30 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Aamir Khan on Twitter / Turning into a Sensible Writer !!!

            234th BLOG -->>

         You can see the graph above. This is my blog stat for the month of June. Not nice but still I am happy. Kitna expect karu yaar zindagi se? Breaking News: Aamir Khan is on twitter now after the world of blogs. You can follow the Mr.Perfectionist at www.twitter.com/aamir_khan . Blogging is difficult if compared to twitter. I respected Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan just because they were in the world of blogging while other actors were on twitter and now when both of them are on twitter, I have nothing to say about them. I respect Big B even now because even after being on twitter, he writes a blog daily as he used to which is very hard to maintain this type of consistency. I started blogging after reading Big B incessantly for many months. I saw him divulging so many good thoughts and experiences so I thought even I can talk with people on WWW about myself. I didn't wanted everyone to show that I am doing something they aren't. No, never ever I thought this but now I am happy that I have got a real target of my life through this blog. I want to be a Writer now.

            Finally, today I have received the coupons from Hindustan Times for the subscription of the given paper annually. Tomorrow, I'll wake up early in the morning and hand-over the coupons to the newspaper vendor and my paper will start from 2nd July itself. Why am I telling this to all of you? I am telling this because many readers had complaint that I am not talking on the social awareness and current affairs as I used to do once. I am unable to talk on this topics because I am not receiving any newspaper from last 2 months and hence even I am not in touch with these affairs. I hate watching news channels as they keep on exaggerating a small news rather than describing a big news. So, people just wait for 1 to 2 weeks more and you will find some more sensible blogs from me. My cousin sister - Priyanka Dube, Uff!! Sorry!! She had changed her spelling of the name. Now its Priynka Dube. Strange naaa.. What all people do to be lucky and successful. Even I have number of gems in my fingers and in my locket. So she told me that Bhaiyya, when you have such a hit blog and number of readers, why don't you aware people of some facts which are really important for human beings to know. I felt that she had advised something valuable and hence, I am just waiting for the paper to begin and you will find a Different type of Writer in me. 

            This is the last blog of this month and with this I have 31 blogs this month. I am so happy to give my readers the best I can. I saw Chalte Chalte for some 8th or 9th time today in the afternoon. Very good movie with the best from SRK and Rani. I loved the movie. But after watching the movie, I felt that novels are better than the movies so I planned to read novels and novels and novels rather than watching movies. Novels are better option and hence I have started THE WHITE TIGER by ARAVIND ADIGA today itself and completed 100 pages out of 321 pages. A very witty book. I'll update you with its review after completing it. 




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