6 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Rejection- It's Not Only My Mistake !!!

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        Once again I rejected a criticism from an anonymous. I don't want to accept any kind of rubbishy on my blog. I don't know why some people are trying to distract me from my target and wants to ruin my mood. Its very hard to accept criticism from an anonymous person because you just keep thinking the whole day who the person is who doesn't loves you. These anonymous comment posters never comment on my blog but they comment on me. They try to disrespect me, they try to erupt out the anger in me. I'm so disturbed by all this. On 5th June, I was rejected from the online magazine at 1 AM. It was such a sad moment for me. I was so happy to be associated with a magazine which is heuristic with the noble cause for students. And with the sadness I was even angry with the rejection.

            I gave an article to this magazine. There are two members of this magazine. A mam who selects the writers from the internet and a Sir who edit the articles and publish it on his online magazine's website. According to their process, I wrote an article and gave it to mam. She read it and told me that she wants an informative one and this is not a personal blog that you can write what you feel. Its about a social thinking and you have to use the sentences and words which indicate the people saying it and not just YOU. I got her and I wrote a new article with the help of the Internet. I sent it to the madam. She read it and found it informative and asked me from where you got it. I told her that I found the information from the internet. She said Good. Then she told me to insert some paras from the article I wrote first which had only my sentences and my wordings. I inserted them too and gave it to her. She loved it. And she forwarded it to her team. After that, the Sir I introduced earlier in this para chatted with me and said that I have been selected and my article will be up on 5th June at 12 AM. I thought that they checked all my articles and cross-checked it with the Plagiarism and whatever content I have lifted from the internet, they loved it and they allow that much of copy-paste.

              Now, after this I was waiting for my article to be up on the website of this online magazine on 4th late night. The Sir said me to wait a little and keep patience. I kept quiet and went to sleep. Now after that a mail came to me at 1 o clock something in the night saying that this is unbearable to him and he edited my article for last 2 hours and when finally he was going to publish it, he found the article to be copy-pasted from the internet. I said him that I have only used 2 to 3 paras from internet else all the content is written by me but he refused to co-operate and he hurled me out with that article. He said this wasn't expected by me. He thinks that I have tried to cheat him and his magazine. Why would I do this? Don't I have any values? He should have thought once that a boy who had written more than 200 blogs and has also written for the newspaper and is also into freelance writing will not do this type of cheat but he was furious because his 2 hours got wasted.

            My dear friends, just answer me that if you are an Editor of a magazine, What will be your process? I'll tell you mine which I think will suit everyone of you's. I'll ask for the article from the writer. After he will send me, I'll read it and judge it according to what I expect for my magazine.If, I feel the content is what I need for my magazine, I'll go to the next procedure with that article. I'll then check it for the plagiarism and if I'll find that its a copy-paste, I'll tell the writer to change and make the article in his own words so that we get a fresh content. After he does this, I'll edit it according to me and will publish it. This is how the process will be and I think all of you will do the same. Now, this man has first selected me, never checked for plagiarism which is a big issue for the magazine and started editing it. After editing it for 2 to 3 hours, he checks for the plagiarism and because of his hard-work getting wasted and unused , he blames me for everything and don't even wants to see himself in the mirror and his procedure. If he would have checked it first and then would have told me that I have copied it, I would have changed the content and would have given him again with the fresh sentences. But his process is a big fault because of which he will keep suffering in future too.

            He blamed me and shouted me a lot. I didn't said anything to him because he is very elder to me. But I decided at that moment itself ki I am not going to deal with this person in future. I'll mail that madam regarding this rejection and my unintentional mistake which is blamed to be a cheat. She is clever and knows how to talk to people but this man doesn't know how to speak and interact. There's a way to hurl out somebody from your organization and terminate the person so that the person doesn't feel bad about the rejection but this man has insulted me very badly and it has disheartened me and I am very sad from two days. May the man accepts his mistakes too. I still want to be the part of this magazine but not by begging but a mutual understanding. Hope , I'll be selected again for this magazine for a new article I am thinking about to write for them. 



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Vinayak said...

Hmm,after reading your blog post i am getting to know that the sir is a very evil person ;-).Well,I think that if he will do the same things with everybody,how can he get writers.He should give people atleast one more chance.I saw their so called e-mag and I see that in most of the article their team has commented :P ,he has missed a writer so good.I feel sad for you but no worry you will get another chance from any other site....

Keep blogging

Writing Buddha said...

my dear small little friend...Im so happy that u r supporting me...and you are understanding what happened with me...Actually, Sir is little arrogant I must say but the Mam...is so nice and co-operative and supportive..Kaash Sir bhi aise hi hote...

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