21 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Entrance Exam of Bharati Vidyapeeth Last Year !!!

            229th BLOG -->>

         This is my 3rd Blog of the day. It may be Hell for some of you out there but I'm feeling like a heaven after writing 3 blogs incessantly without a break. You would remember that I wrote about HSC result and SSC result when the dates came when they happened in the previous years. Today's blog is just one of that types. Its 21st JUNE today. A day which had changed my life. On the same date last year, I did something which changed my life. This blog is all about that. 

             Last year after my HSC result was announced, the biggest tension which dwelled up in my mind was nothing but ADMISSION. Where to take admission in Mumbai? I searched a lot till then about the colleges offering BCA in Mumbai but got none. I was damn shocked to know this. But then one of my great friend- Ganesh bhai helped me and informed me about Bharati Vidyapeeth in Kharghar. I went and inquired and I got to know that as soon as my HSC results will be up, I'll have to come here, fill the prospectus and hand-over to them. The process for the admission here was none other than Entrance Test. This developed a feel of confidence in me. Actually the problem was that I scored 54% which was a lot for me but when it comes to competition and cut-off list, this percent is nothing but its similar to the status of Viveik Oberoi in front of Salman Khan. So, I knew that Mera kuch nahi ho sakta agar list lagegi % k according toh .. So I loved when I came to know that admission is on the basis of the marks on Entrance Test. Now you will say that," Bol to aise raha hai jaise entrance ka paper iska baap set karne waala hai jo isey sub aata hi hoga." Actually the entrance paper consisted of 200 marks out of which 60 was for IQ TEST, another 60 for Maths, another 60 for English and left 20 marks for prose. The entrance test was obviously a Multiple-choice one. I already had practice to attempt such paper and I was familiar with the questions asked in such papers as I attempted the Scholarship tests in 4th and 7th std.

              I ranked 11th in 4th std scholarship and in 7th std's scholarship I was just passed. I love these types of progress I do. But atleast I knew how to attempt these types of paper while other students who competed with me knew nothing about this papers. I even came to know that I'll not be studying in the Bharati Vidyapeeth of Kharghar but at Belapur. I loved this because I always loved the railway station of Belapur and I never halted on this station before this. On 5th June, I and my mother went to the branch of BVP, filled the prospectus of 600 rs and sent a demand draft to the Pune branch of BVP of 500 rs. Still, there was no confirmation of admission and already 1100 rs has been credited to the account of a single college. Strange but True. What more can I say? There was no BCA course available in the Mumbai University so I was helpless and also desperate to have an admission in this college as Bharati Vidyapeeth is a renowned college. Finally, I got my hall-ticket and exam was on 21st June.

             On 21st June, it was raining in the same way as it did on 26th July some years ago which dumped the whole Mumbai under it. Kaise kaise kar ke, I reached the center of my college at 9.30 as the time of paper to start was 10. But the invigilator told me that my exam has been postponed and it is at 3 PM. I went out and roamed here and there analyzing the surroundings of my college. I was into immense pressure and kept chanting," Hey Sai Baba, aaj bachaa lena baaki jab mann kare boore karmo ka paap de dena." At last, at 2.45 PM, I was standing out of my Exam-hall. To my surprise, I was sitting at the first bench in my hall as the series of roll-nos started from my roll no itself. I saw other girls and boys available for the test. Everyone had friends, everyone was chatting with each other while I was standing quietly at a corner observing everyone and trying to hide myself from others to approach me. I was into depression then. Kitne baar bataana padta hai aap logo ko..

            At 3 PM, when I entered the examination hall, I found that the class was air-conditioned and the conditioner was just besides my bench which gave me the most thunder. Already, I was shivering and this added the flavor to it. After sometimes, when test started and I checked the questions and I found that English on which I was confident was the section where I didn't knew any answer from all the 60 questions. Maths which I found hard had only the questions related to Profit and Loss and I knew them quiet easily. IQ section is where I am Indian Idol of it. uff!!! And the 20 marks prose was also my chutki ka khel. Now, I had 180 minutes to solve 200 question. That means each and every minute was important. But Air-conditioner fucked me hard. I went into sleep after half an hour. Teacher woke me up after 10 minutes and gave me a big lecture in Marathi. I was unable to inform her that I didn't understood Marathi. At last, I completed my paper very nicely and had a confidence that I'll score the best. But this was the game of competition so I can't claim anything about admission's confirmation just by what I attempted. If there are 60 students who scored 199/200 then even if I scored 198 , it would be a failure. So I kept quiet and left the college with all the hope that I'll return here as it's student.

            What my result was? You will know it on the blog I'll write on 6th July,2010 as my result was announced on the same date - 6th July, 2009..

Thanks Till Then... 


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