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Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER... by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja

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         Again I am with a book review. I know many of you don't like this but still I have to do because I am least interested sometimes on what people like or not because what you like is never told by you to me so why should I care that do anyone have problem with my blogs or not. So today, I am going to talk about the National Bestseller - "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER..." by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja. This book had already crossed 25,000 mark and still moving on. Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja both are young and smart personalities. Durjoy Dutta seems to be a rockstar and a dancer while I was flat when I saw Maanvi Ahuja. After reading the names of the writers, I felt that how can a girl and a boy meet together to write a book? They didn't faced any difference of thoughts and views kya? But when I read that they sometimes argued so much that they didn't wanted to see each other face for weeks , then i came to knew that Yaa, they are as ordinary human being as I am.. Haha.. But still i want to know that are these both writers a couple themselves or just FRIENDS !!! ??? If they are just friends then I want to know how did they discussed the sexual parts and love-making parts with each other? This book came in the market in 2008. Both the writers had completed their graduations and are in job right now. Both of them were blogger and later they are a published writers now. 

              Coming to the book, "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER..." is a fictional story which doesn't seems to be like a fiction. The writers had scripted it so well that every situation and every scenes seems to be so real that you start comparing the character's situation with your life. This book is about a guy DEB who is none other than a playboy. He keeps on changing girlfriend, having sex with them and going into a new term called Break-up. His last girlfriend Smriti was irritating to him and thus he wanted to leave her but he was feeling it weird to break her heart as this girl was mad in love with him. He kept his playboyrism on till he finds his true love in Avantika. Meeting Avantika change him. He starts behaving sincerely and he owes all his life in the love for this girl. At last, this girl leaves Deb saying that she still loves him but her guru- Sri Guru doesn't want her to give pains to anymore people. She had already broke the heart of two guys so this time she didn't wanted to spoil the life of any new boy as both of them went into drug's world. Deb tries to contact her many a time saying that he wanted to talk to her but she never agreed for the same. At last, Deb gets trapped under depression and now he wanted to kill himself. His life had nothing to appreciate now. He was jobless. He wasn't placed anywhere as he was banned to give any more interviews because he misbehaved in the first placement interview with the interviewers. All his friends move towards different cities as they were placed somewhere or the other. Now he is all alone and struggles with his life. I would not like to tell what happened after all this. For knowing this, go and buy this book.

               I loved the story. I liked the way it is projected. Yaa, sometimes it gets boring reading the same type of activities by the main character but it changes when the story come towards Avantika. The last part about how Avantika left him and the way his life was struggling with loneliness and depression reminded me of my condition 1.5 years ago when someone left me and I just kept reasoning what wrong had I done that she left me. Whatever.. I don't want to remember that animal again. The way sex and love-making scenes are described made me laugh. It is so interesting. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. You can read this book in a one go as it has everything from Drama to emotions. Good Luck Durjoy and Maanvi. I love you both. and Maanvi, I have a crush on you..Uff!!!!

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