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        This is the second time on my blog that I am reviewing a book. This one is all about the book - RIGHT FIT WRONG SHOE by VARSHA DIXIT. This is the first time that I have read a novel by a female writer. I had some instinct within me that Male writers are better than female writers when it comes to fiction. I think I am right after reading this book. Actually, there's no problem with Varsha Dixit , problem is that she is a lady.She can't use bad words as the male writers do. She can't ellaborate the sex and love-making moments between the characters of the book as the male writers do. The girl in the Indian society are termed as decent and this is what Varsha Dixit has proved in her writing.

            This book is a story about Aditya and Nandini. Both of them loved each other but because of some misconceptions and arguments both of them separated their ways. But when Aditya returned back to Kanpur- The hometown of Nandini , the fight for revenge started. Nandini worked under his organization and he troubled her a lot by over-loading her with a lots of work and making her work for late in the office. He sometimes even tried to humiliate her in personal. He still loved her but the feel of revenge was at its high in his soul and aggression. Nandini never retaliated as she didn't wanted to make a big issue about all this. There was many a times when Aditya tried to be come close physically with Nandini on the basis of their past relationship. Nandini didn't supported this act but she realized that she too loves him a lot. 

           This book is quite tough at the start because of the 20 different characters in the book. This book is little different than the Chetan Bhagat's fiction as here the author narrates a story rather than making herself the main character. The first half seems to be little disappointing as the story doesn't take a good and interesting pace but as the second-half starts, you feel like ending the book at a one go. I liked the second half of this book very much. A lady writer rocked this time with this book. Author Varsha Dixit is coming with her next novel in few months which will be the sequel to this one. This book is the same as the daily soaps we watch our mothers following daily. Varsha Dixit can be said as the Ekta Kapoor of writing field. She can be a script writer of a romantic Hindi movie in the future. Varsha Dixit, I am sorry for saying you a Stupid writer in my previous blog for which you have replied me on twitter. I am so sorry as I termed you with the wrong word without even reading your whole book. I gave the judgment at the start itself. Sorry for that and now I can easily claim you as a decent lady opining her romantic thoughts in a good book with an entertaining story. 



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Anonymous said...

hey abhilash i have written the book review of this book a long ago... and now find that you are doing the same here.....Varsha dixit has written a very beautiful story....

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