5 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

To My Fake Friends !!!

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       I am little fragiled because of some of my friends who are acting little selfish. I remember when in an online interview I was asked," Define Friends. We are expecting for a fresh answer." It didn't took even a single second for me to think and I replied in the same quickness in which I answered to my question at the Mr.Fresher competition. I replied,"FRIENDS are those HUMAN BEINGS which comes in your life as a whim and appear very bizarre. But these human beings doesn't act as a positive catalyst to your life instead they slow the speed of our progress towards the success. And thus we have to maintain the distance from this race of human being as they are very sabotaging. Even I do the same and try to keep my list of friends small and micro." The man interviewing me replied," This was definitely a fresh answer and an unexpected one by the boy of this tender age. We are so happy to hear you and now you are the part of our institution. We got this ki you have quality to be a good writer."

           Many of you who trust in friends and love to hang around with them may hate me for this first paragraph and my reply to the man who was interviewing me. But I have no problem in divulging this ki I hate making friends. Jitney kamm ho utna atcha. Aisa bhi nahi hai ki I ignore people and classmates around me. I talk with everyone but there are conditions applied to it. Till the time , I am with a certain group of people, I enjoy with them and co-operate in every activity which they plan to do. But as soon as I pass that city or that area, I only pick up a single person or maximum 3 from that area as my friend for a long-term relationship and keep the contact with them and don't even add others in my orkut and facebook's account. I have very bad experiences of friends. I have seen that friends are with you only because they have some advantage from you either directly or indirectly. This advantage can be of many types- Financial, entertainment, borrowing the things etc. And as soon as they achieve their target they leave you or starts back-bitching about you. I don't trust any friend of mine. I am with them because even I have some advantage of being with them. 2 or 3 friends are special for me where I have no advantage from them. These are the friends whom I love from my heart. They are one of the special human beings of my life.

             I have always seen that friends tries to take from you rather than giving. They don't have the attitude of GIVE and TAKE. They just want to take from you and are least interested in giving you back. I just avoid these kind of friends. Actually sorry, not friends just a familiar face. I know many of my friends will be solaced to read this blog but what is in my heart is on my blog. I am sorry to hurt many of you who will feel little raped after reading this but I also want to say that I have never tried to take advantages of my friends but when I saw some trying for this erratic either I left them or I started trying to gain advantage from him or her too. I don't want to take anybody's name here because this may hurt directly to many of my friends but I hope that the friends whom I'm talking about are getting and understanding about what I am talking. There are many not one. From every place I visited- Raigad, Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik and now even Mumbai too. I just want everyone of you know what I think about this word- Friends. 

     Thanks and Sorry.


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