6 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Result of My BLOG !!!

           211th BLOG -->>

       Lets talk about my blog first. This is the first time I have checked the stats on my blog and I am so happy to see it. I have seen something which I never expected of.I have inserted a graphic image of the stats here. You can go through this and judge about how my blog is doing. I am satisfied with this. Hope you would have expected this much itself and not more than this. 

              I published my 200th blog on 21st May, I have more than 100 clicks on the day. After that I didn't wrote my 201st blog till 27th. The stats and clicks on each day till 27th May are as follows - 

22nd May- 86
23rd May- 70
24th May- 78
25th May- 81
26th May- 45
27th May- 39

      I'm so happy to see this stat. Every famous and most-awaited film gets a good opening at the multiplexes on the first three days of its release and then the craze of the movie decreases from Monday. The same is here on my blog. My 200th blog was awaited by many beautiful friends like all of you and the result is here. On the first day- 100 clicks then 86 , then 70 again a rise- 78 , again a rise then 81. Its so good that after the 2nd day of 200th blog, on the 3rd day there was again a rise and 4th also showed an incredible performance. But in the last two days, there were only 45 and 39 clicks respectively. Ya, because mostly all the readers read my 200th blog on the first day and 2nd day itself. And this is why I received 80 comments in the first four days . And in the last two days, I received 4 comments only. It feels so good to see this type of stats on my blog. After this on 28th when I wrote my 201st blog,  there were 80 clicks. So amazing. I love my dear friends and readers. This is the first time I am talking about the stats on my blog because this is also the first time I am going through them so deeply otherwise I am only interested in writing and sharing the words about my blog all over on social networking sites. So, I know whoever will be attracted to the title of my blog will come and read or will ignore it.

           Lets go through the stats of Countries that what is the ratio of my readers in different countries. These stats are as follows-

    India has 23% readers , then USA at 17% and Australia 8%, Rest 47% are the users from the countries which the website is unable to find in its map and else left countries like UK, UAE, Canada, Singapore etc has the users in the ratio 0._% to 1%. That means I have the highest readers in India as usual and then its Americans who are reading my blogs. WOW and then Australia who beat us. It is such a good ratio.

           My friends, I am so happy today. I think I should try to write something every week that at least in 1 week I get as much as 100 clicks on any one of my blog in the particular week. I will try to do this. Some people may be solaced because of today's blog where I haven't said anything about my feelings and all. I have just given the information about how my blog is doing. Don't worry my friends, I'll give my next blog as early as possible. From tomorrow again my professional job is going to begin. Again I'll be engaged in writing articles one by one on the same topics as usual. But jab paise mil rahe hain to koi gamm nahi hai. Everyone is dying for money today. The beautiful girls are roaming with the black-complexioned boys just because the boy has a lot of money in his wallet. So when beautiful girls can go such low for the money, I can atleast write the articles on the same topic daily. Agreed or not? 




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