7 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

LIVE BLOG on the First RAIN !!!

            212th BLOG -->>

        I was playing a quiz on the internet last week where I was asked that have you ever written a LIVE BLOG? I searched on the internet about what this LIVE BLOG is and I came to know that LIVE BLOG is the Blog which we write on the incidents going on infront of us and we are writing a blog at the same time on it. This blog I am writing is a LIVE BLOG and I'm doing it for the first time. Hoping to get a good response on this one.

           2 minutes ago, little raindrops started here. I came to my balcony and loved the atmosphere. Its very rare when you enjoy the cool environment here in Mumbai. Mumbai is so hot and so clad into moistures that you just keep on wiping your sweats. I just hate this but today when this raindrops started pouring down on Earth because of the gravitational force, I loved it. I enjoy getting wet rather than getting wet while bathing. Right now, the speed of the raindrops has proliferated and with the cool atmosphere, there is also lightning in the clouds and the sound of the raindrops falling on the strong leaves of trees. The branches are moving with an immense pressure. They are trying to isolate themselves from the tree and fall down. The leaves are wet and seems to be very happy with the rains. Mumbai is in very need of water right now. The scarcity of water had made many societies and colonies suffer without water. Even in my society, the water is coming from tankers as municipality isn't releasing water in our taps. 

           Everytime, I step into my balcony , I come inside in 2 minutes as I don't love the heat and the scorching sun rays but today, I can't resist and restrict myself from standing in the balcony. This is the first time that I am writing my blog sitting in the balcony. There's a little fear in my heart that if there will be some rain drops which will pour on my laptop then there will be no blogs in future as my laptop will be sent to the Toshiba Service Center for repairing its parts which have stopped working because of the nexus with water. But Who cares right now when everything is so refreshing and so sweet. Only thing I am missing right now is a call of my Girlfriend. I have no girlfriend but even a call from any of my ex-gfs will do. I just want to be romantic with someone. I can easily imagine many songs from various movies where the Actor and actress is seducing, licking, kissing and romancing with each other in a wonderful rain. I just want to make this reel life effect a real one in my life. You would be thinking that I am dying for sex and physical pleasure. No , its not like that. I am dying to love someone right now and nothing else is in my mind. My body is saying to get closer with a girl and love her as much as I can in this rain because I am the most romantic at this moment and I don't know when again will I feel to love a girl so much. 

           Rains have controlled its speed right now. I think because it has seen the blocked traffic and desperate people to reach their destination as soon as they can. Rains are dangerous for Mumbai. Right now, we need them as much as we can but when it really starts raining in i-will-destroy-u type , it is very hard for Mumbaikars to deal with it. Everyone still remembers the pain which rains gave to Mumbai on 26th June,2005. Lets not talk about the disasters right now. Its the LIVE BLOG and I should talk about whats going right now. Its raining slowly like the career of Tushar Kapoor. The smell of wet earth is pleasing my nose in the same way as the perfume of my last girlfriend seduced me. The voice of raindrops falling on leaves are adding the effect on my body of this rain in the same way as the touch of mother does when we are sad. With all this, I am playing the song- Zindagi Do Pal Ki from KITES and adding a flavor to my romantic mood. Just a girlfriend I needed yaar at this very moment. She would have got the best love from me. I am really feeling to call any one of the girl from my class. But I think they will be busy with their current boyfriends and will not like to talk with the Mr.Fresher of their class. Its better to control my feelings and close the door of my balcony and cut off myself from this raining world. So I am moving now with the last Live coverage that it has stopped raining now. And with this I am feeling less romantic now. So girls now you all are safe, I am not going to try anything sexually with you all.

            Thanks. I hope that all of you would have loved this first LIVE BLOG from me. Please do post comment on this one.


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Unknown said...

hey..........nxt tym go out door in rain and then write blog..
or may be while taking bath..or...while your exam hours when u havent studied any thing...and u r observing your xamination hal!!! LOL!!! GUD IDEA NA!!??

Writing Buddha said...

Mesh....hmm..good idea...kamineyyyyyyyyyy....

Writing Buddha said...

I saw the page..it was the advertisement of close-up....iska kya lena dena with the rain's blog...

Unknown said...

Hey Abhilash ..i Also saw this page.. check this out carefully lots of stuff and updates about Rains monsoon...people talks here nice link Monica

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