20 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Father's Day- A Blog about My Paa !!!

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        Its the 3rd Sunday of June and hence today Father's Day is celebrated worldwide. I know many of you would not be knowing about this k aaj Father's Day hai. Girlfriend ka birthday, apna pehle date ka day, apne affair k start hone ka day- Ye sub yaad hoga par ye nahi. I am not showing that I'm the most concerned person in this world for Father's Day but I am trying to make them realize that how important this day is who don't remember when the Father's Day is. I can't understand what to write today. Generally about Fathers or about My papa specifically. Let me decide. Give me a minute or two. That is enough for me to decide.

            Ok..I decided..I am writing about both.. Last year, on 4th December, a movie was released with a name - PAA.. I was at the Raghuleela Mall then. When I reached the top floor where the Fame Multiplex is situated, I saw a nice huge board where there were many notes attached to it. I went near to it to see what exactly was written on the small tiny notes. When I went near to it, I saw many emotional messages written on it by everyone who loved their PAA very much and had something to say to their dad which they haven't said in their life. Even they knew that their old-age and traditional father will never come here in mall and read what they had written but still the love can't be ceased to express. On the background of the board, a nice poster of Amitabh Bachchan's look in PAA was shining. He is the example of best son in this world. I have never seen such a son in my life. Amitabh Bachchan is great as a son. I was feeling little shy to pick up a note and write something on it but still I managed and took out a Note from the pad. I borrowed a pen from an uncle sitting at the McD there and eating with his beautiful wife and sweet children. It was said to write something which you had never said to your father. I thought a little and finally penned my words," Papa, I never thank you for anything as this has never been the culture of our family and our society but I always wanted to thank you for every penny you spend on me because it is the fruit of your efforts and hard-work you put daily for 8 to 12 hours. Thanks for giving me a better and wonderful living. Your useless son - Veeru(the name with which you call me)." 

             There were 3 unknown girls and 2 unknown boys who were standing with me and wanted to write something but they were trying to have a look on what I was writing. When I stuck it and saw how was it looking after getting stuck on the board, I saw that the message written by me was the most emotional one but I was helpless as this is the only thing I had never said to my father which I wanted to. When I moved back to leave, 1 of the boy from that group called me by the name- VEERU. I stopped and the boy himself showed me Thumbs Up and other two girls clapped for me lightly to show that they loved my message. I was very emotional that day. I never told about this incident to anyone and this is the first time I'm divulging this here.

             My father had always been great. My father had taught me many facts of life and keep suggesting me for future. I just love the time I share with him discussing on something or the other. He is the man who always want me to grow as a performer and as a student. He had always supported me whenever I thought of presenting me on the stage. He had always helped me with all the resources I needed to study and learn new things. Whenever I see a costly book at the crossword and I feel like buying it but my mind says NO to it as I know that we are a middle-class family who can't afford such a costly book, my father is the one who teaches me then that Beta, I am not a middle-class father when it comes to your interest which is productive. He had always purchased the best-material for me whenever I needed something. The best mobile, the best watch, the best computer, the best skates, the best carrom, the best Internet connection, the best DVD player. Whatever I demanded I have got it. Either late but I got it at last when the time came to handle that luxurious stuff. My father had never refused me whenever I have asked him for a dinner outside. He had always agreed to my request. My father never lets me down when my desire needs something valuable. This is for what I respect him a lot.

              My father is a hard-working man. There had been Ups and Downs with him but still he has a power to continue forward and take risks. He is far better than all his 3 brothers and he is the best among them. I love my father for whatever he is. Today, when I meet many new friends and ask them about what their father do and when I get the replies such as he is taxi-driver or hamaali or coolie or auto-driver or we live in slum as my father do nothing, I just think that my father is so rich, so hard-working and so high-class that today I proudly say that my father is a MANAGER in JINDAL STEELS. My father had always respected my mother and this is why I respect him much more than what a common son can do. My father isn't crorepati but he is abundant and he knows how to manage the house and budget.

             I have learnt many valuable and productive facts from my father. He taught me that if you are hungry and you want to diminish your hunger, why to eat 30 rs burger to fill your stomach, why can't you eat 3 vada-paos from a hotel and fill your stomach which costs less than that funny burger and fills your stomach much more than that Burger would have? If you want to drive and you need a bike, why to cry for Karizma when the Splendor Plus gives a better comfort and average than it? When you need a multimedia mobile why don't you give first priority to the one which is less-costly and has the same features as the high-costly one. Even if your mobile is lost somewhere, you don't lose much. These types of teaching which I had received from my father had made me mature and much knowledgeable than my friends. My friends call me Kanjus but when it comes about how much is the saving - I am far better than them. They don't realize this now but they will realize this when they will start earning. Everyone gets 1000 rs as their pocket-money while I get the half of it - 500 rs but it teaches me how to live and survive with the small payment when you have all the high-payment's people around you. This is what I am learning to save and adjust which my friends aren't learning. They are learning to spend which will change their attitude and they will face this problem when they will be the head of the family tomorrow.

             There is a lot to speak about my father but I have just written a fractional part of it here. I'll be talking more about him on his birthday - 28th August. Till then, Happy Father's Day to every father and future Fathers of this world. I am one of them. 



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