30 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

No More- Professional Writer !!!

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        I became a professional writer when I joined a job where a man used to provide me with some topics daily and I used to write on them and he was to pay me the salary next month. I was very happy. I was proud that now my writings and my blogs are recognized and everyone is going through it , finding me and offering me to write for them. I asked for the payment and he said that he will be paying me 4,500 a month for writing 10 articles maximum for him. I was very happy that my vacations are going on and I have a work which is my dream and I'll also get an income for it as I have never worked before for money and nor I am so passionate to earn money at this age. I want to study a lot and then experience a lot and then when the time comes I'll earn. So, as I was getting this bitty job, I was ready to do it. He gave me some articles to write on the first day, he loved them and published 2 from them on 104 websites. I went on every site and it was a great disappointment for me to see that all my articles are published with his name . It was the same case as of 3 Idiots that Amir Khan studies for four years and the degree goes to the another person. It was a big solace for me to see that my articles are not published with my name but I was still little happy with the income I was going to get. But when I wrote for 2 more days, I found that the company is incessantly offering me the same kind of topics. They aren't giving me new topics and the topics I was getting were very dull and lazy. 

             Would you like to know the title of the topics?? They are as follows- Online Homework Help, Assignment Help, Maths Help. I was repeatedly getting these topics everyday aur ek din to hadd ho gayi.. I got the topic Online Homework Help and he said me to write 5 articles in a day on it. Every article he demanded was to be of 500 words. I wrote all the 5 articles and at last he loved all of them but somewhere I knew that this is not my forte to write. I love writing on different topics and the topics related to teenagers and social and current issues. I like to give my views on certain activities or certain issues and news but this one was very different and plus it was the weirdiest. How can someone write daily on the same topics. Yesterday , I wrote 8 articles for him and my head started paining as it took me all 12 hours to think and write about them. Its very hard to write on the same topics again and again. Then today morning when I woke up, I saw that he had rejected 3 of them. Now this one evoked my taandav which I control for a long time till someone doesn't poke me with the pointest needle. I got frustrated in the morning and my head started paining. I vomited and then I went to sleep in the afternoon. It was a hard time. There was also a rule that the day I doesn't pass in submitting my articles before the deadline 10 PM , I'll be penalized 50 rs a day.. Now this one was again a tough rule. Because of today's uncertainties, I decided that I am not working more with this organization and left him today, didn't submitted any articles and didn't even informed him about this. 

               I was very happy 1 week ago when I was blessed with this job but today , I am happy that I'm not a professional writer. Being a professional writer will be a big and happy thing for me but when I'll be given freedom. I'll be given the topics of my interest. I want to write the articles on the issues I'll love to. And I will be happy to write for an organization who will fulfill this demand of mine but again I don't want to write on the same topics again and again even if they are of my interest. So , I am no more a professional writer, I am again a normal blogger and a writer. I have recently joined the group of writers of the online magazine- Reader's Quotient but I'll not talk about this today. Will be talking about it on 5th June when my first article will be published on their online magazine. But now, I am happy that there's no stress on me of any kind related to the writing work. I am all free and now I have time to read novels and write my novel and spend time doing my household's work, helping my mummy and going walk with her. I left going around with her for walking because of this useless job I was into. Mummy said me to keep doing this job. She said that you should try writing out of your comfort zone. Writing the blogs is a monopoly and a freedom to you but working with this company will make you more matured as a writer. I seriously felt that she had given me the best suggestion I would have got. But an another suggestion came yesterday which was also worthy and it was from my childhood friend - Abhinav(not my cousin) . He said that keep doing this till you don't get stressed. And today, as soon as I felt stressed I left the job. Thanks to my mother and Abhinav for giving me wonderful ideas because of which I have learnt something in my life..

               Hope, I'll get a new profession as a writer which will be according to what I have projected in my mind about my jobs related to the skills of writing. Lets See...Future isn't visible..It can just be predicted. Pray for me.


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