condition was I into and how important was this result for my life. But what they had to do with Veeru's result? Right, my stupid relatives? I am not abusing you all here as I have already abused them a lot. And a big hell is here, when they called us after many months of my result and they were informed about my result through my mother and me, their reply was," Are yaar Veeru , mujhe maaf karna..mujhe dhyaan hi nahi raha k tu 12th me hain." Oh My God, what useless materials have you used to create these types of human beings. And chalo, even if you have created them , why are they my relatives? This is how this result revealed the hidden faces of many fuckers and I came to know k Kaun Apna Hai Aur Kaun Paraya !!! And this was the day, when I ceased the contact with many friends and almost every relatives. Now I don't pick up the phone of many useless creatures on this earth and don't even think about them. After the result they said to my parents,"Arre ladka to tha hi hoshiyaar aap logo ne pehchana kahaan." Abbe Saalo ab tum mere maa baap ko bataaogey ki main kaisa hu kaun hu. Abbe mere maa baap ne mujhe 20 saal se paala hai. Tum jitna apne batcho ko nahi pehchaantey hoge usse 100 gunaa jyaada wo mujhe pehchaantey hain. Seekhaaney chale hai saale maa ke .......

            So this is the whole story about my HSC results and the condition I was into at that time. As the date will come across in this coming month and next , I'll keep telling about how I got admission and how did I managed with the entrance exam and all. But I'll do this on the same date when it happened last year. So you will have to wait for that situations to be divulged on my blog. Hope all of you loved reading all this 4 parts about my HSC result. When I started writing about this HSC Result, I was to write it in single blog but when I wrote 3 paras which is my standard in my posts, I stopped then and there because I knew ki Over-dose ho jaaega and then automatically this 4 parts formed. And this is the first time I have written my blog in such a way. Thanks to all the curiosity everyone of you had shown for every next part .. Khaas kar ke Vinayak...You rocked man. Hahaha..




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